7 June 2001
Maguire sez – I'd studied industrial mobilization in the 1980s and even then I'd come across things that didn't jive with the Orthodox Version of History.

Distilled WWII era production data, especially for aircraft and the years 1940-41 is VERY hard to come by.  It's almost as if the US Government doesn't want these numbers known. Hmmm. Lucky for Truth and Justice, military history pages for aircraft types at Wright Patterson AFB musuem give the serial numbers of each production run.  And lucky for us, the AAF had adopted a format with the year of production preceding the rest of the number.

    There was a LOT of P-40 production in 1941.  Ditto for A-20 tactical attack aircraft.  USA "Hudson" production for the Brits was massive in 1941, too.  What establishment historians are presenting as 'industrial mobilization' and 'we weren't ready until 1943ish' is not accurate.  That 43-44 period was actually a second wave of 'modernization' with P-47,  P-51, P-61, B-25, B-26 replacing an earlier generation of P-36, P-39, P-40, A-20 aircraft.  This legend of 'build-up' is an ex post facto rationalization for FDR's REFUSAL to deploy and fight in early 1942.

The earlier aircraft did just fine against the Japanese in early WWII.  And even earlier ones like pre-war Brewster Buffalo fighters.  For instance, 1942 battle histories for the Netherlands East Indies cross checked with Japanese source losses indicate the Dutch pilots racked up 2-1 kill ratios.  Similarly, the Flying Tigers (their first actions were in Burma) were doing 3-1 and 4-1 in the air in early 1941.  The AAF in the pacific was flying these 'earlier' P-40s and A-20s until quite late in 1944.  Roosevelt and Churchill simply left those people unsupported and unreinforced.  The Japs eventually overwhelmed them with mass, not quality. 


This is a classic excellent example of what I mean about the USA having plenty of aircraft by December, 1941.  It's the Martin B-26 Marauder.  It went straight from design into production in the 4th Qtr of calendar year 1940.  The first four production copies off the line were used for flight testing in November, 1940.  The first run of 200 basic B-26s all had 1940 serial numbers.  Army Air Force deliveries started in February 1941.  When you follow the Wright Patterson B-26 pages forward through the different production variants you see how many of the later versions have 1941 serial numbers.   Come December, 1941 (about 15 months after production started) the monthly aircraft flow was huge.

This same process is replicated with the B-25 Mitchell (Doolittle's 1942 Tokyo bomber) starting here http://www.wpafb.af.mil/museum/research/bombers/b3-2.htm  Production cranks up in mid 1940 with a strong monthly flow by end of 1941.

Same deal again with fighters. Here's the P-38s, first serial number 40-744, http://www.wpafb.af.mil/museum/research/p38.htm  and P-40s: http://www.wpafb.af.mil/museum/research/p40.htm  The first production P-40 serial number is 39-156.  This makes sense for me of a January 1941 photo I have of the Marin County (San Francisco area) airfield packed with P-40s.  Yet 18 months after P-40 serial production started we find General Short in Hawaii still equipped with 50 obsolescent P-36s and even antique Boeing P-26 Peashooters still equipping active squadrons.  See http://www.freeport-tech.com/WWII/013_usa/usaaf/aaf_hawaii/aaf_hawaii.htm and http://www.freeport-tech.com/WWII/013_usa/usaaf/aaf_hawaii/aaf_hawaii_fight.htm

This proceeding is criminally negligent at very best.  Equipping your high flight time forward deployed regular pilots with old equipment while giving new aircraft to green kids is a prescription for disaster in both directions.  That old song "We're the battling bastards of Bataan..." was rooted in a reality those guys well understood.  Return again to Herr Doktor Niehorster's WWII order of battle pages, in this case the Far East Air Force in the Philippines.  http://www.freeport-tech.com/WWII/013_usa/usaaf/aaf-usaffe/aaf_usaffe_fight.htm
According to this obsolescent P-36s were STILL BEING SHIPPED to the Phillipines on Dec 7, 1941.  See the shaded box for the 70th Pursuit Squadron and the designation at sea.

Here's the official USAF P-39 page. This states that 600 P-39s had been built by December 7, 1941 (with more tumbling off the conveyor belt every day):   http://www.wpafb.af.mil/museum/research/p39.htm  This aircraft later served in the Pacific although none were in theatre there on December 7, 1941.

Historians, starting with Winston S. Churchill, have persistently peddled two themes about the War in the Pacific in 1941-1942.  The first is that the USA had to 'build-up' and mobilize before it could fight.  The second theme is that the Japanese had some kind of qualitative air combat advantage in the early months of World War II because of better pilots and/or planes.  Here, according to Churchill and the legions of lazy semitically correct scholars who follow his World War II  memoirs outlines, is the explaination for the disastrous Allied defeats in early 1942.

Both of these themes are lies.

The first theme of 'mobilization' is belied by the United States Strategic Bombing Survey, July, 1946.  While the USA was building up MORE, so was Japan.


Japanese production of aircraft of all types rose from an average of 642 planes per month during the first 9 months of the war to a peak of 2,572 planes per month in September 1944. The rise was particularly great during 1943, after the Japanese had learned the lessons of the 1942 campaigns. Aggregate production during the war was 65,300 planes. Japanese army and navy plane losses from all causes, both combat and noncombat, rose from an average rate of some 500 planes per month in the early months of the war to over 2,000 per month in the latter months of 1944. Aggregate losses during the course of the war were of the order of magnitude of 50,000 planes, of which something less than 40 percent were combat losses, and something over 60 percent were training, ferrying, and other noncombat losses. The Japanese were thus able to increase the numerical strength of their air forces in planes, in almost every month of the war. Numerical strength increased from 2,625 tactical planes at the outbreak of the war to 5,000 tactical planes, plus 5,400 Kamikaze planes, at the time of surrender.

(Maguire comment:  In other words, ZOG only got serious about Pacific combat in 1943 once the Japanese were in a position to inflict maximum casualties on young white men)

...Even in 1942, however, the relatively few United States air units in the Pacific were able to inflict greater losses than they sustained on the numerically superior Japanese.


These results were also obtained by the Dutch in the Netherlands East Indies even though those white men were fighting the Japanese Zeroes with obsolete Brewster Buffalos.  http://home.att.net/~jbaugher1/f2a_6.html  The Flying Tigers also obtained similar superior results in their debut at Rangoon, Burma, in early 1942.  White forces in Malaya, the Philippines and the Netherlands East Indies were overwhelmed for the simple reason that they were numerically swamped, attrited down and not resupplied.

Those who wish to study and think ahead of Maguire's upcoming Road To Pearl Harbor can study pre-war USA fighter and bomber production for 1939-1941 at the Air Force's official musuem website here http://www.wpafb.af.mil/museum/research/pursuit.htm, here http://www.wpafb.af.mil/museum/research/bombers/bomber3.htm and here http://www.wpafb.af.mil/museum/research/attack/a3/attack3.htm.

In that era the Army Air Corps used a serial number format that began with the year of production. Thus the first production P-38 Lightning was (S/N 40-744), meaning serial production of P-38s first started in 1940 with plate number 744. The USAF Museum similarly informs us that 600 Bell P-39 Airacobras had already been built by December 7, 1941, with more tumbling off the conveyor belt every day.   Study the Air Force's OFFICIAL pages for the P-40 (production started in 1939), the P-38 (1940), the P-39 (1941), the B-25 (1940), the B-26 (1940) , the A-20 (1939).  Track the serial numbers by year 40-xxxxxx and ask yourself roughly how many of each category were available on December 7, 1941.  Then ask yourself why General Marshall was still sending obsolescent P-36s to the Philippines in late December, 1941, or why the Hawaiian Air Force was still flying antique Boeing P-26 Peashooters.

US production of P-40 fighters in 1940 and 1941

1940:  778 aircraft
1941:  2,246 a/c
1942:  4,453 a/c


"The Curtiss P-40 saw action on every front in WWII and was in US service from the beginning through the end of US involvement. But the P-40's legacy will always be as the aircraft flown by Claire Lee Chennault's American Volunteer Group (also known as the Flying Tigers). 100 P-40s (considered obsolete) were given to the Chinese through the Lend-lease in 1941. Chennault trained the pilots to use the plane's strengths to exploit the enemies weaknesses. In approximately 6 months of combat the A.V.G. officially destroyed 297 planes with another 153 probable. All of this was accomplished with the loss of only 12 P-40's in combat."

The 'American Volunteer Group' only lasted 6 months because it was first incorporated into the US Army 'China Air Task Force' and then the USAAF 14th Air Force which was activated in the China-Burma-India theatre.  All the white American volunteer pilots (officially mercenaries) had been recruited from US forces and given leaves of absence.  They were then given the choice of going into the US Army Air Force in China or returning to their original services. The Flying Tigers' first actions were fought in Burma from January-April 1942.

Flying Tiger John Donovan said this in a letter home dated March 6, 1942:

"With more planes we could destroy all of the enemy air force that we could contact. As it is, we have had to operate with the smallest number of planes imaginable. We have flown planes that would have been condemned by the Army or Navy at home. However, we feel that we have made a good record considering that we have been outnumbered in every engagement with the enemy thus far. Sometimes we ponder what immense damage we could inflict upon the Japs if we had just one U.S.'s days production of P-38s P-39s, P-40s and B-17s." (note:  ALL of these aircraft were already in serial production in mid 1940).

The hero John Donovan was killed in action on an offensive raid against the Japanese air base at Hanoi, French Indochina, on May 12, 1942. The Flying Tigers weren't content to wait passively to be hit. They carried the war to the enemy as soon as possible.

A post-war letter from an RAF pilot who flew Brewster Buffalos against the Japanese in early 1942 in Burma:

(RAF Pilot-Officer) Brandt says, "How it happened and how it developed I don't know, but in matters of combat towards defence we copied the German tactics i.e. German fighters came in high above their bombers, dove through our Spitfires, with all guns blazing and continued diving knowing the Spit, was more agile than their aircraft (German). This was so much to our advantage in our Buffalos particularly as the Japs for some reason or other abandoned their bombers to hope to cope with the P-40s. It was great. If you remember the last time they came over Mingaladon we in our Buffalos managed to shoot the lot down. A silent "Thank you" came from Me to your lot." (The AVG).

ZOG Establishment historians these days say 'the Brewster Buffalo was obsolete', 'the Japanese pilots were better'. Just lies, lies and damned lies.

One whatever wrote that the "microchip 666" is supposed to contain ALL of your personal information and not just be a sniffing snooping spying tracking device. Well, sleepy head, ZOG already has that information and with your fingerprints, retina scan and S.S. number, why would they want to endanger this information by letting any ZOGling run about the countryside with a chip implanted in his forehead? Maw, wha' dat mother bump on dat man's haid?
As more info sees the light of day, it appears that the Pearl Harbor Sunday surprise surprised no one except the gullible goyim whose blood was to be used for the benefit of a mongrel race, plus the oil and drug businesses. That's why WWII is more properly called The Second War to Kill White People. The U.S. was already on a war footing at that time as revealed by aircraft production records. The jew Roosevelt had most of "our" Navy stationed in the Atlantic where he thought, and hoped, for an attack upon Europe. This correlates exactly with stories I heard at the dinner table whenever Frank Duzak visited my uncle. Frank was an orphan kid which my grandfather loosely adopted as a son. Old gramps always had a fondness for people with red hair and blue eyes. My uncle and Frank became inseparable. Being older, and wanting to relieve the burden on our family, Frank joined the Navy. It was from this experience that Frank often related our unprovoked, and illegal, attacks upon German vessels. The Germans never responded to these attacks and Roosevelt's provocation, oil embargoes, and playing upon the Japanese sense of honor, managed to get the involvement he wanted. The major portions of our fleet were then transferred to the Pacific. Old dissenters, like myself, remember that the WWI issue of 'pie tin' helmets and Springfield rifles went to those in the Pacific and the new Garands and later design helmets went to the European theater first.

As kids, we played 'King in the castle' which involved a rough and tumble scramble to get to, and remain on, the top of some large snow pile. Today, the little kiddies, if they ever wanted to play that horrible game, would be outfitted with crash helmets, body armor, distress alarms and surrounded by 69 mommies shouting that they should be careful and play "fair", which means to curtsey and take turns sitting on the dome. During one of these games, Frank landed upon my youngest uncle who suffered a burst appendix. He was rushed to the hospital and lay upon an operating table for over 8 hours at which time he died. Since it was New Year's Eve, there were no doctors to be found except for two which were quite drunk. It was this episode which precipitated my aunt's life-long hatred of doctors. Anyway, this event weighed heavily upon Frank and after the war, in his tiny apartment, Frank left a suicide note, "There is no way I can return Andrew and I can no longer carry the burden of that sad evening. I am so very sorry."

Frank's recollections were my first introduction, and the beginning of an understanding, of my grandfather's pronounced dislike for Roosevelt, of whom, he said that the American people would one day suffer for electing him.

I suppose that our herd of closet lesbos, and effete males, will be saturated with mental orgasms when Tim McVeigh is executed. The bloodthirsty mob must be satiated regardless of legality or any other matter. I oppose the execution of anyone, legal or illegal. It has been my experience that for all of the talk about the preciousness of life, that females are the first to call for blood. It is therefore not surprising that all primitive peoples usually leave the torturing of captives up to the women. Everything about that Oklahoma City event was very sad but none of it caused me to hate anyone or anything. It was tragic for all involved. I do think that for some, the folderol involved shed light upon the foul aspects of a corrupt system. People never learn no matter how severe the lesson and most will carry on as the ants in a mound – eating, defecating, copulating and dying. It has always been historically evident that democracies produce the most vicious of people and 'democratic wars' are always the most bloodthirsty and gruesome..
A fellow sent along this address which, if perused sans haste, will bring to light a number of things.


Blacks fail in the education domain because race does make a difference. Jews are not smarter than white people and neither are Asians as Dr. Ruston of the "small brain – big dick" theory claims. Rich white people are not smarter than white working class people. The sharpest people in my high school were not the 'rich and famous' living on "the hill", but the sons and daughters of those who worked in the factories and mills. College, of course, always was something for the affluent. Under a National Socialist system , only the best would attend college and the expenses would be borne by the whole nation for it is precisely they who will benefit thereby. Today, in this asylum, enormous tax money is spent upon cretins, cripples and cruds, who will never contribute to the public good.

There aren't many visible jews around Dubya except for his speech writer. And, as we know our de facto government is still run by Alan Greenspan. This makes me wonder if the boys in the back room aren't setting young George for a mighty fall. A nice war, perhaps? A depression will do just fine. Or maybe something yet unproved. I can hardly wait for the surprise.
Memorial Day was supposed to be a day for the commemoration of our war dead. The jews have turned this solemn day into a side show of bragging about a military victory over THEIR enemies fought and paid for by white people. Inch by inch, the jew is moving himself towards the guillotine of his own construction.
The boobs who call in and burble their p.c. conservative/liberal nonsense to plush Rush can be counted on to say, "We don't need to go down to their level in this fight." (Whatever their current verbal sparring match is about.) Friend, I've got news for you. If I am in a fight and the other guy picks up a club, I'll be damned if I'll remain gentlemanly by keeping my hat on, my shoes shined, and asking "Excuse this, please?" while I make Kung Fu breezes in the air. I'll make sure my club is bigger than his club. Let the other fellow define the rules by which you fight. Not lowering yourself "to the other guy's level" is a sure-fire way to lose, except maybe for a game of checkers. I know. I grew up in a street gang environment where, due to my small size which I didn't outgrow until I was 19, I was usually trashed. "Now that's a knife," said Crocodile Dundee.
Preparing for Pearl Harbor II

The Joint Chiefs of Staff from the previous regime.  Here we see three Freemasons, a Jap, an Indian and a Jew. The midget in the middle is U.S. Army Chief of Staff General Eric Shinseki. Japanese General Shinseki has become famous throughout the ZOG-USA Army for advocating smaller, lighter, less armored and less heavily gunned tanks, armored personnel carriers and other equipment. He is forming these into 'Medium Brigades' to replace the 'Heavy Brigades' previously developed by white men in the 1970s-1980s. General Shinseki's other noteworthy contribution is deciding that Ranger battalions perform so well not because of careful personnel selection but because they wear black berets.  He therefore wants to improve Army wide performance by issuing black berets made in China to all US Army soldiers. Intellect, like physique, flows from genetics.

Extracted from The Microchip Nitwits – One cannot logically think about anything if he is ignorant of nearly everything. That's what reading and education helps alleviate. One need not know everything in order to apply logic for logic is the making sense out of what you do know in order to apply intelligent thought about what you do not know.

I know something about the fundamentals of the way a computer works. With this as a starter, I built upon it in my mind and added other information as I went along, and then concluded in 1998, that the Y2K scare was pure media hype. Many suggested that I was in error because I did not know everything about computers – I was not an "expert". I have met far too many "experts" in my life who remind me of a fellow who memorized the dictionary but couldn't write a coherent sentence. A fellow with every tool under the sun, in his work room, need not know how to build a cabinet. We, in America, delude ourselves in this important regard – the measure of a person is not his possessions or even his exposure to higher education. Far too often we fall into the trap that reading, or being exposed to, certain facts is the same thing as learning. If one putters around with some geometric construction and then cannot recall it 2 months later, then he did not learn anything! A diploma may, or may not (usually not) indicate a person's degree of "learning".

HELLO? I've just dug up more data on those 'magic' solar cells the nitwits seem to think will save our energy hides. In my article, it seems that I have been far, far too generous in my allowances so that the absurdity of it all is now rendered even more absurd – more jewish, if you like. I will amend my article shortly.
Before ZOG rushes in with flame throwers, atomic bombs and Zyklon B, read this story about the McCuckin "stand off" in the boonies of Idaho. http://www.vanguardnewsnetwork.com/index67.htm
About 1/7 of any given population consists of sociopaths of one degree or the other. They are always held in check by any government which is interested in the welfare of its majority. The means of control is simply one of threat and retaliation – you break the rules and we break your head. This is predicated upon a clear set of rules and a popular will to smash what is generally accepted as disruptive without regard for the feelings of the criminals who are so treated. People who choose to break the law do not deserve the protection of the law!!!

Then came 1954 when ZOG declared that the whole minority of black people now had "rights" which superseded those of the white majority. Blacks were now special – Sondernegers – and had the "right" to impose themselves upon any white group or institution they chose, backed by the armed might of ZOG. The rules which formerly seemed sufficient for our society to function well, were now 'liberalized', that is, relaxed, and reduced – made more "criminal friendly". This not only gave blacks the opportunity to move into and depreciate every institution unfortunate to be their target, but also lowered the barriers which kept most white derelicts contained. The white slugs found a new freedom to indulge in their previously suppressed degenerate and sociopathic tendencies. The whigger was born and MTV provided the means of assembly. The most peculiar fact about these unwashed drones is that they are generally unemployed and still depend upon foolish and indulgent parents to feed and clothe them, often well into adulthood where they either die of AIDS or clean up their act.

There have been on the books for decades, sufficient law for us to correct each and every problem the working man finds repugnant. Laws mean nothing unless there is a collective will to enforce those laws.

One-third of our steel is now imported and about 30% of our remaining steel industry is near bankruptcy. Aren't you glad ZOG takes care of those who vote it into power time and again? 
As kids, dad used to drive the whole family to Buffalo NY where we'd take the excursion boat to Crystal Beach Canada for a day in the sun and sand. The to and fro boat ride was a pleasure in itself and has been enjoyed for years, especially the night crowd where dancing to romantic dinner music was in vogue. Then came the niggers. At little rear poking here, a few drinks there and rowdiness pervasive, soon chased most white folks away. The rides were discontinued and Crystal Beach soon followed by being closed and turned into condominium development.

Later, when we were still living within 2 or so hours from Buffalo, we'd drive in to see the Gingerbread House Christmas display funded by the downtown merchants. One could smell the fresh gingerbread and it was a pleasant time for my younger brothers and sisters especially. Then came the niggers. At first, the merchants tried to thwart the monkey's paws ripping off pieces of the house by installing glass partitions. This only slowed the vandalism but the rowdiness only increased. The whole tradition ended. The niggers had arrived.

I took a job at a research facility in Rochester NY and was invited by Barbara Ann to accompany her at the Italian Festival which took place in the summer, again in Buffalo. A several blocks of Hertel Avenue were closed and food stands and amusements were stationed bumper to bumper. This affair lasted for nearly a week. One could gorge himself on tortellini, pizza, and deserts beyond count. It was a wonderful and joyous event. Then came the niggers. Litter grew to obnoxious proportion and provocative suggestions assaulted the younger women. In a sane society, the brothers and cousins of such women would have made the apes an offer they couldn't refuse but ZOG prohibits such activity relative to Sondernegers. The complaints of filth, both in street language and the physical kind, has led the city officials to not only shorten the event, but to limit its size to about 1/3 of the original. The writing in on the wall. I do not give this traditional festival more than 3 years more. The niggers have arrived – again.

On the shoot 'em up front — State Farm will not insure homes which have shooting ranges on the property even if they are on a 400 acre cottage parcel.

The NRA wants parents to "secure" their guns so that the little peckers running wild through the house won't have access to them. What in hell ever happened to teaching kids about the right of private property and to KEEP THEIR MONKEY PAWS OFF THINGS WHICH DON'T BELONG TO THEM???? The idiots who call themselves parents today, let their kids grow up like a clump of weeds and then wonder why they continue to act as weeds when adults. My dad, as well and nearly every father I knew as a kid, had unlocked gun cabinets in their homes. The kids were not brought up as chimps in a zoo, which seems to be the way most females do things today – mustn't harm their tender psyches, you know – and if some foolish kid EVER TOUCHED a gun, his ass would be given a workout he'd never forget. Youngsters were not given lectures on the dangers of guns but were taught the danger of breaking rules set down by dad. Today's parents do not teach, they permit, and therefore are chained to cleaning up all of the messes their undisciplined kids create. How many parents do you know who are supporting the children their irresponsible sex addicted kids brought into the world? We have a society where 30 year old "children" are still sponging off their parents. That's possible only when parents allow it. What are today's parents anyway? They love their servant role and the TV ads depict mom ALWAYS cleaning up after their unruly cretins. Disorder always precedes chaos.

* * * * *

One of the kids I tutor, came to my apartment with his math FINAL EXAM – a "take home" assignment!!! Imagine what sort of unstructured slop school he is attending. I went to his mother, who was watching QVC in the next room, and told her that tutoring was terminated. When asked why, I told her they obvious were dishonest people. With a huff and a few obscenities, they left, slamming the door vigorously. I soon expect to be sued for blasphemy, heresy, slander, and the most atrocious act of all, ranking second only to doubting the "holocaust" – OFFENDING SOMEONE!!!

As more and more scientific evidence is uncovered, revealing the astounding white presence and influence on this planet, the greater will the task of the "white deniers" who are busy trying to depreciate white achievement. It is our main task not to contradict the lies concerning our race, but to hold fast to the truth and behave in a manner which will insure that "white" will not be relegated to the dust bin of history. If we can grasp who we are, then we will have no fear of our future.

I watched a disjoint TV crockumentary concerning the history of mathematics, which claimed that the European contribution was minimal. When I think of names such as Gauss, Newton, Bernoulli, Leibniz, Euler, Pythagoras, Euclid, Fibonacci, Clavius, Cardan, Kratzer, Fermat, et al., I wonder what part of Asia, the Americas, or Africa, these contributors came from. As the background voice continued, I wondered when his face would be revealed for I had a hunch that he would look like a Henry Kissinger or Alan Greenspan. I was not disappointed.

No greater mathematician, physicist and astronomer, than Issac Newton, ever existed. I am waiting for the culture-distorters to 'prove' that his genius was due to yellow or black racial blood.

M.M. found an interesting article in the latest issue of 'Archeology  Odyssey' [July/August #101]. They have re-examined the earliest known  depiction's of Buddha throughout the Eastern world, and found something quite different from later depiction's of said 'deity.' The majority of them had  what I suppose you could refer to as extremely non-Asian characteristics, in  terms of facial dimensions, etc., also these statues/statuettes were  carved/chiseled in manner of Greco-Roman artistic tradition e.g. well
proportioned, with realistic features – which stand in stark contrast to the  typical embellishment of proportion/features found in most Eastern 'art.'   This all comes after recent news that the upper castes of India have  generous amounts of European genetic material:

"Indian males caste in European mold?"      By Chidanand Rajghatta

WASHINGTON: The upper caste Indian male population is genetically closer to Europeans than the lower castes, which are more "Asian," according to a  potentially controversial new study being published in the forthcoming issue of the journal Human Genome. "

It would seem obvious to all but the naive, or dumb, that white people's have given the world basically everything, it would seem that nearly every peak of  civilization from other races have been either a direct, or indirect result of contact with Europeans. It is also interesting to note that whites vanished (along with civilization) from India because of miscegenation. M.M.

If the young of today weren't born zombies, then drugs and talmudvison will soon render them that way.
"Maguire does such an excellent job, aren't you afraid he'll take over FAEM?" RK. Baltimore

"I should be so lucky." RF. Fayetteville
As the brutality
of American soldiers (read white) towards those of superior color (read Vietnamese and Japanese) becomes more central to TV (read jew) propaganda, it becomes more obvious that this is just another facet of anti-white invective. You'll NEVER hear about the American and British white brutality against other whites, particularly the German people. 
When you notice that the scum is rising to the top, you will know you are living in a democracy.
Does anyone recall that Cornwallis told General Washington, that if the Americans failed to be vigilant, they'd become jewish without ever being aware of it. Marxists are us. With our wailing wall "candlelight vigils" and shrines to people we do not know, it's quite apparent. What sort of people can have emotional breakdowns over the death of someone they don't know and then when their masters point out an "enemy" and command "kill", they march off like a band of psychotic killers on a religious rampage exhibiting no remorse over the mayhem and murder they commit? It's no wonder the popular song of our Civil War was the Battle Hymn of the Republic. Did your history teacher tell you that the Rothschilds approached Abraham Lincoln with a proposal about lending money? And that Lincoln refuses by saying we could print our own? The "our own" were the Greenbacks. Old Abe was shot just as Kennedy was and John, for all his faults, wanted an independent money supply.
Maguire's Factoid Center

Factoid 1.   Winston S. Churchill, in his first volume of 'The World Crisis', gave an account of naval arms limitation negotiations with Germany before the First War to Kill White People.  According to Churchill this was an attempt to stop the naval arms race with Germany.  The intermediary the British government chose to approach the German government on this subject was "Sir" Ernest Cassel.  When E. Cassel arrived in Berlin in 1912 on this mission, his first contact was with a close associate of the Kaiser, "Herr" Albert Ballin.    See "The World Crisis" by Winston S. Churchill, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1923.

Factoid 2.  The naval arms limitation talks failed.  see ibid.

Factoid 3.  The "British" Ernest Cassel and the "German" Albert Ballin were both Jews.

Factoid 4.  In 1913 the executive offices of the World Zionist Organization moved to Berlin.

Factoid 5.  In 1935 the Chancellor of Germany, Adolf Hitler, concluded a naval arms limitation treaty with the British.  Hitler abided by the terms of that treaty until Brit-ZOG tried to organize another encirclement of Germany.

Factoid 6.  From his earliest days the alcoholic and sex pervert Churchill (alcoholism and exhibitionism documented by both William Manchester and David Irving in their Churchill bios) was in the financial back pocket of Jews.  See the spin the Jew Martin Gibert tries to put on this here:

"When Churchill purchased Bolton Street, his father had been dead for more than a decade, and he had no one to look after him. (Maguire note:  Churchill was already an adult male at that point)  He himself had already become the breadwinner for his family. Sir Ernest Cassel came, as it were as a guardian angel, and furnished a room in this house for him. He also looked after Churchill's small earnings financially and, in due course, turned them into quite substantial holdings."


Father Randolph Churchill was born in 1849 and died in 1895, probably of syphilis acquired from a prostitute.  More than a decade after Lord Randolph died would be post-1905.  Winston S. Churchill was born in 1874.   The poor homeless 'orphan' Winston S. Churchill was therefore already over 31 years old, had already graduated from Sandhurst Military Academy, had served in Army campaigns in Afghanistan, the Sudan and South Africa and had covered the Cuban Insurrection in 1895 as a highly paid journalist (doesn't this stink like week old fish?).  Winston S. Churchill had become a Member of Parliament for Oldham (now flooded with brown nig-nogs) in 1901.  Depending on the precise year, which Gilbert doesn't mention, Churchill was already sitting on the Board of Trade (HELLO!!!!).  Jew historical novelist Martin Gilbert also forgot to add "Sir" Ernest Cassel's high minded "charity" in going to Berlin in 1912 for First Lord of the Admiralty Winston S. Churchill to attempt and fail in naval arms limitation talks with another Jew, the "German" Albert Ballin.

Real White Men use other adjectives to describe what the Jew Gilbert describes as "Sir" Jew Ernest Cassel's high minded 'charity' for an 'orphan'.  Those adjectives are "bribery",  "political corruption", "conspiracy", "inciting genocide", "war crimes", "espionage" and "treason".

Feel free to send this article to the Jew lawyers and shabbez goy dunces infesting http://winstonchurchill.org

One can gauge the usurpation of his neighborhood by noticing whether or not the "ethnic foods" section of the local sheeny mart is expanding or not. Whole wheat bread disappears and tortillas appear. It's magic.
         Diversity leads to division.        Division leads to disintegration.
We are now being told that Benjamin Franklin, a man of letters whose whole life was about words, never kept a diary. At first, when his words warning the Continental Congress about admitting jews to this country became being more well known thanks to the internet, it was claimed that the diary never contained such words. Now that diary seems to have vanished. The  old memory hole has had a lot of traffic in these days of enlightenment. Eh?
A gaggle of gypsy "survivors" is now suing IBM. Why? It's seems that the evil Reich used IBM calculating machines to count the gypsies.
                                  Jesus saves.    Moses invests.
In view of the attitudes towards the stock market, I suggest calling our casinos "Investment Centers."
"What's in the bag,"
asked the checkout girl. "One muffin and one donut," I replied. She rang up 1 muffin and 1 dozen donuts. I asked her if that really made sense to her since the bag was about the size of one and one-half pints. I questioned, "How would someone manage to put one dozen donuts into a bag this size?" She gawked blankly and I felt she still didn't get my point. I went to the manager to have the matter settled.

This, my friends, is what you apparently get for $6.25 per hour. I am now on bended knee, asking for someone to explain how the intelligence, and subsequent competence, of this girl would be raised by increasing the minimum wage to $10 per hour. What would any employer expect to gain by paying her more? You've got it, and that's one of the reasons Marxism always collapses from its own false postulates.

Following upon the heels of this episode was a radio comment I heard on the entertainment-to-divert-the-masses Rush Limbaugh show. It's starting to become trendy for high schools to call anyone with a 3.5 average, a valedictorian!!! This makes it possible, as per the the many examples mentioned, for a graduating class to have 2 dozen valedictorians. I'd imagine that these schools then would classify all of the rest as salutatorians. After all, most mommies know that all kiddies are beautiful geniuses.

This issue came up as a result of a caller, a college admissions director, who was perplexed at this new thrust. He explained that his school was interested in having each graduating class 100 percent employed at decent salaries. Blow hard, draft dodger Rush, then berated the fellow for running an "elitist" school and admonished him to admit academic slugs (my words) as "...they need education the most. After all, our President was only a 'C' student." Only in America would anyone want to be ruled by their moral and intellectual inferiors.

Everyone must be given equal opportunity for one of them MIGHT find a cure for AIDS or cancer. Yes, we must give all of the plow horses a chance for one of them MIGHT win the Kentucky Derby. Yes, we must save all of the garbage for there MIGHT be a good apple in it. It's a bug-house ripe for destruction.

The following was submitted by a reader and as consistent with FAEM policy, the author's name was omitted.
Our employed readers, especially those raising a family, recognize the value of having their names withheld. I, in no way, view these people as 'cowards'. Placing one's employment in jeopardy is more an act of reckless foolishness than of 'bravery'.  I find that most of our 'brave' internet noise makers are usually unemployed urchins still living at home with their mothers. They would be well advised to clean up their own lives before attacking others.

In life, the journey of one man can change the history of the world  forever. The man himself is not immortal, his deeds however, may be eternal.  If we lived each day of our lives understanding, and believing that, then what could exist that we could not conquer, what challenge could not be met  with maximum will, and determination? It is our life – our journey, each of  us has an end which we must pursue – it is our destiny, to deny our destiny  and our will is to deny ourselves life itself. We have lived long enough as slaves, it is time that we break these chains, and once again grasp that  which is ours – once again we must realize our destiny.

Can this disastrous chain of white self-hate – self-loathing – and  self-demonization be broken? Are white's really so ignorant of the weakness this surfeit has borne unto them? How many more years will the conscious whites wait for the others to wake-up; at what point do we, as conscious  participants cut our losses and cast aside those who refuse to take part in this revolution – a revolution of the greatest importance, indeed a  revolution who's outcome will decide whether or not we survive as a race. Anon.

In 1950, my friends who were in WWII combat, in both theaters, started telling me their 'war' stories which painted the American soldier is a very, very bad light. I knew much about the nastiness of this war straight from the mouths of people I had grown to trust. Later in my life, I was privileged to know many Germans who were children during this period and related what they saw American troops do, from peepholes in their hiding places. None of the material, hidden for a half-century and is now coming out, surprises me. http://www.freerepublic.com/forum/a3b1b7f513648.htm

Although I take this as a good sign, there is the apologetic" if they weren't so cruel, then we wouldn't have been" which will be bandied about. I wouldn't hold my breath relative to a similar exposé concerning our treatment of both the German civilian population and surrendering soldiers. That would interfere with the "holocaust" business. Take cheer Americans, as least your boys were not as murderous as our "gallant Soviet allies".

The more the scientists argue, the less we know. If you want to start talking to yourself, go to this site which discusses AIDS. The fellow first intimidates you by waving awards and such in your face, but you are a thinking man, so don't be buffaloed.
For some odd reason, a few people have written asking about Eric's article Black Iron, where he states that "Slav" comes from "slave". (This is incorrect.) I am not defending, nor attacking this view, but I was under the impression that SLAV preceded SLAVE which means one was derived from the other. The set of Slavonic dialects is one of the Indo-European languages. People who spoke such a language were naturally called SLAVS. Many of these people were captured and subject to slavery early in the Middle Ages. It is here where we find that SLAVE and SLAV became synonyms. Middle English uses the same term for both – SCLAVE. Old French likewise – ESCLAVE. The same for Medieval Latin – SCLAVUS and Late Greek – SKLABOS. While SLAV might mean SLAVE to some, in no way does SLAVE mean SLAV. The Slavs were enslaved. It does a people a certain injustice to infer since they are SLAVS that they are SLAVES and I am sure Eric had no such intent. 
One did not have to know much about computers to realize that when the Y2K scare came onto the scene, that it was pure fraud as well as the religious 'calendar' hype which accompanied it – as I mentioned years ago. The old 'microchip implant' nonsense has reappeared and I confess that I perhaps am jumping the gun by calling it nonsense, for I haven't the slightest idea of what those little personal bugs are designed to do. Americans hardly need electronic tracking devices since ZOG has more data on its citizens than it can ever practically process – and more is pouring in daily. So, I'll gladly let the hot air out of this new balloon if someone will kindly give me a few more details on this implanted device. The more the detail, the easier to shoot it down. Thanks loads. RF
Yes. Modern drug therapy is enabling AIDS carriers to live longer. That insures that they will be able to spread it around for a longer period. Ain't tolerance grand?
The people were punished and the Tower of Babel fell because of diversity. Today, we are punishing ourselves and we don't even have a tower.
AIDS is actually furnishing us with a real world intelligence test. The more intelligent one is, the less likely he is to have AIDS. That's why the blacks have the higher percentage and the mestizos running a close second.
Behavior will, in the end, probably do more to define racial differences than anything else. According to the stories, when Jenna B. goes ape on the bottle, she acts as does any mestizo or injun. The next time you are slumming at some hip-hop asylum concert, notice carefully the features on the ostensible whites who are acting like crazed apes. Their whiteness will then seem to disappear.
Based on preliminary research I can report the following finding to F.A.E.M. readers.  During World War II there was only one government whose senior members did not have deep family and/or political connections to the world wide traffic in illegal narcotics.  This was the National Socialist government of Germany. Maguire
The fixation on Pearl Harbor Day is really the Pacific War analog to the Holocau$t in the ETO.  It distracts everyone's attention from everything that went down before, after and around it.  For instance, Herr Doktor Niederhorst reveals that aircraft the Dutch East Indies Gov't contracted for were delivered on time in January 1942.  Conclusion:  FDR could have fed aircraft in there.  He didn't want to.

Similarly, the dispositions of the US Navy battleships and aircraft carriers on Dec 7, 1941 are inexplicable except on the assumption FDR wanted the Japs to destroy the white colonial empires and possibly white Australia.  The Germans only had Tirpitz and Scharnhorst in commission as capital ships at that point.  The Brits had these more than adequately covered.  Yet FDR had half the USN battleships, including the two newest, plus 4 of 7 aircraft carriers, parked in the Atlantic.   Even 'Germany first' doesn't explain this.  When that concentration appeared in 1943-4, 95% of the USN's capital ships were off in the Pacific.

Irving's volume II of his Churchill biography reveals FDR was talking at Casablanca about disarming the FRENCH post-war.   FDR in his own mind was making war on the white race.  His first major operation of WWII was to attack the French in North Africa in late 1942.

Maguire's Law:  Never blame idiotic good intentions when political corruption will explain the action.  I think it's at least as likely that political allies want the Santa Monica ocean front franchises.  The solution is to first bankrupt the existing owners with bad laws that will be rescinded once politically correct people have acquired the leases at rock bottom prices.
Maguire specifically places all his writings on F.A.E.M. into the PUBLIC DOMAIN.  This includes all of his material in the Maguiresez, White Leadership Academy and Ad Libitum folders.  Anyone who wishes is free to reproduce them in whole or in part in any media and in any quantity. This also holds for any of Eric Thomson's material for we have nothing to sell, no dues to be paid to some bickering league, no copyrights, and as the song goes – No nuthin'.  Our writers earn their living in honest endeavor and require no 'donations' in order to eat and support those in their charge. We neither edit, nor censor, anything on these pages, for we'd be hypocrites relative to the First Amendment if we did. This is not a patriotism-for-profit outfit with some selfish agenda. Our thrust is one whereby the key to white survival lies in the individual's desire to improve himself by thinking as befits a white person, and behaving in a manner which lends credit to the race to which he belongs. We present opinions which we hope act as stimulus for thought.