24 May 2001

    This recent post of a snivel from Fred-On-Everything says it all.  Some months ago we pegged Fred Reed as a system sell-out whore and ZOG mercenary journalist.  That was easily seen just from the man's biography.  Here's proof straight from the horse's asses' mouth, if more were needed.  Fred's now going to head south to Mestizico to dip his wick and give a 'Latin cast' to his worthless columns.

    Fred was never one of you.  He admits this when he yearns for 1950s Happy Days America.  The rot was already planted at that time.  The old republic was already irretrievably deep into the Judeo-Masonic Imperium.  Fred is just another ZOG hustler on the make.

    Get on out!  Go, Fred, go.  And please do us a favor and don't come back this time.  You are just a useless second rate ZOG neuter.  You lack the three prerequisites of a real man.  Those are moral courage, unswerving commitment and do or die determination.  Real 19th Century American men in the true West had a saying.  "Full force and to the hilt."  That's not about you, Fred, and it never was.

    >>The pressure of a column gets old. You might think writers would get used to deadlines, but you never really do. You're always behind. I once wrote a military column for Universal Press Syndicate, which carries a lot of the heavy names in the column scam.<<

    Can you believe this whining cry baby?  Fred, my 6 month old son is already more of a man than you are.

>>The country is being remade, becoming controlled, homogeneous, feminized. I don't like it. It isn't the country I signed up for.<<

    B.S.  You signed up for it right along with your Playboy subscription back in the 1960s.  The truth is you aren't the man the old America signed up for.  And you are an obstacle to those of us who are making a new white nation.

>>Arguably the place has actually gone nuts. Every week another little boy gets tossed from school for drawing a soldier or playing cowboys and Injuns. Judicial idiots enact more laws to make sure kids don't have families. It appears wanton and deliberate.   I can't stop it, but I don't have to suffer it.<<

    Do you want to see just how weak you are, Fred?  Here's two real Agents of ZOG:  http://www.geocities.com/ftcnet/CSIS1.html  .  Look at them closely, Fred.  One is a weak Tomboy lesbo and the other is a chunker with cellulite thighs.  Now you tell us you are too weak to overcome this so you decided to go down to Mexico?  Just don't get cut, Fred.  And I mean by your Mestizess whore, not a male.    I do believe you are leaving two daughters back here, are you not?  I pity them.  I pity them for their ill fate in catching chromosomes from a low life like you.  You sold out your comrades at Soldier Of Fortune for some fast ZOGbucks.  Now you abandon your genetic posterity to go mestizess chasing in Mestizico.

    Fred-On-Everything?  You never knew anything about anything.

    Ciao, scumbucket!



    Sometimes Your Enemy Is Your Best Friend Department.  Maguire

    That's certainly the case with Mr. Randall Bytwerk (bytw@calvin.edu ).  I suggest everyone write Mr. Bytwerk a truly  polite letter expressing your appreciation for his efforts.  I'm very serious here.  For example, could anyone ask for a better article analyzing on the causes of the current social situation in ZOG-USA than this 1942 article by National Socialist labor leader Robert Ley?  http://www.calvin.edu/academic/cas/gpa/hsa02.htm  The prophetic value of that 58 years later is just amazing. No one who witnessed the Orthodox Jew Lieberman wrapping up Campaign 2000 on election eve in South Beach in Miami can ever deny any part of Ley's observations.  There stood Orthodox Jew Joe surrounded by teeming masses of AIDS infected pederasts, sodomites, lesbians, negroids and all the other stinking sewer dregs the Jews have incited throughout history.

    This archive is precisely the type of resource Zündel was given hundreds of thousands of dollars to create.  Then he didn't do it.  Just for translating one of Ley's letters Ernst would probably demand thousands of dollars and then he would deny you any reprint permission.  And here a ZOGling academic provides it to us gratis.   So everyone be sure to give a polite letter of appreciation to Mr. Bytwerk.

I have no intention of waving this blond, blue-eyed thing in people's faces other than to show what white attributes really amount to. Anything other than this indicates some racial admixture much of which happened eons ago in the dismal swamps of the past. As I have mentioned time and again, I do not believe that less than about 5-6 percent dilution represents anything to worry about. Somewhere across this threshold, mental characteristics and behavior start to get a little on the shaky side. This again does not mean that nifty Helen with her 5'8" height, blond, blue-eyes and skin like cream, is a super white for she might be degenerate to a marked degree. If we are indeed to call ourselves 'racists' then we should at least be able to tell Juan Valdez from Colin Powell, or else we are just talking gas. The kinky hair found on many ostensible whites is a negro characteristic but if that's all, then it is no reason for rejecting the person. It's a matter of counting straws for too many will break the camel's white back. Many 'white' people have Mediterranean anemia which is a form of sickle cell anemia – a distinctly black malady. I know two such people and other than that, they are 100 percent acceptable as far as I am concerned. 
The fitness fanatic and nutrition guru, the jewess
Suzanne Somers, was nearly in tears on the O'Reiley show as she seemed perplexed that she developed cancer. All of that intentional good healthy living, you know. Well, Suzy, the 'experts' really haven't a clue about all of this and when one spends his time analyzing what he stuffs into his mouth, I am sure mental factors torpedo your body's equilibrium. Food, and fitness fads have never changed the frequency of cancer. Most people do the exercise thing to enhance their sex appeal, thus – they hope – insuring a steady supply of a variety of poontang, with AIDS as a condiment.

Speaking of nutrition, one of the freaks who lower themselves to appear on the Howard Stern show, gave out the secret of her great boobs – eat fat. Hey, as a kid they always said that if you wanted skin like a baby's ass, then drink milk – whole milk, that is.

Artificial "scientific" foods, such as hydrogenated crab grass oil, and vitamin enriched polystyrene derivatives, are at the root of most cancers and heart problems. Race-mixing is a sure fire way to drop health problems upon your kids not to mention a good dose of scrambled brains.

I note that the great white hope Mestizobush has announced that henceforth, schools will receive ZOGbucks according to the scores their students receive on standardized tests. This is going to be another laughable exercise in futility... and they are going to nail the teachers' hides to the wall for poor performance. If your brain still retains circulating blood, you can see the folly in it all. The nignog, inner city schools will do poorly mainly because of (1) a biological handicap and (2) a 'who cares?' attitude on the part of the students who view whitey's schools as prisons. You cannot teach penguins how to fly. We've had centuries of proof but the fantasy freaks never learn. I predict that the excuses, and additional nignog perks, will be many come June 2001. All Marxist schemes collapse because they are in opposition to the natural order. In the meantime, pray and send money.
This is a site packed with WW II stuff.
Anyone out there in ZOGland
who has an old flat bed scanner they want to sell, please contact me. I am patching together some equipment for an old person with limited means and more limited eyesight. On my part, this will be a freebie to a deserving white person who has worked hard all of his life. The scanner must operate in an MS-DOS environment, Windows independent. Suggested "oldies" (vintage early 90s) are HP's ScanJet IIp, ScanJet IIc or ScanJet Plus.
A Nietzsche fan? Try this online book source – http://www.fns.org.uk   – the 'other links' area.

    The historical novelist Harold A. Covington is back on the scene with a new website and an old message:  "Go Northwest, young man, go Northwest".  It's a tired recap of the failed Butler-Beam ideas of the 1980s.   "The Northwest Agency" appears to be a Salvation Army budget copy of the infinitely resourced Jewish Agency.  That's unfair to the Salvation Army actually.  Their budget is in the hundreds of millions.  Oppressed whites are supposed to migrate en masse to the Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah area.  The Northwest Agency will apparently serve as your full service relocation specialists.  I have Aryan friends who are successful RE/MAX agents.  Their network will provide better service by far.

    Harold, what's your new address in the Great White Hopeland?  Last we heard you were still not Messing With Texas.  Here's Harold's principles for establishing the Great White Hopeland:

1. There must be a bona fide revolutionary movement, devoted towards seizing state power directly from the hands of the existing power structure. Not conservative, not reformist, not willing to work within the existing system, but dedicated to its destruction.

   Old news.

2. There must be withdrawal of the consent of the governed, wherein a majority of the people in a country or territory no longer wish to be ruled by the existing power structure and desire change. Not just any change, but specifically that power be assumed by the bona fide revolutionary movement.

    We're aware of this one too.  It's called delegitimation.  F.A.E.M's position is that (a) we agree with Professor Kaplan's thesis  (see WLA #1) that a process of mutual delegitimation of both regime and opposition has been in operation for several decades, (b) ZOG tolerated this because of its two other foundations of power
(see  /maguire/b0512mm.htm ) and (c) the principle task right now is developing leaders, not followers.

3. There must be the loss of the credible monopoly of armed force by the state. Acts of insurrection and guerrilla warfare must take place, actual and serious physical damage must be inflicted on the enemy, and no one must be caught or punished for these acts. This condition is necessary to force the power structure into repression and acts of atrocity and retaliation against the general population in their frustration at being unable to locate and apprehend the real guerrillas.

    Harold, Harold, Harold ...tsk tsk tsk.  How could you possibly have served in Rhodesia, lived in Ireland and not have learned this next lesson?  Please excuse me in advance for shouting but this is literally a life and death lesson for our young men.


    The routine and routinely successful Ancient Regime method in the industrial age for dealing with insurgents without sanctuaries follows the following sequence:

    1.  Find and pursue the insurgent.

    2.  Fix him in place by pinning him down.

    3.  Using superior technical resources of mobility, mass superior firepower against the fixed guerrilla and barbecue to satisfaction.

    The reason secure sanctuaries are essential for the guerrilla is to allow him to break the above cycle between steps 1 & 2.  Once the guerrilla crosses into his politically secured sanctuary (the equivalent of the neutral zone in children's warball games) the Ancient Regime forces have to break off pursuit.  They are not able to fix him while massing superior forces.

   Where is this Northwest Republic guerrilla army supposed to obtain such secure sanctuaries? North of the border in ZOG Canuckistan?  Who will supply the weapons?  The King of Saudia Arabia?  He does plenty of business with the Zionists behind the scenes.    Ignore the Northwest Asylum strategy and especially ignore it when it's pushed by people practicing the Precede Me principle of leadership.   The history of the US Army's campaign against Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce is a good topic for everyone tempted by this Northwest Asylum fantasy.  Study the results Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce obtained on that very same ground against the U.S. Army in the 19th Century.  As you study it remember this:  ZOG's mobility and firepower multiples against you are still many times greater than what the US Army possessed against the Nez Perce.

    Here's the final reason the Northwest Plan is a sure-fire loser.  Even if whites accomplish all of Harold's plan they'll still lose.  With that kind of concentrated target appearing ZOG will do what it did against the German People's State, only this time it will use nuclear weapons for their intended purpose.  Any white political strategy that does not result in the acquisition of a large part of ZOG-USA's strategic nuclear force is a still-born loser.  Don't ever underestimate the totality of ZOG's hate for the white race.  They'll do it without hesitation and make everyone except the Chinese think the Chinese did it.

     Harold, you are a superb writer and much better than me.  Go back to your novels.  You can really do us some good there.   It's far better to validate your leadership among whites where you are now, rather than engage in the ultimate version of 'white flight'.  Forget about strategies modeled on Hollywood movies such as 'Red Dawn', which is where the whole Northwest non-idea first originated.


People are born with a CAPACITY to think and act. You have what you have, and the wise do their best with what was dropped on them by the genetics of their parents. We call this capacity intelligence and people who are deficient in it are called stupid, morons, etc. This capacity is like a pail, we can leave it empty or we can fill it with knowledge and skill. (One never knows when some odd bit of acquired knowledge might come in handy.) People with very little in their pails, are called ignorant. Ignorance is always curable; stupidity is not. Oh yes, the hokum peddlers, who target caring mothers, would like to sell them some machine (computer), batch of games (software), food supplements, procedure (phonics), and other snake oil, as a cure for that which the gods saw fit not to bestow upon their children. (How many women do you know who actually chose a mate based upon his genetic potential?) All of this nonsense appeals to the "quick fix", "work is slavery" crowd. This, also powered by the loony belief that anyone can become whatever their little noggins dream up, is partially responsible for the comedy show we now refer to as education.

Readin', writin' and 'rithmetic are skills which require discipline and effort to acquire. The first to go was penmanship. Gone are the hours of practice making uniform "saw" and "oval" figures. Gone are the pages of "ABC"s written until one's fingers grew tired. Thus, the majority of people simply can no longer decipher each other's scribbles. In addition, this lack of precision in manipulating a writing instrument has led to a decline in the ability to render a likeness of much of anything on paper. I've watched geometry students who cannot draw a straight line, or circle, with any degree of accuracy. Thus, math skill suffers.

The phonetics/phonics hockey puck has further crippled communication skills since many simply can no longer spell correctly. Due, dew and do – two, too and to – their, there and they're – Bayer, bear and bare – all become the same and people no longer know what the other fellow is trying to communicate.

When the language goes nignog, so does proficiency in the hard sciences – the hallmark of the white race. Math is now little more than exposure to a disjointed array of samples taken from here and there. Kids cannot use the process of long division with any degree of assurance and so all analogous items, such as algebra's synthetic division, must be deleted from the course.

A crying mother stopped by and was upset by her son Greg's 69 in algebra. She asked for my help. I talked to Greg to assure myself that he wasn't a lazy dreg and found him to be solidly average. "Average", as we seem to believe today, is a derogatory term for all are equal geniuses. I told the boy that his grades would improve in direct relation to the effort he put in and that I would require hours of DRILL. You cannot have long division "explained" to you and still have competency, as most "modern" educators – read 'deceivers' – claim. (My mother "explained" chord structure, harmony, measure, beat and note reading to me in less than two hours but that never made me able to play a thing on our piano.) Greg could not handle 6th grade arithmetic properly for he was passed from grade to grade based upon seat time and good manners. I supervised  his endless minutes with exercise after exercise and when we got caught up to where his class was in algebra, I required the writing out of all definitions at least 500 times each.

Greg took his mid-term  and received an 84.

He continued to come to the house for assignments and such for the remaining weeks. (I do not go to the student. They come to me.) He appeared to like the work as indicated by his general happiness. He factored expressions until factoring became second nature and so it went. He multiplied long polynomials while humming. Greg took the final the other day and received a 97, as his mother informed me. He's now headed for geometry but I know the jerk whom he will have for a teacher. Geometry, to this person, involves a lot of "projects" which are usually a variety of cutting out paper dolls in the shape of pentagons, squares, etc.

The schools are mainly holding areas for young people to keep them busy, and many of them saddle the students with needless, and very tiring, assignments which only serve to convince the uninformed parents that "education" is taking place. It's a variety of "no pain, no gain" -  a masochist's idea of a dream world. I will go on record as stating that 75 percent of all homework today is useless.

At one school where I was employed, I, being low on the seniority totem pole, was assigned one of the "average" groups. I told them that they were fortunate to be called "average" since that was truthful while the other bunch of average kids was called the "honors group". I also mentioned that if they wanted to work IN CLASS, and during their study halls, that they would achieve what the honors group would and do it with very little homework. They thought that would be interesting. I continued by mentioning that the textbook we were required to use was written by people who obviously smoked pot. "I will not do your work for you. I will not hand out outlines nor any other kind of notes. I will probably never check your homework unless requested. I will never inform you in advance of any quiz or test. There is no benefit in cramming. There will be no 'make up' anythings. There will no 'extra credit' for anything."

I spotted Laurie trying to copy answers from Gretchen during a test. Without drums rolling, I pulled her desk over to Gretchen's and said, "There, I don't want you to strain your eyes." And so it went. My group only had one 100 on the regents while the other had 2 of them. Our class average was 3 points below the other – not enough to warrant the calling in of a firing squad. I still remember Michele smiling to her 'honors' friend, "You spent 2 weeks on truth tables and we, only 2 days. You had tons of homework and we had none. In fact, Mr. Frenz gave us 2 class holidays so we wouldn't get too far ahead of you." The head of the department, who always came to me when a difficult math question came up, was not too happy about my methods. We are all basically self-educated and we all control our own behavior. No one "makes you" do anything. Often you are left with an offer you cannot refuse – Gib me yo money or I be blown yer brains out. You will make a voluntary choice. Right?

I am no magic man. I have no "tricks". I will not treat high school students as if they were 6 years old. I refused to "follow the book" and encouraged all to THINK and use memorization as a TOOL only. I am fully aware that in our Marxist system today, the path of reward lies in rote memory and being useful idiots for the system.

I wandered quite a bit from my original intent which was to impress upon you the necessity of thinking for yourself and developing a hard skin when it comes to criticism. How often have your suggestions been torpedoed with the question, "Where's your diploma?" or "What makes you an expert?" How often have you derailed your God-given ability to distinguish reality, by caving in to popular opinion? I'll bet, quite often. Take this "race" thing, for example.

As a white man, do you really think that a black is one of you? If so, have you ever given it any thought beyond what you have been told? Do you need the opinions of others in order for you to have one of your own? Does "the experts say" intimidate you to the point where you become unable to think for yourself? America is supposed to be about the "individual" but the mass behavior demonstrates that we are one of the most conformist lands on earth – sheep in a Zionist pen.

According to the "experts", the weird proposition that the elephant and the hyrax (a small rodents) are RELATED represents "truth" and their biological classification names indicate that. If the experts tell you that chipmunks and tangerines are related, what say you? I have a Ph.D. and you dropped out of school. That makes me more of an "expert" than you. Right? So if I say that 2 + 2 = 5, then you'd better believe it. Right? You won't because your past experience tells you that I am full of camel fudge. But what do you do when you have no experience in, or knowledge of, the topic? Here's one: It is a fact that any brachistochome involving epicycloids cannot be resolved in fewer than 4 partial derivatives. Or: The basic building block of the universe is an enantiomorphism of the vibrating vacuum. If your teacher belches such nonsense, you 'learn' it because that's the path to an A. Think about this and some enchanted evening you'll discover that most of what you "know" is merely an acceptance of what you were fed. My examples were nonsense cloaked in vocabulary which most would not recognize. The highfalutin language intimidates you into acceptance. Your only defense against this type of barrage is not the opinion of another. Use a dictionary and you'll find the fault in it all. When you quote someone else's arguments then why would anyone pay attention to you? They would be better advised to seek the author for nothing can be gained from dialogue with parrots. That's why I find discussions with the blue collars usually more rewarding that the "educated" for the educated heads usually contain more memorized mush. The blue collar knows he is ignorant of many things and therefore is capable of learning. The academic "A" bunch think they know it all by virtue of their grades and diplomas. What they really suffer from is arrogant ignorance.

You are being fed manure by the bushel and I hope you'll use your intelligence to separate the shit form the Shinola. Memorize the hooey, go along, and get those A's in the full knowledge that you are being just a p.c. parrot – on the surface, hopefully. The truth is out there and you can find it if you try. As you move though life, never forget that the most powerful friend you'll ever have is your natural inner voice and the most solid form of intelligence is rarely revealed in an IQ score.

Lots o' good stuff here —
                     http://www.regmeister.net/                  http://www.regmeister.net/h_mahler.htm

    This opinion poll reports that 43% of 'Californians' now think building more power plants is the solution to California's electricity shortage.  That number is up from 32% in January.  Think about what that says for a moment people.  After several months of rolling blackouts 57% of 'Californians' STILL don't think making more of their own electricity is the solution for electricity shortages.  After deducting the Jewish population from California 'whites', that 43% who think increasing supply is the way to solve shortages correlates perfectly to the remaining white population in California.  What's happened is some white tree huggers, feminists and fags have temporarily woken up from their Jew daze.  Meanwhile the Jews leading their majority of minorities preach that squeezing the whites elsewhere in America is the solution. Maguire

Frenz sez – The problem logically follows from the insane policy of "We feed. They breed." If the beaners and ricers where all shipped back to where they came from, you'd have no such shortages. Another avenue is to impose a citizenship requirement of sterilization. If the white dingbats don't soon take control of unrestricted breeding, then Mother Nattier will do it for them albeit with the production of much more misery.

Here's an excellent example of the kind of word twisting Talmudic sophistry ZOG engages in when it discusses 'science' and 'genetics'. ZOG's position is that race is a 'construct'. To prove this it cites a study showing that 1% of Britons are polluted by negroid  genes. Even the alert critical reader notes that within this ZOG approved article there are references to the three races: White, Yellow  and Negroid. ZOG can't even tell its lies without reference back to the truth.

Question. If race is merely a construct then how was Researcher Sykes able to identify the negroid genes to start with? If races don't exist then it logically follows that Sykes shouldn't have been able to identify what doesn't exist, which are genes which are categorizable as 'negroid'.

All this article proves is that miscegenation occurred in the distant (and also not so distant) past in England.

DNA Shows Black Genes in White Britons

Judeo-Marxist:  "Race is a construct.  Money is real."

White Patriot:  "Race is the reality.  Money is the construct."

Political definitions by Maguire

1.  Jew = Biological, Economic, Political, Social, Cultural and Religious Enemy of the White Race

2.  Non-white Registered Democrat = Racial Enemy

3.  White Registered Democrat = Potential Convert

4.  White Registered Republican = Potential Convert

5. Registered and Non-registered White Political Independent = Prime Possible Convert

6. White Democrat & GOP Political Leaders = White Race Traitors

7. Non-white non-voter = Ideal minority pending peaceful resettlement/relocation.

    Treaties and armistices are sometimes possible with Group 2 in between periods of active warfare.    Groups 3, 4 & 5  constitute the political population pool for the non-movement to seek out to convert.  These groups are the field for your political  work.  After a long look in the mirror ask yourself a question and answer it honestly.  Is there any particular reason  they would listen to you?  Group 6's only remaining rendezvous with destiny is a future appointment with Aryan Justice.  Their  fate is sealed.  Group 7 is merely a minor inconvenience and should not be annoyed so long as they obey the criminal laws lest  they transfer to Group 2.  Harassing #7's is as rude as pounding on the monkey bars at the zoo.  It's a breach of white public  decorum and also politically short sighted.

Mad Cow Disease is fanning out over the world right on the heels of the now infamous Foot And Mouth Disease. Cows are herbivores, they don't eat meat. Yet, out of greed, jews Hormel and Armour wanted to stop discarding inedible animal by-products and so conspired with the jews at Ralston Purina to dehydrate bone, brains, scrotums and such and add it to animal feed. There isn't a country in the world today not aware of the results of that greed. When I see a box of Rice Chex in the supermarket, I wonder if it comes from the same physical factory-plant where puppy chow is made.(These were the same people who noted that starving dogs would eat chicken feed. This started the 'dry' dog food business and millions of ignorant people feed this chicken feed shit to their captive carnivore dogs. Ever wonder why dogs are not living as long as they used to? Or why they are now having cancer and heart problems unknown in the past? RF)

Why haven't they gone to jail for this horrendous crime? Simply that they sought, and got, government approval from the likes of jews Schumer, Lautenberg and Franks. Remember, they had previously gone to Congress to get FDA approval to put bone-meal in your hot dogs. The theory was that since the bone stripping machinery did that anyway (ever bite on a little hard thingy in a hamburger?), they wanted a standard set in writing. The result of that legislation is that now the jews have upped the original 1/50th of 1% to as much as 10% by weight. You WON'T find added bone-meal in Hebrew National frankfurters, however. Why is that?

Hoof And Mouth, apparently originating in the British Isles (via China. RF) , has now spread world-wide, first to Europe and the Middle East, then to Argentina and Brazil and finally this week to Siberia. It has caused the ever malignant governments of the world to slaughter tens of millions of cows, pigs and goats. We may eventually find that the transportation of these sick animals to slaughter caused a more virulent spread of the disease than if we had left them alone. Such is the governments' folly.

This week's news included the culling of 1.2 million chickens in Hong Kong due to Chicken Flue. And in the good old U.S. of A., a mystery illness has killed hundreds of young horses and caused mares to miscarry or give birth to stillborn foals, starting in Kentucky.

The latter three diseases are caused again by greed, in that breeders don't spread the animals out over hundreds of acres, but rather raise ten million chickens in cramped pens under one roof. It is much like the Bubonic Plague, Small Pox and now AIDS which have swept through human populations whenever the demographics of congestion exceeded levels proper to prevent the spread of contagion. Seems familiarity breeds disease, not contempt. It's Okay though, since animal warehouses are air-conditioned, right? Perdue and Tyson even play them music. Nice touch.

The Swine who perpetrated these events are the same ones who own manufactured food stuffs facilities and distribution, international shipping and who broker energy. Ask California and Brazil about electric shortages. They can tell you. The bottom line is that the perpetrators take no loss on these travesties. Rather, the shortages cause severe price hikes, which means they make higher profits on selling less. Exxon is a prime example here. They publicly proclaim they are only passing on raw material increases and the cost of government regulations, but their Third Quarter Stockholders Report would indicate price gouging of the highest degree.

Keep your eyes on this one, folks! All the gold of the world shall return to Solomon. Says so in the Talmud [TM]. Tripp 

Is the Marxist hate-whitey propaganda taking another turn? I watched some degenerate 'comic' program where a comedienne was issuing a battery of the typical crotch and feces jokes. As I was about to turn it off, she changed the topic and described a place where she visited. All of the children were blond, blue-eyed – "I was surrounded by all that sickening paleness!", she exclaimed, "This is what the world would have looked like if Hitler had won." The audience burbled a bit and I was not sure exactly how to take it.

One fellow wrote that his grandson's six-pointed teacher explained, "...  that during W.W.2 the German blond, blue eyed
people placed in concentration camps all the brown haired people with dark eyes."

A couple of things may be recognized here. First, that Zionist propaganda apparently is more important than reading, writing and arithmetic, and people get "A"s for demonstrating their parroting ability. Many of our schools are little more than indoctrination centers designed to further the red party line and keep kids ignorant of the truth. (Eric told of one history teacher who loudly stated that if anyone believed that Roosevelt had advance knowledge of the planned Pearl Harbor bombing, he would automatically fail the course.) The next point is that with the mud invasion of "white" people from salsa land, it will no longer serve Zionist interests to alienate them in their hate-whitey barrages. The sights are now being turned toward those truly unique and easily identifiable racial characteristics of white people – blue eyes and blond hair. No longer will skin color alone serve in the global attack on the white race. As the jew drove his wedge between white men and white women with the feminist movement, so are they now trying to split the white people along yet another line. Divide and conquer. As for the young, keep them "dumbed down" and "turned on" to sex and drugs.

Ever since I was a kid, the jew movie business portrayed female blonds as "dumb". As I glance back over the pages of my past, what do I see? Sixth grade top students – blonds Helen and Mary Des. Who were our high school's top female math students? Blonds Jean and Nancy. (The top male was blond John.) Who was our top athlete and straight A student? Blond David. Who were the sister stars in the track and field events? The blond blue-eyed girls Paula an Patti. Who were the summa cum laude graduating females in my daughter's engineering class? More blonds! Incidentally, our high school 'Schwarzenegger' was blond Ben. Make no mistake, in our school blond(e)s were in the minority.

If you dislike white people, the sight of blue-eyed blonds must drive you insane. Who are the main targets of faggots, jew smut peddlers and nigwogs on the make? Didn't the sewer people go absolutely ape when the blond heads rolled from the guillotine during the French Revolution? Go to any wax museum and note the number of blue-eyed, blond and red haired figures. I pointed this out to one director and within a month he inserted a Mahatma Gandhi in the middle of the world's greatest explorers. One woman, who overheard my conversation about blue eyes, remarked that "They probably didn't know how to make glass blue eyes." Take about a stupid excuse in an attempt to refute the obvious. It reminded me of a brain dead student of mine whose mind was so awash with Zionism, that she bought into the Budweiser poster propaganda that Hannibal was a twin of Mr. T., the ugly black TV 'star'. I directed her to portraits, sculptures and images on coins, to no avail. She was convinced that it was a plot to destroy black history. Nothing like a true believer, I say. How do you spell 'bigot'?

Every crow on the planet can recognize crows of another species even though we seem to have difficulty. Gazelles don't confuse themselves with other antelope but the honky wanders about, eyes glazed from boob-tubitis, and cannot tell a tomato from an oversize cherry – weez al' eekuls, ya 'no'. And we are supposed to be the most intelligent of creatures? The gods must be laughing their buns off.

    If we indeed reach a point of "no hope", it shall be on the day the last white man gives up.
Most people
can do better in math then they realize. The big problem is that math has been "modernized", which means the hot air artists have polluted it with academic gas. How does one make "modern"  numerals and division?

My first encounter with the hot air came when teacher-dear drew a line (segment) on the board and labeled the ends, point A and point B. Between these 2 points, we can place another point. Call it "C". Between A and C, and, B and C, we can do the same. "In fact," he yodeled, "we can place as many 'in betweens' as we like." "Infinity!", he shrieked while a shit-eating grin grew across his face. He continued, "Since there are an infinity of them, points have no dimension."

The tall blond Jean, with the nice sweater bumps, mentioned that the "dot" on the board obviously was more than 'zero' wide. "But that's not a 'real' point, for 'real' points cannot be seen."

Bobby (me), the kid who put the dead rabbit in Billy Doty's desk, waved his hand and when acknowledged, said, "No, Mr. Burns, what's on the board is a REAL point. The ones you talk about are hot air." He glared and I continued. "If points have no length, breadth or width, then how can you go from one to another? That would mean that the two points were not in the same place and the 'in between' would have to be something for how can one cross nothing and be somewhere else?"

"That's the beauty of math," he said, "for only in math can you add up an infinite number of nothings and get something." (In physics they have the analogous 'vibrating vacuums' – the fundamental building block of the universe.)

"OK, let's go back to what you said before – about putting as many points as you want between A and B. Show me how to place 1000 points between A and C," I irritatingly questioned. His toupee slid slightly towards his left ear when he responded, "I cannot for it's impossible to draw a point with no dimension!" "Then what can". I replied.

The class started to giggle and Vern Fischer made some obscene gesture to Suzanne. Suzanne smiled and rubbed her knees together.

Mr. Burns then proceeded to break chalk sticks between his fingers and answered my question with an enforced calm, "Nothing in the real world can make a 'real' point." "That's the point about my point about points," I sniggered, "It appears that unreal things are required to make real mathematical things but where do all of these unreal things come from if they are to be more than a figment of someone's delusion?"

The bell rang and Eunice said she'd be at the Lily Pool in the park about 7 PM. I didn't know what she meant at the time, but I found out at 7:23 PM.