5 February 2001
One of my favorite TV Jesus-izza-coming boys is Jack van Impe who does a duet with his malnourished wife. This week he again harped upon the Bible-tells-you-so predictions. Now, if these future forecasts were etched in stainless steel, then no events of the past would alter them. In fact, all events must therefore be indelible so as to arrive at the predicted outcome. This means that there is really no such thing as free will.
I have never said that people cannot be turned into pillars of salt nor have I ever denied that someone could walk on water. All I have ever said is that I do not believe it. I do not believe that 6M survivors were guessed to death in a YMCA shower room. All I said is that I find that hard to believe and very, very hard to believe it happened by the means described.

As a kid, I enjoyed reading the book Extraordinary Popular Delusions, and that describes 80 percent of everyone beginning with day numero uno. I have mentioned that the "holocaust", as described by the jews, is really a parcel of religion and to attack that belief would be the same as if "revisionists" decided to go whoopee and mount a questioning attack on the popes throughout history. How about standing in front of a batch of Muslims and doing a number on Mohammed?

When one of the honcho revisionists decided to shift into high gear, Canadian jewry came down on him like a ton of frozen bagels. (By the way, this honorable man still hasn't shared his Cotter estate loot with the author of The Hitler We Loved and Why, as was described in the will. Ah, money makes criminals of us all. Woe to us.) This verbal conflict, which is an on-going courtroom circus, is interpreted as an attack upon free speech and by extension, the First Amendment is in danger. I do not think so for what really is the basis for political censorship?

When I lived in the city, I used a bus stop frequented by an odd woman. She was always conversing with people I could not see. Sometimes she argued and sometimes she was sweet, and often she'd whoop out warnings for hazards which no one apparently could see either. This woman could yammer about anything and no one would pay attention. So it is with political speech. If no one listens to what you have to say, then why should ZOG, or anyone else, want to censor it? Today, who is really listening to the raving of the blightwing, myself included, at least what significant numbers bother to pay attention? Niggerball interest is at an all-time high and with MTV promising more and more nudity, with an eye towards public copulation to the rhythm of African jungle thump, who really cares about the future? It's in God's hands isn't it?

The 1960s had its share od vocal dissidents and two of the more energetic were G. L. Rockwell and Malcolm (Little) X. People got excited in those days and so it was necessary to assassinate these two and when MLK came along, too many people listened and so he had to go also. Today, with the youth socked out on drugs and pursuing fornication as a career, there's really no one worthwhile to dust off. The situation is indeed under kosher control and freedom of speech is quite secure.

What's my take on the new 'cold war' drumming? The IRA triad (Israel, Russia and America) is run by a single gang of Zionists. They bicker from time to time but that never interferes with their basic circle-jerking. The US has been supplying communist eastern Europe with grain, loans, and other solids since 1919. In spite of the anti-Communist hullabaloo which surfaces now and again, major confrontations will be absent. Any such 'cold war' will be for mass consumption only – like the phony 'drug war' which is used to keep the goofs in line by supplying a never-ending bit of terrorism by criminals and a little pap to prove that ZOG is "doing something" about it all. (On another front, swarms of mestizos cross the border and the INS arrest a few to again prove that ZOG is defending the country from foreign invasion.) The economy is a wee mite sluggish and war has always been to way to perk up business. Scare the goyim shitless and start another 'arms race', which, but the way, only the Americans take seriously. This puts the production lines into overdrive and the sheep get another pail of fodder. Now a REAL WAR would be something interesting and that, in the future, could only be provided by China. In all fairness however, we must make sure they are supplied with our latest technology. I am sure this land of the freebie has enough profit-seeking capitalists to insure just that.
My definition of morality is simple to understand. If you want to buy my hat and I refuse, that's the end of the matter. If I won't sell, then you are unhappy. If you take my hat against my will, I am unhappy. A moral transaction only occurs when both parties are happy. If either one would become unhappy, then the proposed event should not occur. If it does occur, then it's immoral. Nothing should transpire unless BOTH parties consent.

Sarah Swampdreg wants to come and live in my country. I don't want her here. If I get my way, she's unhappy. If she gets her way, I am unhappy. Conclusion: No action should be taken.

Bushy Burntcork wants to move into my neighborhood. I don't want him here. ZOG insures that he will come here. ZOG is the strong-arm of immorality. Morality is a drag. That's why most people love ZOG.

This, in essence, is what really ticks me – I, and all White people, are having their freedom of association destroyed by the very people who are elected to protect that freedom. When was the last time you voted to allow AIDS carriers to roam at will spreading their lethal disease or agreeing to have your tax money spent on people who pay no taxes? Are you content being a practicing Marxist? Do you really think this insanity will continue forever?

I've yammered about our current joke called education and thought the young bunch would like to know what my school days were like back in those unenlightened times. In grammar school, there was no such thing as homework. Kids were kids and all thought they should spend their free hours making rafts, climbing trees, baking cookies and being a nuisance until dad's big foot changed the activity. All grades were structured and when 10:00 AM came around, we set to work on whatever was on the agenda. I remember the 6th grade, when 10:00 AM meant arithmetic drill, and drill we did. Add, add, add, divide, divide, divide, until you could pass out and still do it correctly. The class whiz in the adding department was my close friend, mad kid Gil. (There was NOTHING this guy wouldn't attempt. Dad once informed his mother that her son Gil was hanging upside down by his knees from the 120 foot water tower and shouting to all of the passersby.) The math drill gave all of us the ability as 11 year olds to do most of our math – grocery store stuff, etc. – in our heads. We were also drilled in writing, that is, the physical aspects of making circles and lines recognizable when used to form letters. We could all read and understand each other's script. We had a combination of lunch and play hour which, in the summer, was very welcome. The highlight in June of the 6th grade, was when Paul and John stuffed Jay Arthur down a sewer. He was late coming back to class and Ms. Kohler bashed his ass with a pine board to the amusement of all.

Grades 7 and 8 were pretty much the same, drill, reading in class, studying in class, all without ever leaving school with loads of work and 69 pounds of books. We had our diversions such as pea shooters which we used to target the jerks in the class. Don would blow a pea smartly into Charlie's neck. Charlie would let out a yelp and the teacher would bash him for disturbing the class. It never occurred to this knuckle head that if he didn't open his mouth, he wouldn't have attracted attention and probably never have been a target in the first place. Again, we had no homework and the after school hours were used to swim, play games, steal Mrs. Brumstead's cherries and go fishing.

With reading, writing and arithmetic down cold, we entered high school were we learned blocks of things and not the helter-skelter mish-mash disconnected trash which our kids are exposed to today. We were kids, not adults, and if you failed at anything, all accepted it as our own damned fault. Keep in mind that the standards were higher, we did LESS school work, and only the rare screw up ever failed in school. Again, I can never remember any home work assignments other than an ocassional book to read. We had genuine study halls and a lengthy lunch period plus  20 minutes of 'home room' before and after the regular classes. This gave us all the time we needed for assignments. Today, these 'free time' minutes has been dispensed with since kids apparently no longer can act in their best interests. But the blame really is not entirely theirs for the adult society has let them down and the whole country has taken off on a loony flight to nowhere. Very little makes sense anymore and I am surprised that a massive uprising has not yet occurred.

It goes without saying, and it can be easily verified, that yesteryear's high school education was superior to most college education today. The collapse started following the communist victory in 1945 and was made law when American troops, under an octaroon president,  forced American citizens to accept a stone age people as their "equals" and pave the way for the destruction of what USED TO BE the best public education system in the world.

Blacks are basically uneducable. Yes, then can memorize and ape the behavior of Whites, but being sophisticated in understanding they shall never be for a people who cannot reach White standards without White help and special privileges, must forever be protected with asinine excuses, ZOG's big stick and plenty of wishful thinking. The American education system WILL NEVER  again achieve the excellence of those past days unless White people are allowed to be schooled exclusively with their own kind. Our masters understand this only too well. They dread the day Whites might wake up and realize their own destiny.

It saddens my heart to see the young burdened with the useless and demanding school schedules which are inflicted upon them. When in hell do they have time to be kids? Daily they are bombarded with tons of "information" which is never amalgamated into any useful skill. Exposure in not learning for the brain requires times to digest and assimilate whatever is presented to it.

Revisionists are forever trying to point out things which DID NOT happen to jews here and there and everywhere. I think it's about time someone (who me?) had a web site which linked to things jews (communists) DID DO to White people under their control. When the balance sheet is in, even if the 6M were true, it would be pale by comparison.
Another holocaust — www.latvian-holocaust.com
Although I do criticize
, I really have no problem with the 2/3 population who, like a herd of cows, spends their life following each other's behinds. If their leaders are headed to drown themselves in the sea, or drop into a gorge, they will follow. This has been going on since time immemorial. There is always a smaller group who can see a little further down the line than the next rump or fly swatting tail. Many do not like where they and their group are headed. They speak out. They are dissidents – rockers of the boat and few others really like them, especially the leaders. Rulers, of course, want a sheep like population which is content to graze, doze, bleat once in a while and preoccupy themselves with copulation. It makes the job of ruling and fleecing that much easier. ZOG wants to silence those who oppose its policies and that is what all governments do, for any regime which will not defend itself from within, or without, is doomed to fall. But alas, it is in the nature of men who wish to be free, and especially the Aryan, that they cannot help but be intolerant of that which shackles their people. If their government fails to address this pressing issue, the intolerance soon develops into hatred and hatred always finds its outlet. That outlet is always colored red. ZOG is not a caring regime. It is an alien force which sneaked in the back door and has openly, through its actions, demonstrated boldly that it is anti-White and particularly, anti-White male.

True leaders, like Adolf Hitler, are concerned with the welfare of their nation while most others seek power for the sake of selfish ennoblement and usually, riches. Nearly ALL American politicians fall into the latter category and this becomes evident when they lie, cheat and scramble to be king of the manure pile. It's perks they are after and the country can go to hell during the process. After all, doesn't their world end when they die? Elections are merely a carnival race to see who can grab the brass ring. Men have historically recognized that power was always the path to a high standard of living and with that comes a bevy of available, and willing, orifices to fill. Jews, in particular, recognized that more power was to be found in the check book than in any arsenal of sharp swords and battle dress – they could buy whatever army they needed.

Do not expect Joe Six-pack to do anything other than what he is presently doing. The men with more acute vision are starting to see thought the haze of blatant lies which pass before us as "truth" and "news". They begin to ask, and search, and in this open endeavor, they will learn the truth and they will not be pleased with what they find. That's why the push for censorship will gain momentum and the press for racial destruction involving mating with a lower species, will be a top priority item. Our oblivious 2/3 still haven't caught on and it is not important if they ever do. They are the docile gunpowder masses which will act in an entirely different fashion after the flame of a very small match is applied. This 2/3 is the backbone of any society but their vision and insight leaves something to be desired. Conditions alone are responsible for the birth of leaders and all societies have deep within a plethora of supernumeraries, none of whom recognize that the gods will someday call upon them to serve their people.

A back and forth —

Ask Maguire to hurry up and do a "Condie Rice Crispies"-type write up for Colin "Rommel" Powell, the brilliant Afro-Yiddish tactician and leader who  saved the world from Hussein (or something).

Maguire responds —

"Overseer:  The Legend of Colin Powell", coming soon to a hate site near you!  I want to get this dude's precise dates of  assignment down pat.  ZOG started manufacturing his career in 1972 with his first White House Fellowship.  From that moment his assignment pattern was lengthy time as assistant to political appointees in Washington offices followed by minimum troop time as a commander to juice up his service record.  He was never a division commander, and served as a corps commander and FORSCOM CinC for a combined total of less than a year. But I want the exact dates to show how minimal his time was a senior commander and how long his political brown-nosing.  He's Eisenhower in blackface.

(Good ol' Ike. Ike was called "the Swedish jew" when he was at West Point. However, astute writers have pointed out that he was tainted with Negro blood which was more evident when he had a full head of hair. His features bear this out and his rabid hatred for Germans rivaled any thrice gassed "holocaust" survivor. The book Other Losses describes how good ol' Ike was responsible for the starvation deaths of over one million surrendering Germans – after the war, no less. Ike was a die hard Democrat who turned Republican when that looked like that was the best way to get elected – typically American, you know. Actually, General Patton had a much better chance at getting elected but he met with an untimely "accident". Patton loved America. Eisenhower just sucked on its teat.)

Speaking as a Russianeer,  I'll tell ya Maguire's "Condie" piece was awesome. Man, I love material like that.  I use it to harangue/shame/mortify the "Russia-watching establishment" of zogling academe.


I do plenty of Russia-watching myself.  Everyone has their preferred vantage points for this.  Some do it from the NSC suites in the EOB, some from Langley, some from Harvard.  My optimum perches are:

1.  In Moscow from early May to late June I definitely recommend an outdoor cafe on the Arbat.  Come early so you can get a table next to the railing with a good view of the pedestrians.  On Saturdays the entrance to Gorky Park is excellent if you can stomach the 'Pepsi Culture' surrounding the carnival rides.  If you get tired of that Kitsch take the pedestrian underpass over to the Arts Annex and the 'Park of Fallen Statues'.  It's where they hauled all the old commie statues after August 1991.  The pedestrian traffic is not so heavy but all the ladies tend to be artistic types.  Closer to the river front there are work sheds with sculptures in progress by art students.

2.  Come early July, the Russia watching is much better up in St. Petersburg.  I suggest the soda kiosk on the Neva River just across the street from the Peter The Great equestrian statue.  Another prime spot is the Peterhof.  Take a hydrofoil out there and find a comfy bench in the shade on the palace grounds.  The water fountains are almost as spectacular to watch.

3.  By later July, a southern Volga river town is your best bet. Temperatures are up around 33-35C (90 – 95F) and the women are dressing  for warm weather.

4.  Winter time is more problematic.  Then it's necessary to retreat to the Moscow or St. Pete Metros or the Kremlin Shopping Mall.  That's the new one adjacent to Alexandrovsky Park, not the old GUM.  Try to come in between bombings. Pay close attention to the racial characteristics of those actually buying.

For a reality check you go can to the US Embassy.  Tell the guard you want to get something notarized at the consulate. After 5 minutes with ZOG wymyn-hood I guarantee you'll want to dash out screaming.  Get a bottle of 18% Baltyka beer at a sidewalk kiosk and calm down.  They aren't allowed to pursue you past the USMC guard in the bullet proof booth, you know.

But if you can stomach it, turn left once past the Embassy entrance into the permanent visa interview waiting room.  I once did this on a lark.  Sit down and watch the interviewees going up to the windows.  Watch carefully and you'll spot what's nicknamed the 'Jewish Window'.  This is where all the folks with Lautenberg Amendment qualifying genes go.  Watch how long they stand there compared to the gentiles at the other windows.  For them it's Express Check In Time, just like First Class at the airport.  By my unscientific estimate, 85% of all the fur coats, heavy leather chrome coats and 90% of the heavy gold jewelry coming through go to that one window. Best dressed oppressed poisecuted minority I ever saw in my life.  Gentile
Russians on the other hand are clearly traveling steerage class and get treated accordingly.

This is also one of the best places in the world to watch Boobus Americanus in all his/her/its idiocy.  Come at the start of business on a typical day and here's what you'll see.

1.  First up are the American yuppie couples adopting orphans (real and manufactured).  These couples in their late 30s-early 40s invariably feature an overweight noisy American wymyn, a not overweight hen pecked husband, one Russian woman shepherding them through this process and the child itself. After 7 whole days in Russia they're talking like old expat hands.

2.  After the baby market, next up is the K-1 Fiancee visa applicants. Sometimes you'll see some Male Boobus Americanus now in his mid 40s 50s making one more serious error marrying a girl 20-25 years his junior.  Added entertainment comes in when they can't even speak to each other, as is frequently the case.  From time to time you'll see an immigration lawyer (fill in the racial blank) sheep dogging the girl through.  I noticed these were NEVER refused.  Don't worry.  The American ZOG INS harpies at the windows will still get their DENIED quotas filled on the ones without lawyer.

3.  Then come Russians who are already married to American citizens. Still majority female although American female-Russian male is a growing category as the Jew Ess Ah! accelerates neutering native American males. The Americans in this instance have been working and living in Russia for some time.  And since boys and girls are still boys and girls...  It's mid morning now and the Lautenberg Amendment folks will start filtering in. Mustn't discomfit the self-Chosen by rousing them too early into the cold  crowded streets and rush hour Metro subway system.

In between serious Russia watching, get to know some people of quality from the universities.  After enough months you'll start hitting those 'cognitive dissonance' moments constantly.  For instance, you'll discover that George Orwell's '1984' was not only
never banned, but the old USSR-ZOG regime sponsored a translation into Russian.

Stay long enough, get to know enough people and you'll start having heretical thoughts like Eric Thomson and me, thinking 'the Cold War was a fraud'.

Some of them "do" know the truth, and many know something is not quite right...

Maguire —

Which truth is this? That they're horses asses?  That the Jews murdered TENS OF MILLIONS of our people in Russia starting in 1917 and these Condie Rice style 'experts' are helping to cover it up?  That the Clinton policy for Russia was just tens of billions of dollars of 'aid' into the pockets of dual national Russians/Israelis while Volga Germans linger in exile yet in


Excuse my anger.

Strength & Honor


Da honkies jes don' get it. Black people simply do not commit "hate crimes". Every time they rape and sodomize a screaming white girl, they do it because they love to rape and sodomize screaming white girls. Just the other day, an elderly woman told me about how she was kicked to the ground by a black man who stole her purse and smiled while he stomped on her shoulder thus breaking her collar bone. In the movie, Africa, Blood and Guts, the black boys who just set fire to their captive were laughing their heads off as he charred, yelled and finally died. The Kansas massacre was jam packed with a love of rape, robbery and killing plus a little fun loving torture along the way. Now understand that killing a fellow because you dislike him is far more serious matter than killing him just because it's fun. Dying is obviously a more pleasant experience if the murderer was having a good time doing you in. Certainly, if you call a man a naughty name before you cleave off his head with a machete, he also suffers a heavy dose of that jewish malady, mental anguish. Now, if you tell your unfaithful wife that you love her, just before you use the chain saw on her bosom, her death will be far more pleasant since she can pass through those virtual gates with a smile on her face. You white folks – you just don't understand much of anything.
Crystal ball recipe: Take 6 grams of Sears best paint which matches the skin color of one student. Do the same for all of the other students in your class. Mix them together with a spoon carved from the old oak tree, add 3 drops of phlogiston, 1 hair from the left middle leg of a handicapped hornet, and stir using exactly 666 strokes. The resultant color will be an indication of how well your class performs academically. A white color means the class is operating at the same level as racist 1927 A.D. If the color is black, close down the school and go fishing in a dry river bed for the chance of catching a fish will be better than teaching anyone in that class anything and you'll be infinitely more safe. If the color is a medium gray, then vote for lower school taxes since they are wasting your money anyway.

Private schools perform better due to one reason and one alone – the visible minority of the very visible minority. The fewer the blacks, the better the performance and that's the whole 6 yards. American education was doomed, as well as our right to choose our own associations, when inequality was pronounced the same as equality and to prove it, ZOG shoved a gun up all of our noses. Might does make right, doesn't it?

School vouchers are just another "legal" way to finish what's left of American education – at tax-payers' expense, of course. You wouldn't be patriotic unless you agreed to buy the rope you will be hung with. Pain, suffering and poverty makes us more god like, say the nitwits, while their leaders believe just the opposite. Once niggers infest private schools all sorts of things will increase except learning, for penguins cannot be taught how to fly even though some think a wing is a terrible thing to waste. If the nigeroids were able to be schooled, then why in thousands of years of freedom from white racism, on the ebony continent, didn't they ever get past cow manure pomade and sodomy?

Don't be one of those jerks who dichotomizes everything on the planet. There are the Republican-Democrat clowns; the Limbaugh Liberal-Conservative lip flappers and the Christ-anti Christ banjo brains. Life means biology and from biology all else flows whether it be religion or economics. The brain is a biological structure and woe be to the fool who thinks that different brain structures can be trained to operate identically. Perhaps I am wrong and Irene will some day be able to train a hawk to cluck like a hen. After all, she is very intelligent.
Now that the India earthquake disaster has again brought cremation to the fore, it's again time to reflect as to how those amazing Nazis, with 1940 technology, managed to have so many jews "go up the chimney" is so little time. Pop onto David Irving's http://www.fpp.co.uk/online.html and compare that with the "holocaust" nonsense which is being shoved down the throats of our school children and is a continuing theme on the so-called 'history channel'.
According the the Barnes Review, the jews are now gloating that they have achieved what is close to world mastery. They not only "survived" the "holocaust" but managed to buy or bribe their way to behind-the-scenes political power everywhere. Now that this mark has been met, it's now time to put aside old grievances and love the jew as thyself.

How people survive programs designed to exterminate them is beyond me. Maybe jews have 6 lives. The former Governor Glynn of New York made a speech to the effect that 6,000,000 jews were killed during WW I (American Hebrew Magazine, Halloween 1919). The same astounding figure also was repeated for WW II complete with tears and the most astonishing tales involving the usurping of the laws of physics. One might think that these 12M wipe-outs were something unique but the Talmud states that the Romans, under Hadrian, exterminated 4 BILLION of God's chosen. (Why God favors mongrels is beyond me and besides, have you ever wondered where all of them came from? What was the earth's population at that time?) Since the Nazis spent more time gassing jews than they did in fighting the war, it's no wonder they lost. Even with the remarkable ingenuity of the Germans, it appears that the Romans, with fewer numbers and smaller resources, made the Nazis appear as pikers – a fly on an elephant's ass, so to speak.. To further enhance this greatest of all miracles, one should be reminded that a European billion is not the same as an American billion. The Yanks call one thousand million, a billion, 1,000,000,000, while the boys from across the pond call a million million, a billion, 1,000,000,000,000. That's 1000 times greater in case you lost count of all of those zeroes. Gawd a mighty! What sort of devilish technology did those Romans have in order to wipe out 666,666 times as many jews as did the Nazis? And why do all of the "facts" about jews appear as one collection of 6's or the other? In this case, a set of 6 6's.

If one, during a fit of masochism, manages to turn on his TV machine, he'd think the whole country was an assorted batch of misfits, fornicators, jews, blacks, wannabe blacks, degenerates, uglies, criminals, perverts, mestizos, and other freaks which are hard to describe. But is this really a microcosm of the good old USA or only the jews' portrayal of a world they want to own? I feel it's the latter since America simply could not function as it does now if the majority of the people were as sex-crazed and drug-soaked as the MTV crowd. The jew always creates the sewer he manages to drown in. It will not be different in the next scheduled "holocaust".

As the electricity problems in CA increase, it is left to the white man to design, engineer and build the power stations the turd-world ingrates demand for they are incapable of doing that for themselves. They know, deep in their unkempt souls, that white people ARE superior and their major fear is that white people might discover this for themselves. The evidence abounds and I remain bewildered as how many white people either ignore the facts, or apologize for them. The same flexible and powerful minds which are used to create the wonders we call technology, have a weakness which allows itself to be used against the better physical interests of its body, and survival of its kind. This does not occur in the unimaginative turd-world survival type of brain. No piece of delicate machinery should be exposed to the sand and grime of a hostile environment. This is the base argument for complete separation of white people from the remainder of the genus Homo. With a lessening of conceit and a more acute look at the facts, our Titanic need not succumb to the iceberg. Pray that our economy goes into a tailspin for the path to a better functioning brain is found in an empty stomach. 

The trashing of the White House by Democrats should leave no doubt as to the quality of people in that party.  Of course, trash is never upset by trash and so the voting will follow the same old predictable paths. Dubya has a great opportunity to turn the country around but alas, he's just another mestizo enemy of the White worker who has a fondness for mongrels and certain lodges.
For some reason
the non-movement movement cat fights became topical.  Tri-States Militia vs Michael Hoffman, Everyone Against Harold Covington, Harold Covington against Everyone, very oblique references by Ingrid Rimland to probably you, on and on...

I think to get discouraged by that is immature, though.  Every social phenomenon with enough people energized to want to change many other people will have that.  It's because the leaders and sub-leaders have to have bigger than average egos to want to lead differently to start with.   The ZOG Parties have these squabbles, and so do the feminists, and so does the Elks Club and and the neighborhood church.  Success is determined not by an absence of these arguments, but by the ability of people to subordinate personal relations to larger group goals.  They used to say in the army, 'Shut up and soldier'.

If you ever collect a group of people without any potential for such squabbles, you'll find yourself with a group too passive to accomplish anything.

Maguire  (Amen – RF)

Earthquakes and dead Indians. It's blamed upon poor building structures. "Nertz," I sez. If those people had POORER housing, like thatched roof huts, the falling twigs and leaves wouldn't have killed anyone. 
"What shall we do?" says the kite flier when there's no wind. The reason the non-moving movement is parked is because the winds haven't reached the proper velocity yet. With a population basically 5% asian, 10% jew, 15% spicnik and 20% blackoid with the 'ostensible' crowd being about 40% mestizo, what kind of army do you really think we have? Not very big and not very interested. The dark clouds are visible to those who can raise their eyes higher than the slop bucket. Did Hitler come to power when all the Germans had full stomachs and a great place to call home? Hogs never care about the sound of the slaughtering knives being sharpened as long as their trough is full. No revolution before its time.
The papers report that 30% of the Black studs in N.Y.C. test positive for AIDS. People I know, who are in the know, say it's much higher than that. The exact figures are not for publication. Anyway, keep up that race-mixing. You'll enjoy the health benefits and if you live long enough, think of all those Medicare and Medicaid dollars you'll get.
D-day.'Twas on the 6th day of the 6th month of the 6th year of the war. Are you still wondering about the Mark of the Beast? Or do you still think it's a microchip implant in the left cheek of your ass?
The candidates for a firing squad – those who slipped into Metzger's web site and added their own files – must be stroking each other's strokers by now. It's no big deal, for old Tom is resourceful and can manage a good snooze even during an earthquake. Trashing someone's web site is really no loss to the customer, unless it's commercial, but is of deep concern to the host and ISP. These people earn their living by hosting web sites and electronic vandalism – for that's all it is – doesn't go well with good business. It's they who will feel the pain more than someone like Mr. Metzger for all he has to do is upload his whole kit and caboodle to another location and carry on with whatever. Those who pulled off this stunt are really very stupid for they created enemies which have nothing to do with Tom's WAR. 
Good noose —prices are rising, power supplies are showing signs of strain, ZOG is gearing up for a few more bush wars (no pun intended), the economy is creaking, the army which is supposed to defend our freedoms is starting to smell of rot, diseases and afflictions are on the rise, and Joe Niggerball might soon come to realize what his debts are all about.

A young 'un called Dr. Torah complaining that the kids at his school were laughing because he was a jew. The good doc told him that he should feel proud and respond with a "So what?" Jews, she explained, were to set a high example for the rest of the world to emulate. The boy was advised to ignore the digs and jabs because they were mere words. Not many jews apparently take her advice because each time someone utters a disparaging word, the jews scream "anti-Semitism" and reach for the censorship hammer and file lawsuits. It would indeed be wonderful if these self-chosen chosen would collectively demonstrate their superior human status. But alas, biology being what it is, we'll have to tolerate for a little longer the Hefners and Sterns of this world. Leopards cannot change their spots. By the way, what ever happened to "Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never harm me."? Gosh, buts weez all so very tender deez daze.