27 September 2001
We tend to refer to other races in derogatory terms so now lets refer to the Caucasians for what they are. Since the come from the land of snow why not call them snow-flakes, because most of the time they are quite flaky. We could refer to them as the long noses which is what the Chinese do, but flaky is more appropriate. Of course they have many attributes, but they seem to hate themselves to a substantial degree.

They have peculiar sexual hang ups.

They like to kill their own kind and love all other's not of their race.

They have peculiar religious notions.

They create, and then turn it over to those that would destroy them.

They tolerate evil politicians and let imbeciles vote and call it democracy.

They spoil their women, and are childlike themselves.

They believe they own the world, and don't even own their own country.

They believe everything they read, then quickly adapt to inferior culture.

They ignore the great folk amongst them who are truly creative, and adore jackasses in so called entertainment, and often ignore great accomplishment in arts and science.

They are tolerant of other races that hate them.

They permit their young women to be degraded in pornographic magazines.

Finally, they do not recognize their real enemies.

Therefore the snow people are pretty darn flaky.

(submitted by a WW II vet.)

It's difficult to know when the patriotism paranoia will end. Arab-Americans are being questioned as to the books they read and the websites they visit. If this site disappears down the bagel hole, then you'll know I've been kidnapped by the thought police. I wonder if they will hang any restaurant owner who served a sandwich to the 5th cousin of a great uncle of anyone who went to school with a "terrorist". Will people who fail to display an American flag be shot on the spot?
The Supreme Court of the U.S. ruled that burning the American flag was covered under the First Amendment. If an Arab-American burns an American flag, will the First Amendment protect him from the irrational blood-thirsty mob? If burning the flag is considered un-American, then what of the Supreme Court which said it was OK? Does the First Amendment cover un-American activities or was the Supreme Court un-American? If so, then what was the Dies Committee raising all of that ruckus for, back in the 1950s, when Sen. Joe McCarthy was vilified? It appears that our values and laws are all produced "on the fly" much in the way computer text is.
Gawd but Osama is evil – very very evil. Naughty, naughty evil. He is evil incarnate. That's poses a problem. What then do we do about Adolf Hitler? Were the two equally evil or is one more dastardly evil than the other? After all, no German ever blew up as much as an outhouse on our soil yet we burned thousands of them alive and starved another million or so surrendered soldiers after the war had ended. I think the Germans should riot en masse since Afghanistan appears to be trying to steal all of their thunder. Hey man, where are all of those feminist and jew psychologists who defend bad boys as being the product of a bad home environment? Perhaps we should spank Osama's father and send the whole family packing to some sensitivity training session.
Attention Liberal White Females: 
The four September 11 suicide hijackings took place in your utopia.  The airliners were sanitized gun-free gun-controlled environments.   The solution is not gun control.  It's race control.  You can go back to your own suicide religious cult of Marxist racial diversity now. Maguire.
The recruiting offices are swamped. You might have to stand in line for days in order to enlist in Israel's colonial army.

Check the links page. There's a really good one added.
Dear Robert
That was an excellent piece on Diana and Jim.  It was right on target.  I saw a study sometime ago showing that step-fathers statistically are 20 times more likely to molest young girls than are biological fathers.  As is usual with such details, this finding is hidden when the lesbian feminists come around with another man-hate agenda disguised as being 'for the  children'.  If such details were widely known the current approaches to no-fault divorce and also female child custody would appear in a different light. An avid reader, Dave.
Dear Sirs: (Eric, Robert & Maguire)

First of all: Congratulations for your work. I have visited numerous White Racialist/National Socialist web-sites and yours certainly stands head and shoulders high above the rest. There are two particular points in your speech that attracted me: Anti-Christianism and Anti-Conservatism. As far as I can remember (I'm 42 years old and I have been aware of the Judenfrage since I was 17) Christians (a Jewish tribe) and Conservatives (upper-middle class cowards) have been the curse of the Aryan resistance movement since 1945.

I'm writing to you for some advice or guidance. I emigrated to Australia in 1994 and I have not been active in politics until a few months ago. The only political party with any decent ideas is Pauline Hanson's ONE NATION, but they  limit their speech to the immigration issue; of course I support them but, I do not feel comfortable with them since they don't welcome an open discussion of race because they are scared of being branded as "racists", something which is ludicrous since the jewish media does it anyway!

The point is that I have written a few articles/letters and I would like to post them; ( writing being the only kind of political activism that we can carry out ) since you are the most articulate political/ideological group I have met
(with VNN close behind) on the Net I would appreciate your opinion/advice about groups to work with.  I'm asking this because I have spend a lot of time scanning web-sites and I have seen quite a lot of trash that is either: (A) Set up by the enemy to smear us, or (B) Set up by real White-trash who spend most of the time drinking beer and listening to Third Reich military music. We don't need that kind of people, do we?

I have tried here, but most of the patriotic groups in Australia are basically anti-immigration who try to play by the book (something pretty useless if not stupid considering that the book has been written by the enemy ) or the usual loonies/trash that call themselves "Aryan Warriors" or "Skinheads". Anyway I'll try here with some "soft" articles about multiculturalism and historical issues, but I would prefer a forum to write stronger material without fear of being censored by using the "J" word. (FAEM censors nothing. We have no agenda for writers to conform, other than the free dissemination of ideas for thought. Without this, we are little other than hogs eating garbage under the direction of butchers. Our platform is well described in the Declaration of Independence.)

For the record I was born in Argentina, once a beautiful country with a proud European majority (80%), from Nordic Italian stock. I specialized in European Art and Military History (from a politically-incorrect point of view, of course!)

Thank you for bearing with me

Regards, A.V.

A disgruntled C.I.A. spokesman was quite upset when he announced that America's Muslim community failed to betray their blood nation. Being an American means ratting on your relatives if they so choose to remain in their ancestral homelands. I have never accepted the idea that a little hocus-pocus with a flag, oath and Bible will convert a person from what he is to something else. It all reminds me of the 'holy water' business. Perhaps our Arab type Americans possess a dual citizenship as do the jews. Anyway, I have no dispute with any peoples of other lands and I emphatically believe that not all want American style 'democracy' imposed upon them. A person's blood not only determines his political bent and also forms the way he expresses religion and economics. It's all about biology and even though the mind can often thwart one's inner imperative, Nature will have the last word as we now observe as Africa reverts to tribal despotism. Leave them alone! has always been my advice. I want no Arabs in my living space and I do not want to be in theirs. Nations, like individuals, have a better chance of dealing harmoniously with each other as long as one does not impose upon the other. Nearly ALL of the world's problems have their roots in Judeo-American interference and self-righteous attitude towards the rest of humanity which, by their actions, Americans deem INFERIOR. We IMPOSE because we mistakenly believe that WE KNOW BEST. The evidence does not support this view. Of course, whomever was responsible for 911 should be brought to justice, as individuals, for isn't the emphasis on individuality supposed to be a tenet of our democracy religion? Imagine dealing with Al Capone by condemning all those who lived in Chicago and "doing the job" by bombing the hell out of the city. After all, some "harbored" him by selling him clothes, meals and housing. Hell, I am sure that the ammunition and whores were supplied by the "community". Chicago actually profited by his presence – he supplied what the public wanted – booze. Would that be a reason to burn Chicago down?
A father called Dr. Laura complaing that his 19 year old son refused to enlist and even mentioned that he'd leave the country if a draft were enacted. Poor old dad was upset at his son's lack opf "patriotism". (I am, sure that this boy would sacrifice all if he felt part of a white community, but who wants to defend the sewer called 'diversity' except jew-dazed nitwits?) Jew mouth buy-my-books Laura condemned the young man using a label which will probably reach the status of "anti-Semite", and "racist" – that is, "un American". In a land which boasts of its tolerance and support for the "individual" the citizens apparently have no such tolerance for if you refuse to join the mob, then its to the gallows with you. Note again that "un American" is THEIR definition and your input is worthless. Now that's democracy in action. Actually it's mobocracy.
Speaking again of that old bagel-snorting hen, her sick parenting views became unmasked by a conversation which is accurate in tone but not in words. Blame my senility, if you like.

Mother: "My son refuses to donate some of his money to the Red cross as I demanded."
Laura: "How old is he and where does he get his money?"
Mother: "16. From his part time job."
Laura: "Well, give him a bill for food and clothing to impress that as long as he lives under your roof, he owns nothing."

I'd wager my left testicle that this mother has insisted that her son display a communist obligation to "share" things with others and saddled the young boy with all sorts of other mental mischief. It is of little wonder that most young kids do not respect their parents since many grew up in households which never respected their right to privacy (moms always snooping through  kids things when they are at school), property (you MUST share) and verbally blasting them if their likes and dislikes do not parallel those of the parents. Preventing a child from using his bicycle, as a means of punishment, only reinforces the idea that he has no control over his possessions – that they are not really his at all! This feminist b.s. compelling 'sharing' has led generally to a complete disregard for the property rights of others. Kids play their games on the lawns of others without bothering to ask and "as advertised on TV" guests of the children often rummage through the refrigerator and drawers as if it all belonged to them. In this regard, America is loaded with 2 generations of monkeys who simply cannot keep their paws off things which do not belong to them.

No matter what the contrary bellowing is, "one parent families" are absolutely devastating to the emotional development of any young person. The absence of daddy, other than death and such unavoidables, is due to either, or both,  (1) the woman's inability to hold on to a man and, (2) her inability to choose a suitable man in the first place. The 4 times married check-out lady complained to me that she always "married the wrong man." Did the fates saddle her with 4 coincidental poor quality men? Or was her judgment impaired? Being an ass, and birds of a feather...., she relished other asses. The rocks in her head fit the holes in his – as the saying goes. No woman worth a grain of salt ever "shacks up." And that holds for men also. An ounce of preparation and prevention is still worth 666 pounds of cure.

Dysfunctional people are not useful to themselves or others.

Often former students stop by to chat. Usually the visit is due to some incident where their ass is in hot water. Most fall into holes because they failed to pay attention and others, because they were pushed.

After a short coffee, Mike finally revealed that he felt he was a failure. He made a bad choice. The second in as many years. What happened was that he made a decision and chose an option but the future allowed that option to be something other than what he counted on. We can sit in a restaurant trying to decide on whether to take the chocolate cake or the berry pie. If the pie is super great, we congratulate ourselves upon a great choice although we haven't the foggiest notion of how the cake might have been. If the pie was not to our liking, we regret our decision but still we do not know what the cake might have tasted like. It might have been worse.

Life can not be retraced nor repeated. We are all faced with forks in the road. If the chosen fork leads to disaster, we like to think we made a bad choice, but that is absolutely not true. If the chosen path leads to pleasantries beyond expectations, we pat ourselves on the back for being so wise. It's all mental games we play with ourselves and to compare fact with wishful thinking is a fool's exercise. WE NEVER KNOW IF WHAT WE DO WAS RIGHT FOR US OR NOT, for to think so implies a KNOWLEDGE OF BOTH PATHS which obviously could never occupy the same place in time. What's done is done and we must learn to live with the cards the fates dealt.

It was during a heavy downpour when the bus arrived which was to take our party back to Camp Pickett. Dozens of soldiers packed themselves in and I was the last in line. I stepped onto the platform but the driver could not close the door. He ordered me off. There I stood, so drenched was I that I could feel water running down the inside of my dress pants. I waited and waited for another bus, cussing under my breath about my "misfortune". I was feeling sorry for myself. I imagined Paul, Andy, John and Amos safely back in the warm barracks shedding their cold wet clothes and taking a hot shower. The bus came and to make this story short, when I arrived back at camp it was obvious there was a terrible accident. Two soldiers were dead and others hurt. It was the bus I was not allowed to remain on.

I did not go into religious nonsense by claiming that God had saved me for something useful. He could have done that without the death of others. I do not believe God causes car accidents nor plane crashes anyway. My point again is that we do not know the future and should therefore not claim that some path would have been better, or worse, than another. We take a path, make a decision, and that's the end of it! Make the best of what drops in your lap.

By odd circumstance, Jim arrived as Mike left. Jim and Mike never got along and so the timing was great. Mike was up to his ass in deep sh-t over a woman. Mike's problem was due to circumstance. Jim's was out of ignorance coupled with a tendency to fall victim to the fly trap of a Venus.

I knew Diana, the source of his misery. Diana was very attractive physically and an "easy" if you catch my drift. Diana was one of those whom the psychiatrists like to label as having "psychic frigidity." The typical background of this type is remarkably the same and the term "frigidity" in a sexual sense, does not apply. The term refers to a type of female who can never form any sort of permanent emotional bond,  relative to a man. Her father saw to that. A woman of this type is serially promiscuous – she goes from one man to the next, each period being from a couple of months to as much as one to one and one-half years, but "terminate" is part and parcel of her view towards men. During these periods, they are generally "faithful" to their bed companions. They basically hate men but put on a good show when it comes to sheet gymnastics. Often  they shower their temporary partners with gifts and loving words but their gypsy crotch soon dictates who the next man shall be.

Most psychically frigid women are quite pretty and had fathers with a sexual desire that extended to his attractive daughter. This probably is not rare but the weak man – the man more concerned about HIS life than that of his children  – soon begins to dally with the innocent girl. They are usually engaged in full intercourse at her of age 9 – 11. This is often evident in the girl's posture since her bones were not allowed to calcify along normal lines. At some point in her teens, a deep hatred is developed towards the father and this is extended to include all men. Sex at such an early age not only retards emotional development but insures a nearly insatiably thirst for sex. That's why the harem owners introduce their subjects to sex at an early age.

Jim did mention that Diana often spoke of her father in the most derogatory terms, even though the man was an established professional. She often remarked that she'd like to see him dead. Women like this are "damaged goods" and woe be to the fool who gets entangled. I told Jim to join a gym and break his onions working out for at least six months. During this period, avoid all women for it, like all wounds, needs its own time to heal. Scars will remain for that's the nature of all injuries. Scars are always a reminder that we should look before we leap.

My take on the average Americans' approach to our latest holy crusade to make the world safe for whatever? The fact that the FWATKWP and SWATKWP were fought not as a matter of conquest or defense, but purely on abstract slogans, have left me a wee bit pessimistic. I expect most to spend time peeking in closets and under beds living in fear that something might jump out at them. They will take no precautions such as avoiding niggerball games and other large gatherings of baa-ing sheep. I remember the jew FDR yapping "We have nothing to fear except fear itself." This is no longer 1941 and the public is terrified of losing hair, going impotent, getting fat, dropping dead of organ malfunction, losing stock money, not having enough insurance, etc. etc., yet few ever apply that ONE OUNCE of prevention such as quarantining all people infected by AIDS. The masses of asses are as spoiled brats – do whatever feels good and let someone else clean up the mess which was created. I am sure that most Americans, with their tears, hymn singing and flag waving, FULLY EXPECT our mainly reluctant young men to die OVER THERE, somewhere, so that we can enjoy our Big Brother 1984 freedoms and watch the spectacle on CNN. This is blatant wishful thinking and we could have prevented the whole affair by adhering to the wise words of our eloquent predecessors instead of the "feel good", "get rich", "we are all equal", "we are in this together", siren songs of our racial enemies. Only the insane think they can make snakes "one of us" by smiling and feeding them as many rats as they can swallow.
The ZOGmedia appears to be mounting a propaganda campaign against the internet since the keyboard brigade is the only group which is receiving information of a politically incorrect nature relative to the coming assault against all peoples who value self-determination and national sovereignty. At bottom, it is an anti "anti Semite' war where the most vocal promoters are exactly those who will PROFIT THE MOST while others do the bleeding and dying. If our masters can convince the gullible goyim that contrary internet information is "un American", then there'd be no need for censorship for the sheeple would do it to themselves. One needn't ponder too much if he holds fast to axioms – simple statements which are foundations for all that follows. If ANYONE has a regular show on ANY TV network then that show SERVES THE INTERESTS OF ZOG regardless of whether they wave a flag or take the side of some minority position. Bill O'Reily, for example, takes forceful issue with illegal immigration, and shallow minded people extend this in their minds to assume that noisy Bill opposes mud immigration, which HE DOES NOT and neither did the other great white hope Pat Buchanan. Buchanan would NEVER have had a regular part in TV programming UNLESS he was some variety of ZOG agent. What is available on TV, and network radio, IS PRECISELY what ZOG wants you to hear – and NOTHING MORE. I have seen this lying apparatus function on many, many occasions where I was AT THE SCENE and therefore witnessed what REALLY happened.

U.S. involvement in WW I was specifically designed to kill white people and lay the foundation for the jews' obsession – a One World government controlled by them. WW II was another massive war which served this goal (look up WHO wrote all of that United Nations bilge – nearly all communists), killed the best of the goyim, as per Talmud, and destroyed militarily those two anti-Communists regimes in Germany and Japan. White Zionist controlled countries then had their borders punched full of holes thus allowing the "refuse of your foreign shores" to pour in under the banner of people "yearning to be free". None of this was the will of any people for I remain assured that Germans would never have approved of the deadly Turk invasion of their country and white Americans never approved of allowing integrated apes to destroy our education system. Also, for those with a memory, the Junited Nations was supposed to be a FACT by the year 2000. This was well advertised back in the 1950s. The jew takes enormous pleasure in telling his victim, in advance, of exactly how he is going to deal with him later on. This of course harmonizes with their belief that the more an animal suffers during killing, the better the meat. Check out kosher slaughter if you will and don't let the jews Larry and Dr. Laura tell you what "jew" is all about, or anything else for that matter. What sort of Aryan seeks out a jew for advice anyway? What sort of grown man seeks out an old hag to give him direction? What sort of infantile, and weak white men, think electing a mother image, or a member of another race, to political office, will solve the nation's problems? Do not concern yourself with such "useful idiots" – Lenin's words – for they will perish by their own hand. Just make sure you are out of reach when they go apeshit.

I have no problem with any insane mob as long as they rain havoc on each other. What is worrisome is that these ridiculous sheep, by their public actions, DESTROY my RIGHTS as well as the rights of the 10% core of patriotic Americans still breathing and thus able to think. Sheep are never interested in freedom – only fodder, safety and comfort. Being patriotic is STANDING BY ONE'S COUNTRY – NATION – KIN – BLOOD – TO THE DEATH, and not by supporting the interests of a government which stands not by the country but serves other interests.

The coming weeks and months will indeed prove interesting. At this point, I am afraid that we will be powerless against the gods who apparently have now decided that we are mad enough for destruction. Nature in not on the side of the Zionists but Nature has the entrenched habit of doing things on a schedule impervious to the dictates, or desires, of we feeble earthlings.

As people worry about biological warfare, it began long ago. It's called "immigration" and fag preferential treatment, whereby AIDS carriers, and spreaders, are labeled "heroes".
With all of our ballyhooed hi-tech keyboards, I soon except this "war" to be called a Sitzkreig.
The TTT was first called an attack against a jew building. Then it became an attack on NYC which soon grew into an attack on New York State – then America. Now it's an attack on the whole world. I am waiting for this to grow into an attack on the solar system with Merciless Ming of Mongo presiding. Let's hope Flash Gordon will soon rescue us.
A local radio mouth – a paid commie windbag – almost choked on his own words when a female caller mentioned that perhaps there was a connection between "terrorism" and our support of Jewsrael. He went on about how Israel and America were kissing-cousins and that we'd be bad guys if we chickened out relative to helping our "friends". Israel sucks on American tax money but when they try to sink ships such as the U.S.S. Liberty, I would not exactly call them friends. He then switched to mentioning that Islam is no friend of Christians or Jews. That's true but if the object was to dust off Christians, they didn't have to cross the fat Atlantic to do it. There are plenty of Christian targets all over Europe perfectly willing to have someone else die protecting Izzyrael. No, at this stage the attacks are against Jews and their supporters, whether Christian, atheist, Odinist,  or a follower of Charlie Manson, as long as he is labeled "American". American = jew. American = jew. That's the distillation of the whole kosher krap. Moslems do not like Chastens but they especially hate Christians who are helping Jews. In fact, they probably hate them more.
When I checked out at the store, the clerk asked if I wanted a free flag. I declined amidst a few scowls. A telephone solicitor told me that if I didn't' purchase his goodies, I might be considered un-American. At an open house, the crooning of God Bless America, did not cause me to burst into tears. Three old hens glared. I expect soon that some irate mob will approach my tumble-down rented house with their torches. It's inquisition time again. If you are not full of hate for the Arab crowd, then that sort of tolerance will not be tolerated. 
Robert sez: The Osama Export Co. Ltd. has equated Americans with jews. He's a little late on this one. Herr Hitler noted that 65 years ago when he said America was half jew and half afro. Even back then, the American white patriot was not considered worth bothering about. Now here's Maguire –


'"Defiant, bin Laden's al-Qaida organization issued an early morning statement warning Washington against attacks against him or Afghanistan. "Wherever there are Americans and Jews, they will be targeted.'''

Unusual candor in this report, which may be pulled quickly.  A printed copy is already preserved in our archives for "research, news reporting and educational" purposes.  It confirms what I said on September 13 about Islamic terrorist target selection and underlines  the extreme urgency for whites to permanenty evacuate major areas of Jewish settlement in North America.  Don't become a Judeo-American victim dying senselessly for the Zionists.  Live for your family, the America of the Constitution and the Founders and your beliefs.  Don't deceive yourselves.  Your government even now is failing to take protective measures adequate to the threat.  Its politicians and bureaucrats are still hypnotized by their Judeo-Marxist religion of diversity

People wish to survive will at least have to start THINKING.  The Islamic kamikaze 'Atta' was looking into buying a cropduster plane and even applied for a U.S.D.A. loan for one.  THINK!!!  A cropduster plane is merely a delivery system.


P.S.  Note to our Christian readers.  The above policy of evacuation is exactly what the early Church in Jerusalem did in A.D. 70 right before Titus brought the city under close siege.  The church historian Eusebius (himself a Bishop of Palestine circa A.D. 300) reported that not one Christian died in the Siege of Jerusalem.  This was when the Roman Empire crushed what siege witness and Jewish historian Flavius Josephus called an unparalleled outbreak of evil.  I suggest you do the same now and flee from these Zionists' habitations.


Years ago, about 1965, a fellow worker mentioned how nice it was the "we" were "absorbing the jews" into the population. I told him he was either blind or had shit for brains for it were the jews who were converting us to be like them. As a kid, we could spot any jew while taking our after gym showers. (Most of them in our school refused to take showers.) You could also spot them by their countenance. At one point, the jews must have decided that they could hide better by avoiding nose-jobs, name-changes, etc., and getting the stupid goyim to emulate them. Thus, the dimwitted soccer moms were sold the idea that whacking the willies of their sons was a "health measure", that it "enhanced the sexual pleasure of their partners", opr "prevented cancer." (All kosher bullshit.) It wasn't long before I noticed that I was the only one in the gym's shower who still had a dick the way God intended – whole – with its protective sheath intact. We accept jew manner whenever we say "Enjoy", or "God bless."  Anyone capable of looking into a mirror without seeing God, must certainly recognize that Americanism = jewism. So here we are, a small white 10% of the population which doesn't like the sick glitz and money-grubbing attitude which prevails. Even if your neighbors cannot wait to die for the benefit of those who hate them, I would hope you remain true to the old America – the America of the Constitution where the menace of the jew was well recognized. I am reminded of a line in the movie "Once Upon a Time in America", where a fellow was doing his best to eat a portion of a sandwich. He remarked, "Only a jew could eat this shit." That describes the bagel, so pass the cream cheese.
Notice: The host of this site has been having technical problems. Those accessing it with MicroShitNetwork have often sent the nimda virus knocking at the door trying to get in. About 2 days ago, FAEM had 38,000 hits in only a few hours. Most was from nimda. My control panel was screwed up and so I could not even vent my usual hate. As more and more ISPs and such take muds aboard, expect things to get screwed up aside from the usual criminal virus manufacture. Whether ZOG is snooping or not, I do not care. I am an American who has a grievance relative to the Zionist government and as long as this is supposed to be a representative Republic, under the Constitution, I have a right to express those grievances even those they will not be redressed. I am just a useless piece of honky cannon fodder – remember?
Did you notice that since MestizoBush is now acting totally on behalf of the jews – licking their chops at the prospect of more white people dying – he has been instantly elevated from nitwit to a position which pales Patrick Henry by comparison. It's all show biz and if you listen closely, you'll hear our freedoms falling away. Americans are compelled by the gods to punish themselves. More is coming.

The other day on his goyim gassing show, Larry Jewking had musician Michael Jewstein play, and croon, the jew tune God Bless America. The yids are replacing our national anthem with this bagel melody. (If God blessed America then why is it filled with muds, blacks and jews? You just don't get it, do you whitey?) ZOG is moving much more rapidly now and the goyim applaud each shackle – hurt me – I love it. When asked how much freedom I'd surrender in order to "end terrorism", I proudly displayed my upright middle finger. I call it the ZOG salute. Remember to salute ZOG often, using both hands.

By the way – often the prostitute media lets a bit of truth out. If you spot such things, copy them right away for lots of good stuff is quickly pulled, thus making the links useless.

   Osama's proclamation to Muslims everywhere.  They're Semites all right.  See this portion of his fatwa to Muslims everywhere:

   "We – with God's help – call on every Muslim who believes in God and wishes to be rewarded to comply with God's order to kill the Americans and plunder their money wherever and whenever they find it."

   That sounds just like "God has exposed their money to Israel" from the Talmud.  And here's a 'Diversity Special Benefit' for you Judeo-Marxists:

   "The ruling to kill the Americans and their allies – civilians and military – is an individual duty for every Muslim who can do it in any country in which it is possible to do it."

   The diverse benefits of all this third world immigration just don't quit, do they?  I am awe struck when I consider all the ways these people have enriched America.  Female genital circumcision, child marriage, cat meat sold as pork, polygamy, blood vendetta, rape, AIDS, slavery, Santeria, antibiotic immune tuberculosis strains, espionage, voodoo, treason, malaria,  West Nile Virus, terrorism, thugee, witchdoctor healers, suttee, open attempts to establish local Sharia (Islamic religious law.  This was preceded by talmudic infiltration into the laws), it just keeps getting better and better...  I'm especially talking to you liberal white females who parade sheer ignorance and stubborn bitchiness as sophistication.

   Learn anything yet from TTT, ZOGlings?  Or are your heads still buried in your asses preventing you from hearing the lecture?  Don't fret.  More seminars coming soon to a neighborhood near you.  Guaranteed.



WASHINGTON D.C.                                          Nobody but us jew-dazed honkies left to bleed and die, I guess.

(Teapot tune)         Just a little race war, far and near....       Here is my A-bomb, where is your spear?

 http://foto8.com/issue02/afghan1.html            The Face of the Enemy.

   Yes ma'am, we'll get there just in the nick of time to stop these evil warmongers from rampaging across the globe in an orgy of conquest like Alexander the Great or Napoleon.  Don't be fooled.  Those aren't hills and mountains.  They're massive camouflaged military-industrial complexes.  They learned from the German experience and buried them all underground.  Bin Laden has a special one equipped with Cray supercomputers and hidden space shuttle launching facilities, just like a '007' movie.  It's how he coordinated the 911 attacks to penetrate our perfect defenses.

   The mule you see in the lower left here http://foto8.com/issue02/afghan3.html is a genetically engineered mutant that conceals plastic explosives in every cell.  The largest mountain in the background is really an artfully disguised phased array battle management radar.  I'm sitting on the edge of my seat wondering if even Arnold Schwarzenegger will be able to fight his way through the war lasers and Nazi death beams.  It'll be a cliff-hanger for sure.

   Oh, the evil cunning Asiatic perfidy of these people knows no limits.  Imagine, disguising themselves as starving mountain yokels and shepherds.  Here is clearly the decisive 'schwerpunkt' for the War Against Terrorism to Defend America.     Meanwhile this report is just in from the home front...     Why more mass attacks are inevitable.


 WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Four or five groups linked to Osama bin Laden have operated in the United States for the last several years, though investigators have not found any link between them and the hijackers responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks, the Washington Post said on Sunday.

Citing unnamed government officials, the newspaper said the groups, or cells, are under government surveillance but no arrests have been made because the members entered the United States legally and have not been involved in criminal activity since they arrived, the Post said.

Pending illegal action by these hard-working legal immigrants ZOG is spending billions of dollars mounting operations on the opposite side of the globe in the center of Asia.  Don't worry.  The Man From ZOG will get these groups too just as soon as they spread some smallpox, poison municipal water supplies or conduct a nerve gas attack at a public assembly.  That is, he'll get'em if they don't kamikaze first against the nearest police station after carrying out their mission.

I repeat, white people who intend to survive the current times have got to start following the precautions at the bottom of my article here:  /maguire/wto.htm