2 May 2001
We say that a dog is more intelligent than a chicken and a horse more than a cow. Did they all take I.Q. tests? No. We gauge them on their ability to solve problems and so it is with people. Sure, we see those who wave their I.Q. test scores in your face but ask yourself about this person's ability to solve real world problems. My father was never exposed to high level academic vocabulary. His words were those of a simple man yet all mentioned how intelligent he was. Here we find the earthy evaluations at work and those are what I use. I've seen far too many Ph.D.s who had a talent for getting high grades, but for little else. There are also many "Mensa" morons floating about out there who I wouldn't trust to tie their shoes correctly. My brother had no training in algebra yet he could solve algebraic problems faster than I could doodle them out, and I was at the top of my class in math and science. I have great faith is the gut intelligence of the working fellow, at least those who haven't jumped upon the degeneracy wagon.

A fellow wrote asking how I could prove mathematically that it was impossible to fold, doubling each time, any piece of paper more than 7 times. Without getting into a discussion about math "proving" anything, I said that his statement was false and it could be easily demonstrated, as I did when I was 14 and presented with the same thing by a rather ignorant know-it-all. This was a great lesson which demonstrated more than a minor thing about folded paper. Typically, when some blow-hard poses a problem as a challenge, he fully believes that you will fail – otherwise he wouldn't have offered it. Stealing is a very natural thing to do and only the civilized behave in a manner which also takes into consideration the rights of others. Some do not steal simply because it is not right. Another thing skraelings like to do is change the rules, or make excuses, when they see things are not going as anticipated. They have a conclusion to which they fit the facts. This we already know as "jewish science". This might also be a natural inclination which civilized people have no part in.

As the boys gathered around, I asked pointedly if the challenge was "It is impossible to double fold any piece of paper more than seven times." Wayne, the sneak, replied "Yes." I then took one of the cafeteria's cheap folded napkins which was already folded over twice upon itself. That was two. I added folds number three and number four. At this point Wayne started to get uneasy and said, "But I didn't mean napkins." I mentioned that the problem said "any piece".  Upon the rather difficult fifth fold, he relaxed in smug assurance. At this point, I saturated the napkin with water, pressed it quite flat, and then completed the folds up to eight. Wayne, the sneak, screamed, "But that's not fair. You used water."

You see the mechanism? As failure approached, Wayne wanted to change the rules. I've seen this rule changing business happen to many, many gifted young white kids, over the years, when they were about to deprive Little Black Sambo of his day in the sun. ZOG is a rule changer big time. It's interested in showing whitey the door and the heavens must be moved if that's what it takes.

The class bell rang and as we departed the cafeteria I told Wane that I could repeat the 8-fold exhibition using 'regular' paper and no water or devices to flatten the folds – plain paper and nothing beyond normal folding. Only this time, there'd be a $20 bet attached – a rather large sum for a teen in those days. Wayne went back to sneaking. Janice poked Jim in the ribs. I headed for the chemistry lab.

As the potato bug destroys both the potato and the potato field, because it is its nature to do so, so does the jew destroy people and nations. Josef
Factoid of the Day:  The Origin of the Phrase "Melting Pot".

    The phrase "Melting Pot" was used throughout the 20th Century to describe the alleged process of "assimilation" that immigrants and their descendents of all races supposedly undergo after arrival in "America".

    Where did this phrase originally come from?   Who coined it?  The phrase comes from a 1908 stage play of  the same name.  The author was a man named Israel Zangwill.  Zangwill was a Khazar Jew, a Zionist and a close associate of Theodore Herzl, then leader of the World Zionist Congress.  You can read more here:


and here


    We also see that Zangwill advocated the ethnic cleansing of Arabs from Palestine.  In typical oily cant, that's described as 'transfer to other countries' on the Israeli website.  These two Zangwill biographies are both on official Jewish sites, so don't accuse us of making up facts to suit pre-conceived theories.  Our theories are based on field observations in the Laboratory of Life.   If you are a 'conservative' Republican or a white Democrat, it's far more probable that YOUR theories are based on fantasized data. (For example: "Jews are only 2 percent of the population." RF)

    We're into century old history now.  And who do we see as a principle author of the non-Northern European Immigration Invasion of the Late Great U.S.A?  A Zionist Khazar Jew originating from the City of London (see Maguire's Folder /maguire/a1206mm.htm for further information about The City of London).

    Did I make any ZOGlings (i.e. non-racial minded white people) edgy in their chairs?  I'll bet you thought we were just foolin' 'bout on this Jewish War against the white race business.


Once, while I was in some silly "ed" class in college, the instructor had us pull out 2 pieces of paper each, from a box she handed about. On the pieces of paper were various suggestions (nouns) which were to be used as the basis for a "creative" sentence or two. My slips read "Norse god" and "physical impairment". Most people made up a single sentence but I offered this: She dropped upon hernia, and gave it to me Freya. A few people chuckled and others glared. After class, 'Diana', as I came to know her, asked me if I would like to come over to her apartment and discuss my quarter grade. That reminded me of Dorothy from my high school days. I used to go to her house to help her with chemistry homework, supposedly. I, being thick headed, didn't discover until two months later, that she didn't take chemistry.
I think it's about time to get off the sob wagon about how white people are becoming a minority. The fact is that worldwide WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN A MINORITY! If you subtract the FDR "whites", you'll discover that we are not as plentiful in America as you might think. Go to the post office and look at the 'wanted' posters. You'll find names such as Johnny Bluefly and Juan Gomez  They don't look white and they aren't white, but they are listed as 'white'. Do not despair. Any white man worth a bean is equivalent to at least a dozen muds even when they are equipped with the latest Mongo ray guns. It's too bad that you younger fellows have been subjected to the jews' view of white history. Time and time again, a handful of whites have defeated hordes of Untermenschen. Read the older history books before they are all given the Fahrenheit 451 treatment.

Yes, I know that it is preferable to have an all white country of our own. Every mud on the face of the earth has their own, but whites do not. How's that for equality? South Africa, Rhodesia and India in the past, were run by whites with not much strain but that was until the whites decided they no longer wanted to run things. It's hard to gauge white Americans since they are too busy chasing the dollar, and each others' crotches, with time out for gawking at niggerball. The government, ZOG, is dismantling majority white control and few seem to care. Perhaps the joyride downhill is too enjoyable to notice where the road is heading. We are still the world's most powerful racial group but what good are Schwarzenegger muscles when you refuse to use them?

Today we must not speak disparagingly of those who are invading the country nor of those who have turned huge sections of our large cities into rat infested dumps. It has been said that the blacks have done more damage to our cities than the Luftwaffe ever could have done. As the Big Brother scenario unfolds, I can see the day when it will not be sufficient to merely refrain from making 'politically incorrect' statements regarding the predators and parasites in our midst. We will, as Orwell writes, have to pay some sort of homage to our non-equal "equals". How about a morning recitation from one's porch shouting how you love all of the non-whites more than you do our own kind? Perhaps the national anthem could be changed to a Martin Luther Koon tribute, written by Hymie Goldfarb of course, and played by the Mei Long Wang rice paddy ensemble.

My comments on the upcoming "war" with China –

I'll agree with Maguire in that a war might be precipitated as a detraction from the electric power crisis in California. Other states might not be able to supply the shortages since the whole country will be in air conditioner season.

The war will be managed as was the phony "cold war" which the jewtube still loves to gas about as a "threat to world piss". Why would the very patient Chinese want to get overly serious about a war with the fat Jew-Ass when they are already winning one through colonization? ZOG doesn't want Americans to get too energetic in their flag waving since ZOG is committed to the dissolution of everything this country used to stand for. There might be a few fireworks of the Iraqi massacre type, which took place under old Bush, since Cheney and Powell are now advising the young Bush. Over the years, the Chinese have always used conflict as a means of diminishing their own hordes of citizens who would otherwise need to be fed. As one Chinese told a forever blubbering fantasizing "survivor", "What, you cry over only 6 million? We kill 30 million Chinese (under Mao) and think not much of it."

The conflict will be mostly CNN entertainment for the boobs at home. Like the Vietnam war, the population will be of three groups, (1) those who make a profit on it, (2) those who are entertained by it and (3) those poor souls who get their asses shot off.

There is one MAJOR difference today as compared to the phony 'cold war' period. The jews do not run China as they did, and still do, "Russia" and the U.S. China is racist and its people have no love for the "foreign devils."

Maguire put it succinctly when he said that FAEM was concerned with the promoting of thousands of white leaders. It should  be obvious that I, Eric and Maguire do what we do without ever asking for one cent nor do we care two shakes whether someone copies it or not. All wish everyone would copy our material and propagate it! Over the years both Eric and I have seen many of our words under someone else's name. We do not care as long as those words get some thought and attention, and get white men to THINK. Whether they agree with our views or not is beside the point. All of us here at FAEM, are more concerned with the insane situation which exists in our country than we do in behaving as some twerp in a nursery who demands that people notice him.

I view plagiarism as one of the greatest compliments a person can receive. Someone, years ago (1970s), on the staff of the Spotlight (David McCalden told me it was the crook Willis Carto himself.), copied verbatim an entire article on the metric system which I submitted for publication. It was returned as being "too lengthy." Two months later, it appeared in the Spotlight as written by a "Dr. Ian Richardson". This, I can prove beyond any reasonable doubt. What did I did about it? Nothing. I was glad the information was printed and that was my first lesson concerning the patriotism-for-profit bunch which has mislead trusting people for decades, and still are. I am your leader – send me money!!

To be better armed, you should ask yourself why people bother to mail hard copy to others when the internet affords such a vastly greater audience. There are several reasons. One is that first class mail is still defined as "personal", and therefore protected as private to the extent that authorities do not open and read it. This is the limit of it for all such mailings are deemed public if any recipient hands out copies of it. (When you let another prepare your tax forms, you no longer have the protection of the Fourth Amendment.) Another reason for hard copy mailings is that it is a source of income for I know of no one who doesn't ask you to send them money in one form or the other – donations, subscription, "remember us in your will", etc. I have had two hard copy publications, the Crystal Ball, and FAEM. Consider the monetary costs: Envelopes, paper, copy machine toner, postage costs, etc. could add up to over 50 cents per unit. At one time, my mailing list was slightly over 5000. That's $2500 per month just for the materials! That's why I asked for donations – so I wouldn't go broke. When I ceased publication, I RETURNED to my subscribers ANY PROFIT I had made. My thoughts and labor were free and they still are. The internet has given me the same opportunity to vent my views and at a cost which my meager income can withstand.

Nothing I, Eric or Maguire write will ever have a copyright notice in accompaniment. Copyrights are mainly used to protect the financial interests of those who write for profit – which applies to far too many in the blightwing. Some, however, use copyrights as a means to inflate their leaky egos – mark there territory as does the lion when he urinates on a shrub.

Do your homework. Find out WHERE your money is going and whether it SUPPORTS an ORGANIZATION or not and do not be misled by a name. FAEM is a name but it is not an organization. An organization is a group of individuals organized along a hierarchy for some purpose. Ask what happens to the assets of any "organization" when its "leader" dies, ends up in the slammer or simply decides to skip the country and retire on the bounty. Who legally inherits it?  If you cannot get a straight and verifiable answer, then you are only contributing to an individual. If that's your bag, I'll not object. Just know what you are doing.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

On a lighter note, it appears that Maguire's Feeding Time at the Zoo has been reproduced and is widely circulating in the Chinese communities of California. Consider this (from an idea by Maguire):

Watch California and the white man's electric power supply closely as the air conditioning (another white man's invention) season begins. Only a few senile old white women will ever bother to "conserve" electricity (also discovered by white men). The muds will have those units running full blast with their windows open, of course.

If the situation grows really serious, what will ZOG do to detract the tax-paying goyim? Well, how about FDR's solution to the depression – war? Cheney is now drum-beating about the EP-3 Orion on Hainan Island.  The valuable stuff was destroyed by all accounts, leaving behind a 45 year old design knock-off of the Lockheed Electra turbo-prop.  So why all the buzz over less than $1 million market value of ancient airliner?

External war, the politicians' best friend for internal domestic restiveness.

But there is the added, and interesting factor, of all of those large Chinese colonies here on mainland ZOGdump.

If you haven't taken the first step, it's useless to worry about step 23. I have always accepted as an axiom, that anyone who can see reality for what it is, is certainly better equipped to handle any arising problems. My whole thrust has been to get people to open their eyes. If, after that happens, you like what you see, then that's the end of it. For example, one has to be absolutely brain dead not to notice that the mass media is controlled by jews. Is that, or is that not, a fact?  If you can say "yes" without launching your mouth into verbal combat, then you have taken the first step. The second step regards whether you like it or not, or whether you simply do not care. That's the second step. If you like it, or do not care, then that's the end of the matter. Not liking that fact thus leads to other, step by step, questions. Far too many people toss all facts, thought and opinions, into one giant pot like they were making soup and obviously, anything they have to offer on the matter certainly resembles soup – the mark of the dysfunctional. The nitwits take to the streets and start bashing contests which are the physical equivalent of a debate. I engage in neither. The interesting thing about it all is that any astute observer can detect hypocrisy and double-think all over the place.

I especially like Dr. Torah who represents the quintessential 'advice expert' – a jewess with a screw loose. She states that kiddies have no property rights and certainly no right of privacy. The shirts on their backs are the parents' property since they paid for them. This is true from the food to the Band-Aids. When one is legally an adult, and manages to steal money for himself, then he can enjoy that dubious honor of possessing something. This, of course, goes over well with those parents who view children as property and not an extension of their blood-selves. Parents can snoop into anything their kids have or do, all in the guise of looking out for their interests. Big Brother parents, and all of that. Furthermore, Jews, Moslems, and most savage tribes, mutilate the sex organs of their children for one odd reason or the other. Some have their front teeth bashed out. All of this is in the name of some freaked-out god, a puberty rite, or whatever.

Once Dr. Torah establishes this, she then prates against abortion and that the child always comes first. We must protect the child from everything, the blather goes. If dad raps the kid in the ass for setting fire to the cat, then out with dad. Sacrifice everything for the child. This is the commandment although God never intended that, if we can accept that what we observe in Nature is part of God's intent and design. A lioness is both valuable to her cub and to her pride. When hyenas attack the cubs, mother lion defends only up to a certain point. That point represents the balance of success against failure. Mama lion can beget more cubs but cubs do not beget mothers.

I personally have a difficult time in accepting that the child is simultaneously a demigod and an entity without property rights. Couple this with the usual American attitude that any kid "fulfills" himself by being allowed to violate the rights of others, and you can see the sparks leaping from the ears of thos whose brains are short-circuited.

To return to the jewish control of the mass media.... Who forces you to watch all of that tripe which is on TV? If some yapper tells you that Preparation Boner will enhance your addiction pleasure, who forces you to buy the stuff or even use it? Is your brain so feeble that it can do nothing without input from someone else? What sort of puppet are you? If you purged greed and lust from your soul, would there be anything remaining?

The other day, I received a piece of trash mail describing Dr. Upyours' latest 'Chinese discovery' which supposedly will enhance one's sexual desire. Think about this. The sex urge is something like the desire to eat, it's there from nearly day one until you are planted among the daisies. Considering all of the suicides, murders, diseases and psychological mayhem the sex drive causes, it would be better advised to gulp down some sex drive tranquilizers. Nearly all of the major problems one has in life, had its roots in a momentary lapse of brain control over the unquenchable crotch.

The reason the jews control Hollywood is because they invented it. Often the rich jew is that jew who dealt in the rags which others would not. Dr. Patterson always complained about his neighbor, Mr. Azzi, who was a plumber. Azzi earned more money than doc Patterson without a college degree and the tedious internship. This was Patterson's main thrust. I told Doug once that instead of berating Tony's more affluent life style, he should have opted to become a plumber himself. Don't complain. Transfer.

Suppose a prayer to my little god Flake was answered and the jews who own Hollywood and the media were suddenly transformed to crows and that further, gung ho white meat then ran the show. How would things be different? Wouldn't the rabble listening audience be the same? If they were so stupid as to not see through the 'history channel' crap, then what makes you think your version of history would be more understood?

Most white belly-achers remind me of the blacks who toss all of their garage into the street and then complain about a dirty neighborhood with the demand that someone else clean it up. Until the time when white people again begin to think like white people, and behave like white people, one can expect no miraculous help from God or from any mortal "leader".

http://www.vantek.net/pages/wjslaw/scv/forrest.htm .................. Some Civil War stuff concerning one General.
 Eric's last letter is definitely one of his better ones in my opinion.

   >>Despite Zionist propaganda statements which you quote, Israel is not an asset to world jewry (1) Because it spotlights the
fact that jewish interests are contrary to the interests of the nations under Zionist Occupation (everyone!).

    I think Eric's views on this are undoubtedly heavily influenced by Josef Ginsburg, who appears to have thought the same.  Things have changed since the 1980s and Ginsburg's time (the USSR disappearing chief among them).  So I disagree with this for several reasons.

    1.  The very existence of 'Israel' is the best scam the Big Jews ever came up with.  It's permanently unstable condition provides a never-ending threat of 'Holocaust' to unite Jewry worldwide and focus their political efforts. This is a key factor in the enormous rise of their active political power since WWII.

    2.  In a nuclear world, power flows from possession of nuclear arms.  Here's a state that will soon exceed France and England combined in nuclear throw weight in the European Theatre of Operations.

     (2) Israel increases its impossible demands upon all Goyim. Several times, the Israelis have tried to enlist U.S. military forces in their violent occupation schemes, but the Anglo-American oil monopolists have refused to immolate what forces they still have in a Middle East Holocaust.<<

    We have a battalion on permanent duty in the Sinai under the title 'Multi-National Force & Observers" (MFO).  Then there was the recent deployment of USAREUR's Patriot missile brigade from Germany to Israel last January.

    Eric here I think refers to the 'Heavy Corps' scheme which I commented on in 'An Interesting World Tribune Article'.

    The Bush Admin has moved far further in this direction than Clinton ever did, and they appear to be moving further still.  It's a striking fact that the upcoming China War will put very limited demand on the US Army, even in it's current atrophied condition.   Patriot missiles, possibly some AH-64 helos and a few 'Special Operators' are all that will be needed from the US Army, or even usable.  It will be strictly a Navy-Air Force show.  Any ground troop action will be handled by the USMC.

    This means the Army's heavy forces will be freely available for deployment elsewhere.

    The Zionists always instigate Mid-East wars as part of larger ZOG geo-political objectives.  Making 'peace' in one direction in the Middle East merely frees up IDF forces for adventures in others.  For instance, it was right after Sadat expelled the Commies from Egypt that Israel began its operations against Lebanon in 1978.  Prior to that Lebanon had avoided the general carnage of 1948-1973 and was the most civilized state in the Mid-East.  It was also the regional banking and trade center of choice and largely under Maronite Christian control.  These were undoubtedly Lebanon's greatest crimes in Zionist eyes.

    The concept that the PLO's presence in Lebanon 'provoked' Israeli action is laughable.  Just a ruse for Mel Brooks'
'feeble minded'.  The Israeli-Lebanese border is 25 times shorter than the Israeli-Jordanian border and far easier to seal off, as anyone can determine merely by looking at a map.

    The lesson drawn is that Mid-East wars never result from 'threats to Israeli security'.  They are the result of careful ZOG calculations in pursuit of larger geo-political goals.

    There is a lot of meat in Eric's last letter. 

If hypocrisy were cyanide gas, there'd be nothing left living on this planet. I forgot the name, but some young girl made the public statement, "I did kill my best friend but I am a good person." Who argued with this? A faggot is allowed to supervise young boys because his perversion is separate from his leadership station. How come this dichotomy was not applied to Tim McVeigh? Couldn't he be a great fellow who just did a bad thing?

Putting aside his criminal act, I view Tim as a person with an astounding insight and of substantial character. His demeanor pales those who interview and comment about him. Most Americans simply have never comprehended the kamikaze or hari-kari portion of the Japanese character, indeed, the "hero" factor has never been a part of the American soul as a whole. We can apply "hero" both to Roger Young and to a stupid, AIDS spreading, basketball player. (A long forgotten WW II Pacific Theater participant, the focus of a memorial song – "There's no time for glory in the infantry; There's no need for phrases loudly sung; But in every soldier's heart in all the infantry; Shines the name, shines the name of Roger Young.")

Tim is one of a growing number of revolutionary anarchists. Although labeled "a terrorist", he was no such person. Because he did not break down and blubber, all sorts of morbid thoughts have been assigned to him. He retaliated against a growingly brutal communist regime which unnecessarily murdered several of its own citizens at Waco and Ruby Ridge. Americans, for the most part, understand people like this no more than they understand that white people are universally engaged in a war of survival. Tim would have been more valuable had he not engaged in criminal activity but one really does not know what the gods have in mind. We are on the verge of finding out – and most of us will not like it one bit.

The blightwingers love to 'identify' themselves with 30 year old photographs and so – what the hell, Irene – why shouldn't I?

That's me on the right – always happy and smiling since I am so full of hate. As the years added, my hate increased and I became increasingly warm and affectionate. You ought to try it sometime.

John, on the left, is growing old on his farm in Pennsylvania along with his faithful wife Norma. I cannot remember the name of the soldier in the middle because he didn't like me very much – I always creamed his ass on the firing range – as I did everyone else in the company. Due to unexpected orders, the camp "shoot off" was canceled so that I will never know if I was really 'deadly 200 number one'. That's life.

The photo was taken at Camp Pickett, Virginia, by my dear comrade Karl, who is now deceased.

In those days, I would have given my life for this country. Today I wouldn't give the sweat off my you-know-whats to defend this "multi-cultural" pig sty. 

A fellow who keeps track of these things mentions that the worldwide internet traffic regarding 'hate' sites puts Stormfront in first place followed by David Duke. FAEM is number 3. The reason we are number 3 is because we don't try at all.

Since this was first posted, another wrote that FAEM was number 2 but the reason is still the same – we don't try harder.

Knowledge does not always keep your ass out of hot water but it does tell you how you got into it in the first place.
The Swedish word for Christmas is "jul" and the Swedish word for wheel is "Hjul". They are pronounced the same way. The wheel alluded to is the sunwheel – the swastika. This might indicate that the proper symbol for Christmas should be the swastika. (Submitted by J.L. Sweden)

Note: During WW II, hundreds of Swedes (Sweden was neutral) joined the Waffen SS to fight the jew communists.

When I was young I used to go to the movies a lot. Often I'd see pictures about the 'horrible Nazis' and indeed, the looks of those people frightened me for they did not look like me. Later on, I discovered that all of those movie 'Nazis' were really played by jewish actors and when I finally met REAL Nazis, I smiled because THEY LOOKED JUST LIKE ME.
Dear Eric: I have sent dozens of letters to Zündel, Pierce, Duke, Covington, et al, none of whom seem willing to respond. Only Mr. Frenz takes the time to answer my mail but alas, he has no organization. G.W., Ohio


The California State Assembly has announced it is forming a socialist energy collective to buy, build and operate state owned power plants.    California Assembly Speaker Robert Hertzberg (a Jew) said:

"The California Power Authority will ensure that this kind of power crisis never happens again,'' said Democratic Assembly Speaker Robert Hertzberg. ``It's time for California to assume control of our own energy future.''

Long before the California Assembly ever took this action Maguire predicted they would do precisely this:

  "The biggest result of the current crisis will be an increase in California state and federal political power. All communist regimes, and ZOG is a communist regime, draw strength from rationing shortages.",

   and also,

   "Local Jewish 'consumer leaders' are foremost in opposing rate hikes for the two utilities ('stop greedy corporate profiteering') while simultaneously backing communist action to increase taxes and government power of all kinds ('power to the people'). True enough so long as one understands that Jews only regard themselves as 'the people'."

   See FEEDING TIME AT THE ZOO in Maguire's folder.

When blacks and muds move into a white neighborhood, I notice that the stores start hiring security guards. Is this a case of "racial profiling"?
Frankly Scarlet, I am somewhat weary over this Tim McVeigh thing. The young lad committed a crime, the punishment was prescribed, and that should be the end of it. But no, the jewsmedia and the jew-dazed public must carry on with their wailing, blubbering, and bawling, fouling up every morsel of air in the country. Everything's a damned holocaust!! As I write, the idiots running the Starpoint high school, where Tim graduated from,  are making "security" preparations and setting up counseling corners plus "preparing" the tender kiddies for an event they would have known nothing about except for the holocaust mouths which tell all Americans what to think and how to feel. (Thousands of men, women, and children, are killed on our highways as a matter of course and hardly an eyebrow is lifted. The jews are missing a good thing here. Every day should be an orgy of wallowing in useless pity. Hell, one might even sell souvenirs – a headlight rim, a bit of a fender, a blood soaked Kleenex, etc. – at all of those sympathetic road monuments to grief which the brain dead love to supply flowers.) Mercenary hit men, employed by the ZOG, are free to kill women and children and the public apparently thinks that those two dozen infants, who met their horrible end at Waco, are not worth candlelight vigils and oceans of tears – prompted more by self-pity than by a genuine concern for the welfare of others. The jackals of the press continue to hound Tim's father and his sister Jenny. Leave them alone!!! I will give credit to the black Superintendent of Schools who defended Jennifer's right to practice teach in the Buffalo NY public schools while the old buzzards, misnamed 'teachers', at some schools thought her presence would lead to – you'll never guess! – a holocaust.

Tim's father apologized for Tim's escapade but the last I knew, no one can apologize for the acts of another. Anyway, Tim's lack of apology, and a cool resignation to his fate, is a mark of substantial character even though one might be totally opposed to his actions. It is also the mark of the revolutionary anarchist – an idealist with guts – who appears during pre-revolutionary times. Tim is not the first and he certainly will not be the last we'll see as America endures the increasing pain of its self-imposed mudslide. Mencken's Boobus Americanus will never understand this and his mental state is such that if 6,000,000 Martians were marching on Keokuk Iowa, all he'd be concerned with would be the "play offs" of some batch of niggerball games.

If you listen carefully, you can hear the hypocrite bird calling. Most of our greed-driven lawsuits are based upon an IF or a WHAT IF? "If" he hadn't done such and such, then the event wouldn't have happened. Never mind that this is a conditional for the law has long since passed its day of logic. This sort of thing only works when greedy souls have found their asses in hot water and then dump the blame elsewhere. "IF Firestone hadn't blah, blah, blah, then I wouldn't have panicked and gone ape-shit to such an extent that I couldn't control the car." (I had a tire blow out on my 1949 Hudson while doing 92 MPH. I simply pulled over on the shoulder in order to change it. A Sieberling tire on my '61 Chevy tossed its belt while I was doing 70 MPH. I slowed down to 40 and drive home on the carcass. In both cases, the cars had NO power steering to make control easier.)

Wouldn't this sort of argument be great when we were interested in hanging someone? The jew's loved to blame the Third Reich on people who failed to kill Hitler when Hitler was a child. America is, as Sombart said, the distilled essence of Judaism. Anyway, "Gee, Your Honor, I wouldn't have robbed the bank if they hadn't filled it with money." "The Murrah Building would still be standing if there wasn't Waco." "I wouldn't have raped Becky if she didn't show me her beaver." This would be great stuff but alas, in a land of ignorant hypocrites, one is always at the mercy of the fickle finger of mob whimsy.

The public, as the blightwing has for decades,  is now yammering for a "real leader". I have news for them. No one of leader quality will ever reveal himself to a batch of worthless pieces of protoplasm. They do not want a leader since he would ask something of them. That's heresy almost, for what the mob really wants is someone to save their useless asses from the mess they themselves created, at no inconvenience to them, of course. Whitey had better get his act together soon.
No army is any better than its soldiers. An excellent leader is useless in the midst of rabble. Unfortunately this lack of 'head' and 'body' is still with us. I firmly maintain that if white men can get their act together, then amongst them will be a leader whom they will gladly follow. As long as most white people prefer to think like jews and act like niggers, we'll continue to be pushed towards the precipice.

When America was a healthier white country, 'entertainer' was classed just above 'street walker' and right alongside 'gypsy'. Now the Jewsmedia has turned these artificial personalities into the national demi-gods.  We cannot compete or play in that game.  Just to begin is to concede defeat.  We cannot win trying to out-jew the jews.  Nor can they out-white us, as the spreading social chaos proves every day.  We MUST play by OUR rules, and make them play the same way.

Using 'music' as a means to win over white youngsters to a cause they as yet do not understand beyond the superficial, is doomed to failure. One does not cultivate 'white pride' by screaming and gyrating like a bunch of black savages no matter what the message of the lyrics might be. 'White pride' rock, or rap, hip hop, or whatever idiocy is faddish,  reminds me of a chimpanzee trying to pretend it's human by wearing a business suit and at the same time hanging from a branch by one leg and peeling a banana with its lips. White faces on MTV, Resistance Records, or whatnot, is simply playing the jew's game.

The other day at the market, I saw a wonderful sight: A very handsome blonde, blue-eyed couple with their two equally pleasing young children. All were very mannerly and polite. The kids weren't fondling everything their hands could grasp nor were they running like a pack of monkeys on the loose in a peanut shed. I watched them for a while and then complimented them on what I noticed. It was like spotting a full blown rose growing in a garbage dump. This sort of people need all of the compliments they can get since the entire jewsmedia use them as targets for their venom. I asked myself why so many of our young white people prefer to act like niggers rather than present themselves as something massively more positive. Has Marxist indoctrination destroyed their souls or is it as Eric suggests, that they are so down-bred that they never had one on the first place?

As the world approaches a new variety of man made disaster, I find that the magnolias are in bloom and the crows just as amusing to watch. Most human activity is morbid, and degenerate, and therefore desirable to ignore for the most part.

I listened to, and watched, some fuzz-brained Ph.D. from Cornell University explain about the drive behind G.M.O.s. The G.M. part means genetically managed and perhaps the "O" stands for orifice. The boys are dicking with nature and that insures that somewhere down the line we will all live to regret it. No one, of course, talks anymore about prevention. They get their jollies by inventing "cures" which usually are worse than what they supposedly curing.

Two things loom : food supplies and diseases. We need more food – for the turd world. We need more cures – for the turd world. We must save those who cannot save themselves. It's actually a crusade of the insane, by the insane and for the dregs of the planet. As the West assists that bottomless pit, it's not hard to see that the problem will increase. We feed. They breed. The more they breed, the more that need feeding. The more we cure. The more they breed. The more they breed, the more that need curing. How intelligent must a person be to see the absurdity in all of this. Unlike the Inquisition, this bit of extraordinary popular delusion will not last very long.

The thrust of using GMO to increase food production is via the route of making melons, for example, less susceptible to loss from diseases and insect pests. Thus, gene tinkering can make the melons very poor fare for the holocaust moth which dines on the leaves. The moths die and the melons flourish. Ain't that grand? I can hear the cash registers ringing. More profit. More food. You might get your jollies by visualizing millions of holocausted moths, but look at the overall interlocking of all of God's critters on this planet. Not only is the world of the moths upset but its demise is proof that the GMO melon plant was POISON for AT LEAST one critter. How many more are there? In the long run, what will be the cumulative effects on US be? You kiddies out there do not remember the DDT hype which ballooned decades ago – insects were at last conquered!! What inane crap that was and today we recognize the absolutely devastating effects this artificially created, artificially introduced, bit of "science" had upon the planet. On one experimental Pacific island back in the 1940s, they estimated that DDT killed 99.4 percent of some pesky fly. Yea, but they didn't get them all and that tiny fraction managed to breed, and breed again, until today those same flies can eat DDT as if it were a plate of ice cream. Every time man assaults insects with some laboratory concoction, those insects become more hardy and thus require bigger guns, and on and on. For all of their advertised "intelligence", most scientists simply cannot understand that ALL life on this planet represents an equilibrium as does the individual member. When you screw with one part, as in taking some drug to "cure" a symptom, you screw with ALL parts. The honkies on this planet are now busily playing the part of Dr. Frankenstein by creating monsters which will assuredly turn against them. That is probably the most pronounced description of insanity I can offer.

Dr. Bonehead, or whatever this ass is called – the fellow of the TV crockumentary I mentioned earlier – had a "vision" whereby he successfully managed to have some anti-virus thingy gene blended with the genes of the banana. Thus, as he described, the turd world could eat and be "vaccinated" in one operation. (The fellow wasn't a jew but he sounded like one.) The bananas would have to be given in doses. I can see it all now: Rx, holocaust banana, take one ounce every four hours for a period of up to 3 days. Since the holocaust banana must be doled out in relatively small proportions, then what sort of food supply is that? Can you now start to see the necessity for special firing squads just to deal with these deranged academic types? I wonder if he knows the clown who "successfully" grafted a human ear onto the back of a mouse.

These are the alchemists of today and like those in the past, they are widely supported. Instead of trying to turn base metals into gold, they are trying to turn feces into food. Everyone loves these pie-in-the-sky schemes. Imagine, a world full of happiness without the horror of disease, insects, purple farts and complete "freedom" from everything which annoys us. That's heaven man and God won't like it one bit because we are f--king with HIS domain. We can tinker with aluminum and machines which go fizz in the night, but woe to the idiot who thinks he can out smart and out maneuver Mother Nature.

I've have never desired riches nor power over people, and my steadfast desire has always been to live long enough to see that those who have sown the wind will reap the whirlwind. There is absolutely nothing more rewarding than to an idiot succumb to the effects of his own folly. I love it.

Most people think they have learned something simply because they have read it. If you cannot remember what it was six months later, then you've learned nothing. There is nothing which enhances learning more than a having very bad experience with something. You learn about fire by getting burned and not by some "interactive" bit of internet nonsense. Shielding people from the consequences of their bad behavior teaches them nothing. Protection teaches nothing. Safety begins in the mind.
I've done some reading trying to figure out what a "hate crime" is. It apparently has nothing to do with an emotion, which seems very odd, but we must remember that the commie ducks who write our sick laws have only one thing in common – a desire for power over us. The more vicious of the lot are aiming for our complete suppression and by "our", I mean white males. To connect the "hate" to the crime, they only have to demonstrate that the crime would not have occurred if the victim had not belonged to some identifiable group. This usually taken to mean fags, nigs, wogs, etc. How would this work in practice?

I am at a bar trying to finish the last of a cold beer on a hot evening after work. While sipping, a fellow starts fondling my jewels. I ask him to buzz off which he doesn't. He keeps touching and reaching until my cool is loosened. He then gets quite pushy and I yell, "Keep your f--king pervert claws to yourself!" With that, I belt him in the mouth with the empty bottle which cleans a few teeth from his pussy shaped face which actually improves his ability to copulate with that end of his body. That's assault of some sort but since I could be shown to have uttered naughty words describing the unclean, and identifiable,  group to which he belongs, I will then get the ax for a "hate crime" – probably 25 years and $200,000 fine. Otherwise, the punishment would have been 30 days and a good warning from the judge.

The method is there for all to see. The white male is singled out for special observance and he must make sure that he always farts down wind so that he doesn't "offend" some privileged piece of garbage. ZOG, worldwide, is no friend of the while male and daily, more and more whites are starting to realize that the noose is tightening. If you are apprehended for a crime, they'll move heaven and earth to show that it was a "hate crime" and how do they prove hate? Easy, search your home and your person for ANYTHING which could POSSIBLY be interpreted as an indication of what you are, and have been, THINKING. Mind reading is now a provence of "the law". The mere possession of any Third Reich trinket, or piece of literature, is all they need. If that's not found, then your entire past will be examined to see if you ever, at any time, issued one politically incorrect statement. It's all so very jewish, so very communistic – start with the conclusion that you are guilty and then twist whatever it takes to give birth to supporting "facts".

At the present time, the above does represent an exaggeration but mark my words, in less than 10 years, they won't be. The enemies of the white race know they are at war. Most honkies are not at that point yet. It remains to be seen if we are as spineless, and muddle headed, at the Rhodesians and South Africans who gave their countries away while believing that they could hang on to their property and lives.