24 August 2001

Here's a report on the continuing collapse of the Los Angeles Police Department:

    "The nearly 9,000-member force now has about 800 fewer officers than in the late 1990s, and the LAPD expects the shortfall to grow."   Further down we are told that "Over the last year, New York City's police department shrank by about 1,600 officers and Chicago's by about 650, according to figures from the International Assn. of Chiefs of Police. Neither department has reached anywhere near its goal for new hires, said the association's Elaine Deck, a researcher who tracks hiring practices nationwide.  But criminologists say the hiring woes are of particular concern in Los Angeles because the LAPD has far fewer officers per capita than cities of similar size."


Copy this and give it to your commie teacher. The URL will tell you where I copped it from.
"Who Rules America" Update and Addenda ( http://www.natall.com/who-rules-america/     Despite a recent NA July, 2001 update I'm compelled to add a few more details.

In this fine essay Dr. Pierce wrote "The largest media conglomerate today is AOL-Time Warner, created when AOL bought Time Warner for $160 billion in 2000. The merger brought together Steve Case, a Gentile, as chairman of AOL-TW, and Time Warner chairman Gerald Levin, a Jew, as the CEO. Although AOL-TW isn't (yet) run entirely by Jews, the effect of this blend of leadership between a White capitalist whose biggest concern is money and a racially conscious Jew will be gradually to increase the Jewish influence within AOL. Steve Case won't complain when Gerald Levin begins hiring mostly Jews to fill key positions beneath him because Case's own profits won't be affected. After Case dies or retires, the Jews will have complete control at AOL."

The merger approval was facilitated by the loyal service of Overseer Colin Powell (great mulatto hope of GOP ConnedServantives everywhere) sitting as a member of the AOL Board of Directors and his son sitting on the Federal Communications Commission as a Clinton appointee.  No one publicized or complained about "conflict of interest" in this case, nor did either Powell recuse himself.  The gradualistic approach however has been abandoned for outright purges ala the Judeo-Communist era in Russia.  A Jew has already been strategically positioned in operational control of AOL Online.  See this eye witness report from a former AOL-Netscape employee: http://www.tarin.com/aowhat/aodiary.html     "Barry Schuler will be the head of the new division that will incorporate both Netcenter, our browser, and AOL online services. For some reason, he introduced himself as a Jew. I guess that's AOL's way of saying they aren't all WASPs. "Hi, I'm a Jew. Pick your cultural stereotype to describe why this is relevant."

FAEM Prediction:  With the consolidation of most ISPs into a very few major companies (AOL, Earthlink, Comcast, Adelphia) you will soon see some new phenomena.  These will include not outright blocking/censorship but extremely slow access (because of unannounced software modifications to major router and backbone access points) for large but unapproved websites such as FAEM, Stormfront, the National Alliance and others.  After a period of time and declines in readership this policy of gradual salami slicing will accelerate.  In the future we can expect new updated browsers issued (for free of course) complete with undisclosed "child friendly" surfwatch style software 'blocklists' that you can manually unblock one site at a time provided you know the specific url you want.  More than likely these blocking modules will update automatically on a daily or more frequent basis.  The bait will be a totally free cost plus the inclusion of whiz-bang multi-media plug-ins one now has to pay for separately.  Probably the cause d' provocation will be a suddenly uncovered and widely publicized nest of overseas paedohpile pornography websites that no one can seemingly touch.     "Who, us?  We're not censoring! Perish the thought!  We stand four-square for the First Amendment.  Go see anything you want.  What url do you want? Just type it in to the Parental Control Panel."   Between these major ISPs, libraries, schools, government and military accounts the iron curtain of thought control will go back down again.  The fact that 5-10% will remain outside this zone of control with independent ISPs, websites and software outside will be politically irrelevant.     As also predicted by Dr. Pierce, Ted Turner has now been completely excluded from all decision-making at AOL-TW.  His newest venture as a shabbez-goy servant is buying Russian tv network NTV in partnership with Jew George Soros from Jew Vladimir Gusinsky.     Study "Who Rules America" ( http://www.natall.com/who-rules-america/ ).  Read it whether you agree with us or the National Alliance or not.  Read it even if you hate us as total evil.  Without studying that document you will understand nothing about how information is processed, presented, suppressed and filtered in your society.  And afterwards ask yourselves one question.  "Besides this page, what else have I seen today that wasn't first pre-approved by Jewish eyes?"

Of further interest – http://www.grc.com          http://grc.com/dos/grcdos.htm


Ask yournself dis – If there were no such thing as I.Q., or other academic tests, how would YOU determine who the smart people were?
     The Soldiers For The Truth Foundation, Inc. announces its crack-up here:  http://www.sftt.org/     A few more details appearhere in this note from former president LTC Zimmerman, (Ret) ( http://www.hackworth.com/hn08222001.html ): "Dear SFTTers:

What a crazy two weeks it has been. Life is easier in a cavalry charge!  Most of you were probably surprised by the abrupt disappearance of ourwebsite on 18 August 2001 and what it means to SFTT.

To Hack and I, the final decision to withdraw from SFTT was as difficult aspulling the life support on a deathly ill relative. Despite the high painlevel for all involved in this, it was ultimately the only decision topreserve sanity and a family life.

Since we resurrected SFTT on Hack's initiative in January of 2000, we had made tremendous strides in building an organization that informs on the big picture, while addressing the concerns of the "Grunt" in the trenches.   In just one year, the organization grew to about 25,000 members and our newsletter even reached numerous foreign countries. Our goal was to build a permanent headquarters and an operating structure to gain influence at the level of AUSA, but without the excessive overhead. Unfortunately, we never reached the funding level to make SFTT function without over-relying on volunteers (editor:  i.e. 'patriots', the bane of all mercenary forces), thus placing too much burden on Hack and I.

A salute and warm "thank you" to all of you who struggled valiantly to make SFTT happen. Man, together we moved mountains and made the troops' voices heard from the smallest command post right into the five-sided wind

I will continue my fight for the troops, their families and our vets by writing opinions for Army Times and other publications and by contributing to Hack's weekly Voice Of The Grunt mailing. You can reach me atr6zimm@earthlink.net.

Best to All,


    Colonel Hackworth contributed another viewpoint saying "I had planned to turn my syndicated newspaper column – about 10 million readers – and other work over to Zimm and fade away as old soldiers are supposed to do... Too bad the majority of SFTT’s readership didn’t want to pull together and pay the price of admission. Am afraid this same apathy will eventually destroy this country. Believe me, when I grew up in the hungry 1930s, it was a GREAT country."

    I really wonder who was apathetic?  This sounds to me like Jimmy Carter blaming Americans for malaise.  Was it SFTT readership failure to follow or leaderships' failure to lead in a direction that would address the real problems?    As many asked, what was it all about and to what end?  Was it just providing better paid, happier mercenaries for the Albanians, Haitians and Zionists?  White people are doing a lot of dumb things but most have more sense than to enlist for such alien purposes when their own borders with Mestizo-Mexico are left unguarded.  Since Vietnam the U.S. Army has become a closed society to itself like all professional/mercenary structures.   I guess Lieutenant-Colonel Zimmerman will continue that fight for that cause elsewhere in the establishment media.  My fight continues here on FAEM for the same purposes I thought I was enlisting to serve when I was 17.

    When units consistently fail to achieve their assigned missions the remedy is to relieve the commanders concerned and replace them with better leaders.  The solution is not to eliminate all the soldiers and replace them while keeping the commanders.  This is what's done in Judeo-Communist societies.

    So which problems was SFTT going to 'fix'?  Corrupt defense contracting, perhaps?  This is done by collusion between the politicians, their masters and the generals those groups appoint.  Colonels and generals can be blamed for hundreds of thousand sometimes totalling a million or two.  The big gravy trains exceeding $500,000 are always politically sanctioned by the Department of Defense political appointees and Congress.

    Below are the most serious personnel problems destroying the U.S. military today.  Everyone knows they're there.  Zimm and Hack would only touch some of them very occaisionally and very indirectly with code words or by quoting others' views.  This is understandable for people who want to preserve their places at the Establishment Media feeding trough.  It's also a cardinal violation of the fundamental leadership principle of Follow Me.

    1.  Anti-white racial discrimination.  This is pervasive and now institututionally built into the system.  See http://www.rense.com/general5/morale.htm for a summary of an action a decade ago.  This early retirement drill resulted in lawsuits against the U.S. Government by the white officers concerned.  ZOG chose to settle for money rather than take it in front of an American jury.    The date, 1992, makes it clear this occurred under Bush Sr. and Colin Powell, not under Clinton and his gang.  This is just the tip of the iceberg in that system.  It's a routine event at every centralized promotion and selection board.  When insufficient numbers of negroes and women make the cut on their merits (which is every board) qualified white male officers are pulled out of the list and replaced with less qualified preferred races and sexes.    It was never on the table in any sustained way at SFTT.

    2.  Feminization of the Army.   It was touched on a few times.  The brothel and Castro District atmosphere prevailing in every coed unit is not, though.  Hackworth/Zimm alternated these with encomiums to our fine gals in uniform.  That's understandable for individuals wanting to preserve their mass media access for their paytriot for profit articles.  The media is chock-full with Judeo-Marxist Feminists who would black-list them for ThoughtCrime.  It's not like Zimm and Hack were boldly leading on this issue.  Degenerate as it is, the GOP still managed to generate a bi-partisan commission that almost unanamiously called for resegregating training units on gender lines.  The issue was therefore already on the edges of the mainstream.

    3.  EO/EEO Reign of Terror.  This system is the number one subverter of discipline and performance DoD wide.  Got a bad evaluation or reprimand because of sheer incompetence?  If you're a woman or non-white, you have a better than 50-50 chance of overturning it and instead trashing your superior.  Just call in the EO/EEO NKVD investigators.  The system is thoroughly Stalinist.    It was mentioned once in one SFTT Signal by a retired warrant officer.  And like all well-run Judeo-Stalinist proceedings, the invariably minority group 'investigator' begins with a presumption of guilt against the white superior.   To add real teeth to this, the question "Supports EO/EEO?" is on every officer and sergeant efficiency report.  Get a downcheck and you can start looking for a new career.   The simple way to avoid any problems here is to ignore standards, ignore UCMJ offenses and lie on reports to higher headquarters and also individual efficiency reports.  If anyone was curious how it happens that functional illiterates can make Master Sergeant or Major, here's your answer.

    4.  "The Holtzman Amendment", better entitled the "Prostitutes' Income Security Act".  This measure by former Jewish Feminist Congressthing and Zionist Elizabeth Holtzman is very simple.   This legislation made soldiers' military pensions eligible for division as community property.  A woman qualifies by being married ten years during ten years of service by her husband.  Here's how this works out in practice.  Sergeant Snorkel manages to catch a week's early rotation flight out of Osan back stateside on his way home from an unaccompanied short tour in Korea.  It's the week before Christmas and he wants to surprise his wife.  He sure did.  He surprised her and her boyfriend screwing in the family quarters and marital bed.  Result?  Sgt Snorkel lost a house they jointly owned elsewhere, kids, half of his future pension and was also put under a court order REQUIRING HIM to reenlist for four more years to make sure he qualifies for pension and lifetime medical care for the slut.  He also received a 'restricted' brigade commander Letter of Reprimand for being involved in a Domestic Violence Incident in the on-post family housing where Surprise took place.

    5.  Internal Security.  The only groups systematically purged from the Department of Defense these days are those who are least likely to become foreign spies.  These are white nationalists like the NAAWP, Aryan Nations or National Alliance.  If you're Jewish then 'broadminded understanding' of the 'Special Relationship' (i.e. that of the parasite to the host) is the rule of the day when considering security clearances.  The same is true of La Raza, Aztlan, civil service queers and a dozen other groups whose internal sub-group and external foreign loyalties always come ahead of their loyalty to the Late Great U.S.A.

    All of these factors,  which attack white males and also subvert discipline and unit ability, have been in place for almost two decades.  All the Clinton Administration did was turn the heat up full-blast using policies Drug Dealer Bush Sr. and the Zionist Astrologer President put in place.   All of these symptoms are the result of forces external to the Department of Defense.  They are the result of political forces pursuing political power ends.

    Instead of taking on the above issues we've had a constant all-purpose mantra repeated so long everyone believes it.  And this despite the absence of any evidence for its existence:  "The problems are from high operational tempo because of all the Nanny State missions."   This mantra is endlessly repeated by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, high political appointees in the Pentagon, the Republocrats and Demicans in Israeli-occupied Congress, ZOG media and everyone else who wants to sound wise on military affairs.   It's the one-size-fits-all answer for every symptom of decay from low enlistment and reenlistment rates to non-existent discipline to inoperational equipment resulting from use and maintanance by illiterates approximating Somalian tribesmen in technical ability.  And it's a crock.  SFTT was happy enough to parrot this line, too.

    None of these deployments, even when added together for different simultaneous operations, ever exceeded 5% of the current Department of Defense end-strength of 1.4 million active duty troops.  Ten percent at one time would have been 140,000 troops.  Even at their height they never reached 70,000.  Now it's true young kids do come back from these ZOG New World Order missions totally disillusioned.  I know active duty recruiters who served in Bosnia who openly (and contemptously) tell recruits "the UN is just a money-making scheme for rich people."  That was quite perceptive on that young sergeant's part.    The idea the troops are being 'worn out' is horseshit.  Worn out how?  Are they tired from taking too many trips from their air-conditioned hooches to the Burger King at Camp Bondsteel in the Balkans?  Maybe it's all those long nights at the whorehouses in Bosnia and Kosovo?

    "High op-tempo" was hip, in, sounded wise and was perfectly phrased to give the GOP an issue against Clinton while avoiding coming to grips with the real issues.   Some months ago I highlighted examples of current Army research and development projects designed not to increase capabilities but to retain current capabilities in the hands of dumbed-down troops.  As bean-counter extraordinaire Chuck Spinney mentioned, DoD is currently paying MORE per unit of combat readiness than it was during the top of the Cold War.  And this is despite reduced steaming hours, flying hours, field training hours, size of forces...

    An analogy with a monkey island is a good one. Let's take an example of a zoo monkey island with two monkeys.  We'll leave two computers on it for just two hours each day.  Obviously we'll have maintenance problems with the computers.  If we add two more monkeys and two more computers but reduce the time all computers are left on the island to one hour a day, my total maintenance costs will double despite no increase in "operational tempo".  There were four "computer hours" and there's still only four "computer hours" now.  If I go further and add 2 more monkeys and computers but reduce all computer time to only 30 minutes the total  maintenance costs will increase again despite a reduction in "operational tempo".   It's obvious the primary damage always occurs in the first few minutes after introduction of the computers.

    The above mechanism is how it's possible to "pay more money for less combat readiness".   It ought to be obvious that given the above regime more money would only result in no change at best, lower readiness at worst.  There is no scenario in which more money would cure these problems in the absence of systemic personnel system changes.  Bush, Cheny and Rumsfeld appear to understand this, too.  Despite their appeal to Rush Limbaugh-ites' pavlovian knee-jerk reflex when shown a $trong military flag, they aren't jumping into the deep end on more spending.

     KLANGGGGGG!!!!!!  My head snapped over my shoulder to look across the hangar.  A female mechanic had just dropped an AH-64 Apache transmission sub-assembly 8 feet to the concrete floor.  Cost?  About $150,000 to direct exchange and replace that part.  This disaster is diagnosable as "weak upper-body strength".  But it was never reported as a 'personnel problem'.  It was a 'maintenance problem'.  Grrrrrrrrrrrind!!!  It turned out loose bolts had been left in an M2 Bradley transmission when it was overhauled at General Suport/Depot level.  That one was a real bargain for under $100,000.    Multiply these events by hundreds of thousands big and small every day.

    What can any commander or supervisor do?  Nothing if he's thinking about his family's future and remembers the "Supports EO/EEO?" question waiting for him on his next efficiency report.  It's better to blame "high op-tempo" or "lack of maintenance funds".   It's true in a way.  When units routinely replace parts that should have 90% of their service lives ahead of them, maintenance budgets will always look like they were written by Ebenezer Scrooge.  Per unit maintenance costs are always invariably higher than what the manufacturer projected.  After this revelation (which comes with each new system) there are political accusations the manufacturer low-balled everything to get the contract.  When civil servant Chuck Spinney says the DoD can't even collect the information necessary to diagnose problems, he's telling gospel truth.  Why the information system is broken is something he's politically aware enough to avoid diagnosing.    It's deceiving itself just like the old USSR.  Anything that points out problems arising in the ruling ideologies is automatically censored out.    But since SOMETHING has to said, falsities are reported instead.  It would be better to add "Acts of God" sections to every reporting form just to reduce the amount of internally generated disinformation.

    SFTTs fundamental problem is it was ultimately cut-off from addressing the real problems.  As a result it was also cutoff from any real army's only sources of strength.  Those sources are deep roots in the People themselves.  SFTT refused to systematically engage the real problems in Nos 1-5 above.

    Colonel Hackworth is another question.  David Hackworth once predicted the mestizo invasion now underway across the defunct southern border.  He predicted that before he got his book contracts, his syndicated columns and ZOG media access.  Now that this invasion is actually underway he ignores it.  We also know who his paymasters are now with all his media contracts.   And he does too.

    "Believe me, when I grew up in the hungry 1930s, it was a GREAT country."

    I woudn't argue with that one bit.  Would you care to put some specifics to this one for us, Colonel?  Factors 1-5 above didn't exist in the Army and Navy back then.  The situation was directly opposite.  If my history books are right, race mixing, so far from being enforced, was illegal.  Women were respected and not just commodities to be traded for shekels.  Families and schools were full of white children and not just the career feminist prostitute's egotistic fatherless one child.  This was still mostly true in the early 1960s.

    In the 1930s Americans, although not their government,  were still pursuing General Washington's advice of neutrality and no permanent alliances.  This was the same policy Germany followed from 1933-1945, or the Zionists' follow today.  This policy is best described as fight only for land and blood (i.e. kindred).This is the one purpose U.S. military forces ARE NOT used for today.  Naturally most citizens are not easily enticed to join entities that weaken instead of strengthening their families, homes and communities.

    Colonel Hackworth's columns provide good reading grist on the rot rapidly spreading inside ZOG's forces.  It's his stock-in-trade.  It's what Colonel Hackworth sells under the proverbial banyan tree open-air market at his particular mat.  Beyond that they're useless.  It all comes down to the same reason I slammed SFC Barry's MG Edwin A. Walker Society:  It is impossible to renew any army without first renewing the underlying nation.   Armies are merely expressions of a nation and means to ends.  They are not ends in themselves, as LTC Zimmerman has just rediscovered.    Do not look for leadership in these directions.


 SFTT Addendum:David Hackworth announced August 24 on his website (http://www.hackworth.com/ ) that SFTT is not dissolving after all.  The SFTT website (http://www.sftt.org ) as of August 25 still says it is.  Hackworth's August 22 comment on the surprise SFTT dissolution was "Sadly, SFTT is no more. It died because of fratricide and apathy."  This duality may be a symptom of the "fratricide" Colonel Hackworth mentioned.    It's obvious that more has gone down than has been disclosed to us.  Think very long before sending one penny to this group. In  my opinion SFTT is fundamentally flawed as an organizational concept.  All political regimes will first ensure that the 'Army' is loyal to the regime.  No elitist regime will ever do anything to undercut its own survival even if the cost is less than optimal combat power from a 'professional' viewpoint.  SFTT can therefore do nothing effective to 'turn around' the situation.   At the very best it can only try to focus the force of public opinion on whatever it considers dysfunctional in the modern military.   Contrary to the Beetle Bailey image the ZOG regime fosters, what we mostly view as current military dysfunctions are not dysfunctions at all from ZOG's point of view.  They are integral policies essential to sustaining and increasing ZOG political power.The built-in self-destruct mechanism in SFTT is that it's headed by two individuals who are very dependent on the establishment media oligarchy.  Hackworth is more dependent than Zimmerman, although this appears not to be from lack of desire by Zimmerman.  The operators of this media oligarchy (see "Who Rules America") actively engender all of the current internal military 'dsyfunctions' as being essential to maintaining and expanding their socio-political-economic power.So what is SFTT all about?  Is it about means or ends?  If it's about means then SFTT is just another independent professional trade journal.  If it's about ends then it is political. The use of military force, whether actual or as a threat, is a political act. All political elites understand this.  So far as their resources permit, they will optimize their military forces to accomplish those political ends.  The Department of Defense is not 'inefficient' from ZOG's point of view.  It's highly efficient.  Defending white American people is not one of those missions any more than the Canadian Forces have defending white Canadian citizens as one of their missions. I think it's obvious to the most casual observers that the Department of Defense now serves the interests of a transnational financial-media political elite whose axis rests on London-New York.  Here at FAEM we call this elite ZOG, for Zionist Occupation Government.    We call it this not only because of its support for the Zionist enterprise in Israel but because its dominant personalities are Jews.  But whether one calls it ZOG or the New World Order, its priorities and bases of political power are obvious.  These are: 1.  Global Trade Imperium.  This rests on monopoly structures in banking and media (or monopoly 'advertising' if you prefer it).Included in this trade imperium are illegal high-value drugs, primarily opium and cocaine.   It's no coincidence the major flash points of conflict always contain a strong drug dimension.  This holds true from Iran-Contra to Just Cause in Panama to Kosovo to the poppy fields of northern Iraq to Columbia and Peru.  This drug business was the foundation of the British-Jewish penetration into China.   They never left that business despite losing their China franchises. 2.  Control of Energy.  Energy is to machines as drugs are to the human drug addict.  The Anglo-American-Zionist oil imperium in the Middle East, combined with suppression under environmental pretenses of other exploration and alternate sources (nuclear, coal, oil shale) is key to this. 3.  Protection of the Regime itself. Key to the first two is undisputed naval control of the oceans.  The U.S. Navy plus its appendix in the Royal Navy exercises an oceanic imperium unmatched at other time in history.  This is also a reason the U.S. Marine Corps has been allowed to retain more of its military character than the Army.  These naval forces accordingly are always well maintained in comparison to any potential constellation of opposition.  The other services are maintained in a fashion appropriate to protecting the above interests. Security and quality of life for individual Americans is not just not a priority of the regime.  It's actively undesirable.  If Americans were ever freed from their daily distractions of ever-increasing crime, decay and friction with immigrants they would rapidly turn their attentions to the ruling regime, with catastrophic results for that regime.  From the point of view of the political elites 'alien' invasion is actually desirable.  The elites already view the current population as politically dangerous.  Replacing them with a less dangerous group doesn't affect their own safety or quality of life.  It actually enhances it because the new comers are easier to exploit economically than the native citizens.    From the point of view of the white working and middle classes there is nothing that more directly degrades their lives and reduces their childrens' prospects than the above. How is SFTT going to help improve the above situation?  From the viewpoint of the current ruling elites the Department of Defense is already optimized to accomplish its critical missions.  The annual flaps over fraud, waste and abuse are just minor theatre centering around the political payola given to the GOP elites to keep them playing in the ZOG game. 

Ronnie was one of those beautiful Polish women who took a fancy to me. Although there were many available, and handsome, men around, I suspect the attraction was due to my political bent.

Ronnie invited me to accompany her to a John Birch Society meeting. After following her directions, I knocked at a door and it opened slightly revealing an inquisitive eye which scanned for what I did not know – maybe the ADL was believed to be waiting in the bushes. Inside, I was exposed to my first paranoid group. All talked in whispers and were constantly peeking over their shoulders. When referring to jews, they used the term "Eskimos". I thought this rather odd, especially in a land where freedom of expression was a right. Be that as it may, one of their emphatic discussions was about how the "Eskimos" were trying to form a black/white racial division which would ultimately lead to many of the southern states being assigned as an Afro region. The JBS opposed this since they claimed this was a way for the jews to control everything – divide and conquer, so to speak. Well, Israel/Palestine today is certainly divided and it sure looks like the jews are not controlling much in that region. I opened my big mouth – Ronnie loved it when I did – and said I would support any bunch of jews, or penguins, which promoted segregation and for whatever reason, however trivial.

To suggest that whites encourage blacks to oppose the jews would be to ignite the question, "Why?", even if it were possible, which it ain't. Blacks are not so stupid as to not realize exactly who it was who helped them with all of this 'civil rights', and Affirmative Action,  destructive nonsense. In this respect, black people are more 'tuned in' to how this country works than are most whites. Besides, all of the jew-controlled entertainment industry – sports, "music", films, TV, etc. – is financially supported mostly by white people who seem to love it – otherwise it wouldn't be a billion dollar business! Watch most whites in action – they run over the top of each other either trying to please jews or sucking up where some economic gain is possible. The jews are not our problem.  They just responded to a society hell-bent upon being another Babylon. Already the "babble", as in go-nowhere talk-shows, has reached an astounding level.

I have never met a single mestizo who wasn't what we refer to as 'anti-Semitic'. Overall, this is practically useless since each and every one of them will navigate magnetically towards the feeding trough even if it were in the shape of Solomon's Seal. Jewish economic power – and collaterally political power since American politicians have no principles whatsoever and always have their 'price' – will remain as long as the sheep are well fed. It was so 1000 years ago; it was so 100 years ago; and it holds today.

History has clearly demonstrated that people screw up whatever seems to work well. They just have an itch to fix things which are running smoothly. Over the decades, societies run by jews, or females, ultimately turn to chaos. In this regard I am not suggesting that non-jews or males could keep the engines running more smoothly. In my view, females are too short-sighted to grasp the historical implications of their 'do-gooding' activities and the jews, forever being of pure economic brain, also bring collapse in due course. So far, white males are keeping the technical machinery well-oiled but the shackles of feminism and talmudism, with their Marxian insistence on forcing the incompetent into positions of influence and control, will be the monkey-wrench which will precipitate a struggle which could have been avoided if white men behaved as white men. When the seas are calm, and no land is in sight, women and kiddies can play at being captain. Where the coming storm hits, game time will be over and men again will do what they always have done best – be the captains.