24 July 2001
Dear Mr. Maguire:
(Maguire's comments in blue.)

The points you made regarding David Irving are well taken. My judgments are made based upon his books which I find are more in line with historical fact than most others written by conformists. Of course I thought it stupid to initiate a suit against a person who would have the total sympathy of the biased 'judicial' system. The moslems often say the 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'. I guess I would find it more rewarding to criticize my opponents rather than those who may be egotistical, vain, aloof, and mercenary.

I don't see any point in criticizing my opponents.  I doubt I'll convert  them.  I might even make them more dangerous enemies by highlighting their deficiencies for them.  To me enemies are not to be criticized.  They are to  be defeated and destroyed.  Military enemies are to be physically destroyed  until their power and will to resist is broken.  Political enemies are to be  driven from the political arena, silenced, isolated and marginalized, socially, economically, culturally and politically.

I find it more worthwhile to constructively critique my friends and allies. This is the spirit of the football team on Monday morning or of the army after a battle analyzing 'lessons learned'.

Evidently historical truth has irked a number of high brow people as well as semites who ignore the terrible destruction and loss of life caused by W.W.II, and believe it all was one sided, as I have mentioned to Robert Frenz.

I think general history is always used in the sense Orwell understood it.  It's a mechanism for shaping and controlling the people's current thinking.  World War II is promoted as "the good war" by precisely those Judeo-Communist elements that also wish to continue the process set in train back in 1939-1945.  That is, the physical destruction of the white race by
violence, reduction of birth rates, economic privation, guilt, race mixing and immigration mud flooding.

 I was in combat some nine months in that conflict, and the only decent time I had in the service was when I was hospitalized for wounds received.

One of the most traumatic moments in a young person's life is when they are called upon to take the life of another person in a war for a nebulous political objective, and in the case of W.W.II to aid the communist. Many reasonably intelligent folk long ago concluded why and for whom that awful war was fought. Our memories do not always fade with time, and when a young enemy soldier asks another to end his suffering from wounds received that traumatic incident remains vivid all the days of our lives.

I know I'm wandering a bit afield from Mr. Irving, however for all his faults he is not the enemy. I believe most men would defend a justified cause, both in war and peace, but we are slowly being dragged into a new age of serfdom that if not stymied will enslave our progeny.

The other day in Genoa Italy, a young fellow was killed for picking up a fire extinguisher then they ran over the man with a vehicle, 100,000 people protested the Group of Seven meeting. Its just the beginning of enslavement, and the attempt to imposed world government by the self-appointed elite. They are the enemy.

The 'promised land' is not the small piece of semi desert in the middle east but the whole world, and the only country that stands in their way is China. That land has no semites, and will in time be challenged in a great tragedy for those who misjudge.

Anyway it always is of value to read your sites and know that there others who understand history past and that yet to come, and maybe in some small or big way be of value to the white race. May the gods be with you.

Sincerely, J.S.

We at FAEM, often forward criticism but it is never due to personal animosity for we are in competition with no one, for any reason. Our focus was, still is, and shall forever be, information we believe will benefit white people. We do not claim to know everything and if anyone feels errors have been made, then let them come forth. The following is a response by Maguire to a person who made some comments (in uppercase) concerning a truly great modern historian, but very poor team player when it comes to our race.

There were a number of things I could have, but didn't, say about David Irving.  All three of us at FAEM have had greater or lesser personal dealings with the man.  I'm not aware of anyone who has had closer than reader relations with him who didn't emerge chewed up and spit out.


You know, someone yesterday made this exact justification to me for Hal Turner.  This will probably remain a point of
disagreement between us.  I don't rate a man's effectiveness as a 'leader' for our race by the extent to which he succeeds in
energizing and organizing our enemies in common action against us.  I rate his effectiveness by his success in energizing,
organizing and effectively deploying our comrades and our resources AGAINST our enemies.  It's precisely this test that both
David Irving and Hal Turner fail miserably.

I LOVE David as an historian and as a writer. I even actually buy his books on those very rare occasions when they are
available in print.  Unfortunately almost all of Focal Point Press' capital and labor are applied to court fees and litigation, not to
researching, writing and printing.


Lipstadt's book libeled many others whose help David refused, with the results I mentioned.  Not only must animosity be put aside but also ego, greed and ambition.  It is precisely by this test that David's conduct of the Lipstadt case fails to pass muster.


I have to confess that my sympathy is reserved for several thousand prisoners in Germany, many of whom at one time or another attended rallies where Irving spoke.


David Irving can publish and distribute books any time he happens to have a manuscript ready.  He's organized his own publishing and imprint facilities.   If he had chosen to devote his energies to the task, he could have taken a lead in breaking ZOG's publishing monopoly by developing an alternative publishing house.  The vast moneys and energies flushed down the Lipstadt rathole by others would have been better deployed in buying and donating to libraries around the world his books and those of others who would have joined in.

This is not what David did.  He spent his time and many others' resources again seeking out the klieg lights and hopefully an express lane back into the 'jet set' fast life of Concorde trips to New York and afternoon book signing affairs in New York and London.

In days and weeks to come there will be further well crafted appeals for money to lubricate yet more litigation against Gita
Sereny, The Guardian and God only knows who else.  The only result of donations in that direction will be some columns of
mostly adverse publicity in newspapers that are here today and wrapping fish tomorrow, along with some ephemeral
television electrons that disappear at the speed of light.

For those who want to help out both David and the white race I suggest this alternate course of action.  Take the equivalent amount of money you are willing to donate and instead buy a number of David's books at full retail and donate them to your public library.   This is the gift that will keep on giving for years and years.  Maybe in this way we can even steer David back into the research archives and writing.  This is where David's great talents lie.  As John Keegan said, David still has a lot to tell us about the Second War To Kill White People.  He won't be able to do this while he's preparing legal briefs for yet another go in Her Majesty's Court of ZOG 'Justice'.

Very Best Wishes, Maguire

FAEM has recently received email from people who want to send money. Before another offers, please answer this: What in hell are we supposed to do with it? I support the costs of this site from my own pocket because I want it that way. Eric and Maguire have full time jobs. If anyone can offer a suggestion as to how his money could help the white race, let him suggest it. If he knows how, then let him do it himself. We are all soldiers in this war even though far too many are still hiding under their bunks. The enemy doesn't care. He'll nail your ass wherever he finds you.
Will someone explain to me how ostensible whites shrieking and jerking to nigger noise (Shaka Zulu's goat sacrifice dance) can be made to "feel white" and bring about "white unity"? Jungle racket accompanied by the words "kill niggers" seems a mite moronic, oxymoronic if you please, to me.
According to the ontogeny recapitulates philogeny and kingdom/phylum/class/order song, birds evolved from reptiles. A few convenient mutations here and a few lucky mutations there and bwalla bong!! feathers, flight and fried fowl. A mutation is a sudden genetic change resulting in an identifiable new trait but going from scales to feathers in a single Superman leap is stretching it a bit, wouldn't you say? How does the physiochemistry involved in a change from being cold blooded to warm blooded occur "suddenly" or were there "almost" warm blooded critters in between? Or the change from dense bones to very light bones? Were snakes lizards who lost their legs or were lizards snakes who grew legs? From the eye to the rump, birds and reptiles have parts which are unique to them. What sort of mutational miracle caused all of these items to "mutate" at the same time? If they didn't then there must have been a lot of reptiles skipping about covered with feathers. Anyway, my view is that the theory of evolution is 40 percent hot air and 55 percent wishful thinking – or hallucinations depending upon which expert gives you the low down.

Since I don't buy into this theory is not to be taken as proof that I believe women were made from prime ribs, man from dust mites or that people can be turned into pillars of table salt just by looking at a Bill Clinton buggering an Alan Greenspan on the Bridge over the River Why. Wondering how we got into this swamp is not the best way to spend our time considering that all of those floating logs from beanland and riceland are coming straight for us.

Robert – You mentioned fraud in the aircraft business. Lots of it. How can that be?

Jim – You'd better be more observant when it comes to things people do. It worked this way in our control lab: Narmco adhesives are used in bonding certain parts. Test samples are submitted to the lab. The samples must survive a lateral load amounting to at least 2800 p.s.i. or the batch of adhesive fails and would be discarded. In addition, new samples would have to be prepared and documented by the lab. This increases the work load on the technicians who are paid salary. So what do some of them do in the case of failure? They simply write 3100 p.s.i. on the test sheets, for example, instead of the real 2170 p.s.i. The process chief, meaning me, then accepts these signed and fraudulent documents as truth and OKs the use of the adhesive in production. Another ploy which occurred frequently was during the "peel" testing where a skin was removed from a panel by having it separated along a cylinder. On fellow, with an aversion to writing down phony numbers, simply rode on the beam thus adding his counter weight to the process. Result? The machine would actually register a portion of his body weight to the "peel strength". It's much like the butcher who presses his thumb upon the scale where he is weighing out your meat.

Other bits of fraud occurred in the chemical processing line where a worker would sign a sheet verifying that a certain level of calcium fluoride was added to the tanks daily when, in fact, they weren't.

There were many, many instances of this sort of thing occurring daily when I was hired. The plant had severe difficulties meeting military specifications and no one knew why. I found the reason, for which the company proved its gratitude by doubling my salary and vacation time. (When the plant manager's secretary Ruth noticed how much more I was earning, she 'fell in love' with me. :o)) The fault was basically one where people trusted those beneath them to do their duty. Everything works this way because it is impossible for any department head, or any company commander, to play nursemaid to 100 or so people on an individual basis. White people accomplish amazing things because we ARE A TRUSTING PEOPLE. (Our enemies know this and make good use of that fact, to our sorrow.)

I wanted these people fired but since they were Afros, nothing was done. All the company could do was to assign them non-sensitive tasks, for which they were grateful – they did virtually nothing all shift.

Air Trails magazine printed in 1949 that we'd all soon be driving atomic powered cars. A few idiots, educated beyond their intelligence, believed this. After all, it WAS IN PRINT and in a prestigious magazine. This being a version of "It must be true. I seed it on da TV."

In 1966, one of the well known A.S.A.E. auto periodicals stated that we'd all be driving turbine powered cars by 1972. The old piston engine WAS OBSOLETE and how many invested their ZOGbucks into certain directed stocks is unknown to me but old Phineas Barnum hit the nail on the head. Chrysler went so far as to actually make a prototype and put a few on the road. Meanwhile, back at the common man ranch, Bill Fisher, a well known California "hot rod" fellow of the 1950s, laughed and said that the piston engine would be around for "at least another 25 years." The backyard mechanic was obviously tied more to reality than the gaggle of university engineers who spent millions on this go-nowhere project. Not much has changed relative to the automobile in 100 years except for electrically controlled seats and ding-dong sounds. Ricardo wrote the bible on the internal combustion back in 1917 and  there has been little added since.

Being advised by postal mail that I should invest my money (all $513 of it?) in fuel cell stocks, since the internal engine is NOW OBSOLETE, was something I could dismiss in a flash. Whomever bakes all of those pies-in-the-sky must be working overtime. Again though, the American non-work work ethic always revolves about getting something for nothing. Of course fuel cells are real. They exist and so do butterflies which can hardly be counted upon to power my pogo stick although, while a teen ager, I did manage to glue some flies to a flea weight winged craft made of microfilm and balsa. The flies actually could pull this plane nearly half way across the school gym until they expired from exhaustion, or more likely, from the cement which I used to glue their behinds to a protruding strut.

The proposed fuel cells utilize hydrogen. Where will Hal Turner get this hydrogen from. Electrolysis? W'ere do de electrocinity com from iffen weez sufferin' a shortage, white boy?

OK. OK. Weez now got der fool cells (whoops! a slip), I mean the fuel cells stuffed into my 1958 Edsel and I am willing to travel Pike's Peak as soon as I fill 'er up. According to the figures given by Stohmann and Aufhäuser, hydrogen packs 3 times as much energy as does gasoline. That means I only need a 5 gallon tank if hydrogen was the same density as gasoline, which it ain't. Gasoline is 10 times as dense as liquid hydrogen and so our tank size has to be increased to 50 gallons. That's only a tiny drawback. The biggie is that liquid hydrogen requires a temperature of -423 degrees Fahrenheit. Assuming super wee technology where old Mickey Dundee could say, "No worries," when to comes to having such a well insulated tank that would withstand a calm drive through the Mojave with hot pants Linda, we could then ask this – how much energy would it take to liquefy enough hydrogen to fill our 50 gallon tank? What ? You never thought of that? Shame on you. The specific heat of liquid hydrogen in about 6 times as great as water which means that for a given mass it would take 6 times as much energy to move through a 1 degree temperature change as would water. That's a bunch. Where will this energy come from to lower the temperature of hydrogen? You guessed it Chelsea. Electricity!! – to run the compressors and cooling units. Some people still cannot understand the common refrigerator which is only a heat pump – it takes the heat from the food within and 'pumps' it out into the kitchen – using electricity. Cool the food. Heat the room. Dawh!

As a final snapper, has anyone considered that fuel cells supply very little voltage – the 'push' those little electrons need in order to do their work? As with solar cells, a whole pile of available electrons without voltage (potential) is like an army of soldiers without feet.

If those Ph.D.s who run such projects were really truthful, they'd let people know that if research GRANTS were not handed out, they'd be out of a job. They have a vested interest in promoting nonsense and maintaining their aura of superiority. Yes, I am no Einstein. I remain eternally grateful that I am not. The gods must truly love me.

The most profound, and lasting, defense of the First Amendment comes not when you defend YOUR right to it, but when your defend SOMEONE ELSE'S right to it.
I was greeted this morning
by another flood of email, much of it protesting my criticism of sweet and lovely Hal Turner. (I really doubt if he is the only person who can say 'nigger' three times in a row without apologizing or vomiting.) I don't mind this sort of thing but it is apparent that most critics fail to use this as I intended – to get them to think about things. But alas, bone-headed bigots will defend their pet gurus until they both get run over by the real world. Moreover, what sort of person CONTINUALLY reads FAEM if it causes such mental anguish and possible frequent trips to the toilet? It's like the fellow who keeps swallowing thumb tacks and then gripes about stomach aches. It all proves my point: far too many people have been so indoctrinated that their minds are as concrete. I have never required that the views presented on FAEM be accepted as words from on high. All we encourage you to do is give them a moment in your brain so that you might perhaps offer a little more than a repetition of some silliness which you memorized while in school, in order to get good grades.
It's the little things which are the most important. I have a tub of very stagnant water behind a garage which I have carefully monitored until, at last, it attracted a dragonfly which deposited eggs on some of the floating vegetation within. (I assumed that it was a dragonfly even though it failed to bring along documents which "proved" that to be the case.) Now, that batch of eggs is probably as uniform as any set of eggs can be and could be counted upon to produce a very, very uniform batch of water-whatevers which would later metamorphose into the adult. I waited and soon the tub was alive with those odd water dwellers, plus a wide assortment of other yet-to-be insects. They were brothers in spades. Then, I prepared a dilute solution of Clorox; separated the bugs from the debris; rinsed them in distilled water; and then simultaneously dropped them into the dilute Clorox for close observation. One might expect ALL to die at the same time, due to uniformity, but NO! Some keeled over and sank almost immediately while others merely slowed their movements. This morning, there were 4 which were still alive and swimming (actually a combination of wiggle and walk). The only conclusion I could consider was that somewhere, tucked into some unknown space, was a MINUTE difference in biology which rendered some more hardy to the extent of being able to survive while their brothers died. I previously had written an article on this relative to white rats, bred for their uniformity, and their obvious differences when it came to lethal doses of the non-ionic detergent Pluronic L-52.

Little things mean a lot. Don't you ever forget that the next time someone claims relation to a horse since "we both share 76 percent of the same DNA". If you feel confortable being "related" to a carrot, then you'll have to settle for a lesser percentage.

Prez Bushyhead says he's open to discussions about shipping Great Lakes water to the southwest. Doesn't this tell you something about our rapidly increasing environmental problems. Also consider that moving water around will COST MONEY and I hope you don't think our welfare crowd will pay for it. Israel maybe? Ha, ha, ha. Also in the news is more talk about desalination of sea water. That's another energy sewer. We are to 'conserve' energy and yet ZOG dreams up more and more schemes to use more of it. I hope you don't need a calculator to discover that something just doesn't add up. But then again, most think we are living in a Disney Wonderland anyway. We're speeding towards a dead end and all we can think of to do is to open the throttle more. Go faster. Whee. What a breeze!
It has been said that one should never argue about religion. I take that for sound advice since the same religion causes different behaviors in different people. We all have beliefs in something vastly superior to ourselves and even atheists have a strong belief. Atheism is just another religion with void for a god. We never know what's in one man's mind and we never shall. We all speculate on this by real world observation of behavior. If a person's belief/religion causes him to act beneficially in regard to his family/tribe/nation, then who will come forth to condemn those beliefs? Many Christians today do not follow what is obviously intended by certain passages in the book they claim to be the alpha and omega of their life's focus. To that measure they are hypocrites and should not be denounced for being Christians, but denounced because they are hypocrites.

We spend much of our life securing formal education and indeed, we cannot escape its permeating presence. This far too frequently renders a person dysfunctional because he worships "book learning" at the expense of innate intelligence and approach. This land was conquered, cultivated and built by white people who, for the larger part, were illiterate. Perhaps if they were all Harvard alumni, the conquest of his continent would not have taken place at all.

It is pointless to argue, or debate, with those not of our race for what words will ever change a black man into that which he isn't? We should debate, but only then to a very limited degree, with those of our kind for in that manner one or the other might gain new insight. Be wary of all who refuse to step beyond the bounds of "book references" and "quotes" and "studies" and all of that, for such purveyors are merely bigots who refuse to recognize anything as truth unless it appears printed somewhere. It's a feeble minded man who has no thoughts of his own , relying only upon the words of others for conversation. Such concrete brains will never alter their views even if reality breaks their back, which it will eventually do.

I have repeated many times that we are taught to parrot, that is, rely upon the thoughts of others. Doing that allows good grades in school and harmony among our peers. People have mentioned that I am not in "tune" with the 'new physics' put forth by a gaggle of "experts". One must abandon logic, and most likely hope with it, in order to "understand" the nonsensical "vibrating vacuums" which have been proposed as the "building blocks of the universe." As Mr. Albright drew a chalk mark on the board – "We'll connect point A with point B with this line." I raised my hand and said that what he drew could not be a mathematical line for such a figure has no width or thickness and therefore we couldn't even see one. In fact , the mathematical line (actually called a segment in this case) does not even exist. It isn't real. This, I have always felt was the main reason people generally have trouble with math. It is presented as fact whereas it is only philosophy using symbolic shorthand and a set of rules which changes according to the variety being studied. It, indeed, is a very useful tool along side of every other part of our imagination. Calendars and clocks also fall into this realm. "July" is not a real world item and neither is four-thirty.

I urge all to spend a few moments reflecting upon what they believe to be "truth". Is it something you were told to believe? Or is it something which you learned from experience? Don't be a victim as one young boy was when he told his mother he wanted a piece of candy. "No you don't," she said. You have feelings and you should listen. I do not appreciate associating with those not of my race and I do not welcome anyone telling me that I shouldn't have such feelings for those feelings are giving me information which I perhaps am not smart enough to really understand. As I mentioned, there are things vastly superior to ourselves and a myriad of things of which we shall never know.

Who is White Department.

    While visiting in Florida, I went to the Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota today.  Saturday's are free there.   Old man Ringling was quite an art collector.  I think he always intended to found a museum but anywho......

    I made a point to closely restudy the Renaissance Masters galleries.  The collections there span the 15th to 19th Centuries and territorially represent an area bounded by the Venetian Republic, Spain, England, Flanders, Holland and the Rhineland, plus a Spanish collection with a lot of El Greco.   There are therefore dozens of paintings by dozens of artists, most of whom never met each other or saw each other's work.   The portraits are from a period prior to photography, so realistic reproduction then was very critical as you know.

    The vote of these four centuries of dead artists agree.  Blue eyes are not just 'a' white European trait.  They aren't even a dominant white trait.  They are the DETERMINING trait of whiteness for that period and a large area bounded by the Pyrenees, Italy north of Rome (darker features appeared in paintings from Rome south), Germany, Flanders, France, England and Scotland.  In all those paintings with eye color I saw exactly one set of off blue greenies from England in the 17th Century.  All the rest were baby blues.  Paintings from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland weren't available but I'll take a wild leap of faith for those areas.    This is a remarkably unanimous graphic testimony by trained observers (artists) compiled for purposes of preserving an accurate record of what existed.    The conclusion is that in the area we would now describe as 'Western Europe' blue eyes were as typical of a native human being of that area and era as two arms were.

    Now those artists also certainly knew what Jews looked liked, and that they looked different than whites.  Jews were depicted more than few times.  A painting from the 'Nuremburg School' circa 1490 was classic.  It was entitled "Christ In Front of Caiphas".  Christ was depicted with an angular white nose while Caiphas was tagged with a classic semitic hook nose.   An old woman cheese monger in a market scene from Turin, circa 16th Century, was similarly depicted with the old hook nose.  These depictions, while quite 'Semitic' are also a bit different than the typical Eastern Khazar schnoze we've become familiar with. Molly M.

Note: Visit any wax museum as I did years ago. When I pointed out the unanimous presence of deep blues eyes on the historical figures of old, from kings and explorers to Robert E. Lee, one indignant woman responded, "They are blue because the wax museum people didn't know how to make brown eyes." Nuff said. Robert

For me, this year has been one of several sorrows. When small sorrows are added, it makes a great one.

Patti Millar, whom I met one day while at "the pond", was a sort of ideal young woman as far as I was concerned. I was lying under a tree reading The Roots of American Communism, when she strolled up, glanced at the title and asked, "Are you a Communist?" For a moment, that gorgeous shape covered partially with a swimming outfit, caused me to hesitate, but I remember answering, "I am glad I wasn't reading a book on frogs." We laughed and she taunted me into running down the path trying to catch her as she dove into the warm waters. We swam to the dock. She had excellent form and it was the first young woman I found who could almost keep up with me. That was the beginning of a very close relation.

Although still in my mid twenties, and hardly ready to marry, Patti seemed to mature me somewhat in this regard. It wasn't long before I decided that perhaps it was time to join the crowd of people who were the backbone of this country. Although the details now escape me, she hesitated and said that there was another fellow that she had been considering. In a few days, Patti said she was going to marry Calvin. I knew this fellow. He was a great guy coming from a rather well heeled family. I had noticed that Patti never objected to the material aspects of life. They were married and due to the commonality of the "old swimming hole", all remained in cordial contact.

Years later, Patti called me and asked to have breakfast together. We met at a decent place in Fayetteville, which is near to Syracuse NY. She was divorcing Cal and asked if I wouldn't like to 'take her back'. She knew me well and before I could say anything, she said, "It's no, isn't it? I didn't think you would but I just had to ask."  Patti made her decision years ago and I simply will never be 'second best' as far as any woman is concerned.

About a month ago, following an unexpected phone call, I went to Ithaca where I visited Patti who was hospitalized due to some devastating malfunction of something internal. She could hardly speak; her mind was very frail; few words were spoken but my inner voice reminded me of all of those long past days of absolute bliss as we dined, swam and picnicked together. That past was now irrevocably gone. The last thread was broken on the next day when she died.

* * * * * *

About one month ago, I drove to West Point to visit my daughter. While driving along the Hudson, I had an ominous feeling about that day, a day which found very black clouds forming in the west. It wasn't long before the lightning announced the arrival of heavy winds and heavy rain. I slowed the car, due to decreasing visibility, and before I could react to the sudden appearance of a brown colored shape on my left side, a heavy crash was heard and my car was slammed by a deer who obviously miscalculated. My heart sank as that deer careened over the top of the car. A beautiful creature now rendered broken and still by an object its instincts were powerless to recognize. Of course, my cherished old Ford, low miles and immaculate, ended up looking like a well used New York City taxi.

We continued on to the barn where Carrie's horse, Second Impulse, was kept. He was a magnificent looking Thoroughbred with a devilish twinkle in his eye which always signaled one of his several gentle antics. Ever since she was 4 years old, the first item on her Christmas list was "a horse". Tuition in the private school drained my checking account but it was a necessity since I wanted no child of mine to endure the 'combat zone' atmosphere of our failed public schools. At the age of 16, Carrie had her horse after a patient wait of 12 years. That animal became part of the family and the two of them managed to capture several minor championship riding trophies.

We were eating a small supper when the phone rang. It was the stable. Second Impulse had suddenly developed colic – a common infliction of horses which was usually deadly. We rushed to the barn and over the next three hours, watched our beloved animal die while its master held its head. It was another small sadness which drew many tears from all.

* * * * * *
I flew to California to see one of my cousins who was in considerable physical decline. My father came from one of those old fashioned German families with a generous count of brothers and sisters. As a result, I had first cousins by the score. A good portion of these cousins were as brothers and sisters and for many decades we held a "cousins' reunion" once a year. My two favorite females were Bonnie and Betty – both beautiful and with sharp wits. Betty was into the 'starlet' sort of thing when she was younger. I stayed with her a bit and found it doubly sad when I left. The second sadness was again my inner voice reminding me of those happy days floating down the Oatka Creek on a home made raft, plus the pranks we played on our Uncle Fred. As I may have mentioned, I stopped over in Nevada where I met a like minded fellow and his friend.

* * * * * *
Today I was informed that Bonnie had suffered an extremely debilitating stroke and died. I loved Bonnie as a sister and again, a small, but very dark, sadness clouded these many past hours.

* * * * * *
Yes, so far, 2001 has been a year of the great sorrow.

http://netjunk.com/users/library/religion.htmHitler on Religion: Table Talk

(Here are a few exerpts from the text of Selections from Hitler's Table Talk.Entire text at above URL)

The heaviest blow that ever struck humanity was the coming of Christianity.  Bolshevism is Christianity's illegitimate child.  Both are inventions of the Jew.

The deliberate lie in the matter of religion was introduced into the world by  Christianity. Bolshevism practices a lie of the same nature, when it claims  to bring liberty to men, whereas in reality it seeks only to enslave them. In  the ancient world, the relations between men and gods were founded on an  instinctive respect. It was a world enlightened by the idea of tolerance.
Christianity was the first creed in the world to exterminate its adversaries in the name of love. Its keynote is intolerance.

Christianity is a rebellion against natural law, a protest against nature. Taken to its logical extreme, Christianity would mean the systematic cultivation of human failure.

To make death easier for people, the Church holds out to them the bait of a  better world. We, for our part, confine ourselves to asking man to fashion  his life worthily. For this, it is sufficient for him to conform to the laws of nature. Let's seek inspiration in these principles, and in the long run we'll triumph over religion.

But there will never be any possibility of National Socialism's setting out  to ape religion by establishing a form of worship. Its one ambition must be scientifically to construct a doctrine that is nothing more than a homage to reason.

Our duty is to teach men to see whatever is lovely and truly wonderful in life, and not to become prematurely ill tempered and spiteful. We wish fully to enjoy what is beautiful, to cling to it  and to avoid, as far as  possible, anything that might do harm to people like ourselves.

It is a great pity that this tendency towards religious thought can find no  better outlet than the Jewish pettifoggery of the Old Testament, for a  religious Folk who, in the solitude of winter, continually seek ultimate  light on their religious problems with the assistance of the Bible, must eventually become spiritually deformed. The wretched Folk strive to extract  truths from these Jewish chicaneries, where in fact no truths exist. As a  result they become embedded in some rut of thought or other and, unless they possess an exceptionally common sense mind, degenerate into religious maniacs.

It is deplorable that the Bible should have been translated into German, and  that the whole of the German Folk should have thus become exposed to the whole of this Jewish mumbo jumbo. So long as the wisdom, particularly of the Old Testament, remained exclusively in the Latin of the Church, there was little danger that sensible people would become the victims of illusions as the result of studying the Bible. But since the Bible became common property, a whole heap of people have found opened to them lines of religious thought which particularly in conjunction with the German characteristic of persistent and somewhat melancholy meditation  as often as not turned them into religious maniacs.

When one recollects further that the Catholic Church has elevated to the  status of Saints a whole number of madmen, one realizes why movements such as that of the Flagellants came inevitably into existence in the Middle Ages in Germany.

(This was submitted by a reader.)