4 August 2001
I read somewhere that asians were smarter than we whites – I.Q.'s of 106 or something like that. I hope you people realize that this sounds like good ol' doc Ruston and his "small dick – big brain" theory and since asians generally have smaller tools, they are smarter. More than likely though, this comes from someone who has great faith in paper, non-real world, tests. If you test out at 198 IQ and cannot take a leak without wetting your shoes, then in my book, you are an incompetent jackass. Seals have a talent for balancing balls on their noses and some hummin beans have a talent to do well on tests. That's not something I get very excited about. Life is far more hazardous, and complicated, than is test taking.

Let's suppose that the premiss is true – brilliant asians. Then I ask why it is we aren't attending all of their extraordinarily superior universities. And why aren't we stealing technical secrets from them? Why are they not producing surplus food and why haven't we learned that Won Long Wang and his extended family gave electrical power, and space flight, to the world?

Remember the jew perverts Nathan Leopold and small Dick Loeb? IQ's 180 and such? They were so very smart that they dreamed up a perfect murder – the murder of Loeb's fruitcake cousin, Bobby Franks. After all, they were geniuses and it should be very easy to fool a stupid bunch of inferior beings. Eh what? They didn't. Paper smart they certainly were but real world smart, they were not. Both ended up getting life instead of being fried as they should have been, all due to the effect of jew big money. It was Clarence Darrow at his best. Poor Loeb was killed in the shower at Joliet as a result of a faggot love tryst.

My old friend, Bob K., who managed a special division of Nissan, told me that any white man could easily out-perform 5 asians when it came to putting things together. I guess all of those extra IQ points slows them down a bit.

When people view science as the alpha and omega of all that's worthwhile, I am afraid that they have lost track of reality. Science, and all human endeavor for that matter, is just a batch of trial and error conducted according to a method deemed "scientific". All of the great men of the past, such as Newton, Gauss, LaGrange, etc., have blundered often to the point of being ridiculous. These errors are of course relegated to some huge black hole. The books list only their achievements.

The first man-made self-sustained chain reaction occurred under the bleachers of Stagg Field, University of Chicago – visible from my room in Snell-Hitchcock. On this, the atomic bomb project was started – the Manhattan Project. No one knew if a bomb was possible. Theoretically it appeared so. This term is simply a Ph.D.'s way of expressing wishful thinking. The truth was, they did not know. If successful, many argued that it would precipitate a general world wide chain reaction leading to the vaporization of the entire planet. So in doubt were the jews involved that they built a homunculus and performed religious rituals as would any savage upon first seeing an eclipse. The experiment was successful and all doubts and contrary statements evaporated along with the mushroom cloud. If the bomb had failed, the world would never have heard much about it. Censorship, and down playing, has always been very helpful to the academic scientific community since it allows them to appear as gods, which any bullet would soon disprove. Most academics are charlatans to one degree or the other and since the mass of their audiences are dimwits of one sort or the other, all flavors of nonsense gets promoted. (Extraordinary Delusions: The Madness of Crowds – a recommended read of a book reprinted continually since 1854.)

This advertising of successes and the intentional forgetting of errors has been part and parcel of the human condition since Adam first ate potato chips.

Those wonderful Inca irrigation systems – what marvelous engineers – we are continually reminded. Balderdash. Those cannibals practiced as much trial and error as did the builders of the cathedrals. If a bend in an Inca water ditch gave out, they patched it up and continued to use the Band-Aid approach until they got one to work. No genius was necessary. Although I cannot recall the work, I remember reading an extensive account of all those Gothic arches which collapsed and of cathedral walls which came tumbling down. The builders never erected monuments to the failures – they buried them and rarely mentioned it again. Thus, we gawk and wonder only at that which worked. If the Tower of Pisa (12th century Italy) had fallen over centuries ago, as it should have, we would not be marveling at its construction today.

We all do this. I can boast of about 82 firsts at the drag races when that sort of lunacy appealed to me. What I hide from view is the 49 losses, 7 ruined transmissions, 4 fractured clutch assemblies and all of the money I intelligently spent rather than taking Maxine or Irene to dinner.

Men are not gods and the gods will be first to remind them that they are not, when men get too uppity – as they now are doing world-wide. Keep your powder dry and stay out of range.

Earlier, I caused some flak about eye color. Always seeking information, I did a little more research and found an amazing lack of information on this item. Since eye color apparently is linked to little else, it is reasonable to assume that effort in this regard has been wanting. I did gather some fascinating material which, instead of answering the question, actually brought to light more questions. Blue eyes have always been associated with white Europeans and experience has shown us that it is a recessive characteristic.

Other than albinos, all members of the genus Homo have a black pigment at the posterior of the iris. This is understandable since the iris would be superfluous if it did not block the light outside of the pupil. The iris is the area responsible for what we call eye color. At birth, some pigment is usually present in the interstitial (a Ph.D. word meaning a narrow space between) and following birth, more pigment is deposited for as long as six months. This eye pigment has been variously described as two types, white and a brown which shows a hint of yellow. The description of this brown has always been argued.

In many white babies, a tiny bit of white pigment is present at birth which gives a slate-blue color to the eyes. Those without such white pigment have very blue colored eyes. The yellow and black people have brown pigment at birth and their eyes are therefore brown at that time. Following birth, something very interesting occurs as pigments are deposited in the iris. If the posterior black pigment is not too dense, a violet colored eye results in white babies. If white pigment is deposited, the color moves towards the gray. I suspect that a certain level of white was responsible for the name "white eyes" which probably encompassed the more blue shades.

If the brown pigment is slight, we have hazel eyes. In all of mankind's divisions, brown eyes follow from the density of the brown pigment. In the yellow and black peoples, this brown is so dense that often it is hard to distinguish the pupil.

Another odd thing is that the post birth deposits of pigment are not uniform often being more or less dense near the edges. In some people, a mottled effect can be seen. It is clear, however, that those with rich blue eyes have very little pigment in their eyes. Here we see, as with the hair structure, a trichotomy. With the hair, there was a solid medulla in yellow people, a medulla tube with no pith in white people and no medulla at all in black people. In the black and yellow people, there is no white pigment  the iris. (Of course we all realize that race mixing has produced all sorts of intermediate colors.)

I have no difficulty in believing that the absence of eye pigment is a white feature and that brown is the eye color of the yellow and black people. I said this in an earlier batch of comments. The puzzling thing is – where in hell did the white pigment enter human kind and to which 'race' does it belong? My conjecture is that is was a mutation of brown pigment. It certainly was not a mutation of no color at all and this alone excludes the pure blue-eyed stock. Perhaps we could extend this by allowing, as the biologists do, 'mutation' to explain why there is no general agreement on the brown pigment. Some writers had added a 'yellow' pigment to explain away the lack of a precise brown. Anyway, I suspect that my digging into this intriguing topic will continue.

In the beginning there was brown pigment for the yellow and black man just as there was black pigment for their hair color. Somewhere along the line, brown eye pigment was "fractured" – mutations? Since gray eyes are common in Finland, where a lot of yellow blood is present, let's say white is a mutation of the brown from this source. Dark hazel eyes appear in northern Africa and let's also say that the 'yellow' was a mutation of this brown pigment. All of this then being added to the respective genetic bases. This, plus miscegenation, accounts for all of the various eye colors we see, including green. However, red hair is considered an anomaly. Translated this means – yes, we know it's alive and well but we don't know why. This is puzzling to me since red hair seems to follow hereditary lines. (The sad thing, relative to red hair, which should be a very desirable attribute, is that redheads are often teased as youngsters – 'carrot top', etc. Many thus develop a dislike for what the gods generously bestowed upon them. Red hair is always accompanied by freckles, which I personally find a very attractive feature.) The Bible tells us not to adulterate the blood lines. Hell man, one theory is as good as another.

Senator Joseph McCarthy was another who did immeasurable damage to the cause of white America.  The time was early the early 1950s.  America had just gone through the Second War To Kill White People and now itself less and not more secure in the world.  Meanwhile the internal presence and effect of alien subversion was increasingly obvious to tens of millions of citizens.

Into the breach stepped Senator Joseph McCarthy.  His Senate hearings started exposing Communist infiltration in many areas of American life.  Hollywood's Judeo-Communist roots did not escape exposure.  Many people started waking up from their long Depression-Second War to Kill White People slumber and taking notice.  They especially took notice of the nexus between Communism and Judaism.

As McCarthy's investigations continued he leveled a series of what proved to be unsubstantiated charges concerning Communist Party infiltration of the U.S. Army.  These unprovable charges, plus accusations of homosexuality, McCarthy would not sue libel for, destroyed his credibility.  It's interesting that as his chief committee counsel, McCarthy appointed a homosexual Jewish attorney named Roy Cohn.  Cohn later served as an attorney for many leading Mafia figures.

Whittaker Chambers summed up the dilemma of anti-communists' attitudes concerning Joseph McCarthy:

"All of us, to one degree or another, have slowly come to question his judgment and to fear acutely that his flair for the sensational, his inaccuracies and distortions, his tendency to sacrifice the greater objective for the momentary effect, will lead him and us into trouble. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that we live in terror that Senator McCarthy will one day make some irreparable blunder which will play directly into the hands of our common enemy and discredit the whole anti-Communist
effort for a long while to come."

No more McCarthy's.


As a population gets darker, as in America, more and more people will call themselves 'white'.
In 1973, I stated my opinion that Willis Carto was a crook. I was criticized then and have lately been accused of unfounded statements in this regard. I frankly don't give a crap whether someone thinks what I know to be true, is unfounded. Others know from where I speak and I understand fully why people, once scammed, have a difficult time facing themselves with that knowledge. I have been raked over the coals and been the victim of more than one rip-off. I never held hard feelings nor did I worry about it. I simply moved on. Life is not a bowl of cherries. (The same person never 'shafts' me  twice. I learn.) People like Carto are despicable, money-hungry wretches who knowingly take advantage of the good hearts of many patriotic Americans. Muggers and back robbers are far more honorable. Here's more –


A relative comment from Maguire – What the pages above detail are the outcomes previously achieved by treating  white nationalism as being susceptible to a "business model" or "good business practices".   We are fortunate the Founding Fathers didn't  approach  the First American Revolution from such a narrow perspective.  If they had,  they all would have abandoned the enterprise before they started.

We are not opposed to professional workmen being paid a fair wage for the value of their labors and investments.  To the extent such men teach others in an apprentice/journeyman process, we applaud their efforts.

We are however completely opposed to any new attempts to set up new empires of interlocked businesses disguised as "white nationalism".  These can only again start to repetitively "milk the cows" as Dr. Oliver put it.  Such enterprises will ultimately lead back to the same dead end Willis A. Carto and all his calculated initiatives finished in.

No nation, no patriotic cause, and no political movement is the personal property of any one man, however energetic.  A concept such as white nationalism embodies the hopes, dreams and future goals of hundreds of thousands.  To attempt to warp it to personal financial gain is the most foul betrayal possible.  On such betrayal did Willis A. Carto base his career.

No more Cartos.

Good morning from the Zündel Bank. We appreciate your donations. It's one hellova lot easier than working for a living. Anyway, according to the local radio news, all of the mush heads are alarmed over the fact that there have been 7 deaths in the last month due to heroin overdose. One suburban cow was nearly in tears because she thought all of those druggie chillins may have received some bad chemicals. In my view, these 7 deaths could be considered bad news. Now if the overdose deaths rose to 100 per day, that would be good news.

Speaking of drugs, Prosaic enjoyed $3,000,000,000 in sales for the year 2000. No wonder jews run the legal drug business. This is but another example of the blatant hypocrisy which is part and parcel of the average American boob. While they shout 'tolerance' they demonstrate very little of it when it comes to personal pain. Everyone has an itch, ache or bodily blooper once in a while. That's life. Live with it instead of rushing off to drug city to get a fix for "irregularity" or whatever other nonsense you have been conditioned to accept as normal. (My bowels cannot tell time.) Why eat grown up straw when a quart of prune juice daily will make you as irregularly regular as you like? Worried about having to urinate while on a long car trip? That's 'overactive bladder' in case you wonder. Don't eat or drink. That would stop a lot of bothersome trips to the crapper. By the way, what in hell is an 'overactive bladder' anyway? One which manufactures urine out of cosmic dust? No drinky, no pee-pee. That's simple.

A WORD TO THE WISE! So far as references go, what's not on the internet fills entire libraries. Using the internet as a source of information is like eating a raisin and calling it a banquet.
Schools have been howling
for more money in order to maintain the new "high standards", which are still far below those of 1940. The legislative solution for this call of 'more' is to decrease the school budget. If you are tuned into the American asylum music, this is exactly the response you would expect.

In 1940, 100 percent of the 6th grade public school students demonstrated arithmetic competence. Today, only 25 percent is claimed for the inner city zoos. If you cannot think 'nigger' then it will all be puzzling to you.

A recent "study" – read 'useless busywork by idiots' – has shown that the use of calculators does not improve one's ability to perform arithmetic. Dawh? Using a calculator is like hiring someone to do your body building exercises for you.

Hair We Go Again.
             Hair cross sections:

Before the textbooks, and reference works, were rewritten to conform to the commie party line, people all over the world recognized that the 3 species of man could be determined by the appearance of their hair. In the 19th century, when microscopes were in common use, the study of the anatomy of the hair commenced. Much of the material presented here comes from the 11th edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica, that is, before the jew buy out in the 1920s. Today's editions of this once great reference work are little more than sophomoric, politically correct exercises in disinformation and evasion.

The yellow man – hair is uniformly circular with easily identifiable medulla (pith). Both the pith and cortex contain pigment and air cells. The pigment in both regions is always black. In addition, the pith contains fat cells. This renders the hair opaque, straight, lank, and coarse.

The white man – the medulla shaft is apparent but contains no pith. The cortex contains pigment and air cells. The shape is oval which renders it smooth, wavy and silken. The light pigments, usually appearing as yellow to light brown, plus the absence of pith renders the hair translucent. This is why, when backlighted, the hair of white people show its familiar shine and glow.

The black man – in stark contrast to the other species, the black man's hair has no medulla. The cortex contains a black pigment with air cells. The cross section shape is "kidney bean", sometimes approximating an ellipse. The absence of the medulla renders the hair closer to wool than true hair. The shape causes the hair to be crisp, coarse and kinky. The "peppercorn" arrangement of the hair is a function of the attributes of the skin which differs in measurable degrees far beyond a mere description of melanin content. The pigment of the black skin is deep in the fourth layer (stratum mucosum) and has nothing in common with the upper layers of white skin where "tanning" occurs.

The reason that skin color is so widely used as a race indentifier is due to its large area. When one gets closer, the visual area occupied by the hair further "tunes one in". Up close, an intensive examination of the various colored flecks in the iris leaves no doubt as to what you are looking at. (My grandfather, when seen at a distance, looked like someone from Bombay, his skin color was that brown from years of toiling in the sun. There was only one occasion where I saw more of my grandfather's skin than the head, neck and hands. That was the time he decided to jump into one of the ponds we had on the property. All of the kids laughed since his chest, back and legs were as white as the driven snow. The contrast was indeed very funny.)

Race mixing has occurred throughout all times wherever races come into contact. Europeans, once uniformly blue-eyed with light hair, have become increasingly darker due to this process. World-wide race mixing will eventually submerge all of those recessive characteristics we associate with white people. If the white race disappears, what will be left except a world over-stuffed with varities of Chinese?

Incidentally, white people also have a translucent skin which, particularly in the wrist area, allows the blood to be seen. This is the origin of the term "blue blood" – to show blood in the skin – the old mark of nobility. (My wife never forgot that on our first date, I took her hand and examined her wrist. I was never frivolous concerning the females I chose to associate with. I was in the market for a mother for my future children.) There are mongrel varieties of so-called white people who have light skin but the blue blood cannot be seen. If you look close, you'll find other revealing characteristics also. The ever-increasing mongrel populations obviously show mixed characteristics even when it comes to the anatomy of the hair. There are 3 basic "races" and 3 basic hair structures. If you don't belong to one of these, then you are some mongrel mixture. The differences are stark and far from trivial.

Open your eyes and think. "Education" is all about placing faith in the words of others.

For a brief spell, I was entertained by a close neighbor's brats beating on each other. One would take a bat and smash the other's toys. The smashed toys were then used as projectiles. Needless to say, the 8 year old girl bested her 5 year old brother. Mom came running out and my inner voice whispered, "That broad will do little other than shriek some inane phrases." Inner voice was right. The reason kids get this way is because their parents are no better disciplined than they are. My thoughts drifted back to the days I was growing up, along with brothers and sisters. I am sure all of us, at one time or the other, wanted to belt one or the other, in the mouth. We didn't. Dad cared little about guilt or innocence, according to the kid's version, and figured that it always takes two. A sibling scrap would have meant a plurality of bottoms being warmed. Thus, dad was never placed in a position to judge one son against another, thus avoiding a choosing of sides. He held all of us equal – equal rewards and equal punishment. Dad insisted that things always worked. He had no tolerance for lip flapping.

I believe it was in Camp Pickett where one soldier reported that his watch was missing. Sgt. Cranston was notified and he called our two platoons out. "Watches don't have legs," he shouted, "and apparently there is someone who cannot get the idea that we are a UNIT. If called into combat, I find it frightening that we cannot trust one another." We were dismissed and 'lights out' found me instantly dropping into dreamland. About 1:00 AM, the lights went on and whistles blew. The 'serge' melodically screeched commands which meant full dress and inspection. We then went on a casual outing at 'double time' which lasted just short of my legs falling off. After closing in formation he issued this understanding order: "I care not if the watch was stolen or misplaced. All I know is that either possibility is not something which reflects competence on this unit." He then gave us all a small envelope containing a checker with instructions that each was to enter the barracks and return within one minute. At his feet was a small bag where we then dropped our envelopes upon returning. He continued, "When the last envelope is returned, I fully expect one to contain the watch in question, instead of a checker. If I find all checkers, then use your imagination and figure out what you all might be doing until reveille. And then tomorrow night, we'll stage this affair all over again. Clear?" "Yes sir!" Needless to say, the missing watch returned home in short order.

There was another instance where the Company Commander singled out our two platoons. "Someone," he said, "seems to dislike soap and water and so I have ordered the Sgt. to direct a cleanliness operation. You will scrub the barracks floor using toothbrushes until it passes whatever the Sgt. deems 'clean'." Scrubbing began about 7:30 PM and at 2:00 AM, or thereabouts, we were allowed to go to bed knowing that tomorrow night we'd repeat the cleaning operation. All knew who the dirty fellow was – Keating. His bunk was next to mine and I was acutely aware of his stink but when asked to shower, he'd just laugh and do nothing. That morning, I was awakened by a shuffling and a muffled yelp. Keating was abducted in the dark. We found out the next day from our kindly Sergeant what happened. Keating was hustled into the shower where his entire body was shaved – head, and eyebrows to groin – without much consideration for his feelings. Once free of hair, he was coated with Kiwi 'ox blood' shoe polish and then was scrubbed with G.I. brushes and G.I. soap until the shoe polish was completely removed. I thought that he would look like a beet and wondered how those fellows knew when to stop scrubbing. Upon reflection, I concluded that they really did not care.

The next morning, Keating was the first in the shower and at noon, he skipped lunch in order to shower. He was the last to leave the shower before 'lights out'. Community living had taught Keating something. No community can survive if it tolerates the activities of those steeped in anarchy. As Max von Sydow said in the movie, Needful Things, "Good? Bad? It's all so confusing. Kill them all and let God sort them out."


On June 20th, 1996 Col. Prouty stated...

"Oil is often called a 'fossil' fuel; the idea being that it comes from formerly living organisms. This may have been plausible back when oil wells were drilled into the fossil layers of the earth's crust; but today, great quantities of oil are found in deeper wells that are found below the level of any fossils. How could then oil have come from fossils, or decomposed former living matter, if it exists in rock formations far below layers of fossils – the evidence of formerly living organisms? It must not come from living
matter at all!"

Two days after I read his statement I encountered the following statement in a newspaper I deeply respect:

"Any geologist will tell you, well, most geologists will tell you that OIL IS CREATED BY THE MAGMA OF THE EARTH. The oil wells in Pennsylvania that were pumped out dry at the turn of the century and capped are now filled with oil again."

Say what? (Submitted by a reader.)

Robert asks: Has any expert ever considered the Oil Fairy? I think they are missing an important theory here.

I believe that we are wasting lots of time, and taxpayers' money, giving 'sensitivity training' to police officers when its the criminals who really could use it. If we could get criminals to be more tolerant and understanding, it would go a long way towards achieving peace. Peace, my friends. Pray for peace. With the proper instruction, criminals could be made to understand the needs of the victims. Does the intended victim really need the money in his wallet? Why not ask him? Maybe he'd have given it to you anyway out of pure charity and brotherly love. When walking into a bank, one must remember all of those extra charges, passed on to the customer, which are accrued during the use of those video cameras. Put yourself in the depositor's shoes. How would you like it if the bank raised your fees to cover such things. Forget that stalking in the park for something you could stuff your zucchini into. Wouldn't it be better to wander about some high school yard asking for a lay? Hell, the way things are going on there, rape is probably unnecessary.

That's the joy of communism. All can be shared equally and no one is deprived. Need money, my daughter, my car, lunch, poison for the pigeons, whatever? Just ask. There's nothing like sharing. Go all the way, man. Why stop half way?

Remember Dushawn Williams, the drug-soaked, AIDS infected, equal opportunity sexual predator? He's trying to get out of the can via parole and some minor flak is being generated on the air waves. All eyes are focused upon this jungle bunny who, as I understand from one officer involved in his arrest, that his body odor was so strong, and putrid, that it was advised to stand upwind from him. To complete the photogenic presentation, Dushawn wore dreadlocks and knew he had the "hero's disease". (Photo on an earlier FAEM.) Dushawn was jailed for infecting a dozen or so teenage females with AIDS, some as young as 13, in the Jamestown NY area.. It was estimated that there could be as many as 100 infected with our 'diversity is strength' shared disease. I look at this event from a different perspective.

What sort of white female, aged 16, would have such a compelling case of crotch itch that she'd let an unclean animal such as Dushawn, stuff it to her? How do you spell sick? All of these young white girls, none of whom claimed rape, seemed eager to assume the position which allowed Dushawn to benefit the medical community by providing more business. From what I understand, S.O.P for black men is (1) ream the rectum, (2) stuff the adjacent orifice and (3) if there is still time left on the meter, do the "head" maneuver. What sort of female has a brain which craves such utter filth and degradation? Those young girls were not victims of anything. THEY ALL ASKED FOR IT! If I were running things, ALL – Dushawn, the girls and the parents who formed such idiots – would have been rounded up, given a Boy Scout's full knapsack, and air dropped over Siberia. Upon safe landing, they could all do the "sausage-pancake" routine to their gonad's delight.

"It is not certain that with this aid alone [possession of arms], they would not be able to shake off their yokes. But were the people to posses the additional advantages of local governments chosen by themselves, who could collect the national will, and direct the national force; and of officers appointed out of the militia, by these governments and attached both to them and to the militia, it may be affirmed with the greatest assurance, that the throne of every tyranny in Europe would be speedily overturned, in spite of the legions which surround it." – James Madison, Federalist No. 46.

"A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise, and independence to the mind. Games played with the ball and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be the constant companion of your walks. – Thomas Jefferson, Encyclopedia of T. Jefferson, 318, Foley, Ed., reissued 1967.

These ideas are the foundations of the 1st and 2d Amendments.  They mark the path out of the swamp.  Form up outside of ZOG's structures.  Meanwhile prepare yourself for militia service.

The essential prerequisite for success is to found anew legitimate lawful civil authorities.  The Continental Congress preceded the Continental Army.  Before the Continental Congress there were local Committees of Correspondance in each community.

Adolf Hitler learned this lesson too.  The decision to employ military force is a political act.  The designation of an enemy is a political act.  Establishing political authority is the eternal first step.

The White Russian armies fighting the Judeo-Bolsheviks didn't understand this lesson.   Even during the Civil War in 1919 the French Marshal Ferdinand Foch predicted their coming defeat and diagnosed the reason:  "These armies will soon disappear because there is no civil authority behind them."  Had Madison and Jefferson been alive then, they would have instantly made the same diagnosis.

We touched on this topic before in White Leadership Academy.  Unorganized Militias are precisely that.  Unorganized.  It takes a political authority to appoint officers in the militia. The militia cannot self-generate its own leadership, call itself out or determine its missions independently of its civil authority.

This is the reason for the failure to date of the Militia Movement.  They tried to jump to Phase Three before completing the first two phases.

Form up politically outside of ZOG's structures.  In the meantime individually prepare yourselves for militia service.


Marxists 'R' Us. I am hungry (to each according to his need),  therefore I have a right to your bread (from each according to his ability). This infantile, non community, communist attitude permeates most of American society. If those with the ability refuse to supply those with the need, they are called 'fascists' – most probably not knowing what the term means. (The fasces used to be on our silver dimes and still is on the carpet of the Supreme Court.) Let's see, we need oil and therefore we have a 'right' to the oil in the mid-east. (We certainly blew the hell out of those bastards, didn't we? The nerve of them. Thinking that their oil was THEIR oil. Heh, heh, heh.) The farmers in the Klamuth Basin need water and therefore have a 'right' to water which isn't theirs. The mideast certainly needs fresh water, therefore they have a 'right' to our Great Lakes. Right? Wrong! What sickening hypocrites we all are. If we all 'need' so much then where are the gods who are supposed to supply such goodies?

Summed up: I have a right to whatever I want and if you don't go along, you are a fascist pig and should be killed. That's love.

Anyone know if the "Protocols" are posted anywhere on the net? They all fit what's going on today.

Wow, that was quick!   http://www.posse-comitatus.org/BeWise/protocol.html
Check 'em out folks and refect upon what's happening. Reflection is really not that expensive. But it does eat into your MTV and niggerball time. Eh?

The Chinese commies and the South African commies, have lowered the censorship boom on all internet traffic. America is also a target. I have said repeatedly since 1961, the Second War to Kill White People was all about SAVING JEWS AND THEIR CREATION – COMMUNISM. How can "we" be opposing China when we sell them our technology, build industrial facilities there while Israel sells them what they stole from us, and we give preferential treatment to Chinese "students" at all universities. The water buffalo, who now heads a once prestigious engineering school, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, has traveled to China recruiting. What ever happened to young deserving white American kids? Doesn't this seem at all odd to you, or are you gulping so much Won Ton soup, with egg roll,  that you really do not care? Most science departments in universities are Chinese domains and the honkies just smiled and let it happen. Once the chinks run a physics lab, no one else enters. That's their version of free enterprise. Whitey is compelled by his inner voice to welcome his enemies, or else his teeny weeny itsy bitsy ego couldn't stand the pain of being labeled 'racist'. The Chinese do and THEY DO NOT CARE!!!!
Only an anarchist would believe that people have a right to pollute their own gene pool. That's race mixing, Mary. The gene pool is COMMUNITY PROPERTY and NO INDIVIDUAL has the right to adulterate it according to his truant gonads. If the entire white race agrees that humping camels, nogs, wogs, sheep, nigs, jigs, goats, and muds, is to our mutual benefit, then I guess we should all get to it. In the meantime, such wayward individuals should be shunned by the community from which they came. In a pro-white state, such people would be more than shunned. I have some great ideas in this regard.
Previously, I mentioned a TV profile of Sammy Davis Jr. – his life story. Whatever the facts, it certainly is not worth researching. Publicly, this 5'3" loved hopping into the sack with white women. His actions demonstrated that even blacks know what the best stuff is. He was ugly almost beyond belie – one eye to boot – and it is wondersome why blondes actually found him attractive. Sammy was a heavy smoker, drinker and drug-user – a party animal from day one. The part of the story which I was interested was the tale of woe due to "racism" while he was in the Army in 1943. Many vets have written that they thought this would render him 4F, unfit for military duty. I agree and our troops were never integrated until about 1950 even though Harry Solomon Truman, a 32, or 33,  degree Mason, signed the order in 1947. So, I take the tales of whites forcing him to drink urine and beating him up as sport, with a whiff of Zyklon B. Just plain lies vented brazenly since those who write this tripe know that the average Jim is too lazy intellectually to ever bother to check, if he at all cares – which he probably doesn't.
Over yonder in western New York, is a piece of highway noted for drivers crossing double lines, running lights, passing on the left, speeding, tail gating and other incidents of American regard for traffic law. Needless to say, that stretch of highway has more than its share of accidents. Solution? How could this road be made safer? Well, the bean head in charge is going to direct the use of tax-payers' money to increase the number of lanes. I suggest that Chrysler reinstate its tank production and we can all drive mattress lined tanks.