19 September 2001
I was telling Eric last night that I fully expect our Islamic foes to do a hi-tech number on our computer networks. They have had 10 years to experiment with 'viruses' and all of that and most of them have received college degrees from our generous 'diverse' institutions. The Chinese are also sucking up this sort of thing. My host has been down for over 20 hours due to repeated attacks of the 'nimba' virus which is spread by other servers. Thus, my email is dead and I cannot access my control panel. CATV connections go through a 'globalcrossing' and some nodes are at verio.com, which has also been hit. I have switched to another server which has the email running. The problems will be solved but then there is tomorrow. If George Washington could talk to us today, he'd say "Idiots. I told you so." We've kicked a hornets' nest because that's the ZOGish thing to do. UNIX be fine. Dat's why dis be posted.
This is a World Wide Vietnam War. There will be lulls in the 'action'. Even now the 'news' is little other than repeats. It will not end and so the safety that Americans demand will forever be out of their reach. We are not a cause oriented people. We are reactionary in everything we do. We enjoy our tobacco against the obvious evidence that smoke is not good for us to breathe. When we suffer the consequence, we look for a "cure". Abortion is a "cure" for the results of uncontrolled copulation. We stuff ourselves with carbohydrates and laboratory "fats", which those who make the profits, tell us are good for us – yea, scientific! Later life health problems then demand newer and newer drugs and they ALL have severe side effects since tinkering with one's body chemistry always has a nasty downside.  We allow our children to do as they damned well please, thus continuing what we feel is some sort of "right". When Nature demands payment for our asininity and foolishness, we then want someone else to bail our simple asses out. The blame is NEVER on us. It is always someone or something else. This is the basis for the predatory law suits which envelope our actions. Our entire frame of mind breeds an almost unbelievable level of hypocrisy. When black Sammy goes apeshit and shoots up the tavern, we apply our concern and speculate on his childhood. Usually, according to the sex-starved harpies, "sexual abuse" is at bottom. Yet, when confronted with a few flying brick and mangled bodies, we instantly want to lay waste to a whole country never once asking ourselves what we could have done to have prevented it.
Hanna Reitsch was not only Hitler's personal pilot, but she was also a test pilot. During the first tests of the V1 pulse jet aircraft/bomb, some were rigged to be piloted directly instead of being merely launched as unguided missiles. Hanna volunteered to pilot one of these bombs into the British House of Parliament to make absolutely sure it did not miss, knowing full well that it meant her own death. Hitler forbad her to do it. This sort of HEROIC activity dedicated to the CAUSE of a people is something few Americans can comprehend. As with the kamikaze flights of the Japanese, the masses of asses admit their own infantile sheep mentality and shallowness of purpose by calling such acts "insane" or "cowardly."

As I understand it, Islamic people SERVE their god to the extent of offering their own lives. Christians apparently BEG their god for favors. Sending $666 to the hypocrite Robertson is only a way of trying to purchase a ticket to heaven. There is no question as to whom has the greater faith. This is the nature of those our leaders have chosen to call "enemy" while they further lower themselves by claiming such devotion is "fanaticism."

Fanaticism is labeled as something "unreasonable" and "irrational". If I feel a donation of $100 is reasonable but $1000 is not, then is the person who donates the $1000 a fanatic? What in hell is irrational? Is it rational for a people to allow AIDS carriers free reign in society as to increase the occurrence of the disease? Was it rational to grant liberty and teach non-whites the wherefore so they could commit the TTT acts? Is it rational to murder millions in the abortion butcher shops because some women are inconvenienced by the results of their indiscriminate fucking? Is it rational for women to DENY God's food to their young by drying up their own milk – for THEIR CONVENIENCE – and feeding the helpless some nearly worthless commercial slop? Is it out of "reasonable" love when young couples put THEIR ECONOMIC welfare above the PSYCHOLOGICAL welfare of their children by farming them out to day care disease communes? Is it rational to lower academic standards so that no one's feelings will be hurt? Is it rational to use sick laws to force incompetent people into jobs they cannot handle because to do otherwise would be discriminatory? Is it rational for people of one race to destroy their race by way of race-mixing with another race? What, pray tell, is rational or reasonable about one faggot sticking his buttered dick into the excrement filled rectum of another faggot, and then call it an "alternative life-style"?

Before you charge off in 69 different directions, it would help if you took a good long look in the mirror at what YOU have been doing in your life and what your COUNTRY has done before you start pointing those self-righteous fingers at someone else.

The TTT attack killed over 5000 people. Among them were Bangladeshis, Indonesians, Chinese, Brazilians, Cambodians, Dominicans, Egyptians, Israelis, ah yes, there were supposedly 4000 missing Israelis. That doesn't leave much room for white Americans does it? Non-whites demolish some NYC building containing mostly non-whites – all non-citizens – yet El Presidente calls it an attack on America. Nearly 500 white men volunteered, and lost, their lives in a rescue operation to save a batch of muds. It will also be white men who will be sent to do the dirty work in the mountains of no man's land. You didn't think Special Forces was an Amos and Andy outfit did you? If the Pentagon is similar to other ZOG bureaucracies, then the people therein were mostly nignogs and wogs.

So here we have a glimpse of the pervasive insanity. Millions of whites lighting candles and bawling like babies over non-white non-citizen people they never knew. That is sick beyond compare. Pearl Harbor saw no such spectacle. To compound this, they are willing to offer the blood of their sons and brothers to fight the enemies of the very people who have been at the forefront of every assault against Western values and tradition. Insane. No other word describes it. Whom the gods wish to destroy, they fist make mad. We are certainly mad enough and resurrecting Kate Smith's God Bless America will not alter one bit what the fates have in store. America will be punished but they still will not learn. Hypocrites rarely do. 

End Arab terrorism. Nuke Israel.
America. If you love it, don't leave it. If you do, then when you return you might not have a place in it unless you speak Spanish or Chinese.
Did you know that during the SWATKWP, the United States had exactly 666 internment camps which were run by good ol' Ike's brother, Milton?
America – where we hug Arabs who live here but kill them if they live 'over there'.
Americans have always been hysterical. Remember Orson Well's invasion from Mars radio program in 1937? During the Spanish American war, Americans reported seeing more Spanish ships then were in the entire Spanish fleet. Then there were the Stuka (Junkers) bomber raids reported in Kansas. In the Aleutians, the American artillery "decimated" a small fleet of Russian ships no one ever saw. We can predict how the jews will operate as well as the Arabs but the great unknown in our present circus, is how the nitwit American ZOG leadership will play it. I have absolutely no faith that it will be rational. Some sort of show must be presented to the boob tube crowd – perhaps a few scenes of large rocks being turned into small rocks – "There, we showed 'em."
I am pleased
that sales of arms, dried food and bottled water are brisk. Perhaps we might even be blessed with another great toilet paper scare. There is a bit of danger and that might come from the fools in the "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread..." brigade. If you are caught not wearing Old Glory, you could be assaulted. As I write, some local radio mouth is blasting another radio mouth as being "a racist liberal". Apparently the other fellow mentioned that many of our school kids couldn't even find Afghanistan on the map. This comment was immediately branded "un American." One gung-ho nitwit asked me if I approved of using the A-bomb against the "atheist 'rabs." I said I preferred a response just like the TTT attack. We should load a plane with conventional explosives plus plenty of nuclear waste and then have one of our greatest patriots – I suggest Colin Powell – pilot our kamikaze plane directly into Osama's cave. That would show the world that we really mean business and that God is on our side – especially if Pat Roberston and Jerry Falwell go along. During the flight, perhaps Hillary in her commissar uniform, would play the part of indignant stewardess.

For the sane, and there are millions of us, keep a low profile, smile and don't get into discussions. The great unwashed niggerball MTV herd is out for blood and most do not care whose it is.

I always give credit where it is due. Last night on the Chris Matthews Stiffnuts program, a jew named Arkin made some of the most sane remarks I have heard in days. The fellow thought it a mistake to call this affair "war" and gave logical reasons for it. Chris became unglued when Arkin mentioned that Pearl Harbor was an attack by a military upon a military, but TTT was not. Chis boiled, fumed, drooled and finally cut the fellow short. Being rational will soon be equated with being un American.

One must not forget that the young of today were nursed on Hollywood's version of the SWATKWP which is about as close to truth as was the movie Cinderella. When you stuff heads with crap and then incite them into war, don't be surprised if a few of them, after a good dose of hardship, come home looking to skin your ass.

                                  Wars are the jews' harvest.
Oh, When the muds ... go crawling in, Oh when the slime goes oozing in,
Lord, I will want to oil my shot gun, When the muds go crawling in.

Oh, When the muds ... go crawling in, Oh when the crud goes flushing in,
I will meet them all at the border, When the muds go crawling in.

Oh, When the muds ... go crawling in, Oh when the muds go crawling in,
We will be in line for that show down, When the muds go crawling in.

(If you don't know the tune to this, then shame on you.)

With all of this new demand for "security", who is going to enforce it? Affirmative Action dullards?
If this shindig really gets rolling, I wouldn't worry much about the good ol' Jew Ass oi Vey. There won't be much left for the honky flag waver to concern himself with. It appears that the lovely Hispanic American newspapers have mentioned that politically, the Aztlan bunch is on the side if the Palestinians. The Chinese are waiting for all the round-eyed devils to kill themselves off so that they will have more living space. When the Judeo-Americans are gone, who will then fight Israel's wars?
Imagine that in 1938, the French allowed the Germans to settle in their country and raise families. The Germans would have occupied France without a shot being fired. The French were not like stupid Americans. They wouldn't allow that so the Germans had to invade using military force. Our border invasions continue as before and El Presidente wants us to go to the mountains in Europe to do our witch hunting. Those mountain boys are very nasty when it comes to the way they treat their prisoners. They are not like civilized Germans, you know.
Remember the old British cure for a depression? Have all the little boys go around breaking windows. This would then create business for the glass manufacturing companies – and create jobs!
El Presidente Bush is as brave as his speech writer Israel Gershon's pen allows.
A nation of true super-geniuses would not find themselves burdened with Israel's unending security problems.

Diversity has given us a very good dose of biological warfare and perhaps we should welcome more of it ala Islam. Perhaps all of those bugs will neutralize each other and we can thus be rendered healthy. After all, at one time they treated syphilis by giving the patients malaria.
Churchill's "Blood, sweat and tears," (Lord Byron) was not an original idea and neither was the "Iron Curtain" (Josef Goebbels). In this category also falls the '14 words'  which is from Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf – "It could not have been other than the wish to secure the future of the Reich better than if it were to depend exclusively on its own resources. But the future of the Reich could not have meant anything else than the problem of securing the means of existence for the German people."
Always read the great articles at http://www.vanguardnewsnetwork.com
Oh yes Virginia, Bush is a mestizo, Powell a variety of quadroon, and Tiger has so many diversity genes surging about that he could quality as a jew first class. Are there any white people left on earth?
FAEM previously mentioned the German stealth technology of 1943. Also, that they had massive stockpiles of Sarin and Tabun nerve gasses which they never used due to their adherance to the Geneva Convention. Now that some of you are going back to classes, you can rest assured of exposure to some jew/commie clap-trap. When the 'evils' of the Third Reich come up, make sure the class is informed of the absolutely astounding scientific achievements of the German people of that period which demonstrates what a group of WHITE people can do when they rid themselves of their race-mixed parasites. Save this address: http://www.ety.com/berlin/harpers.htm

The stuff is mind boggling and as gramps said in early 1942, "The Germans will be defeated only by being severely out-numbered." They were, at better than 10 to 1. 
After much confusion we now know which federal agency to make the 'lead' in handling this event.  It's the Securities and Exchange Commission.  Why?  It's because of suspicious advance short-selling in insurance stocks ahead of the Tuesday attacks.


Welcome to ZOG's New World Order economy.  The Chicago Board of Trade is never far behind.  'Terror Attack' futures and options will probably start trading by next Monday.  Always track the financial markets for precursors to war.

I'm not kidding.  As First Lord of the Admiralty prior to the First War to Kill White People (FWATKWP) Winston S. Churchill did exactly this.  In a pre-war memo written to the naval Lords of Admiralty Churchill listed "a fall in financial markets" as one of the major warning signs of incipient war.

Churchill learned plenty from his association with his political owner Sir Ernest Cassel, the King's 'Court Jew' and major supporter of both Bolshevisim and Zionism.


It's beginning to emerge that Osama bin Laden probably had nothing to do with TTT. He apparently is now a very minor figure in a vast Islamic network spanning several countries. Our Pearl Harbor II just might be leading to a world-wide Vietnam style engagement. Will the American niggerball fan, always eager to 'kick ass', now feel the pain of supporting Club 666 Israel?
http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2001/09/16/military-home-front.htmThis story can only be deemed a classic "Profiles In Ignorance".  Before and during SWATKWP hundreds of thousands of troops were exclusively devoted to "home defense".  They served in the Harbor Defense and Interceptor Commands protecting America's major ports and coastal cities.  They served in patrol ships, submarine chasers and the Civil Air Patrol.  They served in coastal watchers and beach patrols.  This reporter, her 'story' and her sources are studies in unadulterated ignorance.At least ZOG's Judeo-Media produces something undiluted and pure.   It's ranch manure.

"It's Good For the Jews"


'Asked tonight what the attack meant for relations between the United States and Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, the
former prime minister, replied, "It's very good." '

"Cui Bono" is starting to point a finger in strange directions. (Who benefits?)

I do have large continuing doubts about theories of Mossad conspiracies and complicity in the September 11 attacks.  But
when I see medium size Jews (Netanyahu himself is just a water boy for the true Big Zionists like the Bronfman family) openly
boasting "it's very good", I confess to doubting my doubts.    One is most impressed here by the utter callousness expressed by
this former Israeli prime minister towards even Jewish and Jewish-Israeli life in New York City.  We suggest our Jewish
readers investigate the writings of the Jewish-American patriot Benjamin Freedman.  He had a much deeper genuine concern
for the true long-term welfare of Jewish people than the Zionist warmongers, banksters, arms dealers and international criminals
that now command your allegiance.


NEVER FORGET that while you are focusing on "fighting terrorism", the muds are still pouring in. While you gawk at niggerball, the muds are still flowing in. While you are loading your SUV with week-end toys, the muds are still pouring in.

If you can put your flag down for 2 minutes and imagine yourself on the moon, you'd see when it comes to 'terrorism', ZOG has no peer. ZOG is criminal. It spends its time making offers no one can refuse.

The stock market hype reminded me of the Israel Geraldo Rivera b.s. concerning Al Capone's 'hidden treasure', a few years back.  The jews continually jerk the gonads of the goyim and the goyim apparently love it. "Do it again. It hurts good." THE STOCK MARKET IS NOT CONNECTED TO REALITY!
The racial aspect
– the heros of the TTT affair were OUR people. The dickheads were not. Here is a comment from a reader:

"And I will remember to catch the unfavorable comparison of Zionist Israeli yids running down the stairs OUT of the WTC and white men advancing UP the stairs to do battle with Hell's Gates."

"We WILL win, although ZOG won't."

"Go tell the Spartans, stranger passing by, that here obedient to their laws we lie."


"Scrambling down 52 flights of stairs to escape the World Trade Centre inferno, Ciara Linnane looked into the eyes of the first firefighters going up, and saw they knew they were going to their deaths... Around the 25th floor, the firemen began to come up. "Those great big guys, big red Irish faces. They were carrying all that gear," she said..."When you think about the reality of us walking downstairs to get out of the building, to live, and those guys going upstairs to their death, they are more than heroes."

Folks – make sure you do not lose the www.jrbooksonline.com link. This is the fellow who supplied me with some of the material on this site. Here's his comment on my comment: The bastards lie and lie and lie.

The comment on Andy Rooney: one thing that really irked me was his claim to the effect that "all of London was bombed flat by the Luftwaffe" – not an exact quote (I didn't record it), but that was the impression given.  This is a blatant lie – about 600 acres, total, of London was bombed.  See http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v02/v02p381_Wesserle.html.  One square mile is 640 acres, meaning that the total bombed, collectively, was not quite equivalent to even the smallest subdivision of London – the one-square-mile "Old City" commercial center.  Thus, only a small percentage of London was ever bombed by the Germans!  Am I just crazy, are the numbers lying, or what?

In that article, Wasserle makes use of Sir Arthur Harris' book; another good one is http://www.jrbooksonline.com/spaight.htm.

See also my top page, where you see a SOUVENIR photo of the fesivities in Noo-Yawk.  Great view; the photo doesn't do justice.

Another reader comments on jew-stooge Andy Rooney – "You are absolutely correct about Andy Rooney and that whole pack at 60 mini-nuts. Never once have they ever mentioned Dresden, Hamburg, Koln, Duisburg, or French and Italian cities that were bombed to ashes in W.W.II. At that time Andy Rooney was a reporter for Stars and Stripes. He did go on one bombing mission to write a story, and forever talks about it, even wrote a book to glorify the experience. He should have spent one day where I was, and he would have written a library of books.  Abnormality is catching. We must be careful. On the other hand maybe we are immune." (From a real WWII vet.)
The biggest propaganda challenge is to convince Boobus Americanus that he can lay waste to the rest of the world, massacre tens of thousands, and still be perfectly safe while watching the spectacle on judavision.

The good side: Remember all of the body bags and nonsense about Iraq ten years ago? It amounted to a 30 day incineration of a country and then the whole thing fizzled. Have you calculated the massive air pollution that picnic caused? Anyway, who knows? Maybe the Islam bunch will give up and surrender in exchange for a season pass to Disney World. If ZOG is really serious about pulverizing a good share of the planet, then periodic spectacles – ala Big Brother 1984 – are in order. As for me, the skyline of Jew York has certainly improved after those two ugly phallic symbols were cut down.

When the magician wants to do something with his right hand unnoticed, he makes an attention getting, and distracting,  maneuver with his left hand. This terrorist witch hunt might just be that right hand. The enemy is within and by joining the 'terrorist' band wagon, you are ensuring that more of your country will be lost to colonizers. So, if in a a few years the "war on terrorism" succeeds, we won't have a country left anyway. This jew orchestrated shindig will only benefit the Chinese and mestizos.
At this moment the Zionist liars are trying to get majority opinion lined up in regard to relinquishing some of our rights so as to "fight terrorism". The truth is that Señor Bush has said this was a 'national emergency' and in so doing he can yank your so-called rights out from under your feet so quick you'd think you were goosed by the Road Runner. These emergency powers have been on the books since the days of Kennedy.

Just as in the SWATKWP, the hebes are in the fore as the major cheering section. I am waiting for "war bonds" to again be sold. At that time, the purchase of a $25 bond would get you a kiss from a young beauty. Now, with all of this diversity love around, buggering Whoopy Goldberg might be the pay off.

The highly paid Zionist lackey, Andy Rooney – the kosher 60 Minutes program – sitting in the middle of a jew coterie, said he saw the worst of the SWATKWP. Thereupon we saw pictures of a smoldering building in London and a candid of Buchenwald with underfed someones resting in their bunks. Hey Andy! You high paid prostitute, where the f--- were the pictures of Dresden and Hiroshima? You hypocritical bastard! You've been sleeping with the enemy for so long, your eyes look like bagel holes.
Now that the focus is on America, the yids have taken the opportunity to step up their murderous assaults against the Palestinians.
Turning On The Lights In A Cockroach Infested Apartment Department.

"The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem has so far received the names of 4,000 Israelis believed to have been in the areas of theWorld Trade Center and the Pentagon at the time of the attack."


This Jerusalem Post story is simply rich (but not Marc).  This Israeli newspaper informs us FOUR THOUSAND  (4,000) Israelis were in the direct vicinity of the World Trade Center and Pentagon and unaccounted for after the attacks Tuesday.

Now how many of you out there thought we were being delusional with all our talk about the
Zionist Occupation Government, also known as ZOG?  Be honest and admit it.  Given this snapshot of activity in the military and financial centers of so-called America, who's really being delusional about the true state of affairs here and now, Boobus Americanus?  Is it us or you?

P.S.  Articles like the above Jerusalem Post story have a tendency to disappear once they've served their immediate tribal purpose. FAEM has therefore preserved a printed, date stamped copy of this story in our archives for "research, educational, and news reporting" purposes.  If and when this one goes into the cyber memory hole email Robert or Maguire.  We'll get a scanned JPEG back up on FAEM.

 – Maguire –

Terrorism against Palestinians = self-defense. Terrorism against jews = evil.
It is my understanding that some of our undisciplined youth have been attacking, and terrorizing, some Arab-Americans thus leaving them in a state of fear. That's a jolly way to "fight terrorism" isn't it?
What a fine mess
our Zionist hypocrites have gotten us into this time. At last roll call, there seems to be thousands of "enemies", friends of enemies and relatives of enemies within our borders. How do we tell them from those who look like enemies but are not? It's confusing – much like picking out your partner in a top of the line whore house – they all look good. Solution. Round them all up. You can't be too careful you know. Since valley mongrels look like mountain mongrels it's going to be difficult you separate Herky Copolous from Hymie Goldfarb, or Juan Valdez, for that matter. Solution. Make it a religious witch hunt. Nail the Islamic types. That makes sense, doesn't it? Now we've made it a religious war – something we claim to oppose... freedom of religion and all of that. Like an inquisition, I would then expect thousands of Moslems to suddenly "find truth", convert and send money to Pat Robertson. Or are they of different substance from christians and jews?

In order to close the door after the horse as run away, we will require something along the line of martial law – the suspension of civil rights, which I am sure many of our "enemy" citizens will try to exercise. If this comes about, then the definition of an "enemy of the state" will be entirely up to those who declared martial law in the first place. Could anything which ZOG dislikes then be labeled as "sedition" or "treason"? Why not? Anything the jews don't like becomes "anti-Semitism", or "hate", and people go to jail for it. The definitions are in the hands of those with the physical power. You might feel safe in your bed listening to the lullaby, "God shed His grace on thee...", but I do not.

The first on-the-ground assault team should be headed by Bush, Cheney and Powell with Reno, Hillary and the National Organization of Women dragging Robertson and Falwell into the fray, by the balls. Hell, I'll wave a flag to that!

While we are busy waltzing with an enemy at the front door, they are still pouring in through the back door. Does this compute? What we are now entering is a classic case of the chickens coming home to roost.
Now that we've all "come together", I fully expect all drug activity to cease and crime to end.
The fish
sees the glitter of a lure which blinds it relative to the hook. People go to a restaurant and see the plate with decorative sprigs of weed one never eats. Here and there are drizzles of colored sauces, or sprinkles of stuff, which have nothing to do with the meal save add glitter and waste. I suppose if it has eye appeal it follows that it will also appeal to the palate. People are eye-ball controlled and generally this blinds them to the more important attributes. Men 'fall in love' at the sight of generous breasts or resilient posteriors. Women fall in love at the sight of a large wallet or expensive car. In this respect, many people are not much more intelligent than fish. I really think this is a better term than "sheep" or "goyim". The latter imply a sort of dazed state much like sleep walkers. Now a fish does make a choice – to bite or not to bite. I shall call many, fish. Their senses are capable of recognizing all of the facts but their haste, emotion and greed, propel them into directions not usually to their advantage. In some instances, fish behave as stampeding cattle. In others, they appear dazed as sheep, but fish they remain – available for the hooking by any good fisherman. I like the Latin word for fish, Pisces. We could use it in a gratuitous greeting – Pisces on you.

At one time, there was a thermo-setting  adhesive used in aircraft honeycomb sections called Bloomingdale 517. Our lab received samples of this and we ran it through the usual mill. After about 3 weeks, I was requested to submit a report as to its potential use in some Boeing trim tab assemblies. When it comes to jobs, I have absolutely no patience for chit-chat and technical folderol. My report was simple. It contained only the word "crap". As expected, my superiors needed details. I assigned Charile the task of writing up reams of data – drum peel results, tensile strengths, Durometer readings, and everything including where the packaging was made and whether hot Bertha's husband would be home that evening. I put this package of paperwork together and fastened my unaltered conclusion – "crap".

The question was simple: Was B-517 suitable for our purposes or not? The answer should be likewise: Yes, or no. All of the nonsense in-between is clutter and if you are turned on by technical blather, then it is glitter. This is why most never really get anything done. They thrive on confusion calling it intelligent consideration. In fact, confusion becomes an end in itself. That's why many reject Eric's answers with a "That's too simple." If they like the solution, then they hesitate with, "That's not practical." In alla cases, they are apt to label his material, "negative." It's all monkey jerk because to do something might invoke a future which was not expected. People, in the main, paralyze themselves by indecision because they have faith that if they do nothing, the future will be a repeat of today. They often will do nothing unless that have a "guarantee" of the results. That's idiotic.

People always appear to want a peek at the future. There is no crystal ball. No one will ever know the future. Many BELIEVE they know the future but that is not the same as knowing. You can nearly always shatter a person's belief in anything by presenting him with a "put up or shut up" option. That's why those who present such an option are never, ever popular. People love their wishful thinking.

Mary, a secretary at one of the airports I used to rent Cessnas, was firmly convinced that December 31, 1999, would be the end of things. I asked her if she owned a house. She said "yes" and I had her agree that on January 1, 2000, that house would no longer be of value to her since she wa to be onoe of those 144,000 heaven bound. I therefore suggested that she sign papers to the effect that the house would be a gift to me on that date. She refused. I then told her that her faith in "the end" was as weak as the pecker on a gelding.

Suppose someone knew what the events of tomorrow would be. Would that effect what he did today? Certainly. Whether favorable or not, that person would change his thoughts about something and that change would affect the future for all present things affect the future. Thus, knowing the future alters it. This is logical absurdity and the only way out is to establish that the future is always beyond present knowledge. Predictions are merely guesses and beliefs in outcomes mere faith.

If one farts around with indecision, the future will still be as unknown as would it be if he acted briskly. The B-517 adhesive was rejected and those volumes of useless paperwork did not alter that outcome one iota. Was it to make sure? Who knows? If they had no faith in my ability, they shouldn't have given me that high-paying job. It all boils down to what your objective is.

Often we delude ourselves by the fact that someone supplies oceans of details relative to a matter. The 4300D Ford Autolite carburetor was a 4-barrel with .062" main metering jets; .035" pump jets; a 1.25" main venturi and transfer slots measuring .018" by .25" That's all fine and dandy and I appear to "know my stuff". This is where the delusion enters since the question is, "Can you get this g.d. Mercury to run?" People belching out reams of memorized data does not an expert make although it might earn him a Ph.D. Buyer beware.

In the past, we have fought wars for "making the world safe for democracy" and " the four freedoms". Now we are "fighting evil" and apparently want a world "safe from terrorism."  These are abstracts, not tangibles, for one man's freedom is another's slavery. One man's sorrow is another's glee. One's loss is another's gain. The lamb dies and the wolf eats. Charlie Manson enjoyed himself as did Ted Bundy. What they did made them happy. They pursued their American right to "happiness."

Considering the present, what would I do? Why not nuke Israel and see what happens? We might have millions of Arabs cheering US for a change! If we do what I think we are going to do, it will only piss off more of the Islamic crowd. We have already had samples of what a few of these pissed off people can do. It sure looks like we will have to kill them all. If we don't and manage to terrorize them into complete submission, then can we be assured that their next generation can also be so intimidated? I think not. So, unless a complete extermination is enacted, we will not solve the problem we set out to abolish. If this is put into action, then how do we choose those we wish to exterminate? Some "Arabs", for the lack of a more universal term, came across the Mexican border easily since they looked like a variety of Mexican. That's always the problem when one is dealing with mongrels. They can resemble most anything.

Assume we've exterminated all of the "Arab" terrorists and their families by killing anything which resembled an Arab. Peace. Ah! I can here thy soothing song. What happens next if we get zapped by Chinese terrorists? Killing over a billion of them will certainly solve our unemployment problem. No worry for the Chinese are successfully occupying our homeland without an ounce of 'terror' as are the mestizos.  Won Ton soup or empanadas anyone?

Gil and I sat near an outside isle while watching a Hop Along Cassidy movie. About halfway thorough the smoke, from the fire set by some kids in balcony – they were just having fun – the screech "Fire!" shook the theater. The herd immediately stampeded in the direction from which they came – the main entrance. "What do you think we should do?", queried Gil. I replied, "Sit still, let the idiots pass and we'll calmly use this adjacent side exit."  That, my friends, will be my behavior during these upcoming days of general lunacy.