15 September 2001
Blowhead Senator Biden gassed along optimistically on the Israel Larry King Show. I could almost hear the "Glory, glory, hallelujah ... the bombs are falling down," in my ears. According to this popular windbag, the TTT episode was the beginning of peace, prosperity and paradise so overwhelming that people will no longer desire Heaven. It was a "wake up call!" Now that we are awake, a TV fireworks spectacle must take place soon else all might go back to sleep. Our 'resolve' is now greater than it was on December 7, 1941, and we 'shall overcome' evil by finally ridding the world of terrorism, so says Joe. (I heard that crap as a kid – get rid of evil Hitler and the angels will again start to sing.) Once terrorism is gone, I suppose disease will also vanish along with car accidents, volcanoes and hernias. The fact that these candidates for retroactive abortion exist is not surprising. What I can never understand is the multitudes which vote for them. This always brings to mind Dr. Oliver's Is There Intelligent Life on Earth? I think some people know the answer. The issue is NOT TERRORISM. It is RACE!
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To Robert –

    I'm getting similar if but varied reactions to yours and Eric's. (See below.) More than a few people are making the Israel Connection.  Others though, including the girls at my favorite American owned convenience store, are still gung-ho to 'go get 'em'.  Part of M...'s problem is geographic and cultural ignorance.  To her 'Islam' is a country that isn't that big and is therefore easily reduced to rubble.     I'm in favor of 'get 'em' too but the They have to be specifically defined enough that we actually diminish rather than expand the numbers of enemies we've accrued on ZOG's account.  Plan B of course is to exterminate every Moslem on earth.  This will take some doing and will exterminate large numbers of whites in the process.  It will also leave everyone very confused as to what exactly the Nazis were hanged for, even assuming they were guilty of everything they were accused of at Nuremberg.     I'm sure the Chinese would be tickled pink at that outcome.  They'll be happy to take over the depopulated Moslem lands.  With negroes left without their park rangers the Chinese could also take over Africa.  Since it won't involve either risk or fighting on their part, we can count on solid Chinese backing for war to the last man standing between whites and Moslems.  Then the Chinese can shoot that last man, whoever he is, and declare victory.  Or maybe they'll put him and a co-racial woman in a cage in the Beijing Zoo.  Who knows?  They also have their own Moslem irritations in western China and will be very pleased to pound them to bits as part of 'fighting terrorism'.     I do think Uncle ZOG got a little carried away in the heat of the moment by running the footage of Palestinians celebrating deliriously.  There's still enough thinking people to ask "why do they hate us so much" and enough others who know that the Zionists have been slaughtering the Palestinians on our ZOG-buck.  I've been told by international sources that Chechens in Chechenya were also celebrating the Twin Towers with great joy.   Further rumors from Moscow say the central government has circled surface to air missiles around the Kremlin and announced any airliners trying to overfly Moscow will be shot down.   International Reactions.  The Warre is resolving so fast into one between the rubble of pre-20th Century white Christendom versus the heathens that I'm sure ZOG is quickly getting second thoughts about just how intensive to play this.  Europeans also have their own Muslim problem.  As many know, in Europe Muslims fill the immigration invasion role Mexicans do here.  The Enemy in this case is so easily identified as an outside 'furreigner' as to cause many people how it happened the Enemy Without so easily became the Enemy Within.   War Hysteria.  The hysteria is greatest among the Judeo-Masonic ZOG elites.  And the bigger the elite, the bigger the hysterics.  Of course it's not like war started last Tuesday.  As with SWATKWP, ZOG-USA has been fighting undeclared war against Muslim people for a long time.  Last Tuesday Warre in the fundamental Hobesian sense finally came Home to bite back.  Many ZOGists see an opportunity for spinning this as international war and in the process strengthening their international regime.  Meanwhile white people in many countries are starting to see a common racial enemy in the Moslem world.  Elite and mass sentiment is therefore running on dangerous parallel tracks that eventually diverge to separate destinations.   This divergence now affects more how the war is to be fought rather than whether or not to fight.  We must not forget we ARE at war, like it or not.  The question is not whether to fight but how to fight in a way that secures our interests instead of serving others' purposes.   It's a matter of Grand Strategy and Overall Strategic Goal that affects decisions concerning military and diplomatic operations.     This divergence is exactly the political reaction our Moslem Enemy Without wanted to provoke with mass acts of terror.  Like the Zionists before 1948, these fanatics don't care what happens to some of their people overseas.  All will eventually be rewarded in Paradise in their way of thinking.  I fully expect murderous mass attacks to continue.     The American Negro political reaction is interesting.  Judeo-Marxism's assault on 'racism' was always limited to white racial self-awareness and never extended to non-whites' racial identification.  American negroes therefore routinely think in terms of racial self-interest.  What the American Negroes are seeing is that whites are starting to look at people with kinky-ish hair and darker than white skins as Enemies for having engaged in lethal violence against white people.  American Negroes are extremely alert to their peril if this line of thought becomes a habit among whites.  Other people with kinky hair and even darker skins, many of whom also routinely engage in violence against whites, could quickly find themselves labeled as The Enemy also.   Accordingly there is a rapidly growing movement towards solidarity with Moslem Americans and already condemnations of 'hate crimes' against Muslims and Arabs in America.    Maguire

I am not sure how deep the war hysteria is. Certainly Congress and the media are doing their best to terrorize the street people into fighting what is basically a religious war between juda and islam. This is why the jews have spent so much time and money subverting our churches so the sheeple will come to equate christianity with judaism. Without the goyim, big daddy islam would have solved their jewish problem decades ago as would Germany and Japan have cleaned house with jew communism. This city is doing their bit with the braindead holding quasi-religious pep rallies called "candlelight vigils". I travel down the street but see few 'coward' ribbons and only one sign "Remember the Twin Towers." There are a few American flags hanging from porches and very little talk in my favorite greasy spoon about our crusade to abolish "evil". Eric reports from Yakima, which is mostly mestizo and injun, that he has found little evidence that our new "Americans" are that interested in joining the game.

The predictions of both myself and Maguire are predicated upon our estimates of what could happen – the best extrapolations we could muster. IF ZOG does not get the support it needs, or under estimates its extent, then the whole thing might wither after a few "30 Seconds Over Tokyo" type raids. The boys who are out to destroy the white race are doing so successfully right now but it appears that they are itchy to complete the job before they leave this life. That could be the reason for this pre-planned and well orchestrated affair. Keep in mind, that those who are in the middle of the TTT disaster are only soldiers. They are not who is directing the show no more than a soldier on the battlefield has the foggiest of what the generals are up to. In the SWATKWP, many British pilots were so repulsed by their orders to incinerate the German civilian population, that they deliberately delayed the dropping of fire bombs so that they would land on adjacent farmland. Back in the secret rooms, the generals then supplied disinformation concerning the targets so that the bombs would land where the madmen Harris and Churchill wanted them to. Keep this in mind before you get serious about your condemnation of the sheeple who are acting in good faith – against the interests of us all.

As far as the predictions of Robert, Maguire and Eric, are concerned, WE ALL HOPE WE ARE WRONG!

The masks are coming off. I watched Israel Benny the Net and Yahoo, let it all hang out on a TV interview. I hope all of those simple people who think our conflict with the Arabs has nothing to do with the jews, watched him spout the direction which the American response will be. Like his whole tribe, Benny wants everything from Iraq/Iran to Antarctica obliterated if it is perceived to be a "threat to Israel", whether real or imagined. This yid also announced indirectly that it is Israel which is defending Western Civilization. That's why they plot wars in which mostly westerners are killed, I suppose. When Benny says "we", he means jews in the driver's seat telling the American people where and how to die for them. If Americans wish to stop the coming Arab attacks upon Americans on American soil, all the Zionist puppet Bushyhead would have to do is direct an Iraqi type assault against Israel. That's the nucleus of the world's cancer – the head of the serpent. But that won't happen because I firmly believe that the gods have decided that Americans must finally suffer the fruits of their subservience to Satan – the beast of the 6's. We are now beginning to reap what we sowed when we destroyed the anti-Communist Third Reich. 1945 was the beginning of our descent into hell.
Do not get too smug when it is announced that foreign governments are supporting American efforts as is the case where Pakistan offered space for our aircraft to stage raids. (Is the fox offering shelter to the chickens?) From Germany on, all of the governments are not of the people, they are puppet governments which hold power only with ZOG approval. Do you really think the German people approve of their country being turned into a Turkish province? Or the Canadians watching their western portion going Chinese? Or the Americans seeing city after city becoming Mexican? All of this has been directed by the jew and put into practice by traitors of every nationality. Yet, some have the gall to claim that they are "saving western civilization."
The adrenelin of Boobus Americanus has been stoked to a pitch. This weekend there will be vigils and sermons and prayers and all of that make-up. Since souped up adrenelin levels cannot be maintained, I'd expect some fireworks perhaps Monday or Tuesday. Most likely will be a "30 Seconds Over Tokyo" scenario where a few mountains in Afghanistan will bear the brunt of the effects of the latest missile technology. There will be extra calories in this since dormant Soviet land mines will also be triggered to join the chorus. After a few CNN shots of mountain goats being scattered in a myriad of bits, the goyim will know that their military dollars were well spent. A satisfying report by some talking air head will claim an operational victory since no American lives were lost in the long range computer controlled attack – except Rastus who boke a fingernail on the DEL key. The most asinine statement I have heard in 5 years – "We are fighting evil" – will be replayed along with a digitized release of Kate Smith's God Bless America. If it is discovered that Osama is still playing chess in his cave, then maybe a Iraq type massacre inferno will be scheduled. In any event, the mountains will remain and Osama will call, "Checkmate," and leave his cave to count the number of trees still standing.

Americans seem to think they can do better in Afghanistan than did the Russians. They also believed they could outdo the French in Indo-China. Remember that place where is was estimated that only 1 in 10 were hostile to the U.S.? All 10 smiled at the Americans until their backs turned. Then the 1 out of 10 did them in.

The show will be monkey shines and if the U.S. gets really serious, which it claims it will, then the mobilized National Guard will not fill the bill. There will have to be a draft since it will be long haul business. The only people who will be successfully drafted with be the Judeo-Americans. Blacks will probably refuse en masse and if they meet with resistance,  it will then be a case of "racial profiling." Those who do manage to be drafted, will "frag" their officers as they did 35 years ago. Drafting Mexi-Americans to kill people who look like them will be an interesting effort which will fail. "Hell no. We won't go." Meanwhile back at the fort, as more and more Judeo-Americans get killed, there will be fewer and fewer whites populating the good ol' U. S. of A. The net result will be a greater transfer of political power to the non-whites. Johnny Numbnuts will come home to an America less white than when he left it.

Judging by what I have heard over the years, defeating the people in Afghanistan will require killing them down to the last man. This takes resolve and the thrust of all American Marxist indoctrination during the last 4 decades has been to eliminate cohesion and resolve in the very people we will now require to reinstate their resolve as if it were something controlled by an electrical switch. At this point in time, I remain convinced that the Russian soldier is psychologically superior to his American counterpart. They failed to make a dent in Afghanistan and our intent in the matter will prove to be merely Hollywood wishful thinking. A public which can elect the likes of a Bill Clinton is not one psychologically suited to wage a war with a people who show no signs of being easily intimidated.

I was told that the stock exchange is closed due to its link to the WTO. That's interesting. Is it possible for the Bush gang to change existing laws and the charters of the regulatory commissions to the advantage of the parasites who are sucking this Republic dry? If the market collapses, millions of white people will suffer severely. What they lose will be taken up by the same gang which ruined the Soviet Union.

The billions it will take for the holy crusade will lead to inflation. It is absolutely beyond belief to see people willingly sacrifice the future of their country. It is simply not explainable outside the realm of insanity.

It must be true. I heard it on the commie radio. The announcer was at some sort of public rally where people were paying $100 for an American flag. Sales were brisk since war hysteria is mounting. What took me by surprise was what he said. "Those who think Americans won't support Israel are dead wrong. The cars are lined up by the hundreds and my station manager tells me that the Red Cross is deluged with people offering blood and money." The brain dead still won't get the message. This is another kike holy war and the goyim are the sacrificial lambs. Bushyhead, if I heard correctly, has declared this a national emergency which gives him dictatorial powers. How American patriots will fare is not known at this time. Jews are now donating big bucks, as they did during their last war against white people. We can soon expect them to emerge as the chief cheer leading section. The 3T affair, Twin Towers Tuesday, is not the saddest thing. It is the millions of boobs itching to bleed and die for Israel.

Like numerology? T is the 20th letter. T + T + T = 20 + 20 + 20 = 60, the Babylonian number base. When reduced by the traditional casting out of nines, it yields 6 and we know who that represents. D-day was on the6th day of the 6th month in the 6th year of the SWATKWP. Satan always reveals his 666 presence.

Hey man! There's not enough money to repair America's infrastructure and expand the parasite feeding and breeding programs. Some say Social Security is in trouble, but gas what? There's always enough money to fight wars for the benefit of those not of our kin.

Consider that these "enemy" pilots spent over a decade in dedicated training, plus planning, for an event which would terminate their own lives. Read that again! You, as an American, who wouldn't sacrifice a nickel to see Christ ride a bicycle up a flight of stairs, might wonder how you will stand up to a nation of such people. Even during WWII, our troops needed continual injections of happy times USO shows and Hershey bars, to keep them fighting. Our men stood amazed, during the last days, when they realized they were fighting dedicated boys. We excused our lack of spiritual depth in this regard by calling them 'stupid' or 'hypnotized' by the magician Hitler. Japanese kamikaze pilots were dubbed 'insane'. All of this revealed the abysmal lack of understanding of REALITY and SPIRIT by Americans in the mass. Being self-righteous forever forbids us from understanding much of anything and for that, we are now embarking upon the last lesson of our once great nation, which is now little more than a slop trough for hogs. We learned nothing from our past follies which makes us essentially bigots in the extreme. Even if we do learn something from the lesson we will soon be enrolled in, it won't matter because we have used up our last wish.

Draft Hillary the Red. Give her a machete, parachute her over Afghanistan and let her show how big her feminist balls really are. In fact, why not do this for all of Congress and add the religious nuts. After all, they are the ones who appear most eager to fight. Janet could go along with a megaphone, and air mattress, to give verbal support by day, and scaly comfort at night.
Go ahead, Judeo-American ZOGlings.  Embark on another grand crusade for illusionary ideals.  Just make no mistake, it will be the last one for the Late Great ZOG-USA.  These phantom ideals are only being used as camouflage by others seeking practical material advantage for their kind.  The path we are now being led down leads nowhere.  It doesn't even end in glory. We are already in the most stupid of all possible wars.  We are again in a race and religious war for the benefit of another race and religion that openly expresses their hate and contempt for us.  Oh, we do have to fight.  We have been attacked and we will be powerfully attacked again and again.  This war however does not originate from any rational pursuit of our interests, nor from our people's stake in 'blood and land'.  It's being fought solely for the 'blood and land' of others who openly treat us as sub-human in THEIR lands.  I therefore know the actual course of the fighting and campaigns will also be to these others' advantage and safety, not ours. Why does anyone suppose the actual conduct or outcome of this war will be any different in the end than the Second War To Kill White People?  That one left Europe severely weakened and open to invasion by Asia.  This current one will most likely have the same result for North America vis a vis South America and Asia.  Maguire
Not willing to be targeted as an un-American Arab lover, I held a candlelight vigil, prayed for war, chaos, bedlam and revenge, and placed a burning yellow candle in my window. "Why," I asked myself, "has the color for cowardliness suddenly become a standard?" Anyway, a slight gust of wind through the window's slight opening blew the candle onto the back of my sleeping cat. Spooky yowled and shot out of the room like a bolt of lightning. In his dash, he knocked over a lamp which fell on the dog's tail. Spot leaped up forgetting that he was resting under an end table. The table crashed taking its lamp and automatic dialer to the floor. Somehow the 911 button on the machine was triggered thus sending an alert to the local police station. When the cops arrived, no one answered the door since I was in the neighbor's yard trying to catch the cat. Being trigger happy, they used the latest anti terrorist battering ram technology to smash down my door. Upon entering, with cannons drawn, all of the damage conjured up visions of some terrible violent episode. The command to search for bodies and other evidence was issued and in only moments one officer discovered my small collection of the works of Omar Khayyám and Gahlil Gibran. "He's an Arab or a damned Arab lover, " shouted an officer who was then calling for flame thrower back-up. As I entered the back door, I dodged flying bullets and shouted that I was the resident of the house. "He don't look like no sand nigger," said one. "They are evil," said another, "and the devil helps them assume other forms." I was seized, and taken into custody along with such incriminating evidence as a crocheted doily which one fellow thought looked like Arabic code. The bread from the nearby Lebanese bakery was also checked for fingerprints and being unable to determine if baklava was Arabic or not, the officer simply ate it.

So here I am being interrogated by F.B.I. agents, one of whom wore an African headdress, another was Chinese and the third a strange fellow with missing teeth who insisted I was some foreign devil.

If you are reading this then I was successful in bribing a guard with my offer of the pager number of the closest crack dealer. I'll need $666 for bail money and you can find me by reading the material under the newspaper headlines, "Terrorist Sympathizer Arrested." I now continually wonder why I lit that g.d. candle in the first place.

T.I.C. (Tongue in cheek.)

Isn't it odd that everywhere Osama bin Laden goes, the Chinese always pop up? 700,000 Chinese troops in the Sudan and thousands of Chinese technicians building sophisticated systems in Iraq with fiber-optics technology we gave them. China is making sure that U.S. military resources will become spread wide and thin. They've already outlined how they are going to nail our stupid asses to the wall – with our help.

I remember an old movie where some christian nitwit showed concern about the efforts a savage tribe expended in getting fresh meat. They singled out a critter, closed in and chased it here and there trying to have one thrown spear disable it. While down, the animal was stabbed repeatedly until it died. (Story slightly modified to fit Robert's taste.)

The missionary calmly explained to the chief who was decorated with tattoos and pierced body parts, much like the mod teen of today, that it would be to the tribes' benefit to use a 'fire stick', like he did. Just load, point and press the trigger.

The rock star clone chief then asked the missionary how to use the magic stick and the helpful we-are-all-equal servant of God, taught the chief well for within an hour, he managed to hit large targets at close range.

The chief was pleased and the missionary swelled with pride since he had taken the first step towards improving their lot, as God would have wanted. (Why God did not do it Himself is anyone's guess.)  The satisfied chief then said, "Yo funga stupido," which in their language meant, "I appreciate your generosity and concern." Still in a state of gratitude, the chief shoved the rifle into the missionary's mouth and pulled the trigger. "Good advice," the chief told his tribesmen, "We do not have to chase antelope this day. Have succulent white American idiot to roast."

We're going at this the wrong way. Being Judeo-Americans, we all know everyone has their price. So instead of spending billions to hunt down a few nasty people, why not just buy them off? It works for Congressmen and politicians in general, doesn't it?

Maguire respondsFive million dollars and three years has not been adequate to obtain the betrayal of Osama Bin Laden.  Think about that ZOGlings.  Think VERY HARD about the nature of your enemy.  And think with your brains, not your
emotions or your balls.  WHAT IS IT that so motivated the Muslim kamikaze attackers on Tuesday?  'Mental illness' cannot explain the dedication and multi-year discipline that drove these people.  So what was it?  Until you understand what inspires your enemy and what his war objectives are, you don't have a snowball's chance in hell of defeating him.

Robert sez: In my twenty thousand days on this planet, I have yet to meet any man on the street who understands what it means to be REALLY dedicated to something beyond his own selfish interests. They understood not the Japanese of WWII nor the truly natural religious framework of National Socialism. Evil, to them, is only that which seems to thwart their self-centered interests. Mother Nature will have the last word and I feel that the gods are now through amusing themselves relative to us. We are entering a period where the gods shall see that we inherit the wind and no one shall be at fault save ourselves.

The police officer pulled the car over and told the driver, "Did you know that your wife fell out of the car about 2 miles back?" "Thank God," said the driver, "For the past few minutes I thought I was going deaf."
As war hysteria builds among the brain-dead future cannon fodder, I'll repeat that we should be quiet and slowly walk away from the "kill Arabs" mobs. It's interesting that all of those who claim our battle is with the Moslem world are usually those who will not have to fight in what is building to be one nasty exercise, which all of us will live to regret. I fully expect the Arab haters, those who think they alone are the enemy, to enlist in the Army, or whatever, as SOON AS POSSIBLE or KEEP THEIR G.D. MOUTHS SHUT. These 'brave' souls who fart from their mouths should either put up or shut up. Alas, the land is full of self-righteous hypocrites who want war because TV coverage would be more interesting than niggerball. Not one dare ask himself why it is that we had no Arab problem until after 1948 when the jews parked their kosher butts on Palestinian soil. Only the jew-dazed can look at a bomb and completely ignore the one who lit the fuse.

Hey! Soccer moms! You want to take revenge and kill Arabs? Isn't that 'racist'?

Dear FAEM.

Once again, good commentary on the situation.  I went to work the day after the attack and the air was filled with racial
epithets towards Arabs and howling for blood.  Of course the people doing this are the same ones that would rather pee
themselves in public rather than make similar comments about blacks, jews, or any other group that has done far more damage
to this country than those mountain ragheads in Afghanistan.

Yes, fifty years of public education and electronic propaganda have done their work well.  I have decided that there is no sense
even trying to talk to people about this event rationally since at this point in the game the herd is in full stampede and it is wise
just to stay out of the way.

Oh yes, by the way, I managed to get a copy of a book called "Empire of the City" that you  had made mention of.  It's a real gem!

Keep up the good work and take care. (submitted by a reader)

I enjoy listening to the loony tunes suggestions for increasing aircraft safety. I have one of my own. Each passenger will be locked into his seat using a metal band about his neck. He will be equipped with 'relief bags' much as were the fighter pilots and supplied with WWII surplus K rations. With a crapper bag and something to nibble on, why would you need to leave your seat? Suggestion #2. Upon boarding all passengers will be injected with the same juice they give surgery patients prior to operation. Upon landing, all will be taking to recovery to wait for the effects of the drug to wear off. This has the added advantage of not requiring laptops or other devices of amusement. Long flights will appear to have transpired in minutes. Suggestion #3. If you are that terrified of traveling by air, why not take a train?

A reader offers his suggestion for passenger air flight safety. I remember the old movies about galley slaves  – chain people onto Stairmaster machines, and have a guy standing in front of the cockpit door beating cadence.  At health clubs, people actually pay  to be treated like this.  Maybe they could call it a "Fitness Flight", and  charge extra.

Yas sah! De ZOG is going to defend freedom by taking more of it away. People who demand safety at the expense of freedom should be the first targets of the gods' wrath.
Why fight an enemy without when we have plenty of them within?
    You and I are just peeing on a forest fire right now.  This war they're trying to build up to is not going to be like the other industrial wars fought last century.  The only American wars I can compare what's building up next are the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.  Before it's done it will be fought among our homes in our own neighborhoods.   Our children are going to experience it directly in person, not just on television like Tuesday when my daughter saw the WTC Towers collapse live.     I have to update my hi-threat target list to include Tampa, Florida.  U.S. Central Command and U.S. Special Operations Command are both located at MacDill AFB in Tampa.  These are going to be the two principle operational commands involved in this at first.    Very difficult for anyone to argue these aren't legitimate military targets.  And no, they haven't evacuated either the headquarters or the neighborhoods to a distance of 5 miles to keep semi-delivered nukes away.I'm getting a sinking feeling this all probably inevitable, and perhaps even needed.  People have been living in ZOG's fantasy virtual reality so long they've lost all contact with true reality.  So far those goyim most gung-ho for war on the entire Moslem world are the least serious about actually preparing.  They are still in their old mode of running around "snapping an alligator's mouth mounted on a mosquitoe's ass".    They're still expecting to wage war like ordering a Domino's pizza for home delivery.  'Call the military'.
There is something fishy in Denmark. If an 'enemy' really wanted to hurt us, then why would he not pick a strategic target like a power generator? Strategic targets are those which put the civilian population in disarray. Imagine Joe Burp missing his daily dose of niggerball because the TV went off and his beer getting warmer because of the lack of refrigeration. Food distribution areas would also be good choices but the WTC plane crashes were at symbolic targets – those which produce no potatoes nor perform valuable services, but are merely paper shuffling offices which provide the brokers with the ways and means to perpetrate financial scams and such. Cui bono?

Who is benefiting? ZOG is. At a time when Americans were becoming more dissatisfied with their government, here comes an event which is supposedly drawing them together for the benefit of that government thus alleviating that dissatisfaction. Playing upon the nature of the Arab Moslem crowd, it would not be that difficult to set up those plane crashes. Again, ZOG seemed super efficient at nailing the 'culprits' with information that it already had before Black Tuesday. Like Pearl Harbor, which was a set up, why couldn't this be also. Cui bono?

Supposedly the plan is to mount an overseas operation designed to kill Arabs. What are we then to do with the Arabs that are now living among us? Kill them too? If a draft becomes operational, will we ask Arab-Americans to go overseas to kill other Arabs? The only people who will go will be the Judeo-Americans – white people who will sacrifice their own kind for the benefit of the jew. If they are wiped out, who will be left here to defend the home town jews? Mexicans? Blacks? Chinese? Do you think you could draft Mexi-Americans to go kill Arabs for the benefit of the jew? Or draft the blacks for the same purpose? I think not.

Why are we complaining? Haven't we the open borders we desired in the name of the oppressed and needy? Haven't we the diversity which allows Arabs to freely roam and become citizens? Didn't we give away our technology and school the very people who flew those planes? Our wonderful goals of brotherly love have mostly been achieved. We are all equal. So what went wrong? Why are we unhappy with our version of Nirvana?

If an extermination war ensues, as many of our deranged hawks insist, will our Arab-Americans sit by and applaud? Whose side will the Black Muslims be on? Will the Chinese-Americans really care? Diversity is strength, wouldn't you say?

I listened to a white girl, while she was pawing her black lover, mention something about the g.d. sand niggers. Was that a racist remark? Is she a racist? Inquiring minds want to know.

We won't be intimidated, our prez says, but he apparently believes that we can intimidate others. Did God tell him that? And why are killed Americans more precious than the Iraqi women and children we have killed and are still killing? How can we assault and intimidate other peoples into having governments not of their choosing and call it 'democracy'? Why is it that in the Arab world most of the governments are on 'our side' but the people in those countries are not? Who are those who are blind to the terrorism the jews commit daily against the Palestinians and then absolve the jews of culpability?

The terrible events of Tuesday only demonstrate 'that which goes around comes around'. It's the Americans' turn in the barrel. I am afraid that we are going to embark upon another crusade for 'freedom'. If so, it shall be our last.

Faggotry is comdened in the Bible yet our religious ignore the 'word of God' since it hurts the feelings, or interfers with the civil rights, of perverts. Thus, American 'christians' worry more about faggots than they do their god. That's why they do not understand the Moslems who really have faith.
WARNING! The American public will progressively become more unhinged between the ears. Already some nitwits are hammering upon whomever they think looks like an Arab. The goofs really want war! Since most of them think war is a computer game and always happens "over there", I'd advise any dissent along these lines to be self-contained. If you oppose the mob, you stand in danger of being lynched. 
Enhanced airport and aircraft security will not be free. Gas who will pay the bill? The ticket buyer, naturally. Good-bye cheap fares.
The European press is already calling this the start of World War III. Will the Americans now receive what they patriotically handed to the Germans and Japanese 50 years ago? Are the chickens coming home to roost? Are the gods now convinced that we are now mad enough to be destroyed? Have we been lured by the jew pipers to partake of our own destruction? Is American party time drawing to a close? For 150 years, we Americans have had the privilege of fighting wars on the territory of others leaving them to clean up the mess. Are we now to experience this first hand as George Washington saw in his 3rd vision?

If Pakistan has nuclear weapons, as we are told, and we launch attacks against them or their neighbors, how will they respond? Sometimes one can intimidate another as so can nations. This is the object of terrorism. However, there are nations which cannot be moved – especially the religious, including the cancer Israel – and using retaliatory force against them only strengthens their determination to do likewise. We are fishing in very dangerous and unknown waters but all the simpleton in the street can be counted upon to do is wave the flag and hope someone else dies to defend whatever it is he thinks should be defended.

The Muslim/Arabs/etc. might be the visible enemy but all should ask, "Why do they hate us?" The finger points at those residing in that geographical eyesore in the middle east – the non-holy land. As with Eve, Americans have chosen to listen to the $erpent.

As Mambi said to her son Chaka Zulu, "Things will never be the same again." I believe Herr Hitler is smiling.

It is my belief the reason FAEM is the outlet for the excellent articles by Maguire, is because we censor not a single word nor pull things out of context. FAEM has no editorial policy other than letting it all hang out. In addition, we are concerned patriots – American patriots – who gladly give of their time and money to do what we feel is something valuable. We ask for no money nor shall we in the future. Nothing displayed here will ever have 'copyright' attached – it is PUBLIC DOMAIN material and always shall be. The cultural and spiritual war we are now engaged in is not something we wish to profit by. We fully intend to have ours views, and observations, serve as food for those still capable of objective thought. Agreeing with us is irrelevant to our position. FAEM is not an instrument of proselytization nor do we hold our views to be the alpha and omega of knowledge.

Short comments, or essays, by Maguire appear on the front page. More lengthy ones will be assigned to his folder. Today, we have a more lengthy one concerning the WTO/WTC buildings and related matters. Be sure to read it. Copy it and make sure it gets the widest possible circulation. Go to the news/discussion groups and post the addresses of Maguire's latest articles on the attack using an appropriate single line comment. Leave emails with the same info directed at your local talking heads, TV bobbing heads and your spinster aunt. Ring that bell! You just might wake someone up.

"A leader does not reach out for supporters. When the winds of change lay the ground work, people in need will seek out their leader. There will be no revolution before its time." I wrote that a whole back. Can you hear the clock ticking? – Robert –
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A German view:  You got it!  Since when are Kamikazes dishonorable? They dumped (according to my little book Luftkrieg über Deutschland (1963) 1,996,036 Tons of bombs on German cities – an act of  heroism?  And nobody who is from Hamburg will forever forget the fluid phosphor used "to kill white people" as Maguire would say.  – But today I got the The SUN (formerly the Baltimore Sun) and one survivor said "this is the end of the age of innocence for the American people".  Let's hope he is right. Der Wahrheit eine Gasse!