2 June 2001
The WW II Luftwaffe fighter pilot, Major Erich Hartmann, downed 352 Allied aircraft – more that the top 11 R.A.F. pilots combined.  The top 104 Luftwaffe fighter pilots downed over 15,000 aircraft between them. Hans Joachim Marseille shot down 158 RAF fighters during a period of 2 years, a greater tally than the top 4 Allied pilots put together. Hans Rüdel, a Stuka pilot (Sturzkampfflugzeug – Junkers JU 87) who flew 2000 combat missions, had a battleship, hundreds of tanks, and hundreds of other targets to his credit. And there was Adolf Galand with comparable record. After losing a leg, Rüdel was ordered by Hitler to cease flying. He disobeyed, and took to the air again. Rüdel's motto: "Only he is lost who gives himself up for lost."

As I view the young males of today I ask myself, "Where have all of the men gone?"

Dr. Pierce, in his recent radio broadcast, mentioned a bit about how the Plains Indians treated people they didn't like. He, more couth than I – I grew up in a slum and it never wore off – would not give any details other than "extremely cruel" and "building a fire at the crotch". I have no such reservations.

Locked in a safe place, are some of my great grandfather's manuscripts which give some indication of what the Iroquois of New York amused themselves with when they weren't playing games with human heads. A captive would have his bare feet frozen with snow and then plunged into the coals of a fire. This was repeated until the meat started to peel from the bones. Forced to stand next to a pole, his abdomen was slashed just above the groin so that the tormentor could grasp and severe the lower intestine, which was then pulled out and fastened to the pole. The captive was then driven around the pole thus disemboweling himself. Captured farm animals often suffered a similar fate. Apparently those loving people did not discriminate.

Ah yes, there really is something noble about those "in tune with nature" people.

The jalapeño and refried bean lover, Sen. McCain might go Zionist Democrat and leave the Zionist Republican party. As the shift continues, the Democrat party is now essentially a non-white alliance for the preservation of freeloading. Look for the Zionist Republicans to mount a campaign designed to make their party more and more mud looking.

                       Juan Valdez ?                                 Bottle-toting minor Señorita Valdez ?
                                                                                                Sally Bluefly ?

Look past the light hair and skin of the sweet lady above. What do you see? I see traces of Asian blood similar to those found on our mestizo and injun brothers. Navajo maybe? Anyway, if you cannot recognize the wild life on this planet, then shame on you, for you'll never understand much about life and you'll be buried by those who do.

At the age of  9, I won an award given by the Christian Endeavor for having the top score in a state-wide contest for grammar school students with the best knowledge of the Bible. By the age of 14, I became what I believed is called an atheist. I  whacked out 100 on the regents biology final and could recite "ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny" in anyone's ear plus spout off the various protozoan names – amoebae, paramecium, vorticelli, etc. – and tell you the complete sex life of the fern, antheridium, archegonium and all of that. I even performed experiments relative to screwing up the chromosomes in a peanut so that when it grew it resembled something out of a Spielberg nightmare. My knowledge was actually quite limited in scope but of what I thought there was to know, I knew most of it. Mom always smiled when she told me I was to big for my pants but she knew that time would allow the pants to grow faster than I. I felt brilliant at that age but now I realize that there is more "out there" to be learned than I could ever accomplish. My percent of that mass of knowledge dwindled.

By the age of 24, certain experiences – a couple of them while I was in the service – shook me to an extent that I was driven to much inner thought. I grew to become more religious, for the lack of a better word and my atheistic views vanished into the dark hole of ignorance. I am no Bible banger nor worshipper of any man. To me, the so-called religious leaders are little more than self-appointed opportunists claiming to have God's ear. If God ever wanted me to know something, and I cannot understand why He'd bother, I would be told directly without Pat Robertson in the middle. There is more to this thing called life than all of the men of the past and present could ever imagine.

I cannot remember what compelled me to sew together my swastika armband when I was very young. I knew little of Hitler and the Third Reich and my only acquaintance with the swastika was from an old history book my grandmother gave me, printed in 1884, I believe. I wore that armband much of the time when I was a youngster. I no longer do and you can well imagine why. I cannot ever remember when I was not referred to as "that pleasant Nazi fellow."

When I lived in Chicago, I'd go to the jewish section, around 53rd Street, which could always be counted upon to show "hate Hitler" movies. I understood no German but I remember being captivated by Hitler's voice. The jews went there to hiss and spit, and applaud, when disaster befell any German.

As the fates directed, I was privileged in later life to met and associate with former Nazi men and women. They impressed me as some of the best people I had ever met. They were good people far different than those portrayed in the jew's Hogan's Heroes. Be that as it may, I have wandered again in my thoughts.

Many, many times in my life, I somehow acquired knowledge which seemed to come out from nowhere. I had a premonition once while in Richmond VA, in regard to boarding a bus back to Camp Pickett. Of our little party of five, I was the only one who didn't get on that bus. Later I found that an unfortunate accident claimed the lives of two of companions and placed the other two in the hospital shortly after the bus reached the base. That was not the first time nor was it the last. There is more to this life than we can imagine.

Jerry and I were walking down a path on the way to his cherry trees. A snarling dog burst from the bushes on my side, stopped, sniffed my leg and then ran around to Jerry and inflicted a terrible wound in his calf. What did this dog perceive which dictated whom he should bite?

Animals are not just critters to be used and abused for man's pleasure as many sick religions teach and sicker people practice. If you study animals closely, you'll see an observable intelligence at work and some of it is indeed mystifying..

Frankly, I am weary of the decades of bull about WW II that is foisted upon the gullible as truth. I choose not to argue the matter but this I know: America will soon pay a very heavy price for its wrong doing relative to the peoples of Germany and Japan. If you want to learn about a real holocaust, it's the story of Nagasaki and of Germany in particular. George Washington's third vision described America's final battle with the Red Menace, but it is not exactly the way I see it. Most of the villians of WW II will be history when the great upheaval will commence. That's the way the gods work.

I believe that great men are always inspired by that which we beneath them can never hope to understand. I suggest that all read Kubizek's book The Young Hitler I Knew – especially the chapter, In that Moment it all Began.

It is really astounding that so many weep and bellow when a handful of children – strangers, in fact – are killed via accident or some malicious act. In WW II, 80 percent of our bombing raids were for the sole purpose of killing civilians. Our calculated fire storms accounted for the intentional burning alive of hundreds of thousands of women and children from Hiroshima to Dresden. Were there any Americans who cried over this, other than my grandmother? Not many, I'll wager.

Make no mistake, the communist thrust is anti-Nature in substance, and hence evil by definition. We are in a cosmic struggle of which our victory is assured. Many of those living today shall not see this. But that's life.

Asians are comfortable with yellow racism but they don't like white racism.
Blacks are comfortable with black racism but they don't like white racism.
Many whites are not comfortable with white racism which means they will fall victims to yellow and black racism.
Judeo-Marxists have long blamed the United Fruit Company
for murderous oppression of negroids and mestizos in its pursuit of financial profit.  They seek to imply that these are crimes of the white race.  The truth is quite different.  This is another case of the lying Khazar Jews blaming whites for their own crimes.  The United Fruit Company's Greatest crimes were committed under the presidency of Samuel Zmurri, a Khazar Jew from Bessarabia.

See http://www.stanford.edu/~mbucheli/zemurray.html for a brief account of this greedy Jewish gangster's war crimes.  As this
account FROM STANFORD UNIVERSITY shows, Zmurri's crimes against Central Americans include hiring mercenaries to overthrow the legal government of Honduras solely for the sake of financial gain.

http://mai.flora.org/forum/22080    Almost needless to add, Zemurray (Zmurri) the Jewish gangster, murderer and international war criminal was a Zionist and a supporter of Anastasio Somoza.


White people invent and forget. Yellow people copy....    http://www.sightings.com/general10/redhair.htm.
The wisdom of the ancestors is often very profound. 
   Judeo-Marxism has since perverted 'anti-imperialism' into a code word for 'anti-white'.  It was not always so.  In the 19th Century 'anti-Imperialism' was viewed as vital to preserving white racial purity and the national strength of the Late Great U.S.A.  See this anti-imperialist speech by Andrew Carnegie.


As Mein Kampf shows, Adolf Hitler was also a staunch anti-imperialist opposed to keeping dependencies of non-whites.

I see that Tom Cool has deleted FAEM from his list of blightwing websites. http://www.borg.com/~orgorg
Well, that's his business but I'll keep his on mine. That's because I am a very good racist, a wonderfully warm guy who never poisoned one single pigeon in any park. A racist what?, you might ask, for 'racist' is an adjective after all. Hell, we use verbs like "enjoy" when we should be using nouns – good-bye. But here in jewland, what else is new? Everything is so f--ked up that even a map doesn't have value anymore.
I've been keeping my eye on Fox's Bill O'Reilly – The Factor – and it didn't take him long to prove that FAEM was right on target again. He's a system whore whose controversial cameos are p.c. and kosher to the hilt. That makes it little more than entertainment. With those big bucks coming his way, what has principle to do with anything? This is America! Remember Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee) when he was reminded during an interview that Australia was populated by criminals. He agreed but said the worse ones went to America. There's some meat here.

One item concerned the black with the spread-eagle eyes, Jesse. This fellow, like most blacks with "special" Constitutional rights, can buffalo his way through most anything with ZOG's approval and armed protection. Apparently the IRS never audits his hilarious tax returns. His extortion racket seems to hinge upon his target's being afraid – g.d. afraid! – of being labeled 'racist'. Why should this be so?

As kids, one could insure receiving a fistful of knuckles to the mouth by telling someone that he had a whore for a mother. Today, when someone calls you a racist s.o.b., you start crying like a baby, drop to your knees and beg forgiveness for being such a misguided, unfeeling piece of crap. By the way, using 'racialist' as a substitute for 'racist' endears you to no one, especially your enemies.

One thing the white sell-outs have in common is that they worry more about what happens to their little tails than they do about anything else. This makes them the world's premier infantiles – the world IS ME! Instead of reacting to being pissed on, they rationalize on how wonderful it was to have a nice warm shower. They smile thus demonstrating that they are tolerant of the behavior of others and certainly would not want to offend them with any harsh word. These weak spined, but mean spirited, creatures DO NOT LIKE to see other whites WHO STAND UP for what they believe in. This sends them into a rage and that's why so many "anti-racists" are vulgar and demonstrate so much hate toward those whom they do not approve. These skraelings, Untermenschen, are the "useful" idiots which Lenin manipulated so ably. Today, they are ZOG's diseased warriors in the destruction of the white nation.

We are not great in numbers but is that a reason to give up? As man, knowing that a horde was coming to wipe out your family, would you run away, beg for mercy, or make sure that you would take as many of them with you as you could? How often we forget that when the muds get all they want from us, that they will no longer have any use for us. Cowards, sell outs, traitors, and such, are always USED by the enemy, but the time comes when they are just so much baggage. No one respects a wimp. When captured by the Iroquois, brave whites were often accepted into the tribe as brothers, or killed quickly. The cowards were always tortured the most severely.

* * * * * *

There was another item. A female something or the other, was promoting the raising of the minimum wage to over $10 per hour. This would be to make sure those so employed would have a decent standard of living. Obviously, the prune brain never ran even as much as a corner grocery store. Let's see, I own Bigot Bob's Orange Car. All I sell is freshly squeezed orange juice by the gallon. Business is good and I hire Harry the Finger at $5 per hour to move oranges from here to there. Harry works 40 hours per week and I pay him $200 each Friday in an unmarked brown envelope. Now, in comes Jugs Janice who convinces me that Harry the Finger cannot support his useless family on such a pittance. I agree to henceforth pay him $10 per hour. Harry's happy, Janice is happy and I sit on the John wondering where that extra $200 will come from. From my savings account? Will I hold up a convenience store once per month? No worries. I can either put water in the orange juice, in which case you are getting an inferior product, or I can raise the price, which is the easier path.

ZOG's minimum wage nonsense forces a deterioration of product or an increase in price. Even if they were to subsidize those rates, they' have to get the money from one of three places: (1) increase your taxes, (2) manufacture more ZOGbucks in which case the  prices will rise (3) ask God to loan you a few trillion. After all, God must now be very rich due to the Pat Robertson's of the world collecting so much money for Him.

Poor people get out of their ditch by hard work and thrift. Ignorance is cured by hard study. Both of these require dedication and effort – something which is certainly not American. That's why they ask BiG Brother for handouts.

* * * * * * * *
I also listened to Lyndon (the Queen is in the drug business) LaRouche – probably a jew – spew his Marxist line about how Europe, meaning white folks, is morally obligated to build up Asia and Africa. God put white poeple on earth to be servants to the world!!! He runs a well-heeled organization composed of about 50 percent survivors of one holocaust or the other. Since he claims to be part of the non-white Democrat party, it's easy to see why he rails against "racism".  He is the "brilliant" loony who wants to build an atomic reactor every six miles over the Sahara. He proposes teaching the love of Mozart and Schiller to cannibals. Also, the construction of a giant belt-like mirror in orbit around Mars. This would heat the planet, melt the suspected water and turn the joint into a place suitable for those extra 6,000,600,006 bipeds who no longer have space to breathe on our plundered and humanoid infested planet. Look at the bright side – Lyndon is an old man with a history of heart problems.

Since thousands are now erecting shrines along our highways to honor those martyrs of auto accidents, I am pleased to announce that the god Binge has agreed to join our staff here on hate hill. So each time you visit one of those shrines to engage in another orgy of self-pity, I suggest that you light a candle and pray to Binge that He will favor your family on their next excursion to the jew's Disney World. Who knows? Maybe Binge will inspire the driver to not behave like an irresponsible idiot while at the wheel. No matter what Firestone or Ford can do, aholes cause nearly all of our accidents. 
WW II was mainly a war to destroy a fledgling economic system which shut out the middlemen. The money brokers of the world were terrified that the economic policies of the Third Reich would 'catch on'. The liars and thieves would have been out of business and make no mistake, relative to whom wields the power, there is no essential difference between communism and capitalism. They are both run by fat cats. The Russians were eating wrinkled potatoes while their leaders indulged themselves at their plush whore-house resorts on the Black sea. Capitalism appeals to the near-fat cats who also want to get rich by not working (stock market anyone?), while Communism appeals to the have-nots who also want to get something for nothing by taking it away from those who have it. Since jews are running both systems, it is understandable that WW II was about saving the jews.
Yes, you can make a difference but you won't do it by attending "concert" asylums, getting zonked on alcohol and drugs, spending your time nooky hunting, wearing bones in your nose or presenting yourself as a one-man freak show, complete with bizarre attire. Leaders lead. They don't follow the unwashed herd wherever they choose to stampede. 
Tim McVeigh is doing the citizens of this country a great service by exposing the massive corruption and incompetence of ZOG. (Keep pushing quotas and affirmative action for more of the same.) If you can take away the loss of innocent life caused by his act, what remains is a stalwart fellow whom the Clintons of this world hate to a point of insanity. One thing which drives the cowards insane is to be reminded of men who are willing to sacrifice their lives in pursuit of a goal. Far too many so-called Americans sell out their own blood, sons and daughters, for their own personal convenience. Otherwise, there'd not be those millions of abortions, single parent non-families and the general dishonesty and lack of discipline which plagues this land. I'll bet a dollar to a one-legged centipede, that every disgruntled person under the age of 30 has come from a dysfunctional home and, more than likely, wrecked by divorce or lack of commitment.

It is a sad commentary on our sick society that his sister Jenny had to leave the New York State and change her name due to the blood-thirsty jackals who tormented her. To his undying credit, a black man, a Superintendent of Schools in Buffalo NY, tried to make her student teaching assignments free from harassment – to little avail. It's this sort of protoplasmic rabble which I'd like to see – you know where – but I continually remind myself of the millions of very decent people in our land. As Rockwell said, "The white race needs a lot of pruning. A lot."

To those young men whom the fates have "stuck it to", I ask this, "Are you man enough to rise above that or will you use your misfortune as an excuse to behave like a jackass and reduce your value to the level of fertilizer?"

As the Italians say, "When the times get tough, the fat people get skinny and the skinny people die."

Americans are probably the greatest nitwits of this age. Their current physical fitness fad is nearly 100 percent sexual. Whip up a beautiful bod and the other sex will clamor to get their hands on it. That's all it is if you remove those unhappy souls who are sacred shitless of dying. Fitness, to them, is a matter of holding off the grim reaper. I have no desire to die but I can tell you that 95 percent of that which was worth living for, in my past, is no longer a part of me. There are no "golden years". It is merely an illusion which takes people's minds off the tedium of existing in this pig pen of ours. If people really experienced the exuberance of living, they have no need for "entertainment", which now is a major industry.

Looking "healthy" is far different than being healthy. Take this obsession with "fat" for example. People refuse to eat anything which contains fat believing that their heart will implode following the next pat of butter. Certainly many fat people are not healthy but there are also millions of unhealthy slim people. One of the most muscular, and powerful, men in the world died recently of a heart attack. I am also positive that the steroid freaks of today will not live as long as Bob Hope or George Burns. By the way, I place little value in living to be 105. Actually, you might be breathing at that age, but living? Not in my book.

If the bear were not fat by November, he would not be healthy for he'd not survive the winter. How often is it that we see beautifully proportioned women get the "fat" baloney planted in their noggins, go on a diet, and ruin whatever it was men found desirable? Fat is desirable as storage energy – like guns and knowledge, you never know when you might need it. Babies need lots of fat on their bodies in order to facilitate muscle and bone development. Nursing mothers, and women in general, need fat to keep their breasts full and attractive. About 40 percent of one's brain is fat. Fat protects the kidneys from shock. One cannot avoid the truth of any of this but please no not interpret my words to mean I favor 300 pound people. Moderate is a good word.

People get overly fat due to several factors. One is intentional gorging where hunger plays no part. Eat until you bust. Keep this up and you'll get unnecessarily fat. This is the hog syndrome where pleasure is god. This is partly responsible for the oceans of teen age blimps we see today. If it tastes good, eat it. Starches are the main culprit when it comes to being fat. One of the best bits of dietary advice is to not eat anything made from flour.

The food markets are stuffed with items designed to make a profit for the greedy and it has nothing to do with a concern for the well being of the customers. They do mount giant advertising campaigns to convince the innocent that their profitable slop is not only good, but healthy, and they'll punctuate this with trigger words such as, "doctors", "surveys", and "studies". Have we forgotten the oat bran hokum so soon?

Another reason is that our "food" concoctions have by-passed our natural mechanisms. Over the ages, the body was able to regulate itself by taste alone leaving the stop sign up to stomach pressures. When you eat a bag of chocolates, I can hear your body ask," What kind of tree did this come from? Is it from a rabbit? Where does it grow?" This sort of thing happens also when artificial garbage such as margarine is ingested. The hydrogenated fats are not recognized and are thus partially processed and dumped somewhere along the line – which usually means your waist line. This hydrogenated high-profit stuff is more responsible for all of those cholesterol/heart health problems than any other single factor.

I do not know what my "cholesterol number" is nor do I care. My blood pressure has been the same since I was 25. I have all of my teeth but only about 40 percent of my hair. I do not have headaches since I have no reason to have any. I cheat no one. Lie to no one. I am relatively free of emotions which cause one to go "ape". Even if I had a headache, I'd never take an aspirin. The only time I see a doctor is because of medical exams in order to retain a pilot's certificate. Except for surgery, doctors are little other than drug pushers. I neither smoke nor drink alcohol although I will light up a cigar once every two years and sip a beer at the turn of a decade. I am not a bugged out die-hard and I will grab a Big Mac just to fortify the fact that they are garbage. My dog once sniffed one but wouldn't eat it. He wasn't starving and plenty of liver and rabbit seemed to do him well.

I have collected 35 pounds of excess fat on my body and I know why – homemade apple pie, snacking out on homemade oatmeal cookies and getting overdoses of homemade banana milk shakes. Notice the culprits. All concoctions, mixtures, of which are not natural. Mixtures which pleasurably appeal to the sense of taste. Eileen, one of my favorite check out ladies, told me how much better I'd look if I trimmed down a bit. What this translates to is that she'd find it easier to spend sack time with me if I were thinner. I do not look at myself and therefore it is someone else's task to judge.

This 35 pounds is easy to lose and I have done it before without pills, exercise, expensive crap in a can, or any of the snake oil which is peddled by the millions of tons. I simply load the frig and pantry with stuff which can be basically recognized. Fruits and vegetables, raw or slightly cooked. These items don't impress me much since they are basically water. No grains. I am not a chicken. Meat from healthy animals and well treated. This means staying away from the jew meat business. I go to a nearby farm where I know what the animals are fed and how they are treated. A mistreated animal is an unhealthy animal. Dairy products. Fresh raw milk. Eggs from happy free-roaming and free-pecking chickens who are never fed bagged crap from the jew Purina company.

Even though thoughts of pecan ice cream roam in my brain, I find my taste begins to alter and I am never hungry. The fat starts to disappear without strain, "pumping iron", or sipping bottled water every five minutes. In fact, milk, fruits and vegetables usually supply all the water I need or desire.

I never concern myself with vitamins, enzymes, minerals, or UFOs. If one eats naturally, your body will tell you what you need. I am not overly fond of eggs, but on a natural diet a craving for them occasionally pops up. I indulge it by eating 6 eggs one day and a like amount the next – until the feeling goes away.

There are always simple solutions to nearly everything but because we white people have created a marvel of technical gadgets, we seem to think that every problem requires a complex solution. The reason people shy from simple solutions is because they always have a price. Everyone cannot have their way all of the time. Abe Lincoln reminded us of that but who remembers?

We should take a lesson from the jews and all of the recent 'new comers' to these shores. They find a society which doesn't please them the way they think they should be pleased, and then they take control so that they can change things. What do our young whites do today? They are not happy with the way things are going for them, so they go out and get drunk, screw everything within sight and hearing, lie and cheat, imbibe drugs, attend bedlam centers called "concerts", and when the mood strikes, destroy the place. White people certainly do not benefit by this. All non-whites just watch and smile for they well know that they do not have to overtly destroy the society for the honky is doing it for them. Talk about being stupid.
Ladies and gentlemen, perverts, welfare cows, derelicts, whores, cretins, AIDS carriers, felons, and all of the other wonderful diverse people in this great diverse state, who were intelligent enough to elect me as Senator, I promise that my first act will be to put all of my criminal efforts behind the support of the Shaft-Goyim Bill, which, as you know, allows for the issuance of 12,666,001 "I am a SURVIVOR of the BIG H" license plates for your pimpmobiles. As you know, these plates are very similar in design to those in New York State which are patterned after the flag of Izzyrael. Hillary hopes you've noticed. I will continue with the efforts of my former colleague who pushed unsuccessfully to have the conformist rectangular shape prohibited by law. We have learned, from the Hysterectomy Channel, that the swastika was also 4-sided and we know what THAT means!!! GAS!!!!!!

Thank you for inviting me and thank you for littering and leaving this hall looking like a garbage dump for without those considerate efforts, the janitorial staff would be unemployed. Shalom.

A glimpse into the real world of the dying US military.
Here's one factoid buried deep in the articles:

"Navy Vice Adm. Patricia Tracey, deputy assistant secretary of defense for military personnel policy, ..."

In other words, feminist political correctness rules the day in top Department of Defense personnel policy making.

It won't be long at all now before China hands ZOG-USA a serious military defeat.

Everyone should join the NRA whether you own guns or not. One can support the First Amendment without ever feeling a need to bad mouth anyone. One can certainly support the Second Amendment because – who knows? – you just might wake up some morning (quite likely!) as wish to hell you owned a giant, noisy handheld cannon. Supporting the Constitution and its Amendments should be everyone's business. ZOG doesn't like armed people. Ever wonder why? Those Congressional sell-out clowns that the foolish masses manage to elect, are going bananas in their efforts to make sure that YOU have absolutely no way to defend yourself against anything. You younger people who are reading this perhaps are not aware that when I was a kid, any son-of-a-bitch who came crawling into your house, or onto your property, without being asked, would be exposing himself to a blast of rock salt in his ass. That's why trespassing and burglary were few and far between, and even then, it always took place when no one was about.

Marxists, which sadly means about 40 percent of the population which infests this continent, feel they have a "right" to that which was earned by others. Let's see – Sally the Red has no land. Ain't that a shame? She spies you with a couple of acres. What's 'fair' about that? Sally could buy some, but she has squandered away anything she ever earned, yet some of that land should be hers, since you have more than you need. Every hear this commie crap before? As I told one f---head a month ago: whether a rich dude 'needs' Social Security payments or not, is beside the point – they is still HIS!

The Clinton/Gore boys tried to disqualify military ballots during the last comedy show called an election. They didn't make it but they are still working overtime. Legislation is NOW PENDING which will guarantee the right of 4,000,000 convicted felons to vote in future elections. Here's a better one – The Jew Ass Senate has just passed a bill that would prohibit the NRA from communicating with the people during a 60 day period PRIOR to elections. This gag order fits well in line with the fact that most voters have a hard time remembering anything which happened 2 weeks ago. This latest bit of Zionist activity is an assault on BOTH the First and Second Amendments.

Hell, I would join the NRA if only for the reason it would piss ZOG off.

Featherless bipeds can be classed as yellow, white, black and brown (mud, mongrel). We sometimes use different names such as "race", but what's in a name anyway? There's an odd South American critter which looks like a weasel, and behaves like a weasel, but the zoologists for some weird reason, call it a member of the "cat" family. These fartheads, in their never-ending quest to make Nature conform to their rules, have claimed relationships between some animals which boggle a sane mind, yet millions toss away their common sense and bow to the god of science.

Since weez all ekull, imagine I have a magic wand which was bequeathed to me by Adolf the fire-maker. How would the world be affected if a wave of that wand caused all the muds to "rapture" to a better place than this, taking with them ALL of their collective contributions to society? Ask again, as each category is subjected to this flight of fancy. Now, if you can indeed say that the disappearance of the blacks, and their contributions, cause the same change as the disappearance of the whites with theirs, then perhaps there might be something to this egalitarian religion.

While the Vikings were putting roller bearings in the hubs of their carts, what do you suppose the bush bunnies of the black belt were doing? While the white people of Europe were building those astounding cathedrals, what sort of buildings where the race-mixers' bed delights erecting? (Pun intended.)

Someday, I hope to meet a true-believer race-mixer, not zonked out on drugs or dying from AIDS, who could explain to me why he disagrees with my conclusions which result from my sensory input. If it swims like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, I'd have a hard time believing that I am observing a crow. We're all birds under the feathers, they say.

Relative to my comments about the FOX shooting star, Bill O'Reilly,  one has no way of knowing what his inner thoughts are or where he secretly parks his political cart. My point is that his commentary will all be properly kosherized or else he'd be out of a job. Our nation is full of people who "go along" in this manner because they realize that it is not profitable for them to do otherwise. Any introspective individual knows they we are living under a cloud of fear and that always is a prelude to revolution. I criticize no man for wanting to secure his livelihood in order to properly care for his family. It will not always be this way.

In all of this, there's a real question of civic and moral courage involved.  It's these go-along get-along summer soldiers that have sold us out to where we are now.  The men and women we need are the ones who will join NOW in the middle of our Valley Forge winter.

The term "Politically Correct" first appeared in the writings of Anton Semionovich Makarenko, (jew) Vladimir Lenin's expert on Communist education. 'Nuff said?
Sorry folks
but I do not have the time to check out all of the rapidly appearing new material on the net. I love it! The more the better! Are they going to hang us all? The more we, are and the more we present, the safer we will be, for the rascals love solitary targets and clubbing thousands will be hard to explain to our fellow Americans as 'nuts' and 'haters'. Most Americans are a little slow in the head, but they are not that slow. The last century was a jewish century. Let's make sure it gets buried along with the AIDS carriers, history-distorters, drug pushers and porno peddlers. How's that for "profiling"?

http://www.topica.com/lists/EuroKnowledge  I think they have a mailing list if you'd care to be on it.

Now here's a dandy article written by a "Fishman" no less. That's clue #1. In it you'll see the oft-repeated fiction that the swastika (suavastika – left handed) was a good luck symbol until Hitler turned it around and perverted its meaning. This is pure digested bagels. Damn, but I hate repeating myself – the swastika is the oldest known form of the cross which was once used by early Christians.. It probably originated with the ancient German tribes. It was mainly right-handed. (Go to the U.S. National Museum, Department of Prehistoric Anthropology and find out for yourself. Geesh!) "Aryan" migrations carried this symbol into what is now known as India, where it was the footprint of Buddha. In all cases, except for Persia perhaps, the swastika was the sun symbol. The Chinese adopted it also as the symbol of the sun and the Japanese used both the left and right versions for pottery decorations, as did many other peoples. From Asia, the swastika found another home amongst the migrating "indians". Theories abound and the consequent bickering properly belongs in academia. More than likely, the left version was the female principle and the right, the male. In all accounts, the symbol was connected to "good". The the Nazi standard obviously allowed one to see either form depending upon his view.

During the first half of the last century, the swastika was a very popular symbol in 'hymietown' on the Hudson. Collier's Kipling's Works had swastikas embossed all over the front covers. Today, the public display of this ancient non-Nazi symbol is a crime in several states. Model airplane kits of German planes purchased in the 1930s, contained the swastika as part of official aircraft insignia. Model kits of 1942 on, omitted those emblems. I know, I've several of these kits in my storage shed. I would surmise that Hitler adopted that symbol since it was traced to very ancient Teutonic roots.

The swastika apparently offends no one but jews and their lackeys. That's their business, but when they dictate, and push for laws in that direction, of what I can or cannot use to decorate my house, or wear in my lapel, then I get a little "pissed", as the saying goes. As for the "Hitler turned it around...", that's pure crap! And tell your Marxist teacher I said so. I care little about the "whole truth" about the swastika. It's the damned lies about it which infuriate me. 

Please note that Russ Granata has weaned himself from Bradley Smith's CODOH. He has his own site which is great news http://www.russgranata.com . The more the merrier for it's very hard to get all of the mosquitoes, but one mosquito? Smack! Blotto. Long gone, lone wolf. On this site is Dr. Pierce's excellent article on gun control in Nazi Germany (print up a copy for your Marxist teacher) plus other eye-opening material. The essential about 'revisionism', relative to myself, is not the content but the very disturbing fact that WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO, big time. Over what, is not that important. 
Maguire now has a computer and can be reached via email. As for Eric, he still insists that any computer he has shall be steam powered. So far, snail mail is all he will be able to handle. No long distance phone service either. 
As the jewsmedia hype Memorial Day and Pearl harbor to an extreme,
it is well to remember that those who see the world differently are never allowed any platform which reaches the same audience. It's a closed kosher circuit and the Internet is thus far not totally controlled by the enemies of the white race – but they are working on it day and night.

I doubt if any of my childhood friends lied to me when they told of their WW II experiences and none of them, many severely wounded in battle, ever show up at flag-waving parades. I'd certainly believe them over any "survivor" no matter how his tears flowed. Most jews have never given me reason to believe anything they say.

The truth is 'out there' if any are so inclined to place value on it. Once you start the search for truth, you'll soon find you are delving into "hate" and that might just scare your socks off; cause you to confess your sins, and swear to remain true to the god of political correctness. You might even like to sport a six-pointed pendant to advertise your subservience. Anyway, I am happy to point out a link which sheds more light on a topic we old scarred and wrinkled bears already knew – the genocidal hate-filled operation against a beautiful land of wonderful people, Germany and the Germans. This concocted, jew-orchestrated assault upon Western civilization was called World War II. Be sure to read http://www.rense.com/general10/20mill.htm and encourage your Marxist teachers to do the same. After all, don't they continually blab to you that 'truth' is what education is all about anyway? FAEM also has an article on the mass-murder bombing raid on Dresden, which I doubt CNN will mention in its glorification of what should rightly be our national shame. /edward/dresden.htm