31 August 2001
The one-couple one-child policy of China has been revised. Now it's one-couple two-children. A severe population/resources problem precipitated the one-child policy and so now, if there are any thinking white people left, they should wonder if (1) the Chinese do not care anymore, (2) or there are new globs of resources. I think it is about resources and they won't be fopund in China – they have pretty much depleted them decades ago. Where are they? Right here in your own back yard you stupid honky. They are colonizing this continent or haven't you noticed? Too busy with drugs, sex, nigger-noise concerts and computer games? Well, enjoy it while it lasts. With the Chinese, welfare will come to an end and if you cannot bring yourself to pick cotton, then I am sure they'd be happy to send to to see your Maker.
A female who doesn't care who gets into her panties is usually one who doesn't care who gets into her country.
"In all the immense literature about the 1939-1945 war, one may observe a legend in process of being shaped. Gradually, authentic memories of the war – of its boredom, its futility, the sense it gave of being part of a process of decomposition – fade in favor of the legendary version, embodied in Churchill's rhetoric and all the other narratives by field marshals, air marshals and admirals, creating the same impression of a titanic and forever memorable struggle in defense of civilization. In fact, of course, the war's ostensible aims – the defense of a defunct Empire (England), a spent Revolution (the USSR), and bogus Freedoms (Roosevelt's 'Four Freedoms') – were meaningless in the context of the times. They will probably rate in the end no more than a footnote on the last page of the last chapter of the story of our civilization." —  Malcolm Muggeridge, Esquire Magazine, February 1968
When they run out of other countries to wreck, they wreck their own.

     See this note from Israeli writer Israel Shamir (source RePortersNoteBook.com).     "Israel Shamir writes:  Dear American Friends, in the American press there were hysterical reports of  the dangerous life of Jews in Palestine. What do you think of a sideline campaign 'Bring the Jews (from Israel) to the real Promised Land of the US'?  So many good slogans: 'Let My People Come to the US', 'Green Card to Every Jew'. Actually, not bad an idea, the Russians (editor: i.e. Khazars from Russia now in Israel) would move to the US before you would say Jack Robinson  (you can bet your house deed and life savings on this with 100% confidence), and the remaining Oriental Jews would blend into Arab Middle East. The rich Ashkenazi Israelis  (i.e. earlier emigrating Khazars) anyway have American passports  and live mainly in LA.  As a bonus, we can call every objector to this scheme, 'an anti-Semite'."

    The above is why I'm not anti-Israel in the sense of wanting to see Israel vanish.   About the Arab-Israeli fights I'm completely neutral.  It's just not our war.  I am 100% anti-Zionist towards all Zionists not living in Israel.  Every last Zionist needs to be sent to Israel immediately and stop inciting anti-Semitism by leeching like blood-sucking parasites off other people's countries for Israel's benefit.  I am merely opposed to sending one shekel, one bullet or doing one thing for Israel.  People who think the 'end' of Israel will help our situation need to ask themselves one question.  Where do you think they'd go to next?   Du-uh!

(Not Molly)

Note: Eric earlier predicted that Izzy-rail would one day go thud and 'the boys' would all come back to where the whole nonsense started – Greater Israel – that's where you and I live, baby. I remember the goof-ball Pat Robertson claiming that the Lord was coming soon since all of the jews were "going home" (to Israel). He then gasped and said "... but there are 12 million jews here and they'll have to go to Israel ... somehow." I think his dim money-grubbing brain saw a glimmer of truth for a change. Glimmers really do not last long.

If white people do not get a grip on their affairs soon, then Mother Nature will intervene and they won't like what will happen.
I am not much concerned about population trends. Whites ruled large regions of the globe and they were only a tiny fraction of the population of the land they governed. A 10% white population in Rhodesia was sufficient for order and an economic plus. Once power was turned over to blacks, whites were finished. The disastrous thing is not the ratio of bodies, but that feminized whites seem compelled to share, and often hand over, their power. If this country were 90% white – which it NEVER was – and whites agreed to let the minority 10% rule over them, then what consolation is there in knowing they were 90%? The cattle in a stock yard outnumber their butchers but it is precisely the butchers who yield the killing apparatus.

Americans suffer from the 'Disney Disease' where animals are endowed with human attributes. We let hordes of muds enter the country also assuming that they are "us". The Rhodesians found out the hard way and the South Africans are next. A leopard cannot change its spots.

My take on our decline perhaps might be described as 'karma'. We, as citizens, allowed our government to become infected with communist anti-nature notions about 1900. In 1913, the Marxist income tax became law and we followed vain leaders into a war which was none of our business – WWI. Not being content with that loss of life and freedom, we elected a 'red loving' president to cure the problems we brought upon ourselves. FDR had war in his deranged noggin since the late 1920s. He hated Hitler because Hitler enjoyed the profound love of his people, something which FDR was never to gain. Over the early part of that century, each and every instance where the jew-communist regime in the Russian Soviet began to collapse, the US bailed them out. We have continued to support it to this day in spite of all the false blabber we have, and are now, being told. WWII was about destroying the anti-Communist, and prosperous Germany. ZOG went to war to save judeo-communism.

The atomic bomb project, code named Manhattan, was for the sole purpose of using that weapon against Germany. The "survivor" crowd, with all of America's giant resources plus knowledge gained from their association with far more brilliant German scientists, was still not enough to bring about the dream of a Germany vaporized from the face of the earth. Hate has a great friend in the jew.

I have mentioned many times, that being anti-nature is being anti-God. We have fought nature tooth and nail and destroyed the first modern state dedicated to living in synchronization with nature. For this, we are now going collectively mad, as the gods dictate. The days of "America" are swiftly drawing to a close but all are not involved. I estimate that of our possibly 140+ million REAL white people in this land, about 15 million are salvageable as 'white' people capable of leading, and forming, a community. Many of the others will probably join in as their stomachs shrink.

Niggerized people – jew-dazed people – feminized people. All deserve the most harsh treatment afforded by the heavens.

Here ah iz.

This was taken on the Petawawa River with a Walz 35mm camera – six second mechanical time delay – about 400 miles 0north of Toronto Canada. Notice the well-used sweat shirt and shorts which served as my wet suit. The SCUBA gear was a one tank job bastardized from the standard U.S. Navy WWII issue. I still have the 2-tank original which came in a wooden box complete with instructions, and tools, for rebuilding the valves and diaphragm unit. This particular regulator was rebuilt three times by little ol' me. Of particular interest to revisionists is the chapter on carbon DIOXIDE poisoning which most of them hadn't bothered to research during their gas-a-jew writing projects. This material is also found in many submarine manuals. The Cousteau-Gagnon regulator, with the air tank, was originally called an 'aqua lung'. The acronym SCUBA didn't come into use until about 1954. Émile Gagnan was the engineer mainly responsible for the development of the aqua lung. Cousteau's specialty was underwater photography. Like so many others, Gagnan was destined for the memory hole.

Jacques Cousteau was once approached by the French Naval authorities in regard to participating in war time espionage. He declined stating that this would require him to lie about things and that he wouldn't do. Although famous for his expeditionary oceanic work, Cousteau's basic honesty was enough to set him apart from most other people.

Also, among my camping gear, was a 12 pound portable air compressor capable of delivering 3200 p.s.i. In the boonies, I never lacked for a filled air tank and spent some of my most carefree, and happy, days wandering ALONE in the pristine area in the northern part of Algonquin Park. I drove many miles to insure that I'd never see another hoomun bean. (Always a problem, they are either thirsty, hungry, tired, bored, complaining, or have some mental problem which forbids them from ever enjoying bare-bones nature. I attribute my love of nature to the fact that I was born in a tent, in the Adirondack mountains, while mom and dad were on a fishing trip.) My food was mainly fish, cattail roots and berries. The water was straight from Mother Earth – springs, lakes and rivers. My canoe was a homemade 54 pound 18 foot cedar strip model. It now collects dust and occasionally a bird craps on it. Spiders think it's home. The building of the canoe came as a fluke – the result of a bet. Three 'expert' engineers pooled about $500 as a wager that I couldn't build such a craft in less than 8 months. As my daughter frequently tells her friends, "Never bet with my father. You'll lose." Lose they did as I finished it in about 6 weeks of spare time – away from my full time job at Sybron's magnetic flow-meter research facility. It was an absolutely beautiful job, if I may say so. (While at the U. of Chigago, I'd finish a complete chem lab exercise in about 20 minutes while others were still floundering about in search of a flask. My secret? I'd prepare the night before by mentally repeating each and every move I'd later make. Dr. Urey – Nobel Prize 1936, deuterium – would watch me with his mouth hanging open.)  (This same gaggle of yuppies also lost another bet when I told them I could drive from LA CA to Rochester NY in less than 48 hours. They learned – they refused to accept my bet that I could remove the Autolite 4300A 4-barrel carburetor from my '67 Cougar in less than 90 seconds.)

I remember the time I chased turtles underwater and managed to catch about four of them. The area was in a slow water bend, full of lily pads and such. I came out to find I was the host to a couple dozen "blood suckers" (leeches). I must have looked like Humphrey Bogart in the African Queen. I simply used my salt shaker to 'season' them. It only takes a little salt to get them to release their grip, roll up, and fall off. Those were the days.

Another fellow wrote with comments concerning his own research as to the true population of the non-United States. His data closely resembles that which was reported in an earlier letter to Maguire. People believe whatever tickles their gonads and all I have to say is that the 2% jew and 70% white is pure rubbish. I try to remain tolerant, but bullshit really bothers me.
A reason computers and the internet are so popular is that it affords play time without hazard. Consider Russian Roulette. On the internet, you can lose, lose and lose again with your brains remaining in tact. Nintendo type auto racing usually leads to crashes where not a scratch is received by the driver and no insurance company called. Of course, all such activities have nothing to do with the real world and usually leave a successful person elated at his prowess and apparent expertise. But is it really?

Computers solve math problems mainly by trial and error and so this naturally has drawn into its fold millions of people who have a gift for trial and error. They merrily peck along, doing this and that, without care nor caution since all wrong moves do little more than change the minute physical attributes in some media location. I have yet to learn of an instance where a wrong move, resulting from poor judgment, has caused a computer to explode in the face of its operator. Here then, lies the source of the enigma – people are getting demonstrably weaker of mind, and poorer in judgment,  yet the number of  'computer wizards'  appears to be increasing. What the trial and error computer has spawned is a whole generation of trial and error keyboard peckers. It's not much different than a clever rat finding its way out of a maze – with no foresight whatsoever. If the dead ends of a maze were triggers for dynamite, and the dead ends of some combination of key punches were likewise, I wouldn't expect too many successful rats nor the existence of many computer wizards.

Take a simple relation, y² = 3x² + 1, for example, and ask someone to find a non-trivial natural number solution. A few substitutions would easily lead one to discover x = 1 and y = 2. Ask them to solve it algebraically, that is, without trial and error, and most would fail.

Now if a new coefficient were supplied, say y² = 13x² + 1, then not many would obtain a result without resorting to the use of another trial and error device – the computer (x = 180 and y = 649). Those schooled in the art of symbol manipulation could offer a straight forward algebraic solution.

My personal favorite is y² = 61x² + 1, which will offer the trial and error bunch days – perhaps weeks – of fine entertainment.

In all of the given examples, there are multiple solutions. x = 4 and y = 9 works for y² = 5x² + 1 as does x = 72 and y = 161.

The computer, as with the plethora of 'safety' devices used by the deluded adventurous, is breeding oceans of people, full of self-confidence and accompanying conceit, who are real-world dysfunctional. How many today, sans modern technology, could duplicate the Mt. Everest accomplishment of Sir Edmund Percival Hillary? How many of our modern yahoo rapids-runners would remain alive after running rapids with the same boats as did those of 1820? It's one thing to kill an elephant with an 80mm cannon and quite another to do it with a ball bat. How many sky divers, and "bungie" jumpers, would there be if the odds were those of Russian Roulette? Or a shoot out at OK Corral? Not many, I'd wager. Even as I write, the automobile racing associations are striving to produce cars which will allow collisions at 200 MPH to be "safe" for the driver. As the foolhardy increase in numbers, the demand for "safety" will also increase. And to what end? Low tech people operating high tech machines. That's a recipe for certain disaster.

Those demanding complete safety are really demanding complete irresponsibility. With a computer you can be irresponsible to an enormous degree without ever encountering so much as a hangnail. Any race which tries to reduce life to some sort of computer game is a race which will be overrun and buried, by those who do not. Perhaps this is part and parcel of the dilemma of the white race – a complete failure to live in a real world because it is not very nice much of the time. The millions of drug-heads, alcoholics and sex-obsessed, attest to the fact that real-world avoidance is a severe mental defect and those so afflicted do not deserve much of anything. May they rest in peace and their history vanish.

Farting around with the internet is not the way to build the spirit of men and women, nor community thereof. It only breeds dependence and when the electricity fails to flow, where are you really? "Señor, while you entertained yourself, I occupied your land. It's now my land. It's better you die. ¿No es verdad?"

I have never known boredom, if I understand the term. Those who claim they are bored are actually admitting they are DEPENDENT UPON OUTSIDE stimulation for whatever they deem essential. It all boils down to demanding entertainment by something of more value than yourself. This is certainly not a very complimentary admission for one to make, wouldn't you say?
The Wages of Treason: Here's a very special feature for our white liberals who think their Judeo-Marxist political correctness and betrayal of their own race will save them.


This story of the travails of a white Zimbabwean farmer denied asylum has been making the blightwing rounds. Prime Minister Tony Blair and Foreign Secretary Jew Jack Straw's City of London puppet government has refused this farmer asylum in Merrie Olde England.  Yes, Her Majesty's same government that originally betrayed the whites in Rhodesia to Judeo-Communism in 1980 is still at it. "A white Zimbabwean farmer claiming asylum in Britain after he was severely beaten and his girlfriend murdered has been told he must return home."

Stay tuned, it gets better.  Farmer sez, "I found out half my labour force had been murdered just because they said they wanted me back."

My thoughts are straying now to some tomato farmers I know ....sorry.  And then there's this plaintive cry from the farmer concerned, a Mr. Roy Wilkie-Page (full name provided courtesy of Ananova, obviously to ensure later identification by Mugabe's tribal henchmen): "They said I was a racist but how can I be racist when my friends and my girlfriend were black?"

There we have it.  Catherine Buckle from her closet in Harare is issuing calls for outside military intervention while denying a race war is in progress.  White 17 year old girls are turning tricks in seedy AIDS infected Zimb hotels and ex-race mixer Roy Wilkie-Page can't get political asylum in Tony Blair's England.


I care not what some mud may or may not contribute to my society. If we, as white people, cannot supply what we need for ourselves, then how dare we call ourselves 'white'?
In March 1934, a genealogical chart of the then President Franklin D. Roosevelt, was prepared in the Carnegie Institution of Washington, D.C., under the direction of Dr. H. H. Laughlin. It revealed the jewish background of F.D.R. Besides the Rosenvelt, the chart revealed the names Jacobus, Schaack, Hoffman, Issac, Kunst and Samuels. A similar chart was published by the Washington Star, 29 February 1936.

The Washington Times Herald, 30 March 1943, stated that Prosecutor John Rogue disclosed that "... Robert E. Edmonton ... will be prosecuted for distributing documents describing President Roosevelt as a jew, carrying the implication that he got the country into the war (SWATKWP) to help fellow jews."

The New York Times, 14 March 1935, quotes the President as saying: "In the distant past my ancestors may have been jews. All I know of the origin of the Roosevelt family is that they apparently descended form Claes Martenszen van Rosenvelt, who came from Holland."

A little whimsical fantasy based upon the existance of the original 13th Amendment.

LIPSTADT:  "But David Irving is a terrible human being!!  He's a Holocaust Denier, he mistranslated 'ausrotten' and he tells his daughter not to marry negroes."

JUSTICE FRENZ:  "You have a point, Professor. David Irving is not exactly the most admirable human being that ever lived.  Yes, I understand, he's probably made serious mistakes as a historian.  Almost all of them do.  But that's not our concern here today.  This court finds that you, then being an American citizen, accepted money from Yad Vashem, an agency of the Government of the State of Israel and a recognized Foreign Power.  That was a big no-no under the Constitution of the United States and the Sedition and Loyalties Act.  Please surrender your passport, birth certificate, voter identification card, social security card and any other forms of government issued identification to the Clerk of the Court.  The Marshal will escort you to the next available airliner departing for Tel Aviv.  My very best wishes to you for your future success and happiness.  Shalom."

FALWELL:  "I worked hard to elect Ronald Reagan.  I organized the Moral Majority to clean up all the corruption around us."

JUSTICE FRENZ:  "But you also accepted a medal and a Lear Jet from Menachem Begin, then the Prime Minister of the State of Israel.  And you also engaged in political lobbying in Washington to secure weapons and financial assistance for the State of Israel at the expense of the public treasury."

FALWELL:  "But the Bible sez the Jews are God's Holy Chosen people."

JUSTICE FRENZ:  "A number of reputable theologians disagree with you on that.  Anyway, the Bible didn't tell you to take a Lear Jet and a medal from a Foreign Power.  Are there any countries that might accept you immediately?  Israel perhaps?  The transit camp at Johnston Island is getting pretty full right now."

Ex-REPRESENTATIVE SANCHEZ:  "This is a racist and sexist proceeding!  I protest.  The Hispanic people OWN California!"

JUSTICE FRENZ:  "Order in the Court!  This court will not permit such demonstrations.  And you are wrong, Ms. Sanchez.  It's not racist or sexist at all.  Almost 60% of the convictions at this Constitutional Court have been of native born white people.  Just last week every last defendant was a white male and a former member or employee of the Republican National Committee.  So you don't deny this is your signature on this check drawn on the Bank of Mexico City?  Do you deny having accepted the award from Presidente Fox in the ceremony documented by this photograph?  No?  Marshal Covington, please escort Ms. Sanchez to the next bus leaving for El Paso.  NEXT!"

FOXMAN:  "It's another Holocaust!"

JUSTICE FRENZ:  "Mr Foxman, this court takes judicial notice of the fact that, under your leadership while an American citizen, the Anti-Defamation League accepted money from the Government of Israel.  The evidence also shows that you wilfully allowed identified agents of the Mossad to operate from ADL offices while posing as officials of that organization.  The documents introduced here also show your acceptance of a number of awards and commendations from the Government of the State of Israel.  Now the Lipstadt Charter is already full.  The clerk of the court is therefore directed to charter, by public competitive bid, sufficient numbers of FAA certified airworthy aircraft to carry you and your co-defendants to Tel Aviv.  The clerk is authorized to withdraw from impounded ADL accounts sufficient monies to pay for those charters, afterwards rendering a full accounting to the Court."

JANE FONDA:  "But Vietnam was an immoral war!  Hundreds of thousands of innocent people were being killed!  They were using napalm. "

JUSTICE FRENZ:  "So this is your picture accepting a certificate from the Politburo of the People's Republic of Vietnam?  Well, I'm told the beaches in Vietnam are some of the best in the world.  Perhaps the Vietnamese Government will allow you to retire in style yet.  NEXT!"

CLINTON:  "It depends on what the meaning of Freedom is."

JUSTICE FRENZ:  "This court has taken judicial notice of the fact that the City of London is a Foreign Power as defined by the Sedition and Loyalties Act.  You accepted the 'Freedom of the City' in a televised ceremony."

JUSTICE FRENZ:  "Citizen Eric Thomson, this Court finds you Not Guilty.  The so-called Government of Rhodesia was never diplomatically recognized by the United States of America and thus was never a Foreign Power as defined by the Sedition and Loyalties Act and the Amendment.  The Court directs you to submit an itemization of your costs to the Clerk of the Court within the next seven days.  The clerk is directed to issue you a refund check for all allowable defense costs of this action.   This Court is Adjourned!"


(submitted by a patriot)

When something is misused or put to a purpose not intended by nature, that act is called a perversion and those involved, perverts. Inserting a penis into a rectum (sodomy) is an act of perversion and those involved are perverts. This is a major avenue for the spreading of AIDS, all other considerations aside. Perversions hidden from the public are still perversions and any society which condones such behavior has thus demonstrated an anti-nature facet. As the general insanity of the American public increases, so might we expect its fragmentation. We must keep in mind that the bulk of any population simply doesn't care two hoots about what happens to the world once they have departed. Thus, we white males still yet unaffected by the general madness, will be a minority swimming against the flow. The measure of our inner strength will be demonstrated by our ability to remain unkneeling in the face of the now, world-wide, menace to civilization in general, and the white male in particular. When liars are given benefits, we shall remain poor in material things but rich in truth. When criminals and deviants are elected to positions of influence, we shall remain true to our honor thus making the envious more hateful in their attacks upon that which they can never be. An enemy will kill you if he has the chance and whether you remain upright fighting, or kow-towing in pitiful apology, will make absolutely no difference. Overall, American society rewards those least likely to be of any value to a healthy community. A garbage dump is not the same thing as an exquisite salad.
Mergers, and take-overs, affect us all. Disguised inflation is all around. The box and the price might remain the same, but what's in the box becomes smaller. As you know, this site costs me money of which I do not complain. My webspace has been cut in half due to ...blah, blah and blah. This means that I will either have to (1) pay more for the same space or (2) reduce the size of what is now posted. At this point, I have not made a decision.
Gentlemen: Congratulations. F.A.E.M. is the best patriotic magazine I am aware of. It certainly makes one think and avoids all the rehashing of stuff we all ready know, like the chocolate drops and their drugs and crime. I do my best to make others aware of your site. V.McD.
Jews = 2%     Honkies = 70%       Ha. Ha. Ha. And a ho, ho, ho.

I've found, online, the specific time series files that ZOG Census uses to track the oven temperature in the browning of America.  These data files go right down to county level detail and are segregated by year, sex, and also incremented in 5 year age groups.  If you're curious here's the data descriptor file: ftp://ftp.census.gov/pub/population/estimates/county/casrh/casrh_rl.txt

I've downloaded all 53 of these files.  This is the hard stuff, not the pablum they spoon feed the masses, including the Ph.D. poly-sci drones in the universities.  I'm sucking these files into a huge database.  I have some very strong database skills.  The biggest single database I ever made had 120 million records with 54 fields.   These will be easy in comparison.

Along the way I also came across another set of files that track the population by specific ethnic group.  This file:  ftp://ftp.census.gov/pub/population/socdemo/ancestry/table_05.txt  is a summary of the results.  Go look at it because it's pretty important.  ZOG's Race and Settlement Office has indeed been tracking ethnicities over time at a very low level of detail.  The root directory here, ftp://ftp.census.gov/pub/population/socdemo/ancestry/ has single page reports on each of the racial groups listed in table_05.txt.  It gets into great specificity on fertility per woman, age, education, work force patterns and other econometric data on the dozens of ethnic groups.

And here's where a mathematician might help out, because there's a problem with ZOG's population book-keeping.  When I imported table_05.txt into a database, I got some funky results.  First, as you'll see at the top of the file, it lists "All Persons" in 1998 as being 248 million.  This is already a major discrepancy between the p.r. figure of 270 million given out elsewhere by the Census Bureau as the 1998 US population.   The listed ethnic subgroups within table_05.txt only total out to 162 millionish.  That left a gap of 248-162 = 86 million.   When I plugged in the Census 1998 numbers for Blacks, Hispanic 'whites', Asians and American Indians the total went to 238,000,000ish.  That is still 10 million short of 248, let alone 270.  I've thought of various possibilities to explain these discrepancies.

1.  The number of 'American Jews' given by various external Jewish sources is a standard 5.5 million.  The ancestries data in "Table_05.txt" does not make it obvious where these people are stashed.  The numbers of 'Russian and Ukrainian ancestry' people given at 2 million and 500k is way too low considering that 90% of American 'Jews' are Ashkenazi.   The 'Russian' demographics are otherwise consistent with most of these people being Jews based on economics, occupation and education.  Some of the 'Jews' are doubtless in the German and Polish categories but not another 3 million of them.  Even if they were that left -0- slots available for gentile descended Russians and Ukrainians.  The demographic profile of the 13 million 'Americans' is consistent with the white trailer park crowd rather than more Jews.  The 'Jewish' population could also be far larger than 5.5 million, a contention I've seen elsewhere.  If we assumed 15 million instead of 5 million one set of 'books' balance at 248 million.  There used to be a census category of "Hebrews", which has since vanished.  So where are their descendants now accounted for?

2.  ZOG is lying about the real population of the USA to the extent of 22 million.  This is the gap between 270 and 248.  The anonymous authors of the 'ancestries' directory seem pretty sure of themselves in all other respects.  I can think of plenty of things to do with 22 million phantoms.  Organized vote fraud is at the top of that list, but in welfare state there's also plenty of other uses for non-existent people in financial skullduggery.

3.  The missing 22 million is the number of illegal aliens in the U.S.A.  (The 'boys' may have let the pussy out of the bag when they recently announced that the number of mestizo squatters is 23 million. Mestizobush and el Presidente Fuchs have put the amnesty talks on the back burner. Meanwhile, back at the borders, the invasion continues virtually unopposed. Who speaks out? Only we handful of nasty noise makers who love our country but hate the Zionists who run it. RF)

4.  The authors of the ancestry data are not as accurate as they think they are.  The numbers and demographics of the 'Pennsylvania Germans' (which is what they call the Amish) are certainly too low and otherwise inaccurate, especially in fertility.  Amish women have far more than 2.1 kids each.

5.  The numbers of negroes are understated, as you contended a couple of days ago.     The surface results seem to confirm your contention that both the numbers of white people and their percentage of the population is far lower than ZOG officially tells us.   Now I found the 'ancestries' data by trolling folder by folder through the census bureau's ftp site.  There are no links to it that I've found.

P.S.  I have some tentative conclusions but the raw data still needs work.  According to what I saw, the white race here in the U.S.A.  is in trouble (we already knew this), but there are a few rays of sunshine in the thunderclouds.  The 'English' (i.e. the Bush Freemasons who've been crippling us) with a pop of 21 million, a median age of 40 and a birthrate of 1.8 are in a demographic tailspin.   The two largest also strongest demographically healthiest white groups are the Germans at 45 million and a median age of 33, and the Irish with 22 million and median age of 34.    The Germans are doing the best, although at 1.85 although we're still under replacement level.

If those men of German blood will do there duty, the German women will do theirs.  I could yet live to see another Germanic nation born in North America.  I'm not talking culture or language, I'm talking biology.

ZOG, in an example of 'The Law of Unintended Consequences" has apparently done the cleaning that Commander Rockwell considered necessary for the white race.  It did this with abortion, feminism, the media psy-war and the nig-nog 'dirty war' of crime.  What was the result?  The feministic Freemason English and the weaker eastern Euros came under the most pressure and are in the most trouble demographically.  'The City's' biggest enemies, Germans and Irish, are now the strongest white racial subgroups here, too.

Here's conclusion #1 (see Table 5 again):  the future white face of America is German and Irish.  Check the history because these are also the two strongest fighting races of Europe.  The Jews had to use the English to control them, but the Irish refused to bow down.  Rebbe had to bring the entire world against Germania twice.  But rebbe in the U.S.A. turned like a viper on his premier allies, the English.     What's the result as shown by the numbers?  It's the true fighting stock of Europe that's left to 'fight them to the last man standing' come 'Der Tag'.  On other grounds I already concluded that the dying English elites of the GOP are enemy #1.  Now hard racial census statistics show the imperative of this, too.

Conclusion #2 (practical politics):  White racialists are pro-Green on Irish questions.  This is not only because the Kaiser and Hitler were, but because of  ZOG's own current census numbers.  45 million + 22 million don't lie.

Conclusion #3.  The two top political tasks are getting the Irish and Germans out of the Democratic Party and destroying the English Freemason elites of the GOP.

(From a letter to Maguire sez:)

Eric always loves to pull my chain.Today he sent me a photo of yet another NASA NitWit waste-the-goyim's-tax-money projects. It was a photo of an ultra-light mylar flying wing complete with 65,000 solar cells powering 14 teeny weeny itsy bitsy electric motor driven propellers. Launched from somewhere in the mud-peopled islands of Hawaii, the toy is called Helios and they HOPE it will reach an altitude of 100,000 feet. Glory be ta gawd Gloria, ain't that a miracle?

At an altitude of 20 miles, the air is thinner than the morality of a Bill Clinton and one might just wonder what those teeny weeny itsy bitsy propellers will use to thrash against.

Now, in 1931 a Swiss fellow named Piccard went up, up, and away in a hydrogen balloon to a height of 10 miles. In 1961, the USAF sent Ross and Prather aloft to nearly 22 miles with nary a solar cell adorning their helium filled balloon. In fact, they could have done it in the dark. So what's the deal about some flea weight craft going up, and more up? To prove that things can go up or that solar cells will be used to propel your loaded SUV at 75 MPH along Interstate 90 without ever using a drop of the hated fossil fuels? Traveling at night might not be too convenient and cloudy days might just be up for grabs.

While in high school, I and the future gynecologist (valley of love inspector) Dr. Hursh, would build what were called 'microfilm' aircraft. The frames of the 4-6 inch craft were made from 1/32 inch strips of balsa wood. Jim had a very delicate hand which made him quite superior in this respect. (Being 'superior' he just naturally had to knock my teeth out. That's what the femme liberal crowd tells us.) The 'skins' for the wings and tail sections were made in this fashion: First, we'd make a wire hoop from a clothes hanger by forming it into a circle. Then, in a tub of calm water, we'd drop in some slightly diluted (with acetone) celluloid cement. This would spread over the water in a film of microscopic thickness, hence microfilm. The wire loop was used to lift the film gently from the water and then place it upon the wing, for example. It took very little to trim this and with one hellova lot of care, we had operational wings. Now for the power. We'd run about netting common houseflies and again with utmost care, glue their asses on the tip of the stick fuselage. Once released, the little buggers would propel the craft around the school's gymnasium. This of course proves that flies can ultimately be used to propel UPS trucks.

An astute fellow wrote concerning the Bassou man-ape cross breed. He wonders why anyone should argue over the academics of it all. Since our society is full of male/female critters who would, and do, screw anything, why not take one of them and offer $$$$ for them to hump a baboon or chimp? Try it. You might like it.