6 May 2001
I hope you visit http://www.aztlan.net for it gives valuable information concerning some of the people who are colonizing American land. There are many revealing racial aspects which are apparent to non-whites, but of which whites pretend are not there. Mestizos are indeed a sort of 'brother' to the American Indian. The mere existence of the mestizo was a white enterprise since the Spanish never brought their women with them but preferred to 'sow their oats' amongst the native population. The English and Germans who populated the United States and Canada did bring their women with them since they were interested in colonization, and that accounts for the racial divide in the American continents. The Spanish were after loot, and leaving behind a mongrel population was of no concern to them anymore than leaving behind a pregnant woman is of concern to the many 'ass chasers' who give a bad name to the term 'men'. (Race-mixing always appeals to those with no intention of family.)

On another note, the Europeans never "stole" the land from the Indians simply because land was viewed differently due to a difference in blood. Different genes = different ways of looking at reality. The Indians held that land was like the sky – just there to be used. Europeans saw land as a commodity which was "owned" by citizens or the state. This meant that there were documents drawn up to that effect. As the Europeans looked about, they found no such papers or agreements nor did the Indians ever claim that the land was theirs. Most Indians were nomads moving their villages according to food supplies and sometimes the weather. Thus, the Europeans simply moved into what they deemed unowned territory, claimed it as one claims a found dollar on the sidewalk, and then drew up papers to "prove" it belonged to them. Retreating was a natural thing for the Indians since their whole existence generally involved moving all about. When their backs were against the wall, the Indians fought for their survival since there was no where else to go – a situation which will soon fall upon our present-day white 'nomads' – the 'white flight' crowd. In those final days of the struggle, both sides committed atrocities against each other. In today's pc world, it is customary to point out the white man's crimes and ignore those of the Indians.

The conflict was augmented by a racial difference which precluded any mutual understanding. Even if there were understanding, it would have made no difference anyway since both white people and the Indian have warred upon their own kind from time to time and over the centuries. So deep was this warring tradition, that one can marvel at the exploits of the Senecas, for example. The Senecas were named after the region where they lived – Seneca Lake in New York State. This has also been common throughout the world as a means of identification. The term 'nigger', a corruption,  follows from the fact that many blacks were from the Niger River region of Africa. The Senecas hated the Ottawas. Without the advantage of hiking boots, foul weather gear, radio communication, compasses or pocket computers, they would band together in December and begin a long trek towards what we now call Georgian Bay in Canada – hundreds of miles away. (They took none of their women with them for nooky would be found at an Ottawa village. There was no race-mixing fallout for the women were killed after the entertainment was over.) They'd cross the frozen Niagara River and walk through the snow, eating game and making camp when necessary. They'd plan their attack for early morning when the enemy was asleep. With a lusty call for blood ('blood thirsty' was literal for they indeed drank their victim's blood), they launched their slaughter. Usually, the battles extended to about 3 villages before their energies were spent. Then, before the spring thawed the Niagara, they trudged back home with a few heads as trophies. Those heads were later used as 'footballs' in one of their several sports.

Those who have had their judgment extracted, and their brains turned to mush by our Marxist education system, might think it's just dandy that the Indians and their mestizo cousins get back their land, Aztlan. That may be fine and dandy for a perfumed Sunday school session, but whitey should ask himself where he will go once he relinquishes the land his forebears fought to obtain.

Many have said that the framers of the Constitution should never have substituted "happiness" for the original "property" in the "...right to life, liberty and ..." phrase. Would that have made any difference since the pursuit of property is now equated with happiness? The "American dream" – piling up material goods. The sad thing is that happiness is also associated with pleasure which partially explains the insane quest for drugs, booze, sex and undisciplined behavior of all sorts. I have always been a patient observer of all sorts of people. Their behavior in crowds are quite often the reverse of those they exhibit when alone. I have yet to see happiness on the face of any rich person or MTV kid I know.

Dorothy was a great looking blonde who could pick and choose when it came to suitors. She was brought up in a home which worshiped money and naturally, Dorothy sought out men with large wallets. She married a wealthy man  and it was quite obvious that she ran the show from her bedroom office. Her daughter Mari was a cute red head and quite impish, as was my daughter. They instantly formed a friendship when they met in the school they attended. It was a private girls' school since I had no desire to allow my children the benefits of "diversity" in the nearby zoo. Dorothy had the tuition bucks, we did not, and that's why I drove a battered Plymouth Valiant which I purchased for $50. Anyway, Dorothy just had to "scope out" the parents of the girl her daughter admired and liked so much. It was a hilarious day. There she was, a $300 hat parked upon her head and looking so very nervous and unsettled while she parked one of her Cadillacs in front of our working class bungalow. I could see in her eyes that we didn't measure up.

The last time Mari was at our home she remarked that she would like to stay with us as Carrie's sister. That was impossible although she would have made an excellent member. I accepted that as a compliment. Later, mother Dorothy apparently forbid Mari to associate with Carrie outside of school and I'd bet that she tried to point Mari in the direction of marrying for money.

The last we heard from Dorothy was the night she called, obviously stoned, crying that life wasn't fair because we – of all people, I suppose – had a prettier and more intelligent daughter. Mari's school grades plummeted and she started associating with girls known to have panties which easily fell down. Carrie's grades always remained at the top of the class and she managed to capture all of the math, science and foreign language awards which were available at that particular school. Later, while in college, Carrie attracted young men who had a desire to get married. There is no need to comment upon those who sought out Mari.

The point here is not the petty gossip but the absolute waste one "society" mother produced. She destroyed the potential for a great friendship and prepared a plate of gravel for her daughter. What a waste. What a shame. Mari is not alone as I can name dozens of other kids who were pointed in a wrong direction by misguided and silly parents. Most parents do what they think is "right", or "best", for their children. Make no mistake about that. Any sensible kid knows that, but they also know that in their parent's guidance is an implicit command for them to be molded in whatever image their parents deemed valuable. In other words, the child was not allowed to seek that which would have been fulfilling to them. As I write this, I laugh to myself as I reflect upon my daughter. She was always encouraged to form her own views and, as it turned out, she did not see the world through my eyes. We produced no clone of anything. Politically, my daughter and I are at opposite poles. She is young, and I give her that latitude for she will eventually see the world as I do – coming events will guarantee that.

As a child , I'd lie under the maple tree and marvel at the birds. What wondrous creatures they were. They could walk upon the land, as I did. They could swim in the water, as I could. But I could not follow them into the clouds! Thus began my intense interest in wanting to be a pilot. If I ever had a life's ambition, that was it.

The war came along and being infused with what I believed to be true about "our enemies", I enlisted in the Naval Air Force. (At that time, each branch of the military had its own air arm.) I was enthused and looked forward to the day when I'd take to the skies in my wonderful flying machine. The examinations were rigorous and spanned a disjoint three day batch of sessions.

The mental exam was in Rochester NY and I easily "aced" it. I always had a talent for passing exams, which according to my lovely sister, was the only thing I ever had a talent for. Well, I became a little anxious when the visual part of the physical came along. As a kid, I knew I couldn't spot ripe cherries on a tree at long distance since the red appeared to blend with the green. I was complimented on my astounding depth perception and the ability to read at a distance 3 inches for my eyes. "You'll make a great pilot," one Lieutenant remarked, " You have eyes like a hawk, a phenomenal sense of balance and extraordinary depth perception."

The officer then passed down the line with his large book full of those diagrams which were composed of different sized dots of different shades and hues. The doctor would say, "What letter do you see here?"  He approached my position and my anxiety grew until I, in an immature way, fell back upon one of my strongest attributes – the ability to hear, and see, things once and know them cold.

Physicals are relatively mechanical processes which follow a pattern until some aberration presents itself. This was no exception and as the officer continued his questioning, I memorized his page flipping, page numbers and what the desired result should be. Bingo! I firmly said, "A 9." "That's an upside down Y." "On the left is a small cross and on the right is an oval with a dot in it." He passed on. I was relieved. Gil and I left and hitch-hiked back home.

The mail arrived explaining that I had passed the mental in fine fashion and also the physical. It also gave the date when I should appear in New York City for my second physical examination. I didn't like to hear that since I was now starting to have regrets for my sophomoric lack of honesty during the first exam. I so wanted to fly that I completely overlooked that fact that I actually cheated for I could not see those numbers I claimed to have seen. Gil received the same notice and we both took the same bus to NYC.

Again, the physical went smoothly from booth to booth. I left the dental exam quickly as there really wasn't much to examine for I had sound, cavity free, well aligned teeth. The next booth was the dreaded color perception test area. The doctor looked at my chart and said there were no "marks" relative to my teeth. I replied that there was nothing to check since I had perfect teeth. "Well," he said, " it wasn't properly handled. Go back and get it signed." I went back as directed and returned to my group which was now entering another testing area. "What the hell is going wrong today," exclaimed the officer, "Can't we do things right? The docs are not signing things as they should." This followed his peek at my chart which had the color perception test area unmarked. "We are pressed for time, move on sailors," he barked. With that he scribbled some note in the color perception area on my chart and I was on my way without ever being tested for color perception. I had passed! The officers, obviously under pressure due to the war time atmosphere, and coupled with the knowledge that all of us had "passed" the exams in Rochester, could be somewhat excused for their oversights.

After watching the girls swoon, and fall on their faces, at a Frank Sinatra concert, we left for the bus stop right after some boys started slinging tomatoes at "unfit for military duty", scrawny, lover-boy Frank. In those days, the young fellows had strong instincts.

Our orders arrived and the two of us said farewell to our friends and family and were on a train heading south to the Naval base.

There was boot camp with its knot tying drill and all of the other necessary military stuff. We had to learn semaphore – a visual system for sending information by means of two flags that are held one in each hand, using an alphabetic code based on the position of the signaler's arms. At one drill, the flags were run up and I was being tested. I hesitated at one formation since I was unsure of the colors. The gods indeed have a sense of humor because a Lt. Mistashkin just happened to be observing me, as he walked by. Upon my hesitation, he commanded me to join him. He escorted me to the dispensary where I was signed in as patient. I was to be given another eye exam. I was nailed!

This left the Navy in an odd situation. I couldn't continue with the training and they saw no evidence of fraudulent enlistment. It took them about 3 weeks before they made me an offer: an Honorable Discharge or a reassignment to the Navy base at Sampson NY for ship duty. Since my dream of flying was now on the rocks, I chose the discharge. Later on, I became part of the Army's 17th Airborne. "At least I'll get to ride in a damned plane," I shouted to myself. But that's another story.

What I learned from this was that one is very often denied his desires based upon something over which he has no control. My dream could never be fulfilled due to a minor physical deficiency. So, I made another dream only this time I selected from those which were obtainable. I started to grow up. Today I realize that if I had, one way or the other, been given permission to be a pilot for the Navy, the lives of other people would have depended upon me and that would have been a disaster, sooner or later. My tendency toward National Socialism had been given another boost.

My mother died when she was only 32 and so I was deprived of a life long association with a remarkable woman. A brother died when he was an infant. Life wasn't a bowl of cherries but I did have a wonderful mother for 14 years and a little kid brother for 2. Now that's a hell of a lot more than zero. I am thankful for this and I do not waste my time crying over spilt milk nor have orgies of self-pity over what might have been had the fates acted otherwise.

There are many young people reading this who have, through no fault of their own, been dropped into a manure pile far more suffocating than mine but that is no reason for them to take to drugs, chase sex objects, or use other means to escape what appears to be a horrible reality. Grow up and be worthy of your race. A stout character is not a gift from God. Prayer will not give you one nor can you ever hope to buy it. It has to be earned and that process is a gigantic struggle. All about are those who want you to descend to their level because they envy your strength. Once descended, you will be despised. That's the way life works.

Don't let the bastards wear you down. Don't follow trends – MAKE THEM!! Start by becoming a man of your word and strive to rise above your situation instead of being consumed by it. The maple seed finding itself lodged in the crack of a sidewalk doesn't default by not trying. Some of those so caught will, in time, not only grow up to be trees but render asunder what appeared to be restraining slabs of concrete. Study the struggle of life from plant to animal and in that you'll discover God's format. Be as Steve McQueen's portrayal of Papillon – "Hey, you bastards, I am still here!"

Hey Frenzy, I see by the ratings that you are a head of Metzer and the NA and Rimland-Zundel is so far down the list that they ought to close up. What do you say to this? B.G.W.

Dear Burt: As far as I know, the "ratings" are nothing but 'hit' counts – a sort of popularity contest. The real meat of any valuable statistic would be in gauging the effect upon young white people. That, I believe, no one will be able to ascertain. Only the future will tell. In regard to Dr. Pierce, I still think he is the most effective of our bunch, FAEM included, as he is much broader in scope than a website – radio, printed material, etc. (He spends thousands of dollars each month while I limit myself to $27.43) FAEM's material is never presented according to some schedule and, as I told Eric jokingly, we have 6,000,000 jews out there, connecting every hour just to make sure they don't miss any 'hate'. My manic-depressive nature, plus varying degrees of P.M.S. with a touch of Alzheimer's tossed in, render me erratic and usually spaced out during a full moon. I never bark at it, however. Even my beloved hound Damnit, often lifts his ear and cocks his head, probably wondering if I am going to eat his food again. So, my friend, don't concern yourself with such feeble things as 'hit' counts. Just make sure that you practice thinking white and acting white. I want to be proud to know you. Best wishes = RF

             If a man's word is good, then why should he ever have to say "I promise."?
Think about it.
If I have read it right, from the various news tidbits from here and there, Florida has just completed its state contest for high schoolers regarding a history project. The entrants had to build an exhibit and add documentation. Now, how about guessing what the 20th Century American history topic was, which won first place. Hmmmmm.... The Lusitania? Nawh. Lindbergh's solo flight across the Atlantic? Nawh. How about WW II hero Audie Murphy? The atomic bomb? Nope. Hey I got it! Building Hoover Dam. Wrong. Yes, yes, it's the greatest engineering marvel of that century – completed ahead of schedule and below estimated cost – the Panama Canal!

Well folks, you are all wrong because youse ain't savvy yet as ta how dis stuff goes down. You see, everything you have so far mentioned has 'white' painted all over it. That's a sure fire way to lose.  Hand me the envelope please! The winner is —

The story of a monkoid caught red-handed breaking and entering a pool hall and getting off free as a tsetse fly, courtesy of jew lawyers and the Warren Court with plenty of 14th Amendment mumbo-jumbo. (Odd, since the "Juice" trial was billed as "the trial of the century" not to mention the other former "trials of the century" – the Scopes trial, the Lindbergh kidnapping trial and the Clarence Darrow defense of those two rich-jew fag degenerates Leopold and Loeb who murdered another jew, Bobby Franks.)

The amazing part is why the young white kids who are getting reamed every day, by the score, haven't started burning everything to the ground. Maybe they haven't accumulated enough matches as yet. Or, out of courtesy, they leave the city burning to their "equals".

                                       No one likes a liar. Not even other liars.
  Effective cooperation rests upon trust. If you cannot trust your friends, then why keep them?
                               People who are easily offended, really offend me.

Back in the days
when I was earning a living as a quality control chemist, I also had a spare time summer business which consisted of building high performance engines for the local "hot-rodders" The money which I earned on this hobby exceeded my yearly salary as chief chemist. I had seriously considered doing the shot full time but the gods favored me. Another one of those never-ending "oil crises" popped up and when added to the exhaust emissions standards, served as a harbinger that the good days days of American street rods was drawing to a close.

Larry assigned me the task of "souping up" a Chevy 283 V8 and planting it in his 1955 sedan. He was unfortunate to have married a good looking woman who viewed men a providers of sperm, food, clothing and shelter. Larry, in typical white man form, loved machinery and he wanted a car that would give him a lift whenever he decided to put the "pedal to the metal." He came to the right place and we negotiated a "pay first and drive later" equitable amount.

Larry was so pleased with the way his family sedan responded that he started taking it to the nearby drag races where he started collecting a few trophies. Then, mind began to subvert matter. He, obviously influenced by advertising, decided that he needed an 'Isky' cam instead of the one I had installed. I told him that I wouldn't do the job as I took pride in what I did and I did not need the extra income. Larry went to a competitor of mine who I assume did good work, and had his dream of driving an "Isky equipped" car fulfilled. He came by later to tell me how much more horsepower the car had and how it was faster. I then asked about his latest appearances at the drag races. He apparently was no longer winning trophies and his elapsed times in the quarter were longer and traps speeds slower.

He we have a classic example of fact phobia. Real world input meant little. The contrary facts have no value. The car WAS faster and more powerful – in his mind only.

The white brain is capable of short-circuiting itself, otherwise we wouldn't see so many egalitarians, religious nitwits and believers in "equality", "diversity", and so on, like the Marine who told me "we were taught to see all people as green." The mind which can dream up ways, and invent the machinery thereof, to reach the moon, is also a mind which can work against its better interests. It's nigh impossible to stick a barbed shaft up a black man's rear and convince him that it's doing him a great good. It's a task to convince the gazelle to sacrifice itself, as dinner, so that some underprivileged lion cubs won't go hungry yet white idiots do this all of the time. Mrs. Tolty would put sparse meals on the table for her family while reserving the roasts and cakes for the "poor" down the street. Mrs. Tolty – I roomed in her house while attending university – was a Bible banger who believed she was "doing the Lord's work" by starving her own blood to save that of a stranger.

Why do people flee reality? Why do they walk around with their heads plugged into some noise machine or cell phone when the sounds of the birds are much more pleasing to hear? Why do they believe, as the jew Bill Gates claims, that the internet can let you "experience the world." How can any man, worthy of the title, look at some image of a nude woman and take to masturbation, which, I am told, is the companion to pornography, and feel that this IS the same as the magnificence of a real, live female in the total 98.4 degree sense? It is insane and that insanity is self-imposed. The reason for such psychological mutilation escapes me. The "let's pretend" fantasy games of children have now become a national adult affliction. Those not so afflicted are now marked as being undesirable and laws are being generated to remove them. Let's pretend this isn't happening. Eh what?

H. L. Mencken said, "No one ever lost a dime underestimating the intelligence of the American people." He also coined "Americanus Boobus." I personally prefer the old cliché: He doesn't know shit from Shinola. Shinola here refers to a brown shoe polish which I am not sure is being manufactured anymore. As I listen to the humorous blab festivals by such jewesses as Joy Browne and Laura Schlessinger I am continually amazed at the millions of people who cannot keep their cans out of hot water and once in, cannot find a way out. These radio talkers have their printed page counterparts, again all female jews, such as "Dear Abby" and her sister whose name I cannot remember at this moment. Don't let the "Browne" and "Van Buren" names gas your thoughts. From Dr. Spock, a jew whose own son went ballistic on drugs, to the present day gaggle of harpies, it's amazing that the goyim seem compelled to seek out a jew for advice even though that advisor's own life was a disaster. It's like asking a poor man how to get rich. Spock of course introduced "permissiveness" which relieved many gas-headed moms of their duty. Let junior tar brush your oriental rug. After all, that's an expression of "creativity" and it's not nice to suppress creativity. Be that as it may, it's not the major enigma.

The real world appears alien to many people and with the growing menace of computer gawkitis, I am sure the numbers of those who don't know shit from Shinola will increase. There was a time in this country when people could think and not just parrot some bit of Big Brother Marxist propaganda. In school, we were taught to question. (At one school the principal tried to can me because, in his words, "You are a disruptive influence in this school. You are teaching the kids to think.") Just watch those about you. Many don't know if it is raining without listening to a weather report. Others cannot tell you if they like fava beans without reading the package label. What they are looking for escapes me. All they see is a list of chemical names which mean nothing to them. What is 'ascorbic acid', 'diglycol stearate', or 'phenylalanine'? It sounds scientific, like the health-destroying slop women feed their helpless infants under the name 'formula'. If it sounds scientific, then it must be good. If you cannot understand it, it must be important. Where in hell did thinking go?

Did you ever listen to the jackass "holocaust debates", or discussions on "race"? Watch the Larry King show when some disgruntled old meddling hen wants to "prove" something or the other about some social issue she contests, or offers a miracle cure for. She cites "studies" and those who haven't recognized that WW II is over, wave "documents" in each other's faces. Documents? Studies? Statistics? Read some of those internet "newsgroups" discussions. When the bag-heads aren't swearing at each other, they offer threats – all under the safety umbrella of anonymity, naturally. It's blab, blab and more blab. Americans apparently believe that if you jawbone something long enough, and spend enough money on it, then all problems can be cured – all evidence to the contrary.

A farm boy knows that a Jersey cow is not the same as a Guernsey cow. They look different, behave differently and their milk is different. The differences are not great but nonetheless quite noticeable. When it comes to white people and black people, the differences are tremendous yet people can be trained to not notice them, and what they might notice is passed over as minor. The less one associates with blacks, the more easily he can be led to believe in "equality" – itself a concept no one has bothered to define but yet we go to war with each other in its name. Talk about stupid. One fellow wrote that since HE cannot tell a negro by smell, then there are no differences in smell. This is all ego oriented. People define intelligence, and truth, as to what lies in their noggins. If you don't agree with them then you are wrong. If you cannot understand what the teacher presents, then the teacher is a moron.

If blacks are on a par with whites, and those holocaust tales are indeed true, then the whole package could be demonstrated and not just argued about. If you can tell the nationality of the people being cremated, by the color of the smoke from the stack, then it could be repeated. Agree? Isn't that the basis of ALL scientific approaches? I'll toss some criminal into a "gas oven" and let you stare at the smoke. If you cannot tell me his nationality then you have a date with Dr. Guillotine. Please find me one jew who will submit to such a test of faith – or a TV evangelist. All of these do-gooders, and especially those who have used their power to destroy our previously One Nation, have this in common. They are hypocrites of the first water and WILL NEVER submit to any test of their nonsensical social theories, by laying their life on the line! Most will not even wager $1000. They destroy and then flee.

Can your theories, or whatever, be repeated? If not, then you are talking hot air. The mathematical description of what is called the Law of Gravity, would be nonsense if it could not PREDICT a future event. If blacks cannot perform on our level, due to repression, exploitation, racism – classic communist excuse terms – then why not give them a chance to DEMONSTRATE their genius by the simple expedient of separation back in the old home town of Africa? How rich do you think those basketball morons would be then? Would the pimps be driving BMWs? Once blacks are on their own and do not parrot the white societies they infest, they will revert to their NATURAL behavior which is hardly conducive to what we refer to as civilization.

Do you need papers, documents, studies, statistics, and all of that, to tell you about reality? Suppose you saw your friend eating a shit sandwich and you wanted him to quit. Would you launch a tirade about how shit contains indole and skatol and they have been 'proven' (here you wave the results of a study in his face) to be hazardous to your health? Suppose he countered with another study which showed that shit contains certain minerals, and oddball carbohydrates, which should be recycled – your body apparently not doing a good job the first time around. (This 'logic' is the reason for the spread of that cattle disease, which originated in China, called "mad cow." The Asian and Mexican invasions are also bringing in new diseases we will live to regret.) You friend obviously cannot tell shit from Shinola and if you choose to retain him as a friend, then neither can you.

When China was communist, they called it "a republic". Americans call a communist regime, "a democracy".

As Maguire predicted, it looks like the old communist shaft jobs will soon be pulled on California over the power business.

In several schools across New York State, 'dress codes' will be put into effect for the fall. One school's interesting dictate is that no one shall wear apparel which "is offensive" to another. Perhaps some gonad enhanced boy will choose to be offended because easy make Mary comes to school dressed.

The ethnic foods section at the grocery is a more reliable indicator of local wetback densities than the Census Bureau.  When the Mexican foods section exceeds six linear feet, you know you have a growing problem planted.  This indicator is not a reliable gauge for orientals or Asiatic Indians.  These folks are industrious enough to open their own ethnic food stores.  Mexicans don't do this until 75% of the town is brown.  Then one store will open under Jewish-Mexican ownership..
Do not despair
as turd world conditions grow all around us. The muds are escaping the mess they created in their own lands and are bringing those same mess creating talents with them, plus diseases you never heard of before. That's 'cultural enrichment'. Anyway, about 2 weeks ago, my mail server 'accidentally' trashed my file which contained about 23 unread messages. Yesterday, he/she/it found it convenient to "lose" another 30 messages. I am switching servers again, I wonder what my chances are for finding at least a cave level of competence?
Here's a good read on another one of those conquering pale faces.

Great stuff.  An outstanding white history link.

     Before Jewish pc totally overwhelmed us, Forrest's conduct of the Battle of Brice's Crossroads was used as a classic of maneuver warfare by General Lyman Lemnitzer in the early 1970s book "Alternative To Armageddon".  That book is a largely forgotten work that was very influential at the time inside US Army circles.  It started the doctrinal debates that led to a systemic change from US Grant style attrition warfare towards maneuver warfare.  Guys like Forrest are why Arcadia will not automatically commission ex-ZOG Army officers.

    Now where's the Sam Houston and Andrew Jackson links?  Here are two more true great heroes of American military history who also fought and won outgunned and outnumbered.  At the Battle of San Jacinto General Houston defeated over 5,000 Mexicans armed with Europe's latest weapons with less than 1,000 white men.  At the Battle of New Orleans General Jackson, with a force of 'militia', pirates and even negroes slaughtered Europe's best regiments and generals with few casualties to the American side.  It's usually forgotten that the British generals and troops at New Orleans were veterans of the Battle of Waterloo and victors over Napoleon.

    ZOG historians always like to harp on the fact that the Battle of New Orleans was fought over a month after a 'peace treaty' was signed and was therefore 'useless'.  Use your brains and think, folks.  Why did Brit-ZOG (aka Perfidious Albion) never again try intervening in the USA with direct military force?  Was it because of words on paper or because of the memory of their very best units and generals being slaughtered like sheep?

The Washington Post recently ran a profile piece on white separatist Randy Weaver.

    During the interview the ZOG journalist asked Weaver if white separatism wasn't a 'losing cause' since non-whites are now 33% of the American population.  This is the typical ZOG mindset of quantity over quality and also how ZOG tries to psychologically discourage whites. (Note: If you believe those low figures, then shame on you for you apparently do not know what 'white' means. RF)

    How would Andrew Jackson, Sam Houston or Nathan Bedford Forrest have reacted to being told they 'only' outnumbered their enemies 2-1?  Based on the odds they actually conquered I think they all would have said, "There's too many mouths here for the Army quartermasters to feed.  Send most of these men home."

 Hitler predicted the rise of Asiatic nationalisms and we're seeing that now. He also said that if America did not get the jew monkey off its back, it would soon be Chinese. Whitey, are you able to see anymore?

    Chinese Goals.

    People who think 'Taiwan' or 'reunification' constitute Beijing's greatest goals are falling into a classic deception of the kind taught by Sun Tzu.  In the realm of Chinese needs and ambitions 'Taiwan' is merely a short scene in one act of the play.  That play is entitled 'biological survival'.

    Under that overall goal what are the sub-objectives of the Chinese race and government?

    1.  Lebensraum.  China doesn't have enough of it and by their standards other races aren't doing much with their  living spaces.  This particularly applies to Africa and Australia.  So take them.  What 'moral sense' would inform the Chinese not to do this?

    2.  Resources of energy and raw materials.  The biological survival aspect in the context of high energy industrial civilization is obvious.

    3.  Individual Women for Individual Mating.  This sounds like a throw back to ancient times.  It will come within the practical experience of many reading these words.  A confluence of several white technologies in other species' hands has produced an historically rare situation.  When China was weaker it dealt with its lack of Lebensraum by limiting family sizes to an objective one child.  The specific means used were infanticide, abortion and later birth control and government laws limiting families to one child.  This westernized attempt at population limitation collided with an older Asiatic racial preference for sons over daughters.  That's because in Asia daughters literally 'join' their husband's extended families and are a dead economic loss to their parents' families.  This racial attitude is so deep it's even expressed in a language that uses different words to describe paternal and maternal grandparents.

    The next white technology factor is prenatal pregnancy testing to determine the sex of the child.  After this became available females were far more commonly aborted than males under the constraints of the racial patterns of 'family' and a government population limitation policy.  China will soon have an excess of military age males in the range of 50-100 million over the available number of female mates.  These males are pre-doomed demographically to -0- hope of ever finding a Chinese bride.   The civilizing influences of a good woman upon a man (feminist 'wymyns' don't count in that process) will thus be absent upon this vast pool of potential soldiers.  Their only hope for biological propagation is to literally conquer a bride.

    From the perspective of the Chinese government there are three theoretical options and one practical option for dealing with this demographic time bomb.

    a.  Do nothing and let China dissolve in internal chaos.

    b.  Immediately begin mass normalization of homosexuality as a socially acceptable lifestyle.

    c.  Arm and send these unpaired males forth to conquer.

    I predict option (c) will be the choice because of unconscious racial imperatives and a conscious calculation by Chinese leaders that these males will be safer the further away they march.  As a French politician once said during the Judeo-Masonic Revolution in France (called the French Revolution), "Peace is out of the question.  We have 300,000 men under arms.  We must make them march as far as their legs will carry them.  Otherwise they will return and cut our throats." 

First Level Chinese Links.  These are first level superficial sites that concentrate on governments, hardware and strategy.


    This is an interesting alternative view of China's nuclear ICBM potentials.  It's very different from what's put out publicly by ZOG media anyway.    This paper first surfaced in Hong Kong and claims to be based on an internal Chinese military document.  The truth probably lies somewhere in between ZOG's lowball estimate and that article's assumption of maximum capacity construction (which implies a 100% quality control that doesn't exist in China).  The entire kimsoft website is also a good example of the 'thanks' you get for letting non-white immigrants in.  Kimsoft is run by a Korean who hates Americans yet stays here rather than returning.


    The National Defense University is already on a China war footing.  I've been a steady reader there for years.  In the last month they've added a special project called "The China Center" (http://www.ndu.edu/inss/China_Center/Chinaframe.htm .  This is so new it's "Still Under Construction".  The NDU is one of the Defense Department's think tanks as well as a post-graduate education institute for senior leaders and war planners.  When the NDU spotlights a particular issue, it does so as one means of concentrating senior ZOG-USA military leadership thought on that subject.  The subjects of recent NDU articles are always one of many useful intelligence indicators for determining what's hot and what's not inside the Department of Defense.

    Back in 1996 this interesting article about Burma ( http://www.ndu.edu/inss/strforum/forum92.html ) appeared.   Burma is also suffering from a massive Chinese Immigration Invasion and will disappear as an independent nation-state during the current generation.  This archive ( http://www.ndu.edu/inss/spa/pacom.html )  provides a collection of articles about strategic issues in the Pacific Theatre.  Those who read about "The Spratleys" will discover why the EP-3 Orion was where it was.

    The current state of ZOG culture means that ZOG-Media is inherently incapable of properly mobilizing the ruins of the U.S.A. socially for either a short hot war or a long cold war with China.  To do so would require a first admission that ZOG dare not make.  China is no longer 'Communist' and has not been since 1976.  The ruling party in China is now much closer to an oriental NATIONAL SOCIALIST entity.

    Yes, I know all about the red flags, the official names and the other symbols.   Anyone waiting on the Chinese to announce they are no longer 'Communist' will die of old age first.   To do away with these symbols would be disrespectful in the extreme to the elders and ancestors.  The forms were retained while the substance was completely changed.  The Communist era has simply become another cultural stratum overlaying the sociological column of Chinese culture.

    Here's a quick test as to whether or not the Chinese are still 'Communists'.  Have the Chinese been trying to spread 'Communism' to other countries and races in the last two decades?  They have not.  This international revolutionary evangelism is always the test of the 'Communist revolutionary'.   'Communism' ended in China when Deng Xao Ping defeated Mao's widow and the other 'Gang of Four' members.  What we see in China now is the expression of oriental nationalism Hitler predicted would appear subsequent to the Second War To Kill White People.

    Facing that NATION, the world's largest, is the most technologically advanced military machine that has ever existed.  No one should under-rate the power of ZOG's remaining military machine to deliver death-dealing force in mass quantities.   Even the so-called 'conventional' weapons now approach the power of Hiroshima nukes in effect.  Standing behind that impressive force is nothing.  There is no nation to 'rally 'round the flag boys'.  That mercenary force will go on to the field in the much the same way as a team entering the next Super Bowl.  Like Hannibal's multi-national mercenary force facing the Roman Republic, ZOG's impressive machine can only lose once.  The Chinese need only win one battle.  That's the last one.

    The Chinese however are not the proverbial 'ten feet tall' unstoppable juggernaut.  They have profound weaknesses that would be easily exploited by a white nation.  They are not currently facing such a nation. 

   The USA's odds have now been revised downwards to 2-3 in favor of China in any engagement over Taiwan. I haven't talked about it much, at least here on F.A.E.M. yet.   ZOG-USA in fact stands a very good chance of losing a direct confrontation over Taiwan IF Beijing chooses to stage one.  I'm not convinced yet they will attempt this for a variety of reasons.  The biggest reasons are these:

    1.  China wants Taiwan's industrial plant as an intact entity, not as a pile of ruins with 25 million more starving mouths to feed.

    2.  The second consequence of a hot war over Taiwan would be the instant reunification of the Koreas and their adhesion to Japan in a military compact.

    3.  The third consequence would be full scale Japanese air and naval rearmament with ZOG-USA blessings. We would also witness a rapid Japanese nuclear 'breakout', this without ZOG blessings.

    4.  We might as easily see a rapid Chinese breakout in what remains of Myanmar (old Burma) to the Indian Ocean.  See this article for a five year old report on the Chinese Immigration Invasion in Myanmar:  http://www.ndu.edu/inss/strforum/forum92.html  The Chinese need oil as much as they need Taiwan's chip fabs.

    5.  A big factor in ZOG calculations will be aligning the 'West' with India to face China on the Southern Front.  The price tag here will Moslem Pakistan and the 'Moslem' Atomic bomb (a cheap price from a Zionist viewpoint).  In my opinion at the time, India's nuclear test series was directed more against China than Pakistan.  Those Indian tests followed quickly after the revelations of the Clinton-Loral (CEO Schwarz is a Jew)-McDonnell-Douglas upgrades to Chinese missile accuracy.  There was a lot of back-channel diplomatic discussion prior to those tests, some of which 'leaked out' to the public domain.  These included an accusation by Clinton that the Indians had deceived him.  I didn't hear what the Indian side of those communiqués said, but I suspect Chinese rocketry and US contract work was a prominent topic.

    Mortal internal threats to the regime (Falun Gong and/or a contagion of warlord tendencies among the regional military commanders) could override Chinese considerations in  #'s 1-3.

    What almost everyone fails to realize is that China ceased to be 'communist' in 1976 when Deng Xiao Ping defeated Mao's widow and the other 'Gang of Four' factionists.  Since that time the ruling party in China has moved as close as they're capable of approaching to an oriental expression of National Socialism.    You are well aware of the staying power such a leadership can generate.   A white national socialist (or white nationalist) entity will be capable of defeating them.  ZOG will not be so capable.

    I am far from firm conclusions about all this.  I don't like the way this is developing.  Bush-Cheney have been consistently moving to a very confrontational posture ever since he took office.  More significant than the EP-3 Media Drama was Rumsfeld's perestroika announcement for DoD previously.  ZOG media didn't bother to comment on this.  His call for reorienting US military structure could only have been interpreted by the Chinese as being aimed at them.

    On a minor note, expect Condie Rice to be shown the door fairly soon now.  They may kick her upstairs to an ambassadorship someplace in Africa.    Even accepting her own evaluation of her skills, she has no expertise in Asian matters. 

I was watching "Hardball" last night;  Cmmdt. Matthews was discussing the Bush plan to "privatize" Soc-Sec. I know he didn't mean to do it, but he  inadvertently made an argument for National Socialism.  He said that in  twenty years or so the
demographics (blacks, browns, and Asians) will be such that it will be an  uneasy  situation for whites if they continue to receive these payments from their  (once-upon-a-time) govt.  He likened the situation to a nest of insects; discoloureds
being the "workers" , whites the "drones" .  A recipe for social unrest, so whites had  better give up the last vestige of  any connection to ZOG in order to avoid  upsetting these "workers".   This comes after several other unsettling news items this week.  The first  being that ZOG employees must speak Chinese or Hispanish in some areas of California.   Which means , of course, that these employees will be Chinese or Spic, not  American.  The other was a quick comment made on some other news talk program that there will be many announcements of retirement among our public servants when the census data for their states is released.   This last bit really pissed me off.  Here these traitors have been busily  passing every
bit of anti-white, multiculti legislative trash they could, living off the  income of the very people they wish to destroy .  And now as their final selfless act, they will  allow their seat to be redistricted out of white control forever.   How very white of
them.  I want to say something positive to end this , but can find no reason to. (Sent by a reader.)
That'll show 'em we mean business!!                 Army Drops Chinese Berets Plan
The garrote around the neck of pro-white web sites is slowly being tightened by "legal" restrictions of the 6th kind. I earlier mentioned the Italian 'solution' and now the Canadians are experiencing the same thing with authors of any site slightly complaining about declining white cultural influence, being visited by the authorities. What will happen is clear. World wide, throughout white countries, dissidents will be banned from using the web page as a means of expression. The US will be the last to fall under this control since it is the home base for the operation. Once the world is shackled, the "precedent" is established and America, out of love and tolerance, will simply fall into line and all of the boobs will  naturally applaud the loss of another of the imagined "freedoms". I therefore suggest that if any of the material here presented is viewed as worthy of something or the other, that it be copied because it's anyone's guess how long this site, as well as many others, will be allowed to breath.
I find it interesting that F.A.E.M has shown up un Michigan, I believe, as the Fine Arts Evangelistic Ministry. All we need now is for someone to reinvent the apple. For a fee, this fellow is available for a holy session of truth – at last.
The older women at the check-out were discussing the recent attempted in-home rape of a 82 year old white lady by a 30 year old black man who asked for a drink of water. The woman, obviously senile, invited the parched fellow into the house. The assault was interrupted by a returning husband. Anyway, the old people asked my opinion about this indicator of our 'declining' crime rate. I told them that if I were in charge, the culprit would never again have the opportunity to repeat his deed. I also mentioned that they probably thought me stern and intolerant, but I smiled and said that they were really not interested in real solutions – yet.