28 June 2001
Ever since the jew/communist victory in 1945, the world has been getting zanier by the week. The Congressional criminals are now proposing to give convicted draft evader Muhammed Ali the Congressional Gold Medal. The American goof balls also saw fit to elect a draft-dodging, sex-obsessed, drug user as President. During the Second War to Kill White People, while real men were getting their asses shot off, "unfit for military duty", gangland associate, off-key crooner, Frank Sinatra was consorting with the loose teeny boppers. Frankie was also awarded the Congressional Gold Medal. Across the pond, it was only a couple of decades ago when the kosher Queen Elizabeth gave the Victoria Cross to the drug-soaked degenerate noise makers, the Beatles. Over there, they "knight" jews faster than Dave 'Wendy's' Thomas rushes to the bank. I really think Charlie Manson should not be left out.
War criminals? Who offended the jews now? How come war criminals are always on the losing side? I guess it's a no-no to kill people during a war unless you have their consent. The Germans were the first to suffer this evil variety of hypocrisy and if America ever comes out on the short end of a military conflict, look for our politicians to leave on the first flight to Mars. It must be hell to be a military officer these days. If you don't obey orders, your own side shoots you. If you do obey orders, like those Nürmberg German officers, the other side hangs you. Lots of Americans approve of butchery and destruction, as long as it's someone, or somewhere, else. But chickens will always come home to roost.
My summer agenda calls for several brief periods away from this 1986 keyboard. The last time I was out of town, I left a certain person relatively in charge. Some dickering came about which left many people perplexed. That will not happen again. If FAEM appears stagnant, it's for a good reason. Just keep popping back for like a bad penny, I shall return. RF
In response to a reader who disagreed with Maguire about SFC Barry (Ret) of "The Resister" and Major General Edwin A. Walker Society fame:

Dear xxxx,

We may have to agree to disagree about SFC Barry (Ret), but we'll see.  You raise points that deserve a reasoned reply and explanation of my own thoughts on this subject.

Here's a first general principle that Robert, Eric and I follow, and it's largely a national socialist principle.  We don't try to make a pecuniary profit from our movement writings.  Everything is copyright free.  We simply want to reach as many people as possible.

Now we could use our material to raise $.  That is to say, FAEM's following is sufficiently large that we could turn around and market it after chroming it up with some high-glitz html work.  In the process we would slowly reduce the FAEM following as people who won't or can't pay drop off.

Now I am not opposed in all cases to white writers being paid for their efforts subject to two conditions:

1.  The price charged per copy has some reasonable relationship to costs of production and,

2.  The price is sufficiently low to reach large audiences.

Mike Hoffman and Harold Covington (when he avoids attempts at political leadership) are two writers worthy of such support in my own opinion, although I think both would do well to shave the margins closer.

'Resister' in its previous incarnation at $15.00 per copy or $50. per four copies and NO COMMITMENT TO BEING ON TIME doesn't cut it for us. Here's SFC Barry (Ret) in his own words:

"Okay, TR is late again. Most subscribers are used to that by now, just as most subscribers know that a subscription to TR is for four issues, not one year. Nevertheless, out of courtesy our subscribers are owed an explanation because this issue is really late."

See "Why The Resister is Late by SFC Steven M. Barry, USA (Ret.)" http://www.civilwartwo.com/sfu.html

There was an old white ideal in the Army that has since been discharged from the Army and society in general:  DEEDS, NOT WORDS.  This old white ideal is especially applicable when someone takes another's money in advance on the promise to deliver a good or service.  Waving the banner of white racialism to excuse such negligence just makes everything worse.  Then there was this further comment on the subject of ZOGbucks by SFC Barry (Ret):

"So, gentle readers, there you have it. It's been a very long summer. And Until some philanthropist dumps a cool couple of millions on TR, you'll continue to get your issues of TR as they are published – not necessarily every quarter." http://www.civilwartwo.com/sfu.html

Since that philanthropist apparently hasn't appeared, we apparently now see the Major General Edwin A. Walker Society.  At $220 per annum and 9000 members that cool couple of million will appear in a year.

The mere statement of 'veteran' cuts no ice at all with Robert, Eric, or me.  We can all say the same.

<> I get the impression you're unfamiliar with his battles involving the ADL, SPLC and F-troop (FBI). <>

I'm familiar with them, including the Ballad of Special Agent Scott Suits.

<> You owe the man an apology, in this case it's the "white" thing to do. <>

Robert and I are not above that when we are proved wrong.  You just saw an example of this on the Hal Turner Show flap.

And I will easily be proved wrong once SFC Barry releases some financial accountability info.  And in advance please let no one insult my intelligence with protestations of 'secrecy'.  Whether the MG Walker Society is a sole proprietorship (most probable), a partnership, a corporation, or a charitable foundation, ZOG can access the bank accounts, tax returns and
corporate reports via the IRS and the various secretaries of state.  The only ones in the dark are the supporters.


1.  Rounding off to the nearest ten, how many members does the Major General Edwin A. Walker Society currently have?

2.  What is the executive form of the Major General Edwin A. Walker Society?   Is there any separation between the functions of chief executive and treasurer, or is this another sole proprietorship (i.e. a mini-führer cult).   Will the executive of this organization be at all accountable to the membership/subscribership?  What, if any, are the bylaws and constitution?

3.  Since identified targets are easily destroyed, why is SFC Barry publicly identifying an organization whose mission is to influence American troops in ways ZOG doesn't want them influenced?  What possible purpose can this have other than fund raising?  The Secretary of Defense can easily issue general orders prohibiting the possession by active soldiers of Major General Edwin A. Walker Society materials as being 'contrary to good order and discipline'.  The courts will uphold this, too.

4. How is it possible to renew any army without first renewing the underlying nation?

5.  What is SFC Barry's direct compensation from the Major General Edwin A. Walker Society to be?  Is there an upper limit? If so, who sets this limit and how is this set?  Is there or will there be any limit other than SFC Barry's self-estimation of his own worth?  At last report this appears to be $2 million.

Is there/will there be any limitation on expenses?  If so, who is controlling that?  Or we will again be vicariously enjoying all expense paid trips by Great White Hopes to casinos and strip clubs on the white dime?

And please let no one accuse me of being 'Jewish' in this.  See Adolf Hitler's accounting in Mein Kampf concerning the fiduciary conduct of the NSADP up to 1923.  The above are very serious questions deserving of a serious answer by SFC Barry (Ret).  They are the minimum whenever someone steps forth announcing themselves as a white leader demanding serious
ZOGbucks.  This especially applicable in view of previous performances.

Until these explanations are forthcoming, I stand by what I said.  Now if SFC Barry (Ret) wants to plead secrecy, so be it.  You can probably guess how far that will fly with three vets who saw Barry appear on Jewish CBS "60 Minutes" in 'disguise'.

Right now this all strikes me as another variation on Barry's theme of secrecy for the non-movement while maintaining total transparency to ZOG entities.  So I'm from Missouri at this moment.  I want to know why hundreds of good hearted folk, after donating hundreds of thousands of dollars, won't later get another "It's been a long summer" message.


I get a lot of kind email. I suppose the haters who want me to shut up are busy sticking pins into voodoo dolls made in my image. Who Knows? Maybe those pins just might improve my looks. One fellow wrote saying that he didn't want to get me into trouble by writing his opinions. Well friends, ALL WHITE FOLKS are in trouble whether they asked for it or not. It's far better to go down fighting that it is to meekly surrender and make things easy for your executioners.

Organization does not have to be formal. We are indeed organizing around an idea. Even the 'lone wolves' are together in spirit. My criticism of such people extends ONLY to their activities which are far too often illegal and hence good-minded people are lost before the serious part of this war begins. If you are employed at a decent job, supporting your family, then far be it for me to even suggest that you wade into the streets swinging a baseball bat, shouting "Kill!'. The family is the building block of the nation and to place that in jeopardy serves no useful purpose.

On another point, don't go ballistic over this white race thing. Many physical characteristics ARE NOT indicative of behavior and even some of them are affected by environment, for example, sun tan. Very, very few of us can lay claim to a pristine family tree. After all, it's CHARACTER and GOAL which are the foundation.  How often is it we note that some people "rat" on each other? Three vandals busily engaging in their favorite criminal activity as a group, WILL turn on each other when caught, because their character was basically criminal in the first place.

Do we have a Constitutional "right" to have emotions, or was that document written only for zombies? If those rights extend to emotions, then I have a Constitutional right to HATE whomever and whatever I choose. If any emotion, or inner drive, is to be outlawed and condemned, I suggest GREED for it causes more misery than hate compounded.
If the past was so wonderful, then how come it produced the present?
Hey manhow come we fought WW I and WW II to prevent Germans from invading us and yet we allow the Mexicans to invade without even a complaint? Does that mean we voluntarily killed over a million of our young men, and maimed another million, for nothing, in those two Wars to Kill White People?
Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy tribesman as thyself: I am the LORD. (Before it was generously rewritten.)
http://www.front14.org    I hope you eyeball this site as it contains many links. It's great to see so many apparently young people getting into the verbal fray as exercise for the nasty days ahead. Of particular interest are the women's sites for they are one of the primary targets of the bolshevik propaganda which hangs like a liquid fart above our heads. If "the boys" cannot seduce the females to act as their agents against our white men, then they will indeed worry, and worry a lot. The fact that there are dissident white women out there, must be terrifying to the termites and roaches.
I could look out of my room in Snell-Hitchcock, U.C., and see the bleachers of Stagg Field where the first man-made self-sustained chain reaction took place. As a large city Chicago has no peer. I loved it and the university had many interesting students from the jew boys, IQs 180 plus, Leopold and Loeb, who thought they could commit the perfect crime, to the fruitcake who chopped up little Suzy Degman (sp?) and scattered her parts in several sewers. The two fags, L. and L., thought that they could out-smart one hundred 100 IQ peons. Wrong. Anyway, the U.C. is again in the news concerning the work done on super high explosives of the conventional booming kind. This time, it's octanitrocubane. Note the omnipresence of our old friend nitrogen. Dr. Phil Eaton is the cabbage head who, after years of research, finally brought this new Frankenstein into existence. The beautiful side is that his assistant was Mao-Xi Zhang. Now, the politicians do not have to go through all of that rigmarole involved in giving the away, or selling, the secrets of our white discoveries. Smiling Zhang can deliver the blueprints personally to the country he is loyal to, which ain't us baby. What, pray tell, is more stupid than a honky who supplies his enemies with ammunition? As my maiden aunt says, "Never trust Bill Clinton behind your pet goat."
http://home.earthlink.net/~nspartisan/current/index.html  I found this to be another great site. Let me add some advice for those who want to put in their own web two cents. The "freebies" such as homestead.com, geocities, etc. get their ZOGbucks from advertisers and they are mighty alert making sure that no "offensive" material appears so as to scare off those advertisers. FAEM has been bumped from several ISPs who provide web space. One fellow was honest enough to say that he was afraid of the jews – they'd ruin his business. Otherwise, he was "all for free speech". (The jews have now managed to build a massive undercurrent of opposition for themselves and the only way out for them, is to bribe everyone or secure a kosher totalitarian state, which is the goal of the communist New World Order.)

Suppose a group of your friends went to a restaurant and enjoyed eating the meal while simultaneously fondling the exposed jugs of your buddy's girl friend. Wouldn't you expect to get tossed out? Now, suppose you rented the space. Considering the same activity, I am sure the manager would only be concerned if you failed to pay your bill. Remember that the ISP arena is a BUSINESS and you HAVE NO RIGHTS, beyond contract, when it comes to dictating what the provider chooses to allow. Freedom of the press really belongs to those who can afford to buy a printing press.

While on the topic of connection providers, you get what you pay for. I've made a study of many and found that as the cost cost goes up, the down time drops and the connection speed is faster and more reliable.

Visit http://www.halturnershow.com for some insight on things to come – and very soon. Blacks, fags, mongrels, predators and parasites, will be allowed to exercise their Constitutional right to hate whitey and use the internet as they please, with the full approval of ZOG. Something is definitely "in the wind" and the coming months will not bring any surprises, as far as I am concerned. Look for another "terrorist" incident which will be automatically pinned on 'white racism', thus giving an excuse to round up dissidents. After the round up, the deluge will envelop the dodos and you cannot say that whitey didn't deserve the shackles he so eagerly forged for himself. Make sure you see the New Black Panther gang rape of a white girl photos which appear on this site. http://www.halturnershow.com/NBP.htm  The New Black Panthers proudly display these photos on their Yahoo website, but that's not hate – nawh – 'tis merely entertainment.
Note:I leaped when I should have crawled as this nice email from Hal Turner indicates. I apologize to Mr. Turner.

«» Thanks for the nice write-up about me and my web site, http://www.HalTurnerShow.com

I feel compelled to correct an egregious error.  You state "By the way, don't get too carried away with noisy Hal for he has denounced "racism" and any association with "hate groups". His show is more p.c. than would appear at first glance."

Never once have I denounced racism.  In fact, I have repeatedly asserted on my radio show that free people have a RIGHT to be racists!  Further, on my web site, I actually SOLICIT ADS from people who are called "hatemongers, racists, bigots" et. al.  The link to that page is  http://www.halturnershow.com/DoItYourself.htm

I believe you have misconstrued my DISCLAIMER as some sort of political correctness.  It is not.  The Disclaimer needs to be there because if some whacko goes out and does something illegal, then blames me for what he read on someone else's web site, I have very serious legal bills fending-off that type of problem.  Hope this clears things up.  Feel free to post this e-mail or use sections of it if you like.

Regards, Hal Turner «»

WARNING!  Paytriot for Profit incoming!  CHECKBOOKS TAKE COVER!


Potentially more profitable than most.

The membership dues of the Major General Edwin A. Walker Society are $20.00 per month. (There is a one-time processing fee of $20.00.)  If so desired, members may pay their dues quarterly or annually. Quarterly dues are $60.00 every three months. Annual dues are $220.00 per annum. Members will receive a monthly, quarterly or annual statement of dues owed depending on their payment option. Failure to pay one's dues by the suspense date on the statement will result in automatic termination of membership and suspension of receipt of publications. This is a military organization.  Membership incurs the duty and obligation to pay your dues when they are owed.


1.  Forming 'military organizations' is a reserved activity limited to legitimate political authorities.  And this restriction was and will again be as true of legitimate national authority in white North America as it is under any other government.  Seems the MG Edwin A. Walker Society is lacking a Judge Advocate General (military lawyer) to advise about this.

2.   The objectives SFC Barry listed are superficially laudable, although he misses the most important tactics and strategic reasons for engaging in this kind of political warfare against ZOG.

3.  This is assuredly another blightwing organization.  The only duty listed was the Zundelite "duty and obligation" to render shekels, and lots of them.  Was any duty listed to accomplish specific goals, such as distribute x amount of literature, gain y number of converts, contact z number of white soldiers or DO anything?  Nope.  It's anti-Communist right in the grand tradition of the John Birch Society.  Write checks, read literature, write checks, be a Paytriot...

And by joining the Major General Edwin A. Walker Society you will become a member of a highly select organization that works to restore the martial ethos of "Duty, Honor, Country" to our military and elevate its status to the moral and ethical bulwark of society – instead of the degenerate "reflection of society" it has become.

What are the selection criteria here?  Outside of paying money, there are no selection criteria.   Here's an extremely serious question for anyone considering this latest 'organization':  what's to stop half the membership from comprising Mossad, ADL, SPLC and Criminal Investigation Command informers?  Would SFC Barry even care so long as they perform their appointed monthly, quarterly or annual 'duty'?

I must rate all this as a highly ingenious marketing ploy.  Major General Walker means "0" to our young men and women.  The typical young soldier was born two decades after MG Walker was relieved from command in 1961.  The name Major General Walker does however warm the hearts of aging John Birch Society-ites with nostalgic memories of lost battles of yester-decade.  We must remember that many of these people are getting well along in years.  Many are semi-invalids so let's not overtax them.  Signing their names is enough exertion every month, quarter, or year. (Maguire)

Once again the gods are smiling. As the tired old money-grubbing blightwing fades as cheap dye in strong sunlight, it pleases me to see a new generation of people linking with each other as I always wanted. Further, the increasing presence of stout willed females warms my miserable chauvinistic heart. I was recently informed about www.matriots.com which I believe to be a feminine endeavor. The site contains several great online books and I have yet to peruse all that is presented but it appears to be a very worthwhile place to visit.
Have a blast. I recently was introduced to a bevy of assorted people and within a few moments the topic turned political. I interrupted briefly with the remark, "Before everyone gets carried away, I'd like to inform you that I am a National Socialist, Nazi, to those who have a hard time with words longer than four letters." Why hide it matey? Do you have the courage of your convictions? No "in your face" stuff though. Always remain courteous and demonstrate your genteel disposition. Perhaps someday we might even be allowed to display a swastika without being instantly jailed or shot.
The new TV yahoo, Bill O'Reilly, has told it like it is. As explained, on a recent broadcast, to Mumbo Jumbo, the leader of the Black Panthers, whitey is the cause of the drug problem in black neighborhoods. If tired old white eyes had not neglected his Constitutional duty to prevent the drug business in black 'hoods', then Old Black Joe would be a decent citizen.

Lyndrum La Roach also jumped on the bash whitey band wagon by stating that God placed white folks on the planet to care for the non-white folks. Hear that honky? Better get busy. There're billions out there demanding a chunk of your labor. 

The muds are coming! The muds are coming!
Citizens sez –
Soccer mom – She's a rag tag, but I'll clean her up and her 14 kids will make extra playmates for my Jimmy.
Baker – They look hungry. I'll sell them some bread.
Cobbler – They'll need shoes. I'll sell them some.
Preacher – Ah yes. The Lord has sent me more souls to save.
Car dealer – I'll sell them a previously abused Mercedes.
Lawyer – They'll need my expensive help to avail themselves of all the freebies.
Doctor – They sure are loaded with diseases and my fees to cure them are reasonable.
Politician – What luck. I see more votes coming my way.
Whigger – I've always wanted one of those darker fems to polish my knob.
Realtor – I can make a bundle by selling them one of our homes.
Banker – I'll gladly loan them the money so they can buy all the junk they need to live the American hog dream.
White nationalist – My nation is dissolving before my eyes. We've sold our grandchildren's heritage for temporary profit.. 
The longer this 'blue eye' discussion continues, the more impressed I am with the political wisdom of the Nürnberg Laws of 1935.  Those accomplished several goals.

1.  Something BAD (miscegenation) was going on that had to be stopped.

2.  It had to be stopped in a way that didn't punish the products of that activity in an ex post facto method.

It was pointless to attempt to reach past that in that generation.  Subsequent generations (had there been some) would doubtless have seen a tightening up of that standard.  I notice this is now occurring in modern Jew Nazi 'Israel'.  'Conversion' as a method of becoming 'Jewish' is under attack in the discussion over modifying the Law of Return (itself another of the trillions of Jewish lies since the 'returnees' never 'left').  The hebes have a problem since niggers the world over are turning into McDonald's Jews to qualify for immigration.  What will be left is a strictly biological definition of 'Jew', which has been one of our prime points all the time. – Maguire

Note: In spite of the Spike Jones' lyrics and the propaganda of the Second War to Kill White People, Hitler never said "we are the master race." NS was all about racial improvement – something that crudkind will soon have to adopt or perish from free-lance fornication overload. RF

Blond hair is a white characteristic. That's not the same as saying that people with blond hair are white. There are a lot of blue-eyed mestizos in this country and many blue-eyed Asiatics on the other side of the pond.

"Most disquieting to educators is new evidence that the gap, which narrowed in the '70s and '80s, is widening among African Americans and Latinos as states put in place strict academic standards."

Gee, what a shocker!  Stricter standard blow the chaff away from the wheat!

"Since last summer, leaders of the 5,100-student district have been working on a pioneering strategy to improve the achievement of Cheltenham's minority children.  The gap, they project, could be history in five years."

I'll put 5,000,000 to 1 that it doesn't, provided they adhere to strict standards and don't try to equalize everything by dumbing down the whites (a common "solution").

"And failure would speak volumes. For if the problem cannot be cracked in a suburb such as Cheltenham, with a relatively low poverty rate (10 percent), a solid tax base, good schools and an established black middle class – then where?

"`Many will say it cannot be done because the kids are not capable,' said Edmund Gordon, a Yale University psychology professor and former head of African American studies."

Gee, the truth!  Penguins can't fly (unless you herd them on an airliner).

"Studies indicate that the higher one looks on the socioeconomic ladder, the greater the disparity between black and white achievement. Children of well-off, college-educated African Americans tend do no better on standardized tests than the
children of white high-school dropouts. No one can say with certainty why."

I think I could.  But I doubt they'd want to hear it.  Messers. Murray and Herrnstein had something to say about this also in "The Bell Curve".

"Two-thirds of black fourth graders, he noted, have trouble understanding what they read – a condition unchanged since the early '90s."

Unchanged since the 1890's when we began trying to "edshucate" Monkeys and dress them in tuxes (somehow, it just didn't seem to work on early candidates likeMugabe and Idi Amin – they're still barbaric cannibals).

"The implications for the future," he said, "are alarming."

Yep.  Whites might finally wake up after Bush's experiment fails (do you suppose that could be a hidden ulterior purpose of it?).  Blacks are morons.

"Last year, the Lower Merion district on the Main Line formed the Committee to Address Race in Education and changed its discipline policies in the face of a potential class-action lawsuit by parents and a citation from the Pennsylvania Human Relations
Commission. Data showed that black students were disciplined at far higher rates than whites."

We'ez all ekwal.  The higher discipline rate couldn't be because of a higher rate of discipline problems? Naw!
– submitted by B. W. Andrews


George Bush is bringing back Richard Perle, one of Ronald Reagan's favorite Zionist Jews, to 'advise' on nuclear policy.  And what is Mr. Perle 'advising'?

"I see no reason why we can't go well below 1,000"' (nuclear) warheads, Perle told the magazine. ``I want the lowest number possible under the tightest control possible.''

If Perle can get the Russians to join in, this will make Israel the world's largest nuclear power in warhead count. – Maguire

Nothing personal – just business. Israel gets our fiber optics technology, courtesy of the American tax-paying boob, which she then sells to China. Chinese 'advisors' and technicians are in Iraq injecting fiber optics into their defense systems. Sooner or later, foreign application of American technology will cause some of our Nintendo aircraft to be blown from the skies – more than likely, China. The day that happens, American bullying, and intimidation, will end and the Chinese will get mighty testy and your Jew World Order will go bye-bye.
Is there a Pearl Harbor II in the making? Look for another non-strategic 'terrorist' assault in the near future. This will give ZOG the pretense it needs to round up the more vocal dissidents – potential 'terrorists', don't you know?
The death rate (Second War to Kill White People) in Japanese POW camps for Americans was 30%.  The death rate in German POW camps for American prisoners was 2%.  That 2% figure is exceptionally low considering how many POWs were captured as wounded airmen.
                          No slavery is more disgusting than that which is voluntary. Lucius Annaeus Seneca
                                                Does the American debt slave come to mind?
My "blue eye" romp was supposed to demonstrate that most people simply cannot define what "white" means. One fellow – I hope he wasn't serious – gave this definition: A white person is one who has no more than 1/16 non-white blood. This begs the question – what is a non-white? A non-white is a person who is not white. If you brain is content with this sort of gibberish, then you've been watching too much niggerball.

Others, for some inexplicable reason, come forward with – Some of my best friends have brown eyes. Or, brown eyes are just as good as blue eyes. What does this have to do with anything? No wonder we are losing this war. We cannot seem to get past Green Eggs and Ham

The 'bobby socks' idol of the Second War to Kill White People, unfit-for-military-duty, Mafia-connected, off-key groaner Frankie, was known as "old blue eyes". Now that's a fact.

One anthropo-head states that the black race is older than the white race. Another anthropo-head states that the white race is older than the black race. Some people believe goof #1 while others believe goof #2. The point here being they both cannot be right. Without further information, a wise man listens to neither and, if concerned about the matter, figures it out for himself.

Some people believe that man "evolved" from some primal "soup". Others believe that man was created with a snap of divine fingers. Some people believe goof #1 while others believe goof #2. The point here being they both cannot be right. Without further information, a wise man listens to neither and, if concerned about the matter, figures it out for himself.

People are generally mentally lazy and easily intimidated. That's probably a reason why they depend upon others for the nonsense they believe. We are also taught that parroting the ideas of others is the way to pass exams and get good grades. Schooling, instead of encouraging independent thought, actually is dead set against it. Don married a practicing whore but it served his purposes to believe she was faithful. We believe whatever makes us "feel good" about ourselves.

Foundation: 'Evolution' is a THEORY. Within it are other theories such as the THEORY of MUTATION. De Vries (1878) even adds another THEORY as an appendage to the THEORY of mutation which is part of the THEORY of evolution: at some time, in the very distant past, mutations appeared a thousand times more often than they do today. How would he know? Was he there taking notes? Of course not. This added baloney was necessary to fortify another part of a THEORY about the origins of this or that. It's like a liar inventing new lies to act as support for old lies. If you accept the THEORY that mutations had a field day in the "very distant past", then why was that? Johannsen now steps into the ring with his THEORY about why mutations hardly occur today but were at the "top of the charts" long ago in some undefined period of time. I do suspect that somewhere, out there, another THEORY was put forward to explain that this period was sandwiched between eon B-54 and glacial period LS3M. Now, when you take a THEORY, pile it upon another THEORY, add another THEORY, and then support it with an additional THEORY, to make a pile of THEORIES, then how can you convince yourself that it all stands upon firm ground? That's like building a house from sugar cubes. It looks nice until some dog raises his leg at a corner.

We are also subjected to this THEORY upon a THEORY in that insane world of the meta-cosmo-physisists where "black holes" were used to explain one thing and "worm holes" added as passages to multi-universes which expand into themselves. They even claim to have "discovered" 'particles OLDER than the universe'!!! And that the basic building block of the universe is the dimensionless "vibrating vacuum". Time, another bit of business with about as much substance as a vacuum, can be "warped". Perhaps someday they will "prove" that not only can time be 'bent', but it can be tied in knots. Dawhh. (All of this crap in based upon mathematical hocus-pocus – symbolic gymnastics while under the influence.)

Does anyone ever really THINK about all of this garbage? Is there intelligent life on this planet? – as Dr. Oliver questioned. It is just another religion called "science".

One THEORY states that blue eyes originated in a region of Europe, as a mutation, due to the climate. In parts of Asia, a similar climate is observed but no such "mutations" arose there. According to their own THEORY, mutations which have no survival value simply disappear. What then is the survival value of blue eyes? If blue eye survival value was greater than brown eye, then why are brown eyes on the increase numerically? Moreover, blue eyes are RECESSIVE and in the words of the THEORISTS, "recessive genes have undesirable survival characteristics" (Trembley). Here we have it, folks. Blue eyes survived because they are a counter-survival characteristic!

Johannsen of Denmark was the bean king. He took a batch of beans, planted them, starved some while he put others on a fat welfare diet. Starved "strong" beans produced as many strong offspring as did the fat beans. In his mish-mash of laboratory circus he came up with his THEORY of "false heredity". We all know of pea pod Mendel but how many have heard of Nägeli who thought Mendel was high on 'crack'? Then Correns and Tschermak popped on the scene with their own THEORIES. Around and 'round the mulberry bush with Malpigni, Darwin, Hertwig, Müller, Haeckel, Vesalius and off we go. La, ta da, ta da. A theory by any other name.....

The bean and pea breeders then take their "results" and explain human genetics. This is the same crowd which runs animal torture and mutilation centers, and then applies what's good or bad for cross-eyed rats is equally good or bad for cross-eyed humans. If we wish to run a successful hawk clinic I suppose we should rely upon snake research.

I like my THEORY best. God created the white man in His image, the heavens, the image of what we see when we look up and away from our talmudvison set – eyes the color of the rich sky, hair the color of the golden sun and skin the color of the pure clouds. These are recessive characteristics for the purpose of readily spotting the offspring of wayward whites who possessed truant gonads. Brown in the eye is the most obvious indication that someone's forebears dipped their wick into the yellow or black paint pot. After all, didn't Cain go to the land of Nod and get himself a wife? If there weren't other races on the planet, where did his wife come from? The commandment concerning adultery was a warning about adulteration (rendering inferior by blood pollution) due to race-mixing.

The first fellow I befriended at the University of Chicago was an ex-Navy musician named Jerry. One night we went to the Snell-Hitchcock rec room to play some pool. The table was occupied by 4 jews. Jerry smiled and said the table would be free in a moment or so. With that, he sat down at the piano and played  Die Fahne Hoch . The room was soon vacated. Mozart is also very nice if you want to render a room Sondernegerfrei. Blood determines music preference.