9 September 2001
The commies who spout the Marxist line always remind us that material wealth belongs to all and that all of it should be shared equally. This certainly appeals to the parasites and predators, but why is it that the ruling communist ZOG agents never seem to share their wealth with anyone else? The working class supports the sewer people and also the controlling rich. Such a deal.
Ever get those email ads "enlarge your penis"? Why would this be of interest to anyone, I wondered. Perhaps it's a case of things not fitting well. Anyway, it seems that a male does nothing which changes the size of his member but sure as heck, women do things which change the size of theirs. Therefore, wouldn't it be more appropriate to advertise, "shrink your vagina"?
He who defines, controls.
Yassah, ZOG is good with the word twisting and blanket stereotype wraps. Under your bed, in your church, and naturally the bushes, there are terrorists all around. A terrorist is anyone the jews don't like. If you are an Arab, you could be a pussy cat whose most violent act was feeding the pigeons in the park. Just being an Arab means that you have the POTENTIAL to pop a few Chosenites with rocks.

There's that IF again – the word which quivers our shakes, or is it, shakes our quivers? – which leaves most sheep afraid to leave their gated villages. Breathing might be deadly IF there were cyanide gas in the air. IF I were in the ocean, I could: be bitten by a shark, step on an urchin,  get salt in my eyes, cut my foot on an oyster, be grabbed in  the crotch by a lusty wench or had irritating seaweed lodged in my jock. The public thinks of statistically remote disasters ALL OF THE TIME!

Even Tim McVeigh got a bad rap in all of this. He committed an act of RETALIATION – a 'get even' sort of thing. That's not terrorism. He tried to intimidate no one. The Israelis retaliate all of the time. It's not terrorism. The Palestinians toss a few stones and the Israelis RETALIATE by sending in tanks and aircraft wiping out the whole village. If too many rocks are thrown, there is the possibility that all of the Palestinians will be zonked dead. Who then, will do the Israelis' work? Such a deal. It's tough to employ people who hate you. It causes complications.

Everything is ass backwards anyway. The more we go into debt, the more prosperous we are. When the nigs ruin the housing stupid whitey builds for them, whitey just erects more expensive ones. The theory here is that when the accommodations get super expensive, then Africa will behave like a church choir. Good luck. If students' grades drop, then the standards are dropped to keep pace. In that way, we all end up feeling brilliant and no one has hurt feelings.

Freedom of expression is limited to the extent that it doesn't "offend" someone. The best thing to do is for everyone to remain silent. Then again, there will be those who are offended by the way you look at them. The druggies would be offended by the silence. Old maids will be offended by the drugheads. Promiscuous young girls will be offended by the old maids. Guys married to witches will be offended by the promiscuous girls. Grumpy married men will offend the waitresses. The waitresses will be offended by those who do not tip. The fellow who didn't tip will be offended when the waitress drops pudding in his lap. The cook will be offended  by the waste of his pudding making talent. He gets teed off and tosses a plate which bashes the proprietor in the head. The proprietor gets offended and fires the cook. The cook's wife is offended  because she just bought a new Lexus. She then kicks her cat in the ass. The cat is offended and eats the canary. The bird seed seller is offended because he has lost a future sale. La, tee da and foodle de dum. There is no end to this "offend" dilemma but it sure is a great way for wretches to busy themselves. The next time someone says he is "offended", kick him square in the balls. Then he'll have something else to worry about – unless you miss. Then  you'll have something to worry about which will probably offend you.

Oh yayah. A few years back, the ISP swat jocks jumped BuffNet.net, ripped off a few computers, HDs, yards of wire, waste basket contents, and 3 donuts. I am not sure, but someone – out there – thought the boys were a little free with the free speech. It's like the free lunch at Dudie's Bar and Grill – after the second sandwich you get tossed into the alley if you only bought 1 beer. So here we go again, in the land of freedom-is-where-you-buy-it.


The bagel crowd is certainly myopic. They bring in the muds to bash stupid whitey but it apparently never occurred to them that most of the whole wide diverse turd world is not that fond of God's self-anointed ones. How odd of God.

Americans are certainly slow learners. Most of them think that freedom of speech means one has aright to freely express his opinions. They are learning. Haven't you noticed how many of them look over their shoulders before asking which direction is up?

Dear FAEM – Great Website!  Smart, Clever, and Funny! Very refreshing compared to most of the others out there of this type.  You deserve to be commended. Anon.

Our secret is raw, and brutal intelligence. Thomson, Frenz and Maguire are the spine and are unequally equal – all have 65 IQs! Now 65 + 65 + 65 = 195 and that is super genius on anyone's scale, except D#, and those on the jewfish. RF.

I read the linked CNN piece on Mugabe's recent outbreak of 'anti-semitism'.  In my opinion his fate is now sealed.  He'll either 'die of natural causes' or be removed in a coup very soon now.   Outside intervention would inevitably involve white troops so it won't be done unless all Plans A & B fail.  Conceivably the ANC might do the dirty work.  They haven't laid a single finger on the self-Chosen interests in South Africa at all.

 Venturing way out on a limb to make a prediction, I'll be surprised if 2002 sees Mugabe still in power.  Maguire

You might like to take a gander at this one –   http://www.cnn.com/2001/WORLD/africa/09/03/safrica.mugabe.jews.reut/index.html
Same old bagels and it reaffirms what I have always maintained – that black people, with their feet more firmly planted on terra firma, are far more astute than white people when it comes to recognizing who it is with the shaft.
One fellow mentioned that I complain about complainers. Describing a negative event is not a complaint unless one is emotionally involved. To say that most Americans are complainers – they show dissatisfaction – is not a complaint unless the observer is not pleased with what he observes.

As I look from the window of my reading room, I see a fellow slapping around a damsel. He's done it before and I know the young lady. She doesn't not discriminate when it comes to men using her female body parts. That's politically correct – the absence of discrimination. She tolerates getting slapped around. Another politically correct position – tolerance. He is simply using his First Amendment right to freely express himself. Sounds all-American to me.

Anyway, little skirmishes like this always follow when Mike catches Karen playing house with some other stud in the backyard. It's old hat and I believe that they should be allowed to do their thing without interference. After all, it's no skin off my feathers. Now, describing this silliness is not a complaint because I do not care a moldy fritter what happens to either one and since the noise is not at a bothersome level, I just go back to my reading.

To invite more wrath – relative to mental gymnastics, women are short-term thinkers and men are long-term thinkers. This is demonstrated over and over and over again whenever one scrutinizes academic behavior. Females are usually better students than are males. They generally apply themselves better and have better overall grades. In my experience, valedictorians and salutatorians – high school – are usually girls. One does absolutely notice that at the beginning of a school year, it is the male who retains more of what he was exposed to the previous year. I spent many, many hours doing research along this line and I cannot argue – perhaps you might – with the data. In other words, the half-life of the unused knowledge for females is shorter than that of males. Black people mentally "hold on" to things much less than do white people. That's why employers often have to re-teach a job come Monday morning.

Most women admit the differences between male and female in all avenues except the mental. This partitioning of the mind, apart from the body, is fundamental to all libertarian thinking. We are 'stuck' with the physical, but given the right thises and thatas, all can be rendered equal. Not on this planet, baby. Not now. Not ever.

Who is the more stupid? A moron who gives advice or someone who asks a moron for advice? Think about this the next time you ask one of your black 'bros' a question.

Obey the law. You won't like it if you are dragged before an orangutan judge in front of a jury composed of gorillas and baboons. No sense being a victim of our Planet of the Apes.

What would you think of leopards if they allowed hyenas to govern them? What do you think of a government which promotes critters of another species to govern us? A more stupid species at that. Then again, in this asylum it's had to tell one idiot from another.

If your barn is full of wheels then why would you want to saw down a tree and make another one? If black men could be made into white men by spending money and granting privileges, why would you want to do it when the woods are full of able and competent white folks already?

If a people, such as the blacks, cannot elevate themselves, then why do you believe it is the duty of white people to teach them how? If they had any brains, they'd have done it themselves, wouldn't you say?

WHO, pray tell, taught the white man how to invent and progress? Who? Tooth fairies? You honkies had better get your heads out of your ass why you still can. Time waits for no one.

When the UN wogs denounced Israel as being 'racist', the yids then shouted something about 'anti-Semitism'. It must be their oriental blood for when a Chinese restaurant owner in Jew York City was called to account, by a news reporter, for putting pork in his 'lamb' dishes, the oriental replied, "Wy don' you likey Chinee people."
The non-health scene: Millions for dubious cures but not one cent for prevention.
The whole country operates as per that TV commercial for some cleaner or such. The little pisspot tosses his cereal onto the floor and obedient mommy hops around cleaning up the mess. The brat obviously has her well trained. The population has this mind set. (Undisciplined brats do grow up.) Do as you damned well please, caring not for the other fellow, and demand your 'constitutional right' to have someone else take care of the havoc you created.
Hewlett-Packard. Sales down. Workers laid off. That's an economic minus.
Compac. Sales down. Workers laid off. That's an economic minus.
Hewlett-Packard and Compac do a sneaky merger already. Now that's an economic plus.
To me, 0 + 0 does not = 1, but I guess our economic experts operate on that old algebra ditty – two minuses make a plus
To hell with Reno for Florida governor, I say. Reno for president! Look at her qualifications: Ugly – proving Americans are no longer interested in a clean environment. Parkinson's – which makes her vibrations more interesting than Hillary's monotone hot air. Besides, disease and disability is in. Lesbian – what sort of people would want a straight woman anyway? Efficient and caring – she saved all those Waco children from 'child abuse", didn't she? The only downside relative to her being all-American, is that she doesn't take crack or smoke weeds. A few tattoos and lip rings plus a noisy guitar would tie the whole package up, wouldn't you say?

ZOG operates a lot like Fearless Fosdick, a detective in the old comic strips. He had an assignment. Someone put poison into a can of beans (Tylenol, remember?) and he had to make sure that no one died from eating them. He sniffed and snooped and snooped and sniffed – grocery stores, picnics and wherever someone was found to be eating canned beans. Then, one glorious Rosh Hashanah, he spotted a fellow just about to down some poisoned beans. "Stop. Stop what you are doing! Put down that can of beans!" The fellow just glanced, ignoring the bright badge which Fearless showed him. He started to eat the beans. Fearless then pulled out his 45 and shot the bugger through the head. Fearless did his job well for no one ever died from eating a can of poisoned beans.

As the American Pie indiscriminate sexual practices continue unfettered (dysgenics – find any hole and fill it), you'll never guess what this down-breeding is bringing along with it. That's right. A rapid increase in health problems, from major to minor (music courtesy of Cole Porter) – Down's syndrome, mental retardation, diabetes, fibrocystic disease, tuberculosis, cancer, rheumatic fever, harelip, cleft palate, clubfoot, allergies by the score, heart diseases, schizophrenia, manic depression, and so on. Even all of those X-rays are bashing around your crotchety crotch genes, politely known as germ plasm. Who cares about the next generation anyway, if it feels oh! so good!? Yesssssssssssssssss!!!!

You want to argue, don't you? I can see it in your teeth. It is established that tuberculosis effects more slim people than fat people by a great margin. It is also known that slim and fat can proceed from one's genetic inheritance. Indirectly then, Susceptibility to TB can be linked to heredity.

If you think that GOD science will soon 'find a cure', then you obviously have not noticed all of those 'health clinics', 'kidney shops', 'bad back resorts' and such which have been popping up faster than genital herpes during an after-game niggerball sex orgy. Take a Sunday drive and count them as opposed to the Burger Kings. 'Health', actually sickness, is a major industry in this country. Even the doctors, who supposedly know the answers, are dying at a faster rate than are their patients.

Since some American youth feel a need to go "jungle" with tattoos, pierced nipples and tongues, I hope I can get financing for a more diverse 'cultural beauty' parlor where I'll make available:  teeth filed to points (Fiji – be Jaws!), four lower inscisors knocked out ((Nilotid), foot binding (Chinese), platter lip implants (Ubangi), neck stretching via neck hoops (Patonga – a great way to get taller), ear lobe elongation (Mittu – great for carrying extra packets of crack) and the specialty – female circumcision (Monbuttu) – clitoris and vulva as a package deal. Why don't all you moms who approved of having your son's wiener whacked, stop being hypocrites and enjoy the benefits of mutilated parts? I have also considered the urethra splitting technique which many savages think was a good method of birth control – misdirected ejaculation.

Now, if any of you p.c. kiddies object to these new beautifications then that makes you guilty of discrimination. We are all equal, wouldn't you say? So let's go the full route and transform our entire bodies into hamburg and demonstrate "brotherly love".

Note: One of the feminist hags who taught biology at a school where I also taught – the male token in an all-girls – recommended male circumcision as it enabled the impressionable boy to 'experience the pain of child birth'. I gave Sally, a student of mine, a complete paper on the practice of clitoridectomy amongst certain African tribes and told her that what was good for the gander was also good for the goose. Old hatchet-face biology mom was not too pleased with that. Imagine! Some unfortunate man had this cluck for a wife. She also supported abortion. Too bad her mother didn't feel the same way.

For those interested in Aryan values and such, please visit   http://www.front14.org/n-s-m/
Additional information can be found in the book The Aryan Household (The Social, Political and Religious Beliefs of the Aryans). I was loaned this years ago and so do no longer have the 2 volumes.
Also, The Viking Age (2 volumes) presents very valuable information on family structure and values. It is of no small import that the book(s) also mention their use of ROLLER BEARINGS in their cart wheels. Odd ducks, these white folks, eh?
Dear Robert,
Recently I was entertained by an announcement on the TV, it seems there are two SPECIES of Elephants in Africa? They all look alike, but, science has declared they are different, so different they are entitled to be of different species.  How is it us men are not so special, at the very least, to the scientist?  Truly, science knows men are not alike, but different.  If men and animals share so much of their DNA, as they do, then what separates men from animals, except it is a, religion?  If it is that difference, of this amount or that amount, separates men from animals then what we are dealing with is the amount of difference, and, not anything else.  If elephants, from the same area, looking like one another, though reluctant to interbreed, if these can be thought to be of different species, then, why must us men all be allocated to be of the same species?  Are men less than elephants, or, is science not telling us something!?

Dear Mr. M.,
Biological classification is an abstract notion MADE BY MEN in an attempt to understand that which is not understandable. All classification is based upon similarities. The major problem with our education is that everything is presented as if it were proved fact and almost none of it is. This is why it is easier to dupe the college educated than it is a farmer who never went past 6th grade. You and I both know that there are MAJOR differences between the black man and the white man. Our SENSES tell us that – all of them – in spades! Where we get side-tracked is when educators tell us that THEY know more than we and we sheepishly lick it all up. We do this because it helps our school grades and reduces intellectual conflict.

In regard to the elephants mentioned, there are more differences between the black man and the white man than there are between those the elephants. Because MAN is doing the defining, he is reluctant to apply the SAME RULES to himself. Besides, the church would not be very happy about it anyway. There are about 30 different species of crow and almost all of them look alike. I proposed the genus/species classifications: Homo sapiens (white), Homo nigerus (black) and Homo mongolus (yellow) as having more merit, if the classification rules held, than the single species NONSENSE.

Don't let the DNA hype interfere with your good sense. Urine and spring water are 95% alike and I do not need that interesting fact to tell me what I should drink. Physically, we can copulate with cows (and some do!) but that's not a reason to do it. The same for whites and blacks, dogs and sheep.

Have faith in yourself. Do not be intimidated by pompous clowns posing as experts. If something smells like shit, I do not care if every Nobel prize winner on the planet told me I was smelling roses.

Thanks for mentioning this, Robert

One fellow reminded me that many blacks are demanding reparations since "America was built on the back of black slave labor." How's that? Blacks picked cotton for a very small bunch of lazy, rich southern whites who didn't give two shakes about building anything other than their own wealth and comfort. If these renegade whites were interested in building a white country, they'd have left the jigs in Africa. (Also remember that is was precisely those rich whites who 'sowed their wild oats' by playing hump-it with their nubile slaves thus injecting white blood into the black gene pool. That's the reason American blacks look different than the true blacks of Africa.) The sweat shops, factories and coal mines of the north never employed black slave labor. Those who built the west, and whipped the ass of the natives, were not black slaves. Built America? What sort of weeds are you smoking? If blacks are really interested in building something, I understand that Africa is now in need of their superior talent. Boat tickets, anyone?
Dear Robert:

Your profound observation that women are innately not capable of governing or using power wisely is illustrated in the recent incident were 430+ mud "asylum seekers"  from Afghanistan where trying to invade and colonize the formally all white Pacific island countries of Australia and New Zealand.

The Australians at first stood firm (as firm as white males can these days) and did not let the ship carrying this vermin proceed on humanitarian grounds into its country's ports.  An impasse occurred and was finally broken by the FEMALE prime minister of New Zealand, Helen Clark who said she would let in 150 of the muddy fu--ers as part of the (sic) "annual asylum seekers quota" of her country.

And of course, as is unfortunately too often the case these days, the men followed suit and caved after the female assumed the leadshit (sic) role.

The story is at CNN at:   http://www.cnn.com/2001/WORLD/asiapcf/auspac/08/31/aust.tampa/index.html

Wouldn't it be great if the males in New Zealand rose up in mass and threw this bitch out since their women are too lame to do it? But of course we have to observe that in this country too many voting white males in New York state cast their vote to put the degenerate proven criminal and misandrist (new word meaning "man hater") into one of that state's two U.S. Senatorial slots!!!!

L. M.

Chicago 2012 A.D.

As many might recognize, this is actually Berlin 1945. The young today perhaps have not been informed that ZOG USA PERMITTED the Soviet hordes to take the capitol of Germany by refusing to let our armies advance. Our true American Gen. George Patton (who conveniently had an 'accidental' death) could have easily swept over eastern Germany, Poland, and into Russia itself, and completed the job Hitler should have been allowed to finish. If we really had the interests of the Russian people at heart, and were a foe of communism, we would have done precisely that. The American boob has always been the best unwitting friend the commies ever had. If you think communism is dead, then your head is up your you-know-what. The disenchanted, and disenfranchised, young whites of today are now living in a world their fathers created. The sins of the fathers are always visited upon their sons. It has always been so.

If faem.cc is ever inaccessible, please keep trying. I am experimenting with various whatnots and thingamajigs, and I am not sure what will happen. As Arnie says, "I'll be back."
As I grew up
, I noticed a distinct difference in the way my father, as compared to my mother, interpreted things and acted upon things. They were as the left and and the right hand – similar but at the same time distinctly different. My parents were not unique in this respect and my observations led me to the same conclusions about male/female in general. I thought this was wonderful – two entities deficient when alone but complete when acting in unison. I had never had reason to change my mind. This is, at root, something which causes male/female strife and friction if not understood.

While at a boy's school, the statement, "Men and women are different," would bring retorts: "That's great. I love it," and as the French say, "Long live the difference."

In a girl's school, one could rightly expect the indignant, "We are just as good as the men are." Therein lies the difference.

When one says that Mr. X, Mr. Y and Mr. Z, are crooks, a man interprets it to mean just that – the 3 named men are crooks. Not so if you indict 3 women in the same fashion in front of a women's group. Most unite in the silly belief that a criticism of 3 means a criticism of all. Just try it sometime. See for yourself if you do not already know this. Listen to the red bitch Hillary.

A woman will feed the young of her enemies simply because they are young and they are hungry. A man understands that feeding the young of his enemies insures that they will grow up to be additions to the army of his enemies. A woman sees only today. A man sees next year. As more and more political power is HANDED OVER to women, perverts and the like, the more we can say the nation is becoming feminized and perverted. This bodes not well for our survival. The paradox is that most women will not fight for the survival of their men but most men will fight for the survival of their women. This was the mold from the beginning.

The Marxists recognize this all to well and that's why their socially destructive propaganda is mainly directed towards the females. This is why they always build their lies using children as the focus – the shortcut to a woman's emotions. So effective has this propaganda been, that today a great proportion of our women are internally at war with their mates. No longer are they part of the left/right hand cooperative but stand convinced that they can be on both sides of the fence at the same time. Most men taking a firm Natural Socialist stand will be accused of being cold, indifferent, unfeeling, inhuman, perhaps cruel, and certainly will be called a male chauvinist pig. I do not know about you, but I minded that not when I was 20, and 40, and certainly very much less today. So ladies, get out your voodoo dolls and pins and have a great time.

Do not waste your money seeing the movie The Planet of the Apes! You are living it right here in ZOG land, USA.
Again, I'd like to thank all of those who send me email. It is from those letters which I get most of the ideas upon which I write. If it weren't for like-minded white people, I probably would not have much to say. Awareness is building at an ever-increasing rate and I am only one of several instruments in our cause. Without your input, FAEM would be a corpse. Thanks always.

Dear Mr. David Irving – FAEM is hosted by WebCom which is closely tied to Verio. Communicating with Verio is nigh impossible since one has to follow the 'press 1', 'press 2', 'press 69' waltz only to find a request to leave a telephone number, which is ignored. My guess is that Verio, NTT Communications (Masanobu Suzuki) and the boys are after the big bucks and really don't care much about complaining little people and their paltry monthly payments. Like Adelphia, Verio loves to hire tree-swingers to bang on its myriad of keyboards. I suspect that this might be your problem since all of mine with Adelphia involved apes speaking broken English.

Robert Frenz

The radio mouth was mentioning that 1/3 of the students from the "better" colleges were recruited, and given 'scholarships'. for the purpose of playing with balls. He didn't mention whose. This 1/3 is also at the bottom of the academic rank. Lawdy be, there are still wondering why penguins cannot fly even when they are integrated with eagles. I detest this special treatment when certifiable morons get a free ride while more superior white kids have to go into debt up to their asses. I know dozens of white kids who graduate from college and start their responsible adult life deep into debt. The 'sports' boys also leave with a diploma doing little more than leaving many stupid white girls pregnant, forever corrupted, and carrying AIDS. Don't ever put me into a position of power because I'd change this sh-- in short order.

Some might gawk and marvel at the sight of a baboon balancing a spinning ball on the tip of his middle finger but, I might add, a seal can do the same thing using his NOSE and the ball DOES NOT have to be spinning.

One of the reasons I decided to attend the University of Chicago was because it had no sports program. U.C. dropped out of the "big ten" years before I was enrolled. In my high school, sports was an EXTRA curricular activity and one never got on any varsity team without having an 85+ average. Thus we had very handsome boys such as David S., Alfred P. and John C. on the football team and who were also top students. John C. was a 98 student in math and later went on to become a Professor of Mathematics at a Massachusetts university. David S., one of the most sought-after by the girls, became a Catholic priest and is now the head of one of their schools.

David not only was our number 1 track star but was ranked #7, out of 248, on the overall academic list. He was an excellent swimmer – we had no swimming team – and was an accomplished saxophone player. This is always the mark of intelligence – the ability to excel at a wide variety of things. The 'specialist', the man who is good at only one thing, cannot be said to be intelligent no matter what his achievement level in his specialty might be. This is a case of TALENT, such as chess playing, musical accomplishment and math ability. John L. had a TALENT for math but was a dud in nearly everything else he tried. It is interesting that none, at the time, ever said John was intelligent although his 6 course math average was 98. Wayne R. whipped each and all when it came to playing chess during the lunch hours. None ever claimed that Wayne was intelligent. Shirley H. had 'perfect pitch', according to her music teacher and later went on to some music conservatory, in Rochester, I believe. No one said Shirley was intelligent. Yet, David S. WAS considered intelligent. You see, during those times, people were not into the wishful thinking frame of mind and parents generally considered their kids to be "just average". Talent is not a sign of intelligence and we used to have a word for those who displayed exceptional talent – like a seal balancing a ball – but demonstrated little else. The term is "idiot savant". Today, parents look for the most miniscule evidence in their children to advertise that they hatched some exceptional being. If their kid can eat black beans and fart purple gas, then he is an instant genius. This nonsense is given the label "creativity". The country is going mad, wouldn't you say?

I wish I were expert in the pixel changing, computer art, business. I have a picture of Jenna Bush from the 17 May 2001 issue of the Seattle Times. If her light hair was darkened to black and her skin color browned, you'd swear you were looking at an Eskimo. The veneer is white but she shows oriental in most other aspects. Therefore, she is a mestiza and it came from somewhere. (Ever look close at daddy and mommy?) Her inability to handle moonshine is also indicative of Injun blood.
We are continually told that all races are equal. Equal things may be substituted for other equal things without destroying that equality. Thus, tossing a white man out of his job and substituting a black one, changes nothing relative to the workplace. So sayeth the squirrel Hermaphroditus.

If the jews are "God's chosen" and we are all equal, as the jews tell us relative to blacks, then blacks are also "God's chosen". In fact, we are ALL God's chosen and therefore that identifier has absolutely no meaning whatsoever since it goes with the territory. Using it is the same as saying 'wet water'.

We are all born with a soul, so the story goes. All souls are equal. If 'evil' souls are possible, then it is obvious that we have control over the formation of our souls. The commie propaganda states that Herr Hitler was a man with an 'evil soul'. He was born with an angelic one or does God nail some people with evil at the time of their conception? If Hitler was burdened by God with an evil soul, then why was he chosen and not someone else? Say, Mother Theresa? So burdened, then why should anyone blame Hitler for anything he was alleged to have done? We should be blaming God!

One of my favorite actors, Israel Eli Wallach, said in response to a movie query as to why he continually robbed the villagers, "If God didn't want them sheared, He wouldn't have made them sheep."
If Wong and Wang were truly equal, then both could pick a peck of pickled peppers in the same time. But as all those not wiped out on drugs can attest, not all men can pick anything at the same rate. This is the spine of all competition for if equality were in fact reality, then all unequal results could only be attributed to chance. Even the kosher Marxist noise, "From each according to his ability..." admits of inequality. What gave birth to this ability inequality? God? If so, then why penalize those with ability? Penalize God! If chance, then there is no reason to penalize anyone for anything.

If, as Israel Karl Marx claims, those with ability must be penalized, then what was their crime? To be born? To have persevered and worked hard? What?

Parasites are always short of something. "... To each according to his need." Where did parasites earn their right to share in things of which they had no hand? At the close of the day, Wong picked 6 more pecks than did Wang. The commies would force Wong to give 3 pecks to Wang. Wang thinks, "Heck, I can get pecks without picking." Wong thinks, "Why should I work hard when some of it is taken away?"  Thus, the foundation for incentive vanishes but another factor is not slight. That is, the commissar – the man with the gun – picks no peppers but he needs to be fed also. Thus, he takes his percentage which only adds to the problem. Rulers and parasites all riding on the back of the working man.

This essentially is what communism is all about anyway. A powerful class feeding off the working man and achieving that power by appealing to the parasites. America is waist deep in parasites and crooks all trying to steal something from one another. 

If one had to point out a single White accomplishment which would pale all others, it would be the discovery and harnessing of electricity. Little would take place today without it. Why was it that White people were responsible? Chance? God? Sun spots? Yeast infection? If that discovery were accidental – as it must have been if we believe in racial equality – then why was it that all other related incidents were also of the White race? Is there something special about the air in Europe which caused most of what we call progress, and civilization, to have originated there? If so, then how did the White people who migrated to America mange to bring that "air" with them? They must have, since the equal Injuns performed no such technical deeds with their air.
I never liked the word 'infinity'. It describes nothing other than an inability to deal with something. When asked how many hairs were on his head, a little boy might answer, "Infinity." Interpreted, this indicates his inability to count them. In math classes, many mistakenly call the number represented by a division by zero, 'infinity'. Infinity is a notion, not a number. College educated like to call notions "concepts", for it makes the expenditure of their money and time appear more worthwhile. In calculus, we hear "as n approaches infinity, blah, blah approaches blah." If you approach something, then that means the distance between you and that something is diminishing. That implies a number representing some measurement exists, but that is not the case in these off-the-planet exercises.

One of the profs I had went through an exercise concerning "snow flake" curves – a finite space bounded by an 'infinite' perimeter. He extended this to 3D where a room could have an 'infinite' wall area – which meant it could not be painted – but with measurable volume. Thus, the impossibility of painting it, unless having access to an 'infinite' number of paint pails, could be circumvented by merely filling the room with paint, since the volume was finite, and then draining it out. The prof was very pleased after saying this. Perhaps he thought his little smug presentation was another Gettysburg Address.

I, loud mouthed as I am, interrupted his smile with, "We poured in a measurable volume of paint. We drained out another measurable amount of paint. The paint on the walls has finite thickness. When we divide the paint used, that is the difference between paint-in less paint-out, by the thickness of the wall coating, we'd have a finite number which represents the area of the walls. This contradicts your notion that the walls had infinite area and I do not care how much mathematical scribbling you placed on the board. Mathematics never manufactures reality. You are teaching nonsense." Needless to say, I was promptly reminded that this was HIS class, not mine, and I was to leave the room.

When the real world is described using mathematics, there is no consequence. When mathematicians, and the cosmo-physicists, attempt to force their day dreams and delusions upon the real world, then that is where the trouble begins. One immediately enters the land of the tooth-fairy.

So began my awakening relative to the insane world of the mathematical "genius" where 98 percent of their time is spent in excursions into Alice in Wonderland. By the way, this sort of academic slight-of-hand, and hocus-pocus, occurs in political science, sociology and history classes. The lure of grades is the reason people suck such crap up. I understand that but beneath it all, I do hope your brain recognizes exactly what you are doing. Nothing is more destructive than self-delusion.

    Liberalism is a religion. It doesn't work yet people still believe in it.
A female who doesn't care who gets into her panties is probably one who doesn't care who gets into her country.
Shaka Zulu is my favorite black man. He had a simple way of governing – all offenses were punishable by death. Once pronounced guilty, the proceeding would then decide how you would be killed. The most effective, and common way was the breaking of the neck.  The Zulu nation had an enviable work ethic – contribute or die. This certainly was a simple way to deal with any potential welfare problem. I think he had something there.
When you are at the North Pole, how do you travel east? You don't, for you can only travel south.  Once you have traveled one inch south, you are then free to travel in 4 directions. The moral here being that one should never be in a position where his family jewels are directly over a pole.
If you love someone you've never met, then you are prejudiced.

If you still love him after he's kicked your face in, then you are a bigot.