14 March 2001
Hahahahaha ... ho ho ho , heheheheheh.......... whoopee!!! Year 2000 is bye bye and so is ZOG's 5-year plan to make America NUMBER ONE in the WORLD in math and science education. What happened is really this: We slipped another notch and another 5-year plan just might make us even with Upper Volta for that's what's we are becoming FAST. With everyone happy, and proud, that they are 1/2 nog, 2/3 wog, 1/4 Cherokee (why always Cherokee?), Ameriasiaafro mud thud, 4/5 zombie, 1/9 Quaker, part-time jew and 2/7 Afro-cannibal, it stands to reason why N.Y.S.'s "raising the standards" was a hilarious, and predictable, disaster. In one major NY city, there are at least 2 high schools which  have the honor of having 100 percent of their students FAIL BOTH math and English regents exams. HAHAHAHAHAHA. This dubious distinction automatically assigns all of these geniuses to summer school. In order to facilitate an interest in studying, the simians will BE PAID $5 per hour !!! You honkies must just love where your tax dollars are going. You must – for I hear no complaints. As for me I am so full of hate that I am laughing myself silly.

The way I'd handle this "solution" would be to put on my jack boots, monocle, fake scar and stuff a Luger in my suspenders. "OK kiddies. Study hard. All of those who fail the final will be shot." I guarantee this would generate more seriousness than any batch of 5-dollar bills.

When one of those lost souls, who claims to be proud that his ancestors would screw anything, starts to brag about the fact he really doesn't know what kind of critter he really is, put aside your hate and get out your crying towel for the end is nigh. Woe, wo and mo' wo. For the Bible tells me so.

"Hi, I am aluminum. I am a metal and have a variety of important uses. People love me."
"Hi. I am silicon. I am not very well known but computer technology would be nothing without me."
"Hi. I am oxygen. Life could not exist without me. I even save lives once in a while."
"Hi. I am hydrogen. People used to use me in dirigibles and I make a great rocket propellant."
"Hi. I am mud. I am part aluminum, part silicon, part oxygen and part hydrogen plus odd sorts of useless stuff. I am the result of diversity and element-mixing. Ain't I something? With a little effort all of you can look brown, and smell brown,  just like me."

After decades of trying to awaken those who choose to sleep, Eric Thomson might soon vanish from these pages. He has a small archive which he wishes to donate to any worthwhile person, or organization, who/which will see that they are properly used. When that is done, he shall simply fade away which is an understandable position. Yours truly has come close to this twice and it is difficult for anyone to continue if he feels he is shouting in an empty cave. Both of our lives are winding down and if someone is interested, contact Eric via his PO Box. Be advised, that Eric has been burned a couple of times by blightwing mini-Führers and will be somewhat difficult to convince. I personally find it appalling that so many choose to sit on their material, refusing to share it even to the extent of violating death bed wishes of their foolish supporters.
After applying a little wallpaper to my humble den, I ventured to the store for a refund on some unused rolls. It seemed like a simple operation. I was wrong for simpletons really turn simple tasks into giant projects which collapse of their own weight.

I placed the rolls and the receipt upon the counter. A young lad immediately punched a few keys on the whatever machine. Bouz-zip-bouz-zip-bouz-zip... went the machine but no paper was coming from the slot. Bouz-zip-bouz-zip... hammered the machine until the lid popped open. The lad lifted the lid to find about two feet of pleated paper jammed here and there. He pulled it all out and started the whole routine over. Bouz-zip-bouz-zip went the machine but he pulled the plug after a few seconds. The problem was still there.

"Hey!," he yelled to the dumpy woman at the other end of the store, "Help me with this machine. It has a problem."
"All right. All right. Doesn't anyone around here know anything?"
"You see, it does this...." Bouz-zip-bouz-zip....
"Did you do anything to it. It was working, wasn't it?"
"I changed the roll of paper for it was empty. Shouldn't I have done that?"
"Let me see. What did you do! See that? The center is blue and it should be white. Where is the white center?"
"I threw it out."
"Go find it". With that command the young fellow started emptying the trash containers, and searched.
"Here it is."
"Never mind. It looks like the roll is on backwards." The dumpy woman then flipped the roll over and fed the end into the slot of the cover completely bypassing the platen. She slammed down the cover and pressed a few keys. Bouz-zip-bouz-zip ....
"I thought the white was supposed to be on top," said the young man.
"It is, but maybe someone at the factory made it backwards." With this, the dumpy woman called over the assistant manager.
"What's up?", questioned the skinny assistant manager.
"This machine doesn't print out anything. Let me show you." The dumpy lady then turns the roll over again and presses the button which summons the bouz-zip-bouz-zip.... She then starts to pull the paper from the running machine. This causes a new song: Bouz- zhrag-bouz-zhrag-clink-zhrag-clink-bouz-zip....
"Look!", shouted the dumpy lady, the print is all streaks and the paper is torn."

As I was about to point out that one shouldn't try to pull paper from devices such as this, a middle-aged, fairly good looking blond woman took her turn in line behind me. So far, this Keystone Cops routine had consumed the better part of 15 minutes. The woman was unforgettable, especially those two watermelons she was hiding in her sweater. A couple of young men then entered the line but their bulging eyes indicated that they were in no hurry to be waited on.

The assistant manager then commented, "That shouldn't happen. It's a new machine."
"That's it!", shouted the dumpy lady, "The company should have given us classes in how to install a new paper roll. I've had it." With that, she returned to the rear of the store.

The assistant manager smiled and asked the young man to figure it out.

"I did discover," said he," that it works fine when I leave the cover up." And so he did. Since the cutting mechanism was in the cover, he had the good sense to snip off my receipt with a pair of scissors. The men behind me were still transfixed by those giant mammaries.

As I left the store, my inner hateful voice said, "Gawd, what a set of knockers!" I was about ten feet from my rotting-while-you-drive '86 Ford, when a voice from heaven asked, "Roberto. How would you have handled that last half hour?"

Well, first I would put on my jack boots and then my monocle and false cheek scar. I'd check the magazine in my Luger and smile a great smile. People would gather around and I would say:

"I have noticed that whenever some little mechanical problem arises that there are always a dozen or so experts who are eager to help. They cry, 'Let me do it.' Now I know that all of you are experts and it is desirable that this machine function again and as soon as possible. Therefore, I ask for volunteers to repair the little monster on this condition: If you cannot fix it, with all of your claimed expertise, within five minutes, I will take this little gun and put a very large hole in your head."

My friends, if you want efficiency, and competence,  then you'll just have to abandon your wishful thinking about equality and accept the real world for what it is. Losers should not be granted special privileges.

The local commie radio announced that all of the Brand Names stores will close in this area. Is this the beginning of the slide which has been postponed for far too long? Engineers are losing their jobs but the specualtion is still going ahead full blast.
Taking the broader "world historical view" I get this perspective and also another confirmation of REVOLUTIONARY ANARCHIST'S historical time sense:  the pre-revolutionary period is rapidly approaching it's end.  The stage is being cleared of the mini-Führers like Metzger, Butler, Pierce, Zündel.... They're fading away now.  Their work is largely done.

With this latest report expect a serious move by Morris Dees against the NA.  He struck Metzger after the wife fell ill, and did the same with Butler.  He likes crippled prey, as all carrion eaters and sharks do.

One of the more promising of the younger set is TSUN. I have no idea of who he really is.

As many of the newspapers try not to mention, America is deficient in nigger production. That's why the floodgates to Africa are now being opened – Congo, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, etc.. Since, from day one, Africa has been embroiled in tribal warfare it will do the white denizens of this eroding country well for they are sadly in need of real world experiences.
I watched the jew, Benny Hinn, on the
Total Christian Network last night. It sure beats Jerry Springer. He read something out of one of the 666 versions of "the word" which told that all of us, with proper $$$ guidance,  could access our own personal guardian angel. Benny described his angel as being a very large and powerful blond with amazing blue eyes. (Sounds racist to me.) Anyway, each angel can protect us from 185,000 enemies so if our check book has sufficient entry, we can be allowed – no rights here! – this wonderful opportunity to be safe from harm.

I have mentioned that when one is subjective, he can never see the whole picture or even his place in it. (Try being objective when a pit bull has his teeth in your ass.) The guardian angel morsel is certainly a desired prize but one should stand back and wonder. How would I accumulate 185,000 enemies? Would my enemies also have guardian angels? If so, then how could my angel dispose of another angel's charges? Besides, if we all had angels, then angel heaven must look like a ripe pile of African maggots – all crawling over each other.

**** I also watched a TV show called "German Night." There was a band and people dancing – a jolly time. One fellow wore a sweat shirt with the words, "I am perfect. I am also German." His name was Mel Bronstein. As I glanced over the myriad of faces at this German celebration, about one out of three looked like Alan Greenspan. On the up side – I didn't see any niggers.

National Socialism is NATURAL socialism. That's why it simply cannot be suppressed forever. One cannot fool Mother Nature, or argue with her for very long... as ZOG is beginning to learn.
Who needs jews when we've got Lutherans?
Christian nitwits in Sioux Falls, SD, are putting up the shekels to import manure wagons of Ethiopians, Congolese, Sudanese and Somalians to 'diversify' this once great White city. Not only are they going to give them free medical care plus stipends for 6 or more months, they'll make sure that they are properly introduced to all of the blondies in the area. As I hollered about 5 years ago, when you honkies congregate – the great White hopeland? – ZOG and christians will soon see to it that the whiteness is properly soiled. They are all after your white ass honky, and you'll better wake up because that's not coffee you are smelling. Better turn off that TV and perhaps the subliminal "race mixing good... niggers smart... race mixing good... niggers smart... race mixing good... niggers smart....." din might just have a chance to wear off in time to face the coming real racial storm. As Dr. Pierce pointed out, whitey, like the Eloi in the Time Machine, simply smiles when he is led off to become devoured by the Morlock. One way or the other, the white jackass is the food supply for the parasites of this world – parasites which whitey encourages to breed at his expense. How does one define insanity?
The adolescent nonsense which abounds today, from school shootings to not knowing how to add numbers correctly , is usually blamed on TV violence, guns, poor teachers, high fat diets, hormone rampages, drugs, and who know what next? The fact is that 50 years ago there was plenty of violence. All homes had guns and any so inclined could destroy his brain with over the counter cocaine. During those 50 years, the central authority of a home was abandoned. The 'head of the household' simply took a hike and ended up not leading, but following, and playing the part of a bread winning servant. Children, without the proper and necessary maturity, we given equal, and more often than not superior, voice in everything which went on. They were simply allowed free reign within the bounds of the parents' tolerance and if that was exceeded, a 'blow out' occurred where anger became the impetus for any sort of 'discipline'. All one needs to do is listen to the conversations of 'families' as they visit restaurants or when they are doing the 'quality time' waltz. The cacophonous decibels produced by the so-called 'concerts' have oodles of youngsters in attendance who previously TOLD their parents that they were going. Last night, while dining with Richard, the 3 poppers in the adjacent booth not only TOLD their parents what was what, but even bad mouthed the waitress regarding her delay in returning with their milk shakes. Let no one believe that the kids of 50 years ago were little angels. They weren't. In fact, many of their actions pale the mischief of what we see today. True, idiotic shootings never occurred simply because the kids never thought that was a way to settle anything. Death threats were never made and besides, no kid DARED to swipe a gun from any adult. This then, is the major difference. The 1930s kids were often terrors in the absence of adult observation. One dared not 'sass' ANY adult, but they'd swear their lungs raw at each other, in the parks, swimming holes and so on. Today, kids know that they can contradict any adult, whether parent, teacher or other authority, with impunity under the protection of the accusation of 'child abuse'. This privileged status also includes nearly everything under the sun EXCEPT white males. The white male has had his stripes ripped off and his sword broken over his head and yet he smiles, giggles and hopes he has been a 'good little boy' so that he will be properly rewarded with a little fresh nooky.

The number of solid families are in small proportion and if you happen to accidentally stumble upon one, you'll note how happy and well behaved the woman and children are. As the man goes, so does the country. There are tens upon tens of thousands of men in this land who KNOW what they would do about all which plagues us. If these men were in control, 90 percent of our societal dysfunction would vanish within few weeks. As the absurd female "cop" soon calls upon her masculine partner when her ass is in a vise, so will the now plentiful feminists, career twats, and wannabee Hillarys call for help when the fit hits the chan. That's certain, but will there be any men left to pick up the burden? The future of our race depends upon who wears the jockstrap.

Ancient Egypt took a long time to die from race-mixing, as did Rome where it perished "from the lack of Romans." America will not enjoy such a luxury. As increasing nigger incompetence soiled all that Egypt did, one might ask how this would effect a technology which did not even come close to what we experience today. A few chipped marble blocks or a slightly off center survey marker, wouldn't amount to a hill of garbanzos. In today's world, all have experienced directly, or indirectly, the massive mess caused by one mispunched computer key. An Egyptian idiot had not the the power to screw things up to the extent one of his kin can do today. A high tech society run by low tech critters does not have much of a future. Our urgency is to seize the controls before the ship meets the iceberg ahead. It's later than you think.
What's the point of "doing something" when it solves nothing?
It's a 100% certainty that a major building or bridge recently constructed will spontaneously collapse in the next few years.  We've had thirty years of affirmative action now.  That's long enough for some of these people to have moved up to Chief Architect or Chief Engineer. Maguire
"Why are my hands tied behind my back?"

"Why am I being led up these stairs to that platform?"
"Why is that man with the hood sharpening an ax?"
"What is that big block used for?"
"Why are so many mud people smiling?"

"It's like this whitey – lovable Cigar Bill has told us that white folks have been in the driver's seat too long and it's now time for others to have a 'go at it'. All of this commotion is just a changing of the guard. Nothing to worry your empty head about."

A lovable person sent me clippings about the tripling of the Asian and Mexibean population in many areas of the good old Jew Ass of Diversity. "Health care" facilities are springing up faster than files on a decaying carcass and more honkies are losing their high tech jobs. The drug companies are working overtime and the ozone hole is marching upon Atlanta. Nigger rap crap, hip hop slop, and rock crock has turned the whole population of part-time idiots into full-time candidates for a kosher laughing academy. What, me worry? Hell no, Joe. The TV, she's still working.
Do not bother renting the video, Planet of the Apes. You'll be wasting your money because a real live show is now before your very eyes in the America that was. We have simians sitting in judgment on us and allowed simians to tell us right from wrong. We seek answers to our problems from people who cannot even solve their own. Isn't the power of a declamation wonderful? Hey, Mr. Penguin, I now knight you Sir Eagle. Rise, take leave and fly!
This one's a riot. What's good for Israel is good for America. Eh what?

Well, Maguire was sure inspired by the Right Reverend Singleton's fine sermon yesterday. There are indeed many lessons we can learn from the self-Chosen about minority relations.  Further meditation showed me these additional practices we can adopt:

    6.  USE HELICOPTER GUNSHIPS FOR TRAFFIC CONTROL.  Police should end the dangerous practices of street and highway patrol in minority enclaves, roadside stops and dramatic high speed chases of fleeing suspect minorities.  Instead do what the Israelis do:  Stop minorities in vehicles with Apache attack helicopters and Hellfire missiles.

    7.  STOP MINORITY PURCHASES OF AMERICAN LAND AND BUILDINGS.  As they do in the land of milk and honey, so should we do here.  Immediately outlaw the sale of land or buildings to minorities or aliens.  Put all possible pressures on minorities to sell their land and buildings to Americans.  The Jews here will support us in repealing the Fair Housing Act once it's explained we're emulating the example set by the Chosen Ones.

    8.  ENCOURAGE EMIGRATION.  When Palestinians travel abroad for extended time, the Israelis prohibit their reentry.  We must immediately adopt this policy in respect of all non-whites.

    9.  EMPLOY EFFECTIVE COUNTERBATTERY.  We can't afford to have US Army, Marine and National Guard artillery units sitting on their butts in the barracks.  Instead position these units in fire bases surrounding minority enclaves.  When minorities fire bottle rockets or catapult launched rocks, shell them in retaliation.

    10.  PAY TELEVANGELISTS TO SUPPORT AMERICA.  The reason so many ministers have become anti-American is very simple.  We haven't been paying them.  Instead do what the Israeli government does.  Put them all on the public payroll at once.    We should have learned this lesson already from Khomeini.  He only became anti-Shah after Carter took him and his deputies off the CIA payroll.

    11.  INSTITUTE AFRO HOLOCAUST REPARATIONS FOR AMERICANS.  The body count inflicted by Africans on whites in the U.S.A. justifies at least 5 centuries of free oil and mineral extraction in Africa at Africans' expense.

    12.  ASSIGN GUIDES TO FOREIGN TOURISTS.  Don't let foreign visitors wander about freely.  Instead assign trained guides to show them only what we want them to see.

    13.  EXPEL HOSTILE FOREIGN JOURNALISTS IMMEDIATELY.  The moment any foreign journalist says the least critical word about America, throw them out of the country at once.

    14.  SEND DAVID DUKE TO TOUR EVERY AFRICAN AND MEXICAN CHURCH WITH 1,000 SOLDIERS TO GUARD HIM.    Emulating Sharon's visit to Al Aqsa will show these people who's boss!

random times simply cut off supplies for unexplained 'technical reasons' for extended periods.  At the first sign of organized resistance, cut them off until that community comes to heel.

    16.  SEND GOVERNMENT ASSASSINS AFTER DISGRUNTLED EMIGRANTS.   Many of the minorities who leave because of these policies will be very disgruntled.  Many will desire to speak out against the U.S.A.  When one starts to do so effectively, send teams of assassins to silence him.

    17.  INVADE MEXICO.   Careful study of Israel's operations in Lebanon points the true path here.  First provoke a Mexican Civil War by sponsoring rival political parties and subverting Mexican Army generals.  When the time is right, invade with heavy armored forces and advance to northern Mexico City.  Send B-1s and B-52s to cluster bomb the suburbs of Mexico City.   Withdraw to a 300 mile buffer zone south of the Mexican border.  Hire Mexican traitors, criminals and mercenaries and form them into the North Mexican Army.  Give them technical assistance and training to operate a network of prisons in which to torture, rape and murder Mexican patriots opposed to this policy.  Conduct frequent air strikes south of this zone against any opposition.  Withdraw after 20 years when the entire region has been laid waste and the surviving people divided against themselves.

http://www.sunday-times.co.uk/news/pages/sti/2001/03/11/stifgnmid02002.html   Get those rubber hoses, truncheons and flood lights down from your attic, Sgt Joe Friday.  The moral consciences of the earth say LEGALIZED POLICE TORTURE is the way to go in dealing with intransigent minorities.  As Shin Bet says, 'we interrogate hundreds of minorities every day.'    Since the white population of America is 45 times the size of Israel's Jewish population, American police should apply 'moderate physcial pressure' to at least 20,000 minorities a day. 


Skolnick here is merely recapitulating what Bill Murphy of the Gold Anti-Trust Action (GATA) Committee has been saying for years.  Let's look ahead considering known facts and political trends:

    1.  The de facto world currency is the US ZOGbuck.

    2.  This currency is backed by first by debt, specifically the US National debt in the form of Treasury bonds.  There's a secondary backing in the form of oil, opium and cocaine.

    3.  There's a strong movement afoot in the most heavily ZOG circles, namely the Democratic Party, to pay off the US National Debt.  At that point there the backing for the US currency will be oil and drugs.

    4.  The price of gold has been falling for several decades as a result of 'demonetization'.  This started in 1972 when Nixon took the USA off the gold standard.  The Swiss franc is no longer gold backed and consequently there's a supply of 2,000 tons there overhanging the market.  The price has been  further depressed by massive short selling.  GATA's figures show that the London spot market has total carry-forward contracts for several times the total world supply.  This short selling has been facilitated by gold loans from the US-ZOG Federal Reserve, the Swiss and other central banks.  In normal markets such overhanging buying pressure would force prices upwards through a 'short squeeze'.

    5.  As a result of #4 gold mines are going out of business because of a depressed price.  These mines are being acquired by groups that include many of the same people who have been depressing the price by the tactics in #4.

    Conclusion:  ZOG is planning another major world financial crisis at which point it will reinstitute gold backed currency backed by all the gold and gold mines it acquired at below market prices.


During the 1960s, the media kept a tight lid on the extent of the nigger riots. They didn't want the simians in Chicago to know what their cousins in Kansas City were doing. This was to prevent 'copy cat' destruction. Today, in the free wheeling days of the freedom to yap, the media blabs a local murder issue all over the place, particularly the OK Corral type of relief from classroom boredom. Drunk driving slaughter far exceeds the carnage of any mini 'terrorist' acts, but never gets past the local Daily Belch. There's more at work here than meets the myopic eye.

Youth violence has been around longer than the Greek love plunge. About 3 decades before my prime, we tool head young 'uns often opted to join street gangs which engaged in turf wars. This meant certain streets and the adjoining parks. The "Kibby" gang had the dubious honor of having Edna's whore house within its domain. Peace reigned until some adventurous soul decided to see if he could walk through an off limits park. If caught, like I was once, you suffered pain. I was a part-time wise ass and got nailed by the Seaver bunch before I got to the horseshoe pits. I was strung up by the thumbs, branded and then tossed off a bridge into the soothing waters of the Oatka Creek. The scar is still visible on my left shoulder. When mom saw my black eye, she remarked, "It looks like you irritated someone..." and dad would conclude, "What does the other fellow look like?" No cops. No lawyers. No lawsuits. Usually our problems were self-caused. If I hadn't joined the gang; if I hadn't "pulled someone's chain," I would have remained unsheathed. The blame was mine alone to bear.

Hallowe'en was another annual which most people dreaded for it was a time when truly criminal acts were performed. "Trick or treat' was not a pouting matter if one didn't receive some cookie or piece of candy. In the event of refusal, the 'trick' was usually very, very naughty. Arlene had her front door smashed in via battering ram. Amidon's horses were chased out of the barn. Carmichael's beautifully painted white porch became the target of 'horse ball' throwing. The Smith's would tear down Mrs. Carnihan's ramp, which her cat used to gain access to the second floor, and then they'd kindly rebuild it the next day – for a fee, of course. I won't relate all of my pleasant childhood memories because vandalism is not my point. Our collective mood and attitude has changed drastically. If a loved classmate died, we never built shrines or wallowed in self-pity during 'candle light vigils'. Life was beautiful but that beauty was often damaged by the brown colored rain which fell unexpectedly. It was very sad for me when grandma decided we should have my pet chicken, Toby, for dinner. Bert, the lovable hog we used to ride, was canned for the next winter's fare. Briefly, shit happened, but we didn't act like a batch of babies over misfortunes. We are now a ragged collection of wimps who cry at the demise of someone we don't know living 2000 miles away. My father had tears in his eyes at my mother's funeral, and at my brother's, as did I, but we didn't emotionally collapse and the next day, it was business as usual. I returned to school and it must have been 2 months before I could complete a day without tears coming to my eyes. All knew my sadness but my work continued. People respected those who could rise above their temporary misfortunes.

It was then not a nation of parasites and their parasites in crime – lawyers – but a time when dad would kick you squarely in the ass for transgressions and teachers would backhand you into the isle for a wise remark. There was discipline and it was enforced, not with bribes and touchy-feely talk, but by the weight of force. It might be a sad comment, but respect for things is something which is usually taught by pain. The sign says, "Don't f--- with the crocodile." Only a cretin would disobey that. Today, the inversion would be the withholding of a bag of potato chips, like the "grounding" simple minded adults often use as a substitute for punishment. People usually never have to feel the pain of punishment as long as they ARE CONVINCED THAT IT WILL BE APPLIED. Our courts today  apply "justice" according to political correctness, whim, payoffs, privileged status, etc. It is situational justice and it permeates this whole rotten insane asylum. The winds of revolution are now sprouting from the seeds which were planted by Billy boy's idol – FDR. 

It's nice to see that others are copying, and posting, material from Maguire but in typical blightwing fashion, they give no credit and are very prone to edit the material, as with a recent copy job where all references to ZOG as such, were deleted. While we cannot expect jerks to behave differently, at least some of the material is getting out – hopefully within context.
Well, "Feeding Time At The Zoo" was indeed copied and spread widely around the internet.  The pro-white sites I knew

about.  A little bird told me about this one though:


    This is a Korean immigrant oriented website, apparently in California.  There's the link for the 'Feeding Time' repost that 'exsan' put up in edited form.    The 'investment advice' to treat non-white areas as part of the Third World was deleted, and all ZOG references, but otherwise it's intact. Maguire. 

A persistent theme, in these pages, is that when it comes to National Socialism, is that you have been lied to, by the schools, TV, churches et al, are still being lied to and will continued to be lied to. The reason lies seem to succeed is that your masters are confident that you are too stupid and lazy to research the topic. In some cases, they probably are correct. If you let the TV and movie moguls determine what you believe to be the truth, then shame on you – you'll never understand what's going on in this world, or anything else, for that matter.
Pay particular attention to Maguire's remarks on behavior for this is the SINGLE criterion for which bias against certain people, or races, is based. I object the Howard Stern, not because he is a jew, but because his behavior tells me he is a scum bag.

    The parts of this that are adaptable to us now include:

ARTICLE 2. (1)  A citizen of the Reich may be only one who is of German or kindred blood, and who, through his behavior, shows that he is both desirous and personally fit to serve loyally the German people and the Reich.

    The idea that an international thief can jet in with his stolen billions, say he has white genes and get citizenship papers and a passport that afternoon has no place in our thinking or practice.  This is how the Zionists operate with people like Marc Rich, Meyer Lansky and Boris Berezovsky.  The laws of the Reich imposed a behavior test as well as a blood test.

    We've tolerated anarchism and JewThink in our non-movement too long.  It's now time to get rid of it.   The test of 'blood' is also accompanied by the equally important test of 'behavior'.   It's the Jews like Marc Rich who think they have magic special genes that allow them to do anything, not us.

    It's a measurement of how degenerate the times are that we've got people running around with swastikas and Sam Browne belts thinking 'white' is some kind of genetic license to do anything they feel like.  If that describes you, I got some real bad news for you.  You are thinking like a Jew and not an Aryan.  Stop listening to the Jews' propaganda about the Nazis.  It's a perverse combination of psychological projectionism and scape goating where the sins of the community are piled on a goat that's driven into the desert for Azazel.

    Of historical note are a couple of other provisions.  This comes from the Supplementary Decree:

  ARTICLE 2. (1)  The provisions of Article I (i.e. citizenship) shall apply also to subjects who are of mixed Jewish blood.
  (2)  An individual of mixed Jewish blood is one who is descended from one or two grandparents who, racially, were full
Jews, insofar that he is not a Jew according to Section 2 of Article 5.  Full-blooded Jewish grandparents are those who
belonged to the Jewish religious community.

    Then there was this proviso:

ARTICLE 7.  The Führer and Chancellor of the Reich is empowered to release anyone from the provisions of these
administrative decrees.

    A revisionist subsequently discovered there had been several hundred full Jewish Heer (Army) officers and several thousand Jewish soldaten in the Wehrmacht throughout the Second War To Kill White People.  Article 7 is why they were there.  It's not because they sneaked in the back door or disguised themselves.

    Let's see what the above tells us to do in our current American situation.  First take a hypothetical 'you'.  You are 6' tall and and blue/blonde.  You've had 7 jobs in 5 years, shack up with 3 different girls a week , have two kids you haven't seen in four years or paid a dime on in two and have racked up 3 DUIs.  Now over there is a half white half Cherokee who did 4 years in the Army, took his college money and learned computer programming, is gainfully employed, married to a white lady and has three kids at home.

    Now we'll extract the real National Socialist principle from the true Nuremberg laws and apply it to 2001 America.  Mr. Blue Eyes, get your bucket of beer and crying towel out.  The half Indian is 'in' and you aren't.  Why?  He only got a 'C' on genes based on ancestry but he got an 'A+' on citizenship.  You on the other hand got an 'A' on genetic heritage but an 'F' on citizenship.   Based on the evidence his 50% white is of high quality is operating while you have some really negative recessives hidden away someplace affecting your brains and behavior.

   There's a reason our theory is constantly corrected by actual results, then and now.  Our knowledge of genetics is still not precise.  We have sufficient historical evidence to say that 'white' creates the highest accomplishments.  We also have sufficient historical and current experience to say that 'negro' leads to chaos.  But we still don't know how many genes there actually are yet, let alone how they operate together.

    Our theories of eugenics are still based on negative culling principles rather than what the Jews do, which is to breed for one trait, or to regard themselves as already perfected.  We do have sufficient epidemiological knowledge to know that certain dysfunctions, such as Tay-Sachs, schizophrenia, alcoholism and some other problems are genetically transmitted.

    If I were asked to distill my understanding of the essence of National Socialism into one sentence it's this:  "Leave the next generation better off physically and mentally than you yourself were."    The Marxist idea is that Race and Nationality (Marxist Feminists or Jewish Feminsts have now added 'sex') is a 'construct' while 'materialism' is the reality.  My reply is that all material creations are the true constructs and they are constructed by people.  The quality of the people determines the quality of what they construct.


Ah yes. World War II – where Americans crossed the Atlantic Ocean to kill people who looked like them, and thought like them, only to allow into their country people who didn't look like them, or act like them, and who really hate them.
Women suffer from menstrual disorders. That's why they need certain drugs. Now, a 'pre' menstrual disorder (PMDD) has been discovered and science has come to the rescue with another drug "cure".  The only other other slot has been filled by PMS. Now we are able to tell male from female by the count of their pills and potions. Men will be next. There's gotta be a "wet dream disorder", a "pre wet dream disorder" and a "post wet dream" disorder. If you don't have wet dreams, how about a "sans wet dream disorder"?

Have you noticed that the legal drug pushers are equating pill popping with "preserving your health"? Healthy people do not take drugs, legal or illegal. Being healthy makes one poor. It prevents you from accessing Medicaid, Medicare, BC/BS and all of those other bottomless pits of freebies.

Ah yes. Saddam. He's responsible for our high oil prices because we have enforced an embargo which prevents him from selling oil to us. That's 1 + 4 = 2.
Eric has suggested this punishment for our abundant natural resource, the criminals. Sentence them to some term of megawatt hours. In prison, they'll have available a treadmill fastened to a generator. The generated power could be used to light and heat the prisons and perhaps the excess sold to Mexifornia. Since Arbeit mach frei, it would encourage the rascals to peddle all the harder so that they could be released, rehabilitated to a degree. Our prison population is a gigantic unused work force but ZOG has declared that work is a cruel and unusual punishment, except if you happen to be white. In that case, it's a requirement.

Why are perverts, who get their jollies by inserting their middle appendage into someone's else's feces container, called "gay"?
Anytime you complain about the Marxist parasites in our midst, you can count on being called a racist.
Eric, years ago, tried to warn the Rhodesians about the coming slaughter. He had little success and left that country. Now that open season has been declared on whites, the whites still don't get it. The blacks know it's a racial thing.

Ice skating has taken on a distinctive nigger flavor when it comes to the accompaniment and motions. Long ago, the "fitness" circus was niggerfied. Now I see that niggerization is making inroads in ballroom dancing. Each time I listen to some jew conductor leading an orchestra, I listen for the sound of a kazoo, a cow kicking a pail, dissonant violins, burps, squeals, and so on. The biology of a jew demands that he destroy. I feel this is due to his small portion of black blood. It's no coincidence that 'white' jazz artists like Gershwin, Goodman and Harry Connick Jr., are jews. 
What used to be called
beauty "contests" are now called pageants and predictably they have their quotas. That's why so many uglies are now crowned 'queen'.