20 August 2001
The ZOG Zoo is still open 24-7-365. The circus goes – niggers kill white farmers (Zim bubble wee). Niggers now ain't gots no vittles. Niggers now hungry. USZOG nows sends food to niggers so they can kill mo' honkies and keep on humping to produce more starving nignogs who need additional food. Anyone see what's wrong here? It's tossing gasoline onto a fire to put it out.
Didja ever notice that the people who want us to give the 'stolen' land back to the Injuns are the same people who do not want the jews to give the 'stolen' land back to the Palestinians. Vot gifs?
Rush Limbaugh.
My opinion? A Zionist agent pure and simple. Be wary of anyone peddling the conservative-liberal song and dance. Rush provides an outlet for the weeny whackers who get mental orgasms over be allowed to mouth some bit of bigoted trivia over the air waves. It's all about ego-stroking. Anyway, Rush peddles too much horseshit for me to bother listening. Who believes his crap? Those who voted for Bush, Clinton and Perot, obviously. (My comment was precipitated by a Maguire comment of which I echoed.)
The military reform foundation "Soldiers For The Truth" is now dissolving itself, as announced here on its website:
http://www.sftt.org .  It may be it got in trouble with the IRS by straying into commentary on the true (low) performance of the Equal Opportunity Soldiers (i.e. women and negroes).  After three years of retirement the head, LTC Ralf W. Zimmerman  (Ret) has undoubtedly realized the Department of Defense is all too representative of the current state of American society.

    Here's another information source for anyone wanting to keep inside touch with the ongoing collapse of ZOG's military forces: http://www.infowar.com/iwftp/cspinney/cspinney.shtml  Your webmaster there is Chuck Spinney, a high ranking civil servant in the Department of Defense.    The style is a bit more high-brow but the content is identical to what SFFT formerly conveyed.

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Speaking of carrying water in a sieve – In one WNY city, the nignoglettes who dun flunked da 8th grade math exam had to go to summer school. (Keep in mind that present-day 8th grade math used to be called 6th grade arithmetic.) Now dat summer school dun gone, dez bin gibben a nu exam. Since I know one administrator who likes me (the woman has poor taste in studs), she let me peek at the results of one group of 223 students. The highest score was 42 – a MF genius! Most scores were clustered around the 12 -17 points region. My wager – NONE of these intellectually challenged cotton-pickers will ever REPEAT the failed grade as outlined in last years big noise about 'raising standards'. Standards REQUIRE discrimination, wouldn't you say?
           SHIELDS UP!


    Here's an interesting article on armor developments.  The reporter garbled most of the story though.  This electro-magnetic defense system is intended to disrupt the blow-torch like jet generated by high explosive shaped charges.  These shaped charges are what guided anti-tank missiles like the TOW-2 and HELLFIRE carry for warheads.

    Assuming they can make this work it doesn't mean ultra heavy armor will become obsolete.  Au contraire, thick frontal and side armor to defend against direct fire guns and hyper-velocity missiles becomes more necessary than ever.  Such an
electro-magnetic defense system leaves only one reliable anti-tank killer.  This is the hyper-velocity "long rod penetrator" made of depleted uranium.

    This electro-magnetic anti-shaped charge story shouldn't have been news to Army Chief of Staff (and former tank officer) General Eric Shinseki.  It's his own technical developers ("both sides of the Atlantic") who are making these advances.  It is against this near future technological milieu that Yellow Man Shinseki decided to step back from the 125mm Rheinmetall main gun and the heavy armor of the M1A2 to wheeled vehicles carrying 105mm main guns called the Armored Gun System.

    The Japanese Army always did like light weight tanks with small guns.  The Siren Song of the ancestors is clearly too
overpowering for General Shinseki even after a full career in the US Army Armor Branch.  But unlike Odysseus, Shinseki didn't have the foresight to order his crew to lash him to the mast, stop up their ears with wax and ignore his any of his commands until they were out of danger (meaning completing his tenure as CofS).


Actual Law Suits  (submitted by a reader) After reading these laughable, but very tragic, episodes, don't you think our actions relative to Zimbabwe fit right into our loony bin mentality?

1. January 2000: Kathleen Robertson of Austin, Texas was awarded $780,000 by a jury of her peers after breaking her ankle tripping over a toddler who was running amuck inside a furniture store. The owners of the store were understandably surprised at the verdict, considering the misbehaving tyke was Ms. Robertson's son.

2. June 1998: A 19-year-old Carl Truman of Los Angeles won $74,000 and medical expenses when his neighbor ran his hand over with a Honda Accord. Mr. Truman apparently didn't notice someone was at the wheel of the car whose hubcap he was trying to steal.

3. October 1998: A Terrence Dickson of Bristol, Pennsylvania was exiting a house he finished robbing by way of the garage. He was not able to get the garage door to go up, because the automatic door opener was malfunctioning. He couldn't re-enter the house because the door connecting the house and garage locked when he pulled it shut. The family was on vacation, so Mr. Dickson found himself locked in the garage for 8 days. He subsisted on a case of Pepsi he found, and a large bag of dry dog food. This upset Mr. Dickson, so he sued the homeowner's insurance claiming the situation caused him undue mental anguish. The jury agreed to the tune of half a million dollars and change.

4. October 1999: Jerry Williams of Little Rock, Arkansas was awarded $14,500 and medical expenses after being bitten on the buttocks by his next-door neighbor's beagle. The beagle was on a chain in its owner's fenced-in yard, as was Mr. Williams. The award was less than sought after because the jury felt the dog may have been provoked by Mr. Williams who, at the time, was shooting it repeatedly with a pellet gun.

5. May 2000: A Philadelphia restaurant was ordered to pay Amber Carson of Lancaster, Pennsylvania $113,500 after she slipped on a spilled softdrink and broke her coccyx. The beverage was on the floor because Ms. Carson threw it at her boyfriend 30 seconds earlier during an argument.

6. December 1997: Kara Walton of Claymont, Delaware successfully sued the owner of a night club in a neighboring city when she fell from the bathroom window to the floor and knocked out her two front teeth. This occurred while Ms. Walton was trying to sneak through the window in the ladies room to avoid paying the $3.50 cover charge. She was awarded $12,000 and dental expenses.

7. And just so you know that cooler heads do occasionally prevail: Kenmore Inc., the makers of Dorothy Johnson's microwave, was found not liable for the death of Mrs. Johnson's poodle after she gave it a bath and attempted to dry it by putting the poor creature in her microwave for, "just a few minutes, on low." The case was quickly dismissed.

Notice that FAEM rarely mentions news articles which you can get from other sources. Besides, isn't it a joke to blab incessantly about niggers raping white women and their racial predations in general? Once one recognizes the smell of sh--, what good does it do to continually have your nose in it? (Rockwell called such obsessed groups as the look-at-what-they-are-doing-to-us-now gaggle of impotents.) If you don't know by now that the whole damned world is out to get the white male, then I suggest that you toss away your alcohol, drugs and sheet companions for a while and try to smell the fresh air again.
I received an email suggesting that Dr. Pierce is censoring WCOTC books and also that VNN is up to no good in this department as well. There's one hell of a lot of meat to be found at VNN and Dr. Pierce is not exactly a slouch. I think it was Kalil Gibran who said, "Truth is a mirror scattered in a myriad of bits and each believes his piece to be the whole."

Beautiful Beth drove me to a place by the ocean where she treated me to lunch. As we walked in, she advised me to only order the hamburgers since everything else they cooked was almost inedible. True. The hamburger was one of the finest I have had in years. I would never shun this place simply because I wouldn't like everything they sold.

Catherine G. ran a small bookstore next to an outlet on Lake Ontario. She carried many books on fishing and sailing but nary a one on knitting. Was Cathy guilty of censoring knitting books? I think not. She was simply tailoring what she did to the tastes of her clientele.

All pro-white web sites have SOMETHING of value. In that respect, they are like a salad bar. You do not have to eat every variety of offerings. That's what thinking is all about anyway. Gather in the information and process it. That's what good leaders do. That's what a head of a household does – he gathers in the opinions of all and then makes a decision which all follow. My grandfather was like this. My father was like this. I am of their blood. During an outing I might say to my son, "We are going to spend a short while in this hardware store while I look for an electric switch." That is all. In today's mealy-mouth parental environment, the statement would be appended with the query, "OK?"  This tosses a decision into the kid's hands where it becomes just another lesson that it is HE who is running the family. An adult asking a kid for permission? Give me a break you WLiFs.

Ticks do not need a forest in which to hide. They just hang around waiting for a victim. How do you spell Lyme disease? The idiots, all involved with 'progress', clear land for some shopping mall thus destroying the habitat for the critters which EAT ticks. The ticks, deprived of natural enemies, and due to a more confined space, increase in concentration. Get the idea? It's bad enough to swim  a river containing one crocodile but when the river gets over crowded with them, I'd forget the swim.

Diseases are rapidly increasing in frequency and kind, yet we are being told we are 'more healthy' than ever before. Health is defined as an ability to resist infections and disease, and having all of your parts functioning efficiently and harmoniously. One woman who lives in the outback of Idaho, once told me that 'natural' foods were the reason her children were relatively sickness free. Maybe, but I doubt it. Living in the boonies, and being home schooled, is a sort of isolation from the multitude of microscopic pests which are present by the bushels in all public gatherings. Day care centers (race-mixing communes) infect more kids with unnecessary diseases than any other single source. If you are never EXPOSED to a disease carrier, then how in hell could you catch one?

BLAM!  Wondered where I went? I went nowhere but something came here.

The rain was light and so the thunderbolt which crashed very close to my batcave hit, it was surprising as well as the loudest thing I've heard in years – 666 decibels about. A mailman was knocked unconscious – after a couple of hours he was OK. One building was set on fire thus giving some tax supported people something to do. Most of the circuit breakers were triggered and after I reset them, I thought the world was still functioning as it did a hour earlier. Like so many of my guesses, I was wrong. My fairly new memory/dial watchamacallit telephone got Parkinson's disease and so I junked it. I had my antique computer on at the time and didn't notice much until I shut it off and then tried to use it after I ate a bowl of corn flakes. To make a 3 day story short, the NIC card, SCSI scanner card and the video card had invisible internal disorders. I completely disassembled the whole electronic junkyard and dicked along putting Humpty Dumpty back together again. The HD apparently had a few dislocated bytes and so it limped along with an assortment of error messages. It was all back to rhombus #1 -  a from-scratch job which did not help my usual ornery disposition. I am only partially through but, if I live long enough, each day another batch of whatever will be added. As for email, I hope to be on top of it soon.

Speaking of email, the sight of Lynn, across the street, tripping over a garden hose, gave me a thought about communication. I know Beth. I know where she lives. I know her telephone number. I have her email address. I knew her BEFORE there were these personal ways to communicate. If the email was down, I'd telephone. If the phone didn't work, I would write. If all failed, I'd fill up the tank on my old Ford and drive to where she lives. All in all, if long distance communication failed, we could eventually get nose-to-nose and communicate. Not so in this ass-backward age. We use computers to communicate without knowing who we are communicating with. We don't know phone numbers nor addresses. So, as happened to this fellow, two days ago, when the communications went thud, I was left standing holding onto my jewels. The internet gives us all the dubious advantage of communicating with outer space – it's silly. St. Francis at least could see the damned birds he was preaching to. There's something very sad about all of this. There's a lot of electronic noise sailing hither and you, but email boxes do not make a community.

Southern  Africa Update


    Another article on the final end of the Rhodesian devolution.  The Rhodesian whites entire problem is they have no white militia ('soldiers') of their own.  Amazing how Semitical Correctness prevails despite the Black Plague now engulfing them:  "Despite all this, Jack Straw the UK's new Foreign Secretary has done nothing to help the whites in what was for so many years a British colony, and which so many of the white tribe still hold British passports."  Why anyone is surprised that a Jew in London doesn't give a damn about whites and even white British citizens, in Rhodesian being murdered and tormented by negroes?

    The article also describes the fate awaiting white girls unfortunate enough to have White Liberal Females for mothers:  "A few days ago I saw a pretty white girl of 17 touting for business at a flea-pit hotel north of the city center, in a minute skirt despite the cold winter wind. In a country where one in four people is thought to have AIDS, you have to be really desperate to become a prostitute."

    Here's a preview of coming attractions for the baby boomers looking forward to retiring in style in their Judeo-Marxist race-mixed wonderland:   "I saw a prosperous-looking elderly couple in the supermarket last week looking at the prices of pet food. The woman said: 'I don't think we can afford to keep the dogs any more. They are lucky. Upcountry, other pensioners have resorted to cooking with dog food – they cannot afford proper meat. Their fixed pensions have been almost wiped out over the past two years by an inflation rate which must be well over 150 per cent. With their children. and grandchildren going or gone, many have been reduced to a kind of genteel poverty trading in their beautiful old houses to huddle together in old-age compounds."

    And for you Rush Limblow stock market trading yuppies who think you can whiteface negroes and call them Republicans:  "The other day I was trapped in a huge traffic jam – a rush of middle-class black people applying for white land at the Ministry of Agriculture."

    It's the end of Buckle-ism.  The article reveals what that whore's game was the whole time:  "The older generation is still
desperate to live out what remains of their lives in what is left of British colonial style."  See?  They were just Bush (sorry for the pun) Country Club Republicans the whole time.  Their morality was that of the old colonial poem:  "Under the spreading banyan tree I sold you and you sold me..."   So much for Judeo-Marxist Economic Man.

    There is one small tidbit of good news from the Southern Africa and one very tiny sign of white life at least.  "Afrikaner-Boer hero Col. Wynand du Toit has already started using armed former military parachutists to protect besieged farmers from armed attackers in the area around Joburg."  http://worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=23973

    It's a beginning good for rallying the people around a flag.  Continued too long though this purely defensive strategy will fail, as Col. du Toit doubtless understands.  No civil society can survive indefinitely in a state of siege.   That current defensive strategy is only of use to buy time to form larger forces.  'Remember the Alamo'!  So either du Toit's movement will eventually collapse or he will take an appeal to the Supreme Judge in the form of decisive combat.  His only shot is to aim for the creation of a white homeland, a new Boer Republic without the dead hand and genetics of the defective English stock.

    The author of that article, Anthony Lobaido, also managed to put his finger on two more critical problems for the Afrikaners and us.  The first of these was "We've had enough of 'Economic Man' in the Western world. Perhaps the Afrikaners will bring back 'Hero Man' into fashion."  Their second problem, far more important, is "They (the white Afrikaners) have no government".

    We here were not waiting for white Afrikaners to lead the way.  The above has been our constant refrain:

 As you prepare individually, direct your attention to reforming legitimate political authorities, based on The People, capable of Constitutionally "calling out" the Militia.


Recent Medical Warning!

Number of physicians in the US: 700,000.
Accidental deaths caused by physicians per year: 120,000.
Accidental deaths per physician... 0.171 (U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services)

Number of gun owners in the US: 80,000,000.
Number of accidental gun deaths per year (all age groups) 1,500.
Accidental deaths per gun owner: 0.0000188

Statistically, doctors are approximately 9,000 times more dangerous than gun owners.

"FACT: Not everyone has a gun, but everyone has at least one Doctor."

Please alert your friends to this alarming threat. We must ban doctors before this gets out of hand.

As a Public Health Measure I have withheld the statistics on Lawyers for fear that the shock could cause people to seek
medical aid. (Submitted.)

A stupid honky broad sends her daughter to a mostly nigger school. The daughter is subjected to typical jungle behavior. Mom then sues the school for 'reverse discrimination', etc., blah,  and gets awarded $40,000. The school staff then takes courses in 'sensitivity'. This inane scenario is hailed as a 'white' victory. I suppose the victim is still enrolled in the newer, and kinder, bug house.

What sort of pig sends her daughter to such a school? A WLF, of course. The daughter was the one humiliated and subject to abuse. No skin off mom's ass. She used her daughter for her own gain. There's a name for such people and I am sure the youngster knows it. I feel deeply about such young people because episodes like this are the worst form of child abuse – shit head parents!

In 1950, a fellow could hire whom he pleased. He could also rent, or sell, his house to whom he pleased. He could choose to send his kids to a school of his choice. A restaurant owner could specify the kind of people he wanted as customers. In all, he could choose whom he wished to associate with. In 1950, people with serious communicable diseases were prevented from infecting society as a whole.

Today, one must hire useless people. If one specifies a certain clientele, ZOG will shut his business him down. His kids are forced to go to school with diseased muds. All of this is called "equal opportunity" even though it is no such thing.

This is what they tell us is an advancement of freedom. It's right out of Orwell.

The absolute orgasm of DIVERSITY. Brought to you by the same tribe responsible for "American in Paris" (Israel George Gershwin) starring hoofer Israel Gene Kelly. Read and smile – http://www.msnbc.com/news/612787.asp#BODY

While the world burns, Americans are content to watch niggerball and Israel Larry King's soap operas. As with the Second War to Kill White People, most Americans viewed it as some sort of busy-work "over there". 

Notice to all !! Nothing on this page is copyright. Please copy whatever you want – post it on your site – distribute it far and wide. (Credit would be nice.) The internet is all we white folks have left as a means of communication since ZOG is not on the side of patriots. Especially, make sure as many people have WLA – The American Militia – as possible. This USED to be TAUGHT as a part of American History in schools but since the beginning insidious take-over in 1913, all you school kids are taught the 'one world' cesspool Marxist crap. Let your teachers know you are not brain-washed. Caution however, your grades will most likely suffer. Mine did – from A+ to D. See this middle finger? Rotate!!
I have been having problems with email since I went to broadband CATV. If any sent email bounced, then try again. I am still here kicking and breathing. If the service doesn't improve, then back to ye olde telly phone I go.
Capitalist pigs.
It works this way. Gerkoff Mfg. Co., which places profit above all, hires beanbags at minimum wage after laying off its white workers who cost more. Once beanbags are firmly entrenched, with ZOG's blessing, they go out on strike demanding higher wages. Jonathan Satchelass, the company's CEO, cannot get rid of the beanbags because their "rights" are supported by nation-wrecking ZOG.

Emery, if I got the name right, is having multiple problems with the FAA, thus giving UPS and FedEx more business. Emery was the first to employ massive numbers of apes. (Never send an ape to do a man's job.)There's probably a connection, you know. UPS is also in the business of firing whites and hiring those whose skin is the color of that which we flush down the toilet. Already, UPS is experiencing 'lost' packages, etc. Race IS a part of business and when people are PREVENTED by a Marxist government from hiring the BEST, regardless of color, dandruff or a tendency to hump sheep, economic chaos is not far behind.

Maguire adds his touch —

Poor African whites – Hiya Robert, Look what Cathy Buckleshithead wrote a day back. Let them go down with the nigs. In case somebody wants to send money or go help her: buckle@ecoweb.co.zw

"If there is anyone receiving this letter who thinks I am on a mission to save whites then please read my book. It is called African Tears and it will show you in no uncertain terms who Catherine Buckle is. It will show you that I am a white and a farmer but more than that, it will show you that I am a Zimbabwean, a woman who believes in truth and justice for all Zimbabweans, regardless of the colour of their skin. It will show you without any doubt at all that this is not a race war taking place in Zimbabwe, it is a political one."

Robert sez: This broad needs to be raped by 69 bush bunnies. Maybe she can change their 'politics' that way. Black politics means NO WHITES. Of course, 'no whites' has nothing to do with race, wouldn't you say? We have plenty of these air-headed bitches right here in the good ol' jew ass oi vey. And you wonder why Rhodesia fell? Dawh.


Maguire sez:

This liberal race traitor's game is transparently obvious, just like all other white so-called liberals. It's called 'me me me'. Her own farm has now been stolen by those she previously tried to appease by selling out her own kind and their families. Now she wants 'outside' intervention to restore her personal property to her. The mentality is precisely that of George Bush, his parents and his wife. They think that by betraying their own kind in favor of the enemies of their own kind they can advance their personal advantage.

In healthier times this behavior was labeled and taught to our children as TREASON. Selling out others for personal physical advantage was the behavior of Benedict Arnold. Does anyone think Benedict Arnold ever described it as treason? Grow up. He justified it to the world and to himself as 'patriotism' to King George. In Buckle's case this strategey of treason failed at the personal level. So now she now calls for 'outside intervention' to help her in what she claims is 'not a race war'. Yet this hypocrite also claims she is a 'Zimbabwean'. Buckle's now a double traitor. First she consciously betrays other whites in favor of negroids. Now, although claiming to be a 'Zimbabwean', she calls for foreign troops to invade her land. She's both a race and a geographical political country traitor. Catherine Buckle is irretrievably corrupt GENETIC CANAILLE. She is loyal to neither race or even geographic country. She is only loyal to her own possessions and physical pleasures. Such as Catherine Buckle are the ashes of history waiting to be 'swept into history's dustbin'. I have absolutely no doubt this wymyn has also pleasured herself by engaging in bestiality with negroes.

So you say you're a "Zimbabwean", Catherine? So what are you complaining about? You now have the average economic condition of your other 'countrywomen'. Seems to me you are a HYPOCRITE. Why do you seek better economic conditions than your fellow average 'citizens'? You're just greedy, Catherine. And to further your greed you now engage in treason a second time by calling for foreign troops to invade your 'country's' land? An English lord of the 18th Century once made this statement commenting on the American Revolution: "If I were an American as I am an Englishmen, I would never never never lay down my arms while a foreign troop was landed in my country."

Be a patriotic Zimbabwean, you worthless woman. Oppose foreign invasions of your 'country' and stay loyal to the Leader you worked so hard to empower. Robert and Maguire would never do as you are doing. Our problems are OURS. Despite this we would never support yet more armed foreign invaders coming into our lands regardless of their race.

Warning to all others: Catherine Buckle has now committed treason twice. Mark my words here and now. She'll turn like a poisonous viper for the third time on any white man now answering her hypocritical self-serving moralistic call for foreign invasion of negroid Zimbabwe to restore her personal property. If she believes in God, let her ask God for help. My own Bible says He also took a very dim view of traitors (i.e.Judases) too. "It would have been better for that man if he had never been born." I suggest she try 'repentence. She'd undoubtedly make a good motel clerk or McDonald's counter staff here. But that's AFTER she publicly confesses her sins and treasons against her own kind, admits that all her previous thoughts and actions were evil and says that Eric Thomson, Harold A. Covington and Thomas Chittum were right and she and her family were wrong.

Don't hold your breath waiting for this though. She's lost the property and advantage she thought to gain by her first treason. Her last 'possession' now is moralistic self-justification. If she gives that up she literally has NOTHING. It would take a religious experience to move her to do that. Final advice to Catherine Buckle since she says she's maintainng solidarity with her 'fellow citizens'. Many Zimbabwean negro males lust to have sex with white women. You've sold everything else out, Catherine, including your only son's place in the world. So now go sell yourself. You'll command a high price for awhile. And don't worry about AIDS. It's African and Zimbabwean, Catherine. Be 'One' with the 'Zimbabwean People'. Be a Zimbabwean.

Catherine, I won't say you're not worth "the bones of an American grenadier." You're not even worth one drop of their sweat, let alone one drop of their blood.


Keep the idiot goyim occupied with trivia inflated to spectacle. Israel Larry King is doing a show on a 'shark attack' victim. Earthshaking, no doubt, and entirely appealing to the infantile female mind – gossip with a touch of humanoid tragedy. Personally, I would find it more interesting if he interviewed a fellow who hastily slapped on his jock-strap without first noticing there was a scorpion in it. How about watching our poor African brothers enjoy themselves while they burn some idiot white alive? Or shove a 3 foot sharpened wooden stake up his rectum? After all, that's one of the benefits of black rule – never a dull moment.
I think is was Abe Lincoln who said that a friend is one who has the same enemies as you do. Think about this. What an ahole statement. When it comes to the ripping life in Africa, the hyena is the enemy of the cheetah. The hyena is also the enemy of the lion. Yes. You betcha. The cheetah and the lion are friends. UYA!

Here's another – Group A is a neo-cowbull association. Group B doesn't like Group A neo-cowbulls. Group B doesn't like individual X. Group B calls individual X, a neo-cowbull. Group A believes that individual X is one of them. Right? WRONG! If you believe so, then you haven't thought about it very much. If I call you a turtle, does that make you one? Huh? Dawh....

From the plethora of junk email ads I receive – enlarge your penis – enlarge your breasts – I now fully understand the deep spiritual relationship which exists between men and women who are 'truly' in love. Am I to believe that the whole f---ing country is a gigantic Israel Hefner whore house?

"What, sir, is the use of a militia? It is to prevent the establishment of a standing army, the bane of liberty. Now, it must be evident, that, under this provision, together with their other powers, Congress could take such measures with respect to a militia, as to make a standing army necessary. Whenever Governments mean to invade the rights and liberties of the people, they always attempt to destroy the militia, in order to raise an army upon their ruins. This was actually done by Great Britain at the commencement of the late revolution. They used every means in their power to prevent the establishment of an effective militia to the eastward. The Assembly of Massachusetts, seeing the rapid progress that administration were making to divest them of their inherent privileges, endeavored to counteract them by the organization of the militia; but they were always defeated by the influence of the Crown."

— Mr. Gerry in the House of Representatives during deliberations of the amendment now numbered Second. 1789

Consistent with FAEM policy, we promote EVERYONE except those we feel are of low and dastardly character.

How incredibly inspiring the spoken word can be !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go to     http://www.live365.com/stations/135178      and sign up so you can listen to Michael Hoffman II.

Great stuff.  (This is a free website and it will be interesting to see how long Michael is allowed to speak.)