5 April 2001
Life is a gas! How often our expectations are reversed by the fickle finger of fate. We venture into something with high hopes only to find them dashed. We force ourselves to do something ostensibly mediocre and find that it was surprisingly one of our better episodes in life. I remember Joe Masgaj, my shelter-half buddy at Camp Pickett who bore a remarkable resemblance to Robert Mitchum, who used a two-day pass to zip home and surprise his wife. Alas, it was poor Joe who was surprised. Without much fuss, he simply divorced the trollop.  I too have experienced this sort of thing like my recent visit to a small town which I had intended to be a surprise to someone I had believed to be a friend. It was I who was surprised. I have no need for "friends" of this type. Life is a gas.
Teachers love computers since it relieves them of any task relating to education. They can sit in the corner playing with their pud and let the rascals peck at a keyboard. As long as they look like they are "having fun" all assume that mental activity is going on. One gets to keyboard hammering without any formal typing skills involved which makes all of that activity useless in the market place, as many discover to their dismay. "I can surf the web" is hardly a skill in high demand. Parents, whose thoughts are as speedy as a snail in molasses, love computers since they have been indoctrinated to believe that technology is a replacement for biology. This parallels a belief that the ingestion of drugs, vitamins, herbs, and what not, is synonymous with health. The fact that our land has a higher percentage of sick people than any other industrialized country, plus placing a sickening 21 on a list of academic ability, does not deter our citizens from believing that we are the smartest and healthiest people on earth. After all, what do facts mean anyway when you are swimming in delusion?

Punching buttons on a calculator teaches nothing about arithmetic. One might as well take his body servant to class and let him do the thinking, for that is all it amounts to. I am reminded of Mark Twain's essay on how the fools believed that the invention of the typewriter would produce millions of Shakespeares since it relieved the masses of potential geniuses the tedium of writing things out with pen and ink. The facts proved the contrary and a parent demonstrates his ignorance of education whenever he issues a statement of how smart his kids are because they poke at keys thus producing things which astound the parents. Igniting the fuse on a bundle of dynamite sticks does cause an interesting display but that infers no great ability on the part of the fellow with the match. Riding a bicycle, as many chimpanzees can be taught, is a long way from constructing that bicycle and light years away from inventing one in the first place. If a mouse and a dog take a ride on the same white man's space ship, that implies no equality between the mouse and dog passengers. Keep that in mind whenever you see the smiling faces of a polyglot "crew" on some space venture.

I get many people to tutor in basic mathematics. One fellow could not even do long division and yet expected to be taught a similar procedure in algebra called 'synthetic division'. He "learned" to divide by using a calculator. He learned nothing about division but a lot about a calculator. Another wondered how I could recall a certain batch of definitions – the essential foundation for any discipline. I told him I wrote out each definition at least 500 times – longhand. He said he'd also do that so he went home and used his word processor to print out each definition 1000 times.

One might own two identical race cars but to believe that using the village idiot as one driver and 'super quick' Louie as another driver, would yield the same outcome in a contest, is to believe in tooth fairies. Yet, this is what modern 'education' is all about. As Americans, this is how we tackle problems. We either talk it to death – the current spy plane soap opera – or waste tons of money on it. When those fail, we nuke the joint to prove we are right.

If you have a lousy command of the language, you have no business attempting arithmetic. If you haven't mastered arithmetic, you have no business studying algebra. If you haven't mastered the basics of algebra, you have no business attempting geometry. And so it goes – up the discipline tree.

The sound approach to computers in the classroom was dropped in the mid 1980s. It was "discriminatory" since the dullards couldn't hack 'programming'. Anything of merit IS DISCRIMINATORY! Today we have the 'romantic' feminist view of the field, and I quote from Raeto West's Programming the PET/CBM 1982, (he has an excellent non-computer type web site), they picture "... a roomful of 'disadvantaged' children, all concentrating on their computers, and in fact are playing a number game. This group's argument for microcomputers reads: It is quite remarkable to see them working in an orderly way for hours. With microcomputers, increased quality of education is possible. Children who dropped out now find their interest reawakened, and their confidence grows ..." Education thus became recreation.

A new web site has popped up in excellent e-zine format. It's called the National Militant and its birth comes as no surprise in these closing days of the revolutionary anarchist. I haven't read it all, so be my guest. http://sedition.isfun.net

     Excellent La Raza piece on their budding conflict with ZOG-USA Jews.  Most of their analysis is old hat to us, it's still interesting to read.  As La Raza is discovering, while Jews are happy to flood every white country with spics or sand niggers to obtain political allies and cheaper servants, they have no intention of permitting those dregs real political or economic power.  "Tradesmens' entrance in the rear" was, is and will remain the Jews' real policy.

    Of particular note is La Raza's commentary at the bottom concerning developing dual nationality ala the Jews' and Israel and where ever:  " The Mexican Dual Nationality Program means that we now have the same status with Mexico that American Jews have with Israel."

    But you, white American man and woman, only get ONE country.    And you won't even keep that one unless you relearn how to deal with invaders in your living space.


P.S.  Childless Career Feminist update.  The plug having been pulled (literally) on the virtual economy of stock jobbery and Dot.com is having its physical results.  One of our local feminist day traders here has changed to a new career field.  She's in an entry level position at the neighborhood convenience store.  Her suntan is fading fast, too.  The Greek Jew owner expects her to BE AT THE REGISTER instead of sunning on her pool deck with a laptop beside her.

    Another refugee'ette from Dot.Com land is trying out architectural modelmaking.   She's also discovering some hard facts.  In that business hard technical skills, such as understanding architecture, architectural plans, CAD, CNC laser cutters, and other tool and material technologies counts for infinitely more than simply blowing gas around to fifty different phone numbers and email addresses.  One simply cannot jawbone one of these displays into assembling itself.  As is typical in REAL PRODUCTIVE jobs, such hard skill-free people merely gum up the works by trying to become information managers and factotums controlling relations between those who actually DO the work. 

I mentioned earlier that General George Patton, after the collapse of Germany in 1945, expressed a desire to "go on to Moscow". The schedule was for The Soviet Army to enter Berlin but American troops had advanced so rapidly that an order to fall back was given by the Germanophobe "good Ol' Ike". During this withdrawal, the Germans clobbered American troops badly. Politics again was responsible for a wasting of American blood. General Montgomery of Merry Ol' England also voiced the fact that "we"  have the SS, hundreds of thousands of troops and all the captured German armament. Moscow should be next. Patton, as we know, was simply run over to get rid of him. "Monty"  was given the "word" by the toad called Churchill. What changed Monty's mind? Monty used to have his portable bathroom dragged along on his campaigns. It came complete with a red bath tub which was not surprising since this "room" was previously used as an Italian traveling brothel. Churchill simply reminded Monty that he might not like the public to know about all of this plus his favorite jewish "boy" in Switzerland. It worked, since Monty was a flaming faggot.

In our National Archives are the letters from Roosevelt to Churchill where the United States is hardly mentioned at all but mainly was involved with FDR's concern to save Stalin from the Germans, and how to get reelected. Japan was used as the magic lever to get the isolationist American to agree to a war to save communism.

In 1848, the communists failed in an attempt to embroil Europe in a revolution of the "working class" and so the perpetrators took a fast boat to America where they were harbored by their kosher komrades. The reconstruction period following the Civil War was a boon to jewish carpetbaggers and one "survivor" of the aborted revolution in Europe, Karl (?) Shurz (Shurtz) advertised his desire to see every black man coupled with a white wife. The race-mixing push we are currently experiencing is not new and neither is the presence of the directing jew.

The first edition of Marx's 'Das Kapital' was imprinted "New York &  Hamburg". I understand that this welfare bum once visited his kosher friends in Jew York City. Bagels across the ocean, I guess.
What the younger set calls 'music' reminds me of the noise generated by dangerously malfunctioning industrial equipment.
He who defines, controls. Today, many of of words have been turned inside out, war is peace, slavery is freedom, disease is health, and so on and so forth. Again I offer some helpful hints:

Free speech – anything ZOG wants you to say.
Abuse of free speech – anything the ZOG doesn't want you to say.
Child abuse – anything which works to prevent a pint-sized hoodlum from wrecking his parents' home.
Spouse abuse – getting angry when the spouse wants to futz around with a new barroom "friend".
Patriot – anyone who still thinks he should defend his turf against foreign enemies.
Tolerance – an odd frame of mind where you pay someone to kick you in the balls.
Diversity – a garbage dump which used to be a well ordered vegetable garden.
Hero – anyone 7 feet tall, with a matching IQ, who has fathered 7 illegitimate kids and earns 7 million a year fingering balls. It is also helpful if he has AIDS.

REAL child abuse, according to the old doc –
(1) A woman who withholds the best possible nutrition for her child by refusing to use the glands God outfitted her with.
(2) Stuffing the helpless child into a disease commune ('day care') where it is exposed to conditions guaranteed to make them a masturbating idiot by age 3.
(3) Running about cleaning up the messes the undisciplined little tike makes of everything thus teaching him that he can do as he pleases and some sucker will always be around to tidy the place back up again.
(4) Teaching them the use of a calculator before they have learned how to add or divide.
(5) Telling the child one thing and then changing your tune when he cries. This teaches the manipulative value of being around people with no backbone or dependability.
(6) Failing to teach that one "no", or one anything, is all a parent should have to say to a child.

Today, we are pumping society full of hedonistic rabble because of the lack of real parental cooperation, will and the desire to nurture a child in the best possible way. 

A news clip mentioned that some jerks are being held accountable for the deaths of their infants. The asses belonged to some "veggie" group which imposed their insane diet on their children. Humans are not a bunch of grazers and require the ingestion of animal protein in order to survive in a healthy manner. Even the herbivores, sheep, cattle and the like, used animal protein (milk) in order to reach adulthood. If you fed a calf Gerber's homogenized alfalfa and soy bean juice, it wouldn't breathe for very long. Those who feed their dogs "scientific" grain diets can truly be accused of animal abuse. This sort of nonsense has given rise to digestive disorders in many dogs thus allowing the snake oil peddlers to bring out a new potion to cure "sensitive stomachs" in dogs. Remember that all pet food is designed to influence the purchaser and not the pets for they wouldn't eat the crap if other food was available. That's why the dog food bits are shaped like bones, as if the animal really gave a hoot.

Keep eating those hydrogenated fats and keep getting those circulatory and heart problems. The drug boys and M.D.s can use the business your foolishness creates.

I didn't drop dead. The lapse in output is due to a small bit of employment I just picked up. As with Maguire and Eric, I often do such unconstitutional things like supporting myself. Horror that it may be.

The present international Bushy "crisis" concerning China is just another bit of media hype tailored to keep the boobs jangled. It is as phony as all of the other staged "incidents" over the past 50 years, including the tremble... tremble... tremble... "cold war". Ask yourself this: If China is a golly gee real live enemy, then what are we allowing Chinese to colonize parts of our country? Why are we building manufacturing plants on their territory? Why do we grant then privileged trade? Why are we selling them our technology? And granting them loans? Why do we grant special perks to Chinese students infesting our universities? Never forget that your beloved "anti-Communist" government has done everything in its power to PROTECT and further spread world communism, especially since smiling FDR put ZOG into overdrive. When the anti Comintern partners (anti Kommunisticheskiì Internatsional) of Germany and Japan were defeated in 1945, it spelled the end of resistance to communism – a major goal of those who rule us. If we REALLY WANTED to abolish communism, we'd have kept out of WW II and let the Germans, anti-Communist Chinese and Japanese do the work for us – and it wouldn't have cost us one cent nor one drop of blood. As General Patton reminded us at the close of that war, we could have steam-rollered over the Soviet Union. We could have beat them to Berlin but the commies in charge of "our" policies relinquished this to their commie cousins – our "gallant allies". However, the main financial support for worldwide communism has ALWAYS been the United States and most of the hard line bolsheviks came from the sewers of New York City. Forget the verbal flatus and look at the facts and think about the b.s. logically!! Or does thinking give you a headache? Has noise MTV ruined your hearing and niggerball, your common sense? Isn't it time for another "fix"?

Just as the lazy, greedy honkies of centuries past adopted slavery as a means to high living, thus polluting this land with black savages who today are another plague, they continue to support the importation of "cheap labor" for the same end. The enemy of the working goof – and he demonstrates this each time he applauds ZOG – is the combination of jews and rich renegade whites, neither of whom are interested in the welfare of white people. The fact that they can continue to bamboozle the general population is a combination of their cleverness and of our pervasive stupidity.
As I have mentioned many times before, when a liar is confronted with facts which contradict his tales, he retreats and manufactures more clever lies. An unchallenged liar does no such thing. His lies become more absurd and laughable. The longer he talks, the more apparent and foolish his lies become. This is what you now are beginning to see on the "history" channel of TV. The "real truth" about the Third Reich has now entered its comedy stage when a sane person laughs at the ridiculous nature of the presentation coupled with a sadness that there exist a large horde of simpletons who believe such nonsense. But then again, there are the religious and cartoon channels as well.

During the 1960s, I attended a history class at university. I noticed that the campus was alive with communist speakers, communist professors and taught several courses in Marxism and the wonderful world of the pinko. I wondered why, in all of their advertised "academic freedom", they never had one National Socialist speaker nor even one course which taught National Socialist economic policy and the like. One would think that education about such an "evil" would be desired. Any reference to the era of the Third Reich was a tar and brush picture of "death camps" and "chambers" where more guessing than gassing took place. Why were they so anxious to hide all aspects of Nazi Germany from the American students, from labor rights (some of which our unions NEVER secured) to astounding scientific achievements,? The only answer I believed than, as I do now, is their paranoid FEAR of the truth. The Hitler era has been reduced to little more than a collection of "survivor" tales awash in the copious tears of affluent sobbers. No other people on the face of the earth makes a business out of self-pity as do the jews.

Normally, I do not publish the email I receive but the following was of such exceptional merit – well thought out, perfect punctuation and grammar, etc. – that I just could not refuse to grant it exposure. This apparently is in response to the latest computer generated news that Christ was a mud.

that was a question my whole life.. but finding out who the original people were .. us whiteys are ALL  descendants of jews and blacks.. in faCT THE GUY WHO  led the withes out of  their caves and civilized them was a black man... shocking but true..... geography tells no lies... the culture we got EVERYTHING including good beer was egypt another dark  skinned – well duh.. we are right next to the fuckin equator.... and unless some idiot tries to redesign our maps and globes its never gonna  change.. remember you are in america.. it wont be a race war – it wikll be a class war over money if any revolution takes place – and i pity the group that tries to take on federally funded private  "security" for those events.. in a perfect world chuck berry woulda been a white man- rocknroll woulda  suffered- thered be no elvis.. and no ted nugent – who should be our next   president.... he;s the right man for the job.. and hed be screwing every  intern in sight just like the man in power should be.. we are tired of old farts and their beliefs there are too many of too many kinds of peple here now- what was a possibl;e concept in the past
is no longer valid your opposition outnumbers you 30:1 and the loyalty among  tose is 70% higher than the probablility of whites banding togetheron a  common cause. but respect yur oppinion just ge the facts straight and stop  hating a group when there are so many individiuals of all races including white trash that deserve it too.

Hey Rob – I just read this and agree 100 percent. Niggers evolved from apes and are superior to apes. White man evolved from niggers and is superior to the nigger. Evolution always produces things superior to that which they evolved from. J.A.E.

(Tut, tut. The use of the big "N" word might just land you in jail for a violation of the right to free speech. Ed.)

One thing our invaders share with the native American hater (I don't mean Injuns – look up the word 'native'!) is their hatred of ZOG. ZOG has sown the seeds of its own destruction and all that the honky wants to do is gather up material crap as long as the aliens permit him to do so. America soon will be little more than a battleground for non-Whites fighting over whitey's junk. California is now officially a mud state and as California goes, so goes the country.
Dr. Torah's TV show has been canceled due to faggot pressure. It's odd that these perverts took time off from fudge packing to complain about her comments. I also question why a gang of often violent AIDS-laced daisies would listen to a show which focused mainly upon family relationships. Certainly the yappy doc shouldn't object for she, more than once, declared that people HAVE A RIGHT (constitutional?) NOT TO BE OFFENDED. I find faggots offensive even if they live on the other side of the planet. They offend me because they are breathing. I guess I am a poor American because I find nothing adorable about any freak.
Our mestizo president has been criticized for backing off on the carbon dioxide pollution thing. The plants are glad to hear that for without carbon dioxide, they'd all die. I have mentioned before that the carbon dioxide the Chinese produce by simply breathing, is approximately equal to the quantity produced by all of the American automobiles. Do you really think our rulers care two shots about our health and the burning of fossil fuels? They don't, because drugs and oil are their main sources of revenue.
De information age, ain't it? A fellow with a computer on the east coast emails, "I am hungry," The fellow with a computer on the west coast replies, "There ain't no food." Well, information has been exchanged. Now what?
Timothy McVeigh continues to provide confirmation that he is indeed the REVOLUTIONARY ANARCHIST we identified him as being.   He has now admitted to being responsible for the OKC attack on the federales, and to having no remorse whatsoever.  He only expresses a slight regret over the 'collateral damage' of the children in the feminist federal Daycare Dachau turned death camp.

To quote a prison visitor of McVeigh's, "There's nothing alarming about him – nothing," this person said. "He's respectful of his elders, he's polite. When he expresses political views, for most of what he says, Rush Limbaugh is scarier. That's what's incredibly frightening. If he is what he appears to be, there must be other people out there like him. You look at him and you think: This isn't the end of something; this is the beginning of something."

We agree completely with that.  The pre-revolutionary era approaches its historical end.  It will find its fulfillment in the depths of the economic and technological collapse. M. 

I just read something which pissed me off considerably – adding to my ever increasing hate. It seems the 90% of deaf people marry their own kind and desire their children to be likewise handicapped so that their "heritage and culture" will be passed on. Can you believe that there exists such demented creatures who wish infliction upon their children, so that they can benefit? Dr. Oliver mentioned that FDR hated any man who could walk and this gives further indication that handicapped people should never be given political power for they desire all to be as deficient as they are. This also explains why some groups promote the degenerate down-breeding practice of race-mixing – so that others will be like them. When a society forsakes sterilization and a sound eugenics program, shit accumulates. Pardon my salty talk. This here ain't no lace-ass site filled with perfumed vapors.
Although the traditional Japanese flag has been banned, it nonetheless illustrated the idea that Japan was The Land of the Rising Sun. If the gods do not intervene, jew-dazed America will soon be known as The Land of the Rising Mud.

Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition has the same assortment of colors we see in any unflushed toilet bowl.

All of the colonizers, from the mestizos to asiatics, agree on agenda – grab all the white man's goodies they can. Whites are divided between those who dislike predators and parasites and those who think they can go to heaven by selling out their own kind.
I am laughing my buns off – again. Last year, NYS decided to raise the regents exam standards in order to "motivate" people who haven't been motivated in 10,000 years. Gas what? They failed in droves (herds?). Now, gas what? NYS is faced with a class action suit for failing to educate simians whose genes prevent them from ever learning much more than how to reproduce and live off the sweat of white people. Other than wasting tax money on trying to teach penguins how to fly, I have no objection with this foolishness except for one thing. It prevents white kids from being educated properly. They are simply being cheated.
The young creeps down the street just became parents. How nice. Two new cars, one boat and a camper. The captive kid has been dumped into a day care commune at 2 months of age. The female cretin obviously took drugs to dry up her milk thus preventing the child from the best nutrition possible. Another scramble brain is in the making. Why didn't this career twat choose to take on the most important job in the world – raising children? I asked her. She said they couldn't afford it. They needed the extra income to make payments on all of those toys which obviously are more valuable to them then is their own blood. This sort of person is of no value relative to our present racial struggle. They demonstrate, by their own actions, that mechanical objects are more important to them than is their own blood. Eric mentioned that if he ever got his hands on the political reigns, he'd shift his eugenics program into overdrive – with retroactive abortion a priority.
Want electricity, White Man?  Then ship those immigrants back to their hovels.
Who discovered electricity?
(1) Homo nigerus, (2) Homo mongolus, (3) Homo sapiens, (4) Homo mudus.
Who harnessed electricity? (1) Watermelon eaters, (2) Rice eaters, (3) Potato eaters, (4) Garbage eaters.
Who supplies electricity to the world? (1) AIDS carriers, (2) TB carriers, (3) People who cure diseases, (4) Taco carriers.

If you answered (3) on all 4 questions – shame on you! You are in need of sensitivity training, you racist honky pig.

Bitter  Refuge – Ah! The joy of diversity!!

Herbert H. Lehman High School in the Bronx has about 4,000 students, almost all of them black or Hispanic except for  about 200 Albanian students, many of whom are refugees from  the fighting in the Balkans.  They arrived to find another fight on their hands.  Last December racial tensions erupted into a  fill-scale brawl with dozens of students fighting it out, Albanians  against blacks and Hispanics.

Police had to stop the riot and arrested 13 pugilists.  The year before, another brawl started when a member of the black Bloods gang spotted an Albanian wearing a red-and-black Albanian flag; the Bloods claim these colors for themselves.

Weeks after the latest riot, Albanian students said they were afraid to walk the halls alone.  "They all hate us," says 17-year-old Diana Gjoljaj of the blacks and Hispanics.  "That's why we hang together." "They're a bunch of racists, all of them." Says John, a 19-year-old Albanian who is afraid to give his last name.  "The kids think because we're white we're not going to fight back. The principal's with them because they're on the football and basketball team."  Ylli Mujaj, a 15-year-old freshman, explains that Albanians refuse to be pushed around.

"We stick together," he says.  "We give as good as we get." Evan Small, a black 18-year-old junior, says that when the fists begin to fly it is race that matters.  He says he did not hesitate to join the riot as soon as it started: "If you see guys fighting you are going to jump in to protect your people."

[Dexter Filkins, in the Bronx, Ethnic Mix Breeds Tensions at School, New York Times, 12 Feb, 2001]

Hey Christian folks! The BBC has aired a program about the life of Jesus. Gathering all of the "facts", a computer design program put together this image of the "son of God." Now that's ugly. Gawd, he is ugly !!!! What a piece of mud.


Whitey, if that's your kind of god, then I am painting my face purple and joining the swishy tailed lane darters. Jesus a mud? Then God is a mud. Or is Big Brother conditioning you to eat mud and pretend that it's caviar?

So Tylenol has now been shown to damage your kidneys. Well, lawdy be and fiddle-de-dee. Where did you brain dead prunes get the idea that ingesting anything other than food, was good for you? Keep drugging those symptoms, and you'll need all of the "health" care society can provide when you are 60.
The fags in NYS are now petitioning for another $5M handout to provide "sensitivity training" for doctors. It seems that when a doctor advises some pervert that it's a good idea for him to refrain from sticking his stick into a sewer, it's considered "insensitive". I told you years ago, that first they would go after "offensive" speech and now they are after "offensive" looks such as raising an eyebrow.
Affirmative Action is all about racial preference and yet they tell us race doesn't exist. Are you getting tired yet, whitey?
Dear Robert: The news of my early retirement is somewhat exaggerated. I have only begun to write. Eric Thomson.
Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient Causes; and accordingly all Experience hath shewn, that Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while Evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the Forms to which they are accustomed. The Declaration of Independence.
    "In the United States the case is altogether different.

           The People, not the Government, possess the absolute sovereignty."
                                                                                             James Madison, January 1800
                        THEY LIVE!    WE SLEEP.
It says in the paper that they have proved spinach doesn't exist.
Mom: In that case, what shall I call these green leaves I am serving?
Dad: Son, eat the squash on your plate.
Son: But the stuff is green and resemble leaves.
Mom: All vegetables are equal, we are told. If everything is equal, then how can we have diversity?
Dad: Inequality is equality, don't you know? Pass the equal opportunity stuff in that bowl.
Son: This stuff still looks and tastes like spinach.
Mom: Son, how do you expect peace and happiness, for one and all, if you still insist upon using your God-given senses?
Dad: Maybe he needs a lobotomy.
Boeing will move its main offices from Seattle to Chicago. The Seattle parking lot, at shift time, resembles little Bombay. Look for this change to possibly signal a move of manufacturing facilities to China. Greed Incorporated is not content with importing cheap coolie labor to increase its profits. It has decided it's easier to move the whole caboodle to those diverse pools of cheap labor. Honkies, it seems, place profit ahead of God, Country and Family. The chickens WILL eventually come home to roost.

This is another classic:  http://www.msnbc.com/news/547917.asp  Who do we see there presenting the 'Russian' embassy viewpoint?  A Jew.  Then switch cams to the White House and we see another jewboy named Ari Fleischer giving the press briefings THERE.  And whose 'press' are these kikes briefing?  The JewsMedia natch.

WAKE THE HELL UP WHITE MAN!  Ignore the lies of the Jews.

 Don't be taken in by the current b.s.  The only thing that's happening is the Hebes are taking two nig-nogs named Overseer and Condie for a ride.  The game plan is as old as the hills.  It's called 'Divide and Rule'.

Don't let this latest diplomat nonsense upset you. Both USZOG intelligence and RUSZOG intelligence ends up being processed in Tel Aviv. One incredible thing about the American goyim is that they NEVER learn.

"At present there exists one State which manifests at least some modest attempts that show a better appreciation of how things ought to be done in this matter. It is not, however, in our model German Republic but in the U.S.A. that efforts are made to conform at least partly to the counsels of commonsense. By refusing immigrants to enter there if they are in a bad state of health, and by excluding certain races from the right to become naturalized as citizens, they have begun to introduce principles similar to those on which we wish to ground the People's State." – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, 1924.

"Popular support is the first element which is necessary for the creation of authority. But an authority resting on that foundation alone is still quite frail, uncertain and vacillating. Hence everyone who finds himself vested with an authority that is based only on popular support must take measures to improve and consolidate the foundations of that authority by the creation of force. Accordingly we must look upon power, hat is to say, the capacity to use force, as the second foundation on which all authority is based. This foundation is more stable and secure, but not always stronger, than the first. If popular support and power are
united together and can endure for a certain time, then an authority may arise which is based on a still stronger foundation, namely, the authority of tradition. And, finally, if popular support, power, and tradition are united together, then the authority based on them may be looked upon as invincible." Adolf Hitler


The more they dig, the more they'll discover that nigerows and white-eyes do not have a common ancestor. This should encourage the degenerate race-mixers to upgrade their humping to orangutans. The sad thing is that logic convinces few and most mush brains need the thoughts of "experts' before they can tell shit from Shinola. As Darwin mentioned, the only reason blacks, yellows and whites were lumped into the same genus was from the religious pressures of the time. It is as I have always maintained: Homo sapiens, homo nigerus and homo mongolus. Inter fertile species are quite common. ZOG doesn't want you to know.


We all know that, like humans, all dogs are equal. They all bark and all can wag their tails. They eat meat and can freely copulate with each other to produce more dogs. Some dogs are small and some dogs are large. Some dogs run faster than others and some dogs cannot jump as high as others. Some dogs chase rabbits better than others and some won't chase them at all. Dogs come in a variety of hair lengths and hair colors. Like our human society, such diversity is a good thing.

Let's suppose that you, Mr. Racemixer, live on an island with Mr. Hate and thousands of dogs – something like Manhattan. Mr. Hate has a big, fat, naughty gun and he waves it in your face, from time to time. One day, Mr. Hate arose with a migraine headache and was clearly in no mood for a balanced breakfast. You noticed this especially when he loaded his big, fat, naughty gun. After glaring at you for a few moments, he smiled and said that he initially wanted to see your brains splattered against the kitchen wall but he had somewhat changed his mind about using your noggin for target practice. Instead, he offered this:

"If you can bring me a rabbit for supper, then I won't fill your brain full of big, fat, naughty holes. To show that I am areasonable fellow, I'll allow you to use a dog for assistance. Over there is a large pen filled with 500 beagles and over here is another pen filled with 500 mongrels. We know that there are many mongrels who are excellent rabbit dogs and that there are some beagles who cannot seem to find their own tails. Each pen contains poor rabbit dogs; middling rabbit dogs; and excellent rabbit dogs.

This is what equality is all about – whether good, fair, or bad, each equal pen contains some of each. I am now through talking and so you must pick either the beagle pen or the mongrel pen. Once you have selected a pen, you will then close your eyes and select an individual dog at random. If you make a wise pen selection, and probability is on your side, we shall both eat rabbit for supper, otherwise, I shall dine alone."

Remembering that good choices are those which allow the highest probability of success, which pen would you choose? Made up your mind yet?

Uncle Al cut the key rates to 4.5% and 5%.  In gratitude the stock market tanked some more.  The interest rate on the ZOGbuck is starting to be as significant as the interest rate on the Mexican peso.  I am laughing my tail off.

There's still good buys for feminists looking to 'diversify' their holdings into less risky dividend and interest paying securities.  I hear SoCalEd and PG&E stocks and bonds are a real steal.  Shhhhh......  But don't quote me on that.  The mud brown denizens and state government in California must think so.  They're stealing the rest of the companies' assets. Maggie


Although it is largely forgotten today, in October 1919 New York Governor Martin Glynn  gave a speech in Albany, New York reporting on the "holocaust [of] six million Jewish men and women" who were dying due to the "awful tyranny of war and a bigoted lust for Jewish blood" during World War I.

Glynn's speech, entitled "The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop" was printed in the October 31, 1919 issue of the American Hebrew Magazine, published by the American Jewish Committee.

The truth is that six million Jews did not die during World War I – and no serious historian believes today that they did. But during World War I the myth of "six million Jews" was very emotional and effective war-time propaganda indeed.

However, shortly after World War II, the thesis of "Six Million Jews" took on a new life.

Yet if you look back in history, Jewish lore is rife with multiple legends of mass Jewish slaughter. The story of "the Holocaust" (of World War II) that you hear so much about today is a variation on a very old theme.

The Talmud – the very foundation of Jewish religious teaching – tells of four billion Jews killed by the Romans under Emperor Hadrian. The Talmud describes a tidal wave of blood that plunged down to the sea, carrying large boulders along with it, staining the sea a distance of four miles out – the bodies of the martyred Jews used to build a fence around Hadrian's vineyard, with the blood saved over from the tidal wave used to fertilize the grapes of Hadrian's wrath and of 64 million Jewish school children of Bethar, wrapped in their religious scrolls and burned alive by the Romans. (In the U.S., a billion is 1000 million. In Europe, a billion is one million million.)

Do you really believe that the Romans killed four billion Jews? If you don't, then shame on you.

When we differ over the opinions expressed on this page, each sounding reasons why his opinion is better founded than anothers', we are missing the point. This about the freedom to express those opinions regardless of content. It's about our First Amendment rights which are under the gun of the would-be world controllers. You cannot convince people that eating shit is good for them if you allow others to sound warnings and criticize. Of course, such information would be offensive – it offends those who want your ass totally under their fist. What these evil people want is to stuff barbed wire up your rear but do not want you to object, for that just might wake up the herd which hasn't yet had their coming turn in the barrel.

What ever happened to, "Sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never harm me."? When I grew up, name-calling was part of the kid thing. "You farty kraut!" "You greasy wop." "Stupid polock." "Nay, nay , nay. Your  mother works at Edna's whore horse." And on it went, sometimes precipitating fights but one thing was certain: You never used this language in the presence of adults. The penalty would be a good dose of 'child abuse' – something which kept the peace, and still would.

More rolling blackouts in California.  See 'Feeding Time At The Zoo' in Maguire's folder.
One extra warm day caused the tottering camel to step to a numero 3 alert. Hell mates, it ain't even summer yet in the brown state. Do you really think all of those lovable, naturally sun-tanned people are going to 'economize' when it comes to using their honky air conditioning? Can Mickey Mouse speak Latin?