30 September 2001
The fastest growing population segment in the U.S. is the Spanish speaking. The fastest growing religion in the U.S. is that of Islam. If all of you gung-ho white fellows are engaged in Zionist enterprises on foreign soil, what do you think you'll return home to? Dumb does not cover it.
It boggles the mind as to what American life could have been if we  had been American Americans instead of a batch of Zionist toady Americans.

    Yes sir, it does.  10,000%.

    Really now.  When we look at things this way, who in North America NEEDS 'Holocaust Revisionism'?  Do some real American history revisionism and the picture that emerges of the 20th Century is 10 times more horrifying.

    In the 19th Century the American 'militia' was considered Constitutionally barred from being sent outside the national frontiers.  This guaranteed they were always fighting AT the national borders that were constantly expanding.  In the 20th Century the elites did away with the American Militia, instead drafted everyone into the 'federal army' and sent that army beyond the national borders, which for some reason are now shrinking every day.

    The same is true of Christian revisionism for that matter.  Eighteen and half centuries of the faithful understood the Jews to be the Synagogue of Satan and the "children of their father, the Devil", as the Gospels put it.  It took the 20th Century to transmogrify these anti-Christs into "God's Holy Chosen People."  Alexis de Tocqueville wrote he only discovered America's strength when he went into the churches and heard the "preachers of righteousness"  (i.e. moral behavior).  Come the 20th Century and it was whoremongers like Cyrus I. Scofield, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker and Hal Lindsey preaching Health, Wealth, and Zionism.

    Which century of Americans was really smarter? Maguire.

Puppet head minor George in his insane "war on terrorism" will not include the terrorist state of Israel simply because that would be the tail wagging the dog. With each assault upon the world of Islam, that he and his bigoted flunkies promote, the greater the hatred for us which will develop. If I were you, I'd change my vacation plans and stay home for a few seasons.

I can still hear the yapping voice of the jew Walter I-never-take-my-hat-off Winchell in my ears – "Flash..." – urging Americans to sacrifice and die to "eliminate evil" from the world by destroying everything German in Europe. I now see that they are reviving the 1942 ditty, When the Lights Go On Again – All Over the World, written by the jews Seiler, Marcus and Benjemen and popularized by Vaughn Monroe. God Bless America is another jew tune which is being pushed to replace The Star Spangled Banner.

When we have our victory, And we've added to our history. It will be right there to see – How sweet and simple life can be.
A kiss won't mean good-bye, but hello to love; when the lights go on again....
And the ships will sail again... and we'll have time for things like wedding rings, and free hearts will sing...
When the lights go on again, all over the world.

The 'lights' refer to the phony air-raid and blackout drills which were part of life in them thar days. Since we "won" the SWATKWP, it stands to reason that evil was abolished. I stand flabbergasted since what 750,000 Americans died for, with millions of others damaged for life – not considering the tens of millions of Germans, Japanese, Russians and others who perished – EVIL SEEMS TO BE STILL WITH US. World War II simply did not reach the goal as set by the jews, and their Zionist satraps, who ran the show on all sides save that of the Axis Powers. Thus, the only conclusion I can reach is that WE SHOULD NEVER AGAIN LET JEWS RUN ANYTHING since they appear to fail all of the time.

Americans cherish the underdog. That's why they spend most of their lives insuring that they shall be one, by allowing jews to control their society.

We have a Declaration of Independence and Founding Fathers. That's the foundation for ALL American patriotism. Today's "patriotism" is pure Madison Avenue rabble-rousing. (Wanna buy a flag? I can get it for you wholesale.) If we had really been patriots adhering to the words of our wise men of the past, we would not be in this present "fine mess" nor been involved in WW I or WW II. It boggles the mind as to what American life could have been if we  had been American Americans instead of a batch of Zionist toady Americans.

Like most of one's problems, safety lies mainly between the ears. The more a person's brain is functional, the better equipped he is for the unexpected. What is interesting is that those who appear to value their lives the highest are exactly those whose lives are the least valuable to their countrymen, and the world in general. Throughout history, those willing to sacrifice their lives for a higher goal were never society's dregs. In America, we are approaching a dregs society with increasing rapidity as evidenced by the clamor for "safety", that is, people want PROTECTION from life itself which is indeed usually hazardous. All events, and the safety thereof, are a matter of probability and Sally Suckermom demands, as some sort of 'right' I suppose, that probability be stacked 100% in her favor. That jes ain't guwanna hippen.

Probability is not a static factor. I can perhaps be assured that there is a 99.99999 percent chance that I'll be able to see tomorrow's sunrise. However, if today brings some unexpected earthquake, that probability becomes drastically changed and not in my favor.

I can also be reasonably assured that I will not die from AIDS but if my gonads dictate to my brain and I do a little 'diversity' race-mixing, then that probability takes a severe nosedive as many silly little white sluts have discovered to their sorrow. But what the hell – take another snort, juice up, and the problem disappears anyway.

Jet flying has always had its hazards. Old man gravity is always watching but he is not the main problem. Anything flying above 10,000 feet or so for any sustained period of time, has to be a sealed tube – actually a potential casket for 100 plus people. In that tube are probably at least 5 or 6 with communicable diseases of one variety or the other. Many of them are spread through the air by sneezing and coughing, and even just plain old breathing. This means all are exposed to the vapors of the few and only luck and a strong immune system stands between you and Wong's TB.

To me, the bellyaching which abounds is rather ironic. Imagine our forefathers, as they expanded across the continent, having a wife who complained, "Henry, I hear there are murderous savages out there. We could all be killed. How do we know we will have enough to eat? What if we got sick. Where would the doctors be? Then I have heard stories about bear, wolves, lion and snake. That's not a safe place to take the children." Many felt this way and they stayed to become known as "Easterners". Those with confidence in their own merit, went west to build what a large percentage of Americans no longer have the fortitude to do – stand on their own two feet and shake their fists at the heavens when difficulties are showered upon them, and take full responsibility relative to their own stupid actions.

I do not know the format of my end. Yes, I could die as the result of some soul dedicated to some planned destruction. Perhaps a flood or earthquake. Maybe I'll slip and drop into a ravine splatting on the rocks. I could be the object of mistaken identity. Who knows? Who cares? To spend one's life hiding under the sheets hoping the big bad wolf will go away is not my definition of being alive. In the meantime, I have nothing to offer but the ZOG salute – a forcefully extended middle finger.

    See this ancient Sept 21 report from Jewsmax.com:  http://www.newsmax.com/archives/articles/2001/9/20/210714.shtml  According to sworn testimony in Rapid Reaction Force Congressional Hearings Eighty Percent of the security screeners at Dulles International are non-U.S. citizens.  Now factor in those who ARE "wez all ekwals 'Mericans" and the non-white ratio probably rises to an effective 100%.   It's what I constantly see when I travel.     I think I wrote early that these people are only capable of recognizing 'racists' (i.e. white people) as dangerous enemies.  To these folks Atta looked like a normal law abiding human being.  I think the unspoken reason Bush wants National Guard troops in the terminals now is to get at least SOME white people reinvolved in airport security. Maguire
They say Bush bean bunny is the greatest orator of all time. I say Howard Stern is Mary Queen of Scots.
A woman told me that real freedom meant the freedom from pain, worry, fear and responsibility. I told her that she was describing death.
The commies always use society's rabble to overthrow the existing government. When their power grab is successful, then they dispose of the rabble.


In the SWATKWP, America's best were in the front lines protecting the riffraff at home – 4Fs, mental cases, criminals, etc. The Soviets were far more intelligent. They used the riffraff on the front lines as a shield for their better troops.

Hello Robert,

Things are only going to get more ridiculous.  A retired American Airlines captain told me a great story today.  His ex-wife is still a stewardess with the airline, and relayed to him what she witnessed in San Jose: a captain with 30 years of seniority was stopped at the gate to his plane by the new "security" regime.  They made him open up all his bags, and when all was said and done they confiscated his toenail clippers from his toiletries kit.  Needless to say, he raised holy hell which led him to being detained by the police.  The dispatch desk had to get a reserve pilot up for the flight, causing a lengthy delay.

Isn't it a great reassurance for the traveling public to know that 50-something white guys are getting the "terror shakedown".  No wonder they don't want to arm the pilots.  After all, ANYONE could be a terrorist. The WTC certainly had nothing to do with race, because Islam is a religion of peace.... and the beat goes f--king on.

FAEM is a handy tool to have in these times.  Maguire's stuff is spot on. I'm still hoping for the best, yet I figure the natural dynamic is for all of us to eventually meet in some concentration camp someday.  That'll be one hell of a conference.

Take care, F.G

(I have been saying all along: this place is a judeo mixed nut house. I'll bet a lox to a bagel that the "security" is a mixed bag of
Affirmative Action nigs, nogs, wogs, gollywogs, muds, thuds and cruds. Just what we white folks need to guard our interests. RF).

SURROUNDED BY THE ENEMY: Red flags indicate Chinese-occupied commercial shipping facilities in North and Central America. These facilities, along with Chinese cargo vessels, are considered by Beijing to be military assets.
Here is a letter from "Bradford Davis" giving his reasons why he left the National Alliance. What's your take?
        (Letter omitted...)

I do not know "Brad" and therefore will not pass along his opinions and/or what might be factual. I never form my opinions based upon what others say as this too often falls in the category of gossip. I have no interest in determining what is true and what is not, in this case, but some of the items do fit one or two of the clowns. All I know is that niggers are still raping and mugging, mestizos are filling up our living space and the Chinese are buying up whatever they can. Our white nation is now sinking more rapidly than ever and if the goyim don't wise up soon, ape brain Bush's war on naughty people, using his daddy's homicidal crew, will be our death knell. I still suggest that mestizo George, quadroon Colin and gasping Dick, be given arms and lead the charge into them thar hills. That would set a beautiful example for the soccer moms who cannot wait to see their sons do battle so we can preserve our right to eat at Mac Donald's and expand our freedoms by silencing all dissidents and insuring that police watch all our movements, in the name of 'safety', of course. By the way Henry, have you ever wondered about the QUALITY of those whom will be used as our national baby-sitters? What if those who are supposedly there to protect us from evil are evil themselves?

We want to help our economy, don't we? We are told that the way to do this is by spending money. Therefore, I hope you are willing, as I am, to buy postcards, printer ink, label material and make as many of Tsun's "flag" (see below) and you can afford. Stick the labels on the postcards as send them to all of the notables you can find in your phone book. The extra mail will keep our postal men busy and after all, they do have families to support. Be good Americans, Abdul, Juan, Rastus and Wong.
Have you noticed that those who are inquiring into "the mind of Osama" are those who have no minds of their own? 
Our equal female soldiers
are now being given "pre trauma rape training" relative to duty in an area of the world where butt f--king is probably more widespread than normal male/female encounters. It will be a great experience in real world 'diversity' which most Americans think is ginger peachy. I love America, that's why I am not going to leave it. Besides, if too many whites leave it in order to serve non-American interests, then who shall remain as the mud hordes increase in numbers? White people are in the minority now, disinformation by certain blingtwingers to the contrary.

None know the future but I do expect something big overseas in the proximate future. It the shindig really gets serious, you can expect a draft to be enacted. I hope no one seriously believes that our Hispano-Americans and Afro-Americans will welcome the chance to die for what they perceive to be a honky cause.

Eric now reports that the unemployment problem in Yakima has increased considerably and yet more and more mestizos are pouring in – living off S.S.I. and other ZOG meal tickets. He even notices that beggars are on the increase, all demanding to be fed. Well, you simple minded people, you asked for 'diversity' and now you are getting it. It shall prove to be the death of us. When we go, the jew goes, for who will be left to work for him and fight his wars?

The Judeo-American is truly mad for he recognizes not reality but the fates will soon relieve him of that ignorance.

Cannot a police state be defined as one where there is a policeman on every corner, in every bank, in every store, on every aircraft, roaming all highways, and peeking through surveillance cameras which are more numerous than flies on a sweaty niggerball player? As for myself, I will never feel safe until I have a security guard watching over me while I sleep. That is, if he can prove he isn't a rectum sniffing faggot.
John was my great grandfather. My grandfather was very proud of his father and often related stories about him. People today cannot even imagine what freedom meant in those days since they have been conditioned to accept Marxist notions of what it is all about. People really owned property since land taxes were not in existence. They also had a right to defend their property to the point of actually killing trespassers providing warning signs were posted. Today trespassing is considered a Constitutional right and soccer moms are happy that their brats can play football on the neighbor's lawn without asking permission.

John had warning signs on nearly every tree which surrounded his 60 acres. He sold some of the property and therefore grandfather only inherited 40 acres. It was a grand spot to grow up in – 3 ponds, fresh water springs, a beautiful woods full of flowers in the spring, a swamp complete with quicksand, wild strawberries and elderberries, 6 horses, a dozen cats, chickens, pigs, cows, fruit trees all around, pheasants galore in the corn fields, and a large garden containing nearly everything imaginable.

The warning signs on John's property read, "Anyone found here at night will be found here in the morning."

Sailor was the name of John's heavy boned Collie. Sailor spent most of his time catching his own meals and patrolling the property. He was a very kindly dog.

A little less than a mile away was another farm owned by a very disagreeable fellow named Richard Grimes. "That s.o.b." was how John always referred to him. This came from the fact that Grimes was an abuser of animals and often showed hatred for my great grandfather because John always had more bountiful harvests.

One day during the first snows of the season, my great grandmother called to John about the blood trail in the front yard. John investigated and found Sailor dead lying in a pool of his own blood. John followed the blood trail to a spot about 1/4 of a mile down the road, on his property, and noticed the northern tracks which were free of blood. The dog had been shot as it roamed about the property. John also spotted human footprints and trailed them back to Grimes' farm. About two days later, "that s.o.b." was in the front yard bragging that he shot Sailor because the dog was attacking his sheep. My family has a long history of not tolerating those who lie and old John left the house, confronted Grimes and then used his shotgun to blow the man's left toes away. Grimes was hauled to Doc Sprague's and about a month later a messenger came to the house informing John that he was to report to Justice Carney's to settle the issue. After a short discussion the matter was closed and my great grandfather returned to minding his own business with his family and farm.

People at that time really owned things – no payments or mortgages and no never-ending taxes. Property taxes disenfranchise people even while they delude themselves into believing they "own" it. Just cease paying those taxes and you'll soon discover who REALLY has authority over "your" property.

Many probably do not realize that the Founding Fathers originally had agreed to "life, liberty and property" but later changed this to the insane "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." One man's happiness is another's sorrow. Ask Charlie Manson.

Writing to your Congressman, or Member of Parliament, makes about as much sense as complaining to a mob hit-man about the behavior of Al Capone.
Send me money and I shall discretely wave the Confederate flag for you. Forty years ago Rockwell described all of the "send me money", "write your Congressman", and "pray" types which conposed the 'blight wing'. Alas, they are still with us.
Question: How does one stake out a ZOG free 'homeland' on ZOG controlled territory?
As reported by ABC's John Miller in 1998, Osama bin Laden said, "So we tell the Americans as people, and we tell the mothers of soldiers and American mothers in general, that if they value their lives and the lives of their children, to find a nationalistic government that will look after their interests and not the interests of the Jews. The continuation of tyranny will bring the fight to America as Ramzi Yousef and others did.

"This is my message to the American people: to look for a serious government that looks out for their interests, and does not attack others, their lands, or their honor."

I get a little tired of jews telling people what Americanism is all about. They also tell us what the Talmud is about and today, the buy-my-books Dr. Laura was telling the braindead moms what the Koran really meant. If I wanted to learn about the Koran, I'd read it for myself. I am simply not interested and since many Christian enclaves are tolerated within the Islamic world, I seriously doubt that they are at war with Christians as the jew war-mongers claim. They are at war with the jews, and for good reason, and one has to be a jackass first class not to recognize that fact.

Our Titanic is already underwater and yet some are still polishing the brass fittings.