11 August 2001
The 6,000,000 dollar question – Why do decent looking women, like the Swede May Britt (Maybritt Wilkens), love to spread their knees for some of the ugliest critters on earth – like she did with the one-eyed, drug-head, runt, ugly ugly ugly, Sammy Davis Jr.? Stupidity? Insanity? Overwhelming twat twitch? Masochism? Money? What? If any of you perceptive young white fellows out there can enlighten me, then be my guest.
Do not waste your time discussing issues with people of other races. Never discuss anything with those demonstrating evidence of White LiberalFemale Syndrome, WLFS. This disease is far more mind, and soul, destroying than a triple dose of PMS and tertiary syphilis combined. I have even known males to have it! (If you are married to one of these pseudo-testicles, it's best to quietly disappear after putting one end of a curtain in the toaster and pressing 'toast'. One of the best examples of this sort of gushing mush head is Julie Nixon Eisenhower.)  If you must discuss things more profound than a certain niggerball maneuver, make sure it's another concerned white male. If anyone calls you a 'Nazi', then do as Savitri Devi did and respond, "Thank you. That's the greatest compliment I could have received."
Coming attractions – Maguire is applying a revisionist approach to American history – the Federalist Papers and so forth. After reading bits of his incomplete article, it's indisputable – the Second Amendment refers to CITIZENS and NOT to all of that talmudvision jazz about the 'National Guard', ad nauseam, which the commies like to tell us. There is no country on the face of the earth like our America but world-wide, the enemies of freedom are trying to scuttle it.

The authors of the 'National Guard' innovations, with their attempted restricted definitions of Militia in the early 20th Century, were the same cabal who brought us the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

Some are not pleased with the idea that those left behind in SA and Zimbabwe deserve no support. The argument is that there are large numbers of innocent children which had nothing to do with the sell-out of their country. That's true, but what does innocence have to do with anything? Are we to spend time scanning each and every individual to see if he deserves this or that? This is not a matter of individual combat, but one of a group for or against another group. When your sights are on some 'enemy' soldier, do you shoot him or send a questionnaire to examine whether he "deserved" to have his life shortened? When we bombed the ball bearing works at Stuttgart, on the Nektar River, we hesitated not, and wondered less whether the workers were "innocent" women. The object was to destroy the factories which I am sure contained an innocent variety of nearly everything which ever creeped or crawled. As Clint Eastwood said in the movie, Unforgiven, "Deserves has nothing to do with it." In the same vein, Gene Hackman asked," Innocent? Innocent of what?"

Little kids often grow up to be Ted Bundys, Charles Mansons or Jeff Dahmers. I surely believe that at one time they were all cute little 'innocent' children. Would society have been better off if it got rid of them before they grew up? (The jews think so as they admonished Hitler's friend, August Kubizek, for not killing the youthful Hitler when he had a chance.) There is no way of telling but there is this one thing – if selling out your own race represents a genetic defect, then why save the children? If those SA white kids could be whisked to safety, how could you be sure they wouldn't just be another batch of sell-outs as their parents were?

When one falls into the Zambezi River, not every crocodile will slap it jaws shut on your ass. Dozens will never take part. In that sense, they are 'innocent'. But ALL crocs have a certain nature which we should be well advised to consider plus the fact that 'cute' teeny weeny itsy bitsy baby crocs GROW UP to be big and dangerous ones, as do pickaninnies. The doodles in Zimbabwe come from a long line of people with mush for brains and there is no reason I would doubt that succeeding generations will be any different. It remains to be seen whether we are of similar stock.

We are under no obligation to be concerned over the progeny of people who contribute not to our racial community welfare, even of they live amongst us. Many whites are so full of guilt – especially Germans – for things they had no part in, that they are dysfunctional to the point of not being able to make a decision about anything. It's about time we cleansed our souls of this death-dealing rot.

There would have been no Second Amendment unless the people had the means (arms) to defend it. Without the Second Amendment, there would have been no First Amendment.
This just in from a fellow who didn't leave his name.

I just wanted to tell you about an experience I had yesterday at the St. Paul MN post office.  I have passed the civil service
test for a janitors job at the post office (low stress, relatively good pay).  I was in the medical clinic pissing in a cup for the PO
so they could see if I am a druggy.  There sits this Somali woman wearing her Muslim veil etc.  She needed help filling out the
medical questionnaire.  They ask you things like have you ever had TB, screwed a sheep :o), had a heart attack etc.  You just fill in the circle either yes or no.  She was having problems doing this.  (You think the mail is bad now!).  Anyway, I was getting
angry about this situation.  Here is this alien who I never invited into my country.  Her and her people drag a few dead
American solders through the street and they get to come to the USA. What a deal!  She probably is higher on the hire list than
I am since she is a shit and I am a white male with military service.  I felt like choking her with her damn veil then I thought it
would be better to find a jew and grab him by his ample nose and rub it in shit, but then again he might like that!  So I hope you see where I am coming from.  I get very angry and frustrated with the whole scene.  In the meantime, Bushy boy is on TV
talking about stem cell research while our country is being over run with Turd World muds! Peace.

(Note: A feminist reading the above would immediately side with the woman – poor baby, she is just trying to get an honest job. We must help her. RF)

This will keep you busy for a while —  THE PROFITS OF RELIGION by Upton Sinclair http://www.infidels.org/library/historical/upton_sinclair/profits_of_religion.html 
It was one of those required courses – seat time and plenty of opinions to gas over. No one learned a thing even though he spent tuition money for the wasted time. But that's part of the 'higher' education rip-off racket.

A question was posed: Suppose only one kidney machine (dialysis) was available and 4 people needed it desperately. A 40 year old surgeon, a 30 year old mom of three, a 4 month old infant and a successful 50 year old farmer. If you were in control, which person would you choose to save at the expense of the others?

The females, of course, all went baby nuts bellowing lines such as, "...the potential to be...", while others went the mother route. One male suggested the farmer since the others were dependent upon him for food. Again the females – the surgeon came in last because, of the four kiddies involved, surely one of them MIGHT become a surgeon, or a farmer.

I sat with studied amusement and when they were finished trying to browbeat each other into consensus, the prof tuned to me for an opinion. It was to the point: While you foolish people were wasting your time exercising indecision, two Puerto Ricans stole the damned thing. All paused and then burst into laughter except for the baby-hugger.

* * * * * * * *
While young, I read Lamb's books on Genghis Khan (Temujin). This light-skinned, green-eyed Mongol was one smart dude even though he never went to Harvard or was a Rhode's Scholar. His attack upon some Russian walled city was typical.

The 'horde', usually about 200,000 to 300,000 arrow-shooting horse riders, approached the hill top overlooking the city. The city folk had been previously warned that their asian brothers had devastated several other cities and slaughtered everything living within its confines – dogs, birds, kiddies, etc. It was not reported whether they stomped upon the ants or swatted the flies. Of course, these wise people closed and locked  their gates and were safely nestled within the walls of their fort-like city.

Days passed, and all the residents could see were happy Mongols playing games, laughing and often waving to those gawking from behind their walls. I could hear the conversations are they obviously unraveled:

"Hey man. What a jolly bunch. They don't look like a bunch of murderous fellows to me. Hell, two of them waved at me and I waved back."

"I think someone must have given us wrong information. Well, maybe they did kill a few people but probably that was because they posed a threat to them. That's understandable, wouldn't you say?"

"We never did anything to them, so why would they want to harm us? We could give them some grain for their horses and they'd probably leave – going to wherever they were going."

"Yes. Yes. They're just like us. They have fun with their games just as we do."

With that, a few adventurous souls went out into the fields to quickly scoop up shocks of grain. The Mongols continued to laugh, play and wave back. One by one, people went back to their field work now leaving the city gates wide open. Still the Mongols, played, waved and occasionally sang a bit.

"You see? They mean us no harm. They are just a fun-loving lot."

It was near high noon when the last city folk picked up the remainder of their harvest. The Mongols waved, and waved, and sang. The singing soon stopped and the thunder of one-quarter of a million horses feet echoed throughout the hills. The gates were open and the Mongols, swords and bows at the ready, rode in briskly and killed everything within sight and hearing. What could be burned was set afire. What could be toppled, was toppled. When no further destruction was possible, the chant "God gave man a millions things to enjoy and man cannot offer one thing in return. Kill. Kill. Kill." was shouted three times.

The patient Mongols finally had their day in the sun.

* * * * * * * *
The white people of Rhodesia, South Africa and all of present-day modern world, are no different than those slaughtered during the days of 1200 A.D. Now, we are informed that many desperate white people, still alive in SA and Zimbabwe, need financial assistance in order to escape what many are slowly becoming to realize – black people are not their brothers. This leaves us in a quandary. Shall we all act as females and do what we can to bail those silly, wishful-thinking, souls out of the mess they created for themselves? Or should we be objective men and realize that Father Time has scheduled the demise of ALL whites entrapped in those areas? As men, we can only conclude that the battle is over, they lost, and one eternal racial enemy is only going through his mopping up operations. Would it not behoove us to use whatever resources we can muster and apply them where there is still hope? We are in a process of retreating – hopefully for a regrouping – and it is extremely dangerous to pause in order to rescue those far in the rear. We gave the woman the right to operate equally on our ground. They failed miserably. That was our foolishness. Never send a woman, or a boy, to do a man's job.

While we pause and bicker, two Puerto Ricans stole the damned thing.

I often listen amusedly to so-called parents in the neighborhood trying to direct discipline towards their children. One woman just shouted, "IF you don't stop punching your brother in the head, you'll have to get out of the (tiny) pool."

(1) The little girl was already shivering and so the treat of that punishment seems nebulous. (2) Why describe her naughty activities any way? Is she so retarded that she didn't know what she was doing? (3) The presence of the IF only signals that the kids can cut up anyway they wish because a 'second chance' was always offered.

Although it never happened, if I and my sister were in similar circumstance, all mom would do would be to ask, "Would you like it if I told your father about what is going on?" With that, all such activity would cease. We knew what mom was objecting to and we knew our loving father very well.

At a very, very early age, all kids learn that smashing windows, drawing on the walls, shrieking, and other such unwanted activities are not welcome. Why should a parent have to remind them? Over and over and over? If, in a fit of "childish fun", I tossed one of dad's shoes into the toilet, not a word would be spoken and I would certainly not be ignorant of why my tail end was enriched with pain. Once a child knows that his parent's WORD is good, you'd be surprised at how much need not be spoken – ever.

Lazy parents certainly have accepted the notion that kids cannot be taught self-discipline. Therefore, why try? Just lay back and let the weeds grow. They look so happy stomping on the flower garden, don't they? Haven't the jews insisted that 'discipline' ruins a kid's potential and damages them psychologically for life? Haven't we adopted it as part of the "American dream"? Everyone is running wild fully expecting a benevolent federal 'mom' to clean up the mess.

I am getting old. That's the time of life when one pays for the sins of youth.

I plunged into the Tonawanda at the Great Bend, where the Iroquois used to play and torture their captives, and started to swim south towards Attica Prison. The water was pretty much the same as I remembered as a kid – turbid, warm, full of fish and creepy things, a smell of stagnancy here and there, an occasional turtle plus a view of a few cows crapping on the shore. I went under the old Erie bridge when memories of leaping from the top into the water, rushed upon me. There, later, was "bare ass beach" with not a soul around. Around the nearby bend was the weeping willow with the rope still hanging from a branch over the water, as it had been for over 50 years. Gone were the days when rambunctious kids used it to propel themselves to the center where they let go, fell, and splashed into the water. As I reached the Chestnut Street bridge, I realized that I was damned tired. I was damned tired earlier but my stubborn nature refused to let me admit this to myself. Alas, I dragged myself out, rested a bit and hoofed it back to the dam where we used to gather and catch fish by the buckets.

The younger people today always seemed puzzled when they hear of tales of kids actually using this creek for recreation – a creek dotted with swimming holes all the way to Alexander where the Wiedrich 'hole' was. I fondly remember the daughters, Connie, Yvonne, Madge and Bonnie, all of whom seemed to love being in the water nude. Naughty girls, I suppose. Imagine young kids actually using 'nature's own' as a place to swim. Seems odd, doesn't it? Well, I think it much more odd to dip into a small, confining, over-sized bath tub, called a 'swimming pool' – chemically akin to a septic tank – with its oxidized urine, oxidized sweat and oxidized mucus from whatever happens to share it.

Damn, but I had a great youth – free to screw things up and suffer the just desserts. No lifeguards, no whistles, no rules, no twits for mothers yelping about 'safety'. Nothing but hell-raising kids enjoying FREEDOM!!

Written by Tsun to be posted to a thread at Samuel Francis Online Forum:
Frederick William I mentions Kevin MacDonald's point that:

"the radical individualism embodied in the Enlightenment ideal of individual rights is especially problematic as a source of long-term stability in a Western Society because of the danger of invasion and domination by group strategies such as Judaism and the possibility of defection of gentile elites from the ideals represented in the other two models of social organization"

 I see his point, but then, the jews and our elites themselves are wanting to eliminate our individual rights, so if Kevin Mac is correct... Hmmm... is it better to have no rights under one's own elites or to have no rights under aliens. I'll have to think about that one. Duh, there's that "Only two choices" trick again!

Frederick William I himself doesn't like

"being negative on the American people fundamentally, and as Francis pointed out, there's nothing really wrong with the American people that a change in the elite wouldn't cure."

Come on, FWI! These are the famous Boobs that drove Mencken nuts! These are the idiots who got themselves suckered into two world wars they badly wanted to avoid.  These are the same dolts who lost both wars but believed their no-good leaders when told they had "won." These are the nincompoops who willingly waged a War on Communism for around 50 years without even bothering to ask first, "Err, exactly what the heck is this communism stuff?" Rest assured that if they had thought to ask that question, when their leaders responded, "Communists are bad because they fly the Commie Flag," the morons would have scratched their heads and said, "Duh! Well, let's give it to them good and hard, then!"

But in your next message you hope that:

"conservatism can be revived and become a dominant philosophy"

 I'm afraid I have some bad news for you: the American Boobs are hardly capable of reviving Parcheesie or Mumbly-Peg, let alone conservatism (in any form). What the heck have you been smoking? It must be some pretty good stuff, ha ha.

On the other hand, you advocate retraining and reeducating the Boobs, so you're at least half way on the ball. But we're talking about people who don't like education, you know... folks who would rather be booted out of a trench smack into a hail of machinegun fire than forced to read anything deeper than the Sports pages or Dick Tracy. So, just exactly how do you intend to carry out your retraining and reeducating? Well, don't fret too much. I may have a plan for you. Hold on a minute or two.

Critical Path Finder:

Excellent point about the British Oligarchy and Venice. I haven't heard that from many people. Did you get it from Webster G. Tarplay's Against Oligarchy book that was once found on the 'Net, but has now vanished? If so, have you copied the files? I lost them all on a dead hard drive a couple years back. Would you believe that Belloc backs Tarplay up in his How the Reformation Happened?

Frederick William I doesn't like what you say about the Brits, but I understand you mean the British Oligarchy,  not the British people, who are generally great. And more than a tad smarter than their cousins across the pond, I must add! I toured the UK with a knapsack and a rail pass and did some hitch hiking too. It was near the end of Sir Freddy Laker's Airline Fiasco. Back before the mudslide really hit. I met truck drivers who were every bit as informed as physicians. Not all of them, but quite a few. The real tragedy of America is that it's regular people are not exactly regular; they are subnormal. IGNORANT, and PROOOOOOUD of it!

The rest of CPF's post is very interesting.

We could take the question about the German ME-262 and ask Robert Frenz, at FAEM. He is knowledgeable about the German scientific advances, especially their airplanes. I will try to copy and paste your text and email him for an answer.

Please tell me why the British Monarchy changed its name during WWII (The First War To Kill White People aka TFWTKWP)?

Yeah, some early Euro (mostly English) Americans did come for religious and political liberty, but for most of them that had to translate into Land Ownership for their Folk. Blood & Soil again, those most American of Values.

Of course, they had coloureds and assorted darkies around. But don't kid yourself; they had no intention of turning things over to those muds. Again, I don't think the possibility could have even entered their psyches. Just imagine Dr. William Pierce taking a trip on a time machine (or maybe the WayBack Machine®). He's going to tell Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and a whole bunch of other Dead White Males, "You've got to remove all non-Whites from this continent! Why, they'll marry your daughters and destroy the White Race!" Can you see the results? I sure can! They'd either punch him out or they'd frogmarch him into Bedlam, and quick.

Why did I quote Black's? Easy: Bouviers was on a higher shelf, ha ha. That would be Bouviers 8th Edition published in 1914, and Black's Revised 4th. I don't have Black's 5th. But, I'll believe you that they pulled something funny between the two editions. I've seen that Table of British Regnal Years in the back. I don't think they put that in there just to educate dumb Americanos. I don't think you believe that either. BTW, can you tell us of one or two important word changes between the 4th and 5th edition, there?

Yep, The War of 1812...err...I mean the War to Hide the Original 13th Amendment... Lincoln's War, and all the rest, including Bushy, Casper, and Nigger Powell receiving Knighthood overseas; it's a rotten tale indeed. One that FWI ought to *reeducate* himself about. And while we're on the subject, I'm sure you know how the Magna Carta doesn't even exist because it was "disallowed" by the Pope a short time after Bad John signed it. Seems that people – even Barons – not party to a contract cannot change or nullify that contract, and the Poop had a contract with John, didn't he?

And that opens a whole new can of worms, doesn't it? Because what you say about Babylon's whore reminds me that the whole Popish Cult was borrowed straight out of Mithraism. Or, maybe it wasn't borrowed, maybe it was set up by Mithraism Central, which had moved to Rome from Babylon. And now our (well, maybe not "our") next Poop is due to be a jew, they say. Jews? Babylon? Babylonian Talmud? Poops? Jews with Scatalogical fixations? The mind boggles! Worse yet, that kindly Mr. Hitler was a Roman Catholic, I've been told. Do you think there's anything to that little rumor?

But the fact is, it really doesn't matter who is behind it all. Does it? Just like it don't [sic] matter if you ain't [sic] learnt [sic] to use words right [sic], but you can still see a big old stinking dead skunk in the middle of the road and drive around it. Correct?

What does matter is that the dumb-ass American Boobs don't want to hear about anything besides niggerball and some slatternly jew actress's boob-job. That's the real problem. And if you ask me, you are not going to reeducate them or badger them into "reviving" Chinese Checkers, let alone some flavor of conservatism (or anything else).

No, and the shameful thing is that they are not natively dumb, but willfully-ignorant. So... the only thing that will save us is if we can trick the dirty little buggers into doing what needs to be done. Somehow we must coax them into becoming more self-reliant and independent. Fool them into becoming Freemen. As you know, there is only one way to get them to do that. Offer them money! Well, Moses did it without money, but it took him 40 years we ain't [sic] got.

Now, I've made this response kind of long. There's a reason for that. I was fulfilling my Prime Directive: Always Go Out Of Your Way To Make A Bad Impression Upon The Undesirable! Now that the undesirable are long gone, and not around to spy and find out about the little secret I'm about to share with you, please take a click upon the following URL: http://www.front14.org/tsun/cantons100/ and learn of your salvation. It's something called "The New Cantons." Your comments (and improvements) appreciated!

Regards, Tsun

P.S. As far as I'm concerned, you can keep the Constitutions if you will enforce the Bills of Rights.