20 February 2001
Hitler said that if the Americans didn't get the jew monkey off their backs, their grandchildren would be speaking Chinese. This is of greater probability than any "microchip implant". Consider the logistics of this "mark of the beast" business. There are about 7 billion featherless bipeds on this planet. What span of time is 7 billion seconds, assuming that White man's technology implants a chip in the left buttocks at a rate of one per second?  It's 222 years old boy! Now, if the implanting production line is increased 10 fold, it would take 22 years to accomplish it. During that period the population would nearly double driving the problem back to square #1. To add to this zany scenario ask yourself what sort of facility would be needed to track all of these microchips? How many people would it employ and will the microchip overseers have their very own microchips? And who would be watching them? The people who believe in this sort of silliness are the same people who believe that a man could walk upon water. I personally do not believe that, but a man walking on wine? That's a different matter.
Send more AIDS help to Africa. Prevent them from dying of AIDS while they are starving to death. Remember Fearless Fosdick (Dick Tracy comics) and his poisoned can of beans?
No Eileen, the
Dick test is not what you'd like it to be. It is a skin test used to determine immunity or susceptibility to scarlet fever (scarlatina). [After George Frederick and Gladys Henry Dick, M.D.]
For sale. $6 each. Pistachio nuts previously owned by former ambassador, host to anyone worth gassing, jew billionaire Walter Annenberg. No, I did not steal them nor did he give them to me. They came by a circuitous and hate filled route. You see, old Walt has a few people on his army sized staff which often sort out his potato chips so that no chipped, cracked, or partial pieces end up in one of his $600 serving bowls. As for the pistachios, most know that some have small splits making them difficult to open while others have such a gap that the nut often falls out by itself. Thus, in pomp reminiscent of when the rich Romans ate plates of hummingbird tongues, Walt has a specification for split size which minimizes the effort of cracking them open. This was of great consequence to a frequent visitor, senile Ronnie, who liked jelly beans because one didn't have to tire out fingernails before consuming them. Thus, I sheepishly admit, my Annenberg pistachios are rejects. Look at it another way. If a jew doesn't covet something, can it be all bad?

Annenberg is just another symptom of our collective rot and certainly demonstrates that this land is run by a degenerate moneyed class which has no use for the working man save his votes and taxes. People like to think this is all Republican party stuff, but the big cheese Democrats belong to the same rich club. Check it out for yourself. Haven't you noticed how the Repubs, after being accused of catering to the rich (they are part of the rich!) always avoid pointing out the extremely wealthy Demo degenerates? They are in this election con-game together and their strategic animosity is as vacuous as the upper crust's other scam – the cold war. To the small guy in the field, the cold war IS real and the difference between the Repubs and Demos IS significant to Jose Cucaracha but the working man is also very near sighted. What our working people should consider, instead of the donkey dung whores like Perot, Rather and Brokaw peddle, is what is ACTUALLY HAPPENING! Bickering about Gore and Bush is for amusement purposes only. Their goal, as well as that of their cohorts, is the destruction of White nationhood and at least Bill Clinton was honest enough to say so! When the White goes, so does his ingenuity, and industry, and it will be very hard for this super rich crowd to maintain their wealth, or lives for that matter, governing a gaggle of down bred, undisciplined incompetents. But jews, and those with similar mentality, always manage to kill the Golden Goose.

Coincidence? Following WW II, ALL White countries adopted immigration policies favoring mud peoples – and at the same time! Don't you find that peculiar? Isn't that stretching coincidence a bit much? One cannot escape the feeling that there is some overriding force which is hell bent upon destroying White nationhood. Ireland, one of the last White countries, is now under the gun of 'diversity'. When one examines the 'who' behind the scenes, one always finds the jew, and his money-grubbing Masonic I'd-sell-my-own-mother goyim,  just as he would if he examined the back waters of communism. The jew, therefore, by his policies has openly declared war upon the White race and few seem to care, much less notice. At least the gazelle attempts to flee when the cheetah is hungry. Boobus Americanus is of the same fabric as the Eloi in The Time Machine – basking in the sun, preferably copulating to keep the supply at full top,  until it's time for them to become the next meal. 
Do you really think that if thousands of White people concentrated themselves in some Great White Homeland area, that ZOG would leave them alone? Do you really? Hell, you can't even keep a town of 4000 mud free for even 2 months before the ZOG machine fires up its steam rollers. Didn't you learn from Little Rock? Or have you attended so many nigger-drug-noise "concerts" so that your brain is not able to function anymore? It might be a nice dream but dreams like this NEVER come true unless your BIG GUNS say it will. There is no essential difference between fleeing 10 miles into one suburb and fleeing 2000 miles into some other suburb. If you must retreat, make sure it is to an area which no mud wants to be in. That means living as they did in their native lands for if you build it up, they will come as assuredly as AIDS does from a delightful session of anus reaming.
Gee, the "jews" are always crying that some politician might become "The New Hitler." It looks as if that terrible entity has finally surfaced...As Leader of Israel! Could Sharon, perhaps, be the long awaited Herr Mosiach? Jew never know!

Regards, Tsun – www.front14.org/tsun/Note this site. It's one of the best!

I used up a whole bottle of Jointritis on my joint but it still isn't right.
Dear Robert:

When you get a moment, could you please forward this address (below) to Mr. Thomson and Mr. Maguire?


I would be interested in what their opinions might be. It strikes me as typical Israeli disinfo, but they're more informed on that subject than I am. Thanks. G.H.

You are right it's disinformation.  But it's not typical ZOG disinformation.  That material comes through the mass media.  What's interesting is this particular disinformation is FOR Israelis, which is to say the Israeli in the street and the front rank.  A bit of background history is helpful here.

    Professor Revilo P. Oliver was one of the eleven founding members of the John Birch Society in the 1950s.  He broke with JBS Dictator-For-Life Robert Welch in 1965-66, accusing him of being under B'nai B'rith control.  Oliver stated that Welch was systematically channeling white patriotic discontent away from the Big Jews and Big Zionists and towards a formless construct of 'Insiders' later variously identified with public forums such as Round Tables, CFR, Tri-Lateralists, Bilderbergers, International Bankers, etc.  In the universe of JBS thought, these 'Insiders' constantly change constellations and forms, just like the interior of a lava lamp.   In the later 1960s and 1970s one figure who became very popular on the JBS circuit was a Mormon lawyer and former FBI agent, W. Cleon Skousen.  W.C. Skousen was a frequent Jewish apologist, going so far as to specifically exonerate Judah from any complicity in the 'Conspiracy', despite the constant appearance of Jews in the top spots.  W.C. Skousen adhered to a straight JBS line.

    Whether Oliver was correct or not about Welch being under active Jewish control is actually irrelevant.  What is relevant is that all Oliver's criticisms of Welch's strategy and his forecasts of the results of following such strategies have subsequently been proven 100% correct.  The weird whacky world of JBSism has proven itself infinitely adaptable to UFOology (U-Fool-Ology I've heard it called), other countries, races and religions such as New Ageism, Wicca, feminism, on and on.  Oliver's precise criticism was that the JBS was specifically founded for the preservation of the United States of America as a white country under Constitutional government while Welch's strategic approach would inherently fail because it was consciously
misdirecting people's attention away from the real target.

    I've been reading Barry Chamish for a long time.  Were he an American, he'd be immediately classified as a member of the John Birch Society.  His material on the CFR, the Bilderbergers and similar public groups is lifted right out of the JBS magazine "The New American".    I classify him as an Israeli example of our own native subgenus Paytriotus for Profitus.   At the end of the article were plugs for his books and an announcement for his U.S. speaking tour in March.   To no great surprise, Barry Chamish frequently appears in concert with the known  JBS operative Joel Skousen (nephew of W. Cleon) on radio and in duet personal appearances in Israel and the U.S.A. Just do a Google search for "Chamish Skousen" and see what pops up.

    Down here on Planet Earth the guilty parties are as constant as Polaris. That is to say, there are direct lines of succession such as from the Jewish New York banker Jacob Schiff, who funded Trotsky and the Bolsheviks with $20 million 1917 gold dollars (just one attested transfer) to descendant Jew Andrew Schiff, to whom the Armand Hammer servant Al Gore recently married off one of his daughters.

     Chamish's particular disinformation is aimed at 'patriotic Israelis' for precisely the same purpose as American JBSism: channel Israeli public discontent away from the Big Jews towards others.  Since Chamish is Jewish, he is free to indulge his and his audience's anti-gentile racism and also stoke up the holocaust fears with allusions to the 'Insiders' being some kind of secret transnational neo-nazi network.   It's interesting to note that while gentile JBS'ers may never criticize Jews as Jews, or even mention 'Jew' and 'Communist' in the same breath, JBS inspired Jews like Chamish are free to lambaste gentiles as neo-nazis.  As the Vanguard News Network people would say, "One standard for the Jews, another for everyone else." Chamish's target audience are those rank and file Jews in Israel who realize that all is not as it seems in their government (they're right) and suspect that it is subservient to powers with interests higher than the Israeli Jew in the street (they're right again).

    Within this conceptual framework Chamish is free to let his Jewish delusional paranoia carry him where it will.  One place it carries him in the article you cited is accusing the New York Times of 'undermining' Israel's 'position' in the United States.  When Chamish isn't peddling John Birchism adapted for the Israeli public, he's promoting UFO studies (another one of ZOG's sponsored hoaxes in my opinion).

    One last comment.  Don't ever read too much into the well documented animosity between the "front line" Israelis and the "rear area" liberal Jews in Europe and the Jew Ess Ah!  This kind of tension develops between front line soldiers and the safer supply and headquarters troops in EVERY army at war.  What's important is to remember this international Jewish army is at war against *YOU*.

'Conservative' Boobus Americanus never ceases to amaze me.  Now he and she will cease to amaze some day because their amazing actions are leading to their extinction.  Here's what Boobus Americanus are currently all a-twitter about.

    Over on non-Free Republic, owned by another Paytriot For Profit, they're all nervous in the service over the possibilities of a circa 1950 style North Korean blitzkrieg into South Korea.  Vain to explain that it's now 2001 and that border is the most heavily fortified in the world.  Vain to explain that North Korea has next to no fuel for its tanks and teeters on the brink of famine.  No sir!  Send troops!  The NKPA Panzers might roll at any second.  Roll where?  Straight into tank traps and tens of thousands of guided anti-tank missiles?  The year 2001 is a bit different from 1950 when T-34/85s were invulnerable to any existing weapon in the RoK.   Maguire served for years in Korea.  He knows whereof he speaks.

    And also send troops to Occupied Palestine.  In this case the troops are coming from the Imperial Army of the Rhine (its internal nickname in the former US Army). Meanwhile down on the Rio Grande not Troop One stands guard as the mud flood accelerates.  However your great patriotic Quadroon Hope, Overseer Powell, is on the job you betcha.  He recently met the Spic Foreign Minister to get lectured on how too many mestizos are getting injured on those border fences that haven't been pulled down.  This being a Bush family operation, I suppose we can look forward to a 'kinder, gentler' and 'compassionate' border.

    Now just to raise this Divine Comedy to new heights of cosmic sublimity, the troops going from Germany to Israel were trained at Fort Bliss in El Paso.  Just ignore this too. Ignore all this.  Concentrate on the Korean DMZ, Israeli airspace and, when you tire of that, get your binoculars out and starting scoping around for black helicopters and white UN tanks.  There's enough to you diverted from the real invasion going on in broad daylight in front your eyes unconnected to your brain.

    'No sir, send troops!  It's anti-communism.  No sir, send troops! They're God's Holy Chosen People.  Falwell flew in on his Israeli provided Lear Jet and told us so.  We heard it on the Zionist Broadcasting Network from Pat Robertson.'

    Boobus Americanus, a/k/a GOP 'Conned-Servant-ive', they are chiseling out your tombstone epitaph right now.  It reads 'died of apathy, amnesia, abulia, cowardice, weakness and stupidity.'


I remember when Mr. Betzhold caught Gil and I stealing some of his grapes. Without warning, he planted his size 12 shoe firmly in our behinds. This jump start was sufficient for us to leap over the fence and escape. If we hadn't escaped, he probably would have gassed us in his unkempt out-house with fake toilet paper. YHWH was with us that day and that's why we "survived" that holocaust. I'd probably have forgotten the episode, and near death experience, except for one thing. He was a Nazi! Or at least he looked like one. Or maybe someone said he was one. Anyway, I did some further checking and discovered that old man Thomas had sold him the shoe strings which were used in the shoes which kicked us nearly to eternity. Mr. Thomas was doing business with Nazis by selling them shoestrings!!!! If those shoestrings were not sold, then Mr. Betzhold would have lost his shoe at the first kick attempt and probably landed on his back thus preventing our holocaust from happening. Since Mr. Betzhold is no longer alive, we had no other course but to sue Mr. Thomas. If this is successful, then Gil will look into the source of those shoestrings. If his research leads favorably, then we'll have another entity to sue. There is no way of telling where this will all end. The shoe strings were made of cotton and that could be traceable to plantations and slavery. Hell matey, this is better than the stock market. Is it possible to sue God for inventing cotton?

As the jews intensify their extortion rackets, IBM is under the hammer with a list of about 100 other American companies to follow. My prediction: The stupid tax-paying goyim will continue to pay, one way or the other, until the Golden Goose finally dies.

I should be in bed but I made a foolish mistake – I drank a cup of coffee past 3:00 PM. That insured I'll be wide awake for several more hours. I dislike water and things with bubbles. Poisonous whole milk is my usual although I realize that it should have killed me at birth when I first started drinking it warm and FULL OF FAT, straight from the world's best possible source – my beloved mother!

Let me reiterate where I stand using different words. I make no pretense to being a "leader" and all others who do so, at this time in our interesting saga, are not leaders either. They can yodel all they want about how they cannot be stopped, from their jail house cells (a rather quaint notion it seems), and hawk all the publications they want, but NONE of them will, in the end, prove little other than that they are members of the patriotism-for-profit bunch. You can send all of the money you wish but the I'll-save-the-White-race ( if you send me enough boodle) gang of hypocrites are little other than racial evangelists with the same measure of character that the TV religious quacks possess. The reason these avoiders of honest work are appealing is because you, my friend, are a little on the lazy side and want someone else to do your thinking for you.

DON'T JUST STAND THERE. DO SOMETHING!!!! How often has this verbal flatus hit your face? Distilled, and shorn of its mask, it means – pure and simple – send me money. Have you ever asked where this money goes? Or how it really is used to benefit the White race? Hasn't Toronto's Zud still refused to cleave his sticky fingers from the money rightfully due Eric Thomson? NAME ONE blightwinger who has even given even as much as a free banana to a White person in need? Jews indeed might be accused of taking but they certainly are paled by the outright one-way movement of money which characterizes the blightwing. They are all TAKERS and I care not whether this remark makes me popular. To be disliked by buzzards is not really an unsettling thing for me, save to the extent that one with loose hinges on his noodle decides to do "a number" on me to "prove" where the truth lies. In that case, save the effort. I have one foot on a funeral pyre and the other on a freshly used condom.

O yes, there IS something you can do and that is the whole point of my writing. First, you must THINK White and then you can ACT White and if enough of us can finally smell the coffee, THEN, and ONLY THEN, will ONE OF YOU step forward to reverse, as leader, this precipitous toboggan ride into oblivion.

I offer opinions – mostly my opinions. I present no debating framework. You agree or you don't agree. In either case, if my efforts prompt the extremely rare occurrence of someone actually questioning WHY he believes certain things, then I will have achieved a certain measure of success. Once the "why" is answered then any sound mind will embark on the mission of seeking truth.

All governments worthy of the name DO NOT allow their schools to teach anything, to any extent, which might further citizen discontent. 'This is the best of all possible governments' is a recurrent theme everywhere and it is entirely logical for it to be so. What you "learn" in school is nearly all propaganda serving the interests of the government. I have no objection to this AS LONG AS PEOPLE RECOGNIZE IT FOR WHAT IT IS – gung ho hype!! – for the niggerball spectator mentality. As students, you very often accept as truth, utter nonsense, simply because to demonstrate such a belief is rewarded with the intoxication, and utility, of good grades and test scores. These scores then precipitate an unfounded belief that you really know something and it fulfills your mother's preconceived notion that you are a mental giant. Everyone is happy. Mom loves it. You kiss your mirror image and all sorts of ZOG benefits follow.

It is my opinion that American education has been DELIBERATELY SABOTAGED to insure an ignorant (lack of knowledge) population which is more easily controlled. In tandem with this, race mixing is promoted as a means to down breed any strains of intelligence which are bothersome to the self appointed "elite" which constitutes our moneyed oil-crazed ruling class. Take, for example, the teaching of analytic geometry – another term for algebraic geometry. In order to facilitate certain solutions, that is, make the algebra more simple, a device called axis rotation is frequently used. It is introduced, and taught, AS A MEANS to accomplish an end more easily. And where is "rotation" today, Irene? It is taught merely as an exercise – disconnected from anything of a useful mathematical nature. In another case, "truth tables" are presented as little other than items to be memorized so that you can get a 100 on next Friday's test. I taught them within the context of Boolean algebra, switching circuits, computer logic and showed how 2 weeks of subverted drivel could be effectively understood, and used, within 2 class periods. I am not in possession of the spectrum of what is taught, but of what I have seen, mathematics is now little more than an excursion into the field of memory and many instructors are in the business of befuddling the masses so as to maintain their private club of philosophical mumbo jumbo practitioners.

ZOG has NO INTEREST in solving the "drug problem" they created. Zonked out jerks who voluntarily torpedoed their own brains are no threat to our masters. If they can't get you to go this route, they promote anarchy in the crotch realm – fornication as recreation – let your gonads do your thinking. Hefner as Pope. In 1919, the Reds let all of the criminals out of jail in order to terrorize the population and keep them dependent upon the government for "protection". ZOG is more efficient. They never lock them up except for the useful savages they keep inside to make our jails unsafe for anyone foolhardy enough to get tossed into one. Being sentenced to serve time in most of our prisons is on a par with being tossed to the lions. It's not a matter of punishment. It's a matter of state terror against those who get too excited over our rapidly diminishing freedoms.

I have never insisted that people believe me. I only ask that you remember what I say and I hope that it serves as a catalyst for self-examination. Ask WHY!!! Then do you own searching. From this, all else is born and there cannot ever be a leader of merit without followers of merit. In the end, we are all self-educated.

As the Mexican invasion continues, Joe Six-pack will soon be replaced by Jose Cucaracha.

Make no mistake, the intent of ZOG is to DISSOLVE the border between Mexico and the United States.

Didja know that the spokesman for Presidente Fox is a jew named Bloom? They live. We sleep.

"Hey pop, what shall I do with all of those surplus bombs and missiles we have?"
"Do what I did, Dubya, bomb something. Trowel and Chinny will help you as they did me. They always got their rocks off at a good demolition and slaughter – providing they were at a safe distance, of course."
"Great idea pop, but who shall we bomb?"
"Try Iraq. That'll keep our body count very low ... like shooting pigs in a barrel, he, he. Besides, those bastards have the audacity to want to put millions of barrels of oil on the open market. That would drive prices down and with it, profits. Anyone who f--ks with our profits is a criminal and we'll be rendering a service by blasting them back into the stone age."
Miss you.... more than I can say, dear.....
I just returned from the southwest. I went to visit elderly relatives in a small Nevada town and later went to jew central – Palm Springs CA. They even had their own "Desert Holocaust Museum" but since I was already in good spirits, I needed no additional laughs. I had a wonderful time associating with rich jews and their rich Anglo brothers in greed and ostentatious life style. Very interesting. I ducked out in order to miss the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic golf idiot mob which was descending upon the desert-made-oasis — courtesy of White man's technology, of course. During the sojourn, I received more email than anticipated and that will be my first priority right after paying bills. Eric has sent me more material, and so has Maguire, so stay tuned..... Hate is alive and well, and indeed, it might prosper on our behalf as it has for our enemies.
            Reparations no!         Repatriation yes!!
It was the result of an expensive and long survey. The reason Blacks are failing in school is because they don't try hard enough. No worries here. Just tell those penguins to flap their wings harder and soon they'll be soaring with the buzzards.

It's been said that suicide is the coward's way out. Since cowardice is enclosed in IGNOBLE fear, it appears that the definition of coward hinges on this. Regardless, if one stuffed a loaded shotgun into his mouth, would he feel fear? I think I might and therefore to placate this fear, I would put the gun down. Therefore, I did a cowardly act by avoiding such dread.

Gary Powers, the "shot down" U2 pilot, took an oath to use his cyanide capsules in the event of capture. He didn't. Was he a coward for not obeying military direction? Could a man such as he ever be counted upon to give his life for his country? Not today, Charlie, not ever... and we are "protected" by battalions of such undedicated beings.

The great actor, George Sanders, killed himself at age 56. George Eastman committed suicide leaving a death note which read, "My work is done. Why wait?" Dr. Revilo P. Oliver also terminated his own life due mainly to health problems. Adolf Hitler, and several of his intimates, committed suicide probably because of their knowledge of what falling into communist hands would certainly involve. Such knowledge of hideous torture, dismemberment and such, has been part and parcel of the communist movement ever since its early beginnings in the first part of the 20th century. Those who surrendered to the communist Allies, obviously thought they'd be treated according to the Geneva Convention. Surprise! The bastards made up their own laws POST FACTO. Talk about hypocrisy. The old Mongol warriers from Genghis to Attila were certainly more honest than this. (Hell mates, Anglo-American 'justice' still follows the pattern of Judge Roy Bean of the Old West – "We'll give him a fair trail before we hang him.") Our Marxist college professors are very careful to hide this wonderful side of communist butchery. That's because they are not in total control yet – but they are still working on it.

Is a game of Russian roulette a matter of stupidity or bravery? The label depends entirely upon the one who makes the judgment. Jimmy R. used to sit on the high sand cliff behind gramp's vegetable garden. He'd play Russian roulette with his revolver and the target being his small toe. We'd shake our heads and walk away. After all, it was his revolver and his toe.

Acquaintance: Someone you know.
Friend: An acquaintance whom you can trust.
Comrade: A friend who is your ally.
Editor, Harrison Daily Times February 1, 2001

Despite the denials by the pernicious, politically correct wild-eyes, there are three major species of humanoids: Caucasoid,
Mongoloid, and Negroid. (White, Black, Yellow.) As Charles Darwin himself admitted, the three so-called major races of man (titled as above) would have been designated as different species had conceit re a "special" human origin not gotten in the way. True diversity would result if steps were taken to preserve these species in their purest form, rather than the present "anti-nature" program of
race(species)-mixing that is now pushed by governments, media, and academics of the formerly White, western world: a
practice that is the very antithesis of diversity.

Having spent some time in China and Japan, I must admit a certain admiration for those peoples since they are very
species-oriented, or "racist" in the terminology of liberal tongues.

I am sure many chuckles are resounding in the halls of power in Bejing and Tokyo as they watch the Caucasian countries of the
west destroy themselves. The latest episode of lunacy here is this business of the Arkansas legislature setting aside a special
day (George Washington's birthday, would you believe!) for a Negro woman named Daisy Bates whose claim to fame rests on
her part in the integrating of Little Rock's public schools in 1957. An integration effort that has brought a disorder and
dumbing-down that has destroyed the public school system country-wide. How ironic that the Arkansas legislature,
overwhelmingly White and male, should honor Daisy Bates. I understand that 85% of the legislators voted for this
inappropriate measure. White legislators with pride and courage would have honored the Governor Faubus of 1957, who
resisted this insanity, instead. Hats off! to the few rational, heritage-loving lads who did vote against this rash diluting of
Washington's birthday.

With the mestizos flooding into the country and demanding the southwestern states be returned to Mexican rule, and no official
notice being given those intentions by either the government or its fawning mouthpieces, the so-called "news" media, the cool,
rational mind can only assume that the mestizos will be successful in bringing into existence their province of Atzlan.

All one has to do is rent a movie made in the thirties or forties to see what a White country was like. Kitty Foyle, Meet John
Doe, Good morning Miss Dove, or a wealth of other movies will show those youths amongst us, who know nothing of the
past, what a nation is. A nation is one blood, one heritage. An "equality" multiracial country can never be a nation. China is a
nation. Japan is a nation. The USA was once a White nation. But since 1957, and especially since the Civil Rights Acts, it has
become merely a peopled geographic area that is enroute to an ignominious dissolution.

Although the White people here still own most of the property and wealth, they, as a minority people (perhaps as early as
2035), will find their property, wealth and even lives slipping away as the non-Whites seize political power a la Rhodesia.
Fortunately, evidence mounts of a White awakening. Will it be in time?

Erne Hume

I watched a TV program about Tokyo night clubs. What an atavistic spectacle it was with the whole spectrum of nigger thump and screech plus gyrations reminiscent of those having epileptic fits. My first thought was that the Japs were imitating jungle bunnies in their natural mode but I had a second thought. The Japs were not imitating Blacks. They were imitating ostensible American Whites. A culture is as a culture does. Since body mutilation is now a wide spread practice, I'll have my knife and fork at the ready when cannibalism makes it début. In that case, the comment, "Boy, I'd like to eat her," would not be figure of speech.

This is a reference to the ORIGINAL Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution. It's a powerful one and it's easy to see why the corrupt want no part of it. Apparently there is a movement to bring this to the fore. It could have prevented the obscene spectacle staged by Cigar Bill and Red Hillary. Alas, old me does not have great faith in the printed word unless it is backed up by massive non-printed guns. The forever foolish Americans appear to believe that all problems can be solved by either talking it to death or buy spending money on it. It reminds me of fat Norman, the red headed kid we knew who always lost at playing marbles. One day, out of frustration, he simply scooped up everyone's marbles and left the playing area with the final remark, "F--- your rules. I want the marbles."  No one wanted to mess with 300 pound Norman. No constitution is worth a bean unless people are willing to support it with death-dealing force. Our country is disappearing because the collective will is absent. 

The ZOG announcement concerning the "upgrading" of our education system appears to place all blame for failure upon the teachers. If Peter, the pocket pool artist, spends his class time taking the screws out of the desks, it's the teacher's fault. If Dolly the dullard fails to recognize that her brassiere is on backwards, it's the teacher's fault. If Kareen flops on the floor and dares some stud to "give it to her", during class time, it's the teacher's fault. (This actually happened in 1999 in a Niagara Falls school.)  When chairs are tossed into the hall, the teacher is at fault for not maintaining "control".

If people do not control themselves by inner direction, then they must be controlled by making them an offer they cannot refuse. This offer consists of an inescapable alternative. Firing squads work very well in this regard. Since teachers have been completely stripped of any authority whatsoever, they can never be expected to control a band of delinquents and criminals. The public school class room today does not represent an inviting environment in which to earn a living. Men see this right away and this has led to a decline in the male presence. Women, on the other hand, always can find a way to convince themselves that with a little love, a little understanding and tenderness, and a one-on-one love duet, they can teach penguins how to fly. Women, for the most part, are not objective and when the class falls apart, they step up to accept the blame with tears in their eyes. I've had experience with women teachers – some with an excellent grasp of the material – who were reduced to blubbering children by teen age misfits who belong in a chain gang. No one appears interested in putting a stop to any of this.

When a severe penalty is imposed, it is axiomatic that there WILL BE a necessity to invoke that penalty. If you are not willing to execute a person, then you have no business using the firing squad as a threat. Wonderful classroom discipline can be achieved by simply shooting, on the spot, any student who breaks the posted rules. At first, there will be a Willy Wise-ass who thinks the rules are for someone else. He creates an incident which leads to his horizontal removal from the room. Other wise asses learn and someday one of them will again "test" the whole shebang. It is always necessary to pull out the weeds on a continual basis.

I read in the paper that some gang of sanitation people were not doing what they were being paid to do, and were actually breaking the law. When the state authorities called the company to account, the spokesman said "I'll TALK to the men about it." In days of old, people would be fired on the spot and then probably tossed in jail. You see, we refuse to have the guts to enforce anything and indeed view this with such affirmation, that we actually write laws to this effect. The whole crazy "safety" fetish is in harmony – do what you will for you shall be protected from the consequences of your own stupidity.

The schools are simply what society wants because society no longer has individual backbone. And who really wants a merit system anyway? Wouldn't that be elitist?