23 April 2001
I just finished answering a high school algebra problem submitted by a junior in college – engineering no less!!! This fool thinks that 25 square yards = 75 square feet, and argued with me about it. Better keep off those bridges and out of those buildings built by such 'experts'. College is for parties, don'cha know?
As the country goes more jewish, fewer people will be considered jews.
One Marxist talk show revealed why so many of our young are zappy in the noodle – their parents made them that way. The blab was about being an "attentive parent", the "educator" of your children, "quality time", and all sorts of other pure crap. Without criticizing all of the advice, I'll tell you my view which is 179, or maybe 181, degrees out of phase with the parents who called in.

A kid creeps, and then goes on to learning how to walk. That's how all civilized traits must be taught and learned – incrementally. The element of private property is fundamental to all Aryan societies. Our commie leaning ZOG doesn't like such an idea and neither do the parasites and predators which infest this land. Be that as it may, one gives items to his children. Those things are then the child's property to do with as he sees fit. If he destroys them, so be it. Let him suffer the loss. Once you GIVE something to someone, it is no longer under your control. It is no longer YOURS! You cannot discipline a child for destroying his own property, because that teaches him that it really wasn't his in the first place. If you cannot destroy something without penalty, then it was not your property in the first place. Jerk water parents often take away 'gifts' as a means of punishment. "I'm locking 'your' bicycle up because you have been bad." This teaches him that those with the power dictate how anyone's property is to be governed. Then there is the matter of privacy. One does not teach the right to privacy to a child by snooping through his belongings and room, as Dr. Torah advises, and as did the talk show host. She also stated that the kid owns nothing since it was purchased with the parents' money. If this is routine in bagel households, then some of the bizarre communist nature of the jew is explained.

It all starts with a child's profound comprehension of what's what, in spite of the popular misconception that the young, and especially babies, just haven't a clue as to what is happening. I have heard of people who copulate while in the presence of infants because "they don't know what's going on". This, I suppose, comes from their lack of verbal communication. A kid who is told by its mother to "play outside" while "uncle Jim" is visiting, is clue-less – right? Awareness precedes communication. Awareness begins at conception and picks up tempo rapidly after birth.

The first thing a child discovers is that it is not fed by the mother. If you think your child is so stupefied that it cannot distinguish a plastic nipple from a sound tit, then I'd question your power of observation. Soon, the intimate 9 months of continual contact with its mother disintegrates into a plethora of baby sitters, grandmothers, and day care idiots. The child is growing up with all of the stability of a Mexican jumping bean. As soon as the conversational level is reached, the child learns that its parents' words are generally worthless. They say one thing, promise another, and then reverse the whole matter. The observant child learns how to lie, cheat and steal from its parents and realizes that it is in a world governed by hypocrites. Mom 'trusts' baby dumpling, so she says, and then proceeds to scrutinize everything in the child's room when it is away at school. Once the child returns from any sort of outing, the interrogation begins – who, what, where, when and why. The child can have nothing private and if he wants private to remain private, he then lies about it.

As you scoff at my views, I'll mention that this is the way I brought up my family. I never knew what was under the bed, in the closet or in the drawers. I still don't. Diaries lay on the desks and were never read by the parents. Nothing was ever locked. I respected their right to property and privacy and they imitated that. They never had to lie for I never asked them about personal matters but always said I was available to listen and wow, I certainly have done a lot of listening over the years. I never contradicted their feelings no matter what they were and I never said that they had to "share" their supposed property with others. I explained the advantages of sharing, but never that it was some sort of obligation on their part to cave in to the desires of another. The older child gave me the greatest compliment I could imagine. Their grammar teacher asked the kids to tell about the person they most admired and why. The money-bucks students usually mentioned someone with millions. The President was mentioned. A few chose rock stars because they were popular. Only a couple mentioned their parents. The reason my daughter named me was "because he always does what he says." Children need rocks to build their life on, not a bag of hot air or a slippery chute.

No drugs, no alcohol, no smoking, no abortions, no whoring, no S.T.D.s, no lying, no cheating, no stealing, no nothin' – as the song goes. Top grades in school and a summa cum laude from a tough engineering school, are part of the decorations. Daughter won the R.P.I. Math/Science award as did her father decades earlier. She won many ribbons for her equestrian activities. Dad's trophies were for automobile racing. Married as virgins while in their middle twenties – and still married years latter without any infidelity and all that other nonsense which pays the bills for the Dr. Torahs of this world.

If you cannot have a family like a rock, then you can never have a nation. We have few men, fewer families – 'biological units' as the Marxists and crazed feminists like to say – and no nation whatsoever. That makes us easy pickings as all of the muds have discovered. Got the picture whitey? When you are picked clean, then what? Do you expect the 'brotherly love' of 'diversity' to save your hide?

Kiddies, now that the end of another Marxist indoctrination school year is approaching a close, why not ask your holocaust teacher to explain a few of the things you found at http://www.cwporter.com ?
– wondering about a small hole you just found.
Ignorance – not knowing what's in the hole.
Trial – putting your finger in the hole.
Real world learning experience – something bites the end of your finger off.
Stupidity – putting your finger back into the hole just to make sure.

When it comes to wogs, golliwogs, and nignogs, honkies are sure stupid. They learn nothing from experience. Forty years of forced bussing and the nigs are still nigs. Forty years of Title I and they still haven't improved. Is this the end of it? Of course not. There just has to be a way to carry water in a sieve. In the meantime whitey, keep paying those taxes.

It looks like the ZOGprez Bushez is working on the dissolution of the mexi-bean border and renaming the pot, a free trade zone. What the hell, the immigration enforcement of the border, like the 'drug war', is only a joke anyway. You'll never guess who won't benefit by this scheme. It's you, the white mutton head who has been conditioned to assume 'the position' anytime Big Brother wants to ream something. Whether literally or figuratively, the American nitwit is addicted to being screwed.
Kids having sex. Let's see – about 35 percent of all pregnancies are aborted. Of the remainder only about 30 percent of the parents bother to get married. Of those who do, 65 percent break their marriage vows before one year is out. Isn't this just perfectly sweet and lovely?  It must be wonderful to be born of such caring people.
When was the last time you saw a bunch of yellow people fighting each other for the benefit of non-yellow people? When was the last time you saw a bunch of black people fighting their own kind for the benefit of non-black people? You probably have noticed that white people always fight their own kind for the benefit of non-white people. (If you personally attack a single black, you'll be attacked by a dozen whites.) Why is that? As I look at the rest of life on the planet, my only answer is that most white folks are insane. Do tigers fight each other to protect the hyena? Do goats battle other goats so that the cattle might graze better? Do the bees war with each other so that the bear can eat their honey in peace? All life is racist. To be racist is to be in tune with Nature – God.
Dr. Torah reminded us today that all men start life by being tended by a woman and during their adult life, they also require 'mothering'. That's why old widowers always marry again, so she sez. It must be true if it comes from a jew.
I am told that a 'great new nationalist' site has leaped upon the scene. I notice that its coterie of super-stars includes a nearly 70 year old jewess and a kike who refers to himself as a "Russian". That makes sense, for the blightwing always includes jews to 'prove' their nationalism and usually adds a female or two, to demonstrate "equality". Such a deal.

The future of the white race takes precedence over the ego-stroking which all of the "leaders" seem to require. I criticize these people, not because I personally have a desire to give them a hard time, but because I see faults which should be brought to your attention so that you might at least think about it. It's a case of "buyer beware".

Several people have asked me about the National Alliance. In this regard, the following pretty much sums it up.


   1. Most organized and durable of the ANP spin-offs.  Dr. Pierce is highly intelligent and has been steadfast through the decades.

    2.  The NA attains the highest intellectual level.  The NA has worked hard at attracting above the middle level people.  With a slightly different approach it might have succeeded in attracting far more teachers, government bureaucrats, police, and military personnel than it has.  Pierce & Co. have promoted an above average vision for whites.

    3.  Long standing and capable efforts at mass education, broadcasting and publication (i.e. propaganda).  Pierce does have his widespread radio and reading audience, as the www.mightywords.com best seller list shows (The Fame of A Dead Man's Deeds.). And that audience was proven to be larger than anyone suspected.  For every active member there's probably 20-50 fellow travelers and sympathizers.

    4.  It exists, and is widespread geographically.  Already an advantage. The NA will be around for quite some time to come.

    5.  Organizational Discipline.  This one is both pro & con.  Dr. Pierce does maintain close control over the political message and activities of his followers.  National approval is needed for any local NA initiatives.  This has kept the worst from happening.  It also tends to act merely as a negative check preventing ANY action.  At the same time there has been less
quality control on the actual membership consist.  This is inevitable in the absence of strong local and regional leaders.


   1.  Pierce in many ways has been the intellectual godfather of our own Revolutionary Anarchists, despite his own disclaimers ("plausible deniability").  He almost occupies the position Bukharin did in the Russian pre-revolutionary period.  However well pitched, and they've gotten much slicker while losing Aryan open honesty FYI, the NA is calling for a total revolutionary program.  This intellectual departure from Hitler's post-1922 Lesson Learned of 'Strict Legality' has its price tag.  That price tag is allowing ZOG to declare it seditious and 100% off-limits for military personnel.  The NA therefore has had scant success among the active forces and more importantly, the Army National Guard.  Then there's been the huge mismatch between means and preferred tactics for most of the NA's existence.

    2.  Practically speaking, "WHICH" NA would one be joining?  As Dr. Pierce fades there will soon be more than one of them.  This is the direct result of no existing capable collective sub-leadership above the local level.  Who will be the successor?  Pierce may try to appoint Erich Gliebe, as has been rumored.  What exactly is Gliebe 'leading' at the moment?  To my last solid knowledge Gleibe is managing Resistance Records full time plus the Ohio unit.  Pierce's position has been that of national author, speaker and Prophet-In-Charge to the PEOPLE of the NA.  Then there's National Vanguard publishing and Resistance Records, which are affiliated entities but only tie together via Dr. Pierce.

    But as Alexander answered on his deathbed when asked who his successor would be, the real successor will be "the best".  And there may be multiple successors, as Alexander had.  That's been by far the biggest weakness of all the mini-Führer cults.  No true sub-leadership, no efforts to develop sub leaders and very often a policy to actively prevent strong sub-leaders
from emerging.  In between the The Vozhd (Russian for 'boss') and the vintiki ('little screws') there's zip.  That's not how A.H. did it, or any other organization that is successful at organizing large numbers of people.

    Comparing the NA and the real NSDAP is instructive.  Hitler didn't own the "Völkischer Beobachter" or the other publishing arms of the party.  The NSDAP did.  Nor did Hitler own the Party.  The Party members 'owned' the Party.  Had Hitler died in 1934 the NSDAP would have continued with a new leader chosen from its existing membership.  When Hitler made his personal will he left his property to the NSDAP.  Pierce can't do this with the NA because in a real sense the NA doesn't exist separately from him.   Pierce owns National Vanguard and Resistance Records and he owns them apart from the NA.  What therefore is the political wing of the NA in reality?  It's the Dr. William Pierce Fan Club dressed as a political organization.  I don't mean to imply that Dr. Pierce is insincere.  He is very sincere.  But these are the organizational realities I see.

    This national level leadership deficit will inevitably lead to a factional splintering, probably on geographic lines,  upon Pierce finally fading away.  After Pierce there's only the local chapter leaders, of whom Gliebe is the most prominent.  Is he sufficiently charismatic to induce the other chapter leaders to follow him voluntarily?  And this succession crisis will come to a head at the WORST POSSIBLE MOMENT for the NA in the broad historical schema (i.e. tail end of the pre-revolutionary era).  If
Pierce really has racial loyalty and loyalty to his followers, he needs to solve this succession problem NOW and gracefully retire into Emeritus status.

    The emerging NA succession crisis is so serious and so immediate there's no point in assessing the rest of the NA right now or debating its program. This is all another reason why I'm more inspired by the examples of the Committees of Correspondence and the Continental Congress as organizational models.  The White Race stands higher than any one man or woman and white organizations must reflect this corporate, communal concept.

    3.  Dr. Pierce has not had the level loyalty to able followers that Adolf Hitler had.  Hitler didn't fear having capable men working for him, nor did he try to get rid of them.  For all the post-WWII sneering at his lower middle class tastes, I notice this about Hitler as a leader.  There was a remarkable stability from first to last in the Nazi leadership. Hitler wanted capable men, and so did Rockwell.  I'm not so sure about Dr. Pierce in this respect. This trait will leave its stamp on the NA internal subculture long after Dr. Pierce fades off.   This is Dr. Pierce's biggest deficit as a leader in my opinion.

How come the pushers of that wonderful gas called 'diversity' don't like the diverse opinions which find their way to the internet? You've got it friend. The wardens of this asylum are only interested in making you a secure captive and b.s. such as 'diversity' are ONLY PROMOTED when they fit the plans of the would-be world dictators. The denizens of the mogul manure mound are working towards control of the internet because they recognize that most people REFUSE to use their God-given facilities to THINK about anything. Most people simply go with the flow and as long as they have toys, food and poontang, they see no reason for worrying about anything. Their opinions actually belong to those in charge of their Marxist indoctrination. Each person should periodically ask himself, "Why do I believe that? Is it because my teacher told me so? That all of my friends believe it? Or did I arrive at it by a process involving deduction and logic application?"  Then again, even ASKING YOURSELF questions is often a very painful experience for many people. The Eloi, of The Time Machine, responded like hypnotized cattle whenever the Morlocks turned on the siren. Today's siren is the mass media and our Morlocks don't have total control of it – yet. What is frightening is that those brick brains who blabber on the ill named "newsgroups" simply offer nothing other than insults, threats and vile language. When this is added to the rife pornography, these people are only giving ammunition to the censors.

The Big Brother surveillance of Orwell's 1984 was amateurish compared to the plethora of cameras which today infest nearly all business establishments. Orwell never dreamed it would be this bad. We are told who we can sell our houses to and with whom we must associate at schools. It's pervasive and you should think about that for it is a control system which I never knew as a child or young man. A cop pulled me over and mentioned that I wasn't wearing a seat belt. I complimented him upon his observational skill. He went on about "the law" and why it was "protecting me". "But what if I do not want to be protected?", I asked. I continued, "Are you telling me that you, or even the Governor, gives two shakes about what happens to little old me? If I get killed in an accident due to the lack of seat belts, will you attend the funeral?" I told him that the seat belt laws were mainly a protection for the financial interests of the insurance companies and that being tied to the seat in no way enhanced my ability to maneuver my vehicle at required speeds nor did it give me any additional skills. In fact, the mere presence of "safety equipment" cause all sort of slobs to increase their tendencies toward driving without care or caution. Just observe the idiots in their suburban barges! The highways are not race courses where seat beats hold your ass in place so that one might navigate curves at high speed. I have raced cars for many years and am the first to admit this.

The Pillsbury doughboy, Rush Limpblow, recently moaned "Why can't we all get along?"  He pushes 'diversity' on a daily basis and if he didn't, the jews who pay his salary would find someone else to gas over their airwaves. Notice the jew scheme – create the problem and then offer a solution. Diversity causes conflict and the solution is always the same – tolerance on the part of those who are being intruded upon. The interloper doesn't have to change – only the white sap who built this country. If ZOG hadn't FORCED people, who don't like each other, to occupy the same territory, there wouldn't be any conflict. The way out, intelligently, is to simply STOP forcing people to do things against their will. Oh no, we must adapt by selling out, or short circuiting our basic feelings. In spite of the motherly dictates that you are an evil person if you want to defend anything, white people are still fleeing the muds, in droves. When asked, they always mention that they relocated because of the climate, fishing opportunities, a needed change, and so on. They know and I know that they simply are fleeing the mud invasion.

Americans live in fear. Of that that is no doubt. They fear to express their opinions if those opinions do not follow the red party line. Police are being conditioned not to arrest golliwogs for crimes because that would be "racial profiling". In the past, many never gave a hoot if their speech offended anyone. In fact, often the intent was to offend someone. At a recent meeting, I introduced myself, to a female tongue wagger, as a "male chauvinist pig", and with that out of the way, I offered to get her a cup of coffee. One need not be obnoxious – a condition I impose very often in order to get rid of pesky people – but never apologize for what you are or for what you feel. I detest people who kiss ass in public but talk behind that person's back when it is not public. For God's sake, a backbone should not depend upon the consensus of a group of people who probably don't like you anyway.

There have been rumors that factories are now starting to get orders for military goodies. Hey mon! De econ'my is gwinna pick up. (When the economy starts to stall, start a war. It certainly helped our FDR when his Marxist programs failed.) I have received two predictions on this from a couple of very astute people. No names, but I'll tell you what they indicated. (1) The Mideast is going to boil over due to the idiocy of the Israelites who dodge Palestinian rocks by bombing Syria. (2) The chink's near-term is Taiwan and its chip factories and long-term, Australia – sweet Lebensraum. Just a regional air-sea shindig where ZOG just might lose. China is not Iraq. The days of the American world bully-boy are coming to an end. Who will end up being correct? Have a beer, polish your gun, count your ammo and be patient. Time will tell. That's why time is considered to be female.
I love it! I love it!Some ostensible whites attempted to join in the Cincinnati hoe down on the side of the blacks. They were thumped because of the color of their skin. Beautiful! I hope Comdr. Rockwell heard about this wherever he is. The color of your skin is your uniform and the timid honky will soon have NO PLACE TO HIDE. "Tis better to speak out while you can.
Some of you might know that I tutor in math and science in order to earn a few ZOGbucks. I never got out of the habit of eating. White people are tutored free. I charge $50 per hour for blacks; $40 for mestizos and only $25 for jews. The reason for this scale is simple. You see, the po' white kids jes don't have it. Disadvantaged, you know? Their parents  are being sucked dry by a system long overdue for collapse. I feel compelled to help the down-trodden.

Speaking of math, I do often get upset over the downright gibberish and claptrap "mathematicians" dump on the young. No wonder most of them avoid math studies. Doing well in math is mainly a talent that often has nothing to do with intelligence. John L., a genuine thud with whom I shared many math sessions, ultimately became a professor on mathematics at the Univ. of MA, I believe. John could memorize like a parrot and follow directions but his capacity for original thought was less that that of a prune. He was a physical coward and was afraid of the water. If a problem wasn't shaped like one in a book, he was stuck. John was a "company man" and that insured that he'd do well in math circles. He nearly flunked physics and never took chemistry. His dad was a Mason and that probably didn't hurt him any. Ollie Pickert went to Annapolis due to his daddy's political pull and my teacher – always down to earth – explained the real world to me many times. All of the class aholes went into the law business. The smart girls married rich men and the blue collar boys ended up earning more money, involving fewer hours, than those who became doctors.

A good example of math b.s. was presented today when a fellow asked me to check his work which was about using Cramer's rule for solving a set of three simultaneous equations. He did very well, appeared to be savvy about the crap clogging the lines in this country, and so I explained to him what the squirrels called mathematicians are really about. You see, a mathematician calls something like the square of 2, an "exact solution" even though that number is about as useful in the real world as are tits on a bull. We use the decimal system and no number has much meaning until it is transformed into a decimal. Cramer's rule is a ding-dong way to make childish math structures which are easy to remember. They look impressive and as before, are "exact" solutions. If you really wanted to know what number they represent, you'd have to fall back on arithmetic which will always be the bottom line. I explained that to transform those 4 determinates into useful numbers would require, in this case, 59 computations plus having to draw all of those silly parallel lines. If you solved the equations on a high school level, instead of the college level, you'd only be involved with about 36 computations.

It is fashionable to teach fourth graders how to use calculators. I oppose this sort of crap as it simply does not teach anything about arithmetic. The use of computers in schools should be banned and I hope that our future N.S. leader will give me the power to help overhaul a very decadent and degenerate system of education. My first act would to buy a lot of hemp rope and catalog all of the available lamp posts. I'd buy enough in order to share it with Eric who has similar plans for the lawyers.

Computers teach nothing. They are mainly used as a source of entertainment. Teachers love computers for they can sit in the corner and play with themselves while the kiddies play games or "surf" in order to find some useless bit of nonsense. Kids playing games usually are not a discipline problem and it's ego-stroking to have the principal look into the classroom and see all of the bodies busy pecking away at the keyboards. Parents love computers because they have been led to believe that their ordinary kid absolutely must get in on the "cutting edge" of education. If the kids are happy, then they must be learning, don't you think? I proposed something to one wild eyed fag principal once. I wanted him to let me pick 20 kids of my choice (That's discrimination in case you hadn't recognized it ) and with only a old textbook, a piece of chalk and a blackboard, I'd do my thing. Draft another teacher and allow him the use of the best computers the tax dollar could buy and assign him 20 students randomly. This would demonstrate the teacher's adherence to egalitarianism and since weez-all-ekull, it would make no difference. At the end of the course, let the contest be one concerning grades on some agreed upon test. This, or anything else like it, will never take place. The whole place rots from the acid of hypocrisy.

I grabbed him by the hair and pressed my Bowie to his throat. "Watcha dune man?, he whined. "Hell matey, I going to introduce you to 'cutting edge' technology."
A talk show today revolved around the scheduled FEDZOG reduction in welfare aid at the end of the year. (It won't happen!) These are just little tidbits to keep the goyim from getting too upset. Bushwhacker II yodels about 'tax cuts' which will enable all adult tax payers to buy an extra banana per year while the jews in the background write his speeches. The hand which holds the shears might change but the fleecing will continue. One beaner and one melon eater were used as "resource material" for the callers since they enjoyed the benefits of money they never earned. Juan Valdez' kissing cousin explained that since she was pregnant at age 13, ZOG stepped in with handouts and even a college "scholarship" for the day she managed to graduate from high school. Glory be and hallelujah for stupid honkies! Before she completed her senior high school year, Carmita "accidentally" got knocked up again. Funny how these things happen when you are not looking. ZOG promptly responded to her distress with more money. Her fuzz brained companion in Marxist rip-offs, explained that she did take a job at the local deli but immediately went back on welfare because it paid more. "Wif five kids, youse can really make out," she burbled. We feed. They breed.

I can certainly understand the parasite. What continually perplexes me is why so many working people put up with it.

The profits are down, so seize General Motors. Not enough autos being sold. The solution is simple: Let another tidal wave of mestizos and asians flow into the country and sell the cars to them. (The honkies are going broke supporting millions of dead beats so let them drive the old wrecks.) The invaders won't be able to pay, but the banks will lend them the money if federal subsidies aren't sufficient. They'll also need medical care and housing and Burger King morsels. Just think of all of the benefits. Everyone wins – except for the poor saps who pay the bills. Then again, to bleed and suffer for your enemy's benefit is the highest goal one can ever hope to achieve. It guarantees a miserable life on earth but just think of the rewards in heaven. 
The reason you see so many older people criticizing things today is that they have the advantage of experiencing America before and after the jew's did a nose job on it. The young kids, being brought up in a zoo, think this is the way life always was back on the farm. They'd never experienced living in an age when people left the keys in their cars and never locked the doors of their houses. The young bucks often tried their best to sample the forbidden knowing full well that an unwanted pregnancy led directly to the marriage altar. One was responsible for his actions and he accepted the outcome. Jerry used to steal cakes from Ward's store. He was caught but never lied about his behavior nor made up some damned excuse. America today is crammed full of people with excuses for everything. Kids fought over this and that but they never used clubs, guns and what not, just fists.

Romance is dead. Young girls back then were quite idealistic and were moved by gentle poetry and soothing love songs. Early sexual experiences rob the young of a certain tenderness and susceptibility to moods on a higher plane. What is there between boys and girls today other than animalistic contact and a reducing of that most intimate of contacts, to little more than a series of sweaty grunts? Niggers do not know platonic love nor the joy of gentle words. I've got a rod and you a hole, so let's get it on. A niggerized society has little going for it and they do not last long. (If you want to experience the profound difference between black and white, tune to a nigger "comedy hour".)

Love has been replaced by a mechanical oscillation psychologically not much different from masturbation. People use each other. Lace has been replaced with burlap. The present obsession with sex is proof that whatever is going on is not a deep nor long lasting satisfaction. A person missing certain nutrients in his diet will remain always hungry. Techniques and devices to "enhance" the act remain proof that something profound is lacking. This feverish insanity was demonstrated in some mail I received today. Some company was selling a potion to "increase desire" (for sex). The message is that if you have little desire then something about you is out of order and needs to be fixed. Once the desire is increased then you'll need another potion to enhance your endurance. What sort of shit is this? It's an insane mental condition. You are not hungry? Here, eat these pills and you will be made so. Young people are addicted not as a result of some natural bent but because of the mind warping Marxist propaganda they have been saturated with. Our white values have been trampled on and instead of seeking a patch, the root cause must be eliminated – by any means necessary.

Have you been alienated today? Has someone hurt your tender feelings? Has anyone really pissed you off, you intolerant bumpkin? If not, then you've come to the right place.

One of the WNY radio talk show hosts was playing 'objective' today with a discussion on whether fags should be allowed to be scoutmasters. He agrees. I wait for a caller to place him on the defensive so that he can hem and haw and drum up some asinine analogy or parallel. The bottom line is that if this motor mouth said ANYTHING politically incorrect, his job would last only about 5 more minutes. That's essentially why programs of this sort are useless for Americans who are more worried about the state of the country than they are their prescription coverage. Blab shows are entertainment designed to keep the boobs' one-ounce brains occupied.

I refuse to use the word "gay" because it is a perversion used to describe perverts. Fags are males who dick around with other males. Sometimes they perform fellatio (A medical term for blow-jobs – blacks call it 'giving head' but when it's performed on a female, it is called 'giving face', that is, cunnilingus from the Latin cunnus, vulva and lingere, to lick.). Usually fags prefer sodomy which now enjoys the p.c. rendition of being called a "sexual act". Older dictionaries define a sexual act as male/female copulation but today, it means anything which involves sex organs. The rectum is not a sex organ so sodomy apparently is only one-half of a sexual act. By redefining the word, corn-holing is now legitimized, and the practitioners given special privileges.

One caller brought up Biblical quotes and quite predictably, our radio mouth was at a loss for words. The Bible not only says men should not lie with men, but that they should be killed. Naughty, naughty. That's very intolerant. I wonder how many dyed-in-the-wool perverts are really die-hard Christians. How do you spell 'hypocrite'?

I'll call this mouth "Sandy" for that is what his backbone is made of. Sandy said it was just hunky-dory for fags to be Boy Scout masters since boy scouting has nothing to do with faggotry. I suppose it would also be OK to allow a fox to give swimming lessons to ducklings because swimming has nothing to do with eating.

A fag caller mentioned that as long as two consenting males performed their undulations in the privacy of their own home, then there was nothing wrong. Yes, if no one is around to hear the sound of a falling tree, then there is no sound. Since when did a perversion become a non-perversion simply because only two people know about it?

It has been said that flies spread disease and that happens to be true of the zippers on the pants of a faggot. "Fudge packing", is the major way AIDS is spread. It's the main avenue of AIDS transmission between the sexes.

If faggots 'inherited' their predilection then I'd be quite interested in the etiology of the inheritance mechanism since faggots do not reproduce. That's a hell of a lot of 'mutations' to explain way, isn't it?

Faggotry, since it has been around for a long time, must be 'natural'. When was the last time you saw a lion trying to stuff his rod into the rectum of another male lion? How often do bears engage in the 'natural' activity of Ursidae sodomy? If it's so natural, then we should see the birds and the bees going Liberace every time they pass the bum of another of their kind.

One of the "natural" things we do notice, is that all higher life forms have a distinct aversion to having something stuffed UP a body part specifically designed to be an EXIT. Don't all normal people react the same when they are "goosed"? (There are no 'normal' people in a fag's club, but the 'average' person there is a fag. The terms are not synonymous.)

There are no logical arguments which favor perversion, or perverts, so all that the spin doctors, the word twisters and culture distorters can come up with is that we must not hurt anyone's feelings. Be tolerant and non-discriminatory. A 12 year old boy might have psychological damage done to his psyche if he is ostracized for his tenancy towards buggering. The fact is that a kid like this IS ALREADY psychologically warped and his fascination for male parts is only another indication of that. There are sure to be other signs. As kids, we all swam bare ass in the creek and not once have I, nor did I observe any other boy, express a desire to fondle, or use, the body parts on another boy for any purpose. Of course, we'd joke with comments such as: "Hey, Clark, Where did you get that worm." "Gil, who slammed the door shut on that bent wang of yours?" "Come on, Beefy, doesn't your sausage weigh at least 10 pounds? You are the only guy we know who has to lean backwards when he gets an erection so he doesn't fall over on his face." We were young boys and any sex talk always centered around how many Dolores could take on in one night and who you'd most like "to get". Lois was universally dreamed about.

When I think of "men", I think of lions – not a plate of mashed potatoes. How would an aggressive faggot lion fare in the company of stout hearted adult lions? Therein lies your answer to 'naturalness'. Because many, many humans are perverted, that does not make their behavior natural, or even acceptable, to anyone with healthy instincts.

So, Charlie, I suggest that you smile and nod approval whenever the topic of tolerance comes along. Even use the word "gay" in a condescending way. If Irving the wang whacker, reaches down to fondle your family jewels, make sure that you rearrange his teeth so that some dentist might profit thereby. After all, you'll be creating a job. Isn't the American way?

Never let the bastards rob you of your God-given instincts with their verbal mush. I pray for the day when millions of white males decide to be deadly intolerant of the shit which is fouling up the whole society. They cannot destroy us but they might convince many to simply lie down and be run over. That's what tolerance is about anyway – it's a self-imposed surrender of your God-given instincts. God helps those who help themselves. Don't piss down my back and call it rain.

While the American goof gawks at niggerball, polishes his SUV, gulps a beer and seeks his next session of Peter Dunkin, the jews never sleep when it comes to their war on the white man. They have declared revisionist material "obscene", and extended this to mean pornography, in an attempt to control the flow of information over the internet. It's censorship they want and they will go to any lengths to impose it. Ask yourself this: What is it that they do not what you to know?

From Italy —

I would like to inform you about the new law recently approved in Italy to extend the rules for the press and periodical press to web sites and electronic press.

The new law states that EVERY web site has to be considered as a press product, and it has to print the name of the publisher (or the editor) and the city where it is published (whatever this could mean).

If the site includes news or is updated periodically, which would be the case of a webzine or of a site with a new section, it falls under these following laws valid for newspapers and periodical press:

(1) it has to declare a responsible managing editor, that has to be enlisted in the professional Order of Journalists.
(2) it has to pay a tax (of about $200).
(3) it has to be registered in the lists of the tribunal of the city where it is published.

If you could do something to publish this shameful situation it may be very useful.
Here you can find the entire text of the law (sorry, it's in Italian):