10 June 2001
More ZOG lies – Maguire
ZOG is now trying to claim that ONLY Japanese descended individuals were interned.  The reality is that 56% of internees were of European descent.  This is what we would expect during the Second War To Kill White People.

See http://www.foitimes.com/internment/

This website informs us that arrests of German-Americans began on December 7, 1941 (magical date).  This was several days BEFORE the United States officially 'declared' war on Germany.  It was also before detention of Japanese descended persons began.

Our Congresshttp://chblue.com/Aug1999/081699/criminalclass1-081699.htm
Let me again repeat a great battle plan is worthless if you cannot identify the enemy!!! The blightwing is saturated with both male and female types who yap about "race" but can tell you nothing about it. Therefore these fools are yelling "charge" and they do not know what they are supposed to be attacking. Tim McVeigh's partner was a race-mixer. So was Matthews, and many other so-called "racialists" associate with mestizos, jews and mulattos BUT APPARENTLY DO NOT KNOW IT. I know of one female "white supremacist" who is shacked up with a mestizo. At bottom, many of them get flippant when they are pinned down as to defining "white". One "racist" has repeated over and over, "A jew is anyone who THINKS he is one." I suppose that also applies to black folks, which would account for the whigger phenomenon. Some basics:

"Race", and all the attendant labels, are abstract constructs necessarily flowing from white man's desire to impose his order upon the universe. Evolution is a THEORY and, due to the similarities between some creatures, evolution claims that such creatures are THEREFORE RELATED. And since they are related, they must have EVOLVED from one another. A THEORY is not a TRUTH!!! When your God-given senses tell you one thing and an academic theory tells you another, then it's time to trash the theory. People are so easily intimidated intellectually that it boggles my mind. Because something flows from the halls of academia does not make it fact. In truth, our Ph.D.s have showered upon this world more blatant CRAP than one would care to catalog.

How they got here is still a mystery but there are 3 basic races – for the lack of a better term. The races have definitive and easily spotted outer characteristics UNIQUE to their race, such as hair structure. They did not evolve from one another. The white man had his home in Europe, the yellow in Asia and the black in Africa. At one time, it is assumed, Australia and the Americas were uninhabited by humans. Blacks found their way to Australia eons ago perhaps when it was something else. The yellows migrated into the Americas. The whites and yellows came into contact with each other there and some of them played the goona-goona game. The fact that they were inter-fertile produced those of mixed race – the mongrels. A small but first wave of whites came to the Americas and race-mixed with the yellows leaving behind identifiable white characteristics among many otherwise yellow tribes which we call Indians. Later white invasions to the south, as in the Mexico area, left behind a larger racial contamination. This gave rise to most of the population which is there today. The mix between white and yellow is called mestizo. When the Mongol hordes overran Europe, they left behind a large residue of yellow blood giving rise to the Anglo-mestizo. This is why the "spaghetti westerns" could use "Italian" mestizos to play the parts of Mexicans (also mestizos). Asiatic characteristics are seen especially in the Finns along with thier fair skin and grayish eyes. From time immemorial, peoples have enslaved each other. From Rome to Egypt, whites captured blacks and dragged them into their societies where goona-goona was also a pasttime. The mixture of black and white is called mulatto. Meanwhile, back in the Americas, blacks, brought there by whites, were humping the yellows. This resulted in the mongrel we call a sambo. When the blood of all three races is present in one individual, we have the tri-racial mongrel which describes most of those we choose to call jews.

When you see identifiable physical traits in someone, regardless of their other features, which are characteristic of some race, then somewhere in the family tree race-mixing was present. We see Asiatic characteristics in "Dubya", his wife, and daughters, and also in the actor Patrick Swayze. Jimmy Carter's face reveals traces of black blood. Eisenhower came from a race-mixed family. Anyone with black kinky hair shows black blood even if his skin is the color of snow and his eyes the brightest blue.

Recognizing this is step one and it infers nothing other than knowing what you are talking about. Thus, it is ludicrous of any female to babble on about saving the white race when she posts pictures of non-whites on her "male beautiful" page, as does her husband on his "female beautiful" page. There is simply no need to discuss anything further of you cannot get get past this simple point. What would come next? Step 2 – does it all matter? If so, then what percent of yellow or black blood would be acceptable and still call the person "white"? Obviously, very, very few of us have unblemished blood lines going well back into time. The mere presence of brown eyes in any white person reveals racial contamination at some point for blue eyes is a unique white characteristic. In case you think I am subjective in this case, be it known that my eyes are colored brown, but I have NO PROBLEM WITH TRUTH. I do not define the world in my image.

I'll leave it all at this point. If one cannot distinguish, or is not willing to learn about, racial characteristics, no matter how subtle, then he has no business blabbering anything about saving a race he cannot define. Better get drunk and flop with the floozy on the adjacent bar stool. Get AIDS and join the ever-increasing crowd.

Perhaps it is time for me to again invite the wrath of the female lobby, especially those who think that sex is just a matter of a few organs associated with nothing else in the body or mind.  Mentally, and emotionally, females are subjective in the main. Most everything is interpreted on a personal level, as it should be! Otherwise there'd be nothing such as mothers. Man and woman are a UNIT, or at least, should be. An example –

The "From the corruption of women..." (see below), one fellow writes that his wife took offense at this since she FELT that it placed the blame of racial corruption upon women. It did not say women were corrupt. It said women were corrupted (from corruption) .... and it was precisely men who did the corrupting. Women do no rape men. When the invaders appeared at a village, did all of the women rush out, assume the position, and invite all with the shout, "Here it is baby. Do your thing!"? No. The men went in and forced the women to submit, thus leaving their seed behind to corrupt the blood of that village.

I walked into a girl's classroom one time and said soberly, "Men and women are not equal." That's all. The hullabaloo which followed was amazing. One young lady shouted, "We are as good as you!" Notice how very subjective this outburst was and that it was not connected to my statement for I never mentioned anything about good, bad, up, down, or even sideways. When I pointed this out, Paula smiled and agreed with me. Kathy, the one who embarrassed herself with the outburst, had to rationalize with an additional, "But that's what you meant." In that moment, she become a mind reader.

It's like the man says, "When you are up to your ass in muddy water, surrounded by alligators, it's hard to remember that your initial objective was to drain the swamp."

A fellow with a keen eye just whisked this off to me – http://www.elishastrom.com

Muffin baker Elisha, like her nice guy hubby, Kevin, have absolutely no clue as to who is white and who isn't. (Sounds like the NA, and WAR, doesn't it?) I suppose, to them, anything which is not colored ebony is "white". Go to 'Lisha's site and eyeball the "white" men she has images of. On it are at least 3 mestizos, a very obvious quadroon, a jew and a few assorted mongrels, flavored with a few white men, for flavor I suppose. On Kevin's site, the obverse of 'Lisha's, you'll find the same problem – a total lack of racial awareness. If you cannot tell a jaguar from a leopard, then I suggest you take up butter sucking and leave the race business up to people with better eyes and more sound judgment. Like Eric says – as the population gets darker from race mixing, those who are considered "white" will increase in number. Thinking becomes more muddled and awareness disappears, as the non-white blood increases. Make sure you have loonies for kids – race mix.

It would be nice if people like the Stroms could humble themselves enough to actually want to learn how to spot a mestizo.

         "Dual" citizen mexibeans and bagel burners, don't miss out on this one www.amendment-13.org

Dual citizen Juan Hernandez, recently appointed to Vincente Fox's cabinet, speaking in an interview on ABC's Nightline program, characterized 11 million Mexicans in the U.S. as their "army". He also said that all Mexicans in the U.S. should "put Mexico first, even if they are seventh generation", or more, U.S.A. citizens. Isn't that the way jews also feel?

ACHTUNG !! F.A.E.M. is issuing an All Points Bulletin for individuals with reading and internet fluency in Dutch, Chinese and Japanese.  Primary speakers in these languages who read/write English as a second language very welcome.  Individuals with these language skills interested in participating in a historical research project with Maguire please contact Maguire.
Writing while under the influence of Maguire and Eric has caused old ornery to become a tad more mild. There is less use of right rudder.
The effect of the recently released information about American (read white) soldiers being very naughty to Japanese captives (read non-white) during the Second Great War to Kill White People, will be to eventually have the massive, and horrendous, Allied atrocities towards the German people come to light. One fellow writes that he feels that the Pacific War mayhem footage was released to blot out the Israeli atrocities towards the Palestinians. Whatever is true, nothing is EVER put on talmudvision WITHOUT a PROPAGANDA purpose. Have faith in the jews, as I do. Their entire history is one of self-defeating activities which ALWAYS nails their hides in the end. Jews rush in where fools fear to tread. 
In Japan
a fellow went bananas and killed a whole wad of people, with a knife. In fact, he killed more with his knife than did many of our wayward fun-loving teens do with a gun. It's obvious that knives are more dangerous than guns. Perhaps we should ask the courteous Japanese to ban knives as a means of saving lives.
I am looking for some generous, well-heeled people who are willing to donate to the Arthritis Foundation. You can look it up. This is not a rip-off. The reason I am asking, is that I have befriended two very likable, honest and hard-working young white people who are in a competition to collect as many donations as possible. They are short of their goal, and I helped them the best I could – it's beans until I get my next check. If you can help, let me know your pledge amount and if the total will not make their goal, then it's off. If the pledges are called in, the check will be made payable to Arthritis Foundation and mailed to the fellow who keeps the books and tallies the credit. Or, if you like, mailed to me.
As more and more druggies are popping out more and more illegitimate bumpkins, it's obvious that what we are experiencing is a growth industry. We feed. They breed. Whitey is doing his best to give away everything he has in order to placate the ravenous, and so very, very needy,  muds. What happens when whitey has nothing left to give away?
Each time a hubcap pops off a school bus, the kiddies are shuffled off to "crisis counseling". Why should Tim not have such a wonderful service? "But he's a cold-blooded monster," you say. OK. Then how about "sensitivity training?"
The jew Bill Gates loves to bankroll non-white schemes here in the U.S. He has muchos perkos for Mexibeans on this side of the border. If he went to Mexico and tried to push programs for non-Mexicans, he'd be found with his feet off the ground.
This fight between Communists and Zionists has lasted right down to the present day. When the state of Israel was formed,
tens of thousands of Zionists were permitted to emigrate from Russia and satellite territory to Palestine, in a move which still
continues at this writing. (We should note that non-Jews are NEVER permitted to emigrate from Communist Russia). But
communist authorities have been exceedingly reluctant to permit young Jews to emigrate, and in many cases permission has
been denied. Thus the fight continues. But the reader should remember that this is a fight between Jews. Whether Communists
or Zionists, they still retain their Jewishness, and they stand united against all non-Jews. And although they travel different paths,
both Communism and Zionism have the same common goal – domination of the world. Both work and plan for the day when
the "chosen race" shall "inherit the earth."


The gargantuan size of the falsehood that's been perpetrated about the Pacific War is staggering. It's comparable to the Holohoax itself.
Where would all of the black musicians be if they didn't have white invented instruments to hammer on? Where would all of the black athletes be if they didn't have white men's games to play? Where would the circus chimps be if they didn't have white invented bicycles to ride?
Americans apparently love lying, corrupt politicians for they elect so many of them. The lower on the scale of morality they are, the more votes they get. Right Bill? Aren't the two biggest liars of our time, the cripple and the drunk, honored as our greatest presidents? 
   The enormity of the lies —

    Why was supporting the British Empire against Germany in the interests of the American people?  According to  the Roosevelt Administration it was because Hitler was trying to overthrow British sea power and invade South America!  See this sworn testimony by Roosevelt's Secretary of the Navy:

    "January 17, 1941. Secretary of the Navy Knox testified for the lend-lease bill. ("The struggle now going on is, fundamentally, an attempt by Germany to seize control of the sea from Great Britain. That is the reason why, from a military viewpoint, the war has so vital an interest to the United States. . . . If Germany becomes free to move across the ocean for the conquest of new territories, she most probably will move first into South America, to get hold of that great storehouse of national wealth. If the United States does not wish to face the consequences of the establishment in South America of aggressive military power, we should now prevent Germany from overturning the British sea power which holds the Nazis in Europe. . . . We need time to build ships and to train their crews. We need time to build up our outlying bases so that we can operate our fleets as a screen for our continent. . . . We need time to train our armies, to accumulate war stores, to gear our industry for defense. Only Great Britain and its fleet can give us that time. And they need our help to survive.

   "If we fully organize the mental and material resources of the American people, we can give Britain that help and
simultaneously can build a strong military defense for ourselves. The cost to us in money, effort, and sacrifice will be great, but
that cost will be far greater even in the immediate future should we now stand aside and let Britain fall." Ibid., Jan. 18, 1941, p.4.)

   When Navy Secretary Knox perjured himself with this testimony Germany's battleship 'fleet' consisted of the battlecruiser Scharnhorst and two 36 year old pre-Dreadnaught battleships from 1905, the Schliesen and Schleswig-Holstein.   The Bismarck was still on sea trials and the Tirpitz was under construction.  Germany's potential maximum was thus five battleships, counting the two museum pieces from the Second Reich.   Meanwhile Great Britain had 15 battleships and battlecruisers with 4 more under construction.  The United States at that time had 15 battleships with 10 more under construction.   These naval facts were all well known to Secretary of the Navy Knox, too.

   At the same time the Judeo-Communist Roosevelt administration was telling lies about ambitions and plans Hitler never had, it was ignoring the defenses of the Pacific at a time the Japanese were stating claims to conquer territories held by the white race:

   February 25. Foreign Minister Matsuoka said the white race must cede Oceania to the Asiatics. ("This region has sufficient
natural resources to support from 600,000,000 to 800,000,000 people. I believe we have a natural right to migrate there."
Ibid., p 1.)

    At the time the Roosevelt Administration was justifying Lend-Lease with perjury, it was well aware of the real nature of the threats.

    March 9. Britain rejected plan to feed the small democracies. ("Nothing has since occurred to alter the view of His
Majesty's Government that it is the responsibility of the German Government to see to the material welfare of the countries
they have overrun, nor to weaken their conviction that no form of relief can be devised which would not directly or indirectly
assist the enemy's war effort." Times, Mar. 10, 1941, p. 6.)

    March 20. Under Secretary Welles confirmed report of impending German attack on Russia to the Soviet Ambassador,
Constantine A. Oumansky. (He "had additional information." Peace, p. 638.)

    Less than 17 years after World War II the United States did indeed see the "the establishment in South America of
aggressive military power" that Secretary Knox had warned about.   The USA's former 'ally', the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, established nuclear missile bases in Cuba.


I wonder how things might have gone if Tim McVeigh were a black man. Would the F.B.I. foul-up have been dusted off as easily or seen as a 'civil rights' violation? Would he have been another O.J.? Would the jewsmedia play it up differently? Would the blood thirsty mobs clamoring for a peek at the execution be accused of 'racism' if Tim were black? I firmly believe that ZOG has a very high interest in painting white males in the very poorest of light. There is nothing I have observed in my lifetime which, worldwide, has ever caused me to doubt that a war against white people has been underway for a half century at least.

Many things disturb me about this whole tragic affair. First, is the inappropriate use of the term 'terrorism' – "This was the worst act of domestic terrorism... etc." Mr. McVeigh, from what I gather about the facts in this case, committed an act of retaliation, not terrorism. Terrorism has the implicit intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments. There were no threats, veiled or implied, in that act of bombing. It was an "eye for an eye" response for the injustice of the Waco massacre. I am sure that if the mothers of that mass incineration had lived, instead of perishing with their babies, they would have had as much hatred for the perpetrators as do those mothers of the Murrah Building disaster. Unfortunately for the slaves in this gulag, when ZOG does the killing, the sheep just stand by, gawk, and block it from their small minds. Citizens always have a hard time lynching governments but when a single man falls their way, then it's time for the blood-thirst to increase.

Many of the Palestinian people, who have committed violent acts, are not terrorists although they are called such. One captive said his INTENT was to kill as many jews as possible. He didn't try to 'terrorize' them! He just wanted to kill them. Terrorism, I repeat, is based upon the INTENT of the perpetrator, not the PERCEPTION of the survivors. But in our feminized dump of a dumbed-down hedonistic society, FEELINGS, as they are with all infants, are paramount and that underlies our disgraceful sickness. TERROR, in the no nonsense semantic sense, was what the Allies inflicted upon the German people during their fire-storm, carpet bombing and other acts of barbarism directed at the civilian population.

Tim McVeigh's actions are understandable. I know I am opening myself to accusations of whatever by nitwits who do not know the difference between understanding and approval, or much of anything else, for that matter. I understand why a crocodile might slap its jaws tight upon my body. That doesn't make me approve of it much less like it. If I committed a great crime, I would understand why the judge sentenced me to imprisonment, but I wouldn't approve of that. I certainly would not recommend that, at least on a subjective level. I can understand traitors but that doesn't imply that I approve of them for I'd have no difficulty in lynching the lot.

Dr. Zhivago's step-brother (played by Alex Guinness) said when queried, "Better men? I have killed better men than myself with only this little pistol."

I understand why the hatchet must fall upon the chicken's neck for I understand than I must eat – but I do not like killing one bit. Often we disapprove of that which we understand.

McVeigh's act was criminal to an extreme. It was stupid when viewed from any angle. It accomplished nothing and it would not have accomplished anything even if no one were killed. The motive was overtly personal – typical of the young people who have sprouted up by the millions. (Tim is among the rapidly growing number of "revolutionary anarchists" which always appear in the pre-revolutionay stage of a society.) The bombing made about as much sense to me as would the killing of the O.J. jury after they let that murderous moron go free. Instead of reading Pierce's Turner Diaries, Tim would have been better advised to read Eric's, The Strategy of Target Selection. I fully expect this event to be on the national calendar: 2002 – "A year ago today, a day of infamy,  .... blah, blah, blah, belch."  In between the scenes will, of course, be flashes of WW II typhus victims and a "gas oven" with one skeleton. Do you for a moment think the jews will let such an opportunity pass?

I'll close with this very good link:


One fellow wrote to me wondering why white people should continue with their struggle since a good share of our young act like niggers, another part criminal, and the rest vegetate as fornicating, drug-soaked zombies. I told him that white people continue to bail even thought the ship appears to be sinking for it is our nature to do so. The gods demand our efforts.
Bad news – Eric Hansen, supposedly connected with the National Alliance, was gunned down in Lindenhurst, IL, on June 5. Mr. Hansen was earlier convicted of a 'hate crime' – something to do with a drugged-out white slut and her ape paramour – and forbidden to carry firearms, which he did. The pot is boiling and soon, I fear, all white males who fail to act as serfs, and doormats, will be nailed one way or the other. Whites are losing their country and still they grin and drool like idiots.
More manuscript excerpts from Road To Pearl Harbor by Maguire.

    The German 'threat' turned out to be was predictable before the event.  That was 18 long range U-Boats attacking North American coastal shipping in Operation Drumbeat.  This lasted until summer, 1942 when the USN organized an efficient coastal convoy system.  Doenitz then broke off the North American submarine campaign.

    The real naval help the British needed in the Atlantic was in anti-submarine warfare.  Even then it was clear anti-submarine warfare called for long range patrol aircraft and destroyer-escort sized escort ships.   Long range patrol aircraft were lacking until well into mid 1943.  This artificial shortage was because of the constant diversion long range aircraft such as B-24 'Liberators' and Lancasters to the terror bombing of German and other European civilians.    The resulting constriction on British imports then fell most heavily on the civil food supplies of white Britons.

    The TORCH forces didn't make contact with advanced German elements in Tunisia until mid December, 1942.  The US Army's first serious action against German troops was at Kasserine Pass in February, 1943.

    NONE of that had any relevancy to the British 8th Army defeat of Rommel's Afrika Korps starting in October, 1942.   As Martin Van Crevald has shown, Rommel's logistics were consistently crippled by a shortage of seaport capacity in Libya exacerbated by British air and submarine attacks from Malta on Axis convoys .  This led to a constant shortage of supplies.  The option for the Axis of introducing additional forces into North Africa didn't even exist until the French Tunisian colonial ports and French Mediterranean merchant shipping were un-neutralized after November, 1942.   The sea distance between Sicily and Tunis is less than 33% of the distance from Italy to Sicily.  British held Malta also lay between Tripoli and Italy.  No such obstacle lay on the route to Tunis.

    Many historians have rightly faulted the 1942-43 Mediterranean Campaign for delaying Operation OVERLORD in France from 1943 to 1944.   It's quite clear this delay prolonged the war.  Arguments about the need for US mobilization are offset by the findings of the US Strategic Bombing Survey.  Germany also was industrially mobilizing throughout the war.  German war production reached a high in July 1944.  The German position in France was similarly much stronger in June, 1944 than in 1943.  Construction on the Atlantic Wall defenses was continuous from mid-1943 until June, 1944.

    Pro-ZOG revisionists have tried to lay the blame for all this solely on Churchill and his opposition to continental European operations.  This is unfair since Roosevelt was a very willing participant in the Mediterranean campaigns.  For domestic political reasons he had an enormous need to fight ANYWHERE in Europe in 1942.  If he didn't fight in Europe in 1942 his domestic political position would have become impossible.  He would have been exposed as having provoked  the Japanese into war and then barely fighting them for over a year.  Roosevelt's European actions were also always conditioned on the status of the Eastern Front.  Operation TORCH was not started until it was clear the Soviet front would not collapse at Stalingrad.  Operation Husky, the invasion of Sicily on July 10, 1943, was similarly was not launched until after the Soviet victory at Kursk in early July, 1943.

    The first US attacks in 1942 were directed against the French in all cases.  The first bombing raids were against French rail yards at Rouen in late 1942.  The first major ground action was Operation Torch in November, 1942.  This also was directed against French armed forces and colonial territory in French Algeria and Morocco.    At the Casablanca Conference in February, 1943, Roosevelt seriously discussed disarming France after the war.  While Roosevelt's animosity to DeGaulle is well known, his demonstrated hostility to all of France and all whites everywhere has received less attention.  Roosevelt was not merely at war with Germany.  This descendant of opium dealers and his grotesquely mis-shapen lesbian wife were clearly at war with all of European white civilization anywhere it existed.  In the Pacific the Japanese were accomplishing their purposes
for them.  FDR carefully took no action to interfere with that process.   FDR allocated the very minimum forces consistent with preventing his assassination or removal by a coup 'd tat that would have had mass popular support.


    About the only decent internet documentation on the Molotov-Ribbentrop meeting in June, 1943.   This meeting is virtually never mentioned in the conventional histories. It's an inconvient factoid that just doesn't fit anyone's theology.  These Ribbentrop-Molotov negotiations were recurrent throughout 1942-1944.  You can locate a set of them prior to each major trial of strength on the Eastern Front from 1941- early 1944.