16 April 2001
I remember when the new wrap around windshields first appeared in 1954 on Buicks. They were supposed to be a safety feature since they eliminated the door post blind spot. The main batch of people in this country really couldn't decide if they liked the new look or not. "I dunno. Whatta you think Marty?" On and on it went with people scratching their heads, wondering and playing pocket pool with themselves. At last the matter was resolved. If "they" made it, it must be good.

The masses, about 70 percent of any population, rarely have an original thought. They, like cattle, follow the rump ahead of them. This characteristic is the strongest weapon the culture distorters have in their arsenal. TV has offered a way to present desired outcomes, repetitiously, as if they were already established. The pock-marked teen-age twit who recently whined on a TV political commercial, "Why can't we all get along," presented what the manipulators want all of us to sing. Since this blubbering has lately been given tremendous exposure, it's easy for a single viewer to assume that the whole country agrees with it. No so, my friend. There are millions of us out there who, given the chance, would slap that broad's face with a moldy pizza. Keep in mind – remind yourself daily – that the degenerate race mixing and 'it's nice to be a patsy' propaganda you see on TV, is only what the snakes of the Bible WANT to happen. If it were already a fact, there'd be no need for the incessant yammering about the joys of 'diversity'. As ZOG's fear of its own people increases, look for more hysterical belches from the mouths of that coterie of talking garbage, Brokaw, Rather, and such.  If you cannot keep the faith, then what sort of white man are you?

As our population darkens, more and more people will call themselves "white".
Practice tolerance!!

Stand next to a tree and let the dogs piss on your new shoes.
Wander through a ghetto about 2:00 AM and let the brothers have a great time stomping your white ass.
When you catch a stud pumping up your wife, just smile and say "Excuse it please."
When a nog rapes your daughter, please understand that he was caught in the throes of an irresistible impulse.
Stand under a statue and let the pigeons shit on your head.
When a mestiza tosses a crap filled diaper onto your lawn, tell her the lawn is big enough for more.
When a ricer steals your cat for his next meal, ask him if he'd also like your dog.
When a mugger takes your wallet, tell him he's also welcome to your jacket, shoes and watch.
When a scum bag is doing a pipe number on your BMW, thank him and let him know you wanted to buy a new car anyway.

Be tolerant. Pretend you are a roll of toilet paper. Be happy with what happens and thank God for blessing you so.

Out of courtesy, I am posting this link but not without a poisonous shot of my horribly hate-filled naughty pessimism.
America has a BIOLOGY problem and NO ECONOMIC program will change that. Once the biology is straightened out, all else will follow in good order – religion, economics, etc. – for biology comes first, then, now and always. The tinkle toes of the lip flapping media, jew stooge Rush Limpbug for example, like to keep the working stiffs believing that the whole show is about conservatives and liberals, Republicans and Democrats, big government and little government, jobs and no jobs, and on and on until the odor gets unbearable. ANYTHING is the cause of everything EXCEPT biology. That's what the owners of our cattle pen want the cows to believe. Just become a conservative. Make a job for everyone. Be tolerant of those who spit in your face. Don't object when foreigners have more rights in your country than you do. Just "get along." Watch niggerball, drink a beer and go screw something. How do you nicely spell bullshit?
I hope you have noticed that Negro "genus", and general black "success" stories, ONLY appear in WHITE countries, and especially in the Jew Ass Oi Vey. The reason is that white nitwits provide special advantages for these people. ZOG pumps out billions to make sure that better qualified whites are denied an even playing field. If bribes, in the form of federal subsidies don't work, then there's always the armed goon squads ready to shoot all that moves. ZOGbucks have even influenced the racial composition of niggerball teams.

Today, blacks are the canaries in the coal mine. They are the indicators of the foul gas which is slowly rotting this country. As the mestizo pressures increase, the blacks will be squeezed out. Already the Chinese have grabbed the Affirmative Action ball from black hands. As the number of mestizo cops increase, so will the shootings of "innocent" blacks. Look for more black riots as they feel the heat from other 'minorities' which are more adept at sucking the blood from the tax payer.

As the joys of 'diversity' increase, more areas of America are becoming off-limits to white people. The mestizo "Zone D" in Yakima, WA, is more dangerous for white people than is Harlem on a hot night. The race mixing tempo is increasing and TV is alive with the smiling faces of young female twits who describe the wonderful "cultural exchanges" when they harbor a swamp rat in their homes. Dad, of course, no longer runs his family. He smiles, pays the bills and waits for his next session of orifice stuffing while figuring out a way to steal something from his employer. As the man goes, so goes the family and the nation.

I have been informed that universities are using web site blocking programs to prevent access to revisionist material. In addition, many local libraries are doing the same thing. Naive people assumed that the "blockers" were just for pornographic material but as Eric pointed out, this is only the camel's nose under the tent. The real intent is to block all internet material which doesn't comply with ZOG's "correctness" agenda. The jews, of course, define all revisionist material as 'pornographic' and if you pay attention, you'll see the whole filthy scheme exposed for what it is. Since home computers greatly outnumber those found in public places, the censorship will only provide a wake up call to those not yet brain dead. Although ZOG and its underlings operate secretly in the dark, what they do is available for anyone to see. They FEAR the working American public and that's why so much time is spent upon 'entertaining' the masses with sports and staged "crises". They haven't confiscated the guns yet but they are working on it though the Jewnited Nations. The Genocide Treaty has placed our Constitution in second place and many Americans fail to realize that. National sovereignty is not something ZOG intends and that's why the invasion from Asia and Mexico continues unabated. They have convinced most of the public that this is a wonderful thing – diversity is strength – right out of Orwell's 1984. The plan is to have the shackles in place before too many of us wake up. It is much later than you think as the coming events will prove beyond the slightest doubt. They wave the flag and sing "God Bless America" and while you are concentrating on the melody, they snip off another branch of the freedom tree. The motto: Keep 'em well fed, copulating, and happy until butchering time. Don't fret one iota by the foolish warning "we'll be a minority by 2050." The shit will hit the fan long before that day arrives.
The purpose of this page is not to start a mutiny nor develop some idiotic debating society. I advise all to strictly obey the law but learn the truth about the asylum you are presently living in. One cannot learn the truth by parroting the garbage TV and the Marxist schools pump into your noggin. Truth is something which must be sought and that cannot happen unless each person decides to think for himself and genuinely seeks answers to the seemingly moronic activities which take place about him. The admonishment "no man is above the law" is strictly designed to insure that lawyers run this country. The creator of a law is always superior to that law by virtue of being the creator. My fondest hope is that enough young white men can once again become a political force with the power to MAKE LAWS which benefit white people and not handicap them the way our present alien ZOG does. If, as a white man, you do not see that it's YOU who has his ass in the barrel, then you are of little use other than being a well fed servant of this money based slave pen.

I offer on these pages opinions which I feel are worthwhile to read and study. I do not agree with all of them but I never let my opinion act as a censor. I agree with Eric when I sincerely say that I hope I am wrong in my views.

White people have a glorious past, the history of which is being obliterated by the "equalizers" who hate achievement. Did you know that the Vikings used roller bearings on the wheels of their carts? The old Teutons looked down upon lying and dishonesty simply because it was wrong. The Christian influence twisted this and attributed that moral attribute to "God". I questioned one of the teachers who had her class modeling clay pots as a means of teaching "culture". I told that if she wanted to teach real culture, they'd be making goblets out of vanadium and then launching them to the moon.
I.Q. tests were devised as a means of predicting success in certain fields. Thus, a person scoring a 156 was more likely to perform on a higher level in college, and so on, than one whose score was 101. Probability dictates that if your life depended upon the hiring of someone to do a very important task, then your chances of success are improved greatly by hiring the 156 IQ person. It is sad that some wear this number as a badge of superiority when, in fact, it really tells us nothing about character, problem solving ability or that old intelligence marker – will power. If one cannot exercise pure will power then what does all of the other cranial attributes amount to anyway? On a personal level, I know of a woman, and a good looking one at that, who has an IQ of 148. She fabricates tales and had no moral problem with adultery while she was married. She is quick to learn and I have found her to be an excellent conversationalist. Other than  being relatively amoral, she profoundly lacks any sort of will power when it comes to avoiding self indulgence. I was fortunate to have been born with an acute memory – I thank my father for being discriminating enough to be careful as to who became the mother of his children – and I have kept mental notes on this woman's escapades for about 2 years. She simply cannot keep her panties on, when in the presence of a potential stud, for more than about 2 days. So intense was this desire of hers, that frequently she abandoned her small children long enough to get "serviced." Although she feigns being saddened by the lack of any male sufficiently interested to be a father to her children, the behavior continues against her better, long-term, interests. Will power, in this case manifesting itself as abstinence, is not her strong point so I therefore wonder – how "intelligent" is she really? Nitwits have notoriously short attention spans and their view of the "future" never extends beyond one week. The ability to "see" long term has always been the mark of an intelligent mind and I don't care what the IQ score might be. Intelligent people simply do not act against their better interests. Diana is an interesting slut who should have spared society the burden of her presence by submitting to sterilization the first time her crotch started running her life.
Earlier on this page (physically below), I commented on the latest b.s. regarding the desirability to race mix. The hebe who wrote that article certainly was engaged in his tribal affinity for word changing. Evolution is viewed as a SLOW process guided by what Darwin referred to as "natural selection". Giraffes "evolved" long necks in order to reach the top leaves but it would have been better for them if they evolved shorter necks so they could partake of the more abundant shrubs and grassy plants. Anyway,  natural selection means that the giraffe with the longer neck would get the greater amount of food thus making it better adapted in a survival sense. Any giraffe can only nibble so high and when those branches are stripped, it simply goes to another tree. Thus, it would appear that a giraffe which could read a road map would be better able to find the next succulent grove. The evolved use of roller skates might also help. The "theory of evolution" might just as well been written by Spielberg.

Natural selection implies that those better suited to survival are those better suited to mate. In the world around us, this appears quite plausible since the young bucks don't seem to get as much poontang as do the older, wiser and stronger males. Humans rarely perform sheet gymnastics for the purpose of continuing the species. Most seem to avoid this possibility to the best of their ability. Getting screwed is usually a matter of recreation which has nothing to do with the next generation. People seek out partners for their addiction and if one orifice is not available, they'll find another, even if it's on a goat. In the sexual vein, there is nothing on the face of the earth which is more degenerate than is the human genus which makes me wonder if our lot can much longer endure since Nature seems to be causing us problems on an escalating scale. Only a jew could see an "advantage" in race mixing.

The creation of a mulatto, or mestizo, is not a slow process nor does it have anything to do with "natural selection". It is not evolutionary but "devolutionary", since it destroys the very characteristics which are beneficial to the races from which the copulating people come from. Natural selection is about survival, and the human lot, especially in the Western world, has rarely shown any interest in letting nature take its course. In fact, whenever a proposal is made to prevent the appearance of biologically defective people, the mob rises up in self-righteous anger hell-bent upon murder and mayhem. The bygone era of National Socialist Germany is still the target of an unbounded, and unending, campaign of hatred and distortion. Such is the wrath of the Untermenschen.

In a more practical light, I ask this of Thelma the blonde, who just loves being humped by Dushawn the quasi-ape. (He'll leave her as soon as he finds another white slut.) Why was it so difficult to find a man of your own kind? Certainly the world contains millions of them. Perhaps your race mixing nature is proof of your undesirability – a surmise which observation seems to bear out. In any case, Thelma's genes are removed from the white gene pool as perhaps nature's way of submerging defects. I hold this view and such mulatto offspring would be eliminated in the course of life on this planet if it were not for the interference of nitwit white people who seem to have a mental need for the preservation of misfits, cretins and freaks. If Jesse Jackson and Colin Powell, plus the collection of mixed breeds and such to which they belong, were all transported to darkest Africa, the descendants of Shake Zulu would make very short work of them in the event they all didn't starve from their state of mental confusion – lack of racial memory.

One fellow wrote that an article described how business men agreed that the presence of figures such as Colin Powell, "proved" the success of integration. "Colon" as the boys in that back room say, was APPOINTED and political appointments rarely are the result of a merit based examination. They are all about one's ability to bend over, say "yes", and do as you are told. In this land of "equality" people are rarely advanced on the basis of merit. In this country there are thousands of white officers and ex-officers, who are far more qualified to be whatever it is which the "general" is, than is any black, mulatto or quadroon, including the "heroes" of that bully boy soap opera called Desert Storm. Without Affirmative Action, Powell would be handing out soap in a shower. The only positive in Powell's stable is his white blood.

Affirmative Action, and "quotas" were introduced, by FORCE of law, because the so-called "underprivileged" simply cannot hack it in the free market place. If blacks really could make something of their lives, then why is their native continent such a savage, diseased, and wanting cesspool? After all, an all black Africa doesn't have to contend with (white) racism!!

As for the remarkable products of integration, Caligula (Gaius Caesar, 12-41 A.D.) APPOINTED his horse as consul. That proved how successful the integration of horses and Romans was.

I've been remiss in pumping out my daily opinions but real world problems always make their presence known, like a hot water tank which committed suicide and a car speedometer which emits bird like chirps.

It has been said that one can never see the forest for the trees. As one ponders, and gets side-tracked with, details, he usually loses sight of where the Titanic is headed. There is a massive moneyed power in the Western world which is hell-bent upon establishing total world control over a bunch of sheep-like dimwits who will do their work for them and give them a sense of accomplishment for all rulers do need those over whom they rule. In our world, this greed soaked bunch consists mainly of jews and their sell out Masonic honkies. Right now I can hear the groans of some walnut brained twit, "Dawh, sounds like another conspiracy theory to me." No, it is not a conspiracy since it is right out in the open for everyone to see. It slaps you in the face every time you see a movie or turn on the TV. If you believe the overwhelming evidence is conspiratorial, then one might wonder where you learned your vocabulary. The major problem for these ostensible masters remain the Chinese who do not share their view of a world run from Tel Aviv or Washington DC.  It is very doubtful if the Chinese will lie down, like most whites do here in America, and allow a batch of foreigners to urinate in their faces. Whites, when well fed, are little more than cattle. Well fed Chinese are far more dangerous than those who are not. If whites choose not to run this world, then I hope that the Japanese will, for they are an admirable people and fully race conscious. The "one worlders" have the present aim of destroying the racial homogeny of white people and its present thrust is the "race mixing is good" theme which sadly many feeble minded young people swallow, as do the fish they are, hook line and sinker.

I have mentioned many times that blacks belong to a different species than do the white people. Again, I remind that most science reeks of theories which change like the mind of a pecker hungry woman who falls in love depending upon what is available. Contrary to what was preached for decades as "scientific fact" regarding  the "species barrier", this previous defintion (see some old dictionary) has been given a nose job and fertility across this barrier is now admitted to be common. This should come as no surprise to those who can see the forest – world domination by mason/jews and destruction of the white gene pool. DNA, plus other evidence, is seeping out of the cracks to demonstrate that blacks and whites are NOT brothers (only a jackass ever believed that in the first place) and do not belong to the same species. If this information might prove an impediment to race-mixing, then what to do? You've got it! Like everything else which stands in the way, change the argument and change the definitions. The nitwits in the street won't know the difference anyway. The "news", creeping from the cesspools of propaganda, is that inter-species breeding is an evolutionary mechanism. In fact, they've even dragged up the old nonsense of "hybrid vigor" to add support. "Biologists" – read race-mixers and jews – are now promoting the mixing of the various human species, which for convenience I still refer to as race-mixing, as a means to improve the human lot. Never mind that all mongrels, "breeds", or whatever you choose to call those unfortunate victims of truant gonads, have more mental and physical malfunctions, and dysfunctions, than do their non-mixed counterparts, not to mention their general ugliness. A few years back, one of my essays described two species of  inter-fertile birds one of which built nests in the trees and the other, nests on the ground. Nest building is a built-in. It is not taught by the parents. What resulted from the laboratory mating of the two kinds, was a bird which simply could not build a nest of any description, anywhere. This befuddlement in behavior is readily observable even among mongrelized humans. It has been said that the race-mixed Arabs can hold at least a dozen different opinions on the same topic.

The ironic part of this whole loony scheme to rule the planet, is that its present from requires a race-mixed, freely copulating, batch of featherless bipeds who merrily – between blow-jobs and fecal encounters – produce the wonderful goodies the elite wish to enjoy and control. As the mestizo influx and penetration into our manufacturing facilities demonstrate, mixed bloods are generally incompetent, untrustworthy and dysfunctional. It is impossible to sustain a white technology with turd-world mongrels. If the white race copulates itself into extinction, which it appears to be doing at this time, it will leave the yellow race in a position for that total control. The Chinese will never surrender to any race-mixing scenario and once in power, they will make short work of the blacks, mestizos and other non Chinese. I doubt whether they will mourn the loss of niggerball, MTV or honky ice antics.

As I read another paragraph for the "Live and Let Live" article, I am inclined to agree that a small percentage of inter-fertile species do "race mix". The kike author might claim this to be evolutionary, and thus a positive benefit, but this represents a bias in thought which is very common in evolutionist circles. The appearance of a new combination is generally FATAL relative to long-term durability. It often reveals itself in sterility – the mule comes to mind. The next time you see an ostensible white female acting as chauffeur and sodomy target for some black stud, study her carefully. You will find that she is either on drugs or is a sorry specimen of "white". (Blacks NEVER have platonic relationships!) Any critter mating outside its kind, possesses some weak characteristic which should be denied entrance into the gene pool of the parents. Nature would make short work of the mongrels in our midst except for one psychological fault – whites apparently love to preserve their degenerates and ghouls. This is a feminine characteristic whereby the more helpless and gruesome an infant is, the more care is lavished upon it. Women see "beauty" in anything young and helpless.

The one-world madness will never come about but this doesn't mean that it will simply fade away like some old solider. It's demise will be accompanied by great strife and bloodshed. The beast has been allowed to attain a very large size and great beasts die only in the middle of great chaos and blood letting.

The Chinese have a name for the condition whereby foreign people enter your country and colonize it. They call it "war".
Sodomy has become fashionable and with race-mixing gaining in popularity, one doesn't have to strain his brain to see what is coming next. The "animal rights" crowd are elevating chimps to near-nigger status and this indicates that bestiality in on the horizon. A fellow named Singer condemns the killing of animals for food but approves of using them for sex. If you guessed that this professor is a jew, then whoopee for you. You are now entitled to a discount on your next circumcision or other choice of body mutilation. A railroad spike through your glans penis might be nice. 
Now that the Chinese have stripped the spy plane of all its electronic gadgets and the ZOG representatives have enjoyed a little rice bowl poontang, I suppose the "crisis" will be "put behind us" so that we can "move forward" and "get on with our lives". In the meantime, I imagine that all of those "yellow ribbons" tied to "the old oak tree" will start to rot along with everything else. One thing we can give the Asians credit for – they never forget. The Japanese have never forgotten Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We have caused the Chinese to "lose face" on more than one occasion, which they also have not forgotten. At present, they are content to sell us their junk, let the greedy "white devils" build manufacturing plants on their territory, and be the recipient of loans and our latest technology. They can "nationalize" those facilities anytime they wish and probably smile as their countrymen colonize what used to be our country.
As predicted, the proposed solution to the problem of trying to raise indolent blacks to some sort of scholastic achievement level, is spend more money. NYS has so far refused to again use the 1970's solution which was a lowering of standards. A few loose bricks plus a dirty ventilation system was discovered in one of the schools and – gas what? – this was used as a reason for the dismal performance of genetically disadvantaged Niger-Americans. And I was just beginning to believe that they had run out of excuses for what appears to be one of God's mistakes, or perhaps a joke – neither man nor ape.
Automobile license plates are now starting to become more state distinctive. The young probably do not remember that ZOG intended all of our highways to be adorned with metric speed signs and this was to be completed in 1982. License plates were to be uniformly white so that the pie-in-the-sky notion of snoop cameras mounted all over the countryside could do a Big Brother number on you and your vehicle. America is loaded with vandals and thieves, and only a fool would believe that any unattended camera would stay in place, or be functional, for very long. This surveillance dream never got past the stamping of the signs. The whole country is dysfunctional and the only thing that keeps it chugging along is the momentum supplied from the time when America was a proud white land. As America goes brown, so will everything else. The colors change from that of a well kept garden to the garbage dump of 'diversity', and finally to that rich brown color of a manure pile. 
I can slightly understand why feminist hags worship the red queen of hags, Hillary, but for the life of me, I cannot understand the males who do. And again, why do so-called men have to ask a female Dr. Torah how to run their families?

One hammerhead complained to Dr. Six-point that he couldn't afford to have children since the purchase of 'formula' and Pampers might interfere with his car, boat, camper, pool and mortgage payments. The yappy doc gave him her kosher six cents about 'kids first' but I don't agree. Clowns who would feed their infants some formulated concoction shouldn't be allowed to have children in the first place. And the Pampers bit is just a cop-out for laziness. As Eric has mentioned many times – Americans don't give a damn about anything, not even their own children for they refuse to supply them with the best care possible – and that doesn't mean buying them a cellular telephone.

Good gawd, it's getting worse. I inquired at one business web site about a certain item. The Homo nigerus who manages the joint replied with these words, "NOT THAT WE CAN FIND ANY WEAR IN OUR CATOLOGS ". The misspelled "catolog" could have been a slip of the finger, but I doubt it. After I finished laughing, I realized that she meant "anywhere". The sentence indicates that she couldn't find any worn out catalogs. Some people are this brain shriveled WITHOUT drugs. Such a deal.
A fellow pilot wrote that he watched a TV program where nitwit astrophysicists announced that the universe was expanding faster than they had previously calculated. This remarkable "discovery" was caused by "black energy", so they surmised. Perhaps they should call it the "Martin Luther Coon" effect. Earlier, this same set of people, who need to be confined to padded cells, stated that they had "discovered" particles OLDER THAN THE UNIVERSE, and MORE THAN ONE UNIVERSE. More than one "all"?

My yet unburned dictionary defines universe as " 1. All matter and energy, including Earth, the galaxies and all therein, and the contents of intergalactic space, regarded as a whole." All still means all so I wonder how an "all" can expand into itself. We have been told by these intergalactic jerks that time is affected by gravitational fields, magnetic fields, black holes, worm holes, peepholes and Star Trek. This makes me wonder how they are measuring the "rate" of expansion because rates involve time.

What is happening is that they collect massive amounts of spatial noise and then read things into it as does a fortune teller with her tea leaves. The data is then whacked over the head with mathematical symbols, formulas and equations, which then "proves" the assumption. It's jewish – start with a conclusion and work backwards. We see this same insane nonsense going full blast when some bone hunter finds a petrified tarsal bone and then does the Spielberg flight into daisy land. A whole fat lizard is created complete with scale/skin color, eye color, heart size, pecker length, family life and the most astounding feat of all – telling us the noises the critter uttered! If you get sucked in my this blatant, illogical crap, then perhaps you've been sucking too much. That's why they call such people, "suckers".

Now there is a yammer about the moon landing being just a massive hoax. It's interesting that the very same people who believe this also believe in UFOs. As long as the goyim bicker about such things and gawk at niggerball, they'll not notice that white people have lost their country. If they no longer have a country, then how do they intend to hold on to their property?

Communism is dead. Cancer is cured. Madonna is a virgin. Debt is wealth. Diversity is strength. Up is down.
On the commie radio, I listened to a Marxist commentator who had this to say about people who composed music: "WE have a RIGHT to THEIR music!" From each according to his ability. To each according to his need. Har, har. People on welfare (communism in practice) have a right to that which is earned by those not on welfare. The neighbor's brats have a right to play on someone else's lawn. My dog has a right to crap in your rose bed. Come to think of it. This isn't such a bad idea after all. You do have a nice looking wife. Hmmmm.......

Also on the radio: One fellow farted from his mouth a few well worn platitudes concerning kids and violence. "We must teach our children that when someone else punches them in the face, they do not have a right to punch back." Is this sick, or what? Just teach them to be sheared and butchered without an iota of resistance. Even a cow does its best to fight back when being hauled to the slaughter pen. Talk about anti-Nature conditioning. Yuk!

When I was a kid, drugs and guns were easier to get than they are today but we used them not. Kid 'violence' was just a part of growing up. We fought, and punched, all within the framework of 'fists only'. Blaming today's asylum antics on the environment is just another platform for ZOG's intrusion into our lives. I am reminded of Rockwell's comment to me those many decades ago, "After we get rid of the blacks and jews, the white race will have to be pruned severely."  My the gods grant me attendance at the 'feminist trials'.

       How do we intend to oppose the concrete of Chinese unity with the sand of diversity? 
A week or so ago,
I mentioned that NYS raised its regents exam passing requirements and not surprisingly, the failure rate reached an all-time high. In most of the big mud infested large cities, it was not uncommon to find 2 or more high schools which produced a 100 percent failure rate in math and English. Of course, simian brains are not at fault, just the teachers. (How would you like the task of trying to teach chickens to soar as eagles and when they failed, the fault bricks come down on your head?) Well, the clowns calling themselves 'educators' decided to test the teachers, especially the math and English teachers. Results? Ha, ha, ho, ho, he, he and a diddly-doo-dah. Over 40% of the English teachers couldn't pass the English test and 35% of the math teachers couldn't pass the math test. To a pale-faced hater like myself – who grew up on a successful farm and witnessed biology and genetics first hand – the enigma was not hard to solve. You cannot teach penguins how to fly. But that does not explain why our present day variety of teachers are no better than aged high school drop outs waving a diploma.

Back when America was still sane, and white, and before FDR's communism hadn't poisoned much of the country yet, teachers usually came from the upper 5 percent of a high school class. None were money hungry and they were all interested in their profession due to its emotionally rewarding nature. Then came the Democrat-turned-Republican German-hater Ike and ZOG's swat mob who used big, fat guns to force nogs to be enrolled in previously, mainly all white, schools. The fact that blacks had more modern, and better built schools, was of no importance to those hell-bent upon destroying white homogeny. Blacks cannot hack it on an even playing field and so the levels were dropped – everything from rewriting standard tests to giving credit for 'seat time'. It went downhill rapidly since the late 1960s and no one cared until about 1994 when a "five year plan" was announced to make American "Number 1" in math and science by year 2000. That Marxist flop is today conveniently ignored as there is no country in the industrialized world lower than we are. Wave that flag – jump for joy – wee be de bestus dar iz.

During this collapse, anyone with a functioning brain could see where it was heading and excellent teachers, by the drove, yearned for early retirement. The better students also recognized than engineering and the like were far safer, and more rewarding, occupations. Today, teachers usually come from the middle to near bottom of the class. It all adds up.

What they intend to do about it is anyone's guess. I suspect that avoidance of reality, turning up the volume of 'diversity', coupled with more wasting of tax dollars, will allow the whole corrupt system to stagger a few more steps. To make the whole nitwit society "feel good" about  it all, more gymnasiums will be built, more computers purchased and A's will be handed out freely like AIDS is in a basketball locker room, to "prove" that everything is on track.


A few years back, I mentioned that I authored a thesis involving a statistical analysis of the local freshman algebra students in my old high school, 1972. I administered an arithmetic test which I copied from a 1931 sixth grade textbook. Over 50 percent of the students flunked that test.

It has been said that one needs to go to an American college in order to get a high school education. The nog and wog mud factors have now insured that one needs college in order to get a grammar school education. I ask you to peruse this page from a book titled Elements of Algebra: A Course for Grammar School, 1894. It was published by the American Book Company and written by the then president of NYS Normal College at Albany, New York. The Normal College network was a publicly funded organization which was the predecessor to the present State University of New York. Although well rated, these schools were not noted for 'top shelf' education.

High standards held until the Marxist FDR administration came to power in 1932 when 'equality' was just starting to be pushed, along with its covert race-mixing agenda. Today those chickens are coming home to roost and they are crapping all over us. You voted for nigger education and you've got it. Isn't it great to get an "A" for just showing up for basketball?

          Those who live by the sword shall be shot by those who don't.
The female radio yapper
yapped, "Asians get AIDS, women get AIDS, Afro-Americans get AIDS ..... blah, blah, blah." The inference here being that 'weez all ekulls' and 'weez innis togedder'. Yes my brainwashed gumbas, a bullet to the brain of a jackass has the same effect as does one to a rabbit. Ain't equality beautiful? Before you get sucked by this pap, you'd better ask yourself about the PROBABILITIES for that is what intelligent judgment is all about anyway. With this in mind, I again repeat the following essay in the fond hope that it might stir one neuron into a better world.

We all know that, like humans, all dogs are equal. They all bark and all can wag their tails. They eat meat and can freely copulate with each other to produce more dogs. Some dogs are small and some dogs are large. Some dogs run faster than others and some dogs cannot jump as high as others. Some dogs chase rabbits better than others and some won't chase them at all. Dogs come in a variety of hair lengths and hair colors. Like our human society, they are equal in their diversity.

Let's suppose that you, Mr. Racemixer, live on an island with Mr. Hate and thousands of dogs – something like Manhattan. Mr. Hate has a big, fat, naughty gun and he waves it in your face, from time time. One day, Mr. Hate arose with a migraine headache and was clearly in no mood for a balanced breakfast. You noticed this especially when he loaded his big, fat, naughty gun. After glaring at you for a few moments, he smiled and said that he initially wanted to see your brains splattered against the kitchen wall but he had somewhat changed his mind about using your noggin for target practice. Instead, he offered this:

"If you can bring me a rabbit for supper, then I won't fill your brain full of big, fat, naughty holes. To show that I am a reasonable fellow, I'll allow you to use a dog for assistance. Over there is a large pen filled with 500 look-alike beagles and over here is another pen filled with 500 beautifully diverse mongrels. We know that there are many mongrels who are excellent rabbit dogs and that there are some beagles who cannot seem to find their own tails. Each pen contains poor rabbit dogs; middling rabbit dogs; and excellent rabbit dogs. This is what equality is all about – whether good, fair, or bad, each equal pen contains some of each. I am now through talking and so you must pick either the beagle pen or the mongrel pen. Once you have selected a pen, you will then close your eyes and select an individual dog at random. If you make a wise pen selection, and probability is on your side, we shall both eat rabbit for supper, otherwise, I shall dine alone."

Remembering that good choices are those which allow the highest probability of success, which pen would you choose? Made up your mind yet? Or do you have faith in Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity?