26 May 2001
As a child, I'd sing "Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never harm me." But that was in the days when 12 year olds had more backbone than many 40 year olds of today. Now, this feminized Marxist zoo reminds me of a batch of old hens who accidentally wandered into a farting contest – they were "offended". The reds are now clamoring for a First Amendment 'interpretation' which excludes 'offensive' speech from its protection. Madison reminded us not to take things out of context and so we could rightly ask why the First Amendment is around anyway. If everyone was super pleased at each and every morsel of blab and print which they encountered, then the First Amendment would be superfluous. Think about that, if you are able! Why should this amendment be perverted so as to protect all of those sensitive nincompoops who essentially are 'offended' by nearly everything anyway. If they don't like what you say, they'll find a way to not like the way you said it. It's either too hot or too cold. Not a day passes when something or the other doesn't displease me – offends me. The damned car wouldn't start. Someone's dog crapped on my lawn. I didn't accelerate fast enough from a changing traffic light to please the fellow behind me. He was displeased – offended. He called me a stupid, f---ing idiot. That would have offended me if I really gave a damn. I am sure that my presence offends some people. For crying out loud – much of life is offensive. Has it dawned upon anyone the connection between "offend" and "offensive"? Anything which gets "in my face" is an act of offense by something or the other. Mosquitoes offend me. To be on the offense means that your target will be offended. If you want to minimize your exposure to being offended, then stay out of the line of fire and refrain from acting like a spoiled brat demanding that the world be molded into his own pleasure box. As President Solomon Truman said, "If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen."

"Offensive speech"? Speech is made from words. Are there offensive words? Words are made up of letters. Are there offensive letters? Perhaps "F" drives you up a wall. Once, while in high school, I wrote the letter "F" on a piece of paper and handed it to Eunice. She smiled and wrote back that she'd be baby-sitting that night. I guess that letter didn't offend her.

Maybe there are offensive words. If a fag whispered "love" into my ear, I think I'd be offended. Whispering the same word into Mary's ear, caused all sorts of interesting behavior to follow. She seemed not offended. "Nigger" appears to send many into emotional fits. The word is an alteration of dialectal neger taken from the Latin niger, meaning black. What shall we do with the words niggardly and niggerfish, pray tell?

Many jews are offended when you call them jews. Many non-jews are offended when they are called jews. Why should this be? Jews are God's Chosen people, it is believed, and so to call someone a jew would rank as a very high compliment. If compliments offend some people, then perhaps they'd feel better if they were called pigs. Come to think of it, I know people of whom the label 'pig' would be complimentary. Only the pig would be offended. Man, but it's getting hard to not offend something. Yesterday, I even offended myself.

Call me what you will. It's the smiling fellow with a ball bat, coming my way, which I am more concerned with.

The study of the ARA types has been very useful.  My enemy is always my best helper.  That's because my enemy is always my best teacher, too.  Only my enemy is faithful and diligent enough to point out every one of my mistakes without fail.  Only my enemy will teach me his strong points and weak points.  Only my enemy will teach me how to defeat him.  I do indeed love my enemy.


    This woman is a greater than average contradiction in terms.  It's clear her entire life is lived in a world of self-induced fantasy.  As a young ZOGling she was into large broadswords such as the one she's photographed with.  In her declining years she's now reaching out for stability by holding fast to heirlooms such as the 'near 70 year old' silk dress she's photographed in.  I've noticed that psychological phenomenon among liberal females before.  Having consciously cut themselves off from their cultural and genetic heritage and having turned their faces against any pure genetic posterity, they reach out for some sense of continuity in their useless, decaying lives.  The only one left is a near psychopathic fixation to decaying material objects once
possessed by now dead female ancestors.

    This pathetic individual's pages include one on how to get money.  Judeo-Marxists always love the big ZOGbucks or at least dreams of big ZOGbucks like their Jewish masters have.  Another laughable comment was her statement that 'all races have racists'.  I wonder how she thinks she'll deal with the 1.2 billion Chinese categorizable that way?  The greatest contradiction of all concerns her opposition to 'pornography' and 'child abuse' while simultaneously defending the free practice of sodomy.  Could there ever be a greater display of sheer 'Know Nothing' ignorance?  Has this genetic wastrel never seen a 'Gay Right's' parade complete with the NAMBLA contingent?    She's doubtless one of the many gullible who believe the lie that a man who sexually molests young boys is somehow not a 'homosexual'.

    The Jeff Berry-KKK coverage on her website does contain many useful lessons for aspiring white patriotic leaders.  I definitely recommend all and sundry study http://members.aol.com/POARAR/unlawful.html .  What Ray Kroc once said about franchising ("Study what Dairy Queen does and do the opposite") applies here.  In this instance the woman's fixation is so personalized I suspect she has some private agenda against Jeff Berry.  Typically we at F.A.E.M. haven't concerned ourselves with the KKK outside of those like Metzger who've tried to reinvent themselves as national socialists.

    The Madam President is also a member of the 'anti-racist' webring http://nav.webring.yahoo.com/hub?ring=chaz1&list .  Surfing down that list is useful just to realize the nature of the flakes and loons that constitute ZOG's Acts 17:5 lewd characters.  'Enemy' is actually too honorable a term for people like these.  Ariel Sharon is an enemy.  This pathetic person is merely a nuisance on the order of a mosquito.  Lastly, if any readers decide to contact the President of P.O.A.R.A.R., please conduct yourselves with Aryan gallantry and gentility.

* * * * *
Our sidebar diversion into the depths of the 'Anti-Racist Alliance' did yield another confirmation of our White Leadership Academy thesis of delegitimation as mutual process.  For instance, the Madam President of P.O.A.R.A.R was alert enough to pick up on this aspect of a 1998 CBS 48 Hours puff piece on Jeff Berry and his American Knights KKK cell:

From P.O.A.R.A.R. >>On Thursday, October 22, 1998 '48 Hours' ran a story on hate in the USA. Included in this 1 hour show was a large piece on Jeff Berry and his group The American Knights. This author sat and watched what appeared to her to be nothing more than a large, free commercial for Jeff Berry by Jeff Berry. Very little background was given on this man or his group. His family's escapades and arrest records were 'never' mentioned. Jeff Berry
being a convicted felon must have not been important to '48 Hours' ...Has '48 Hours' sunk to an all time low, or are they just Jeff Berry's fools aiding in Berry's own self-glorification? What happened to real journalism? If you have or have not viewed this episode of '48 Hours' and agree with your author please let CBS know.<<

    I didn't see the piece in question but I think the Madam President gave an objective description of the show.  Here's where we will part ways with Madam President.  We don't think the Jews who own and operate CBS are idiots or fools.  They know exactly what they are about.  So why did they choose to promote someone like Jeff Berry so favorably?  For starters, we think they knew all about Berry's background when they did the piece.  Most of it was public record and therefore would surface during the routine part backgrounding for any mass media story.  The obvious conclusion is that CBS decided to suppress that information to help create another easily destroyed phony combat cell.  The scam is getting really old at this point.  The cycle is sheer stock ZOG agent-provacateur.

    – Identify them.  Mo' Dees, the ADL and their many illegal informers inside the police agencies have access to plenty of information.
    – Puff them with a major mass media piece such as the CBS softball job on Berry.
    – Set the trap.  In Berry's instance this was another media piece by a local Louisville TV crew that wasn't so user friendly.
    – Close the cycle with Morris Dees in court.

    This was a classic SPLC sting operation.  What lessons do we learn from this transaction?

    1.  The only white racialists who will be profiled by the major media are those being groomed for a Mo' Dees operation.
    2.  We can ONLY communicate through our own media.  Rebuilding such communication networks constitutes a major task.


I see that David Irving is having some Chinese concern publish his second book on the piggish hypocrite Churchill. He doesn't want interference from the jews. This reminds me of the time a fellow I knew, who wanted to publish some politically incorrect book. He also went to a Chinese publisher and told him, "If you print this, the jews might give you trouble." To that the Chinese man replied, "Fu-ka jews. Got plenty Chinee bizness. No need fu-ken jew." How do you spell 'respect' in Mandarin? O, if the gods could only put such spine back into old whitey.
White people are the more honest of all the world's groups. This is demonstrated logically by their behavior. If they did not trust one another, then there would be no way to build upon that contributed by others. The construction of any piece of machinery – once it becomes specialized as all great strides must – depends upon trusting all of your partners ion the work. If the wheel maker could not trust the spoke maker, then why would he even attempt a wheel? The pistol maker must trust those who make the ammunition. And so it goes. A gaggle of liars, cheats and thieves never get off square one and that accounts for most of the turd world condition which is environment independent.

Lying is a single-minded activity which one uses in order to manipulate the behavior, and/or thoughts, of another to his own benefit. It is a totally selfish approach to interaction and is a part of the life of all those in their formative years. With honest parents, children venture little into the world of deception. Dishonest adults breed dishonest children and even liars do not like liars.

This inclination for honesty is a strength, which accounts for the unprecedented changes in white society, as long as the society remains white. Once non whites invade a white living space, the basic honestly of white people is used against them by the dishonest cruds of other races where lying is a way of life. Thus we see that it is mainly whites people who are fleeced, and taken advantage of by the liars. This is also the reason why young white people believe the nonsense about 'equality', black history and jew benevolence, and so on, for they trust the Marxist liars who deluge them with fables. It is extremely difficult to break through this attitude which forms a part of most white people. They simply do not want to distrust others since inwardly they know that distrust always ruins all societies. Once start reality brings the message home, and usually this is when they are driven to the wall, they erupt in rage – a berzerker condition – for that which they assumed was valuable was stripped from them by the reality that they were lied to. A black or yellow might take offense at being lied to and retaliate by cutting your tongue out, but the white man is the one who is disturbed most profoundly and reacts so violently.

A white nation, as America once was, when invaded by the derelicts of the Star Wars world, follows one of two paths. It either disintegrates due to the lack of trust to carry it on, plus the added affliction of incompetence and dysfunction caused by race-mixing, or it reacts in a extremely violent manner to rid itself of its antagonists. I am sure that the subverting racial enemies of the white race are in full knowledge of this and that is why they are trying to do the Gulliver routine on us. Little by little, rope by rope, and stake by stake, we are being welded to the earth. We are being de-clawed and de-fanged slowly, but surely. The ironic thing is that we are doing it to ourselves. "Yes, I'll be a nice pussy cat. Let me pull out my own claws." Haven't you noticed that all of the muds demand that WE PROVE something to them?

The spider never ties the fly with one strand. It goes around and around and around. First, it's a small piece of the Second Amendment, then it's a bite out of the Fourth. In complete disregard of Madison's words, the men in black robes are reading the Constitution out of historical context – all of the time! Already the teeth are sinking into the First and if it weren't for that beautiful attribute named trust, the tiny slices would have never been removed.

Deep inside, white people are aware of their superiority. That's why they are so eager to help others whom they deem unfortunate. This also accounts for their lack of hostility when they are called derogatory names such as gringo, honky, pale face, white devils, racist, etc. They know that what they hear is coming from very poor sources.

We cannot alter that which is innate and we are therefore required, for our own survival, to insure that we have a nation of our own, fully in defense of our territory – to the death. If we choose the whole planet to be our living space, then where do the other races and mongrels go? I am sure that someone can offer an interesting answer to that.

WARNING! It has come to my attention that many young men have been printing up labels, and little cards, via their computer station, which reads Forbidden by the First Amendment – www.faem.cc. These items are then discretely left here and there, in books, libraries, on lamp posts, etc. where young white males might read them. Such an activity might be in violation of some littering or vandalism law. Do not break the law for you risk being nailed for a 'hate crime'.
A 'hater' is anyone who criticizes predators, marauders, drones, interlopers, and scum bags in general.
Why are anti-racists so full of hate
for their own kind and yet delude themselves into believing that it's for 'universal love'?http://members.aol.com/POARAR/index.html is such a hate site and the female running it states that she has no objection to censoring people with whom she disagrees. Females like this are nitwits of one variety or the other and college campuses are infected with them.

One can always judge the 'whiteness' of a person by measuring the amount of space he needs in order to feel comfortable. White people are not fond of living bumper to bumper as do the asian and mestizo ants. Our large cities are rarely white enclaves. Whites will even flee each other if the living becomes too congested and they can afford to do so. This is why racial clashes will be more common in Europe than they will here – for a time anyway. As the muds make their presence more and more felt, the 'brotherly love' feminist feeling will stand upon weaker and weaker legs. Remember that the Chinese have no love for blacks nor Mexicans, and our ever-growing Muslim population will not like being governed by a pack of jews. In the planned destruction of our American country, the destroyers apparently cannot grasp the fact they THEIR well being was, and is,  entirely dependent upon white people. Each and every invader will wave the flag, eat apple pie, and denounce 'racism' AS LONG AS IT SUITS THEIR ENDS. Once whitey lies dying, they will turn on each other as sure as the sun rises, for life is biological and all biology is about race in  the end.

Once whitey is gone, who will carry on the world as it was left? Blacks show no promise of invention, and the most the yellows can do is to perpetuate a copying process as is most likely the case in regard to the Aztecs, Incas and so on. Once 'their' civilizations were disturbed by an outside force, they collapsed like a house of cards never to be built again. If you strip a batch of white people of everything and then leave them alone, they will return refurbished and more powerful than before. This is so evident that the behavior of our racial enemies illustrates that they are well aware of it, for even today they DARE NOT let Germany be independent nor allow those people to chose a leader who loves his people.

Lately, we've been hearing more gas about the wonders of the Chinese invention of gunpowder. If they were so great at this stuff, then how come they never, ever improved upon that mixture. How come the wonderful design of their rockets has never been altered over the centuries? It took a white man to notice that the wild trajectory of the Chinese rocket could be vastly stabilized by the simple expedient of fastening its guide pole in the middle! Moreover, it only took the white European 5 years to immensely improve upon the manufacture of gunpowder. The history of the gun should even make the brain dead sit up in astonishment over how whitey ALWAYS IMPROVES upon everything. All progress is in proportion to the white contribution or haven't you noticed? Do you notice anything beyond whose tits are flopping on MTV?

Some Arabs are now claiming that algebra was their invention and the Europeans stole it from them. This, I know for a fact, is being taught to impressionable teen-agers all over the country. The Ahmes Papyrus (ancient Egypt) contains several arithmetic and geometric progressions and several algebra problems. Algebra was was well established in the mostly blond Greece of 380 B.C. and Plato's writings contained many references to popular algebraic word problems. Diophantus of Alexandria brought together the whole body of Greek knowledge in a work called the Arithmetica. After about 1 century, algebra found its way into India where one or two contributions were made. About 200 years after that, algebra received it present name from the Arab word al-jabr. The Arabs received their knowledge of Greek mathematics from Christians living in Asia Minor. True, Arabs did contribute some innovations and the adoption of their name for the subject DOES NOT MEAN THEY ORIGINATED this discipline, and even if that were true, what have they done with it since? Mathematics in general flourished once the Germans, French and Italians got their hands on it. SCIENCE IS WESTERN and western means white. Don't you ever forget that. It is no coincidence that the European Renaissance was during a period of minimal jewish influence. Indeed, many countries drove the little money-hungry pests out. Germany of 1933 had their own little Renaissance once the jewish stranglehold on their country was broken. Scapegoats indeed!

Has any white cockatoo ever noticed that 'minority genius' NEVER arises in their own homelands but needs a WHITE land for it to be noticed, if indeed it does represent a rare case of genius. Most so-called 'greatness' is pure Hollywood Spielberg imagination enforced by a malevolent government hell-bent on handicapping white people in the lands they built. What is astounding to me, is that white folks buy into this baloney without a single doubt, or question, ever arising from their noodles. Why is that?

It's what I call justice. The people of Arizona, at least the white ones, are complaining about the mestizo invasion. They deserve all of the woes diversity can offer. After all, they elected that barrel of slop McCain to the Senate. (Actually I was going to say barrel of shit, but under Eric's influence I am trying to become more refined in my words.) This elected turd burbled that he 'sort of' understood that the beaners are invading only so they could have a better life. Certainly! That's what all invasions are about. Name one country which invades another so it can be worse off! Mestizos f---ed up their own living space and are now bringing this talent to the sheeple of America. These people are jamming Arizona hospitals with births from unwed mothers – surprise!! – and lowering the academic performance in the schools concurrent with welfare overload. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Diseases of the  turd-world imported kind are on the increase. My, my. What can we do after we wring our hands sore? Golly gee. Spend more money, you idiot! Feed Mexico as McCain advises. Make it a paradise better than the U.S. so they have no desire to come here. Pray. Listen to a few more talk shows. Gripe under your breath. Vote for a CONservative. Extend welfare. Anything but face biological reality! Maybe if you ignore it and smile while the shaft is crammed up your wahoo, it will all go away. Mommy will kiss it and make it all better. Do anything but heaven forbid if ZOG does what ALL governments have as a solemn duty – DEFEND THEIR TERRITORY FROM INVASION.

Mexico is a basket case because it is populated with Mexicans. PERIOD! When Rockwell debated Carmichael back in the 1960s, the discussion was over 'ghettos'. Rockwell told the black "Stoke" that he could solve the whole problem in a couple of months by the simple expedient of moving all of the blacks into clean Polish and Estonian neighborhoods, and the Poles and Estonians into the black neighborhoods. Soon, the ghetto would have a new paint job with flowers decorating the houses. "Of course," Rockwell sniggered, "there'd be a new ghetto in a different place."

http://aztlan.net/default13.htm   contains an interesting comment upon some hated individual ranchers who are taking action relative to those who are crossing their property. If Barnett is the only honky willing TO DEFEND his property, then we all gain for one white man with guts is better than none. This is a sort of unofficial website of the "you stole our land" beaners who only made that claim AFTER white people made it prosperous. Think about that if you have remained free of MTV rot.

http://www.ranchrescue.com is a companion site. We had no difficulty with this individualistic approach AS LONG AS OUR BORDERS WERE INVIOLATE. Now that ZOG has announced to the world that America is up for grabs, individualism must be put on the back burner if we really want to keep what we built. A few ranchers taking up arms just might wake up a few more to do the same. This will naturally lead to the result desired – community effort on behalf of white people in defense of an America which will not be the garbage dump for the planet.

****** This appeared on the fast growing Fox TV show, The O'Reiley Factor. (I hope I spelled it correctly.) When Bill mentioned that we should worry more about Americans than Mexicans, most of the large audience cheered – most, meaning white. I like this show. At least it's better than watching a show overloaded with jews, beaners, nignogs, lesbos, fags, and the other riffraff which is presented as Clinton's "real America". O'Reiley is not only a honky, but a decent looking one at that. However, and you should NEVER FORGET this: ALL TV is 666 percent bagel brothers and NO ONE who does not have the kosher seal of approval will ever be allowed on TV except for a 10 minute ridicule, here and there. I said this over and over to the brain dead about that system whore, Perot, when he appeared to offer new political hope, ten years ago. The man was a sleaze BEFORE he started talking politically and he did make his millions by sucking on the red ass of the system. As predicted, this 'great hope' fizzled faster than a pissed on sparkler at a July 4th picnic. At the end, he ran like a true skunk leaving millions of trusting, but slow in the head, people high and dry. We have a one-party Zionist political system which operates under two names like the old J. C. Whitney/Warshawsky auto parts dealer of Chicago. Their warehouse was on the corner of State, I believe, and another which I do not remember. They used 2 different street addresses thereby: Whitney being the mail order retail outlet, and Warshawsky the wholesale outlet. With a name like Warshawsky, they were biologically compelled to be on both sides of the street so no matter who wins, they'll still be in business. The same tribe runs our political system in the same fashion. My grandfather noticed this in the 1930s and it has only gotten more pronounced, and visible, but the goof ass in the street is too busy tinkering under the hood to see who's in the driver's seat.

O'Reiley will prove to be little more than another entertaining safety valve, like the blow hard Rush most-of-my-best-friends- are-jews Limbaugh whose job is to give daily pep talks to 10,000,000 people about the phony abstract war between "liberals" and "conservatives". They tune in faithfully, listen to the "I am sent from God" orgasmic sounds, and then eat supper feeling that something worthwhile was accomplished. The next day, the routine is repeated. That's why they toss grain into the slaughter house holding pens, from time to time – to keep the doomed animals quiet for a copupple of more hours.

I also watched the video surveillance systems which are being erected all over in that other besieged English speaking land across the pond. And it's coming here, you freedom loving fools. I wondered if it ever occurred to those English morons that they had virtually NO CRIME in their country – the police never carried guns – until they let the "bro's" pour in, granting them special privileges and special protection, just as has happened here to our resident black drones. I'll tell you this: if a few goats were shitting all over my carpets and eating holes in the furniture, buying rug cleaner and feeding them better rations, would not be my first priority.

I have come to the conclusion that white people are a race of technical geniuses, beyond compare, but when it comes to racial survival, they resemble a horde of lemmings trying to see who can drown themselves in the ocean first. Damn. Hitler was right – so very right. The jews, with their sell-out white renegades (they couldn't do it alone), create the problem and then try to sell you a solution. Amiable O'Reiley is just more snake oil. If he were not controllable, he'd be long gone.

Every time I see one of these public steam safety valves pop up, I wonder if it will be the last one before the cage door is slammed and locked. Like Eric, I will keep on telling it as I see it, for it is my nature to do so, although I have serious doubts if Internet free speech will last much longer than 3 more years. Much of the feminized public has already bought into the "offensive speech" gambit and appears to be malleable enough to allow a reinterpretation the First Amendment. The majority "minorities" are all in favor of this since it will shackle the pale-face and prevent him from unsettling the other Eloi.

One fellow sent me a newspaper clipping which described how a gaggle of jewish "survivors" told their tales to a captive, and impressionable, batch of white school children. The "miraculous escapes" were version of the "I was guessed six times" yarns which circulated during the 1960s. One fellow, with tears in his eyes of course – for authenticity – recalled that the third time he was locked in a gas chamber, the gas valve stuck – an incompetent Nazi engineer, I suppose – and he was "saved." I can see it all now, with the Commandant ordering, "Vell, das giss valf ist nich verken, zo ...... let der peep holes go!"

This sort of hogwash I really have no objection to as it appeals to the same nitwits who believe men can walk on water and a decaying corpse, well into rigor mortis, can be brought back to life, and eternal, at that! If people can be turned into pillars of salt just by looking at others who are busy buggering each other, and spend time in the no air, corrosive belly of a whale and yet live to tell about it , then I guess one can believe nearly anything. It's a Disney world after all.

What I do object to, and this demonstrates what I have always said: the 'holocaust' is a religion complete with saints, martyrs and miracles and ONE  QUESTIONS IT AT HIS OWN PERIL! The kids in that school, and I am sure there were many who were quite intelligent, were not encouraged TO ASK QUESTIONS – the purpose underlying ALL education – such as how it was possible to burn people underwater, stuff 700 people into a 2-car garage, and whether the 'pedal driven head bashing machine' was patented or not. If a student cannot ask questions without repercussion, then he is being indoctrinated!

Catholics have been taught that the "Pope is infallible" and today it is the jew who is infallible and he will be the first to tell you so. We are living in an age of religious persecution of the jew, by the jew and for the jew. If a jew says something, then it is to be believed as if God Almighty thundered from the heavens and if you don't agree, then there are ways – offers you cannot refuse. Ask Rudy Stanko, the meat packer who was driven out of that jew dominated industry. No one can achieve much of anything in this land of Nod unless he has the approval of some jew. If it isn't obvious, then keep looking for somewhere you'll find behind some lamp post, under some bed or in some closet, a Hyman manipulating the puppet's strings. Ask the Mestizobush who's pulling his strings, if you are silly enough to expect a truthful answer.

If your enemy smiles at you, is he less an enemy? If he cries, does that mean he is telling the truth?

The anti-racist crowd is mostly a batch of hypocrites, at least those who bellow that race doesn't make a difference. With what they do, which passes as a life style, I suppose it doesn't matter what sort of critter triggers your orgasm. They, like all Marxists, are present-oriented and figure the next generation can look our itself. I know about short food supplies unlike most of the young undisciplined hogs of today. My father often skipped meals so his kids could eat. Imagine some Marxist rabble doing this when their whole being is dedicated to "... to each according to his need." O yes, they are always in need aren't they?

I say hypocrites since they deny the importance of race but they sure love to suck on the tit of white achievement. Even their protests would not be heard without resort to things invented by white people. How about that great unwashed horde which says "down with the system" as they patiently wait for the welfare check provided by that system?

The white man's main fault is his greed and tolerant (stupid, for it works against his long-term interests) generosity. Providing the Amerasians with guns only prolonged the conquest of this continent for no wahoo is capable of building a firearm even if whitey gave him directions. Feeding the blacks of Africa insures that they will be more blacks to feed.

I could well imagine that some could show that honky two-shoes invented a certain something and he wasn't a racist. Maybe true, but his parents were at least de facto racists or the white race would have disappeared along ago and we'd all be still drinking rain water and living in huts made from natural products. Whitey brought into existence substances which were NEVER on the planet before – from plastics to metallic aluminum, not to mention perhaps the greatest feat of all – the harnessing of electricity. It didn't take place in China, Japan, the Congo or even on the island of Goona Goona, where the savages copulated from dawn to dusk when they weren't sacrificing something. It is my contention that the quintessential example of race-mixing, the jew, owes his achievements to the presence of white blood and not to his yellow and black component.

The achievements of the white race are so numerous that it boggles the mind and the belittling of it can usually be found in the words of some jew like the hideous Otterbein who equated Germany's V-2 rockets with the negro's spear – launched missiles and phallic symbols to boot.

To those whites who hate themselves, I have some advice. You'll be biologically white until you die so if you hate white so much that you pretend to be a pale nignog, then why not stick your nose in your ear and blow your brains out?

. I saw a program about airlines with the highest incidence of baggage theft. Wanna guess the color of most of their help? Don't facts ever get through to people?

    To expand on this, of course the facts get through.  Mike Hoffman expanded on this excellently in 'Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare".  Mere exposure only strengthens the hold of the power elites.  Looking at it from another view, so what if individual whites see the real nature of negroids and others?  In the absence of a unified group to join, this knowledge merely becomes dangerous if publicly expressed and not socially helpful.  It's individually helpful in avoiding the worst crime areas and in making business and life decisions but that's all.

    This is social/political warfare.  To take this military analogy further consider this case.  If you have an army that started  retreating and then collapsed in rout, what effect can the intelligence factoid of  'there's the enemy' produce?  Isolated fleeing  soldiers whose units have already collapsed can only act on that information in one way.  They use it to decide where NOT to  flee to.  Unless they are suicidal they can't use it individually to decide where to counter-attack nor can they even use it to form a  defense.  Both of those actions are cooperative activities and the precondition for cooperation, namely a coherent leadership  chain of command, is absent.  This is ultimately where the structure of the John Birch Society sabotaged it from the start.  It's not  only that Welch avoided mentioning the 'Jews' but that Welch consciously chose to make the JBS a mere political intelligence agency.  In the absence of a leadership willing to act on that political intelligence in formulating battle plans, the only  effect that political intelligence could have on the 'troops' is as I described. MM

Dear Robert:

You wrote: "Wars always leave the genetically inferior safe behind the lines where they breed."

An interesting observation, considering the earlier "survival of the fittest" delusions of men like Himmler, who thought war would weed out the weaklings. Unfortunately, the weaklings never make it into an army, even one using the draft, because of their very nature – only the fit make it in, and only the fittest make it into the most dangerous positions. That's an obvious argument for a nonassertive foreign policy, like our ancestors established at this country's founding.

Our own problem is decidedly a domestic one though.  We don't face any significant threat (yet – China still must be armed further by the traitors) from overseas that we could not smash in an instant with white advanced technology such as nuclear and biological weaponry.  Rather, we face the problem of an internal campaign of "ethnic cleansing" through the ever expanding ghetto of the blacks and the import of new ZOG citizens from third world shitholes.  As it continues, and more and more of what we all loved about our country is destroyed, more and more of us will become cold blooded enough to think that the
outright massacres of the dusklings, the botched, and the unfit which will eventually be coming and needed are "nothing personal" and "just business".  The nignog dusklings are obvious by skin, hair, and eyes.  What will take more time is the long overdue ferreting out of perverts.  I'm sure some women will blubber about all of it, and how terrible it is, but then, nobody is expecting them to do the dirty work, only to enjoy the fruits of it later.

The most fortunate thing of all is the consideration of what is really needed to populate this country.  A few millions would do fine within 50 years, so long as the birth control device factories are shuttered and knocked to the ground.  We are blessed with at least 20 times that number of useful genetically fit people.  We needn't worry too much about our not being able to
control our future, because we are still very much in control if only we willed it.  It could all end tomorrow if the time were right – it just happens to be that it is not.  The time must wait for the present generation of liberal communist sympathizers aka the
Baby Boomers to pass on – perhaps 30 more years from now.  Their blood massacre of our own through abortion, and their misguided deviant positions such as divorce, free sex, birth control, etc. are running their course quite naturally as my generation, the first of their children who survived their social revolution grow to adulthood in full cognizance of the destruction they wrought.  That which fails to reproduce will die forever – they failed, while we will live.  We will neither repeat their mistakes or allow their misguided nonsense to play out much further once it is our turn to come to power.  They have attempted to play down the sharp differences of many of my generation (the so-called generation X) with their group, and to marginalize us by highlighting the youthful idiots they produced in their full prime more recently as a generation which will subsume us.  They forget who will pay their social security check.

The course is holding steady quite nicely.  Lets just wait till we see their whites of their eyes. AB

Maguire added this note about the fellow who wrote the above –  "He's got the big prerequisites.  That's fighting spirit for whites and a brain that observes and understands the world around him as it is.  Strategy and tactics are teachable later. "

One more time! Facts we obtain through personal experience. We also retain in our noggins other items we call facts but are really beliefs based upon a reasonable expectation that probability is on our side. I have never experienced "Africa" but the truth of its existence, relative to myself, is my belief that it can be verified. Item 2: Opinions may or may not be facts and therefore cannot be labeled true or false. A factual statement need not be a statement of fact. Presentation of an opinion as a fact does not make it one. "Edna is an intelligent woman," is a factual statement due to the structure of that statement. It may, or may not, be a statement of fact. Item 3: Theories are opinions fortified by some collection of often erroneous facts. One agrees with a theory or one does not. Theories are neither true or false.

There are three races, species, or whatever you choose to call them: white, yellow and black. Everything else is a mixture (mongrel) of one variety or the other. Each race has unique characteristics which are inherited as discrete entities. When genes are paired in the chromosomes, one often has more external effect than the other. Such are called dominant. The degree of recessive/dominant is not only a property of those particular genes but also a result of the influence of nearby genes. This is called epistasis. Nearly all yellow cats are male even though yellow and male are separate inheritable characteristics. There are of course many other sub microscopic influences at work but this in no way "disproves" that there are discrete, distinct, and identifiable, racial characteristics.

"Pure" is probably more of an abstract idea then it is reality. What is "pure" air? Air is defined as a gaseous mixture of about 21 percent oxygen, 78 percent nitrogen with slices of carbon dioxide, argon and other rare gases tossed in for flavor. If you grabbed air samples from all over the world, you'd not find two which were identical! In fact, our Fayetteville air differs in composition from hour to hour! Does that variety prove that there is no such thing as air? This 'divide until it disappears' notion – sub race to sub sub race – is the foundation for the jew's "there is no such thing as race" nonsense. Furthermore, isn't air which has only 19-20 percent oxygen still useable for breathing and cannot we still refer to it as 'air'? Most air contains an easily identifiable carbon dioxide component. If this level reaches 5-6 percent, the air is rendered unfit for the purposes of respiration. If we define air as that which is breathable, then this mixture should no longer be considered air.

If we define 'white' as a person with a majority of identifiable racial characteristics, and who is still behaves – is usable – as we expect, then for all practical purposes, he is a white person. A blond with blue eyes, who behaves as a nigger, is not a white person since he is of no value to the white race.

Many white people have brown eyes but they are not brown in the black or yellow racial sense. Look at those brown eyes very closely and you'll see tiny flecks of blue or gray. The eyes of the yellow and black are relatively solid in color and resemble burnt cork. In these cases, and from a short distance, the iris is indistinguishable from the pupil. Yes Irene, there are zillions of greens (a mixture) around but only one blue and one yellow. The existence of purple (a mixture) does not prove that there is no such thing as red and blue.

Pure water exists only in the laboratory. It is an artificial concoction which soon becomes contaminated upon exposure to anything. Water with 2 percent salt is useable  for drinking purposes. Water with 6 percent is not. A portion of white people have some traces of yellow and black blood, mostly from the distant past, due to humankind's proclivity to screw anything which moves. A noticeable portion of Chinese have traces of white blood but those traces do not render them non-Chinese. White characteristics are easily dominated and this gave rise to the black's theory that dominance proved superiority. A quart of cream tossed into a barrel of cow manure doesn't hurt the manure much but a quart of manure mixed with a barrel of cream sure raises hell with the cream.