13 June 2001
That's what scares the ZOGlings most,
because they don't have anything they believe in enough to DIE for.
 What they do is to maximize their own hedonistic possibilities.
DYING for any cause, including that one, is contraindicated.
McVeigh was also willing to KILL for his cause.
ZOG's entire political strategy is to reserve those two activities for Jews and non-whites.
There was a poster popular in the Army during McVeigh's time in service.  It was a picture of an eagle swooping down
on a mouse with razor sharp talons extended.  The mouse was standing there in the shadow of oncoming doom
looking the eagle square in the eye.  And the mouse was sticking his middle finger up.
Very few of our young white men today are this idealistic.
                      To those who are, do not waste yourself as Tim did. It helps us naught.
Since the objection
has arisen several times, I thought a few words might be in order. I have received a few "Some of my best white friends have brown eyes" emails from people who object to my statement that brown eyes in whites represent an ancient contamination of blue eyes. Dumping the scientific mumbo-jumbo for a moment, which serves the two-pronged assault of intimidation and confusion, let's for God's sake THINK. .

If brown eyes are a white characteristic, then where did blue eyes originate? Did blue eyed whites pop up somewhere else thus producing two different white types? Doesn't that seem a little weird? How come a separate batch of blue eyed blacks, or blue eyed yellows, didn't also mysteriously pop up – evolve – be created – hatched – manufactured – or whatever?

If blue was only a mutation, then why were the yellows and black immune? Mutations are rare and since blue is recessive, it should have disappeared faster than a jew at a Nazi reunion. At one time, blue eyes must have been very, very numerous.

Any pod of blue eyed people, sticking to their own kind, will always produce blue eyed offspring. When you take any herd of so-called whites with brown eyes, all of the kiddies will not have brown eyes. Blue eyed people breed true to type and if that doesn't mean anything to you, then you been sniffing too much strange stuff.

The terms "white eyes" and  "blue eyed devils" have been used historically to indicate white men especially by the yellow peoples. The Greeks of today are not the same people as the Greeks of old and Italians are not Romans. The present Egyptians are black/white mongrel mixtures and not the Egyptians of ancient times. The Tokarians whose corpses were recently discovered had blue eyes. So did the ancient Egyptian mummies. Why not visit some wax museum? Or are they now rendered politically correct?

Brown eyes are an ancient contamination in the sense that its interjection prevents white people from breeding true to type in this one aspect.

Why so many people have gone 'ape' over this small point is beyond me.

On another note, one fellow writes that the outward effects of genetic structure – behavior – should be the criteria for "whiteness". How about all of those Affirmative Action blacks who act white? Or the orangutan who hugged and kissed Clint Eastwood in Every Which Way But Loose? A recessive characteristic IS STILL THERE waiting for its chance to leap into action and do its thing.

I'll wager a bit that every person who disputes my point is a college kid, with his head full of complicated words for simple things,  who never spent any time on a farm. "Education", as peddled today, is disjoint from reality. If you examine manure in the laboratory, you'll find it stuffed with vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Now that's worth eating.

Lotsa great online books herehttp://www.melvig.org
Youse jes gotta read this –
This is NASA "science" at its best – "solving" global warming. Wahoos like these should be confined for their own safety. The last I knew, the "experts" said the universe was expanding so why not leave things alone and let the earth expand away from the sun? We were also informed that the sun was "burning out". The earth got flicked away from the sun at some earlier time, like a snot from a whirling dervish. It then cooled down. Perplexing, ain't it? I have some better suggestions.

Use solar power fans at the poles to blow the cool air toward the equator. This I call "Environmental Marxism" where everything is lowered to some common denominator.

Hell, why blast the earth into a further orbit? All we need to do it change the axis of inclination so the poles become the equator and the tropics, the poles. This could be done periodically like changing places during a gang-bang.

Most know that industry uses large steam refrigeration units where super heated steam whistles though Hastaloy jets and its expansion produces cold. Only a whitey could invent such a thing. Anyway, the earth's magma, along with ocean water, could produce the steam and away we go. We'd have to be careful though, or we would be subject to a fit of "global cooling."

Perhaps if we could feed our billions of bipeds fava beans and then have a gathering at Keokuk where we could all point our tails toward the sun. Upon command, we'd have a community fart which might just provide the propulsion necessary to "nudge" the earth further out.

Friends, it's getting wackier by the minute. Cheers!

I hereby, and unequivocally, nominate Timothy McVeigh for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Menachem Wolfovich Begin, an outstanding and upright member of the Israeli tribe, won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1978. He blew up the King David Hotel killing hundreds of people. He bombed a few other places killing many more. The British had a reward on his head of about $45,000. Cheap Brits!

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, an outstanding and upright member of the Tempu tribe, won the the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993. His specialty was blowing up crowded railway stations which killed hundreds and hundreds of women and children. He also was the inventor of the "necklacing" technique, probably using Firestone tires.

I will agree that Tim didn't kill as many people with his bombing, but that should not prevent him from winning the Nobel Peace Prize, should it? It would be a shame if he missed it by only a few bodies.

The following are comments on the state of the ZOG-USA  Army from a Chief Warrant Officer 5 who recently retired after 35 years' service (i.e. in since 1966):

Why doesn't anyone take guys like a Chief Warrant Officer 5 (CW5) with 35 years in the trenches, as soldier, NCO and officer seriously? Here are some examples what he and others say about life in a unit of the Army's rapid deployment Corps.

* On leadership: "After 35 years, I can no longer deal with poor leadership. Today's leaders are more scared of the equal opportunity office than of getting soldiers killed. They strive to outdo each other with superficialities, instead of conducting
morale-boosting training. Checking the box and lying defines life as an officer today."

One junior Captain reiterated to the Chief that she was leaving the Army because of "cat box" leadership. She explained it as
leadership too busy with covering up crap, instead of tackling low morale and training troops.

* On female troops: "Leaders are terrified of female soldiers, and scared to make them meet standards. Why else are they selling
size 8 7/8 hats in the clothing sales store other than trying to circumvent making females meet hair standards?  When the body fat
limit for females was 34%, many couldn't meet the standard. Leadership solution: Raising the limit to 36% – and still, the same
number can't meet the lowered standards."

* On standards: Units are constantly lowering standards for discipline and reenlistment. Recently, a Division redefined "good
troop": "Leaders on post were told that separation criteria would be increasingly scrutinized. We were told that if a soldier had
less than four "hot" urinalysis results, we would still keep him/her.   (Maguire note:  this is already a 100% lowering of
standards  from the 1980s.  Used to be "two strikes and you're out.")  Good leaders should turn a habitual drug user around."
(Maguire comment:  The previous policy did that by detecting on the first test, ejecting on failure of rehab on the second. Reality is that long-term rehabilitation success rates with habitual drug users are about 35%).  Even weight control is no
longer rigorously enforced, while failed Physical Fitness (PT) tests are blamed on the unit and bad junior leaders.

* On the war-fighting ethos: Many NCOs maintained that many of their soldiers would run, if faced by a determined enemy
force.   The lowest number the CW5 recalled was around 25%. "Half of the female troops and about a third of the male
troops actually believe that the Army shouldn't be focused on war."

* On taking care of the troops: Today's soldiers believe the military should be focused on taking care of them. "The only
difference between 50% of our Army and welfare recipients on the outside is we wear uniforms."

* On senior NCOs: "Our Sergeants Major used to take care of soldiers. Now they have turned into enlisted generals. (Maguire:
enlisted Robert Mugabes, actually)  I am sick of hearing E9s talk about how they are taking care of our troops while playing
pseudo commander. First Sergeants used to be real soldiers and set the example, now they answer with their titles, and not their
names. Since when did 1SGs become royalty? (Maguire note:  since a block check titled "Supports Equal Opportunity" became part of officers' efficiency reports.  It takes about 25 years to make E9.  2001 less 25 years = 1976 and the effective start of that crap).

The old trooper concluded his letter: "I have tried to fight the good fight. I have always chosen doing the right thing over the party
line and I have made a few friends in my 35 years. Given a choice, I would not change anything I have done, but I don't see a
light at the end of the tunnel."

The attentive reader will have noticed that old war horse's consistent emphasis on sexual fault lines in Shinseki's 'Army of One' and statistics that would otherwise describe the Army's non-white composition.   This Chief Warrant's report also describes a force that is already short of manpower (using that term loosely).


The 'crime rate' is down, so say the news burblers. I don't know. I do know that ZOG offers moola to those police departments who do a great job by keeping crime down. How does ZOG know that a department is keeping crime down? By the reports which are submitted and we all know that people never would fudge on those reports just to secure ZOGbucks and a little praise, don't we? Nawh. In Buffalo, the murder rate has doubled but violent crime has dropped. House-jacking has doubled in Yakima but the violent crime is down. Besides with most of the young socked out on Ritalin, alcohol, sex  and other brain neutralizers, it's a wonder anything is gong on.
The jew$ are now after the French for running trains for the Nazis. They are also gearing up for a shake down of IBM since IBM made office calculating machines which were used by the Nazis for counting jews. This never-ending story will blanket the entire earth. Just wait for the day they discover that Gen. Heinrich Block had a Higi grass doll on his desk which he waved threateningly at Joel Berkowitz. The Higi will probably loose their kraals. As long as the goyim idiots pay, then who can blame the jews for making hay while the chimneys smoke? I secretly suspect that many of them laugh their fannies off each time some terrified dodo says, "How much?" Sooner or later, there will be jews suing jews because some were 'exterminated' ahead of others. The last to go obviously made a deal with the Nazis. In the meantime count the new mestizos in your neighborhood and keep a good eye on your car, and if the gooks move in, keep your cat and dog indoors.
If we cannot come up with something better than the current herd of "save the white race" gasbags, then I am perfectly content to spend my last days watching the country go down the tubes while I snort my coke and play with the waitress next door. As least the Jews, Chinese, Mexicans, and what not, KNOW WHO THEY ARE, and I'd rather live under them than I would nitwits who don't.

What is a personal attack? I suppose if I bash someone in the face with  my personal shovel, that might be a called a personal attack, at one end or the other. Does name-calling, or saying anything which offends some pansy, constitute a hostile attack upon his person. That depends upon what was said. In this case, personal means of private matters. If one knows nothing personal about another ( person = personal, get it?), then one can shout till the hens become roosters and it cannot be labeled personal. Knowing nothing about a person's private matters only enables the yapper to voice opinions and suspicions

If someone places his photo, opinions, and other stuff on the internet, then it becomes public and any criticism of that material does not constitute a personal attack. Only a spineless mama's boy would view it that way. Besides, if a person goes into emotional tantrums when he is called a name, of what use do you really think he'd be in a real, live, kick-him-in-the-nuts, battle? Not much I am afraid for he'd be too concerned about soiling the lace on his underwear.

One variety of iron sulfide (pyrite) so closely resembles gold that many people cannot tell the difference. But differences do exist which can be discovered. If one's eyes fail in this regard, there are other tests. This is where the blightwing fails on all counts. Some have weak eyes and couldn't tell a buzzard from a goose, judging by what they choose to sleep with. There are others who simply refuse to look any deeper and slough it off with some " a black horse is one which is black" nonsense. This is why I openly challenge all of the blightwing gods to allow me to post THEIR DEFINITION of what is white, here on miserable old FAEM. If they will not, or cannot, perform this undemanding task, then they should cease yapping about "saving the white race" and I'll never acknowledge their existence again. If you still chose to listen to people who cannot tell you what they mean by "white", then good luck, for disappointment lies in your future.

Snippets from today's mail –
Frenz – You are no gentleman.
*** At least you and my mother can agree on one thing. William Munny (Clint Eastwood – Unforgiven) was no gentleman either, but he did get things done, wouldn't you say?

Gentlemen – Whether they are white or not, I'm not in favor of promoting 'babes' or 'hunks' as exemplars of our people.  As near as I can tell most of the so-called 'beautiful people' are race traitors.  Everything is overly skewed toward physical looks, anyway.  I say, "handsome is as handsome does."
*** No argument from me.

Mr. Frenz – Did you know that Strom has been writing to others about you behind your back? Not nice things either.
*** No, I wasn't aware of that. He can do what he wants. Each man to his own jollies. If I made an error in fact, perhaps he could have shown exactly where I was so mistaken for I'd be only to glad to correct it.

To RF – I don't think his (Kevin) wife is white. She looks mestiza to me. (A female wrote this, by the way.)
*** I didn't bother to take note of her photo since my point was that one shouldn't use mongrels as examples of white male beauty nor of jewesses as examples of white female beauty. Perhaps someone might like to ask both Stromberg's to define what is white. That would be a lesson in itself. I would never have commented upon this but it was brought to my attention by a young man with much better eyesight than Kevin's or Elisha's. He questioned the "whiteness" of the lovebirds' idols, particularly color-blind Elisha.

Sir – Don't you think that revisionism has been valuable in our fight against the destroyers of our nation?
*** O yes. I notice that each time Mr. Irving publishes a book, the mexi-flood slows down. I also notice that each time retired Ernst shows up in a courtroom, the Chinese stop buying up North American property. And again, every time a revisionist conference is held, drug trafficking comes to a halt and the welfare load decreases. Give me a break.

Mr. Frenz – Why is it that so many of the blight wing are against race mixing with blacks but seem to have mestizas or asians for girl friends and wives?
*** Probably because their nooky addiction preceded the establishment of their "principles". They dicked whom they pleased and then defined the "struggle" after the fact.

Robert – How would you like it if someone called you names?
*** I'd run home to mother and cry on her lap, eat a cookie, and then ask God to punish all of those naughty, naughty people.

If you cannot call a son-of-a-bitch a son-of-a-bitch, then what's the value of the First Amendment? Are we to accept what ZOG is doing its best to impose – that only 'non-offensive' speech is covered by the F.A.? This is a g.d. dirty war and any silly dick who thinks it will be won by belching a few "white pride" farts and behaving in a gentlemanly manner, is only a silly clown who has already lost. That's one of the reasons we continue to go down hill! The greater danger is that we allow such people to yammer about "white" and they cannot even define it. I readily admit that I have a THEORY relative to race and it can be applied with result. It differs from that of Eric's, but at least he also has CRITERIA. I might be 'far out' but damnit, I can give you an answer which I have yet to hear from any of the blightwing crowd. We've even got one dork who thinks there are "black caucasians." When pressed, he slithers about indicating that he doesn't know what the f--- he is talking about.

Why not have all of the self-anointed "leaders" DEFINE, in a condensed version, what they mean by "white" and post those results, as a group, on every site possible? None of this "I speak only for myself" cop-out or "Anyone is white who feels white" bullcrap. Once done, we could let the readers decide which definitions have the most substance. Does it seem unreasonable for any of us to KNOW EXACTLY what it is we are trying to save?

Guns protect the Second Amendment – not the other way around. If the Founding Fathers were not armed, they'd never been in a position to write any constitution.
                      We do not protect truth. Truth protects us.
Marxist egalitarian propaganda
has so corrupted our language, that our youth is no longer able to distinguish between a tattletale, a snitch, a stool pigeon, and other varieties of informer. An informer is one who dispenses information – one who informs. Why he does it determines what sort of person he is. To inform for the reason of receiving money or favors, is a despicable act. So is one which serves to intentionally, as a goal, get others in trouble. I once told Mr. Beardsley that Bob, a clerk in his store, was stealing money from the cash register. I had no intention of getting Bob into trouble as my only purpose was to help Mr. Beardsley who was a very likable, generous and kindly old man. Moreover, who is obligated to protect a thief anyway? I thought that was the right thing to do and I would do it all over again if so presented. I could have ignored it but I do not want to live in a society where everyone turns away when wrong doing is perpetrated. Thieves in the middle of a community, if allowed to continue, eventually destroy it as we see occurring today where theft and lying is accepted as an adjunct to everyday intercourse. I didn't tell Mr. Beardsley that "someone" was stealing – I pointed the fellow out knowing that if Bob stole from his employer, he'll steal from others, and perhaps someday, from me. If a fellow lies to his parents, he'll lie to the rest of the world. Period. "Oh Mr. Frenz," the school girl confessed, "I know John lies to his mother but he tells me the truth. He loves me." Right. Sho' nuff. After he knocked her up, he vamoosed, leaving her high and dry to cherish all of those past 'loving' moments.

If a man steals from you. I am concerned. I do not feel that it's none of my business, for it is my business when someone is screwing up the society in which I live. We are only a disjoint group of jerks if we think that everything is permissible as long long as sh-- doesn't fall upon us personally.

A young man always tries to sow his wild oats. That's the nature of the beast. It's an irresponsible urge nature has made  part of most male mammals. The responsible part is always played by the female but today many have chosen to be as irresponsible in the regard as are the males. It's a lowering in the name of "equality" – the most disastrous nonsense ever foisted upon any society. The lion pursues the female whenever he gets the urge. If the female is not sympathetic to the call of his gonads, she rebuffs him, often with a smart smack on his chops. Woman have traditionally "called the shots" and it makes very good sense for she has the most to lose, that is, the carrying of the greater responsibility. It is an awesome task which seems to have been denigrated by the feminist loonies.

Eric was commenting about the "stacked female' who has recently been cozening up to him. Being quite astute in these matters, he knows full well that this woman's entire goal in life is to be worked over by as many male appendages as possible. He mentioned that he could hear the little snapping teeth of the various virus and bacteria which obviously made a home in her private channel. He told me he always kept her at arms length. What a silly man was he for refusing all of that free stuff.

In spite of the young women who complain about the lack of "real men", I still place the burden in their laps.  In the reproduction business, women are far superior to men. Why don't they try acting like this sometime? If it catches on, they'd be surprised at how quickly the young men shape up. It's the honey who attracts the bee. I never pursued any woman for any reason. I never required any woman to "chase" me. When I got that "eye" signal, I responded. And away went the trolley.

           If you love your enemies, you will surely have a lot of them.
Attention politically correct Ostensible White Women:


Here's yet another coming socially progressive benefit from the immigration mud flood diversification of the Late Great U.S.A.  CHILD SOLDIERS!  Yes, you too can look forward to the precious 1.2 children you had in your late 30s being drafted at the ages of 12-14 and hurled into combat for the benefit of tribal chieftains and head bulls.  According to this report BRIT-ZOG has already retrogressed down that road.

That all comes as no surprise all to us.  You can still breath a big sigh of relief we evil white men aren't running things anymore, wymyns.  Back in the First War to Kill White People circa 1918 the U.S. Army set a lower age limit of 20.  Judeo-Marxist progressivism got that age lowered to 18 in the Second War to Kill White People. 

I am glad that the following letter was sent to me.The fellow makes some very valid points which require an answer. I, like Eric and Maguire, certainly welcome criticism but far too much of the email has been idiotic batches of 4-letter word name calling – some threats and and a couple of idiotic challenges to "...meet me in the alley to find out who's right." My comments are in bold blue.

QUOTE – Hi,  I've been reading your site for a while now and find it generally informative and helpful.  I have a few things I've been  meaning to write you about for a while but haven't had the time so I apologize if this email seems to be all over the place.

First of all, what is your deal with the Stroms? You seem to have singled them out for abuse for some reason.  I've seen you attack them before. I have not singled them out for any personal reason. Our struggle is above the personal level. I have no reason to dislike Kevin and he has been very helpful to me in the past. My point was that both of the Storms use jew quotes and photos of mongrels to illustrate 'white' whatever. THIS IS BLATANT DISINFORMATION! I had hoped by exposure that those two would clean up their act for both are well qualified to contribute to the non-movement "movement". Again, THERE IS NO UNITY IN THE WHITE ARENA and so accusing me of trying to destroy something which does not exist is simply ludicrous and asinine. A few 6 or 7 member local gripe units doesn't not constitute organization even if they use a fancy name for themselves. Joining some internet "white pride" group also does not constitute organization even if you hold a dues-paying card membership. Granted, I do agree that they are a little self indulgent and all that mushy gushy "dedication" stuff to each other is a little adolescent, but I don't see why you feel the need to trash them. I am willing to learn how their personal obsessions contribute to instruction. Perhaps they might include an orgasm score chart to complete the site but of what value would that be except to depreciate any other contribution that might offer. Kevin's Dr. Oliver material is excellent and I applaud it. If I tell someone his fly is open, that should not be misconstrued to mean that everything is out of place. Young white people today have absolutely no idea of the struggle they are in or even what battles consist of. If, while under fire, your comrade insists upon beating his meat while drooling at a photo of his naked girl friend, then I ask how that contributes to the defense of your position. I have yet to visit a perfect site.  Just about every pro white site has "issues,"  technical, ideological or general knowledge which that they could improve on.  My main beef with Kevin has been his inappropriate tendency to post galleries of young girls, apparently all between 12-15 years old, as paragons of white feminine beauty.  While the girls certainly are pretty, I don't think that it's indicative of a mentally healthy adult  able to sit around pining over such girls. You have proved my point. I could have corresponded politely but "E" nailed me with a nasty letter – unfounded in fact, first, and I saw little to be gained by addressing people who would have ignored me anyway. Vanity, you know.... He has rectified this situation since the last time I visited there however.  If you have a personal beef with them then that's your business.  Generally however, I just don't think that its helpful for pro white activist to be attacking one another.  Any cassette player can issue pro white noises but that does not make them "activists". Whether we 'attack' each other is irrelevant. We simply do not have ANY organization capable of engaging in this cosmic war. Without organization, we would still not amount to a hill of fava beans EVEN IF WE AGREED ABSOLUTELY ON ALL MATTERS. Only our enemies benefit from that.  If you don't like him or his site, you could always just  ignore him. How can anyone interested in the welfare of his people IGNORE those who are crapping on the oatmeal?  If the enemy is charging, would you ignore the machinegun team who was busy buggering each other? I'd shoot the bastards! At the least, if you feel these issues have to be addressed, then speak in a general manner without specifying the target. Again, of what use is "someone is pissing in someone's gas tank."? Or, an air force order to bomb "something". You select a target and then nail it!!! Is this hard to understand? What good is any rifle shot if there exists no specific target?

On other matters, I pretty much agree with you.  I'm really getting sick of the right wingers trying to out do each other in their condemnation of Tim McVeigh. What they are really trying to do is win brownie points from the left (a wasted effort) and hope that no one figures out that many of the complaints that McVeigh listed against the government as motive for his actions were standard Republican complaints up until the bombing.  Now they are all trying to sound "tough" by claiming, as the ridiculous Bill O'Reilly did, that the death penalty was "too easy," or calling him the "most hated man in America," as Jew neo-con Matt Drudge– a jew mimicking another jew, WWII radio mouth Walter Winchell – did. These people make me want to vomit. The fact is that Drudge, O'Reilly, Goldberg, Limbaugh or any of the Jew approved conservatives would have been blubbering uncontrollably and would have lost all bladder and bowel control had they been in McVeigh's position.  You can say that again!! McVeigh had more guts, integrity, honor and character than the whole pathetic lot put together.  I think his actions were ill advised, absolutely if only because they worked against him and the cause, but I admire him greatly.  He was a doer and we need more like him. I cannot but agree more.

Also, You said the other day that people with brown eyes "aren't white." I said that brown eyes were not a white characteristic. Show me where I said that people with brown eyes were not white. I also said that we can call anyone white if their yellow/black racial contamination does not exceed 5%, that's about 5 generations, and that includes brown eyes. Surely you were jesting.  Brown eyed people most certainly are white. Go to Iceland, or eastern Norway, two of the whitest places on earth, and you can still find people with brown eyes who can trace their lineage back hundreds of years.  I said that the eye color contamination was ANCIENT, not a few generations ago. Brown is dominant and a little goes a very, very long way and it will appear, and reappear, over the generations as sure as muds line up for welfare checks. Frankly, I don't see the point of making such statements even if you believed they were true.  Do you have a problem with truth which is not to your liking? Would you do anyone a favor by not telling him the truth about his cancer? Ignorance might be bliss, but it is deadly. An Aryan characteristic is his frankness – an openness without apology. Do not fall into the trap of only saying nice things about 'us' and bad things about 'them'. If I find something commendable in the jew, and I have, I will say so. As a blue eyed Keltic Nordic I am happy to have all the brown eyed people on my side. We will need them to help us fight back.  I don't think its a good idea to turn away people like that from the cause.

One more item you might find amusing, though please don't use the specific names if you pass this on  —CUT— One of my professors went to an historically black college  —CUT— to help train some teachers there.  They surveyed all of the declared majors in the hard sciences (physics, math, chemistry, etc.) and discovered that 40% of these undergraduates could not correctly solve the equation 1/3 – 1/4 = ?  I am not surprised. Is that not hilarious?  Moreover, when the NSF (National Science Foundation) allocated moneys to various historically black colleges so that their students could attend a science  conference in —CUT— during —CUT— ( a very good deal since the student only pays $50 and the NSF picks up the rest of the  $2500 plus price tag per student for the trip ) many of these students were so disruptive that they were informed that they will not be invited back. From what I understand, the black students from Mississippi were the worst. They used the NSF provided courtesy van to ride around —CUT— at 3 a.m., broke furniture and disrupted speakers during the event.

Truly, we are "trying to teach penguins to fly." O yes. Monkeys in suits trained to ride bicycles around on a stage. How nice – until someone tosses peanuts and bananas on the stage. Most blacks are not comfortable acting as if they were white. When stress comes in, their white behavior goes out as many foolish race-mixing females soon discover. Who really thinks the O.J. business was atypical? a fluke?

Thank you for your excellent remarks.

Love, between men and women, is always telegraphed through the eyes. Astute men know that love exists. Wise men know that it is very rare. What usually passes for love is little other than a swamping of the brain by sex hormones thus giving the same effect as with any other drug, and leaving the victims always in need of another 'fix'.
Those honky broads. They sure rush in to partake all of that hot "latin love'.
Ain't diversity wonderful?

A local radio mouth yapped about saving the poor kids from Guatemala since "... one of them might grow up and develop a cure for cancer." I called this fellow and said that it might be better to kill them all because one might grow and become another Ted Bundy, or Charles Manson – or even a Hitler!!! He hung up on me without comment.
Speaking of politically correct mouths, some were enthused at the new CONservative "star" Bill O'Reilly. My axiom stands: If the yapper is on talmudvision, he is no friend of the white race and in the pay of the enemy of all nations. White people, like Bill, are the most despicable of the lot since one can understand why non-whites would attack whites. Bill favors more mexibean citizens and is gung ho on race-mixing. He thinks McVeigh got off too easy and should have been breaking rocks for the remainder of his life. As with the other self-righteous blow-hard Limbaugh, O'Reilly is mere entertainment.
Except for minor local elections, white people no longer can win at the polls. In L.A., the last "white" mayor was elected simply because the blacks voted with the whites against the mestizos. As the "they breed – we feed" mechanism continues, one can see the result of their next election before it takes place. Both Zionist parties are hell bent on making whitey persona non-grata in his own country and pompous, money-hungry pigs like O'Reilly and Limbaugh, are joined in that effort. Universal suffrage has allowed mere numbers to call the shots, as anyone with a brain could have predicted.

The honky is known to donate to anyone who promises to save their bacon. Millions are donated to scam artists such as Pat Robertson, who – for a few dollars more – will pray to have your afflictions removed and put in a good word with the Lord so you can have a reserved seat on the bus to heaven. A well known revisionist scam artist, who collected hundreds of thousands of dollars by claiming he was "fighting the juice – for you!!" has broken virtually every promise he ever made and is now comfortable retired on his ill-gotten gains. And the jackasses are STILL sending him money.

Brain-dead white females will break their buns helping out the muds of the world, even to the point of adopting them – thus insuring the displacement of more white people – but will never help one of their own kind. Although I never expected much, my request for donations payable to the Arthritis Foundation, to help a young honest and very, very white couple enter a competition, was very dismal. You see, I didn't promise to save someone's ass from something or do their dirty work for them. All I requested was a ONE WAY act of GIVING and honkies simply cannot bring themselves to act outside of their infantile and selfish motives – what's in it for me? The sad thing is that there still exists a very small group of hard-working white people who simply do not deserve the coming calamities which their traitorous co-racial whites are now bringing to fruition.

I wish the dingbats who are into the "racialist" (a British term – synonym for racist) business would do all of us a favor by not pasting pictures of non-Aryans on their websites as do the Strom tubes, Elisha and Kevin. The big "E" has the sophomoric naivety to call film stars "classic women". True, many are decent looking but entertainers have sold their souls for the needed attention and can hardly be role models for any serious Aryan woman. A great looking woman (on Elisha's site) is Eleanor Parker who married a jew and converted to talmudism in order to keep her stardom. Also pictured is the jewess Judy (Gumm) Garland. Remember the old silent screen vamp Theda Bara (Theodosia Goodman)? Good looking jewesses are Barbara Eden (Huffman),  Paulette Goddard (Pauline Levee), Lauren Bacall (Betty Perske), Jill St. John (Oppenheimer), Shelley Winters – when young – (Shirley Schrift), Dinah Shore (Francis Shore) , Lee Grant (Lyova Rosenthal), Judy Holliday (Judith Tuvim – also on the Elisha site ), Marilyn Monroe (a flaked out convert). And who is to forget the screen jewess drunk of all time, Elisabeth Taylor?

If ostensible white people have to list mongrels as representative "classic" whites, then they are indeed in need of sympathy. By the way, the big "E" also uses quotes from feminist jewesses. She is a typical blightwinger with questionable blood lines, if her photos are any indication..

Sure looks good to me.
When my grandmother died, grandfather, with a tear in his eye, said, "Ma is gone and the boys and girls all married and gone. There's no more reason to stay on this farm." With that, he sold the place and moved into a cottage where he continued with his writing and research relative to his family's participation in the Civil War.

At the funerals, of my mother, and his most beloved son, my brother, dad was seen with watery eyes.

For both men, I, and all of us, never doubted for one second the intense, and deep, sorrow which they felt for the loss of their loved ones. We children cried and the women sobbed lightly. There were no hysterical demonstrations nor trauma which needed candles and counseling with a thousand towels. We did our best to remain composed during very difficult times. All of us struggled with this burden. None missed a day of work nor of school except for the day of the funerals. I can remember no one who wailed for weeks and we intelligently did not have subsequent "birthdays" in sad memory of the departed. What was, was gone, and we went on the best we could. Dad always reminded, "There's nothing like work to get your mind off your problems."

In today's childish, feminized, jewdazed, niggerized and loony society, people such as my parents and grandparents would have been labeled cold and feelingless – monsters!!! – because they never let their emotions dictate their lives. Today, we are expected to have emotional breakdowns even when people we never met, nor heard of before, die somewhere, sometime. This is why a handful of Israelis dying during a wedding – probably due to defective building engineering, cost cutting and incompetent slave labor –  instantly became a "national tragedy." True to form, this mini-holocaust will probably be the object of a wailing session next year – maybe even a Spielberg dogmadrama featuring gravity in the 'anti Semite' role.

Tim McVeigh, a good man who got on a wrong bus, met his end in a very masculine manner. To the children of both sexes, and the women of both sexes, he certainly must rank as very cold-blooded since he wasn't dragged screaming and bawling – as most of his tormentors would be if in the same circumstance – to the place of his death.

"I can't stand to see a woman cry," said John Wayne in one of his movies. This crying act has been a weapon in a woman's arsenal for centuries. It's even used by the jews when they want you to believe one of their holocaust yarns. A story, otherwise rejected by analysis, becomes instantly believable if accompanied by a Red Sea of tears. The norm is now the cry-baby.

Mestizobush, along with Prez Vincente Zorro, is paving the way for a dissolution of the mexibean border. He knows that he, with the approval of a criminal Congress, simply cannot do it in one stroke. The 'salami technique' will be used but the day is coming whitey, when you'll wonder where your pants went, along with the rest of what used to be your country. "Free trade," you say? We send the fruits of our labor in return for drugs, crime, disease and increased tax burden. Such a deal.
Let's see, whitey hops onto his ships loaded with weaponry, and sails to unknown lands. There, even though vastly out-numbered, he manages to subdue the indigenous two-legged wildlife. He builds a few houses and ships some goodies back to his homeland. After a while, the natives get uppity and demand that colonial whitey get back on his ships and leave them alone with their new found "self-determination" mindset. "We donut lika yer rules. We wants difernt rules. Whitey go home."

Well, whitey, full of newly found glad tiding for the disadvantaged and oppressed, goes home.

Do the grass grunts then use the examples of the white man to build up his country? Hell no, Eskimo. They follow whitey back to whitey's homeland where they demand entrance because of "eeeeequality" and "blubbery lub" and "weez both gots the same genome as do de rhubarb."

Whitey now sees the error of his ways, open the gates and let's the mud shine through. Now settling in enclaves, the grass grunts again come into conflict with whitey's rules. They again demand that they want to rule themselves and that whitey should "go home and leave them alone." But whitey is home – at least for a little while longer.

This is the story of grass grunt colonization of white lands.... and the beat goes on.