9 August 2001
The difference between real world fact and scientific number jumbo.

(1) Take a tablespoon of water. (2) IF you had a one dollar bill for each molecule of water in the spoon, and IF you placed those bills evenly over the face of the earth, (3) THEN you'd have a layer of bills one mile deep.

Dipshit things like this are often called 'fact' because one futzes around with numbers which were obtained from educated guesses glued together with a car load of theory. Since this exercise CANNOT BE DEMONSTRATED, the "proof" lies in a selection of BELIEFS. Once people can grasp the idea that most of "science" is little more than mechanized religion, they will feel better when new "discoveries" are announced. What passes as science these days is a good percentage of nitwit crap. The reason most working people cannot 'understand' such things is because they are sane.

hallo robert –
i know what you all talking about is true. i was born in germany in 1932 (silesia) what became unter polish administration, so they say.  from 1945 to 1948 wen we had to leave we had no weapons no nothing. but for 3 years we made it. it is to bad that you english speaking people are so much on the wrong side. i see it all coming too so you better wake up fast. it has to be done now taking america back but not for the roosevelt gang. you have to unide with the good you have. i like to see a coup d'etat myself but it has to be planed very good. it would not take many. we can't wait for the people to wake up. a change is always made by a few. (Submitted. – I can overlook this man's command of English but then again, it's certainly better than some I've seen from former students. RF)
Make no mistake – FAEM is not one of those look-at-what-they-are-doing-to-us-now self pity sites. Eric, Maguire and Robert are in agreement that those silly white asses still alive in Zimbabwe and South Africa deserve NO PITY whatsoever. THEY WERE WARNED and yet CHOSE to believe in fairy tales – THEIR blacks were 'different'. They deluded themselves into believing that sows' ears were silk purses and justly so, they are paying for their stupidity. The gods are very pleased.
Professor Kevin MacDonald website on The Jew Problem:

http://www.angelfire.com/de3/research/     Excellent new anonymous site – Jewish Tribal Review

Thanks to Alex Linder and Vanguard News Network  (http://www.vanguardnewsnetwork.com ) for pointing this out.   We suggest  downloading all of Professor MacDonald's new website fast.  It's a freebie  located on Angelfire.  This means it will disappear and linked articles will change urls as soon as the ADL and Simon Weasel mobilize.


This Geocities free site advertises a book by one of Rhodesia's 'tortured white farmers'.  The authoress is an exceptionally stupid woman named Catherine Buckle.  Here's some more of this race traitor's socio-political pedigree:


"This week's diary, which Cathy Buckle who with her entire family once had been an ardent supporter of Mugabe's freedom struggle, but now is in hiding in Harare after publishing her book, distributes to friends as well as to the Censorbugbear web publication each week, and is headlined: "Burning plastic".   "Burning plastic" is one of the torture practices described by the Zimbabwe Human Rights Forum as being carried out by the Mugabe regime's stooges – namely to wrap their victims in plastic and torturing them by setting fire to the plastic, or dripping burning plastic on them."

Catherine Buckle, from her closet in Harare and her pitiable Geocities free website, has now issued the following call to arms:  "We will not survive this without outside intervention. I know that YOU can help. With much love and thanks as always. Cathy"

I'll explain this in simple terms for the white North American females who read our horrid racist pages with clucking  disapproval. Catherine Buckle's problem is simplicity itself.  SHE HAS NO WHITE SOLDIERS TO PROTECT HER.  That's because she helped betray them and their cause twenty years ago.  What she wouldn't give now to see Eric Thomson, Thomas Chittum, Harold A. Covington and the Rhodesian SAS reappear.  But they're all long gone.  The Rhodesian Army is no more.  The white foreign volunteers who once flocked to Salisbury are scattered to the four winds.  Instead she and her family are receiving the eternal unchanging reward of the race traitor.   I'll have to be honest here.  It's very difficult for me to feel much sympathy for this sell-out traitor who tried to do a deal with the enemy at the expense of her own kind.  She is truly a study in pathos.  She did it to herself and her family.

I'm even confused about why anyone would write such a book or issue such a call.  Who does this shit-for-brains librarian think is going to respond?  The whites in South Africa, perhaps?  Guess again Catherine.  The whites in South Africa no longer control the police or military forces.  And they're getting the same treatment you are.  Perhaps she thought Tony Blair would come to the rescue?   After 50 years of betraying whites in Africa, did this peawit actually think Tony Blair's Brit-ZOG would send the British SAS and the Parachute Regiment to help her now?  It's not going to happen.  The kikes' investments in gold and diamonds in South Africa are all safe.  They won't let Blair do anything that might endanger that.  Blair's too busy importing Buckle's precious negroids into Britain so whites there can enjoy what whites in Rhodesia have already experienced.  Perhaps she thinks negroids Colin Powell and Condolezzi Rice are going to send General Shinseki and the US Army Circus to save her butt?   Or is she dreaming she'll strike a chord of conscience in negroid UN Secretary General Kofi Anan?

Did Catherine Buckle think there was any possible result other than enraging the syphilitic negroid Mugabe she once betrayed her people to?   Catherine Buckle's entire behavior may be symptomatic of fatally defective genetics of her own.  First she helps undermine the white soldiers and army that were protecting her from her current tormentors.  Now after they're gone she writes books and issues calls no one listens to for outside military intervention.  The only possible result could be to further enrage the negroids she struggled to raise to supreme power.  This is a classic case of suicidal White Liberal Female Syndrome.

The above is what FAEM is trying to warn all of you about before it's too late.  If you are North American white liberal female with the above symptoms, seek treatment immediately.  Get help now before you too betray your entire community, your family and are left to experience Catherine Buckle's fate. Contact us privately.  We'll get you enrolled in a caring educational treatment program.  Discretion and anonymity are assured.

In the philosophical scheme of the ages there's much justice in the above, unfortunately.  Rhodesia was the home of Churchill's assistant genocidal maniac, Arthur "Bomber" Harris.  Harris was the Commander in Chief of Bomber Command in the Second War to Kill White People.  It was Harris who rained down incendiary death on white German women and children to make the world safe for Judeo-Communism.   Well, Judeo-Communism has now come to ex-Rhodesia complete with "Burning Plastic".  "The millstones of the gods' justice grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine."


Read this firsthttp://www.sftt.org/news/current.html#Zman

Now fill in the missing blanks.  Imagine "E-10 Command Level" negroes conducting royal concourses through the units like African kings of old, or of Swaziland today.  Add in Lieutenant General Claudia Kennedy and her feminist peers whoring their way to the top with major Democratic Party contributor Significant Others.  Cap it off with the late Chief Rabbi of the Department of Defense, William Cohen, spending $250,000 plus of military funds on Hollywood parties for the Hollywood Jews and millions supporting their movie productions with military assets and personnel.

Scroll further down the SFTT article.  This collection of pharisees, whores and "dicks with legs" won't even spend the money to buy training ammunition.  Even if they did it wouldn't matter.   They don't know what to with it when they do have it.  They don't even know what calibers to buy.  Here's just how serious the situation is.  One part of the ZOG-Army, TODAY, is buying armor vests proof against 7.62mm NATO ball (and all lesser calibers and HE fragments) and helmets proof against 9mm bullets.  Meanwhile another Army agency defrauding the taxpayers under the guise of "Research and Development" is developing a dual 5.56mm/ 30mm grenade launcher weapon (OICW).  They plan to begin issuing this FIVE TO EIGHT YEARS FROM NOW.  Yet no part of this Hollywood prop will penetrate the current NIJ LEVEL III armor another part is buying today.   Where will body armor be eight years from now?  And don't imagine ZOG-USA has a lock on this personal armor technology.  You can buy imported South African armor meeting these specifications.  The our Jap general Shinseki doesn't pick up on this, either.  He's too busy trying to field a new generation of smaller, less mobile and less powerful tanks compared to the M1.  This all comes under the category of "no foresight".

The elites of ZOG-USA are aware of this decay.  ZOG has turned to mercenary outfits like MPRI and Dyn-Corp for serious missions in the Balkans and Columbia.    They know that outside of a few special operations units the U.S. Army has degenerated into a uniformed Job Corps.  It's retained because of its political pork barrel uses.  Wake up folks.  If you think this multi-racial affirmative action three ring circus of negroes, feminist whores and yellow men is going to protect you, think again.  This is one of those subjects where mistakes are described as "dead wrong".


I am writing a book – My Awakening. As soon as it's finished, it won't cost anyone $25. I'll give it away free. The first chapter starts –

I was flipping the multicolored caterpillar over with a straw when I felt this painful pain in my posterior. Almost immediately, as I was pulling my face out of the horse manure, I heard gramps say sternly, "My son, you know I dislike repeating myself. Now go do what you should have done in  the first place."

I remember 'Purps', our great chubby beagle looking squarely at me, head tilted as if beckoning me to say something. My sister had a small and sweet smile on her face. The rooster snapped up a kernel of corn and I heard a distant train. In that moment, when I felt my rear being lifted,  all of gramps words became very clear. He always meant what he said. It was my awakening.

One of the top candidates to become the next Pope, his mother was a Jew:

Simpson's Contemporary Quotations, compiled by James B. Simpson.1988. NUMBER: 4381

AUTHOR: Jean Marie Cardinal Lustiger, Catholic Archbishop of Paris

QUOTATION: I was born Jewish and so I remain, even if that's unacceptable for many.... For me, the vocation of Israel is bringing light to the goyim. That's my hope and I believe that Christianity is the means for achieving it.

ATTRIBUTION: Comment two years after becoming archbishop, quoted by John Vinocur "A Most Special Cardinal" NY Times 20 Mar 83

SUBJECTS: Humankind: Religion: Polity & Religious Leaders


(Submitted by a reader. Note: I believe the present Pope's mother had the last name Katz. So much for the "I am not a jew. I am a Catholic.")

As a kid, I was always perplexed by he inconsistencies in adult words and behavior. This amounted to a fascination which still is with me today.

A man kills another and becomes a detested murderer. If he kills a dozen others, he is a mass murder – far worse that the previous, it seems. Now, if the other man is called an "enemy" and you are a "soldier" than killing him is part of your "duty". If you kill a dozen of the enemy, you are a hero. Since we are all equal, it is puzzling that a change of name – friend to foe – renders us most unequal.

If I am 10 years old and I play with my jewels, it's called masturbation and people smile. If little Lucy, from down the street, fondles my jewels, then that's just childish 'experimentation'. If little Henry, Lucy's brother, fondles my jewels, then a little disapproved faggotry is in evidence. Now, if Lucy's 35 year old uncle fondles my jewels, he becomes guilty of "child abuse" even if I LIKE IT. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Janice is a 13 year old slob. She allows the neighborhood boys to hump her whenever an opportunity arises to disappear into the garage. The boys come and go and Janice humps and humps. When brought to her attention, she mentions that what she's doing is "natural" and turns her nose up while walking away. Fred, a neighbor with lots of money, offers Janice $200 if she'll let him hump her. Janice immediately becomes indignant and screams, "What do you think I am?" Odd business – right?

Errol Flynn, a very handsome film actor (50 years ago) who had pro-Nazi views, was apprehended once for 'tapping' a 17 year old female fan. This was labeled 'statuary rape' and Errol had one hell of a time keeping himself out of the slammer. The funny thing is that if he waited 9 more days, the girl would have had a birthday and he would never have been arrested and charged. The girl had a history of servicing men since she was 16. Buyer beware, I guess.

Ruth regularly visits her doctor where her privates are probed, fondled and examined. She pays him to do that. If her neighbor offered to PAY HER to do the same thing, she'd probably call the police.

It's this astounding facet of the human mind – the ability to sniff shit and call it 'roses' – which leads me to believe that the gods indeed have one great sense of humor.

Our parasites are always bitching about the money spent on the space program. This 'wasted' money could be better spent heppin' da po', they say. Take a look at MTV, sports, and the insane asylum called 'entertainment' in general, which includes gambling, and sum the billions of dollars spent on those items, none of it contributing a thing towards heppin' da po'. What you'll find is that Americans have a huge surplus of money which could be directed to more worthwhile social goals, such as heppin' da po'. If I were a well-heeled Bill Gates, the first thing I'd do is hep da po'. I'd help them to the docks. I'd help them board the ship. I'd help them by buying a one-way ticket back to their native cesspools where they could enjoy a society free of 'racism'. 
The flea-brained female talking-head, on the radio, mentioned that our area has plenty of water but we should conserve it anyway. "Conserve" means simply not to use it. If we don't use it, then what good is it relative to us? American rip-off conservation works this way – Suppose there is a shortage of natural gas. We conserve by cutting down on its use. The gas company sells less and so its profits are down. To bring profits back to the desired level, the price is raised. At this point, it is "discovered" that there wasn't a shortage after all but miraculously the prices never go back down. If it could be shown that increasing my electricity use would cause the death of a couple of our parasites, I'd rush right out and buy $1000 of electrical appliances and plug them all in. In the end, this would save society hundreds of thousands of dollars which would otherwise be wasted upon people who contribute NOTHING to the general good. If God loves the poor, then why not insure that all of them get shipped to Heaven as soon as possible? That should make Him very happy, wouldn't you say?
It should come as no surprise that birds build distinctive styles of nests and even if deprived from birth of association with other like birds, will unerringly build nests according to their kind. Beavers act like beavers, not because they were taught to do so, but because it is their nature to do so. It's only when we approach the apes, basketball players, rap stars, and others, that conscious efforts at imitation occur. Thus, the root of "to ape". Many animals can be made to exhibit behaviors out of context, unbecoming as it were, usually by the controlled application of pain. One stick has always proved more effective than a barrel of carrots.

We can observe whites behaving like blacks but no cheetah behaving as a leopard. The brain of the higher simians and of the genus Homo have an interesting attribute which allows a redirection of natural inclinations into other forms of expression. We call this acting and it is precisely this ability which gives masses of people the notion that if one behaves in a certain fashion long enough, then that behavior is not only permanent, but will be passed on genetically. This is called Lamarckism and is a fundamental axiom of all Marxist and communist thought. It permeates most American minds.

Chimpanzees performing on a stage by riding bicycles and smoking cigars, immediately revert to type when a few peanuts or bananas are tossed on the stage. More than one guard at Attica prison has told me that when some black starts thumping on a pail, all others go into what could be described as an 'ostrich' dance straight out of an old Tarzan movie. My lovable, but air-headed cousin, was mauled by the very same lion she brought up from a cub believing it to be a sweet over-sized pussy cat. South Africa and the former Rhodesia, are now simply being returned to jungle life once the restraints of white control disappeared.

No actor can betray his inner self for very long. If one observes closely, little hints pop out all of the time. Just initiate a steady rhythmic thump and soon black behinds will start to gyrate. This centuries old observation, plus many others, led to the "you can take a nigger out of the jungle but you can't take the jungle out of the nigger."  Men can imitate apes and apes can imitate man but apes are apes and men are men.

It is partially this truth which propels many racists. Color is of little importance as are all of the other attributes people love to cloak the love of one's own kind in. Underneath that kindly black Congresswoman's skin, lies the mud hut dweller. As one of the greatest minds of the last century said, "As the potato bug destroys both the potato and the potato field, because it is its nature to do so, so does the jew destroy people and nations."

As the asian and mestizo invasion increases in momentum, 2/3 of the white people simply do not care and some of this nonchalance has its roots in their Marxist education which teaches Lamarckism – for humans but Mendelism for animals. This, coupled with the swill oozing from the pulpits, will eventually prove to be a funeral song unless the gods arrange a life boat.. There remains only about 15% of our population who have the foresight to understand the meaning of the dark clouds on the advancing horizon. White strength has never been in  numbers.

When one is on a sinking ship, he soon notices that all of the rats appear on the deck. This is why we always remind to keep your eye on the jew. As Rhodesia stood at the point of no return, the jews skedaddled. After being instrumental in the destruction of apartheid and white rule, they were the first to flee, leaving the stupid goyim – idiots who believed the Marxist tripe – to get what their stupidity earned. When the mixed blood, lying drunk, Churchill was asked about the mess Britain was left in – as Goebbels predicted – he replied, relative to restoration, "That's a doleful task which I will leave to my successor." And people build monuments to human garbage such as this!

As the jew Greenspan heads for the hills, one can rightly wonder if this rat smelled something putrid in the hold.

I never get upset when millionaire lip flappers such as Lush Rimblow yap on about tree huggers and the EPA slowing down 'progress' – exploitation, that is. Capitalist hogs, interested in nothing save turning a profit, and thier Marxists partners in crime – feed the useless so they can multiply, thus creating more mouths to feed – are speeding up planetary destruction. Environmentalists can never turn the tide – only slow it somewhat so that the final battle with be Churchillian – let the next generation deal with it.
"I have given my life to alleviate the sufferings of Africa.  There is something that all white men that have lived there must learn and know; that these individuals are a sub-race; they have neither the intellectual, mental or emotional abilities to equate or share in any of the functions of our civilization.  I have given my life to try and bring them the advantages which our civilization must offer, but I have become well aware that we must retain this status; white, the superior, and they the inferior, for whenever a white man seeks to live among them as their equal, they will either destroy him or devour him, and they will destroy all his work; and so for any existing relationship or for any benefit to this people let white men from anywhere in the world who would come to help Africa remember that you must continually retain the status; you the master, and they inferior, like children that you would help or teach.  Never fraternize with them as equals, never accept them as your social equals;  or they will devour you; they will destroy you."  – Dr. Albert Schweitzer 
At one time, I had 11 ISP accounts. I carefully collected data relative to connect time, and other variables, such as time of day, and did the high school mean and deviation trick to see which was generally the best all around. As could be expected, the more you pay the more you gets. The freebies aren't worth the time to use. AOL is so cluttered with sophomoric crap, it's almost like watching talmud-vision. I settled upon one provider at $20 – nothing but pure, consistent and fast connect with no 'extras' at all.

Now I am giving CATV a shot via Adelphia. Outside of getting 3 sets of conflicting information for 3 experts, they do provide a generous box of do-it-yourself electronic junk which costs you nothing as long as you still pay the $40 per month charge. A drawback is that it takes about 3 minutes for the modem to wake up and get with it. My dial-up connection takes 40 seconds flat to latch onto the internet. Somewhere I read that for this reason, one leaves the CATV modem one continually. I have heard nothing postive about the DSL business with it 'contracts' and other funny stuff.

One should never forget that speed of information flow is dependent upon many other factors than just zipping down spme electronic highway. Super fast access very often is like driving a 4-wheeled rocket, such as an Iso Griffi, in downtown traffic – great if you can find an empty street.  I'll give this connection a couple of weeks but it appears that I'll be back to dial-up shortly. That extra $20 per month just doesn't seem like much of a value. One also might like to consider wheter CATV or phone lines are the most reliable. As incompetence grows, one should be prepared to see foul-ups proliferate.

Update on CATV connection – Adelphia's signal went thud and so I switched back to the old reliable telephone connection. They are sending out an "expert" tomorrow to see why the signal went from on to off at 11:30 this morning. Now I wonder if they lost any email since warning messages appeared telling how my username was not recognized by the cubic electrons at the other end of the tunnel.

I see that another pansy-ass has pulled my name from his list of "approved links". He sent emails all around telling everyone what a nasty man I was but if anyone had bothered to email me directly, I'd have told them that – straight from my hateful mouth. One thing I have always detested is little crotch-obsessed peckerheads talking behind people's backs. (Ever notice how many blightwing sites are creeping into the porno format?) It seems that they are always of the same mold – sissified but able to pull good grades in school which they interpret as being flags for genius, which they are not.
I was happy to see on another site, that the webmaster finally concluded that so-and-so was a jew as I mentioned over 1 year ago. The sad thing is that this fellow apparently could not figure it out for himself and had to rely  upon an article in some jewish periodical. There is another noise maker who I said was a jew and I suspect that it will be another year before the blightwing finally discovers this rather obvious fact.

It's interesting how so many ostensibly intelligent people cannot see there own contradictory behavior. They continually prate about jews lying about things and then use jewish sources for their 'facts'. It's amazing. The "only 2 percent of the population" is not verifiable, never has been and never will be, unless people define a jew differently that I do, or rely upon jewish 'statistics'. Of course, when you are relating the percentage of jews in the head-shrinking business, or any other business for that matter, it certainly augments your argument if you claim that jews are only a tiny fraction of the population. In this case, it's pure disinformation.

Many women bellow at porno shots since they claim that they 'exploit' women. Ease up girls, what sort of critter would expose her gynecologist's view of her anatomy to the camera in the first place? I remember my instructor at the Ft. Monmouth photography school saying, "Soldiers, this Leica (camera) is the greatest ass getter known to man or beast." Watching the boys in action at Asbury Park certainly convinced me. Girls love to be in photos – positions and clothing are irrelevant.
I just received an email – something about how to attract women sexually. Hell, I already know how to do that – just make sure my wallet is so full of $100 bills that I cannot bend it.
If you are not putting up your – THIS SITE SHOULD BE BANNED – www.faem.cc – stickers, then shame on you.
Many whites have given up
when it comes to defending their race. Most argue that the bastards are getting what's coming to them. (America sowed the wind in 1940 and is now reaping the whirlwind.) This is probably true for all of those over the age of 30 – and especially the greedy, self-consumed bunch of 45 plus. BUT, what about those adolescents and teen agers who will find a future which is little but left over turd-world shit? Their parents might not give a crap what happens as long as their SUV still moves, and their credit cards are still valid, but those kids who are not on drugs and do not seek a world filled with recreational flesh pumping and disease sharing, certainly do not deserve it.
The next time your Marxist history teacher babbles about the "Russian Revolution", say to yourself, "Your ass sucks kosher wind" and then direct him/her or it to  http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v14/v14n1p-4_Weber.html   BTW, a Russian writes taking issue with Mark Weber – A. Lunacharsky ("Council of People's Commissars", Ministry of Education) was a Russian.  He was a Jew also. Odd that in a land where freedom of information is supposed to be much less than ours, that Russians have no trouble in spotting jews.
 Many people have difficulty in shedding their Marxist training and entering the practical world of thinking for themselves. One prime example is this "race" business.

"Race" is a term which is generally accepted (which doesn't make it a truth, by the way) for "sub-species". How does a particular life-form get to be 'species' instead of a 'race'? That depends upon which expert you chose to parrot and each expert has his own criteria. This essentially means that they are all talking through their sweat soaked sombreros. If different races are to be recognized, then it stands to reason that X% of population "A" are distinguishable as NOT belonging to population "B". Interestingly enough, taxonomists like the figure 75%. I think it is obvious that at least 75% of Martin L. King's relatives do not belong on Clint Eastwood's family tree. If those differences amount to a very high number, perhaps 99%, then we have basis for the distinction, species.

This might seem fine and dandy, but all seem to disagree upon what constitutes a 'useable difference' in the first place. To add to this pottage, new differences are being unearthed with each passing week, relative to the genus Homo. So the verbal fist-fights continue and expand. Religious writers have also mentioned that it is a sacrilege to classify man as we do the animals. These people, however, fail to define what they mean by 'man'.

At one time, it was popular to define species within the context of being unable to cross-breed but there are so many instances of species cross-breeding that the position is hard to uphold. The bottom line, is that 'we' are trying to compartmentalize all of life by appending them with labels. When one fixates his life, and so-called knowledge, upon labels, he will assuredly miss what is real.

As with my father, I am not greatly influenced by Madison Avenue propaganda. I don't care if spinach is an elixir sent by God Himself to cure all of my problems with blessed vitamins, minerals, phlogiston and vibrating vacuums. I don't like the stuff and I won't eat it. Most of those my age, who were avid spinach eaters and now dead. I am not sure there is a connection. Anyway, there is NOT ONE attribute of black people which I find worthwhile to mention. I choose not to associate with them nor have any interaction WHATSOEVER. If they were all to vaporize overnight, I'd think the gods were finally starting to grant us favors.

The next article deals with baboons chasing blacks as sex objects. We have a similar parallel here in decaying garbageville USA – blacks chasing white women as sex objects. Note that in both cases, the women are not objecting, only the men folk. This makes me wonder about the twit brained honky Jane Goodall and her association with gorillas.


This article reports a recent outbreak of racism and fears of race mixing in Swaziland.  "They want to have sex with our women," says Musa Mlothswa about local baboons (real ones) running out of control.  The problem appears to originate in the usual weakening of law enforcement standards, this time under the guise of 'environmentally friendly' anti-poaching laws.

Harvard University should start a scholarship fund for these persecuted baboons and set aside 100 places in each freshman  class for them.  They could demonstrate real solidarity in the struggle against specieism.  After all, a Harvard law professor already offers this legal ethics course ( http://www.ethics.harvard.edu/curriculum/course/law.html ).

"Animal Rights Law. Mr. Steven Wise. In this course we will learn that non-human animals are not legal persons and have no legal rights. They do have a small number of legal protections. We will review some of these protections and delve into the difficulties of attaining standing to litigate in the interests of non-human animals. However, for the last 25 years, demands that at least some other animals be given at least some fundamental legal rights have been rising. We will discuss the sources and characteristics of fundamental rights, why Humans are entitled to them, why non-human animals have been denied then, whether legal rights should be limited to humans and, if not, what non-human animals should be entitled to them under the common law, and to which legal rights they should be entitled. Finally, we will examine in detail the arguments for and against the entitlement of chimpanzees and bonobos to the common law rights to bodily integrity and bodily liberty."


What we do not know about heredity is probably millions of times greater than what we do know. There is even widespread confusion when it comes to the terms used. For example, many consider 'dominance' to be the same as superiority. Superiority requires a parameter of comparison, while dominance does not. An elephant is superior to a mouse when it comes to the ability to uproot trees. On the other hand, a mouse is superior to an elephant when it comes to producing volumes of offspring.

Adding small amounts of drinking water to prussic (hydrocyanic) acid hardly affects its deadly nature. Adding a tiny amount of prussic acid to drinking water profoundly affects its nature. Thus, we could say that concerning such a a mixture, prussic acid is dominant. Dominance is when a mix of two things resembles one constituent more than it does the other. Dominance obviously has degrees.

Dominant biological features are often quite undesirable, and often a disability, as is the case of six fingers. Even though dominant, we see very few such hands since most normal people have an aversion to mating with anyone who possesses such. Many susceptibilities to disease are dominant traits although most of them are recessive.

The absence of certain elements cannot be considered recessive. One cannot assign recessive or dominant to a characteristic which isn't there. (In math, zero is neither positive or negative.) Women often delight in the fact that a male chromosome lacks a certain attribute. This is not a case of being recessive or dominant. It just isn't there and male/female is still practically a 50/50 proposition. The absence of pith in the hair – one of the hundreds of racial characteristics of white people – is not a recessive trait but just something which isn't there. Pure water is not an example of something recessive. Purity is always EASILY contaminated, adulterated. That's why cosmopolitan societies always get darker with time – as is America and Europe.

We should pay more heed to racial characteristics which cannot be seen, but have to be deduced from behavior. A blond person who goes "ape" when he hears nigger hip hop/rap crap, certainly cannot be considered white even thought his biological garb indicates that he might be. A tawny, brown haired fellow who is driven away by such thumping and screeching antics undoubtedly has very few black "inner" characteristics. In any event, no check list will prove to be more valuable than what our gut instincts tell us – if we learn how to listen to them.

Relative to my previous comments about the asian IQ of 106, the following email was received. I'd like again to mention that IQ tests were devised as a means of PREDICTING the PROBABILITY of success for those entering college. A high score meant that one was MORE LIKELY to do better in college than someone with a lower score. IQ tests are an academic exercise designed to test the ability to further delve into academic matter. Such tests have NEVER BEEN indictors of real world, that is, LIFE intelligence. To popularize this fact would be to let the air out of the academia big-bucks business balloon. It's a shame that this has not only been overlooked but that those with ego problems seem to enjoy using their scores as ball bats in order to intimidate others and assume a holier-than-thou attitude. In fact, there is an organization called Mensa – whether an acronym, a name of a constellation or named after a jungle-bunny king named Mensa Bonsu, I do into know – which admits those who score high on whatever tests they believe to be sanctioned by God. Since a person's innate ability is not a product of his efforts, and this includes the beauty of women, I cannot fathom such people assuming a "smell me" attitude relative to the rest of the world. But some people just require such unearned cosmetics in order to sleep well at night. I've been around! – from driving taxi-cab, and digging ditches, to sitting on my tail in supervision and writing analysis procedures. In those positions, I have found remarkable ingenuity, inventiveness and a gut intelligence which permeates the entire white working class. Most of these people never achieved high scores in academics and I ask, "So what?" – if what they DO is of high competence. Test scores are test scores. They are only TOOLS which are used to PREDICT POSSIBILITIES. The proof of any pudding is in the eating.

I can now compare two women I know. One has an IQ of 120 and the other 150 or so. Betty150 is obviously more intelligent than Betty120, wouldn't you say? Betty120 graduated from an engineering school and now is a junior department head at Boeing. Betty150 never had an honest job in her life and wiles away her time screwing whatever ambles into her apartment. She has children which obviously are aware of their mother's priorities. Get real! Screw the test scores! Which do you REALLY think is more intelligent? Which is the more valuable to her community? Nuff said.

From Mr. A.B. – QUOTE – The statistic is true, but meaningless out of context, like most statistics.  Asians test at around 106 as a mean score on the IQ tests, while whites are around 102, and the American Nigs at around 85 (I understand the 100 "mean" comes from lumping everyone together, with the jungle bunnies dragging the low end down – also African Nigs score even lower – no white blood to help them out).

What the mean score doesn't tell you about is the distribution.  The Standard Deviation for whites is around 15 points.  The productive portion of white society in terms of most inventions and also managerial and professional roles is that above 115 IQ, the upper 1/6th of the population.  The upper roughly 2.5% above 130 is the real power house of whites (the actual percentage is a bit higher as Murray and Herrnstein showed in the Bell Curve because of an inordinate presence of white geniuses – look at their Bell Curves for whites).

Asian Standard Deviation is, I understand, more along the lines of around 9 points.  This leaves them a similar proportion of the population above the 115 threshold for competent managerial people, but denies them anywhere nearly as large a proportion above 130. These test figures correlate into our obvious observations of real life – smart Asians make competent managers of existing things in many respects, but leaves them on the short end of the really powerful smarts needed to create new inventions.  Asian "inventions" and Patents deal mostly with small improvements to white breakthroughs, as I believe you have observed before.  There is no great Asian miracle, like an automobile, electricity, a railroad, calculus, a geological method for locating underground resources, or a complex petrochemical. There are Asian "incremental improvements" like their Shinkansen high speed trains, which are a Japanese technical marvel, but completely unthinkable without reference to the basics they rely upon pioneered by westerners.

This also accounts for Asian overrepresentation in colleges.  The upper half of Americans, with respect to IQ's goes to college nowadays, which means those over 100 in general.  There are more Asians over this number proportionally than whites.  But the generality of them are not more intelligent, which accounts for the well known fact that in the more selective schools and in graduate schools, Asians do not achieve at the same level as whites, nor do the graduate schools actively seek them out unless the available spaces cannot be filled with willing whites (Carnegie Mellon faculty told me the only reason there are so many Asians in grad schools is that they come with money from their governments and they take slots that would otherwise remain open because of a lack of white engineering students interested in filling them – but that if they could get more Americans, meaning whites, they would take them and ship some Asians home or refuse them entry). (Also note that neither China nor Japan sends their slugs over here so the average Joe is actually competing with the best of the asians. RF)

It can also be seen in the professions.  All the nationally known people in Law, Engineering, Medicine, and Science are NOT Asian, in the main.  The Asians form a competent bottom rung of these fields – there are not generally the stars.

Regards, A.B.


This is a good article by Thomas W. Chittum on the collapse of ZOG authority and its police in the negro areas of inner city Cincinnati, Ohio and Seattle.  It won't be long now.

Mr. Chittum's article highlights the flashing red light urgency for all white militiamen to immediately begin (or continue) intensive individual preparation and training.  The time is almost upon us when "9-1-1" will be answered by a recording: "The number you have dialed is not in service at this time..."

Don't delude yourselves thinking ZOG-USA Army or National Guard units will save the day along with you and your family.  The cavalry is not going to appear over the hill at the last minute.  All Army and most National Guard units are so racially mixed they will collapse when confronted with real racial warfare.  This plus their down-trained feminized nature have already neutralized them.