3 July 2001
One report gasps that 20 percent of our kiddies know nothing about Independence Day. Why be surprised? Hell, 30 percent don't know who their own fathers are. Most of their mothers don't know either. Ain't turd-world morality just fine and dandy? Meanwhile, back on the pro-bro, black as a crow, continent, sodomy and rape continue as a way of life. They never heard of Independence Day either. AIDS anyone?
Just got a note from a young lady – not you, Denise! – of casual acquaintance, who announced that she just received her degree in Ethno-musicology. (I could well imagine that her thesis centered about the effects of reed flutes on the sex life of the cobra.) She plans to seek a further degree while engaging in "gender studies". (Could this be a variation of "I'll show you mine if you show me yours."?)
As suggested by a reader, Independence Day should be a day of mourning for what this once great nation has become – much of our youth permanently brain-damaged from drugs and many spreading diseases hither and yon via the genital tract – adults vehemently vocalizing their disapproval of socialism  yet demanding Marxist socialism to save them from the ills they created for themselves. The chickens will come home to roost.
I hope you all read www.halturnershow.com
on a regular basis. While you are at it, why not buy a short wave radio if you are in a good location, and listen in every Monday night? I am sure that FAEM and he do not agree on most things BUT he does support everyone's right to use the "First" in its fullest Constitutional sense. No matter what political differences exist, this fellow deserves all the support he can get. He does not endorse FAEM, by the way, as his Disclaimer shows. 
Good grief Greta, I wish all of those 'white power' groups would stop using the Communist clenched-fist salute in their logos.  I also wish they'd explain to me why so many 'white' groups appear to be hung up on nigger noise, erroneously called "music".
Millions of abortions per year plus millions of live births to unwed women? Are all of these conceptions due to rape? Hell no, Joe. They represent tens of millions of females who could not keep their knees together – nitwits who sacrifice the lives of the yet unborn just to satiate a twat twitch. How g.d. selfish can  those "giving and caring" females get? It might be the man who does the entering, but it's the woman who unlocks the door.
Macho Manny said, "Sammy screwed up. He's gonna go down." When I was young, "going down" meant something entirely different.
Horses do not behave as cows and indeed Thoroughbreds' act differently than Quarter Horses. Did they go to different schools; have different traditions; subject to different cultures? Or would you agree that it's in their genes? If so agreebale, then why do you assume that Nature's Iron Law somehow miracouly bypasses the Homo genus? Or are you as the air-head I once heard whine, "We're humans, not animals." Blubber... blubber... 
The jew evangelist Benny Hinn held a 3 day money collecting marathon in nearby (as the cheetah runs) Buffalo NY where he "healed" hundreds. Wheel chairs were burned; people suddenly knew that they were cured of AIDS; yeast infections vanished; the blind saw; and some saws were blinded. One woman, deep in a multi-orgasmic outburst claimed, "I've seen HIM!!!!" I wish I had attended. You see, there's this tiny mole on my left ear lobe.......

Sly Benny was the first to admit that he intended no physical healing but his God-given directive was to heal the spirit. "Often when the spirit is healed, physical healing accompanies." Perhaps Benny's bank account was sick for the donations, and ticket price, were sufficient to heal most things along this line. Why does our generous God always require payment of some sort. I thought he was our Father.

Damnit! I wish people would do their own research as did one fellow – a mighty good job too! – when he first heard the "da juice are ONLY 2 percent of the population." About 1900, da juice – al least those who stood up to be counted – were 2.7 percent of the population. (Always remember that nearly 40 percent of all jews call themselves 'atheists' and billions of them have changed their names and claim to be "Germans", Italians", "Eskimos", Aardvarks", etc. I was in high school with 6 name-changed jews who married goy women and never lent themselves to jewish statistics since, although their blood line continued.). The juicers in old Russia were always causing problems and did their best to kill any Tsar who put his head out of the window. They were involved in assassinations  all over the place. The intolerant Russians thus developed a dislike for juice. In 1905, (National Geographic) a gang of jew criminals tried unsuccessfully to overthrow the Tsar's government. That flop was all which was needed for them to high tail it somewhere else to do their inherent mischief. Gas where most of them went? Gotcha! The good ol' jew ass oi veh – some 2 million 'yearning to be free'. Thus, ducklings, their numbers around 1908 were 5.6 percent!!! Following the Second War to Kill White People, every transport which carried supplies to Europe came back full of jews!!! In the last decade, we've seen pig boat after pig boat loaded with "Russians" plopping their asses on these shores eager to rip off the gullible goyim. "Only 2 percent."? Stuff it Bertha, right up a dark place. I am so tired of this idiotic drone, that I just might buy a slingshot and go on a shooting spree, that is, if I can still buy jelly beans at 3 pounds for a dime. Moreover, anyone peddles the "America is 70 percent white" is obviously one who needs to visit Dr. Harvey Eyeballs for a better prescription. In 1790, this country was 78 percent white (Injuns not counted) and it never got any higher.

It is extremely difficult to get TRUTHFUL figures on our population. That's why I suggest using your eyes and your brain and stop letting others tell you what is true, for the world wants not for liars. The census relies heavily upon a person's own evaluation as to what race he belongs to. All reference books printed since 1920 are suspect since the old 'race-mixing is good for you' message was then beginning to surface.  The 1990 World Book Encyclopedia states that America is 83 percent white, 12 percent black and 5 percent "other". It even adds a revealing comment " Many of the white population speak Spanish." Heh. Heh. A 1936 edition states that the black population was 8 percent! Of the 15 percent rural population, remember that a large population of black people reside on farms of various sizes, especially in the South. Recent announcements have indicated that the suburbs are now over 30 percent non-white. Not many whites live in the massive 'inner city' areas. Vancouver BC, I understand is over 50 percent Chinese. You can stuff your 'official' numbers any which way but loose. My eyes and nose tell me that the '70 percent white' is only wishful thinking. If you can call Colin Powell, Alan Greenspan and Anthony Quinn, white, then I guess we still have a large white population but remember that as a land gets more non-white, more people will start to call themselves white.

If one gathers several "reference" books together and finds that they all differ in the "facts", then what does that tell you whitey? Isn't it time you gave up the parrot business? That might be great for school grades, but in the real world, it doesn't hack it.

Maguire sez:

American Patrol itself is another losing Limbaugh-GOP-John Birch Society scheme.  To start with, it is Semitically Correct.  Their website actually listed Aztlan's anti-semitism as an example of a big negative of the Mexican Mud Flood.  This in itself shows the continuing lack of understanding by the California Dreamers comprising American Patrol of Sherman Oaks, California.   Clearly the American Patrollers are mostly candidates for Special Education. Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorder and plain retardation are evident.

They think they'll get the Jews to help them by highlighting Atzlan's anti-Semitism.  It will lead to no such result.  It has instead led to the self-Chosen starting up all their old tricks to make a large lebensraum for themselves among the mud flooders.  Why does anyone suppose Aztlan is complaining about MALDEF?  Why does anyone think the hebes are backing MALDEF?  The Gold Coast of Florida from Miami to West Palm Beach is another multi-racial Disney World.The Gold Coast corridor, New York and Los Angeles (has even one light bulb started glowing even slightly out there? Email me if so.) are the three largest areas of Jewish settlement in the Late Great USA.

The mud flooders are even more congenial to the Jews physically.  The Jews aren't so hot on personal hygiene or order in the house themselves.  Noisy neighborhoods are just fine by them.  Believe me, they feel more at home with the spics.  They have the political clout to get the police and D.A. to act against unruly beaners.  Don't you know, it's a crime against humanity to molest a kike.  Hunting season is only open on white people.  Illiterate low IQ wetbacks are easier marks for the Jews' financial tricks.

Or are the American Patrollers laboring under the naive idea that the Jews are going help them out of gratitude?  If so, dump this idea.  Such reactions by Jews as a group are not only not observed in the present time, they haven't been observed at any time.  To claim it will happen is even anti-Scriptural and anti-Christian.  See Luke 17:11-17.  The text says that Jesus healed 9 Jews and a Samaritan (deemed a foreigner) of leprosy.  Only the Samaritan came back to say thanks.


The multi-cultural state of California has not caused the Jews to lose any political control at all.  Quite the reverse, it has strengthened their grip on California's political system.  The Jews with their negroes just proved quite capable of retaining control of Los Angeles.  Their boy Hahn won.  Villa whoever lost.  The 'Fallacy of the Negro Conservative' goes triple for the neo-con Jew.  The 10% of Jews who style themselves that way cannot offset the damage done by the other 85% in the Democratic Party and the 5% in Nader's neo-Bolshevik Green Party.

The above is a living, breathing example of why the Jews are not going to help stop immigration.  The rest of Mr. Blakemore's post detailed nothing that Eric Thomson didn't already document about Rhodesia.  The results in South Africa are identical to Rhodesia's.

>>Stop propping the  Mexicans up, they are off-brand imitation humans! All you have to do is  remove your presence and everybody will see how great diversity really is.  Take away the candle of light provided by a European presence of producers and the true darkness of the third world will rush in for all to see. Its no accident that no Mexicans ever lived in California in any substantial numbers before Europeans turned it into an oasis paradise in the desert.<<

This precise scenario has just played out in the last 20 years in Rhodesia and South Africa.  The results were not what Mr. Cleve Blakemore's theory predicts should  have happened.  No one is seeing anything because the Jews are censoring the results from the Jewspapers and Talmudvision.  They will continue to do this.

Additional thoughts –    Ronald Reagan took office on January 20, 1981.   George Bush Senior took office on January 20, 1988 and left office on January 20, 1992.  During this 12 year period these two Great White Hopes were Commanders In Chief of a military disposing of 2 million active duty troops.  They were also the Chief Law Enforcement Officers in charge of the Border Patrol and the INS.

Now Clinton we all understand.  But how did it happen that tens of millions of Mexicans were permitted to flood across the former southwestern border back then on the Reagan and Bush watches?  These men were not exactly unprovided with forces.

Time for some input from others —Maguire's dime –    Now that Timothy McVeigh is permanently silenced, the ZOG establishment is free to let the eternally undisprovable innuendoes rip.  And here it comes from Lebanese Arab sell-out, John Birch Society fellow traveler, pro-Zionist and shekel sucker-in-general Joe Farah:  http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=23380     You read it right, folks.  After 6 years of living silence by Tim followed by permanent silence, the "truth" can finally be told.  He was actually part of the non-movement movement all the time!    Yes, Timothy McVeigh, bank robber extraordinaire, member of the 'Aryan Republican Army' and blah blah blah....  The book just happens to be announced a mere 19 days after Tim was juiced.

You see, author Mark Hamm and the Northeastern University Press just weren't quite ready to announce it 3 weeks ago when Tim might have still had something to say on this subject.  Dratted bad luck about that...

After a short build-up of suspense and intrigue surrounding "OKC: The Hidden Story" , Farah now dumps.  And it's being dumped on us.  This is merely a repetition of the original wild theories propagated in the wake of the blast six years ago.  Back then the Jewish Telegraph Agency insinuated that David Irving "supplied the detonator", or some such nonsense.  Now the lies, half-truths, allegations and rumors will again carom around ZOG media until the noise is deafening, just like a pin dropped in an echo chamber.     The genesis of this story appears here in a dink Pennsylvania fishwrapper and bird cage liner named "Morning Call":  http://www.mcall.com/cgi-bin/slwebsto.cgi?DBLIST=mc01&DOCNUM=30213

It's all there now in a neat package.  The National Alliance (after all, McVeigh sold Turner Diaries once upon a time), KKK, "Aryan Republican Army", on and on.  Now Shekelgrubber Joe Farah picks it up.   Soon enough we'll see a story about how they used the internet to coordinate their activities.

ZOG's apparently disconnected agents sometimes appear as strange bedfellows indeed.  Witness this collaboration between nominally anti-establishment World Net Daily, a local scribble sheet and a Judeo-Marxist university professor and press.   This is a timely moment to explain something about Joe Farah.  Joe Farah has survived and prospered in the newspaper business for a quarter century.  At this point in the history of the Late Great USA this means one thing. Joe Farah is a tried and true ZOGist through and through.  You do not survive in that business that long as a senior executive without being thoroughly Semitically Correct.  If you don't believe me, ask Mike Hoffman (hoffman@hoffman-info.com ) a former reporter for the Associated Press.  He can explain it to you.

Maguire notes – Another benefit of the Mexican mud-flood.

"MEXICO CITY – One-third of Mexican men do not know how many children they have, according to National Statistics Institute and National Population Council studies published Sunday by the press.   According to the research organizations' reports, only 20 percent of children born in Mexico are recognized by both parents, and one father in five takes no responsibility for his children at all." . http://www.thenewsmexico.com/noticia.asp?id=2750

These are the people that Overseer Powell and Mestizo Bush are negotiating with Mexican ZOG to bring into your living space, white men and white women.    Meanwhile American troops (at the behest of our own precious self-chosen Holy People) are sent to defend Zionist borders in Israel while the drunken drop-out flyboy refuses to send Troop One to defend YOUR borders.  Time to wake up and smell the coffee, brain-bombed GOP ZOGlings.

Any day now, Any day now.... Click here: AmericanPatrol.com

AMERICANPATROL.COM . . . . . Subject: America is utterly doomed
Author: Cleve Blakemore . . . . Date:   6/29/2001

Kiss the US goodbye, its over, forget about it. If anybody was going to  fight back we should have had insurrections when Clinton was in office. Its  too little too late now.

Discussing options on this board from the safety of your home is failed  strategy to begin with. Its shifting deck chairs on the titanic. It has gone  way, way past the failsafe point a long time ago. If you've got any sense, you better sell your California home RIGHT NOW like I DID while you can STILL  GET A COUPLE OF BUCKS for it and GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE as soon as  possible. Your government and Gray Davis want California populated by filthy  mud animals, well stop subsidizing them with middle class tax revenues and  evacuate NOW! The longer you stay, the longer the illusion can be maintained  that CA is a healthy functioning society ... it isn't! Stop propping the  Mexicans up, they are off-brand imitation humans! All you have to do is  remove your presence and everybody will see how great diversity really is.  Take away the candle of light provided by a european presence of producers  and the true darkness of the third world will rush in for all to see. Its no  accident that no mexicans ever lived in California in any substantial numbers
before Europeans turned it into an oasis paradise in the desert.

I point out I successfully predicted the real number of illegals in the US  back in '99 when I made the outrageous claim of 30 million. Doesn't look so  farfetched now, does it?

Take a look at their birthrates. Multiply that number by four in ten years  and then multiply that number by four again ten years after that. A  substantial portion of Mexicans don't even know how many children they have  fathered or where they are. That is what kind of people this "family  oriented" race consists of. Yeah, they're "family oriented" the same way that  marsupials are "family oriented." Mexicans don't have children, they have  litters! They take care of them until they can walk upright and then they  move on, exactly like old world monkey clans. Absentee fathers are the rule,  not the exception with the brown horde. Polygamy is their natural state. They  just never had anybody to feed their multiple offspring before so they were  limited by nature previously and food supply constraints.

Classic Adam Smith population metrics ... you've got the exponential birth  rate, you've got the resources (supplied by white europeans), you've got the  food supply (supplied by white europeans), you've got the infant survival  rate and medical care (supplied by white europeans).

What do you get? Whites a minority by 2050? That is media hogwash. They are  trying to lull you back to sleep with more lies like they've been snowing you  with for the past 25 years. You get Bangladesh in North America by 2020. Get  yourself a one dollar calculator and do the math, stupid.

Of course, a big complex centralized system like American civilization will  never simply change into Bangladesh and keep the ATMs, 7-11s and cable  television and food courts. Bangladesh has always been an agrarian society.  The United States isn't. The people are coming, the question is, how will  they be fed and survive? They won't. That simply won't happen. You will get a  major catastrophic collapse of America and utter anarchy the first major  crisis/flashpoint that appears on the horizon.

She's ready to blow any day now, it won't take much at all.

Comment from Robert – One thing I find hilarious is when a person spends years yapping that the jews lie about everything and then uses jewish data sources as basis for the ridiculous "... jews are only 2½ percent of the population ... whites are still 70 percent of the population ... we'll be a minority by 2090..." Anyone who peddles this baloney is certainly in the disinformation business and should be avoided as one does any Typhoid Mary. Better wake up and count the noses.

It's now an official program in N.Y.S. When Henrietta Pumpkin fails her high schools math, the teacher will be held responsible. It makes no difference that Humping Henny, as the football team calls her, has an IQ of 42, is absent 23 percent of the time and was shoved into high speed algebra to develop her oppressed minority "potential". Other than calling the teacher a bad name, no one can tell me what happens to a teacher who fails to teach penguins how to fly. Do they lose their jobs? Get spanked? Or gang raped by the failing students? It will indeed be interesting to see how this all pans out. In the meantime, I can hear the shuffling feet of all those prospective young teachers just aching to demonstrate their understanding stuff. The death bell for American public education first sounded in 1946 but wasn't really jammed into high gear until integration was accomplished at gun point, against the will of the majority. Nothing like this land of the free where one freely makes up his mind after looking down a gun barrel. That's real freedom, my friends.