16 May 2001
I get all sorts of email and often it is little more than adolescent "poking" to see what happens. Some is serious, some informative and others quite antagonistic. I support it all for it would be hypocritical not to do so.

It might be interesting to note that Colin Jordan, a British citizen, a man with serious health problems, is being legally attacked by the thought police for writing what I thought was just a humorous tale – www.faem.com/books/books.htm – Merry England 2000. He, and another, face hard time prison sentences if convicted which, I am sure, BritZOG will move heaven and earth to do. Will I be next for having the audacity to post something I did not write? Even so, I think that I shall not take any vacations in England right away. "It can't happen here." Don't kid yourself whitey for you are losing political control of a country you founded and built. I do not trust that mestizos and/or asians will treat us as we presently treat them, if they gain the upper hand. I think we've had glimpses of the future whenever any non-white group gains power anywhere. How many honkies do they cater to? Why not ask the former Rhodesians?

We are in a pre revolutionary stage and most honkies pretend that those nagging "vibes" are just not there. The rapid increase in youth suicide is a harbinger of times to come. Youth violence is also another indicator as it expresses a lashing out at something which is not understood – a helplessness, as it were. The McVeigh thing shows us that, and Tim was not one of a kind. I am sure the whole white world is full of such young people just waiting for the opportunity to do something constructive but feel helpless in a [rison of ever-diminishing freedoms. What can be done? What can they do?

Understand that those so disturbed by the enveloping tyranny are in a minority and always have been throughout history. Russian goof-asses would open their gates to Genghis Khan in full knowledge of what he does to villages and people. It's the age old emotional trap – we never did him any harm, so why should he harm us? Obviously such people have never had the experience of swimming in a crocodile infested river.

ZOG does not yet have the total political power it seeks. That's why it still needs the general support of the public and babbles about rights, and freedom of this or that. If ZOG were total, you wouldn't be reading this and I'd be off somewhere in an American gulag. In this process, ZOG uses its immense Marxist propaganda machine to discredit any white person who objects to seeing his land smothered in the mud of 'diversity'. White people who break the law – robbing armored cars, killing people, defacing property, even public intoxication – will be arrested with the full approval of the body politic. You might think you are engaged in a political act on behalf of some 'cause', but ZOG and the public views you as a petty criminal. My advice: be patient and stern. You'll see many of the foolish bend to whim and "go with the flow". You shouldn't be surprised, for no revolution was ever brought about by slugs whose greatest moments are spent at a niggerball game. Look at Adams, Jefferson, Henry, Franklin, and so on – how 'ordinary' were these men?

None of us knows if he personally will be around on Der Tag. Prepared people living in Arizona own umbrellas.

Americans, by a large part, appear to want a 'multi-cultural' environment. They have never really experienced one and so their naivety is to be expected. Let the "others" spread their diseases, commit the crimes, furnish ever-increasing tax burdens, add their incompetence, etc. Let them riot when whitey can no longer supply what they demand. In other words, you might see the disadvantages of treating muds as members of the family, due to your sharper vision, but the majority really needs their noses rubbed in it in order for them to question the smell. Even when they reek of the brown stuff, they will be looking for some 'easy fix', which today means spend more money and talk it to death. Like the energy situation and the disease problem, it will not continue much longer in its present form.

Do not break the law for when you do, you automatically place yourself on the level of those the public is increasingly becoming intolerant of. The day will come, when respect for "the law" will have dwindled and white folks will see, on a personal level, that it does not work to their advantage and then, illegal acts against one's enemies will be accepted. Didn't the rabble rousing black communist M.L.K establish a precedent when he claimed that one did not have to obey an "unjust law"? Didn't the sadistic, and farcical, Nürmberg trials establish a precedent by stating that officers should not have obeyed commands from their superiors. Didn't all of the Allied legal monkey motion establish that ex post facto laws are the new form of "justice"? "The law" is a bogey man which has substance ONLY TO THE DEGREE THAT IT IS SUPPORTED  by the majority. When a law works against any group, as the 'race' laws are starting to do, they will become unenforceable.

Keep your powder dry and your eye on the ball.

A rock drops on your foot. That's a real event. It happened in the real world. This is from personal experience and becomes part of personal knowledge. The next day you go back to the field and find that the rock is missing. You take out your diary and write about the experience. That diary is a book and to go to a Notary Public with that book and ask for it to be notarized. You swear to an oath that what you wrote in the diary is fact – truth – a real happening with real objects. Your notarized diary then becomes a document. Since you are such a decent fellow, God chose to deprive you of the remainder of your life, and whisked you off into the welkin during "a rapture", "the rapture", or some "other blessed rapture".

Since you vanished, I decided to steal some items from your house before your relatives stole them. I grabbed your diary because it had a purple leather cover. I like purple leather. I was in possession of a document.

As I read about the rock falling on your foot, could I accept your statements as fact, truth, reality? Could that event be verified – verification is always necessary to establish the truth of anything. I went to the field but found no rock as described. Well, I couldn't verify that. I wasn't around when the event transpired, so I couldn't verify that either. I did however manage to verify that you swore that you told the truth, but did you? The Notary Public just took your word for it and if so moved, he wouldn't have been able to verify your story either.

All of us have access to only a few grains of that mountain called fact, truth, reality. What most of us accept to be fact is little other than faith, a belief, an opinion. If the world were composed of people like the Clinton's, then there would be no "glue" to hold anything together because what would there be to believe in and build upon?

When a society degenerates in to a body of liars and thieves, it will not stand long. That's always been the history of "banana republics" and we are eagerly importing it along with equal opportunity diseases which will assuredly tax our ability to stop them – if we are able – which looks very unlikely.

Let's not get gung ho about labeling our opinions "fact". That's the benchmark of the ignorant and bigoted. If you found a "fact" in a book, then quite possibly it might just be a fable, a bit of hearsay, a parcel of words pasted together for profit – most books suffer the latter.

I have a set of directions on how to make explosive fulminates. It is factual? I dunno but I can determine that by the process of verification. I grab an old silver spoon, a good pint of vodka and a few ounces of nitric acid. I follow directions. So far so good. I take the shiny crystals from the soup plate I used, and stuff them into Limbaugh's cigar. When Rush lights his cigar, it detonates and paralyzes his flapping lips. Verification completed. The recipe was factual. Until even a few of those "holocaust" tales are verified by field demonstrations, then they will forever be confined to the prison of opinion.

Instead of the computer being a help, the technology has bred a computer-dependent generation of illiterate imbeciles.  Imagine a future without computers. Now ask yourself, what is master and who is slave. – Bettina L. McCann. I cannot but agree. Moreover, most of these kids fail to recognize that "computer" refers to a machine which can compute. What originally started out as a computing assistant has now degenerated into an entertainment center. I asked one dick to show me how to add simple fractions with his computer. He said he'd have to 'surf the web' for an answer. The more one becomes dependent – whether upon machines or people – the more his freedom goes out the door proportionally.

Ernst Zündel once said that the American people should be made to pay for the unnecessary savagery they showered upon Germany and the Germans during WW II. Eric mentioned that this would not be necessary since the Americans are deep into the process of punishing themselves. I have no argument with this. Let the whipping never stop until the beast is dead.

Good gawd Greta, it's another 'lone wolf' – "The 'Lone Wolf' rarely exists in nature. When one does occur it's either a genetic defective or is rabid." This, if you have been paying attention, is from WLA #4 and a few people have taken issue with that claiming that 'lone wolves' are a "normal" part of wolf life. They do indeed exist, but it's never a permanent condition. Lone wolves are as above described, and also might result from rejection in which case they are driven off and if they do not find another pack to join, they die within a short period. As with the blightwing, 'lone wolves' of the Canus variety are social rejects.

Any group is catalogued according the the traits exhibited by the majority. John Merrick, the 'elephant man' did exist but did that make him a part of normal human life? Not in my book. Deuterium does exist but I cannot, for the life of me, consider it "normal" hydrogen. Over and over again, I discover that many people are not able to distinguish between what is 'average' and that which is 'normal'.

In my experience, the more books a person reads, the more dependent he becomes upon books for the "truth". As the goofs who are mesmerized by computer games increase their addiction, it portends a bleak future for white kind as these idiots often are unable to distinguish anything in the real world. They become insane to one degree or the other and generally useless except for being turned into fertilizer and even then, I'd question the quality.

Why would anyone want to be a 'lone wolf'? Burglars like the idea as do most criminals who only form units because of something they cannot handle independently. Once accomplished, they revert to their solitude. A 'lone wolf' always has something to hide – usually himself. When I was a kid, we called such types "sneaks" for indeed they were. If one has the strength of any conviction, then he does not hide it. In this regard, I have seen dozens of jews who have far more substance than many of the blightwingers I have had the opportunity to know. In the end, it's all about character and 'lone wolves' are apparently not interested in developing any.

A door banging Bible banger stopped by and left me some pray-and-be-saved reading material. In it was a warm accolade relative to Chinese inventiveness. It seems that some of them go into the mountains and gather up snow to bring back to village, where they cover it with grass to hinder the melting. Hey man! Cold drinks year around. From my point of view, this pales in comparison, the white man's refrigeration units plus the white man's discovery and harnessing of electrify to run those units. Whitey always seems to be missing the boat – I seed it on TV.
Dear Lone Wolf,

     Using the imagery of aggressive predator animals as unit symbols has an honored history in heraldry.  Trying to model human behavior and a political strategy on the life pattern of any species of animal is just idiotic.  I don't even know of any successful historical precedents.  In such a case ZOG becomes much more nearly correct to say we should try to emulate negroids or Chinese.  Certainly we are vastly closer to them genetically than we are to wolves.

    Better than either of the above cases is to study and adapt the successful methods of white men of other eras.  I am well aware of Louis Beam's excellent historical dissertation on the patriotic guerrilla actions conducted against Brit-ZOG loyalists during the First American Revolution. They were a large part of his theoretical justification for leaderless resistance.

    What Beam neglected to tell you is that those actions were undertaken in conjunction with a standing political center (the Continental Congress) and several regular armies in the field (the Continental Army plus some other formations).    They also had external military support from the King of the French, the King of Prussia and the Czar of Russia.   It was these other
organizations that kept the British Army busy and unable to concentrate its main effort (schwerpunkt) against those earlier so-called leaderless resisters.

    I think our point stands.

    Strength and Honor      —     Maguire

This is apparently a new site and you should mark it.  http://www.liesexposed.net/nfp/nfp.htm
They managed to add a bit to another jew fraud – the hideous communist Albert Einstein. I haven't read everything there but I hope that you do. This was submitted by a young lady. My thanks go out to her.
We are all racists of one degree or the other. Some try to deny it; others try to ignore it; but it's always there... deep inside as Nature requires. Only the objective and the brave admit it.
A recent email mentioned that it is difficult to be a National Socialist and that's why so many of the lazy, and indolent young prefer to claim they are so, rather than actually invoke the discipline necessary to BEHAVE like a white man. NS is not for everyone. 'Tis far easier to get tattooed, drink and shout "Sieg Heil", and paint a very bad picture of what white people can really be. Standing up and staying clean certainly is a greater task than lying down in the sewer of "diversity" and hedonism.
Slow down a bit, you hard working people, and think. It has been "proven" by those wild cosmo-physio-astro-mominers that there are a zillion other planets around just like mud earth. The proof lies in a "formula" dreamed up by one of those Ph.D. birds who has lots of feathers but cannot fly. It goes something like this: let N be the number of "earths" out there, somewhere. The "N" is the product of a set of numbers. The first is related to the "fact" that there are 600,000,000 other galaxies like our own – with more coming online each day as the universe expands into itself. This is guess number 1. Of these, one out of a ten thousand has favorable temperature conditions. Guess number 2. Of these, blah, blah and blah, through a long line of "ifs" and uneducated guesses. The product of what I counted to be 8-10 guesses, is zero, for how can rubbish compounded ever amount to something? Yet this, my comrades, is what our present state of academia is all about.

The average American flatly refuses to learn anything, even from experience, and that's why he is TOTALLY DEPENDENT upon others to do his thinking. That's why he believes all sorts of nonsense since he cannot compare it to anything, and if he could, he wouldn't – the mark of the true bigot. When one of them manages to convince himself that he has learned something, what he really is talking about is parroting – like the play back section of some recorder. Eric feels that the American white public is too down bred to save itself. I am a little more optimistic for I blame this "dumbing down" on our Marxist government and their inane "education" programs plus the near total lack of real foreign news presented by our controlled mass media. Time will tell.

I listened a bit while Prezibush talked through his Zionist hat on the Talmudvision tube. He babbled about the energy problems and said the high prices at the gas pump were due to the lack of refineries on AmeriZOG soil. Within 2 minutes he stated that high prices were due to the lack of crude oil. He did not mention that ZOGfist has prevented both Libya and Iraq from selling their fuel gluts on the world market. He wants the consumer to "conserve". Translated from ZOG Big Brother speak, this means "do without". High energy consumption is the basis for the "good life" dubbed the "American dream" – air conditioning, 69 appliances cluttering up the kitchen, a TV, stereo and computer in every room, a cell phone in each ear, a 4-wheeler for each "need" you can dream up, etc.

In 1973, I believe, there was another energy crisis – a shortage of gasoline. The Talmudvision people showed hundreds of Californians lined up at the pumps to get gasoline which wasn't there. As dictated by capitalistic profiteering, the prices shot up. I called one of my boyhood friends who was a minor honcho at Union 76, a giant oil producer. He said that there was ample gasoline but somewhere in the back room, the "boys" had decided to block delivery to the local gas pumps. What ZOG was trying to do is whip the American boob into a frenzy sufficient to accept entry into another war against their better interests. The war never came about and the prices never dropped. An interesting parallel price rise took place in the natural gas industry. People were encouraged to cut back on their heating by lowering the thermostat to 65 degrees, or lower. Most people did, at least in the northeast. The natural gas companies then complained about the loss in profits due to the loss in sales. ZOG stepped in and allowed them to TRIPLE the price. Once done, natural gas miraculously recovered from its "shortage". Someone benefited. Yes? I'll bet it wasn't the family man doing his best to support a family.

ZOG is a racket run by the super-rich and they keep the working man suppressed by requiring him to feed an ever-increasing horde of parasites which supply most of the votes for the candidates of the super-rich. Whether Republican or Democrat, it's all run by ZOGlings and none of them qualify as poor. Even when a third party arises, as with the whore-dwarf Perot, it's is still owned by ZOG. We have only one political party but with several names.

If we "conserved" to a point where an equilibrium were established, it would not last long since the demands of our parasites, plus those of the invaders, would insure yet another crisis-shortage. Even if the growing world population were of good quality, which they are not, you simply cannot have a continuing body-count expansion on a finite planet. If white people – the only people capable of somewhat controlling Nature – do not get their act together soon,  the gods will return this planet to one which runs more smoothly, even if it means no more genus Homo. Of all the critters on this planet, only humans appear to always act in a manner detrimental to their long-term interests. Any intelligent god must have long ago abandoned us as "hopeless".

Tim McVeigh certainly had the courage of his convictions. Not many people do. I certainly am not in the possession of all the facts and so I can only voice an opinion upon what I know. In his own words, he said the bombing was just an eye-for-an-eye. It was not an act with a political objective nor did it do much more than cause many to run to ZOG for help. Tim's accomplice was a race-mixer and it would be hard for me to believe that Tim acted on the behalf of white people. He wanted to kill ZOGlings. It was just a personal agenda which I view as a horrible loss much as the eruption of Krakatau where 36,000 INNOCENT people were killed. Since humans have a difficult time torturing, or executing, gods, they all accepted it as "fate". The tens of thousands slaughtered on our highways annually is accepted as a part of life. The hundred thousands of INNOCENT people vaporized at Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and burned alive at Hamburg and Dresden were just a ho-hum military exercise. Killing is OK when it's the other fellow who gets it. When it hits home, it's hell to pay.

I am thoroughly opposed to the acts of people such as Matthew's and Lane. It is nothing personal because I never met them. The result of their acts has benefited no one except ZOG who makes a production out of their "white" allegiance, thus serving to discredit any LEGITIMATE white coalition. These self-deluded men certainly have the substance we sorely need but playing into the hands of a government, more and more people are starting to despise, is the ultimate folly. For whatever reason, these men committed definable criminal acts and the general population still views them as such. To identify white leadership with criminality is hardly an asset, at least, not in my book.

In response to a rather unusual amount of indignant email, relative to my assertion that David Lane is a common criminal, and not a very good one at that – he was caught –, I feel that I should add a few more words. If you wish to admire him, take him to dinner or even have his name tattooed on your biceps, that is your business, but my position remains: he, and others like him, are doing more harm to the hope of white homogeny, than any perceived good. ZOG loves these people because it serves to "prove" that those who stand for "white" are little more than social misfits at best. White America DOES NOT IDENTIFY with such people. Let's take this further –

One fellow perhaps summed up his ire this way: "The moment you rob a bank for a cause that, Sir, is a political action!" It's evident that he and I do not use the same dictionary. I always resort to earlier editions of Webster's Unabridged due to the lesser amount of politically correct redefining.

causea goal or principle served with dedication and zeal. I suppose this fits best with the "14 words" paraphrase of Dr. Goebbel's statement. Many people also feel attached to this 'cause'. I have no objection to fan clubs.

politicalhaving or marked by a definite or organized policy or structure with regard to government. Government is the exercise of authority in a political unit. A political unit consists of people composing a PARTY. Pray tell, what is the name of D.L.'s political party – the Idaho Tree Dwellers; the Denver Bar Shakers? A "cause" is not a political party and hence anything in its name cannot be political in nature.

If there were in existence a "blue patriot" political party, which seems ludicrous since most blightwingers are not organized to any degree, then murder and robbery might be construed to mean a "political action" by members of that party. However, ZOG would never consider that a political action. Political actions are not  immune from the prevailing law, as a much wiser Hitler soon learned. You might think of something as "political action", but both the ordinary citizens and ZOG consider it criminal if it breaks the law. Any person soberly interested in the retaking of the white political power which was given away, MUST ABSOLUTELY appeal to the vast majority of those so defined. Otherwise, they are just a gaggle of bandidos with grandiose fantasies.

Let's suppose that George Bush Sr. rushes out, robs a bank and kills someone because he didn't like what the man said on radio. He believes, and later claims as a defense, that he was acting politically in the name of the Republican Party. How many Republicans would cheer? How many Democrats would rush to change allegiance? If he were found guilty and locked up, would he be called a "political prisoner"?

I suggest that all read WLA-4 and read it again. Study it. Some of you need to be awakened from your daydreams.

My warped mentality always propels me to react in certain ways. If you are my comrade, then I warn about impending disasters. For the others, I stand back and wait for it to consume them.

I was in the market buying my quarts of high fat milk when I noticed a young fellow stacking soup cans for some sale display. He was piling them vertically and it started to resemble a certain tower in Pisa. I stood back and watched it migrate towards a more accurate model – leaning. There was brisk crash with an encore of bouncing and rolling cans. As I started to leave, smiling of course, another man mentioned that the fellow obviously never studied high school physics. I did not agree with his assessment because it has the cart before the horse. Science is mostly an after-the-fact effort used as a means to discover "why?". If that can be answered, then one doodles some applicable mathematical expression which serves as a description and a recipe for possible prediction. Does any person capable of observation and contemplation need some math mumbo-jumbo or a physics course to tell him how to stack cans? If you learn from experience, then you'd do a good job and prove your intellectual superiority to any batch of diploma heads. I saw this in spades especially during my drag-racing era. People would come in, slipping their slide rules (a wonderful form of calculator – invented by a white man naturally), and making calculations. They were always beaten by 'Wayne the wrecker' who tried certain things, and was bright enough to notice if he was going in the right direction. "Damn," the guy said, "but my fingers hurt." "Then why do you insist upon leaving them in a vise?"

I'd like to elaborate a bit on our welfare notion that we can get something for nothing.

Below Niagara Falls, there are huge tubes which capture some of the river's strongly flowing water. The tubes direct the water so that turbines will turn. The spinning turbines turn a generator which, thanks again to the magnificent white man, generates electricity. Aside from  the massive expense of building and maintaining such an apparatus, it appears that power is manufactured out of thin air – thicker water in this case. The fact is that the velocity of the water LEAVING the tubes, or chutes, is LESS THAN that which enters it. Hydro-electric power plants slow down the flow of a river's water.

The efficiency of all such devices, whether powered by water, or wind, is a function of those 2 velocities – inlet and outlet. If the ratio of the outlet to the inlet velocity = 1, then the efficiency = 0 since no energy was transformed. If the outlet velocity = 0 then the efficiency is 100 percent since all of the energy was converted. (This would pose an interesting problem since the water would start to back up.) A velocity ratio of 1/2 relates to a 25 percent efficiency which is about all we could expect.  "Super efficiency" turbines are so in a relative sense and should not be considerd as even coming close to 100 percent.

Eric sent me another 'care package'. These are usually newspaper clippings which counter the "great white homeland" nonsense. ¡Bien venidos a la tiera a de la gran esperanza blanca! I'll just give them the casual treatment. Three mestizos arrested for assault and robbery. State of Washington is about 10 percent mestizo and growing at 8 percent annually. Cinco de Mayo celebrations going full blast calling for unity for La Raza (the race). Germans getting sick of the 'holocaust' – it's about time. They are obviously smarter than the American boob. KKK rally leads to a fight and several arrests. Jew nailed in telemarketing fraud. Zillah, wholesale spic food distributor, sticks it to the stupid 'weez equal' gingos over internet marketing. A photo of a public school class with only one white face plus that of a brain dead female white cop handing out goodies. Health department gearing up for an outbreak of Hantavirus. Coliform bacteria found in the drinking water. Leno Guerra has gained 120 pounds since he border hopped into stupid fat cat gringo land. Jew Dennis Tito paid $20M to get a space ride but NASA says it will cost them much more than that to accommodate the tycoon. Kosher first class, I guess. Dubya's minor daughter Jenna, nailed for alcohol possession. Spic nigger gang battle leaves 2 dead. Nigger hijacks a bus, attempts to out run cops, shot dead by a spic police officer, 7 others injured when the bus collides with 18 cars. Former Cleveland Browns linebacker Jeremiah Pharms charged with home invasion and first-degree robbery. Even with a high ZOG bucks salary, nigs are inner driven to rape and pillage. You cannot neutralize biology with a social program. Youth suicide rates take another step upward. This is always a reflection upon the society. In Nazi Germany, such suicides were extremely rare. (One jackass told me that it was because the Nazis outlawed suicide.) Most popular heart drugs are ineffective in blacks. Yes Irene, "race" is only a social convention. Alan Garcia, the Peruvian who ran his country into the ground as their top official is again ahead in the polls. It seems the Peruvians are no smarter than Americans. Bottled water is no healthier than tap water, a recent Geneva study relates. In fact, it just might be worse since the plasticizers used in containers find their way into the water. Nothing like a shot of butly phthalate to quench one's thirst. 17-year female honcho Ashley Bergman – women are as equal as men – decided to show the male sex something about car racing. During a close maneuver, she hysterically hit the throttle when she should have applied the brakes, spun the car out of control and slammed into a concrete barrier. Splat! Dead! O well, there's another female waiting in the wings. Spic warring gangs leave 3 dead in a recent battle in Yakima, one block from where Eric lives. Roza Irrigation District will stop delivering water to farmers due to a shortage caused by the drought. Dr. Caliborne Johnston seems to believe that race makes a difference when treating stoke victims. Dawh! He should have read my article in Crystal Ball, June 1967. Carlos Garcia was changed with a 'hate crime' after killing a nig who was interested in "tapping" his 14 year old sister. It seems that mestizos have a greater sense of community than does our white suburban affluent aholes. Three decades ago, a nig and 2 jews were killed in Alabama during a "civil rights" riot. Brain dead white females are holding a candlelight vigil. Recent "immigrants" (ingrates) are demanding that whitey fork over more money for "ethnic education". A photo of jew Bill gates smiling at some award dinner. Mestiza Celia Sheoships of the Umatilla persuasion finds her ownership of an 80-acre spread being contested by others of her tribe. Professor Mark Polishook accepted a grant from Northwest Academic Computing Consortium to advance his "Everyone's a Mozart"  theme by having high school kids outfitted with music composing laptops. If it weren't for grants, idiots like this would be in a bean field somewhere, either picking or as fertilizer. Jew Robert Monski nailed in another day-trader scam. Why are they mostly jews? Well. that's it. Nothing new, for you probably see the same sort of cultural enrichment in your own local newspaper.
Now that income rip-off time is over, I hope you institutionalized sheep deducted plenty of shekels for the kosher religious taxes you pay on nearly everything. You'll have to make a generous guess – let conscience be your guide. If the IRS bandidos question  those estimates, tell them that you'd love to be accurate if only ONE manufacturer would reveal how much "tax" it collects. The best I ever got from General Foods, was "It is quite small." Kosher has nothing to do with "clean". It is religious folderol.
            If an order went out to shoot everyone with an IQ below 90, that would be "racial profiling".
I find it curious that the logo, for the National Association of Fund-raising Ticket Manufacturers, resembles the Mexican Eagle and Serpent emblem, which is on Mexican coins. Remember La Raza, or was that Pomona?
For the 'holocaust' bickering crowd
In a telegram (British Foreign Office, FO371/15252, D.No.605 SECRET) dated 28 August 1943, the limey honchos claim there were no "gassings" of jews anywhere. Raul Hilberg, holocaust guru who keeps rewriting his bible, The Destruction of the European Jews, claims that the "gassings" stopped on 25 November 1945. That's 15 months to gas 11 million at 6 Polish "death camps". Keep in mind that the original tales told of gassings in German camps and it wasn't long before those "ovens" disappeared and popped up in polka land. War certainly has its miracles. Anyway, a little calculator work leaves us with about 170 bipeds per hour, per camp, to deal with, 24/7. Each facility has only been credited with a single "chamber" and each chamber held about 40 people, if the tales are to be believed – a turnover every 15 minutes! Holy Hannah, that's one hell of a lot of shuffling of corpses. When was the last time you heard of a crew moving 40 corpses out of a room in 15 minutes?  Most of them must have been still kicking since the "eye-witness" testimony gives descriptions of "agony" extending to 1/2 hour. Sounds impossible doesn't it? Perhaps we've forgotten the morning Nazi toast, "Today we shall perform another miracle. Sieg Heil!"
I have just been informed that a local school has assigned this as a "geometry project" – Make an edible car which will roll down a 30 degree slope. I guess the mention of 'a 30 degree slope' makes it geometry. The 'edible' part is an innovation which might be used for one's school lunch. Anyway, it's just another example of the absolute crap which is going around in nearly all schools. Most young white males have been cheated out of anything substantial in the way of education – I don't call Marxist propaganda substantial – but that's water over the dam. It is deliberate ZOG policy to make you as useless as possible. The best thing young kids can do for now is to learn a bit on the side and prepare for the rough years ahead because this energy thing will not go away and the mud invasion will not stop. Forget about writing letters to the editor, letters to your Congressman and trying to get a word in on some talk show where being pc is all that matters. Associate with people whom you can trust for you will surely be in need of them soon and doubly, make sure you will be valuable to them. It's all about being a comrade. 
"Lone Wolf?"  Wyatt Earp didn't go down to the O.K. Corral by himself. That's real white history.  The 'Lone Wolf' is an echo of the Jewellywood distortions of the 'Old West'.  Throw away your John Wayne and Clint Eastwood movies and emulate REAL white men instead.  The lone gunfighter of movie and Louis L'Amour fame was an outgrowth of the Code Duello.  These were rules for white men to settle personal differences among themselves. They were never applied to confrontations between whites and other races. Even L'Amour's real ideal was his continuing series about the extended Sackett family that always banded together in times of danger.  The most famous individual heroes of American military history didn't start out as 'Lone Wolves'.  They were members of a group who displayed extreme personal courage in combat in pursuit of group goals.  Very often that heroism was for saving their comrades.

The 'Lone Wolf' rarely exists in nature.  When one does occur it's either a genetic defective or is rabid.  Real wolves travel and cooperate in extended family packs.  This is as true of the canine variety as it was of the U-Boat variety.  That's why they're so dangerous.  The real natural order is 'Wolf Pack'!

Lone Wolves often end up in jail or become dead.  Theoretically there are many who succeed.  Part of being a successful 'Lone Wolf' means keeping quiet after the deed.  This in itself is a prescription for political failure since by definition politics involves multiple human beings.  Even implemented successfully Lone Wolves merely raise the general level of violent anarchy and cause people to look to government for law and order.  No wonder ZOG media promotes them so heavily.

Yes, friends, playtime is running out and the blightwing games are starting to burn out. Soon, it will be time to stand up and be counted.

Sweden, of course, went socialist during the last century. Recognizing that a country cannot have an infinite welfare state – something Americans will soon be confronted with – they made a rule whereby those on welfare would not be allowed to reproduce. Whatcha say, honky?  Getting tired of our "we feed, they breed" system?
This is typical of my responses to people who have paid attention to my comments on 'modern education':

"Yes sir, my friend, you are on the mark. Remember this – most young men today are just as smart as those of 100 years ago. Don't forget that. Math, for example, was taught as a true disciplined skill which everyone had a tiring 'workout'. Kids then came out of grammar school fully functional but that sort of education is being denied most young people today. I'd bet my nose on it, that if you had the proper lower school training, you'd not be stumbling over educational things as you do today. My dad's generation was not a pack of geniuses, but just ordinary people and they certainly would out perform a comparable age group today. You younger people have had it shoved up your ass but you should remain cool and collected. People who know what is going on will be valuable assets in the very near future. Best wishes and thanks for writing."

The SPLC (Dees' millionaires club) is reporting with self-deluding joy the decline of the so-called 'Militia Movement'.  Do not mourn the decay of the so-called 'Militias'.  Instead rejoice and be very glad.  It was all predicted 80 years ago.  This development is instead another indicator showing the ripeness of the times for true White Revolution.


Adolf Hitler on the subject of 'Militias' from Mein Kampf, Chapter IX:

"On purely practical grounds it is impossible to build up a national defence organization by means of private associations, unless the State makes an enormous contribution to it. Whoever thinks otherwise overestimates his own powers. Now it is entirely out of the question to form organizations of any military value for a definite purpose on the principle of so-called ‘voluntary discipline’. Here the chief support for enforcing orders, namely, the power of inflicting punishment, is lacking. In the autumn, or rather in the spring, of 1919 it was still possible to raise ‘volunteer corps’, not only because most of the men who came forward at that time had been through the school of the old Army, but also because the kind of duty imposed there constrained the individual to absolute obedience at least for a definite period of time.

That spirit is entirely lacking in the volunteer defence organizations of today. The more the defence association grows, the weaker its discipline becomes and so much the less can one demand from the individual members. Thus the whole organization will more and more assume the character of the old non-political associations of war comrades and veterans.

It is impossible to carry through a voluntary training in military service for larger masses unless one is assured absolute power of command. There will always be few men who will voluntarily and spontaneously submit to that kind of obedience which is considered natural and necessary in the Army.

Moreover, a proper system of military training cannot be developed where there are such ridiculously scanty means as those at the disposal of the defence associations. The principal task of such an institution must be to impart the best and most reliable kind of instruction. Eight years have passed since the end of the War, and during that time none of our German youth, at an age when formerly they would have had to do military service, have received any systematic training at all. The aim of a defence association cannot be to enlist here and now all those who have already received a military training; for in that case it could be reckoned with mathematical accuracy when the last member would leave the association. Even the younger soldier from 1918 will no longer be fit for front-line service twenty years later, and we are approaching that state of things with a rapidity that gives cause for anxiety. Thus the defence associations must assume more and more the aspect of the old ex-service men’s societies. But that cannot be the meaning and purpose of an institution which calls itself, not an association of ex-service men but a defence association, indicating by this title that it considers its task to be, not only to preserve the tradition of the old soldiers and hold them together but also to propagate the idea of national defence and be able to carry this idea into practical effect, which means the creation of a body of men who are fit and trained for military defence.

But this implies that those elements will receive a military training which up to now have received none. This is something that in practice is impossible for the defence associations. Real soldiers cannot be made by a training of one or two hours per week. In view of the enormously increasing demands which modern warfare imposes on each individual soldier today, a military service of two years is barely sufficient to transform a raw recruit into a trained soldier. At the Front during the War we all saw the fearful consequences which our young recruits had to suffer from their lack of a thorough military training. Volunteer formations which had been drilled for fifteen or twenty weeks under an iron discipline and shown unlimited self-denial proved nevertheless to be no better than cannon fodder at the Front. Only when distributed among the ranks of the old and experienced soldiers could the young recruits, who had been trained for four or six months, become useful members of a regiment. Guided by the ‘old men’, they adapted themselves gradually to their task.

In the light of all this, how hopeless must the attempt be to create a body of fighting troops by a so-called training of one or two hours in the week, without any definite power of command and without any considerable means. In that way perhaps one could refresh military training in old soldiers, but raw recruits cannot thus be transformed into expert soldiers."