7 May 2001
We are all jew nuts – latching onto every screwball notion we can. "Alternate energy sources" my precipice. Think of all the energy sources we are failing to harness – the power of floods and mud slides – hurricanes and volcanic eruptions – the crash of  ice breaking from a glacier and the drip, drip of water from a chunk of Antarctic ice on a sunny day – the salmon rushing up their breeding rivers – falling trees and the sinking of the Titanic – the vibrations from the mob at a drug concert – O, what we fail to utilize in our quest for infinity on a finite planet. Infinite population growth, infinite energy, infinite profit, infinite production, and in the future, man's ultimate quest for the infinite infinity. Someday me might change our minds and settle for being sucked off by a 'black hole' at the end of a rainbow of universes all composed of vibrating vacuums.

As a kid I had a mechanical toy. It had a hopper which I filled with sand. The sand was allowed to fill a small car directly underneath. That car was on a spring loaded, and hinged, track. When the car was full of sand, the weight overcame the spring  holding the track and the track dipped downward thus allowing the car to roll towards its end. As the car left the hopper, a little door closed thus shutting off the flow of sand. When the car reached the end of the sloping track, it hit a barrier which opened the side of the car. The sand poured out, the door closed and the relieved spring repositioned the track so the car would roll back to the hopper where the process started all over again. I used to watch this process, sometimes hours on end, until my mother came out and threw sand in my face.

I am thinking of harnessing all of that wasted "rain power" which seems to do not much else than cause the grass to grow and Pecker the tomcat to get wet on his nightly searches. My dish shaped roof shall be on a spring hinge which is fastened to a low mechanical advantage rod/crank assembly which will drive a battery of old generators from junked Edsel automobiles. During a rainstorm, the water will gather on the roof and it will oscillate up and down thus driving the generators and providing electrical energy for my toaster. There's nothing more rewarding than eating hot toast while looking at a photo of a nude aardvark. The water spilling from the roof, before it is returned to its starting position, will serve to wash the debris on the streets down the sewers thus contributing to environmental pollution at the other end. But that's their problem, isn't it?

You might ask what I will do in the event of no rain. Well, I could hijack my neighbor's lawn sprinkler but I am putting my marvelous mental resources to work on a design for an invisible wind sail which will also utilize the captured energy of crows which fly into it. Where there's a will, there's a wake.

I am now in the process of selling futures in my newly formed "Rain Power, Ink.", not to be confused with Brain Power, Train Power, or even Pain Power which I understand has been bought up by BC/BS, in partnership with CNN and Larry the Larynx Lacerating Limey.

Find alternative energy sources NOW !!!! So goes the drum beat of the drum heads. Hasn't anyone caught on to our disastrous merry-go-'round yet? There is an energy shortage because? – if you gassed half the population in this land, there'd be no energy shortage. Population growth remains unchecked. For the black and yellow people, and for a time white people, starvation was the limiting factor controlling unbridled population growth. It's a part of God's way to establish an equilibrium on this planet. We honkies view ourselves smarter than God and within the immediate decades, that will be shown to be utterly false. It is simply insane to have programs dedicated to the keeping up with the effects of what can be properly labeled "institutionalized promiscuity." Feeding the po' of under-nations is a good thing for it makes the problem more acute. If we allowed the yellows and blacks to starve, as they have, and are still doing, whites would still have their ass in a bind.

Food is life and life provides food. That's the equilibrium. There is no way around it. Eat and be eaten. Starvation, of one form or the other, is the natural governing mechanism. An equilibrium WILL be established on this planet, whether we like it or not, or whether humans are still around or not, and in spite of whitey's aberrational interference.

Let's suppose I have a magic wand given to me by the quad-sexual general of the last UFO landing in my rose garden. I wave it, and with the magic word 'panquetzaliztli', sunspots bloom, windmills sprout, geothermal sources burp, and 6,000,000 power generators sprout up like politicians at a free whore house. All of our energy needs are solved!! Ain't that grand? Don't kid yourself because the studs will still be studding and the orifices will still be belching out those wunnerful, wunnerful, precious, intelligent, beautiful, new citizens. Bingo! More people than before means that the energy supply is no longer sufficient. WE want energy!! Have you caught on yet? Or do you figure that another technological miracle is just around the corner? (Hell mates, my magic wand didn't work, or did you forget?) If God is left to solve the problem, then I am sure that He will use the teeny weeny virus to straighten us all out again. The highest shall be beaten by the lowest. So sayeth Umgowa the pimp.

One fog head called and spouted nonsense on the local talk show which I have humorously dubbed "the comedy hour". This call-in, self-appointed, authority on wind power used his vocal wind to illustrate what actually composed his brain. Wind power was the answer!

In order to change the mechanical energy of the wind into electrical energy requires that the wind LOSES energy, that is, it must slow down. If you extract all of its energy, there will be no more wind – no more pollination of plants, and many birds will be unable to maintain their long flights. Of course, feckless Fred will not be able to take his floozy out on his yacht, not to think of all of those disappointed kite owners. Think about this for at least a month or so and then come back to this reading point.

I can hear it all now. We are running out of wind!!

The gods created humans because they got tired of being serious all of the time. What's really funny about an eco-system which hums along merrily? They needed humor and here we are, always creating disasters for ourselves and then compounding the mess by initializing disastrous non-solutions. Join me on Mount Olympus and like those in the bleachers watching a demolition derby, look down and enjoy the comedy – while it lasts.

I would think that most people prefer a great steak dinner. If steak was not available, then one could settle for a hamburger. If hamburg was not available then I'd guess a small loaf of yesterday's bread would have to do. If that wasn't handy, then perhaps a moldy orange. No moldy orange? A frog will have to suffice.

The hunger drive is not one your body takes lightly and many have been known to eat all sorts of repulsive things when starving. Sex is like that and I'd suppose that it's often a case of "any port in a storm", as the sailors used to say. I know of one single mom whose periods of abstinence rarely exceed 3 months at which time she is 'driven' to take on whatever is available. After the 'honeymoon' is over, she'll go back to her search for a "good man", which she will never find because good men rarely like to make a commitment to a woman who cannot keep her panties on for very long. Anyway, I think this drive accounts for much of the sodomy in prisons, on shipboard and also, for race-mixing. Many of the ostensible white women I have seen supporting black studs are rather sorry specimens in more than the beauty department. That's the best they could find, it appears. Herein lies the quandary.

Sex, unlike food, is not necessary for survival of the individual. The drive to consummate lasts until one dies. Celibacy has never shortened anyone's life but where does the balance lie? Other than being a hermit or monk, the other extreme is complete abandonment of any qualification. This is especially disastrous far beyond the disease risk for it always brings into existence children who were not wanted. The 10,000,000 abortions this country experiences annually attests to the fact that the sex urge was followed without regard for consequences. Venereal disease is endemic and birth control devices are major consumer items. People seem not to care as long as they "get it".

Wars are fought over food and wars are not very constructive. In periods of affluence, unbridled sex ruins a civilization as assuredly as does one's conquering enemy.

In our past white America, the woman controlled the selection of whom would penetrate her body and whom she would give herself in marriage. Miss Bartlett was one of those astounding physical "packages" which, when I was young, caused boys to drool and shuffle their feet.  I met her on a bus and we were friendly to the point where we bought each other gifts. I was a young man who often tried to bend the rules but in this case the young lady knew what she wanted and clearly defined the 'off limits' areas. Against my mildly lecherous wishes, I abided with no problem. I secretly held her in very high esteem. I have met dozens of these quality females in my lifetime and now I ask "Are they all gone?"

The massive number of abortions and one parent moms indicates that something has happened to our young women. Did they collectively collapse relative to will, because men simply became objects "on the make"? Can women only exist in the presence of men and when the men become little other than crotch chasers, does it necessarily follow that women should imitate? Or did they both descend concurrently due to the omnipresence of Marxist propaganda? In spite of the evidence that sex before emotional maturity proves hazardous for the long-term stability of white people, especially the female, jews by the score advocate early sex – for us, not them! (I am not concerned about what early sex may or may not do to others races. That is their problem.) Each and every Marxist tract dedicated to the destruction of Western civilization advocates pushing sex as entertainment – the earlier the better. Now we see sex as a major topic in our grammar schools! Once sex is reduced to a level lower than that exhibited by animals, the family becomes superfluous. As the family goes, so does the nation. This explains where we white people are now headed.

Didja 'no' that in 1902, 8th grade arithmetic students had to master – prime factorization, least common multiple, greatest common divisor, operations on fractions and decimals, conversion of measuring units, simple and compound interest, calculation of areas and volumes, percentage, profit and loss, powers and exponents, extraction of square and cube roots, conversion of metric units, geometric polygons and their areas, Pythagorean theorem, circles and their measurements, lateral areas and volumes of prisms, pyramids and cones, elements of algebra including  word problems, transposition,  and arithmetic operations on polynomials. (From Atwood's Graded Arithmetic Grade VIII, Heath & Co., Boston, 1902)

Glory be. Ah dinna haf ta no dis stuff effen fo my collage diplomey.


    More Jewish gas.  The USAF has been flying thousands of hours of aerial survey all over the earth to collect the necessary database to tailor the ABL focus for each given locality.  A vital component of the ABL is that custom database of seasonally adjusted air density, air particulate counts and air temperatures graded by altitude.

    The Israeli 'scientist' quoted by the Jewish ZOG hack in London is literally talking through his hat.  Since Israel is aggressively pursuing anti-missile defense in both anti-missile missile and anti-laser forms (courtesy of US conducted and funded R&D) only one conclusion is possible.  ABM defense for JEWS but not for white people. Maguire.

Elena Haskins, one of the 'white supremacists' Alex Curtis is required to avoid, wrote a fine review of the revealing B movie, They Live. This is the same movie which Eric Thomson reviewed about 10 years ago. I am not sure if it is on her website www.wakeupordie.com since I have not found time to peruse her posted material as yet. My impression of blightwingers who slap 'copyright' all over their stuff is that their interest in dispensing information and opinion is secondary to their infantile need to 'possess' something and hopefully profit thereby. This is like selling your medical assistance to a wounded comrade. You'll  never find this sort of system crap on this site. If something might prove valuable, take it, copy it, and spread it far and wide. The thing which sets FAEM apart from most blightwing sources is that we DON'T CARE where a hungry man gets his food. The others want to make sure the hungry get their bread FROM THEM, or their approved sources. How ZOGish can you get?

(Elena Haskins was surprised she was listed on the list of 132 'white supremacists' Curtis can't contact during his probation. She shouldn't have been.  ZOG understands the mortal threat she presents even if she doesn't.  She's a potential seed of that alternate white female acceptance group ZOG fears more than anything.)

A comment about Alex is needed – his brand of youthful foolishness, supposedly in the cause of white something,  is precisely that which does US MORE HARM than good. (He wasn't 'just' distributing flyers.) Petty criminal acts will NEVER win favor in the eyes of the many. (Without broad band support from the every day apolitical working people, you are merely pissing into the wind.) All such acts, whether the Murrah Building bombing, the murder of a Denver jew or a bank holdup, only help ZOG with his picture painting of ALL PRO WHITE people as being nothing but a gang of hoodlums who deserve to be locked up. For people who supposedly support National Socialism, I am amazed, when not appalled, at the complete disregard of Hitler's advice – never do anything illegal!!! You are playing right into ZOG's hands when you do. That's why I distance myself from those who admire criminals. I can cause enough problems for myself by just being me! If the day comes when FAEM's version of  free speech is deemed illegal, I'll abide and go fishing. YOU CANNOT BUCK MAJORITY WILL even if you get your personal jollies by doing so. The mass white American is not very happy with the direction our ZOG-Titanic is taking. If we are to do what we perceive as best for them, we must let them decide as to whether our words have relevance and substance. Otherwise we become little more than a band of banana republic bandidos only interested in securing power for ourselves.

For the most part, American whites have never been 'racist". They are established individualists with a live-and-let-live mentality. Let each receive according to his ability. Let each be rewarded according to his work. They are a charitable people but they want that charity to be voluntary as this fits in with individual freedom. No Italian or Irish immigrant ever complained about this. They learned the language and broke their asses in coal mines, and sweat box factories, and became 'Americans' with the same spirit as the Germans and English which preceded them. The revolution of 1932-1945 changed all of that. Communism, with its back against the wall, was saved by deceived Americans and encouraged to grow world wide. The forced gun-point integration of blacks into white schools was the first massive blow against American freedom of choice for the public did not have a voice in that communist assault. Blacks, biologically incapable of competing with whites, were given government sanctioned, and enforced, privileges which effectively destroyed "rewards according to one's ability and labor". Americans had no voice in the decision to not defend the borders. The government turned its back on its major responsibility – to defend its territory. As it stands today, any diseased cretin from Australia's outback, could end up with more 'rights' than the white people who still manage, but for not much longer, to keep this nation's gears oiled. I do believe that most Americans feel this in their bones but cannot put their finger on the cause, as yet. This perhaps explains their frantic efforts to avoid such feelings by going ape over ape sports, using that miraculous intimacy of man and woman as mere entertainment, and 'consuming' to the point of bankruptcy. We cannot ever show them the way out if all we can offer is more of the same criminality which they are doing their best to ignore.

I fully understand the feelings of futility which engulf many of the young white kids who are torpedoed by a system which lends obscene favoritism to those whom they could easily best if the playing field were level. They see nothing legal which can alter this and hence they are prone to try an illegal path. Please notice that the bizarre proliferation of cults, drug usage, sex orgies, and general degeneracy is PROOF that, on the whole, Americans feel that the future bodes ill and they might as well grab off a few pleasant moments while they may. People who feel that there is no future cannot ever be concerned about how their present actions affect that future. When the shit hits the fan, as it inevitably must, the live-for-today crowd will be looking for direction and they will not seek out whores, single moms, drug pushers, MTV freaks, criminals, liars, cheats, pimps, and so on, for guidance. One must be foolish in the extreme to ask a beggar for the secret to prosperity.

While in the Army, I was nicknamed "Bullet Bob" since my tendency was to go full blast into the center of things – without care or caution. I never pulled punches. I never have and I never will. This I admit, never won me many friends, and could be counted on to saddle me with tasks others would not, or could not do. I hate hot air, pretense, hypocrisy,  and bullshit in general, and if I see people being misled by outright baloney, I can be counted upon to voice an opinion. If one thinks I am full of hot air, then that's his business. Sometimes I am.

I took a day off, and didn't post this update because I was concerned about what I felt was necessary to say. Often, that inner drive tends to have me viewed as a "disrupter" of the non-movement "movement" – an enemy perhaps. Keep in mind that my intent is for you to THINK about what I say. I am not gospel and neither is anyone else including all of those so-called martyrs and mini Führers. After eating a Hershey bar, smoking a cigar and counting the number of rings in Linda's navel, I said to myself, "What the hell. I am not out to win a popularity contest and even if I tried, I couldn't."

In the matter of David Lane, I would appreciate some comment from someone – are you listening Katja? – who could explain to me why a man convicted of armed robbery, and accomplice to murder, is considered a "political prisoner"? Since when do such anti-social acts become "political". He writes poetry. Big deal. So does every female sophomore in high school. Should I post mine ... along with my several compositions for the piano which were aired when Charlie Cesner was a popular radio organist? What sort of hooey is this?

I just read David's article "Who is White?" Read it yourself at http://home.earthlink.net/~nspartisan/lane   and tell me WHERE in that article DOES HE ANSWER HIS OWN QUESTION? It's all quasi polemical cotton candy ... hot air. Even the "14 words" is not original. It's a bastardization of a statement made by Goebbels in one of his speeches.

No, damn it! I will not edit a thing. Get pissed off if you like. Call me what you like but I'll tell you this – I will not refrain from offending people if it serves the higher purpose of getting them TO THINK. Not only am I 'politically incorrect" but I must also be 'blightwing incorrect'. I will never worship any criminal for any reason. If you choose to, then that's your business. There are far too many social misfits out there, running loose, who have given a bad name to ALL pro-white causes. I do not view that as a plus for our side.

Tattoo this!

The piercing of the skin and the adding of colored pigments, ashes, or whatever, is a barbaric practice the origins of which many claim originated with the low I.Q. mongrel Tahitians. (This is very arguable sine that practice' has been around for a very long time.) Notwithstanding the invitation to being infected with AIDS, or some other disease, a white person is naturally repelled by such a practice. In fact, Leviticus xix 28 prohibits it to the jews. Any jew so believing cannot be all bad.

In the so-called white race, there are 2 classes of people who submit to this ridiculous savage bit of nonsense ONCE: (1) drunken sailors visiting a foreign port and (2) jerkass teens wanting to 'experiment'. The stupidity of such teens is proved by the fact they failed to ask what tattoos look like as one gets older. I am sure most of them know vets so adorned. We can perhaps excuse ONE tattoo as a matter of poor judgment, but anyone who goes out and does it again certainly has some set of mental aberrations which preclude him, or her, from ever being classified as sane. Every multi-tattooed person I have ever come into contact with was a drunk, drug addict or an unreliable bum of one description or the other.

The purposes of tattoos are certainly not for beauty enhancement, unless you are a hideous mud in the first place where tattoos may hide blemishes. Tattoos are often used to mark criminals and even without that purpose, one can hardly escape noting how many criminals in prison do have tattoos. Just ask any prison guard.

People with defective egos use tattoos as a means of attracting attention. Why, I would not know. Perhaps it results from a dysfunctional home life. That seems to be the root of most teen aberrant behavior.

Police love tattoos as these make individual identification a piece of cake.

Then there is the atavistic nonsense of "body piercing" with rings through tongues, nipples, eyebrows, lips, glans penis, vulva, navels, etc. The next logical step in descent to the caves would be rings for neck stretching and platters inserted into a lip incision as do the Ubangi of Africa. The word is also suggestive. "Ubangi?" "Yes I do. Let me remove my chastity ring.." I suppose the rings in the nipples could be used to hold napkins to absorb the drool. When knocking out the front teeth with a hammer and stake becomes popular, then I know that "cultural enrichment" from Borneo has taken hold.

The National Alliance is certainly on its way to becoming a Jerry Springer side show. What started out to be an alliance of better people is now in the process of de-riching itself with the Afro-noise ape holler of Resistance Records. With some "units" advertising for tattoo practitioners, I suspect they will soon extend their reach to include the wastrels of opium dens.  I can only conclude that Dr. Pierce is either (1) completely nuts or, (2) is out for all the money he can grab. Maybe it's both, or is there something I have overlooked? Even in a disgusted state, my inquiring mind would still like to know. I was told that there is a NA unit called "White Bitches." I wonder where they buy their whips and leathers.

When I look at this sort of lunacy, calling itself  'white', the jews start to look whiter by the week. If the trend continues, I might just convert.

Hillary the Red – 2004

The current flap over former Democratic Senator Bob Kerrey's 32 year old Vietnam Navy SEAL activities has nothing to do with Vietnam.  What are the possible motivations for this bit of ancient history masked as 'investigative journalism' now?  Kerrey is not going to be charged with war crimes.  The Vietnamese dead are not going to rise to life as a result of this reporting.  So what's going on here?

The entire purpose of this "joint investigation by The New York Times magazine and CBS News' "60 Minutes II'' television program" is to dispose of one of Hillary's potential 2004 Presidential Democratic primary competitors.   Exposing Kerrey as a white man with precious 'People of Color' blood on his hands finishes him off nicely in Democratic Party demographics.  After the Congressional elections in 2002 we'll see similar knee-cappings administered to Senate Democratic Leader Daschle and Democratic House Leader Gephardt

No one should compare Hillary's involvement with the Marc Rich pardon-for-dollars transaction with Kerrey's public whipping over youthful anti-Communist activities.  A public reputation of being willing to prostitute public offices for jewish bribes is an important test of character in the anti-world of ZOG politics.  Hillary didn't lose ZOG esteem in the Marc Rich transaction.  She gained it.  . 

Eric Thomson once asked anarchist Bradley Smith, "What's wrong with National Socialism if you remove the "holocaust'?" Eric never got an answer. National Socialism was more than a mere reaction to the communist degeneracy which plagued the German people in the 1920s. It was no reaction to unemployment as the greed barons like to recite. NS had an essentially spiritual nature and that is why its enemies fear it so much. Christian yahoos can be easily controlled but National Socialists, never. NS represents what is essentially the spirit of the white race. Eric Thomson labels it 'Natural Socialism'. In spite of the lies and round-the-clock propaganda to the contrary, a revolution is coming. What form it takes is probably only known to the gods.

Our ZOG is not an entity purposely geared towards destruction of white values and tradition although many of its supporters do harbor a deep, biological hatred for white people. Much of ZOG is like a bumbling buffalo grazing on your oriental carpet. ZOG destroys because ZOG is ZOG. I label it as an 'enemy' not because it is out to 'get me', or others, but because it works against the long-term interests of my race. It's the nature of the beast just as what the snakes do is their nature. Whatever our present government is, it is not the government I chose for this country of mine. Being patriotic means standing by the nation, not supporting an alien government. This has been echoed down through the centuries by men far greater than I.

Tim McVeigh is not some solitary dingbat who took a fancy to large noises and flying bricks. I will not excuse his act but the motive for his attack, on what he viewed as a tyrannical monster, with no true justice to be had, can be understood. There are tens of thousands of Tims out there – generated by the conditions ZOG places upon us all – and believe me, we will be hearing from them. I would fondly hope that such people remain cool for the wasting of a single life, which only gave excuse for a ever restricting government, is an extravagance we cannot indulge in for men like this will be sorely needed in the coming years. One might hope that ZOG will reflect and attempt to alleviate the conditions which give birth to people such as Mr. McVeigh. It will not since its own nature prevents that. ZOG will carry on until it is eliminated from the face of the earth.

It is becoming fashionable to call ZOG haters, terrorists, and terrorists are subsequently labeled 'cowards'. (Imagine the soldiers in the trenches of WW I, shouting to each other, "Come out of there, you cowards!") What this translates to is that ZOG wishes its enemies to come out into an arena where they will be out-gunned. The playing field is not level. The under-ground Palestinians are now being called cowards because they refuse to give themselves up to surrender and execution. During WW II, such clandestine people were called 'heroes'. Any Palestinian willing to give his life, as did McVeigh, in a fight against the oppressors of his people, is not a coward and only true cowards point their fingers at others. Imagine the draft-dodger Clinton having the audacity to call anyone a coward. What we hear is just ZOG talk and the less you pay attention to it, the better for you.

Numbers of you out there were the products of a disgusting home life. Face it for that's the real world. How many have been brought up in a one parent family? Most of these 'one parents' are females and I'll bet a dollar to a donut that old mom was doing the rounds with at least one fly-by-night fellow. I've seen these women in action and they cloak their behavior by telling you how important their son, or daughter, is to them. That's usually garbage and deep inside, you know it is. No kid wants a whore for a mother. That's number one, but most single moms are getting their beef injections while trying to convince their kids that it isn't happening. Kids know!  If mom had her shorts on straight, you wouldn't be without a father. Maybe she did marry a bum, but that was HER CHOICE. Perhaps she was swept away during some night of passion. That can be excused but she has had YEARS to correct that mistake but she hasn't. You might have a dislike for a father who deserted, or what not, but you should ask himself whether you are better than what your father was. Chances are that you will desert your woman, your child, whenever life gets a little too trying. If your word is no good, then that is something you were taught, either directly, or gained as a tactic towards handling impossible situations. Dishonesty is a spiritual disease and all afflicted should endeavor to cure themselves of it.

ZOG has created an often unbearable social condition for the young. Blacks especially are victims for they have been lied to about their expectations and they lash out in anger. Integration has produced black rage. Preferential treatment is given to blacks in an attempt to produce something which God never intended. From this preferential treatment, whites develop anger and more than not, they direct it at themselves by taking drugs, drinking binges, the MTV route or by imitating those of another race. It's all escapism and it always catches up with you, sometime, somewhere. What you sow, you will reap.

As a child, I observed people and the way they lived. Mr. Casey ran an office of some sort and busied himself with trying to get something for nothing by "investing" in stocks. He lived well on what we called "snob hill" with his new car, fancy wife and polished children. His wife, Roberta, was a little on the loose side which probably was the reason old John started to drink. One of his kids took a pot-shot at a passing car, with a 22 rifle. It was political influence which prevented son Charlie from doing time in the slammer. John had it all, it seemed, even though he complained bitterly about this and that all of the time. It was always about money. The family, with its flesh hungry mother and cheating kids were not a happy lot according to my criteria. On the other hand, my grandparents were.

My grandfather thoroughly enjoyed the battles he had with nature which included droughts, crows and grasshoppers. Everyday was a contest to him and at night, under the maple tree, he'd lean back and smile contentedly while listening to the croaks of the frogs near the pond. Gramps died in his early 80s never knowing a day of illness. He expired the day after he said, "I feel poorly. I'll not plow the back lot today." He had no enemies for he treated all with open honesty even though he was prone to using what we now call "ethnic slurs". He had a wonderful red-headed wife who was as honest and hard working as he was. On his death bed he called all of his grandchildren together and told them not to fret after he passed on, because he lived in a time when freedom was at its best. "From here on," he said," you youngsters will have your freedoms taken away, bit by bit, until you are nothing but cogs in a wheel which profits others. I was privileged to have lived in an America which soon will no longer be. World War II saw to that." I never comprehended those words at the time, but I do now and I am sure I am not alone. The behavior of our young proves it.

We played 'king in the castle' with a gang of liars and cheats. We lost our position and it will be a very hard road back to the top. If you want to regain you position at the top, then your whole psyche will need a new paint job. The most difficult task is to admit to yourself that all's not right in America and all's not right with you. We CAN change American if we have the guts to change ourselves. We cannot win by playing according to the rules which caused us to lose in the first place. Strength begins at home and as a first step I ask that you spend some time honestly thinking about what life means to you and what kind of world you'd REALLY like to live in – a world full of liars, money hungry corporate thieves, rock band racket, sex addicts, etc., or a place where you MEAN something to others and those others are honest, self-disciplined people with no need for security alarms and jews to do their thinking for them. It's white thing with ample room for all races – but NOT in our territory.

The most wonderful life is where a child grows up with loving parents and siblings. Grated many have never known that. Perhaps one of them is you. Ask yourself what sort of man you are whose grudges over the past are used as an excuse not to build something better for those who follow. NEVER dick around with a woman you would not want as the mother of your children. What is running your life anyway? Your crotch or your head?

Pull the plug on your TV set as a gigantic step. It's so niggerized that it can only cause you depression and generate anger. TV is not the real world. It's only a propaganda machine run by people who don't like white folks very much. If you can start to get your white act together, you will be on the threshold of meeting comrades for the first time in your life. It will be a grand experience. Be warned: as your individual substance grows and improves, the more you will be envied and eventually, hated. A man is always defined by the enemies he has.

Granted that some people are born without a capacity to develop character but for most, character is something which must be earned. Character is always proportional to the obstacles which must be overcome. A parent who shields his children from the consequences of their foolish actions, is not doing them any favors. This idea of "protection" and "safety", now used in an insane extreme, is entirely feminine although the solid women of the past never exhibited it. "It's your own darned fault," my mother used to say. I feel the reason women have turned to psychological mush today is because the male has refused to grow up and accept his role of major responsibility. Would we have this plethora of "single moms" if there weren't battalions of males around who fled their first exposure to real responsibility – that of their own blood?

It's easier to fall off a cliff then it is to climb up one. If you find yourself lying in the mud, whether from your action or not, you can choose to stay they and wail about it – boo hoo, life shafted me – or get up and wash off. Mud wallowers I avoid as I do AIDS carriers.

About 4 months after my beloved mom died, I developed a severe fever with pains I had never experienced before. I was carried to a hospital where I was examined. The doctors informed my dad that I had spinal meningitis, a disease known to be fatal to infants and young children. They said that not much could be done other than make me comfortable and "wait it out".

In a few days, the pain had subsided and Dr. Manchester came by to examine me. I couldn't move my right arm nor my right leg and this was the reason dad called the doctor. It didn't take long for him to declare that I was permanently paralyzed on my right side but I was lucky since, at that time, most people who contracted that disease didn't fare as well. I still remember my sister crying her eyes out believing that I wouldn't walk again. Dad, forever a solid man, hid one of his tears and said, " No one knows about the morrow."

Weeks passed and I had grown to hate the bed I was in. I was somewhat weary of reading books and listening to the piano broadcasts of Lee Simms – wonderful music just for listening. It was summertime, sis was in the kitchen preparing supper, for dad would be coming home soon. My brother was down the street flying his kite. What prompted me, I am not sure, but I did say to myself, "Never walk again? Who does that doctor think he is? God?"

I wiggled out of bed, put on a few clothes and dragged myself carefully down the staircase and out the front door. I continued with that idiotic means of movement until I had moved nearly half a block up the street. Then I was confronted by my father. "What in hell do you think you are doing?", he said is a stern voice. "I am going to the park." With that, he scooped me up and we returned home.

Dad parked me in an arm chair at the supper table and all seemed pleased that I was again at the family table. Dad told of a friend of his whose son, also my age, had been afflicted with infantile paralysis, now known as polio meningitis. Bob was paralyzed in both legs.

As the days added, Bob and I became friends and alternately our fathers would take us the the YMCA for bouts in the swimming pool and time in the weight room. Bob and I splashed and moved weights each time attempting to do more than the last. We sort of competed and a very interesting happened. Our "lazy dead" limbs were starting. to be responsive. I don't know why my right arm started to gain movement at the time I was just able to curl 30 pound with my left – but it was happening. The more we worked our good parts, the more improvement was noted in our not-so-good parts.

I'll jump over the details of this happy evolution to mention the end results. Bob regained to total use of his legs albeit they remained a tad on the scrawny side. He later became a Major in the Marines and served in Vietnam. I fully passed the Navy physical as I related in another article. There was no magic potion and no begging to a god who hates beggars – just natural pig-headed determination which every form of life on this planet exhibits – except those feeble human souls who were unfortunate to have been brought up in a home without backbone. Single parents families, bolshevik day care centers, 'formula' instead of mom's milk, dad the niggerball freak, dad the pussy-whipped wimp – all of the ingredients which cripple any growing young boy and all according to the Marxist book of revolutionary change. You might find yourself in this category but it CAN BE OVERCOME. If that is your goal, then you are in for one fine struggle. You will be on your own and if you are successful, you will be a member of that small group of white people who give definition to 'white'.

As a result of my own person battles, plus the observation of friends and family overcoming their formidable obstacles, I have developed a life long disgust for the 'wailing wall', 'candlelight vigil' type of person who blubbers at each and every anniversary of his 'loss'.