22 September 2001
Why do I feel like I am living in ancient Rome? Bread – the markets are full, and circuses – niggerball and CNN news. Slaves allowed to become citizens and mate with the hardup and tasteless. Continual reports of how the Legions are laying waste to the globe. Remember that like Rome, which fell due to the lack of (white) Romans, America will fall due to the lack of (white) Americans. 
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Da juice control da media. Lawd! Set me free.

Ask what sort of person accepts what they hear coming from a radio mouth, or see on TV, without thinking nor bothering to get another opinion and/or do research? You've guessed it! A blockhead. Again ask why you should associate with blockheads and try to get them to think, which they have demonstrated they cannot? Thus, removing the jew stranglehold will not change a blockhead into a person who questions and reflects. If all of the jews were replaced by the Aryan Hatfields and McCoys, I am sure that no light would be tuned on in the brain of blockheads. You will NEVER change the media control bosses until you have the POLITICAL POWER to do so. If you believe that a campaign to "enlighten the masses" will succeed, then I am afraid that you have been influenced by too many TV movies – just like any good blockhead is.

Weez told that the raisin for TTT is that Muslims hate Christians. After reviewing the following commandments, I am considering the claim.

     (1) Thou shalt have no other gods before me, unless it be Mammon..
     (2) Thou shalt not make for thyself a graven image, unless thou can sell it at a profit or label it 'art'.
     (3) Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain, unless thou are writing a script for a TV show.
     (4) Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy so that thou shalt have time for niggerball and shopping malls.
     (5) Honor thy father and thy mother, so that thou might use them as baby-sitters and sponge off them until they die.
     (6) Thou shalt not kill, unless it is in an abortion clinic.
     (7) Thou shalt not commit adultery (adulterate, contaminate as in race-mixing), unless it 'feels good' and promotes equality.
     (8) Thou shalt not steal, if thou thinketh thou might be caught.
     (9) Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor, unless its for a law suit or insurance claim.
    (10) Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife, unless thy neighbor is at work or out of town.

   Throughout the 20th Century American wars have been advertised and sold to the American people as being crusades for 'freedom', 'security' and apocalyptic struggles of Good vs Evil.  Yet in every operational theatre Zionism, oil and drugs in varying mixtures always lurked just behind the stage flats.  The one significant exception to this rule appears to have been the Korean Conflict.   From the First War to Kill White People (and Chaim Weizmann's subsequent letter to Churchill reminding him of the significant Jewish role in getting America into that war) to Iran-Contra, OPERATION JUST CAUSE in Panama to DESERT STORM the defining factors have repetitively been Zionism, oil and drugs.

  My working view of 'ZOG' is that it is composed of both Jewish and non-Jewish elites with varying interests.  The Big Jew Zionist concentration in finance, media and drugs (primarily opium extending all the way back to the Sassoon family in China) is well documented.  Nearly as well known are the Gentile (upper stratosphere of the GOP) concentrations in oil and drugs (principally cocaine). So far the Zionist connection to 'America's New War' is too obvious.  An equally useful question at this point is how were the non-Jewish Freemason elites of ZOG recruited for this?  There must have been some quid paid for the quo.
   In the aftermath of 911 no significant evidence has yet been produced directly implicating Osama bin Laden in the events.  Everyone's automatic assumption of course is 'Bin Laden' is the one.  After all, Clinton endlessly told he was responsible for terrorism and even launched cruise missiles at him the day Monica testified.  The more facts that emerge, the more it appears this event is better characterized as domestic terrorism by immigrant Moslems.  Bin Laden's guilt for 911 seems increasing to be merely inspirational at the ideological and spiritual planes.  So far the Federal Aviation Administration, civilian American flight schools and the Department of Defense have each been revealed to have infinitely more physical culpability.

   This doesn't mean I think Bin Laden is not my deadly enemy.  He is.  It's just that I'm not persuaded of his personal involvement in 911.  I'm more curious that the instantaneous cry of the hour emerging from the oligarchic media was to rush off to Central Asia.  I've commented extensively on the political motivations for this new Afghan Campaign.  It is increasingly obvious that even total success won't stop and perhaps might not even slow down Islamic terrorism.

   For a look at some seemy physical motivators that may underlie rush into the Afghan Campaign read this article from antiwar.com:   http://www.antiwar.com/orig/deliso6.html    Once again Zionism, oil and drugs seem integral components of the American 'operational theatre' .


World War III

Michael C. Ruppert

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Lead Essay From The September 18, 2001 Issue of From The Wilderness

Some of us will come out of the shock sooner than others. Some of us will acknowledge the fear and the hurt sooner than others. Sooner or later we all will feel the pain. But the unfolding of events following the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon will wait for none of us. I do not rely on the fifteen or so times that I have seen the term "World War III" used by major publications like the New York Times. I rely on my knowledge of how the U.S. military, intelligence and economic infrastructure will respond to a given set of circumstances. In this case, the relevant context for these tragedies had developed long before last Tuesday's events.

Only a few, as yet, grasp the dynamics already in motion that will almost certainly produce a long and protracted war, as well as huge economic and perhaps physical dislocations in the United States and around the world. Additional attacks on Americans are almost a certainty, even – as I am about to describe – a necessity. The rhetoric from President Bush and his Administration contains messages for the American people, which they do not yet grasp, and for terrorist organizations, which they most certainly do. "This is a war and it will not be a short war." "This will not be over quickly." "We have a war plan that will work, over whatever period of time it requires." "There will be many casualties. The military is prepared for that." "This is not just an effort to get bin Laden. This is a war to wipe out terrorism all over the world." "We are not thinking just in terms of a few air strikes. Ground troops will be involved. And some of them will die." "We will go after terrorism wherever terrorism threatens the United States." "Americans need to be prepared for more sacrifices and more casualties." "Just removing bin Laden won't suffice. We are going after terrorism in all of the countries where it resides."

The last statement is the first great lie of this war. As the U.S. government has announced its partnership with the drug-financed government of Pakistan, which has supported terrorist groups from the Middle East to the Balkans, to China, to Southeast Asia, the deception begins. Indeed, after Afghanistan, Pakistan should have been the first great enemy in this war. It's long support of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan ended only as the Taliban destroyed most of that nation's opium crop in February of this year. As in every conflict since World War II, the drug trade will now see a new day of freedom.

And I guarantee that terrorist groups are well aware of one fact that we, as Americans, have not yet grasped. George W. Bush carries on his shoulder the political memory of a father who waged a war against Sadam Hussein and then left him in power. He can afford no such image in the current context and the military he commands must become engaged in a do or die battle. They too, will accept no less.

That said, the terrorist groups in or from Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, the Sudan, Yemen, Jordan, Algeria, Somalia, Turkey, Chechnya, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Germany, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Albania, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico know that they are now in a "use it or lose it" position. For, not knowing where and when the industrialized nations may strike, they now realize that almost any action against any political group will go unchallenged in the world press. Even separatist groups not posing an immediate threat can be conveniently eliminated in the months and perhaps years to come. As evidenced by the almost immediate admission of China into the World Trade Organization, after 15 years of unsuccessful attempts, the warp drive for globalization – unfettered by any need to respond to public opinion – has now been engaged. The most cynical part of me hopes that the headline for this war will not be, "The G-8 Wipes Out Poverty." In this model I must say that the long discussed, but rarely acknowledged, alleged plans for massive global population reduction are no longer a "back burner" issue.

Therefore, in this context, the American people must expect additional attacks that may even include biological warfare or nuclear devices on American soil. And these attacks, already being hinted at by the Administration, will serve an additional purpose. Two days after the attacks every street and highway was a sea of American flags. Now, a week after the attacks – at least in Los Angeles – they are hard to find. Whether we admit it or not, what the vast majority of the American people really want is for this to go away. Only sustained attacks on the American people will provide George W. Bush with the political mandate to wage the war he has committed to fight – to the bitter end. As the economic impact sinks in, and as Americans feel the pain in their wallets, the willingness of American citizens to experience the carnage that has been raging around the world for decades – in the name of prosperity and for the benefit of the G-8's largest corporations – is, in my opinion, a big question mark. Do not expect a quick recovery in the stock market based upon emotion. As we describe in this issue, the fundamental weaknesses in the U.S. economy were not blown up with these attacks. And the markets, if they can still be called that, are driven by one 800 pound guerilla above all others – earnings. With the exception of defense contractors, there is absolutely nothing hopeful to report and I, for one, cannot and refuse to be an advocate for investing in the destruction of the planet.

The United States has many enemies. It is the economic enemies that warrant the most scrutiny now because the perception that America is the safest place in the world in which to invest foreign capital has been dealt a huge blow. Further blows will come with further attacks and this exposes the fine line that the Administration must walk. Without more attacks at home, the bold gambit of George Bush, et al will fail for lack of political support. With them, the world may eventually conclude that the United States is economically expendable as nations look to their own interests. Too much economic blood in the water will start a feeding frenzy.

In the major media, in the alternative media, in Congress and around the world the context now provides the opportunity for great lights with courageous souls to emerge and to lead. We are walking a fine line on a precipice that may lead to Armageddon or, please God, something better. The Bush Administration is not equipped with a repertoire of responses sufficient to navigate the long-term perils. We must dig and find something better within ourselves.

We are living in a whole New World. We just don't know what it looks like yet.

Mike Ruppert ............. Sept. 18, 2001 

From a White fellow in one of our homicidal maniac's targets –

I am amidst Muslim people trying to earn a living. If the public back home could see their eyes, they would not need to take the walk to the bathroom, it would happen right where they stand.

If I don't make it out of here alive, I will know whom to thank with my dying breath.

Have a nice day Sir.  JTB.

No one ever lost a dime underestimating the intelligence of the American people. – H(enry) L(ouis) Mencken.
When one finds himself in a cesspool,
as we now have, it is pointless to argue whether we slipped, a platform broke or we were pushed. (Revisionism STILL remains a waste of time except for those who earn their living by yammering about the past. It is dangerous because it takes the eyes of many white people AWAY from our racial struggle with the 'expose the jew and they are through' nonsense.) We are covered with deep brown and have to find a way out. We are still in a race war where White people will be continually sacrificed along with what's left of the sovereignty of those still not completely under the Zionist One World yoke. We can call it the Third WATKWP since I doubt very much if our Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Black, etc. "American brothers" will do much dying on behalf of what is basically another effort to save the jews from losing what they stole.

Amer-ZOG One World foreign policy goes along this line: If they refuse to have a government to our liking (a puppet ass-kissing Zionist regime) then economic sanctions are imposed. This leads to deprivation for the population with resulting starvation. ZOGheads like MestizoBush tells the starving, "See, it's your naughtily government which is at fault for your misery. Hand over your so-and-so leaders, and we'll properly hang them after we've properly tortured them, followed by a proper trial."

As long as this Zionist war against civilization continues using volunteers, most Americans will cheer them on from the comfort of their beer stained living room couches. However, if events demand that the unwilling be called upon – those young men who didn't enlist – then one could wonder how popular their Nintendo war will be when the unsympathetic are sacrificed for what is basically NOT IN THEIR INTEREST.

It looks grim for those still able to reason but I still retain faith that the gods WILL ABSOLUTELY thwart the designs of those demons straight out of hell – Zionists. (TTT will not be a singular surprise.) It is their absolute extinction which I would like to see and I live in the fond hope that those same gods allow me to witness it. I hope you'll be there too.

Many Americans worship jews and blacks. Many Americans have adopted talmudism and called it christianity. Many Americans breed with muds. What can I say? You asked for it.
http://www.alamanceind.com/editor/editor_6.html      How Long Before They Nuke Us?

Super commentary by Thomas Chittum, author of Civil War Two and veteran of Vietnam, Rhodesia and Croatia.  The Alamance Independent by Mattio Magio creeps every closer to our own positions and away from Limblowism.  Time to choose, boys and girls.

I just received this"Now that the Feds have admitted installing Carnivore on major ISPs, we all need to start going back to regular mail for general communications purposes." First of all, there will be no eyeball scanning of every email which zips through the zither. Try thinking about what would be required to do this. What they will be looking for is key words such as "kill". Therefore do not send a message to your girlfriend telling her you'd love to kill some time with her. When asked about a recent movie, do not say, "It was a real bomb." Mentioning that you are going to the corner to get some gas, just might have your email pegged for special treatment. "I hate spinach," could also be a giveaway. Of course, if you are Dutch you'll have to be more careful since "kill" is Dutch for "creek" as in Lisha Kill Road. An Affirmative Action F.B.I. agent could easily mistake "kiln" for "kill"  and "kite" for "kike", all words guaranteed to land you in a Zionist gulag as an disguised Arab.

When such measures are instituted, the public's initial response is to go into a state of fear and self-censor themselves. That's a silly way to handle things when the best approach is for EVERYONE to do what they fear they shouldn't. If every email sent contained a few 'trigger' words, then the ol' F.B.I. watching you will be so overloaded that most would probably quit and go back to selling confiscated weapons and drugs.

Remember the classic Clint Eastwood and John Wayne stand offs? He's standing at the door to the jail when a lynch mob arrives demanding that Harvey Wallbanger be given over to them for a necktie party. John/Clint cocks his rifle and says he'll shoot the first one who moves. "Who wants to be first?" The mob backs off because they are NOT A COMMUNITY since each thinks only in terms of his own life. To be effective, someone should have shouted "Charge!" and let the chips fall where they may. The surprised Wayne probably would have missed anyway and then the mob could have hung two instead of one, thus accruing a bonus.

If you are united, you are more powerful than five times the number of disjoint nitwits. That's why ZOG promotes diversity. The fasces – the Roman symbol for strength in unity – "United we stand, divided we fall." That's also the America of the past. That's also why commies do not like fascists, nor any other united group.

As the jew communist professor droned on about the evils of Nazism, I raised my hand and when acknowledged, I said, "Now, we've heard from jews telling us about Germans, and Communists telling us about Nazis, so in the spirit of academic freedom would it be possible to hear about Germans from Germans, and about National Socialism from National Socialists?" A hush fell upon the room and old lizard-eyed Otterbein became speechless. In that moment, I could hear my grade dropping.

All we hear today about Afghanistan, Osama and Islam, comes from jew sources – The Washington Post, the New York Times and a plethora of jew mouths parading across Larry King's show. Occasionally a Zionist lackey regurgitates his script so as to insure that his bloated salary arrives on schedule. Bought politicians also leap at the chance to spout the Zionist line.

As I listen to the hate and venom being sprayed from kosher fangs, I begin to wonder if Osama bin Laden  is more evil than the all-time epitome of evil, Adolf Hitler

Donate blood, fly a flag, sing "God Bless America", and make sure you offer the lives and blood of your sons in this monumental war against war itself. I shall fight terror with terror to the last drop of your blood.

Dear Robert – Your anecdote (above) about your old college professor was right on.  Last semester out of the twelve books assigned to my graduate history class, at least ten were by Jewish authors.  When you take an honest look across the spectrum of information outlets in our society you can't help but realize that virtually every bit of information that ever reaches the average person has been filtered through at least one Jewish lens before it got to them.   The vast majority of people can never make proper decisions in their lives because their perceptions of their environment have been totally skewed with false information.
As I sat eating my bean sandwich, I noticed another teacher, Mary, blubbering and sobbing up a real storm at the opposite table. I noticed she was reading a book. As I inquired, she said she was sad because the book related some terrible stories of exterminated jews who survived. Reading the book was the root of her misery and so I recommended that, in order to improve her emotional state, she throw the book into the trash can. She didn't, and so my conclusion was that she enjoyed misery.

I listened to a tale of woe told by some cancer victim, concerning her struggle with pain, radiation, chemical treatment and such. She apparently was gaining some headway in regard to fighting the disease. "Then," she sobbed, "I saw a picture of the rubble of the WTC buildings and completely broke down. Now, my cancer is so much worse."

Daily, we are presented images of people in deep emotional disarray over tragedies which affect them only in the mind. If there were no TV or radio, I am sure that the people in Burnt Fork Wyoming would be going about their business with a smile on their faces. As mom always said, "80% of our problems exist only between our ears."  As I watch these orgies of self-pity and wailing, I am astounded at how jewish we all have become. I have often wondered what a person would do – a person who goes completely ape at the sight of an IMAGE – if he actually saw someone cut his brother's throat at a distance of 10 feet.

When I was in the market for a wife, I dated several women. At dinner, as she scanned the menu, I observed how she scanned the menu. Always in mind was the fact that whomever this woman was to be, she would be the model for my children. Obviously trust and compassion were at the top but not to be taken lightly were their reactions to visual images which are an excellent indicator of a person's emotional health. (Dogs know the difference between a TV inage and the real thing. Far too many of our youth do not.)

Carole had more going for her than did the other women up to that point. One day, I heard her shriek and nearly turn to white stone. She shook and while her eyes opened to resemble two billiard balls, she pointed to a spider on the ceiling which was about 8 feet away. The sight of this critter rendered her nearly immobile. In that moment I realized that Carole was not the one.

People who panic should be avoided at all costs for your entanglement with them will eventually cost you something. Imagine a pilot of a passenger aircraft coming unglued as did thousands over the TTT event. Imagine a soldier going ballistic with fear when a bullet whistles past his head. How can people watch those dedicated firemen do their duty in stern resolve and they themselves go into infantile orgies of blubbering? At one time, the now militarily defeated savages who once roamed over this continent, used to panic the buffalo into stampeding over cliffs. As thousands plunged to their deaths, the Injuns had an easy harvest of meat to eat, blood to drink and skins to wear. Yes, ZOG does indeed love its cattle. Death to those of controlled behavior and reflective thought for they are the real enemy.

BTW – Although I have forgotten the name of the people who lived somewhere in the Balkan region, anyone who showed signs of intelligence was often out to death. It had something to do with the devil. Needless to say, those people never amounted to much.

treason  1. Violation of allegiance toward one's country or sovereign, especially the betrayal of one's country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies.

sedition  1. Conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of a state.

incite 1. To provoke and urge on.

Our flag as seen with 20/20 vision. (Image courtesy of http://www.front14.org/tsun/gallery01.html)

Hey mon.  Wha'  be  dat  t'ing  wid  da 6  points, X's  and  6  triangles?
"Until September 11th, the only major power capable of ruining and devastating U.S. territory has been the U.S. Government, whose policies have succeeded in making major American cities look like scenes of war devastation."

Eric Thomson
Look past the terrorist hype. We are still in a global RACE WAR of which we are losing.
Stand by your madman.

El Presidente is frightening. He's mad. But then again, so is most of the country. The gods are digging our richly deserved graves.

I listened to his speech – my way or the highway. He's expanded the reach from a single Osama bin Laden to EVERYONE who ever gave the man a sandwich!! It reminded me of  Stanfield (Gary Oldman) in the movie The Professional, when he called for reinforcements for his 200 against 1 assault team. "I want everyone!" Listen slowly to what gypsy George had to say: Turn over ALL 'terrorists', according to MY definition, OR ELSE! IF you turn them over then we have the right to occupy (inspect) your country just to make sure. Read that again. Only a madman could have uttered such demands in a speech mongrel Dan Rather called the greatest in American history. Sorry Patrick Henry, you just lost out. This places all 'fingered' countries in one hellova bind. If they don't comply, it's bombs away. If they do, it's occupation. What would you do my friend, if you were running one of the fingered countries? In fact, NO COUNTRY is safe because witch hunts know no boundaries. There will be no 'neutrals'. Either occupation or obliteration. That's the offer. Is this to be the final assault by the 666 One World gang? The one bright feature – TALK IS CHEAP. Who is going to do the dying and for how long? Americans, even during WW II, except those getting their legs blown off, never suffered one bit. The so-called 'rationing' still allowed the fat to get fatter and the rich, richer. Besides, the coming depression is guaranteed to have its say in Bushyhead's planned massacres.

As Bushyhead entered the circus hall, he stopped to kiss a negress; hug a negro; hug a jew, and shake hands with a few insignificant honkies. He did a fair job with his jew-written speech although I was not inspired to enlist. His newly formed post for a  commissar of Internal Security has me quite worried. Is this going to develop into the solution for problem dissidents? The jew Roosevelt tried to have every one of his critics jailed for sedition or treason. He also tried to strip the genuine American hero Col. Lindbergh of his rank for speaking out against the war and saying a few kind words about the miracle of Nazi Germany. (I called Eric and told him to move in with me so that when arrested, we might share the same cell.)

He mentioned that all over the land were prayers, some in Hebrew and others in Arabic. He didn't mention Spanish, however. I deeply fear the future, not for myself because I have had a very long and very good life, but for the young white people who are now facing a terrible bleakness.

There is a great unknown and that relates to the absolute jew censorship of all which passes as news. Daily, on TV movies, we see patent absurdities such as negroes supplying stupid whites with brilliant ideas. We live in a land where apes actually preside in courtrooms. What is on TV is no more real than is Daffy Duck for the REAL America, and I mean WHITE America, is not represented nor even considered. In the much balleyhooed "unity", how much IS THERE REALLY? Some of us will fall for the kosher hook, line and bagel sinker. These are our Judeo-Americans who will be sacrificed in the bloody battles those in Congress are eager to see come about – as long as they don't have to participate. (The old always relish sending out the young to fight their battles.) They deserve it since long ago they abandoned all American patriotism in favor of serving jewish interests. If Bush doodles along with his witch hunt, not much will transpire on the home front, but if he follows in his daddy's homicidal footsteps, hell will find us very soon.

I noticed an announcement mentioning an order for 25,000,000 body bags. Who is supposed to fill them? We lost about 800,000 men in the SWATKWP. That leaves a batch of body bags if I can still subtract effectively. In the final analysis, idiot America will prove to be more of a terror factory than the entire Islam nation. How this monunental shindig will take place without invoking the draft, is beyond me. At bottom, Bush's call to arms is little more than a call to exterminate anti-Semitism. This is an unparalleled expression of the most obscene hatred the world has yet to experience.

And then there is China! Will they sit around and let Bushy meddle in their spheres of influence?

My advise holds: Stay quiet, mind your own business, wave a flag and smile. Above all, stay clear of the howling mob for they'll label you a terrorist if you object one iota to their murderous mood. THEY WILL NOT BE SWAYED BY REASON. If most Americans could think, we wouldn't be in this fine mess in the first place. Do not despair for we must have young white people left to pick up the pieces.

Western countries are all under the Zionist yoke. Only the Americans seem not to realize that.
God Bless America
, was written by the Russian jew Israel Baline (Irving berlin). It was introduced by Kate Smith on Armistice Day 1938, during the psychological preparation then underway to get stupid Whites to kill other Whites. Since then, we have seen traditional songs replaced by tin pan alley jew one-notes including White Christmas, also by Berlin. Jacob Gershvin (George Gershwin) is now heralded as an "American" classical composer who wrote the niggerized neurotic piece, Rhapsody in Blue. His American in Paris finally equated American = jew. If Arabs hate jews, they will not like you. Look around you – it's everywhere.

All you sons of Abbie, join the U.S. Navy ... fight, fight fight for Israel.
All you men of stupid vision, with your ugly circumcision ... fight, fight, fight for Israel.

Anyone out there in the southwest know that status of the bean border? We are told it was slammed tight. FAEM's readers might like to know if the muds are still oozing in.
I see B'nai B'rith is all in a fit because Mr. Le Pen accused Chirac of taking jewish money. If you access Mr. Chirac on the web
you can read the story.

Now what the hell is it with these half wits that they are so afraid of the truth. Also jackass Chirac  made the dumb statement
today that France understood what it was like to be attacked because they were attacked twice. Does this fool know the history of France, actually it was three times. In 1870 they wanted war because Napoleon the 3rd wanted to emulate Napoleon the 1st. Thought he would  have an easy victory so he tried to put Germany down and declared war with the intent of grabbing the Rhineland, and Bismarck's armies  knocked the dip shits for a loop. In 1914 and 1939 it was France again  that declared war on Germany. What fools these mortals really are.

I see China wants some real concessions for their support such as no interference if they grab Taiwan. Let's see Turkey would like 40 billion, Israel will likely want a new abrogation of all debt, Egypt will like the same, since that was the reward they received during the Gulf War. So everyone is lining up and up will go taxes. What a really bunch of dumb bastards most people are. Guess I better sign off before I get more depressed. (Joe – a disgusted World War II combat veteran.)

Ah yes. Freedom of speech.http://www.chron.com/cs/CDA/story.hts/headline/entertainment/1053183
Lotsa ZOGlings never showed up for work the day of the Okie City bombing. Now we have gaggles of hebes who never showed up for work at the WTC the day of the short runway landings. Dum, da dum dum.   http://www.manartv.com
Acts of war without a formal Congressional declaration of war, constitute a crime against humanity – a war crime.
Once again,
the power hungry and greedy ZOG bastards are on the road to spilling the blood of more young white boys to attain their insane ends – the Jew 666 World Order. We are in this mess because of it. Has anyone asked why it is we assassinate heads of state, foment revolutions and place economic sanctions on other countries to the extent of blockades – all crimes? We do this, and I do not mean me and thee but ZOG,  because some people refuse to go along with having the affairs of their people placed under the control of others. It's like having you neighbor telling you how to run your home and having the arms to terrorize you into accepting it. This is all about ZOG terror where the Islamic world contributes only a tiny fraction. Jew terror against the Palestinians is called "defense" but you can call shit chocolate if you wish but that does not change the way it smells. Americans call their version of terror, "spreading democracy" – we were trying to bomb Iraq into a state of "democracy" where the hope was, and it's old Anglo-Saxon British policy, that the people would "rise up" and overthrow the bad guys. As in the SWATKWP, American boobs had a picture of G.I. Joe, who was defending the "four freedoms" by handing out nylons and Hershey bars to all of the nice people overseas. It took 50 years for the interested to find out how our nice soldiers burned alive thousands of surrendering Japanese and when presented with the unprecedented massacres of the German population, Six-pack Joe refuses to hear about it. After all, he is a sweet and generous American who wouldn't hurt Norman Bates' little fly. Anyone who attempts even a slight introduction to the truth is branded "un American". This is parallel to the jews' response when they are questioned – anti-Semitism. If one doesn't know the problem, then he'll never have a solution. I am afraid that this present Pearl harbor II – World Wide Vietnam will be used to finally clamp jewish tyranny upon most of the world. Hysterical Americans now busy themselves spinning the rope they'll be hung with. But there's still China. While the focus is on our war campaigns, keep your eye on our changing population. The borders are still full of holes and the Aztlan crown doesn't give two craps about "terrorism" for they are busy occupying the country. Our greatest enemy is within our borders.

I listened to one of our soccer mom elected officials spout her solution for whatever it was she thought was a problem. "Donate blood to the Red Cross and then go out shopping." This apparently would be the patriotic thing to do and also stop the downward slide of the economy. Nitwits like this concern me not. What does concern me is that this type GETS ELECTED!

I know that there are millions of us who do not desire a war ostensibly to get Osama. My suggestion is a good one and completely tied to American tradition: Place a bounty on Osama to the tune of say $666,000,000 and then parachute all of the eager bounty hunters into Afghanistan at taxpayers' expense. Append a bon voyage with "Sic 'em," and give them a cell phone with unlimited hours so that they can keep in touch with reports of their progress.

As with WWII, we'll see a plethora of jews urging our young men to fight and die, and I personally will not consider it a serious adventure until War Bonds are again sold and condoms rationed.

I see that my email is starting to trickle through. The "nimda" virus has done a number on jew Gates' Mircoslop internet goodies. This virtual software monopoly has boxed many people in since a whole bunch of applications are written to work only under MS. Gates' motto: My way or the highway.
In the coming unsettled times, whenever some disaster occurs, it will be often difficult to determine if it was intentional or merely another evidence of our rapidly growing 'diversity' incompetence.
     In 1999 we were told that Slobodan Milosevic was conducting a new 'Holocaust'  in Kosovo.  Mass shootings were reported on NATO's highest authority to be taking place.  Chief Rabbi of Defense Cohen personally assured us at least 10,000 Kosovo Albanians had been shot in cold blood.  This was apparently carried out with even greater than the legendary Nazi efficiency.  Spanish forensics teams afterwards not only didn't find 1,000 bodies in the Bukovina Mines, they didn't even find a microscopic trace of blood or hair.  The clean-up afterwards was just that thorough.  Probably the secret Nazi atomic vaporization device Special Prosecutor Jackson talked about at Nuremberg was brought out from storage in its secret cave.  Maybe they were Raptured.  Who knows?     Then there was the famous mass exodus of Kosovo Albanians into Albania and Macedonia shortly after bombing started.  We were again assured this was solely due to Serbian 'ethnic cleansing'.  Much later the German Ministry of Defense timidly suggested this Exodus scale mass exodus was the result of Kosovo Albanians trying to get out from under NATO bombing and out from in between the KLA and the Serbian Army.  Right-thinking people of morality everywhere rejected this possibility so the Germans instantly shut-up.

    Turn on your TV's today for a moment people.  You can see live pictures from the Pakistan-Afghanistan border of another panic stricken mass exodus.  Once again peasant families are fleeing southwards in anticipation of Something Very Bad.  They aren't driving tractors pulling wagons like the Kosovo Albanians.  This time it's mules tugging panje carts.  The haggard faces of the old people, women and children seem to look the same though.  ZOG's Brave New World economy does have its Winners and Losers as CNBC tells us every week day at 10am.

    Most unhappily Tom Bodet of Motel 6 has no lights on to greet these weary sojourners.  There'll be no Continental style breakfasts in the lobby for them tomorrow at 8 am.  Not only is there no room at the Inn, there is no Inn.  They'll simply flee until they find a spot of desert and stop.  Now it's totally clear our President's widely broadcast implied threats to punish Afghanistan with bombs plays absolutely no role in provoking this.  We're not Evil Doers, it's Those Other Guys.  So what should we do?  Yes!  Yes!!  Mombo-Amomba!!!  Charge Bin Laden and the Taliban with ethnic cleansing and genocide.  Then we can set up another UN war crimes court in The Hague.

    It's all so pointless.  I just can't understand why anyone would hate us so much they'd kill themselves to kill some of us

.     "Maguire"

P.S.  Yesterday Dr. Noam Chomsky of M.I.T. issued this commentary on ZOG's latest diktat to Pakistan:"The U.S. has already demanded that Pakistan terminate the food and other supplies that are keeping at least some of the starving and suffering people of Afghanistan alive. If that demand is implemented, unknown numbers of people who have not the remotest connection to terrorism will die, possibly millions. Let me repeat: the U.S. has demanded that Pakistan kill possibly millions of people who are themselves victims of the Taliban. This has nothing to do even with revenge. It is at a far lower moral level even than that. The significance is heightened by the fact that this is mentioned in passing, with no comment, and probably will hardly be noticed. We can learn a great deal about the moral level of the reigning intellectual culture of the West (i.e. Judeo-Marxism and Zionism)by observing the reaction to this demand. I think we can be reasonably confident that if the American population had the slightest idea of what is being done in their name, they would be utterly appalled.

"Dr. Avram Noam Chomsky, Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sept. 18, 2001