8 July 2001
Notice how the news fails to reveal the race of the animal who raped the Japanese woman on Okinawa. Hint: he was of the same race which is responsible for nearly 100 percent of the rapes perpetrated by "American" soldiers all over the world. Let's hope the Japanese take this ape out to sea and use a Samurai sword to render him in bite size morsels for the sharks. I understand that sharks have a stomach for nearly any sort of garbage. 
FLASH !! In Yakima, WA, at an Independence Day celebration, the Star Spangled Banner was sung in SPANISH !
The more INTOLERANT your immune system is, the healthier you are. When your immune system becomes tolerant, you die. So it is with societies. When Americans accept without struggle, all of those elements which are destroying it, then the outcome is predictable.
ZOG is in the bio-terrorism business.
It allows the importation, via the mud invasion, of every disease on the planet.
ZOG tells us that "diversity" is the key to world peace yet in every "diverse" region, conflict is endemic. It also claims that world industrialization is the key to prosperity yet the Industrial Revolution ruined thousands of ordinary people  but created a very wealthy ruling class. White technology must be used with discretion for its unbridled use always leads to depletion and pollution.

Screw loose Lyndon LaRouche has apparently abandoned his 'populate Mars' scheme along with 'cold fusion' and planting a nuclear reactor on every 6 miles of the Sahara Desert. The 'land bridge' to Asia is on the shelf because he has suddenly discovered that his path to world prosperity is to "develop" the waste land between Europe and China. I can see it all now – a Mac Donald's at every whistle stop in the Gobi Desert. Gee, Siberia is just aching for condominiums. The Sahara Desert is the result of exploitation but this pleases Lyndon for exploitation leads to regions which can be "developed". By the way, doesn't it strike you as very odd that only white people seem able to "develop" such regions, or anything else for that matter?

Americans are not citizens. They are serfs and as long as they can scrounge up something to eat, something to screw and have a toy or two to putter with, they care not for much of anything.
He who defines, controls. Subtle, but relentless, propaganda has done much to undermine the meaning of words. Previously, people held a strong dislike for any influence which tore asunder tradition or interfered with a way of life. This dislike obviously employed intolerance. A man was intolerant of another's advances toward his wife. A mother was intolerant of those who threatened the welfare of her children. Intolerance results from innate survival mechanisms. Today, our schools, churches and social meddlers are "teaching tolerance" of all that which our base instincts tell us are filthy, foul and destructive. We must be tolerant of those who enter our society, not to give, but to take away – to destroy white tradition and homogeny. This is only the midpoint for when tolerance of our destruction is achieved, the next goal to to love your destroyers. It will then not be sufficient just to let apes wander and do their will, but one must bow down and be grateful that their racial inferiors whimsically choose to let him live. This whole mad scene has nothing to do with equality. It has all to do with the subjection of white people. If you oppose the executioner, you must be 'full of hate'.

Emotions are instinctual and in humans especially, they are expressed usually in the face. That's why we spend most of our contact time looking at each other. Facial expressions are controlled by muscles and they are indicators of hormone activity in the brain. This can all be measured. At birth, infants can smile, show interest, reveal pain and even show disgust. Many other emotions are displayed long before even rudimentary language is achieved. In 3 to 4 weeks, infants have what we call 'social smiles'. At 8 weeks, anger, the precursor of hate, and sadness come into bloom. At 4 months, shyness can be exhibited and 7 months is when the emotion of fear rises to a strong pitch. By 2 years, guilt is present.

Infants obtain signals from their mothers via the display of emotions. If a mother is sad, the child is sad. Infants as little as 2 days old will respond to the cries of other infants, but NOT to the same sounds if played from a recording machine. The wee young are aware of far more than some idiot parents realize. "The baby won't know the difference," is pure poppycock.

Researchers constructed a "drop off" in a pathway where the drop was bridged by a pane of heavy glass. An crawling infant was placed on one side of the bridge and its mother on the other side. If the mother smiled, the baby would crawl over the drop. If the mother expressed fear, the infant would not cross over the glass plate.

We are born with POWERFUL survival mechanisms and emotions are one of them. History has demonstrated that monarchs and the priesthood have had their periods of attempted control of their subjects emotions. Today we are in another such oppressive period where not only punishment is threatened but the meaning of words is being inverted. Thus, we have people like myself, who are accused of "hating" without any evidence of emotion whatsoever. The continually revised dictionary  – a necessity for those intent on destroying white heritage – now contains an item called "hate mail". This is defined merely as a written 'confession' that one feels hate. My note to you – I hate your guts. – is "hate mail". If the printed, or written, word can have emotions, then I suppose there can be "love mail", "envy mail", "fear mail", "pain mail", "guilt mail", "shy mail", "jealousy mail", and so on and so forth. What can we do with the message: I am filled with love every time I find myself hating you.? If "pain mail" exists, and it must or else we'd be hypocrites, then should the letter be given Tylenol or Bayer?

Most of the destructive propaganda would have had little effect if there were still present masses of orderly and functional families. There are not and if you'll do your research you'll find that the destruction of the family PRECEDED the interjection of the genocidal race-mixing poison. It's all there in the Communist handbook for social overthrow and control. Drugs are also required since they destroy not only mental acumen but instincts as well. Without drugs, young people from solid and normal families rarely buy into the race-mixing scene.

TV often shows spics, nigs, wogs, whiggers, and such, happily roaming about in buddy gangs enjoying every minute of their "diversity" bliss and disease-spreading copulation, with snorts of this and that in between. I wouldn't get too excited over this as such gangs will be very rare and not because honkies are above it. Mestizos, Asians, and what not, in the main, are VERY RACE CONSCIOUS and so the next time some whigger reading these pages gets invited to join a mestizo gang, I'd like to hear about it. It's all MTV, jew written, bagel baloney which apparently affects whites more than the other races. Any Asian or black who forms a part of such groups can be counted upon to be a dreg of those groups, as are whiggers.

Heed your feelings. They may be the only thing standing between you and your survival. If kinky haired Moe Dees ever approaches you for a "teaching tolerance" session, be sure to show him your middle finger and tell him "Rotate on this." 

Reminder: When I use the word 'Jew', I am referring to a religious group. When I use the word 'jew', I refer to a biological group. Thus it is possible to be a Catholic and a jew as is suspected of the present Pope whose mother's maiden name has been listed as Katz.. (Many past Popes have been jews.) Catholic Cardinal Lustiger said, " I am a Christian but I will always remain a jew." (For the nit-pickers, this quote might not be letter by letter.) I also understand that 2/3 of the inhabitants of Israel are non-religious.

Maguire sez – Jewish Popes were the origin of the Papal Stool.  The purpose of this device was for the Pope to dangle his male member down through a hole in the seat so someone else could make sure he wasn't circumcised.  There were a rash of Jewish Popes who snuck in during the era of the Crusades a millennium ago.  Among other achievements these Crusades fatally weakened the other major Christian (i.e. white) state in Europe, the Byzantine Empire.

The Crusades themselves left Europe in a weakened condition to face the subsequent Asiatic onslaught of Genghiz Khan's Mongols and the Otttoman Turks (close cousins of the Khazar Turks).  We seem to be going through this cycle once again.  'Christendom', defined as white people of European descent, have again dissipated their military strength in campaigns disguised under ideological banners but in fact serving other races' material interests.  And again the result is to leave 'Christendom' in a weakened military condition vis a vis the Central Asiatics and Mongols.

Bill O'Reilly has a presence which Americans will increasingly demand. However, if you listen to his WORDS you'll find he is kosher 100 percent. He wouldn't have that fat paying job if he didn't. He's a likable meathead who sees no difference between Tim McVeigh and Jeff Dahmer or Charlie Manson. Other than killing a batch of people, they have absolutely nothing in common, which makes me wonder how deep laughing Bill's thoughts really are. He's a shallow big mouth who is far more entertaining than those mush faced jews we see on comparable programs.

One recent segment involved pretentious jackasses who Thorstein Veblen described when he coined the term, 'conspicuous consumption' (The Theory of the Leisure Class). Bill listed a few high profile geeks who spent millions of dollars massaging their fetid egos – water buffalo Oprah, crotch ghoul Michael Jackson, jew Michael Douglas, faggot Elton John, slut Madonna, jew Bill Gates, and another jew with a Steinfeld countenance. Notably absent were non-pervert honkies.

Only during periods of cultural degeneracy will entertainment and sports figures come to prominence. Entertainers were always at the bottom of the social ladder, non-assets to any society, but today, we hail them as gods and even worship certifiable black morons who have no talent other than playing with balls and flavoring their spare moments with a little drug use and occasional rape when submissive white sluts are not available.

We often carry on about this – jews are corrupting us! – but one thing should be kept in mind: jews might put shit on your plate but that doesn't mean you have to eat it.

Horses can be barned with pigs but I have yet to see any horse act like a pig. When white people, forced to associate with blacks, start acting like blacks, it makes me wonder how deep their 'whiteness' really is. As for me, NONE of my best friends are non-white. Moreover, NONE of my associates are non-white. I guess I am full of hate. I also hate shit for I refuse to eat it. How intolerant can one person be? My father was also intolerant. He beat the shit out of a creep who lived next door. The bastard made the mistake of attempting to molest my sister. Such hate! Naughty, naughty! Shame is on us.

Did you ever pay attention to the head bobbing females who are promoted as "newscasters"? They punctuate here and there with obviously conditioned head nods, jerks and twitches. Whether California or Ohio, they ALL nod and bob at the same predefined points. They all apparently went to the same head jerk marionette school. It makes one appreciate the paralyzed facial delivery of Bernie Shaw.
I was just reading an article sent by the WCOTC. I think it would do well if we reminded ourselves that we are people who might get wet but the outer wetness is no reason our backbones should dissolve. I grew up during a period where most  of my companions smoked and many drank. I was outnumbered yet I never got into those habits. Eric Thomson, in his "town", is outnumbered 20 to 1 by mestizos but he has not been "spicized." He lived for years in Rhodesia, outnumbered by blacks 20 to 1 and never became "niggerized". I do not associate with those not of my race but am cordial when necessity forces such contact upon me. I can afford to be that way because I am white. I cannot imagine a situation where being outnumbered will ever get me to metamorphose and become a whigger. When we see others undergo this change, I think you'll find that there's more hidden in their genes than you first supposed.
Here's a little ditty you might like to read – http://www.sightings.com/general11/alt.htm
The fellow who pointed it out called it an 'oily screed' which will become evident as your eyeballs scan the words. It has always been my experience that the people with the least contact with a certain subject are always those who profess the expertise. Thus, we have lawyers telling engineers how to run things and administrators who have never experienced classroom environment, telling teachers how to perform their duties. As far as the "good guy – bad guy" (of all races) tone of this article, anyone honest enough to tell it as it is, knows that a 5 percent black presence in any classroom is a borderline condition, just as is a 5 percent black blood contamination in a mongrel. When blacks are 10 percent, a distinct downturn in education is evident. Anytime the black percent is 20, forget it. You'd be better off to go fishing.

The rabbi who wrote this article still clings the the "chosen" crap. As most individuals feel they are the center of the universe, so do most groups feel they are something special on this planet. This is pointed out in Sir Arthur Keith's, A New Theory of Evolution. Blacks did not "evolve" from whites nor was it vice versa. God created, if you will, the separate races and jews were not part of whatever transpired back in those days of which we shall never, ever discover much of anything. Jews are racial mongrels and what god would appoint as "chosen" a blatant, and against Commandments, adulteration of what was created? A prize apple pie mixed with prize clam chowder can hardly be considered a "chosen" food, unless you are a pig.

I think there is sufficient social evidence to clearly demonstrate that America no longer has a white character. It is partially jew. It is partially nigger. It soon will be mestizo. The folderol about being a countable minority is just that – much to do about nothing. Our country was lost, relative to being a white land, when we decided to share political power with non whites. Once that sharing achieved 10 percent, as it has done, the white character was doomed. The claptrap "...by 2050 we will be minority... " is pure over-the-hill alarmist-for-nothing horseshit. The damned boat is sinking; the water is up to our crotch and we fart around burbling about "... by 2050..." Wake up and smell the manure!

I have mentioned many times, that the Communist thrust focuses on the emotional side of women. Show a photo of a starving kid, or one crying in the midst of air attack rubble, and most women can be swayed to peddle their ass and sell out their own families in order to "save" some mud waif they do not know. Thus, it always pleases this chauvinist male pig to see females with guts standing up to be counted. This must drive our masters nuts, at least more than they already are, for it brings home the fact that their red propaganda was not as effective as they planned. Again, I recommend www.matriots.com and www.carolontheweb.com Their stuff is excellent, particularily Carol's. Isn't it about time other women got into the act?
Since I have no aversion to criticizing others, I thought in all fairness that I should forward an example of how stupid little old me can get. I have behaved like the proverbial ahole so many times in my life, that the memory is about all that keeps me warm during my lonely nights.

I was working for a company under the direction of the A.E.C. (Atomic Energy Commission) as a lab technician – a fancy name for a low level poop boy. I performed routine titrations, sublimations, and other somewhat interesting bits of alchemy. The plant was producing zirconium which was used in building those giant firecrackers with which we punished the Japanese, via Hiroshima and Nagasaki, for producing all of those poor quality toys during the 1930s. I was on a rotating 8 hour shift and samples were analyzed on a 2 hour basis. The testing took about 20 minutes and so I had to occupy myself for over an hour before the next batch from "orange" plant arrived. You see, I was in the "blue" building and according to required secrecy, even the reagents had names like "solvent 6BM124" and "indicator M5-UF2". It was an odd sort of thing since anyone who passed high school chemistry would discover within 2 days what he was actually using. Anyway, I got tired of listening to the radio, playing cards, taking showers, and planning the next booby trap for that luscious senior technician Eileen whose shift started at 8:00 AM. I was not the only one interesting in trapping those boobs, but being a mischievous sort, I decided to test my "field" chemistry. I rustled up some nitric acid and together with an old silver spoon and a quart of vodka, I started to concoct a little compound called argenti fulminas – something which goes "boom" when heated slightly. It's the stuff, when mixed with dextrin, which was used in the then popular "cigarette loads." The unsuspecting target puffs on his 'loaded' Lucky Strike until the heat reaches the 'load' and then "blam!" I was great sport for everyone except the poor jerk who was singled out for this demonstration of brotherly love.

I was "on the ball" when it came to chemistry and so I followed procedure to the letter. In a 2000 ml. beaker, the reactants started to react as reactants always do. As the tiny precipitating crystals started to enlarge, I was fascinated by their sheer beauty – glistening, translucent and silvery. It reminded me of those Christmas scene globes which have those "snowflakes" floating about when inverted. I wanted to imitate that scene and so I FOOLISHLY stuck a stirring rod into that vessel to give the liquid a spin. It was later apparent that I had unwittingly tapped one of those crystals against the side of the beaker and thus caused the whole soup to detonate squarely in my face at a 12 inch distance. The blast was heard throughout the lab and I, without thinking twice, plunged my head into the mop bucket where I had simultaneously turned on the water.

Frank and Bernie rushed in to see what happened. After many minutes of intermittent submerging, I was able to explain although my eyes felt like someone was sandpapering them. The GramMatic balances in the weighing room were knocked out of certification and I then realized that when I was thrown backwards, I had demolished the hafnium extraction apparatus. Bernie and Frank cleaned up the mess and we all checked out at 8:00 AM.  I shielded the acid burns, and cuts on my face from the guard and slithered out to my car fully cognizant of the fact that my vision was now on a par with those trying to see through frosted glass. How I managed to return to my apartment without an accident, I shall never know.

Comradeship obviously played a large part in Bernie's and Frank's silence on the matter. After sick time of about 2 weeks I returned to work. My vision had improved and Jeanette was still able to turn herself on by kissing my face as if nothing had happened. Perhaps she didn't care anyway, knowing Jeanette.

I was told once, by an elderly woman, that old age was the punishment for the sins of youth. I resolved to always "stir the pot" so that when I became as I am now, I could smile saying that the punishment of old age was well worth it.

The stick-it-up-their-rear routine goes this way: (1) Notify people that there is an energy shortage. (2) Convince them to conserve (3) Run to ZOG for approval to raise rates due to diminished profits from lack of sales.

This sort of stuff has been going on for decades and instead of marching on city hall and tossing all of the creeps out of the window, the goyim mutter, grumble and wait for their next reaming, which they apparently enjoy very much. They keep asking for more with each election. A savior is elected and things get worse. They elect another, and all continues to rot. It's like drilling holes in the bottom of a boat to let the bilge water out.

Today I shall celebrate my 103th birthday. I am not 103 yet but I just wanted to make sure I was around for the celebration. 
The police arrived
shortly after the 911 call. The teen male was battered severely about the face but his bleeding had stopped. When asked, he pointed out his assailant. The assailant admitted that he pummeled the young man who refused, even at the coaxing of the police, to press charges. It appears that the teen was entering the forceful stage of an attempted rape of the man's 11 year old daughter, when the father assaulted him. So far, I would believe that most fathers would do the same behaving in an extremely INTOLERANT way and probably in an advanced state of HATE.

The incident was settled in what I call an understandable way, with liberty and justice for all – well, not quite fully just, for that kid was still able to walk and breathe for that piece of crap WILL DO IT AGAIN! This type of behavior lawyers do not like for it places them outside the pale of control. The police informed the irate father that what he did, to defend his own daughter, was against the law and I am sure that Moe Dees would recommend that the father attend some 'teaching tolerance' session.

Control always resides with the person, or group, which has the power to punish. When it becomes illegal for a father to have the power of punishment, relative to his family, his authority vanishes. The power to punish does not mean, as the lesbos claim, that a man would run about as a savage beating everything within sight and hearing. Often, knowing that dad would lower the boom if a transgression occurred, was enough. My grandfather was never known to lay his razor strap across anyone's rear, but ALL KNEW that he would if some disobedience occurred. I remember the same of my father who demonstrated his authority only once on my behind. He wasn't in a rage, but coolly said, "You won't like this very much." He was right.

Parental authority disappeared and many of today's families behave as the chimps in a cage at the zoo at feeding time – erratic behavior, noise, confusion and all sorts of dysfunctional activity. As the family disappeared – no loyalty or order in the unit – so did the nation. Today, much of America resembles an asylum where, as squirrels in a walnut tree, everyone grabs what he can with no regard for others. Do you really think this pig-out playpen will last forever?

What is now called "hyperactive' is merely another word for undisciplined – the child never being taught the art of self-control. Women especially, love to see kids "happy" and far too often that happiness occurs at the same time the kid is destroying something. In these cases, females are quite 'tolerant' failing to see that they are actually encouraging certain behavior. The kid tosses a can of soup down the market aisle. The adults laugh. The kid is 'having fun'. The kid then seeks more approval by continuing to demolish a display. Extreme, you say? Look around baby, it's all over the place.

Gather around me no men who tolerate that which is destroying our white community, what's left of it. I trust no man nor woman who has lost the capacity for anger and hate for these are God-given survival attributes and quite rightly, our enemies wish us not to survive. That's why greedy hypocrites like the lawyer Dees wants his 'teaching tolerance' to succeed for balking sheep are hard to shear.

Eccl:3:8: A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace. Make sure your clock is accurate.

More pabulum for the gullible goyim – A new bureaucracy, the H.M.O., having nothing to do with medical practice, has been established to reduce medical costs. It's like trying to drive down the cost of ice cream cones by hiring people to photograph each sale. It's bunkum and the wurst is yet to come. (That's a fun pun, Chelsea.)
Revisionists and the jews are waltzing in ever-diminishing circles while the Chinese are filling up the ballroom.
Here's an interesting link – http://www.carolontheweb.com

Carol, in my opinion, falls into the "good jew -  bad jew" trap. She "loves" 'good jews' and only has objection to 'bad jews'. At least 2 of her links are jews – Sobran(sky) [This is an assumption on my part. When finding yourself in the middle of a mixture of nearly identical poisonous coral snakes and harmless scarlet snakes, a wise person assumes that they are all coral snakes. Sobran more than likely has roots in south eastern Europe. Names such as Sobel, Sobell, Sobeloff, etc. are distinctly jewish. Sobran's anti-Zionist position would certainly not be tolerated in the controlled press unless there was some jewish connection. Non jew David Brinkley was married to a jewess, for example. With capped teeth, and nose jobs, looks can often be deceiving as with the beautiful actresses/jewesses Jill St. John, Paulette Goddard and Lee Remick. In addition, Sobran's web "biography" is distinctly jewish as is says nothing about his birth, family, etc., and covers items which could be applied to thousands of others. Moreover, the self-applauding is also a jewish trait. I am not that interested but if you are, then look for the jewish connection. It's there.] and Ayn Rand [Rosenbaum – from Odessa, as is the jewess Rimland(er). The 'Rand' was from the name brand of her typewriter.] Without precisely defining those terms, she again uses the idiotic "only 2 percent" population reference. Pastor X, no friend of those he calls "impostor jews", spent many months collecting, and correlating, data on the group (jews to me) which is the RED anti-Christ. He publishes the number 7.1 percent of our population which, incidentally, agrees, albeit on the short side, with another independent study done by a bright young computer programmer. People who supposedly do not trust jews, and perhaps even dislike them, appear to always use jewish numbers in their arguments. One should keep in mind that FAEM thinks along 'blood' lines and pays little attention to what anyone claims are his beliefs. To jews, the kiddies which result from a jew father and a goy mother, are NOT jews. FAEM says that they are. In addition, after the jew male does his tribal jew offspring thing with a jewess, he often latches on to a goy female in order to pollute her blood line, thus giving rise to numbers of jew 'non-jews'. In my neighborhood, there are 4 such swarms and I can name 3 "Catholic" priests who are biological jews. Life is biology and if one doesn't think in those terms, he'll never understand much of anything. By claiming to "love" certain jews will IN NO WAY endear Carol to the tribe who, collectively, is destroying our social structure and traditions in order to create what they mistakenly assume will be a gigantic Jerusalem from Atlantic to Pacific. When race wars erupt, your skin will be your uniform and the advertisement that you really "love" those who are attempting to destroy you, will be OF NO HELP. Feeding sharks never turned one into a friend or pet. As one gazelle said to another, as they observed the sleeping lions, "You see, those are 'good lions' since they are not chasing us."

All of these "Oh my gosh, look at what they are doing to us now!" sites should try and fathom this fundamental – White people are being targeted at an ever-increasing rate and that rate is exponentially proportional to the increase in jewish presence and control. It is a waste of one's time to moan about the blatant hypocrisy concerning the 'Amendments' and freedom of this and that, for WORDS WILL NOT WIN ANY BATTLES FOR US. The enemy uses words in order to assist us in our own suicide but when we try to "reason" things out, they do not listen for their goal has nothing to do with "fairness" or "justice". We waste our time in trying to "understand" the crocodile for it will not be deterred from using us as a meal, no matter how we list reasons for its behavior. A person connected to reality, takes what is, as is, without academic babble and drivel. Being "nice" to someone who is out to kill you, saves no one's ass. All it does is make the killing easier for the perpetrator.

"Whenever there is an interest and power to do wrong, wrong will generally be done, and not less readily by a powerful and interested party than by a powerful and interested prince."   James Madison to Thomas Jefferson, 1788

Such a powerful and interested party has indeed grown up among us.  This is the Party of Organized Jewry and Zionism.


  "If we find our government in all its branches rushing headlong, like our predecessors, into the arms of monarchy [and tyranny], if we find them violating our dearest rights, the trial by jury, the freedom of the press, the freedom of opinion, civil or religious, or opening on our peace of mind or personal safety the sluices of terrorism, if we see them raising standing armies, when the absence of all other danger points to these as the sole objects on which they are to be employed, then indeed let us withdraw and call the nation to its tents." – Thomas Jefferson to Colonel Wm. Duane, 1811

— In its unholy alliances with the British Crown to kill white European people in 1904-5, 1917-1918, 1941-1945 and most recently reaffirmed in 1999 in the terror bombing and subsequent ethnic cleansing of white Serbians from their ancestral lands of Kosovo, our government has indeed rushed headlong in the arms of monarchy.

— This government, by its so-called administrative law tribunals and asset forfeiture practices, has violated and continues to violate our right of trial by jury of our peers.

— This government, by its collusion with Jewish monopoly media interests and unequal enforcement of the Federal Communications Commission regulations, has violated and continues to violate our right to freedom of the press.

— This government, by its enactment of so-called 'hate crimes' statutes that brazenly claim to to punish similar crimes differently because of the opinion of conscience, by its unequal enforcement of these laws against whites while refusing their equal enforcement against negroes and other non-whites, has consciously sought to violate our freedom of civil opinion.

— This government, by its atrocities at Ruby Ridge in the premeditated murder of a white mother with child in her arms, by The Holocaust at Waco, by its toleration and subsidization of an anti-white climate of hatred in government subsidized universities, has indeed opened upon our peace of mind and personal safety the sluices of state sponsored terrorism.

—  This government has indeed raised standing armies and trained them not for operations to defend the People and the their lands but instead to attack the People.  In the name of "saving the children," it even dared to send tanks and armored fighting vehicles AGAINST children at Waco, Texas.

"Indeed, let us withdraw and call the nation to its tents."


But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.
                  The Declaration of Independence, July 4th, 1776
I could well imagine Ben Franklin, if he could talk to us today, saying, "We gave you a Republic but you hadn't the moral strength, or intellectual capacity, to keep it."
Sovereignty is when YOU set the agenda. It's not voting for an agenda set by OTHERS.
If this were not a Marxist state, the muds simply would not come here.
We move industry out of the country while letting foreign labor in. How does that compute?
This is God's country. We do have holey borders.