12 September 2001
The war drums are being pounded much too loudly for me to feel comfortable. All of that quick and decisive "evidence", concerning the attack, only adds to this uneasiness. It seemed too well packaged. There's something afoot and the American nitwit can be counted upon to approve of something which will definitely not be in the better interests of the society. The cheer leaders for Pearl Harbor had a much easier time considering the better quality of the people then. Dunderheads need to have the same message repeated 666 times before they recognize the message. Kill? Who? OK.
Were the coming massacres planned before the WTO fracas? There are indications on the positive side. The problem is that we are not informed of the who or the when. Boob psychological conditioning must be completed first. The war blather is approaching a geometric crescendo. The boob will applaud and wave the flag assured that it won't be himself, or his family which will be exterminated nor his towns turned to ashes and rubble. Older Europeans know exactly what I mean. In the coming war, YOUR SKIN WILL BE YOUR UNIFORM. That's what Cmdr. Rockwell said back in the 1960s.

Michael Hoffman here provides a good historical summary of previous U.S. Government involvement in planning, directing and precipitating major attacks against U.S. citizens and interests in the preceding century.

To repeat: FAEM is interested in young white fellows as potential leaders for the struggle which is rapidly approaching. Our part is to present information and opinions which are food for thought. It's not a requirement to believe what we present. Just THINK about it and do a little sniffing for yourself. When the fit hits the chan, the TV toads will be looking for someone to lead them out of the mess they created for themselves. Some of those leaders are now reading this page.

DON'T discuss your opinions about the WTO twin phalluses with the general public who are trained to believe EVERYTHING which ZOG Network Central vomits out. You'll only become frustrated and angry. I've been a spectator at several of the 1960s riots, taken photos, and listened to the TV and radio mouths fart out their lies. I am not saying that the WTO info is false, only that there is a high probability that ZOG is lying through their teeth in support of a far larger goal which as yet, is not visible. Axiom #213 – No radio mouth or TV face will EVER BE ALLOWED to appear nationally unless he is of benefit to the ZOG. We have practically zero access to anything worthwhile to listen to and the look-at-what-they-are-doing-to-us-now fart heads are no more than stale entertainment, in spite of the un p.c. language they might use from time to time.

Unless you have a VERY UNUSUAL woman, then avoid intelligent discussion with any female. Most are too busy weeping over the loss of kiddies and/or are draping yellow ribbons over every bush – when they aren't lighting scented candles.

(1) The radio mouths say that it takes a VERY EXPERIENCED pilot to move those big jets so as to smack the buildings at the best spot to cripple them – slightly off a vertical edge. It takes more force to penetrate a lower floors where the most structural damage could be inflicted, since any building without lower support, at the edge, can be counted upon to collapse. Thus, there is an optimum distance from the ground to accomplish the most damage. A dead center hit in a wall could very likely leave the building in tact. This occurred in NEITHER of the towers. Since maximum damage occurred, we can well rest assured that the pilots knew exactly what they were doing and how to accomplish it. The act itself demonstrated a high level of sophistication on the part of the pilots. BUT, we are TOLD that they had a PILOT'S MANUAL on the seat. Give me a break! It was also conveniently IN ARABIC and ON THE PILOT'S seat. How would they know? During that gigantic crash, even the pilot wouldn't remain on the seat! Was the pilot sitting on it? Why couldn't it have belonged to a non-violent passenger? Or did the pilot leave his name and address it it?

(2) Very, very experienced, and cause dedicated, we are told about the pilots. (Would the 'big boss' send a flunky to do the job?) Yet, we are to believe that one of them was such a turkey that he couldn't tell the White House from the Pentagon. That gives us one mistaken target and two dead-ons leaving the fourth Pittsburgh plane to blotto Air Force 1 – the prez's private junkmobile. How in hell would they know where it was? Did they intend to ram it during flight? While they were in approach mode, I rest assured that there would have been a swarm of fighters in the surrounding air damned soon. Far better to lie in the weeds with a portable anti-aircraft heat-seaching missile launcher. Better possibilities are endless. Remember that the prez is very heavily guarded on the ground AS WELL AS IN THE AIR. What must the American nitwit be thinking of?

(3) So some of those on the passenger lists were middle-east "foreigners". Since they are all dead – in many pieces, I presume – how does one 'prove' they they were part of the high-jacking team? Hearsay? Guess work? Perhaps Pat Robertson got it straight from God. Since when do we condemn people because of stereotyping? Since when do we declare war upon a nation because they have criminals in their midst? If Al Capone and his mob flew to Paraguay and blew up a few buildings, would Paraguay declare war upon the United States? Pearl Harbor was an act of war because it was perpetrated by the Japanese military – a state instrument of power. As an aside, Germany never committed one act of hostility against the United States but we declared war upon it anyway. They were NOT ALLIES of Japan. They had only signed the Anti-Comintern Pact which pledged a GOAL.

There's something in the winds, I fear – something big. ZOGland's jew safe-haven outpost of Israel is again pointing at Iraq. There are too many miraculously available bits of 'incriminating evidence' for my liking. I trust the ZOG ilk no more than I would trust Madonna in the middle of a bunch of stray dicks. I hope I am wrong. (Ever notice that when we get tied up with 'God's Chosen', everything turns to shit?)

Airport security will now be beefed up! You'll never guess who is going to pay for this. The horse is out of the barn and now they want more locks. That doesn't give the "terrorists" much credit does it? After a few drive-in truck bombs, the idea was put on the back burner. I now feel safer on an aircraft because the next big shindig will not be some hijacked plane doing a head-on into worthless buildings which housed materialistic middle-men paper-pushers.

Security is the anathema to freedom. We are losing freedom daily since most cattle set their sights no higher than a full stomach, an orifice to stuff, and a niggerball game to watch. Hell, they get all of that in a prison. "A loaf of bread; a jug of wine; and thou, beside me in the wilderness." What say Omar? 

There has been a crusading spirit on behalf of the Palestinians recently growing among blightwing circles.  Part of the reason for this has been the lovely siren song of the Russian-Israeli Jew Israel Shamir.  I'm happy to be on record prior to these attacks with several statements which hopefully establish my 'credentials' for what I'll say now.

(1)  I said before these events and will repeat:  THIS SIMPLY ISN'T OUR WAR!  In between pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian there is the wisdom of the Founding Fathers.  This wisdom is NEUTRALITY.   Put another way it means SEARCH OUR OWN INTERESTS EXCLUSIVELY.  I don't think that what has happened to the Palestinians is 'just' or right.  Neither do I think our involvement with the lying kikes in doing this is moral.  But personally I will not carry either side's flag.  This is not pacifism on my part, either.  If thought 10 nukes would do the job, I'd throw the switches myself and not bat an eye or lose a wink of sleep afterwards.  I will not send my sons or go myself to die for either kikes or sand niggers.

(2)  Honest men must admit one thing.  The Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims in general  ARE ALSO not our people.  Michael
Hoffman has discovered this.  He's been running the only real online Palestinian Holocaust Museum.  So far his 'Muslim' support has resolved  to one dishwasher in Texas.  Well, there's a hell of lot more of these sand niggers than there are Israeli kikes.   So there's obviously some defective stuff inside these sand niggers too, concerning group cohesion and 'patriotism' to their larger goals. Otherwise they would have rid themselves of the Jews in Palestine long ago.  Personally I'm completely in favor of expelling every last sand nigger mix breed from America starting today.  As we learned with Stalin's Judeo-Communist USSR, the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend.  For myself I'd just want to guarantee every last Zionist, jewish or white, goes with them.


In Memorial for the hundreds of heroes who died yesterday.   These are the 200+ New York City firemen and 60+ NYPD officers who died when the World Trade Center towers fell on them.  THEY had a choice when they rushed into Hell's Gates after the attacks.   They died in the line of duty and they died as heroes.

Robert Frenz

As for me, I shall remain wary of any info disseminated by ZOG Network Central. We have still not answered the 'Cui Bono' – who benefits? Yes Greta, those 'cell phone calls' were very convenient weren't they?
For the first time in over two weeks, I turned on talmudvision to see what the Zionist mouthpieces were yapping about. Predictably, Israel Larry King had on a collection of deranged goyim all screaming for carpet bombing of the whole Muslim world. Even sniveling Gen. Blackhead was complaining about how our military should be ASSURED that no foe would hamper the paperwork production at Pentagon Central. In the modern kosher view, that's unfair. The non-hero of the Gulf non-war called the people responsible for the attacks, "bastards!" Bush called them, "Cowards," but considering his problems with the English language, perhaps he meant 'cowherds'. "A day of infamy," burbled another high-profile clownish hawk.

This is of course very amusing and the hypocrisy was so profuse that I could almost see it corroding the integrated circuits of my 20 year old Zenith. Race-mixed Colon Trowel called it an "act of war." This caused me to wonder – what does one call a relentless, around the clock, bombing of the sovereign nation of Iraq for 30 days? An act of 'piss'? – as the Israelis say. I call it an unprovoked massacre using the latest hi-tech weapons against a decidedly mal-equipped nation. That's what being a cowardly bully is all about, wouldn't you say? If you can take pride in that, then you are obvioulsy jew-dazed.

From what I gather from eavesdropping at the local greasy spoon and markets, is that a lot of people were not that stirred by yesterday's events. One fellow complained that it was a tragedy because it interrupted the baseball schedules. Most, however, were saddened by the loss of life and one contractor mentioned that the 'good side' was that it would put many construction people back to work. Predominantly, people complained about the poor security offered by the employed muds at the airports and several mentioned 'minority' problems – disease, crime, etc. Only one woman mentioned the jews. "The Arabs hate us because we support the jews whom they hate. That makes sense to me. Stop supporting them and we wouldn't have this problem."

If mongrels were "chosen" by God, then why did he create non-mongrels? Mongrels are created by man, not God. No, jews are only special in their own minds and in the weak minds of those they buy off, intimidate, or otherwise convince. In every place where they reside, they seek to destroy the existing order, and traditions, and sooner or later, healthy people reach a point of saturation and throw them out. The jews then call themselves "scapegoats." If the process of eviction is severe, it is called a 'pogrom'. If they get dispossessed to a major degree, it becomes "extermination" even though they live to tell about it. Such events are called 'holocausts'. Race-mixed brains can never be called upon to supply rational answers to anything. We are subservient to crazy Zionists and we shall just have to pay the costs for that. A couple of thumped buildings is only the beginning.

One can only successfully threaten people if they value something. Men prepared to die for a cause, as many Muslim people are, cannot be deterred by bombing their cities and killing some of them – which is probably what will happen very soon. All it will do is harden their resolve and bring more of their kind into the fold. The Germans surrendered after WWII because they mistakenly thought they were dealing with sane and honorable people in spite of the Dresden evidence to the contrary. Once the American hawks – and this includes the niggerball fans who want a war as long as they can be assured of their own safety – get another CNN TV Nintendo fireworks display to prove our 'superiority' and overall goodness, the Arab world will still be looking for ways to nail our asses. That includes biological and chemical means. Be assured – as long as we support Israel and the jews, we will incur the wrath of the rest of the world. Americans apparently love dying for causes of which they never benefit. That describes insanity and the gods are still calling the shots – probably laughing all the while.

We are living in a gigantic jewish funny farm. Keep a low profile while you enjoy the monkeyshines.

Re: Palestinian 'Celebrations' of the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks.

The question Americans should ask themselves right now is WHY a foreign people would celebrate so joyously over such hideous attacks in that fashion.  Scan this, remember that Israelis do these things with American weapons, and ponder possible reasons for "why" the Palestinians might celebrate as they do:    http://www.hoffman-info.com/palestine32.html

And also ask yourselves WHY subsidizing Jews to do all that is in YOUR interests?  Did it play any role in 'provoking' what happened today? Maguire

This "cowardly attack", as President Bush put it, pales in comparison to the terrorist attack on the city of Dresden in February 1945, which left approx. 400,000 dead, and terror bombing of hundreds of larger German cities, including my hometown, Kassel, which suffered 40,000 dead in a 90 minute terrorist attack. Are the chickens coming home to roost? (submitted by a German)
Itsa same old story friends. You puncha me = BAD. I puncha you = GOOD. Justa like kiddies do. God gimme a right to kicka yo ass. Now that you kicka my ass, you gonna pay – bigtime. Kill. Kill. Kill.
These could be very dangerous times. Eric said that the next 'national emergency' might provide excuse for martial law and gun confiscation plus rounding up all of the dissidents. Others are now starting to think the same way. If they can close the Mexican border at this time then is becomes obvious that the mestizo invasion was allowed. As we have said for years, events will shake the boobs from their complacency.
The ongoing war between the world and the jewish states of Israel and ZOGUSA continues.
Upon hearing of the twin attacks against the (jew) World Trade Center, I was not at all surprised. What I did question was why it took so long for these attacks to occur. I had expected something a long time ago. Yes, people were killed and damage occurred, but that's not unexpected in any war. For the most part, the infantile, jew-dazed, Boobus Americanus will never question why so many hate the Untied States.

My sister has now shouted to me that the Pentagon was also hit by an aircraft and another building with a car bomb. It looks like this is Pearl Harbor II !! Relative to this, we have more people killed on our highways, and more destruction to material things, occurring as matter of fact so the hype will not be along this line except to invoke spasms of wailing-wall activity, as per Okie City. Expect word-twisting to a major degree. After living in this zoo all of my life, I no longer believe much that ZOG chooses to disseminate. My main concern is not whether I'll be in some building when someone tries to blow it up, but what ZOG will attempt to herd the sheeple into. Already we are hearing "Osama Bin Laden did it" where, at this point in time, there is absolutely nothing to indicate that al;though the probabilty is high. One F.B.I. fellow claimed these were acts of "cowards". Come on now, you idiot, have you ever heard of a dictionary? cow·ard  n. One who shows ignoble fear in the face of danger or pain. Pray tell, these people certainly knew they were in danger and did FEAR cause them to deliberately crash into those buildings? Real cowards like to point their fingers at others. I remember the WWII nonsense about kamikaze pilots – "insane" was the American response because most Americans have absolutely no idea of the higher motives which drive many to sacrifice themselves for the benefit of their own kind. I do not approve of what these people, whoever they are, have done but I attempt to understand the WHY. And that why always comes back to the jew and his partners in crime, who have the American jerks by the gonads. "Kill," they say and Johnny Doughboy and G.I. Joe charge into the fray not knowing why and probably not caring.. We've done it before, haven't we?

I suspect that these attacks were Muslim in origin because of the symbolism involved, and hence, basically religious – something few Americans will never understand. In a real war, these targets are foolish. True that the airlines will be grounded for a while but that is not as lasting, nor as devastating, as would be a general attack against power centers such as Hoover Dam and the Niagara Falls complex. Imagine a public unable to turn their TV sets on for the latest gawk at niggerball and be burdened with a melting batch of TV dinners.

What will develop in the following days, I do not know, but there is grave danger that ZOG will use this as an excuse to incinerate some Arab countries, on behalf of the jews. From this could be a reaction from China, no lover of the U.S. even though they smile when we hand them goodies. Some jews, along with some crazed christian Zionists, really desire an Armageddon so their god will do his thing and whisk them off to the great gold paved yonder which they could have reached sooner by the simple expedient of suicide.

Arabs are not my people. I have no desire to wish them harm nor control how they choose to live. They should have been left alone to manage their own affairs – in their own living space. This One World jewish insanity is, and will continue to be, an increasing thorn in our side until we get the jewish monkey off our backs. Israel, a concentration camp for Palestinians, is a cancer and we feed it.

I saw a cartoon with a jew holding the firing cord of a cannon which was pointing down upon a Palestinian. The Palestinian held a rock in his hand. The jew said, "If that rock weighs more than 2 ounces, then this will not be a fair fight."

The Japs bombed Pearl Harbor on Sunday. It took over a day before we declared war on Germany – the real intent of the jews who, at that time, had massive governmental influence. The atomic bomb was developed for the purpose of scorching all of Germany. Such is the depth of jewish hatred for the rest of the world. What comes next? Only a fool would predict. This is the outcome of the SWATKWP and I hold to my decades-old belief that 1945 was the year of the beginning of the fall of Western Civilization. We turned everything over to the anti-Nature crowd. Mother Nature never forgets those who attack Her.

Hold on. Lots of email problems again – lost – delayed. I am trying something else. I don't believe it's some sort of 'plot' or attack, but just a symptom of the ever-increasing incompetence which is as American as bagel pie. Hi-tech equipment run by lo-tech people guarantees that things will not get better. Even the Marines are now plagued with whether femmes can wear lipstick while in combat garb.
We are pro-family which makes us anti-feminist and anti-faggot.
We are patriotic which makes us anti-ZOG.
Have you read anything
about the "Lost Boy" rape in Boston?  One of these illiterate goatherds isn't even in the country for a week before attacking a White girl.  It's interesting to note that despite the fact that non-Whites make all sorts of ridiculous claims regarding their equality (or superiority) with Whites in math, science, etc., there is one area I have yet to hear them make this claim – in the beauty of their women.  I suppose too many people would laugh out loud at that one.

There are a large number of Irish in the Boston area, and you can only guess the effect that seeing redheads with translucent white skin might have on these testosterone-pumped dullards.  The idiots who sponsored these cretins to get them into this country should be tossed into jail with them when they commit these crimes.  On second thought, they should be tossed in jail
before the fact.  (submitted by reader R.J.K.)

FAEM readers: How about some input on the really critical points for here and now?

Here's Maguire's Big Eight contributions towards this program:

(1) End all anti-white racial discrimination and anti-white hate teachings in schools.
(2) End immigration for this generation.
(3) Ratify the original 13th Amendment.
(4) Revive the State Militias.
(5) End all American government support for the Zionist enterprise in Palestine.
(6) Reform the 'charitable foundation laws' to remove tax exempt status and also subject to a 50% capital levy any foundation that gives penny one to any non-U.S. citizen or entity.
(7) Eliminate the law school and bar association monopolies on law practice in US and inferior courts.
(8) Convert all television and AM/FM radio stations and all CATV systems into 'common carriers' like the telephone company and require them to lottery off 30 minute blocks of time for a pre-set regulated fee.

I'd also add that in my opinion the laws on corporations and inheritance need to be coordinately reformed to break up these eternal bureaucracies and also dispossess idiot dissolute heirs.

The above 8.5 points are an extremely divisive program and are intended to be, albeit seeming reasonable to most 'average' people.  It's intended to divide the elites from the People.

In normal times the function of politics is to reduce differences, not exacerbate them.  The location of new bridges or schools is typically not worth a civil war or other upheaval.  In revolutionary times the political goal is the opposite.

Dear FAEM:

Just got through watching the first episode of the HBO mini series Band of Brothers. In this series they had some references to the great nobel cause that was W.W.II. Now as you know from my past email, I served with an infantry unit, and as a young fellow never felt that saving communism was a nobel cause. We weren't all that enthused about that plump war lover Churchill. We shot at Germans because we were compelled to do so and asked God to forgive us for having to shoot and take the lives of our kinsmen. Any one that thinks that war was a good war should have had to look into the face of a badly wounded German soldier and have him ask you to end his suffering. It was a traumatic moment then and remained a sad memory in all the years that followed.

It was as you have stated: a war that killed millions of White people, however, what I say here in no way intended to disparage the bravery of our soldiers who fell in that idiotic conflict, and have daily thought of those difficult times and said silent prayers for all those who fell including our German kinsmen. However out of that conflict will come a terrible war with China, and we will not have a strong powerful Germany by our side. In fact I very much doubt that Europe will even involve themselves if nuclear weapons are used. I truly believe that in the final hour we will face China and possibly Russia alone, and what a shock that will be to the One World nitwits.

Today there was a significant victory for Mr. Lukashenko, in Belorussia. It is a part of the former Russian state that controls 90 percent of the industry, and are keeping it out of the hands of the thieves that robbed Russia. Mr. Lukashenko was well aware of the millions of dollars the U.S. spent to support the opposition, as they did in Serbia. Belorussia is a pivotal state if the U.S. is to complete the destruction of Russia. The Ukraine will be reluctant to join N.A.T.O. with a very hostile state north of them with an arsenal of I.C.B.M.'s as well as numerous short range tactical nuclear weapons. Anyway time moves on and our vaunted leaders think tomorrow will be as yesterday. However I think the Creator has other plans.

Regards. J.S.

To me the biggest point of Revisionism in the USA is the question of identifying friends and enemies.  FDR led most everyone down the primrose path started upon by his cousin Theodore.

My own considered opinion about FWATKWP and SWATKWP is that we should have continued to heed General Washington's advice.  He gave it during what was then called a "World War" in the Napoleonic era in the late 18th Century.  As I've learned during my Militia research, they were arming to the maximum extent possible but then stayed mostly neutral despite 'incidents'.

That is all blood over the dam, unfortunately.  Here and now?  The war for the future of the white race will be fought and won here in North America, however it goes.  I am by no means pessimistic about this, either. We still have vast advantages, far more than elsewhere. Maguire

http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/ap/20010910/us/sacramento_shootings.html     At the top of the story is an assertion that 'white supremacy' is involved in this.  Look how hard these guys work to bring in this angle: "Investigators were looking into the possibility that race might have played a role in Ferguson's selection of victims. One of the dead was black and another was Asian. Police discovered an assortment of white supremacist paraphernalia at his home."

   This means that about 4 of the dead and wounded were white, or 5 counting Ferguson himself.  Given California's demographics non-white races are definitely under-represented in the Ferguson Incident body count.  It therefore takes a real stretch to blame 'white supremacism'. But let's face it.  These days 'racist' is a code word for 'white' while 'white supremacism' is code for any white behavior that resists living with a Jewish or other non-white foot stamping on one's face.  And what's an "assortment of white supremacist paraphernalia"?  This could be anything down to a model Messerschmitt with swastika decal and a Confederate battle flag bumper sticker.

   Meanwhile note this detail at the bottom of the story before it vanishes away in the feminist censoring of the national reporting.  "His mother (i.e. Ferguson's) is in prison after being convicted of molesting Ferguson and his siblings, McGinness said Monday."    Funny how these guys all seem to have sicko pervert mothers.  Micky McVeigh, Tim McVeigh's mother, also abandoned her family responsibilities to run a-whoring.  The more likely culprits for this outbreak are Judeo-Marxist education, Judeo-Feminism, Judeo-Hollywood pornography and Judeo-Freudian perversion in the home environment.

   Based on the currently available details I'll offer even money that (1) the ex-girlfriend was diddling the negro and/or Asian, (2) she was throwing this up in Ferguson's face and (3) this triangle helped engineer his firing.  Gas on, Judeo-Media Marxists.  It's just another day and incident in the pre-revolutionary era now drawing to a rapid close.

     In the meantime check this out, Jurassic California White Yuppies:  The above gaggle is the quality of the personnel in the private security services guarding your gated communities and closed office buildings.  They were licensed and trained by the same state government endlessly trying to disarm YOU.

   FAEM Advice.  Buy guns, ammunition, body armor and prepare yourselves for service in the Militia.  ZOG's regular forces can't recruit to strength and quality and police departments can't hire sufficient numbers of qualified candidates (this will soon be fixed Miami/Mexico City style).  Meanwhile the private rent-a-guard companies currently get the personnel passed over by the first two.


P.S.  The previous Sacramento Slasher, Soltys, was INELIGIBLE for legal immigration based on his previous domestic violence record in the Ukraine.   He got in anyway due to (a) failure of records check in the Ukraine due to disorganization or payola or (b) corruption at the American consulate.   The INS has a world-wide reputation as being as the most corrupt bureaucracy of its kind today.

Steam Vent Department: Military Division.  "Soldiers For The Truth Version 3.0"

   The new chief guru that retired colonel and born-again Judeo-media hack David Hackworth found for "Soldiers For The Truth" is described below.  This replacement has less time in service than Robert, Eric or Maguire, although his semitically-correct pedigree from Friedman owned www.stratfor.com doesn't get any better.

   Yeah, Ed Offley is a 'winner' alright.   He's a winner for keeping Hackworth's Judeo-media dollars rolling in and he's a winner for helping ZOG set up yet another phony political combat cell, this time for patriotically inclined soldiers and ex-soldiers who know something is desperately wrong.   Notice also the major punch line at the end.  "PLEASE remember during this reorganization that Soldiers For The Truth needs your help with some seed money to keep their work going.  Hack is taking collections at..."

   More dialing for dollars.  Chuck Spinney does a better job and doesn't constantly shake a tin can while doing it.  My own advice is not to waste one single penny on Hackworth's revamped SFTT Version 3.0.  This is especially true for anyone still on active duty.  ZOG doesn't pay you and your family enough.  Let Hackworth play the patriot and peel off some of his six figure Judeo-Media dollars for it.  Websites just don't cost that much.

   Speaking of which, the SFTT website is back up with a bogus graphic and nothing else: http://www.sftt.org/#AMF  ALL of the archives are gone.  Why did they disappear and where did they go?  Why is there a completely new team including a new webmaster with ONLY Hackworth staying on?  This is exactly how Carto operated in his prime.  And David Hackworth looks more like the Willis Carto of  'military reform' with each passing day.

   Remember the "Ernst Udet Lesson".  Excellence at one level doesn't guarantee competence at another. Maguire

                                                                            []   []   []   []   []   []

The above was in response to the following gas from a patriots-for-profit-bunch

Special News From Hack – RE: New Editor, Ed Offley

SFTT has a winner as our new editor.  His bio says it all.  I've worked with Ed while reporting in a few hot spots, and not only can he write while under fright, but he is a good man to share a foxhole with.   Welcome to our gallant Band of Brothers and Sisters, Ed.  Know you'll look out for the Grunts and give the brass hell. – Hack


Ed Offley, Editor of Soldiers for the Truth, has been a military reporter and defense specialist for twenty years in a variety of journalism assignments throughout the United States.

Prior to joining Soldiers for The Truth, Offley was editor of STRATFOR.com, the Austin, Texas-based strategic forecasting firm.

Offley previously served as Washington Bureau Chief and later, Editor-in-Chief of The Stars and Stripes after the civilian-owned newspaper was acquired by Stars and Stripes Omnimedia Inc. in March 2000. During his tenure at the newspaper, the reporting staff regularly broke major news stories, including an investigation of the Associated Press’ Pulitzer Prize-winning report on the alleged massacre of Korean civilians by American troops at the village of No Gun-ri in 1950. His findings that called into question the veracity of several key sources cited in the AP report received worldwide coverage.

Prior to joining The Stars and Stripes in March 2000, Offley worked as Military Reporter for The Seattle Post-Intelligencer since 1987, where he was responsible for coverage of military commands, units, operations and training  exercises in the Pacific region. His primary coverage focused on about 80,000 Defense Department military and civilian employees at 11 major military installations in Washington State. During 1981-85, Offley was Associate Editorial Page Editor of The Ledger-Star, Norfolk, Va., specializing in military and defense issues.

Other accomplishments include:

Offley is author of the forthcoming Pen and Sword: A Manual for Military Reporting (Marionstreet Press, Chicago, 2001).

He is co-author (with retired Adm. William A. Owens, USN) of Lifting the Fog of War (Farrar, Strauss & Giroux, New York City, Apr. 2000), an in-depth examination of the unfinished Revolution in Military Affairs and the current crisis confronting the Defense Department.

He is a co-author for Digital War – A View from the Front Lines (Robert Bateman, editor, Presidio Press, Novato, Calif., 1999), and a contributing writer on military subjects to Microsoft Encarta 2000.

He has appeared on numerous national television and radio shows to discuss military and defense issues, including C-SPAN, CNN, National Public Radio and the Veterans Radio Network.

During Operation Desert Storm, Offley covered the outbreak of the war and served in a media combat pool. He has covered military operations and exercises in 18 foreign countries, including the former Soviet Union, Somalia, Panama and South Korea.

He was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in beat reporting in 1996 for articles on a brain-injured former soldier who was released from a civilian jail and had his veterans benefits restored as a result of the coverage.

A 1969 graduate of the University of Virginia, Offley served in the U.S. Navy in Vietnam before joining The Virginia Gazette, Williamsburg, Va., as a reporter in 1972. He worked as an editorial writer at three newspapers in Virginia during 1977-85 before joining The Seattle Post-Intelligencer as an editorial writer in 1985. He has specialized in military and defense subjects since 1981.

* * * * * *
I (Judy) have an email address for Ed, but I'm not sure if it's the one he'll be using in this capacity, so I'll get some more info passed to you in Hack's regular newsletter this Wednesday.

PLEASE remember during this reorganization that Soldiers For The Truth needs your help with some seed money to keep their work going.  Hack is taking collections at XXXXXXXXXX.

(collection address censored by Maguire for not being suitable material for a patriotic and family oriented website like FAEM)

They've really accomplished lots, but cannot keep running on thin air.  The SFTT newsletter has about 40,000 subscribers, but only maybe 500 have put some money where their military hearts are.  I've inquired about credit card donations, but they can only accept checks right now (donations are tax-deductible).

Hack is giving all proceeds from his books *Price of Honor* (paperback) and *Brave Men* to this group.  I don't work for them, so I can't say I'm even donating time, but I'll surely keep sending y'all Hack's *Voice of the Grunt*. (Maguire note:  Hackworth's own website only sells the HARDBACK $30.00 version of  'Price of Honor', not the paperback version.  'Brave Men' isn't for sale at all on Hackworth's own website.  This 'generous sacrifice' therefore doesn't seem too great).

  German National Socialist X-Files File:

   Was electro-magnetic anti-gravity pioneered by German scientists before 1945?  So says a recently published book puffed in this article:  http://www.rense.com/general13/djsk.htm   Science fact or rumor?  Naw...couldn't be.  After all, everyone knows we developed the first jet propelled fighter, not the Horten brothers with their jet propelled radar invisible laminated charcoal layer flying wing.  And everyone also knows we developed the first computer guided anti-tank missile, not the Germans with the X-7 Rotkapchen.  They also know the U.S. Army's Nike was the first guided anti-aircraft missile, not the German Wasserfall.

   These are all matters of public record and common knowledge, just like the gas chambers at Auschwitz and the miraculous mass graves at Treblinka that are undetectable even by ground penetrating radar. Maguire

Here's an interesting cute factoid for people like me who liked the Robert Redford movie "The Great Waldo Pepper".  This was a 1970s movie of American barnstormers in the 1920s.  In the movie Waldo's lasting frustration is that World War I ended before he could get to France.  His former squadron commander and subsequent Civil Aeronautics Authority inspector says in the movie, "Waldo, you're the greatest natural pilot I've seen or even heard of.  If the war had lasted a little longer you would have proved that to everyone else, too."

At the end Waldo, now flying incognito under license suspension, takes on movie stunt work in the late 1920s during a productionof a WWI dogfight movie.  His 'opponent' is a famous German ace who came to America and flew in the barnstormer circuit.  They break out of the scripted routine and instead conduct their own dogfight (using their propellers to chew each others' planes) to decide who is REALLY the best.

This German ace character in the movie was based on Ernst Udet, who had come to America in the 1920s as a stunt flyer.