17 July 2001
I hope you listen to the Hal Turner Show, either on the web or S.W., and LISTEN CAREFULLY. Although he makes a lot of noise, like Lush Rimblow, pleasing to the timid CONservatives he certainly appears to be just another jew-controlled distraction. Until he starts using terms such as ZOG, and stops calling any ordered government of which he disapproves, "fascist", as the jews always do, then we can rest assured that he is no fighter for the white people. These are of course, my opinions which I will change as soon as evidence warrants. In the meantime, Hal has no Weltanschauung and utters the same jewish propaganda about National Socialism which he apparently never bothered to study beyond the "Oi vey! I've been gassed!" brick wall stage. Aside from the bombast, Mr. Turner serves jewish interests. It's just show business, as usual.

Whenever the words "conservative" (Limbaugh) or "christian" (Turner) are bandied around as if peppering an egg, buyer beware! All skunks signal before they piss on your legs. Keep your eyes open and your wits active. There are more ZOG safety valves out there than you realize.

Da noble savage, dah? http://www.ilanamercer.com/Rousseau1.htm  Copy this and hand it to your Marxist teacher the next time someone burps "Sweet Injun dirt is in harmony mit der Nature vibes."
The shakedown continues ...
Holocaust Memorial Campaign Aims to Shock Germany
An open letter –

     Say there, Mr. Hal Turner, racist radio shock jock.

    Why don't any links on  your website go anywhere besides money making opportunities for you?   It all funnels IN but you never send anyone back out anyplace where, God forbid, they might network with other like minded whites or get other ideas about organizing.  Are you against this in principle or are you just afraid they might spend $5 that otherwise could have gone to you?

    Now if I were a Jew trying to take advantage of white hot social pressure, how might I go about that?  Hmmm.....  And you know something, Mr. Turner?  You also have so many, many hooks out for the ZOGbucks.  You' re an NRA % recruiter, you sell overpriced  short-wave radios, you advocate advertising on your show, download/buy  this 'Evidence Eliminator' software and give them your id#, donate directly, credited referrals to anonymizer.com, on and on...

    Then there's your extremely intemperate language and even a link to something called a "portable nigger lyncher".    Do you already have a free pass from Moe Dees or are you itching to join Tom Metzger in perpetual peonage?

    You know something, Mr. Turner?  I think you are ZOGbuck sucking phony at the very best.


Kenyan President Daniel arap Moi recently asked Kenyans to abstain from sex for two years to help stop the spread of AIDS.  In reply a citizen told President Moi, "There are three important things for a Kenyan man:  to drink beer, to eat the meat of the goat and to have sex." (Sounds like college kids to me. As for the Bro 'Fros, it wasn't clear whether they decided to eat the goat before, or after, they had sex with it. Former Lt. G. of Attica State Prison says that blacks are just cocks with two feet. I cannot argue with that. RF)

Source: London Sunday Mail US edition, page 57, July 15, 2001


I see that the 2001 "Real History" boys are pumping up a Cincinnati blow out over the Labor Day weekend. Featured will be David I-am-a-one-man-bandIrving and Doug I-only-talk-to-God Christie, of the endless Zündel trials circus. Both of these pompous men present great talks even though most of them are re-runs – like the shows in a traveling carnival. While the country is being invaded, Davey will fart around by showing a 60 year old movie. Such a deal. These people appear to be racist, but their behavior indicates that they are not. Dollar signs are the color of their eyes. Although fingered by the jews as enemies, these poor souls simply cannot grasp a real world fundamental – once a jew's enemy, always a jew's enemy – never forgive, never forget. The jews keep telling us that! Like the IHR, they try a little futile appeasement  now and again. Kindly Dave has arranged for black face Tony Martin,  a perfessor of Africana Studies at Wellesley College, to tell the audience what they should already have learned – who was mainly involved in the slave trade. You can get all of this stuff from Michael Hoffman II for a lot less money, or even free, and I'd bet my center testicle that Michael will do the better job. I might have opted to attend for the entertainment value but Big Black Tony will obviously be hugged, kissed and applauded, I figure it's no place for my hateful body to be. I can see this sort of stuff by watching the slut across the street – and for free! All of that truth and inter-racial love just might corrode my shell of hate and allow my innards to drop to the ground where I am sure it, like aqua regia, will burn a hole clear through to China.

For every black man, with or without Affirmative Action diplomas, who is somewhat articulate, there are at least 10,000 white men who could do a better job and so the inclusion of Africana Martin was only an act of political correctness. Do you REALLY believe such people are on our side?

The revisionist crowd is one sick batch of polliwogs. I once watched a German crowd of revisionists applaud the syphilitic looking dwarf jew David Cole. White folks just cannot commit suicide, by debasing themselves, fast enough it seems.

Over the years, I have been told stories of older women taking up with younger men and then turning over all of their deceased husband's property to them. This always brings to mind Al's remark that " She'd rather f--- than eat." When  it comes to stud versus money, stud usually wins out. I have seen so many women even neglect their children in favor of getting well stuffed with sausage, that it is frightening. Unsupervised, far too many females simple go nuts over nuts – surrendering their lives to the desires of the crotch. This is especially true if she has had a hysterectomy. My family is not without tarnish in this regard. A cousin of 68 took up with a jew 20 years her junior. He must have supplied the correct dosage of salami since she turned all of her deceased husband's property over to him. About 2 weeks ago, she suffered a stroke and was hospitalized in paralytic condition. Mr. King was nowhere to be seen. Don't worry. He'll show up when the property is sold.
I have, over the years, supported the Christian Appalachian Project which was founded as a response to poor conditions of white people in the region. Now I have leaned that some of their donation money is now going to "help" inner city blacks from Jew York City. I always suspected that this day would come. Christians just cannot help but assist their enemies.
Betty wondered that with all of the super vitamin, enzyme, supplement, mineral, exercise, bottled water, and herbal "cures" for everything under the sun out there, why sickness is on the increase. I suggested that Bill Graham might not be praying hard enough. 
Another "white" Nazi mulatto whatever with a jewish name. Read – http://www.freerepublic.com/forum/a3b5445511864.htm
There is absolutely no doubt ZOG will ban the internet as soon as it can.  In the meantime enjoy it as an educational tool.

This webpage (http://clerkweb.house.gov/107/oal1.htm) gives a complete list of all Congress Critters and their committee assignments.  Take for instance former federal Judge Alcee L. Hastings.  Some of you may remember that ex-Judge Hastings was impeached, tried and removed from the federal bench by the US Senate some years ago for receiving bribes.  Being unemployed, ex-Judge Hastings avoided welfare by getting elected to the U.S. Congress as Democratic Representative for the Florida 23d District.  In recognition of Alcee's fine work ethic, the Democratic Caucus appointed him to the House Intelligence Committee.

Many of you are still laboring under delusions that this current system can somehow still be fixed or the Late Great USA still saved in its current form.   Abandon these fantasies, people.  Such thoughts have no more contact with reality than the plot of last night's Zeena, Warrior Princess episode.  Instead focus your dreams, hopes, resources and energies on what is to come after it.  White people, look to the future and not the past.  Then your fortunes will begin to improve.


               Why must people with Germanic names pay people with Hispanic names to go to school?
Rectum ramming
is the major reason AIDS spreads. Woe be to the female who is married to such a man. Did you know that all bodily fluids, if infected, contain the virus? It makes sense doesn't it? The next time one of your fag friends sneezes in your face, you might have reason to wonder if the "experts" are right – you can't catch it "casually". Spics are rapidly closing the gap between them and the chocolate drops when it comes to AIDS infection. You might think about that the next time Juan Gomez is seen at Mac Donald's preparing your hamburger. Blacks and muds are heavy into the sodomy game. Race-mixing anyone?

AIDS infection is again on rapid rise. Each year, another 15 percent of the black population is added to the list. As our insane population does everything it can to lengthen the life of these Typhoid Marys, it also means that the infected have greater opportunity to infect others. But that's what diversity and equality is all about anyway. It's also good for the economy – build a new clinic and hire new people. Soon, there will be some sort of "health" establishment on every corner.

The more we read about cabbage head McCain, the more we see the truth in old Frenz' remarks of 2 years ago. Why not tar and feather this bag of shit and send him packing to Upper Volta?
When the brains of those who died from Alzheimer's Disease are examined, there is found a high level of aluminum. Many then concluded that aluminum, the second most common metal after iron, causes Alzheimer's. Thus another insane fury began – don't eat aluminum cans!

When the carcasses of animals which died violently on the African plains are examined, there is found a lot of maggots. Perhaps maggots cause violence. Exterminate maggots, I say. But be careful. One of them just might be your uncle.

If one measures the angle of the sun in the sky and correlates this with the frequency of a rooster's crowing, one will find a very high correlation between small eastern angles and crowing. Does the sun's angle cause the crowing? If so, then why does the same angle, only to the west, not cause crowing? Perhaps the rooster's crowing causes the sun to rise. If that is so, then why does the sun set?

There is one astounding correlation – anytime someone is born, he eventually dies. Thus, in true scientific statistical response, birth causes death. Perhaps our birth control and abortion gangs realize that and are trying to prevent death. In any event, there ought to be a law.....

If your think the above is foolish, then you obviously do not read scientific journals.

The ZOG assassin gook Lon Horiuchi, who blew out the brains of Mrs. Weaver at Ruby Ridge – she was holding an infant in her arms at the time – just might be prosecuted by Idaho courts. Why not save all of that tax-payers' money and string him up by the balls and bash his brains out with a ball bat? But that was the law is for – to keep the lawyers busy at separating workers' and their money.
I was pleased to see that Eric Thomson's ZOG is now part of established vocabulary. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer printed a cartoon by Horsey with "Down with ZOG" in its 11 June 2001 issue.

Factoids: AGAIN! Time has shown ERIC to be CORRECT AGAIN. Yes, again! In a dispute with a Catholic, a while ago, Eric claimed that a large percentage of Mexicans had negro blood (yellow + black = sambo). His opponent claimed that this was false. Now, a minor headline in the Post-Intelligencer of June 11, states that the Mexicans of Costa Chica are not only proud of their black blood but are 'brothers' of "Afro-Americans". This announcement obviously signals the enlargement of  the pool where disease and bodily fluids will be exchanged.

Didja 'no' that a few years ago, 3000 copies of Eric Thomson's The Chosen One, were SEIZED by USA-ZOG and BURNED!!! Yet, NOT A SINGLE COPY of The Turner Diaries has ever been touched even today. To those with a working brain, this should provide a basis for the simple question – WHY?

Take a gander at this link – http://www.apopulistreview.com
The Condit Affairs:

    The known facts of this ongoing spy thriller are as follows.  Gary Condit, 'conservative Blue Dog' Democrat, Clintonesque politician and crotch chaser at large, is now in the news over his sexual predilections.  One of his crotch mates, a young Jewess government intern and government masters degree candidate named Chandra Levy, has been among the missing since May 1-5.  This story had the amazing latency period of nearly 6 weeks before the waters started roiling with usual test feeler preparatory leaks followed by hard source (usually Levy family based) confirmations.  Earlier today JewsMax (www.newsmax.com) ran the following since retracted piece on Condit's bi-sexual proclivities: http://etherzone.com/lebo071401.shtml . As of this time they are also not running any disclaimers alleging fraud in the article, either.  Given Gary's San Francisco Bay Area district such rumor mongering carries a patina of credibility.  Jewsmax is a known frequent outlet for Zionist disinformation so one needs to tread carefully there.

    Representative Condit is also apparently still a member of the House Intelligence Committee  (http://clerkweb.house.gov/107/oal.php3#C ), which should raise some red flags for most of you.  To the extent the CIA still briefs the House-Senate intelligence committees on its covert action doings, we see the cause of the undercurrent of excitement driving this story. Careful readers have also noticed that the ZOG media won't touch this aspect with a ten foot shofar.  Investigating this saga on the principle of cui bono yields a number of interesting possibilities and lines of inquiry:

1.  Miss Levy's genetic heritage instantly raises the theoretical possibility of a Mossad honey trap, hence my comment to be wary of the Newsmax article cited.  Going by this theory Condit balked at a Mossad squeeze after partaking of Chosen poontang and
then refusing to deliver.  As a result of this the Mossad disappeared Miss Levy temporarily as a warning to others it's trying to compromise.  As a member of the self-chosen Holy People she doesn't need to travel under an American passport or citizenship.  Depending on whether Mr. Condit and our strategic allies in the Middle East reach an amicable agreement over access to US information, Ms. Levy will surface with appropriate exonerating or incriminating statements.  Certainly many of the media test leaks were subsequently confirmed with the Levy family imprimatur.

2.  Other foreign intelligence agencies noticed the Condit-Levy affair during their routine surveillance of House/Senate intelligence committee members, determined a Mossad affiliation and seized Miss Levy for debriefing.  Under this scenario, even if she's currently still alive, she will not remain so indefinitely.

3.  Miss Levy was disappeared by 'renegade' (i.e. U.S. only loyal) American intelligence elements as a way of highlighting the effects of Zionism on America, eliminating Condit from the Intelligence Committee and also (maybe) embarrassing the Democratic Party.  Under this scenario she will also not be seen again.

4.  Miss Levy was done away with in a manner similar to that described in the alleged John LeBoutillier NewsMax article by Condit himself, an accomplice or as a result of a random crime in ZOGland.  Random urban ZOGland crimes do not typically result in a body disappearing for so long. Such theories would have been far more credible any time prior to the 1990s. This however is the Age of Clinton.  Such minor pecadilloes as affairs with horny Jewesses are simply not resignation level material and therefore causes for extreme executive action.

5.  Miss Levy initially disappeared for emotional reasons of her own, probably to revenge herself on Mr. Condit.  If this theory is correct she should reappear any day flanked by lawyers, media handlers and literary agents to start cashing in on the media bonanza.

    A note on Adams-Morgan.  This Washington district is the favorite neighborhood playground for every hip Zogling under the age of 40 and many above it.  It's an upscale, New Age multi-racial multi-gender playground for all the trendy young insiders Inside-The-Beltway.  With the datum that Gary Condit's apartment is in Adams-Morgan many things about him should come into
the focus.


The "new math" is proving to be a disaster. So vot else is gnu? When it was introduced about 1970, I warned the nincompoops in charge that within a generation or so, we'd have exactly what we have today: kids who cannot add and 7th math topics taught in college. During my lifetime, I have consistently demonstrated to myself that a truck driver has more innate intelligence than nearly every college professor I have ever had the misfortune to be a pupil of. Dr. Harold Urey, Nobel Prize 1936 I believe, was a complete dummy outside his SPECIALTY of hydrogen isotopes. I've had lunch with this man twice and was astounded at his ignorance of the world in general. While working as a process chemist, most of my "expertise", for which I was paid handsomely, came FROM THE WORKERS. When stuck, I'd ask some production foreman, worker, or my "tape room" sweetheart Ronnie. They gave me the solutions. I got the prestige and big bucks. I never tried to hide that, and never missed an opportunity to tell them so.

There is such a thing as "test intelligence" where one does well on filling in the blanks and scribbling this and that. IQ tests are an example which some people use as a means to intimidate others. Usually this sort of person is handicapped outside the arena of the only thing he can do well at – taking tests. Real world intelligence is rarely discovered in an examination room. It is found in one's responses to real life problems. A century ago, such people were known and appreciated. Today, the "educators" – usually the testophiles, or testicles if you prefer, have seized control and use their test scores and diplomas to "prove" their superiority. Instead of kowtowing, you should converse with these people using a ball bat to properly punctuate your points.

Somewhere along the line, the WORKER was told he didn't know his ass from a hole in the ground and thus he became dependent UPON THE WORDS OF OTHERS. In fact, our WHOLE EDUCATION SYSTEM is based upon rewards going to those who regurgitate the words of the "experts", usually teachers. Thus, ORDINARY WORKING PEOPLE turned their educational affairs over to clowns of the first rank. They also turned over control of their other matters to LAWYERS. Dependence, such as this, is slavery of the subtle, but deadly, kind.

Over the years, I have shown young people what the ordinary white person could accomplish by grade 8. They were amazed. They are still capable of this but the slovenliness which is present today, is certainly appealing. Perhaps that's why it continues – rewards for little effort – credit for 'class participation' – diplomas for seat time. Some realize they WERE CHEATED out of a useful education and the word "scholarship" has become a joke, especially when "scholarships" are awarded to certifiable morons who can do little other than play with balls and spread AIDS.

If the working white man fails to recapture his control over the national life, the whole world will share in the "thud".

Attention Deficit Disorder, Hyperactivity, Ritalin and why abortion would have been a better option.

A certain expenditure of energy is required for sexual activity. This expenditure appears to willingly sacrificed for the goal of pleasure. In fact, most people risk disease, mayhem, assault, jail time, and what not, just to secure a fleeting, and hardly remembered trip, to what they feel is heaven. Sex is not essential to an individual unless he/she/it is well into the addiction stage. This is Nature's way of securing the race but men, alone among the animals, will stuff any orifice whether it leads to fertilization or not.

The hunger drive is necessary for individual survival as is obvious. Both involve a certain large element of pleasure. On the other hand, pain is also part of a survival mechanism. Without pain, organisms would mainly cease to exist. Imagine what might happen is no one ever felt pain when handling red hot materials or even boiling water. Once a bone is broken, continued activity would destroy a much larger area. Pain is absolutely necessary in order to produce a functional organism. The "pursuit of happiness" is not only a foolish goal but one which, in the end, destroys any society willing to believe such nonsense.

Today, most view pain as something to avoid at all costs. Thus, we find the insane use of pain killers, whether marijuana or aspirin, increasing at an alarming rate, far beyond any intelligent use. "Safety" contraptions are increasing at an ever-increasing pace. This is raising havoc with law enforcement, general health and especially our schools, which we recognize as being orientated according to whatever it is the community deems desirable. Mothers, apparently no longer under the direction of objective men, pursue their inner need to "protect" her children from ALL pain and suffering. Thus the field for the production of brats, wimps, and dysfunctional people, is fertilized. Junior is allowed to grow up as a weed – no direction and shielded from learning anything about the hazards of making poor choices. A "street wise" dog, one who was slightly rapped by a motor car, is absolutely on the front edge of traffic survival. Little Fido, whose mommy caters to as if she were its slave, is always the one who gets bashed into dog heaven.

When it comes to learning directions, one crack on the rump will instill more direction than will the promise of ten bowls of ice cream. People can turn down pleasurable experiences with no consequence and with little effort. One might look at a naked, willing and desirable body, and still opt to go swimming instead. To "ground" a child is an admission that you do not know what you are doing, for very often a child has, at that moment, no desire to partake of that which you are attempting to prevent. In any event, this sort of idiotic "punishment" is protracted and serves no purpose whatsoever. Consider the foolish exercise of "suspending" a kid from a school he hates. You might view that as punishment, but he sees it as a reward whereas a sharp crack on the bare ass with a thin pine board would teach a lesson in a fraction of a second.

'Gramp' always allowed a certain amount of "horsing around" at the dinner table. One time, two of my young uncles were flipping whipped cream, using their spoons, at each other. After the third blob passed gramp, he used his knife to tap upon his water glass which sounded an announcement. When attention was thus focused upon him, he pointed towards the razor strap which hung on the wall near the sink. All "horsing around" ceased. He said nothing and repeated nothing. We all resumed eating. Later, I asked 'gram' if he every smacked anyone with that strap. She said "No, but all knew HE WOULD." Those words became then firmly etched in my mind because it meant my grandfather was a man of absolute word, as was my father. How fortunate was I to have such substantial people for a family, people whose word was as a Rock of Gibraltar. That's security big time.

We called our daughter pucci – poochy. Long before she could walk, I carried her from room to room often passing down a narrow hall lighted with a single 100W bulb. As we passed the lamp, she'd reach to touch it. I responded by pulling her away and saying, "No. Hot." Being a slow learner, it took me a week to come to the conclusion that I was a jerk, well, maybe not totally. Those words meant nothing to the little one because words were merely vibrations on the air not connected to the situation I wanted to avoid – the burning of her fingers. I then experimented with bulb size to find one which was very uncomfortable to hold for any length of time. It must be sufficiently hot to induce mild pain, but not hot enough to cause the slightest tissue damage. Thus prepared for the next journey down the hall, I picked up pucci and proceeded as usual. I said my usual "No. Hot" and let her grasp the bulb. Her hand quickly released the bulb; she whimpered and a few tears trailed down her cheeks. Pucci had learned first hand, a real world experience with an absolute connection with my warning words. From that day on, any movement towards any hot object, such as an even, could be terminated immediately with the sound of "No. Hot." If any of us had to run and grab the child, or put up fences,  it would have been an admission of failure relative to rearing a child. Soap, water, a warm bed, and food, are only incidentals when it comes to bringing up a child.

No child will ever learn to control itself if left to pursue its transient whims. This is what parents should strive to achieve – children who can navigate with relative safety in a real world. If a parent has to speak more than once to a child, then that parent has failed. While other children bragged about their father's ability to scoop in big bucks, torpedo other men's lives, or have their face appear on talmudvision, my daughter's pride rested in her single statement, "I admire my father because he does what he says." I, even today, cannot think of a more profound or superior compliment.

Even the "lower" animals, such as a lioness, will guardedly allow her cubs to explore the real world only shielding them when serious encounters are involved. The attempting mauling of a porcupine teaches all cubs a very valuable lesson which could NEVER have been taught otherwise.

Undisciplined children, whether called 'hyperactive', ADD kiddies, or whatever, RARELY do well in school, or in anything else for that matter. Schools, a reflection of family life, only reveal the chaotic state of affairs which shows no sign of abating. No nation has ever endured once this incipient decline has fastened itself onto mainstream life. The destruction of family unity was not only planned but it was welcomed by lazy and ignorant people. Dad could sit on his can, suck beer, and watch niggerball, while mom assumed a role biology forever forbids her to effectively play. Kids were freed of the responsibility to control themselves and all became "happy". The end will soon follow and no one will like it one bit.

A white man must first act responsibly as a white man. He must be of his word. He must select a mate as a potential MOTHER – a woman of her word – and not just anything in which he can dip his wick. An irresponsible, dishonest female, no matter how "hot", isn't worth the time it takes to unzip one's pants. I will be the first to admit that most young men today were not as fortunate as I and were brought up in what can be only described as a zoo. For them, the journey up will be very, very difficult. At least I had the good fortune to start on level ground. My only advice to those young men is: reach into your pants, grab a handful; and yank!

Greetings! I have returned from a brief trip to Mejico del Norte (Washington and Oregon) and Meso Mejico (California, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico). Since I have no supporters who send me money, I can therefore truthfully say that I didn't pleasure myself on supporters' money. As a blightwinger, I am a complete failure. No bank accounts; no stocks; no real estate investments; no vacations with a mistress; no nuttin'. It makes me feel good since I never lied to anyone as a means of supporting myself. I did however, accept a hamburger and fries from a fellow of like mind in Arizona and enjoyed the hospitality of a former aspiring Hollywood actress including the use of her $50,000, or whatever, Lexus. The Lexus is a well crafted car suitable for the look-at-me crowd but is a dismal failure when it comes to road comfort. I guess one gets his jollies at having it parked in his driveway. I'll take a '92 Ford Taurus any day. Come to think of it, my '86 Tempo recently collided with a deer, demostrating poor judgment, and so I guess I am in a position to take anything which comes along. Such are the benefits of a low standard of living. Cheap socks and no women.

Beth, the actress – a knockout in her earlier years who was 'trashed' by the 'boys' when her looks started to wane – went on one day complaining about the Mexicans who were filling up every cranny. This alternated between her concern for the noble savage who had his land "stolen" from him. I told her it was not theft but simple conquest. They were conquered and their land occupied just as the Chinese and Mexicans are now doing to us. It's just part of the never-ending parade. The only difference is that most of the Injuns did put up a fight but the 'white eyes" (Hey man! They didn't mean brown eyes did they?) just sit on their fat asses and gawk, saying little other than "Dat war great salsa. Doncha think?" The great novel, Camp of the Saints covered it all.

I grabbed Southwest Airlines as a body mover and it was an experience which is worth the time to try. Low rates, but one never gets something for nothing. (That's a hint.) I did manage to get nearly assaulted at the Oakland airport when a neat little blonde girl – about 11 , I'd guess – started asking me questions about air travel. She mentioned something about her mother, to whom she pointed. "How can that be your mother?" I asked, "You are white and she isn't." The 'mother' appeared to be some variety of Hungarian gypsy – ugly, sullen and very melanin enhanced. Daddy soon arrived. He was a great looking white man and I wondered what screws were loose in his belfry. I later observed large numbers of white men paired up with the dregs of the Pacific Islands and quite possibly mannequins from Barzuk's garbage dump. The sickness is obviously spreading. Anyway, the dark mongrel female had a screaming fit when I responded to the fellow who asked that I email him when I got back home. I told him to listen to the news. If no airliner had crashed, then I arrived safely and he didn't need any note from me. With that, the ugly went on explaining her tendency to panic. She requested from Southwest 'special treatment', due to this condition, which meant early boarding on the cattle car. The last I saw of her was when a flight attendant was dragging her on board – her "fear of flying" being so pronounced that she was wailing something about a need to take her "panic pills". Imagine. Some dipshit actually married this critter (Gonads in bloom have little intelligence.) and dropped it upon his pretty little daughter as a "mother". Thoughts of plum trees and necktie parties rang in my head.

On the flight from glitzy Las Judas, Nevada, two Asians sat in my row. Much of their conversation involved the showing of pictures of "Amazons" – their term for tall blondes – which they played bury-the-weeny with in various parts of Denmark and Sweden. Every piece of dark male stud has his eye trained on "Amazons". By the way, one fellow wrote me his observation that many of our black equals appear to be "homo". The term generally means little when applied to the African since he'll stuff his brains into any available orifice which means sodomy is a general way of life – male, female, goats, whatever. On the usual woman there are 3 orifices which blacks use according to whim and like all apes, they finger things incessantly, orifices being especially desirable.

I find it generally useful to read Mein Kampf when aboard an aircraft. When I venture from my bat-cave, I always wear my lucky amulet. This is a piece of stone which was part of Hitler's Wolf's Lair, suspended on a heavy silver chain. On one side is carved "H" while the obverse, an "A", in appropriate ancient script. I can grab a seat and the other seats around me are never filled until the last. I am not ready to claim some aura, but it is amusing to think about. Unknown at the time, the seat I dropped into was row '20', and it wasn't even April. Auspicious, don't you think? On another, an attendant helped me to a seat which again was in the '20'. My gray hair probably signaled that I was about to drop dead any moment. On the last leg of my journey, I looked for a seat and I noticed that a '20' was available. I took it. I could hear Die Fahne Hoch in the distance.

As I sat looking at the passengers, it was quite obvious that "old whitey"  was far out-numbered in spite of the malarkey we are sometimes offered as blightwing 'truth'. I did not for a moment feel threatened. In fact, the pride in myself as a member of the ONLY race capable of space exploration, electricity, and so on, grew. Here I was, a minority sitting in a flying machine which could never have originated other than within the white race. I think my nose, upon realization, then tilted slightly upward. As the number of uglies increase, I'll look more and more handsome. As dimwits multiply, I'll appear to be more intelligent. This has no practical value relative to the opposite sex since most women view men on a basis of stud power or money power. Just look around. It's there in front of your very eyes.

As I noticed: white pilots, Chinee co-pilots. Pletty soon , all Chinee pilots – with egg roll.

On the AIDS front, an article claims that a new drug-resistant strain has popped up. Lordy be. Gee whiz. You mean we cannot beat Mother Nature? You've hit it on the nose, Bertha. One either works WITH nature, like a good National Socialist, or start a war with her, which we now have – a war we are losing as evidenced by the rapidly increasing ZOG diseases and failures of the pie-in-the-sky schemes.
In the 'Frisco area, I understand, the chinks are driving out the niggers. It's called "black flight" and its momentum is derived from the rapidly increasing real estate prices which the Chinese can afford and the blacks cannot. (There can be no sideways expansion of Fag Heaven. If an expansion occurs, it will either be up or down.) I doubt if ZOG will help in this case since the mestizo load is going to occupy them for some time to come. Besides, pandering to mestizos will eventually bring in the greater block of votes. I believe that it is now impossible for any group of white men to bring a halt to any of this. The spic battle phase of our racial war has already been lost. Disease and mayhem are the future. We white folks are but supernumeraries biding our time until the fit hits the Chan. We must be prepared. We can do little other then speak our minds hoping that that one out of fifty sleeping clowns can be awakened. Even among white people, those who make things happen have always been small in numbers.

As thousands of silly white mommys start forbidding their chilluns to view 'hate sites', the interest in such sites will grow. That ain't bad. People always poke their fingers into that capped by wet paint signs.

A fellow sent me an article The Space Option. It was a rehash of the jolly-brained nonsense spewed by dead-pan Lyndon LaRouche: populate Mars. Lyn, as his jew followers call him, wants diversity on Mars. The author of the article wants it as a suburb of our planet of the apes where a 'whites only' sign will be posted. These bug-eyed schemes always seem to originate from people who never did a day's bit of labor in their lives and therefore have no appreciation of what even the building of a simple house involves. As I prepared to nail the article next to my toilet – roll paper is rising in price you know – I noticed a few chemical formulae and equations which "proved" that we could manufacture plastics on Mars from readily available materials. It went along these lines, obviously inspired by another jew fraud, 'cold fusion': (1) There is ample carbon dioxide and water on Mars. (2) Electrolysis can produce hydrogen from the water. (3) The hydrogen can be combined with carbon dioxide to yield carbon monoxide and water. (4) Using a suitable iron catalyst, the carbon monoxide and hydrogen can produce acetylene – a double bond thingie useful in the synthesizing of plastics due to its polymerization characteristics. (If it sounds scientific, it must be true! Why the author didn't propose manufacturing acetylene the way white people did in 1836, is beyond me.)

The first hole in this fable occurs in step (2) where the author fails to mention where the energy for electrolysis will come from. The major hole is – what do you think the muds will be doing while we whites plan to escape to Mars in our Nintendo ships? Maybe Bill Gates can help us with "Where would you like to go today?"

If one wasn't too involved with high school niggerball and herpes proliferation exercises, he should understand that one never gets out what he doesn't put in. It takes energy to separate the hydrogen and oxygen from water and if those elements recombine, the energy produced will essentially be that which was put in.

Also, from high school chemistry, we learned that chemical equations can be summed, reactants and products, just as the terms of an algebraic equation. When this is done in chemistry, we have the overall reaction. In the case of this "I puff Mary Jane" delusion, the result is – water + carbon dioxide =  oxygen + acetylene.

Everything is assigned a 'free energy' value usually in kilocalories per mole. A negative number indicates that the item in question will not usually react without the addition of energy. A positive number indicates that the substance has a strong tendency to combine with other substances. Water and carbon dioxide have the respective values of -56.6 and -94.3 while acetylene and oxygen are +50.8 and + 32.4. In end, it requires 449.8 kcal (energy!) to produce 1 mole of acetylene (molecules). (Note: a mole is just a large number. A dozen is a small number.) What, other than the Tooth Fairy, will supply this rather large proportionate amount of energy?

Looking at the equation in reverse, we see that it is one which describes the flame production of a welder's torch. Again, when the products and reactants change roles, the energy changes parity. Something for nothing might be the American Dream, but is just doesn't hack it with Mother Nature.

These "pot smoke" projects always require billions of dollars and even if feasible, white people must first win the race war they are in for ZOG has most of your tax money assigned to the destruction of the white race world-wide. Those who survive AIDS will disappear via race-mixing – so they plan.

'Feelers' are now out indicating that all of the 'cholesterol number' business just might be useless. In addition, it seems that heart bypasses depreciate mental ability. The trauma induced by the popular practice of infant 'weeny whacking' – circumcision – also affects the way a person thinks and behaves. Jews will deny this, but one only has to observe their preoccupation with certain portions of the body and their respective functions..
By now, most have observed that TV commercials are almost completely accompanied by nigger thump and holler. Now, another distinct trend is observable: the change from rap/rock/hip hop noise to true African bum-bum-bum Zulu chant.