4 October 2001
Hey folks! I know that TV always presents the truth. I see all of those episodes where women are really kicking butt with their knee to the groin, chops to the Adam's apple and Kung Funging all over the place. Other programs show calm and intellectual black people solving complex problems. The white man is one poor piece of crap. I know. I saw it in TV.

With this in mind, and a keen desire to cleanse the planet of anyone who might throw a rock, I'd like to see the coming circus over in a hurry. Wouldn't you? Therefore, I suggest that ZOG draft the blacks for their superior problem solving and leadership ability, and women for their superior 'kick ass' prowess. The simple minded and weak white men can stay at home mowing the grass.

Camel faced Barb Strawsand, did a niggerized shrieking version – the only kind a jewess can do anyway – of the jew-tune Gott Blast America. She took a mediocre tin pan alley melody-lyric and turned it into something resembling hog calling while getting goosed – Gott blast ooh-ah-ooh-oohwa 'merica..aaa, lend that I owwa wowwoo alah luf....
If it's Bush, then it's oil, or drugs or both. Read this before you enlist —

It was a movie I saw which had a scene which exactly portrayed our business relations with China. A man walks into a gun store and buys a gun and ammunition. Once the gun is loaded, he holds up the store keeper not only getting back his money but that of others as well – plus the nice shiny gun. Yes Virginia, the best is yet to come and the ironic thing about this 'Hitler's revenge' is that we have done it to ourselves.
is what happens when people and animals decide to share the joys of living together with a certain bacteria. Its spores are quite resilient and can remain in contaminated areas for very long periods. Grazing animals usually pick up this equal opportunity bug from the soil and each other. People coming into contact with such animals, or their parts, may also benefit. If the tiny critters manage to colonize areas on your skin, nice juicy boils result which are characterized by their black centers. Untreated, this could lead to blood poisoning and a whole bunch of general skin rot. If you inhale the spores, the lungs are attacked and your days on this planet are shortened in quick order – something like a "war crimes" sentence. If you eat the spores, very bad things happen to your intentional tract which hepta dismal Pepto Bismal cannot help.

The fat race-mixed drunk, and exhibitionist, Churchill wanted to 'anthrax' the whole of Germany early in the SWATKWP. That's a usual feature of the lovers of freedom and democracy – they just can't wait to spread good all around.

Anthrax is mentioned in Exodus 9 (3: Behold, the hand of the LORD is upon thy cattle which is in the field, upon the horses, upon the asses, upon the camels, upon the oxen, and upon the sheep: there shall be a very grievous murrain.) and so it cannot be a devilish invention of Osama bin Evil. The German Robert Koch whipped up a pure batch in 1876 and Louis Pasteur inaugurated the vaccine business in 1881 based upon anthrax, which has been with us ever since. Unlike cancer, which is a result of bad eating and breeding practices, anthrax can be stopped IF you get to it punctually AND not too many others are around also demanding treatment. A 3 pound cheese sandwich is a known cure for hunger providing there are only a few hungry. It's useless if thousands are hungry, if you get my point.

With our 'civil rights' b.s, allowing AIDS carriers to "share their wealth", it'll be interesting to see if the necessity of quarantine will be imposed by the ZOG, events demanding. In all areas, the Americans have built the weapons, and ennobled the weaknesses, which now pass the advantage to those who really hate jews, and especially Judeo-Americans who give financial and spiritual help to them.

Things such as "all", "some", "a few" and "none" are called quantifiers. When "some" is used, it does not mean "all" and it's not logical to extend an attribute of a sub class to the whole class. Thus, SOME numbers are even doesn't imply that ALL numbers are even. If one doesn't like even numbers, it takes an odd mental process to believe that he doesn't like ALL numbers.

This painting of a class with the color of a sub class, is typical jewish and female thinking. I see this, and experience this, all of the time. A statement such as, "Those blacks at the corner are drug-soaked bums," is more than not interpreted as an anti-negro remark obviously coming from a "racist". When remarks are made relative to "ball busters" – a 50 year old term for a certain type of female – the usual response is to accuse the person, who made the remark, of being "sexist" or of "woman bashing." This sort of criticism proves the point – most of the country behaves and thinks like a disgruntled old hen. 

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Sharon to Peres: Don't worry about American pressure;  we control America.

Palestinian Information Centre
Wednesday, October 3, 2001

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM (PIC) – An acrimonious argument erupted during the Israeli cabinet weekly session  last week between Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his foreign Minister Shimon Peres during which Sharon reportedly yelled at Peres, saying "don't worry about American pressure, we control America."

According the Israeli Hebrew radio Kol Yisrael Wednesday, Peres warned Sharon that refusing to heed incessant American requests for a cease-fire with the Palestinians would endanger Israeli interests and turn the US against us.

At this point, a furious Sharon reportedly turned toward Peres, saying "every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear:  Don't worry about American pressure on Israel.  We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it."

The radio said Peres and other cabinet ministers warned Sharon against saying what he said in public, because "it would cause us a public relations disaster."

 Remember the U.S.S. LIBERTY!

Note: If you sent the above to your local radio mouth, he'd probably claim it was "terrorist propaganda". Remember that the radio mouths and the TV bobbing heads are GETTING PAID to praise Izzyrael and pound the war drums on their behalf.

(The above was sent in by a reader – thanks! It deserves the widest possible circulation. Call Dr. Torah and ask her opinion.
"Vot? You must be an anti-Semite.")

Eric says, "I was wrong. The WTC WAS a strategic target." A strategic target is one defined as affecting the whole population by deprivations of service and/or disruptions of normal life. At first, it appeared that the WTC was merely a symbolic target but as the scenario unfolded, the propensity for many to act like frightened sheep, plus leadership paranoia, led to a widespread effect far more reaching than at first realized. I'll agree with Maguire that kosher targets will be the fare and since most Americans are spiritual jews anyway, we will always be in someone's sights. Prez Harry Truman was warned that if he laid pen to the paper recognizing bagel land, he's be sowing the seeds of major future unrest. Total politician H.S.T. replied that there were more jew voters than Arab voters.
It appears that we are heading for nothing more than a controllable useless meat-grinder in Afghanistan which will be used as a pretense to tighten the police control of this country. Already the sheep are bleating for "more safety" which means more police and a great loss of personal freedom. The goyim in this land remind me of the cattle in the slaughterhouse stockade. "Hey Bessie, ain't it wonderful that they put up all of those fences in order to protect us from the wolves and bears?" 
Leon (Lev Bronstein from NYC) Trotskyhad an interesting method for getting the attention of the Russian workers in order to encourage them to work harder. He'd have all of them assemble in the yard and then had 1/2 of them machine gunned to death. After this little attention getter, the workers were then eager to contribute to the welfare of Mother Russia. It's the old Communist method of producing a work ethic.
Another "homeland" for the jews? http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig/kinsella5.html
This time it's in the wastelands of Utah where they will be in shooting range of the Mormons. This sort of thing is not of much concern since the whole damned country is a colony of Israel anyway. The problem is not where the jews settle, but the fact that they settle in the first place. Roaches are roaches no matter where they live.

The 'lewrockwell' makes me smile because it reminds me of Lincoln Rockwell's pen name, Lew Core (pulled from Rockwell spelled backwards) when he wrote a fictitious article about a Nazi bitch whipping and torturing 'innocent' jews. The jew editor of the magazine published the article as fact – which is about par for the course. ALL things perpetrated against the jews, whether fact or fiction, is held as fact clearly demonstrating that 'scape-goatism' is alive and well. Concurrent with this is the fable about "innocent jews". I ask – Innocent of what?

This appears to be another good site – http://whiteknight.50megs.com  –  I've added it to the 'links' folder. It's pleasing that so many people are now adding their own sites to the internet. As this country continues to crumble, it's nice to know that many will not drown without knowing the reason why. It cannot be over emphasized, that if you are a white male, hiding under a blanket, or in a hole, will not protect you. Your ass will be theirs whether you choose to stand up and be counted or not. Once fear grabs you by the gonads, you are finished. Have faith in who you are and that there are millions of others in the same boat. Divided we fall. Diversity = division = death.
Remember when Alzheimer's Reagan tried to assassinate Muammar al-Qaddafi of Libya by having his home bombed and killing his daughter? This was an act of war without a declaration of war and according to the Geneva Convention, it is rendered a criminal act suitable for punishment under the War Crimes Act. Iraq was bombed mercilessly without a declaration of war. This was also a criminal act. When a prez yelps "War is declared," it has no legal effect. It must be from a vote by Congress. The WTC disaster was also a criminal act since no state of war existed between the two countries. Now, we are again on the verge of performing additional criminal acts relative to Afghanistan and who knows who else is tossed in for good measure. Since the Geneva Convention was destroyed by the Allies during the SWATKWP period, I guess anything goes from here on out. I fully expect any prisoners taken by the Afghanistans will have their throats cut and shown on internet video. So far, we have escaped justice but I do not think it will last much longer.

Please note that if the WTC event was an ACT OF WAR then all insurance policies relative to this event would be null and void. Read the fine print babe – acts of war – acts of God. The lawyers are getting prepared for a field day here. The first act of patriotism is to make money. The second, to spend it.

How about that WTC body count which goes uop an down like cigar Bill's zipper? Will it be another Murrah Building where many people, in this case BATF and FBI, all called in sick that noisy day? Who really wants the Islam bunch vaporized? Does 'Temple Mount" ring a bell? Cui bono?

Since we have figuratively declared was upon "evil", I'd like to know what part of the globe it is parked in. Maybe someone encrypted the movie title "They Live" by writing it backward. Evil Yeht. That clears it up. Yeht is located somewhere between Upper Volta and Lower Slobovia. The Yehts have always been a warlike bunch who successfully crossed various birds. The cross between the pheasant and the hen was called a "phen". They crossed a pheasant with a goose and called it a "phoose". They have yet to name the cross between a pheasant and a duck. It appears that politically, they crossed the line but no one knows with what. I guess that's why the Bush line became so cross that it declared war.

When Shakespeare wrote, "Tall, dark and handsome," he wasn't referring to niggers. Recent plays have cast Afro-apes as Othello. The "dark" comes from the old British use of referring to men with very dark hair as "dark" even thought their eyes were bright blue and skin as cream. Today we can see many beautiful Irish women with black hair, fair complexion and blue eyes. There might be some tall nigs but I've never seen one who can be called handsome, that is, unless one is very hard up or blind.
For the lovers of disinformation, be it known that Rupert Murdock is a jew and according to a well know Canadian  barrister, Bill gates is also a jew, as printed in a Toronto jewish periodical. To those who tell you otherwise, I suspect that mestizos appear to them as being white also.
The jew sings Gott Blast America while the mestizo sings José Can You See...
Another ex-soldier speaks out:
  I do not recall serving with ANY jews in any of my other posts (infantry attached to artillery, various posts in (Germany). And having gone to school with jews most of my life, I can almost always spot them, no matter how low a profile they try to keep. As usual, nobody seems to want to mention the unmentionable – the glaring lack of jews in the US military, while those same bastards are the ones who get our troops into a new war every few years.
See ya – M. J.
Our fearless leader Fizzdork, has implied that he does not trust the American people nor those in Afghanistan. He shared the "Osama secret" with the jews, some white-hating muds, and Tony the island blight. Those who will be doing the fighting and dying must never know the reason why they are fighting and dying. Youse jes gotta die cuzz youse has da faith, baba.

I hear now that many of our prominent people claim they'd enlist and duel to the death against sin, evil, black holes, hate, yeast infection, reincarnated Hitlers, and tsetse flies, IF they were not burdened with health issues, old age and political connections. Yes my silly people, IF I were a billionaire, I'd buy all of you a Mercedes plus a season pass to Edna's whore house.

The master terrorist is Mother Nature for one never knows where she will strike nor by what means. Naughty. Naughty. In 1883, 6 years before Hitler was born (note again that magic 6), Ma Nature struck the island of Krakatau, probably because no skyscrapers were available at the time. Not only was the island reduced to "ground zero" but 36,000 people lost their lives. Since no Americans were killed and the population was busy cleaning up the remaining "native nature lovers", a few thousand "equals" 'over there' didn't matter much. We weren't into the girlish "it's a small world" silliness then and probably were still grieving the loss of President Garfield. That's why we didn't declare war upon Mother Nature. That had to wait for more of Whitey's technology. 
Isn't it laughable that in order to "fight terrorism" one has to engage in it?
I can see the headlines now – Terrorism Victorious Over Terrorism. Buy love bonds. Keep the piece.
Substantial men
attract two types of women. (1) The envious bitches who will try to use their charms to lasso you by the balls and then unload their held back self-hate. (2) Those who value your substance and seek to have you for a husband, the father of their children. It has been planned that our society be filled mostly with #1.
If you do not understand race, you'll never understand politics.
Even in countries
like the race-mixed 'banana republics', all know the distinct advantage which results from being white. It stands to reason that if one wishes to bestow an advantage upon his children, then whites who mix with other races are actually handicapping their future children. How can one explain, therefore, the several white women who breed with non-whites? Is it as Ludovici says – that women have no taste? Or do they have an inner feeling that they are worthless and so enable that feeling with behavior befitting the appraisal – a self-fulfilling prophesy? We can understand most young men since many are driven by a need to cool the fires in their groin. This is why very young men usually make the poorest choices for any woman. It takes years, if accomplished at all, for a man to master his gonads. In the past, the control of these men was the provence of the young women who exercised enormous power over the opposite sex. They threw this away, to the disadvantage of our race, by succumbing to the crazed feminist delusions whereby they could be men simply by wearing the right clothes and securing the right job. They swooned over an 'equality' which does not exist in sane minds. The result is a land with many females but few women.

As a young man who remained usually aloof from the "springtime in the kennels' circus which was around me, I spent much time in observation, both relative to myself as well as with others. It was nothing astounding to notice that some of the ugliest, and most stupid, specimens of manhood I had ever seen, were towing about otherwise very attractive women. The message was clear: women can be bought. This also harmonizes with the fact that many men equate their women/wives with their Corvettes – possessions. Also, if the wampum runs out, so does the woman. On the personal front, and many years ago, I have been the object of the attention of several women whom I deluded myself into believing that they valued me for my mental gifts, which have since depreciated, by the way. As future events showed, it was not my intelligence but that my intelligence could be used to secure money – the real focus.

Other women "loved me for my arms", my swimming prowess, or my physical body. This is the "stud" factor – a very shallow thing based merely upon eyeball stimulation and fantasy. It has nothing to do with much of anything and as soon as a wrinkle or a blob of blubber fastens itself upon a person's body, then the "love" disappears faster than it began.

From puberty to the loss of virginity, females go through a romantic and idealistic stage where poetry and pleasing music are appealing. (The crap today is pure nigger and appeals only to savages, cretins and drug freaks.) Young girls of this age were always attracted by my "gentle touch" at the piano where ballads were my only fare. More than once, one "fell in love" with me but I remained polite knowing that soon that girl would meet another and enter the crass world where such tender parts of life no longer mattered. It borders upon sin to prevent any young female from experiencing this stage. Fortunate is the man whose wife wasn't getting "her jollies" at age 13, as the Marxist hags insist and so many of the foolish abide. Usually, when you find a flaky 'mother' you'll find a female who had early serious sexual encounters. These women are deadly as rattlesnakes for loyalty is a stranger to them. In order to appear less 'anti-female' I will add that sex-obsessed men are virtually worthless in defense of anything and in war, can never reach beyond being useful cannon fodder.

Nothing is new and it's as the older woman, who sat next to me on a plane, said, "Without sex, life is meaningless." I believe I heard this line in the old movie Pygmalion. Even that was not new.

I've added the following article which was sent to me. It illustrates the insanity produced by race-mixing and could serve to illustrate what the U.S. is headed for – the joy of 'diversity'. Note that the Commandment – Thou shall not commit adultery (adulteration; rendering inferior through contamination) – when ignored, leads to chaos of one degree other the other. The world will belong to those people who maintain their racial integrity. Whites, for the most part have listened to the siren song of the jew and their own "born-againers", and removed themselves from competition with the racist Chinese. Brazil is our future but it shall not be the future of China.
October 2, 2001  Multiracial Brazil Planning Quotas for Blacks  By LARRY ROHTER

Brazil has the largest black population outside Africa, but black Brazilians have long complained of being kept at the bottom of the ladder. Now, in response, the government is proposing racial quotas in universities, Civil Service jobs and  even television soap operas.

Applying quotas in Brazil promises to be even more complicated than it was in the United States. In a society that has more than 300 terms to designate skin color,  racial categories are much more elastic than in the United States, making it difficult to determine who is black and who is not.

In last year's census, only 6 percent of the population identified themselves as  black, a low number that advocacy groups attribute to discrimination and a poor racial self-image. An additional 40 percent defined themselves as "pardo," a  much broader term used to describe (tri-racial) dark-skinned people, or "mulatto" or  "mestiço," the words applied to people of mixed European and African ancestry.

As might be expected in a striving multiracial society of 170 million people, the sweeping Racial Equality Statute before the Brazilian Congress has ignited an emotional national debate. Opponents of the plan say it would foment division and dislike the term "affirmative action" as inappropriate for Brazil.

"It is necessary to be prudent in importing explicitly American guidelines," Manolo Florentino, a history professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, wrote in an essay last month. He added that the plan could backfire, increasing rather than easing racial tensions.

The Brazilian Congress is considering a proposal that would establish quotas for black actors in television programs, movies, the theater and commercials. The  plan, which has already been approved by a committee of the lower house but is opposed by directors, playwrights and advertising agencies, would require blacks or mixed-race actors to compose 25 percent of the cast of any entertainment offering, rising to 40 percent in commercials.

Black Brazilians are almost invisible on television except in menial or exotic roles and "the networks and ad agencies have never on their own done anything to improve this situation," said Joel Zito Araújo, author of "The Negation of Brazil," a study of racial attitudes in the news media.

One result, he added, is "a dominant cultural aesthetic of whitening that is harmful to the multiracialism that is the reality of Brazil and needs to be corrected."

A crucial element of the Brazilian self-image is that they live in a racial democracy, even though statistics indicate that the average monthly income of whites is more than double that of blacks. The standard response to such data is that Brazil's main problem is one of class, not race; that blacks suffer discrimination because they are poor, not because of their skin color.

Brazil was the last country in the Western Hemisphere to eliminate slavery, acting in 1888. One of the first actions the government took after achieving independence from Portugal in 1822 was to prohibit blacks, free or slaves, from attending school altogether, supposedly because they would spread contagious diseases.

Today, only 2.2 percent of Brazil's 1.6 million college students are black, even though Brazilians of African descent may constitute half the population. The government's quota plan, however, would reserve 20 percent of university admissions for blacks, who are far more likely than whites to attend inferior, undefinanced public schools that do little to prepare students for college.

"Nobody in this society thinks that blacks are intelligent, so we need to be given the chance to show that we have talent and can rise to the next level," said Fabio Jacinto, 22, a messenger in São Paulo, Brazil's largest city, who hopes to become a doctor and is taking a special college preparatory course devised for black students. "If society won't offer us that opportunity, then the government must act."

The same 20 percent figure, intended to combat widespread discrimination in the workplace, would also apply to Civil Service jobs. Even today Brazilian newspapers are full of advertisements for jobs at private companies that call for a "good appearance," a phrase widely understood to mean that blacks should not apply.

"There's no point in having quotas in universities if black students can't get jobs after graduating," said Luciana Luz, 23, a bookkeeper who wants to become a psychologist. "The way things are right now, if you have two equally qualified
 candidates for the same job, one white and one black, the white is going to win out. It's a very clear thing, and everyone knows it."

Political parties would also be affected by the measure, thanks to a requirement that would oblige 30 percent of all candidates for public office to be black. At the moment, according to the calculations of advocacy groups, fewer than 5 percent of Brazil's senators, governors, congressional deputies and mayors are black or of mixed race.

Advocates of racial quotas brush aside complaints that they are unfair or will not work here because they are a foreign import. While they acknowledge that the social dynamics of Brazil are quite different from those of the United States, they say justice must prevail.

"When it's something that benefits the elite, they don't think twice about imitating it," said David Raimundo Santos, a Roman Catholic friar who heads Educafro, a group pushing for racial quotas in schools and jobs. "But now that we are talking about importing something that benefits the population of African descent, they say they are against it."

In the midst of the debate, the Ministry of Land Reform issued an edict this month requiring that 30 percent of its jobs henceforth be reserved for blacks and said that 20 percent of the staff of private companies bidding on or receiving contracts from the ministry must henceforth be black.

According to a DNA study by Brazilian scientists, as many as 80 percent of Brazilians have some African ancestry. Even President Fernando Henrique Cardoso has said he has "a foot in the kitchen," a slang term, considered derogatory by some blacks, that is used to describe light-skinned, apparently white people with some black origins.

"My father is black, my mother is white, and I have a grandmother who was Indian, so what does that make me?" asked Josefa Alves Amorim, 23, who aspires to become a pharmacist. "In the past, I've identified myself as Indian, but if it will help me get into college, then maybe I should start saying that I'm black."

Catherine Buckle Update.


   This report is just in from Catherine Buckle's closet Somewhere in Zimbabwe.   Don't fret, Catherine.  Even if the entire world fixates on bin Laden we cannot forget.  While your internet connection may soon disappear as you now report, your friends at FAEM will always remember you.

"I leave you with this little snippet of useless information which illustrates the complete disintegration of all Zimbabwe's systems. On an emergency dash to our Marondera hospital last night, only 8 street lights were working on the 4.1 km route through the town."

  That many are still working?  And the electricity is on, too.  See how the 'evil doer racist (i.e. white and therefore termed a racist by her government to which she is disloyal) Buckle slanders the Zimbabwean People's technical prowess by implying something's lacking in the public services?  By African standards that's excellent.  Many former colonial areas haven't had electricity for decades, ever since the departure of the Evil White Colonial governments.  It seems you just can't please some people.

   Meanwhile Zimbabwe's negroes continue to loot white property while our gal Cathy continues to say this is about "politics, not race."  She's given up calling for outside military intervention to restore her property to her gratis.   All the idiots likely to respond are signing up instead for Bush's New World Wide War of Good vs Evil.  He's ahead of you, Catherine.  You're not willing to call the negroids 'Evil Doers'.   I am confident you'd call any white soldiers aiding you 'evil doers' once their job was done.  It's what you and your family have been doing for generations.


   Hasta La Vista Baby.

However they are described, "our enemies" do listen to the radio and watch TV. Therefore, who thinks that whatever is presented in the media will be truth? If the enemy knows the truth about his enemies, then he has an advantage. Thus, the first casualty in all wars is the truth. I pay as much attention to the verbal farts of radio mouths and TV bobbing heads as I do the advice of Dr. Torah – bullshit with a modicum of entertainment value.

The young men of today have never experienced the absolute advantage of living through the continual radio crap – mostly yapping jews urging white folks to go and die in battle – during the SWATKWP, where they had the German Heinkel 112 posed as a threat to the people living in Chloride Arizona. Any day now, they said, Focke Wulf Kuriers would be bombing Swamptown Mississippi. My otherwise down-to-earth father was taken in by this nonsense and volunteered to spend 20 hours per week in a tower scanning the skies for Mitsubishis of one variety or the other. When I explained to him the range of such aircraft and that the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean was not exactly Fuller's Pond, he promptly quit his "patriotic" duty. Another ploy was for the goyim to donate their spare pots and pans for "the war effort." Those collected items were secretly delivered to a gypsum dump near Caledonia NY where they were buried and covered with scrap from a wall board factory. My uncle was one of the truck drivers and all was apparent to him. My sister asked why he didn't tell as many people as possible. He explained that the people wanted their war and to oppose that desire in anyway just might leave you open for assault. They wouldn't believe you anyway, no more than Clarence C. believed the photos of his wife getting gang-banged by the football team. Once an idiot has a notion firmly in his noggin, he is beyond educating.

To keep the goyim "hyped up", air raid drills were called several times a week. Autos had special blinders on their lights so as not to be spotted from the air. (When a car was parked, the distributor rotor was removed so some 'Nazi' wouldn't steal the thing. We were never told what such a stolen car would be used for, but the jollies of war don't need reasons.) During an unannounced drill, all lights within the city were turned off and overseers with authority were ready to arrest those who did not. "Air raids" were great sport for the young kids for many took the advantage to steal candy from Ward's store and the older boys would "cop a feel" form some nearby girl. When the lights came on again, candy was missing and several girls looked indignant but all of the boys were smiling. We even had unnecessary rationing of things like sugar, tobacco and gasoline which were used to sustain the "war mood" for a populace who had no idea of what war was all about – and still don't today. In fact, most of them care not except where it affects their useless hides. Major Bush's homicidal assault upon Iraq meant good CNN viewing for the couch potatoes but the Iraqis suffered the reality of it. Now Minor Bush seems just as enthused about the coming fireworks display as did his oil-grabbing father. American war means – you die, me safe.

Have I considered leaving the country if things get worse? No. This country was built with the sweat and blood of my forebears and to give up what they had striven for would almost be a sacrilege. The present government is not the government Ben Franklin had in mind when he told the people the Congress had given them a Republic, if they could hold onto it – which they didn't. It's now little other than a Marxist mobocracy drowning in hypocisy and crawling with the refuse of the planet all yammering for 'more'. Most world corruption is powered by the U.S. at the behest of Israel and it'd be a shame to leave it when the future promises the joy of house cleaning.
For most practical purposes, Randy Weaver had his own Great White Hopeland in Deliverance, Idaho. One day, ZOG put an end to that delusion. If white people wish to have a territory of their own, they must be prepared to SUCCESSFULLY DEFEND the borders thereof. I'd love to hear anyone's proposal as to how a ZOG free "white homeland" can be established on ZOG territory at the present time.
Mr. Frenz,

This morning I took my car in for service, and along comes a salesman with a U.S. Flag tie. Wow! Real patriotic. I thought to
myself, what would this fellow's reaction be if someone came in and handed him an envelope calling him up for service – he might feel downright sorry for himself.

In past times in Europe, they would call up thousands of soldiers. Some may have been enthused to begin with, but soon changed their minds when the other fellow began firing back. There were darn few smiles in our infantry unit, and we always knew we would have a difficult time even when the Chaplain assured us that it would be all right, and that we had nothing to worry about. Of course we really didn't, in spite of his blessing to enter the kingdom of heaven.

Isn't it amazing how these politicians call for war when it will not really affect them or their kin?

When a person visits the military cemeteries in Europe its quite noticeable how few Stars of David there really are, and W.W. II, was essentially a jewish inspired war. Since a lot of this terrorism stems from the Israeli treatment of Palestinians I would
suggest that a call be put out for jewish volunteers to train for rangers or commando units for combat in Afghanistan, Pakistan if
they are recalcitrant and possibly Iraq. Do you wonder how many of the 'chosen' would stand in line? In this connection it would be interesting to know how many gave blood when the call went out.

It's easy to have very advanced equipment against a rag tag bunch of Arabs, but quite another in very rugged terrain against an armed foe. Now I don't question the fact that there are some brave jews or that some are honorable but taken as a whole group, it's very questionable.

There is something else that few people are aware of. After W.W. II, jewish agencies scoured Germany looking for jewish children and there were literally thousands of German orphans whose fathers had been killed in the war, and mothers and other relatives killed in air raids. As a result of Allied approval, thousands of these children were taken to other countries. The Soviets took thousands to pickup points in East Prussia, much to the alarm of Swiss Red Cross observers. I assume any youngster who was circumcised was packed off to Israel to serve in their new army. This was alluded to in the U.S. Film 'The Search'. The intent was to destroy Germany in accordance with the Morganthau Plan or at a minimum, reduce the population by 40 million.

I am communicating with some Norwegian people who had German fathers. They're are in excess of 12,000, and they believe the Allies as well as their own government wanted them dead. There was an item in Life magazine after the war where the Allies went into a children's hospital in Germany, where the new born were fathered by the S.S. And regardless of protests, removed the infants, and had them adopted by Swedish families. Of course the French were delighted to release Senegalese negroes to rape at will for three day's in the city of Stuttgart, and now the new Germans forget all these events including their lost. Isn't it a brave new world we live in? And this is what I fought for and was wounded in the most trying period of my life. Well there's always tomorrow.

Regards from an old WW II combat vet.

An added note by RF – The history of the SWATKWP has always been under the direction of the people who profited the most from it. The jews. (Vocabulary lesson: when you hear 'scapegoat', think jew.) There are still many vets left who can tell you what really happened beyond Hollywood. One also has to remember the dichotomy when it comes to description. The Germans looted. We liberated. My cousin liberated nearly a half dozen complete silver dinnerware sets from German farmers. War trophies, don't you know, and he was "christian" through and through. The period 1945-49 saw one of the most massive programs of looting the world has ever seen and it wasn't done by the Germans. Ships returning from Europe during that time were packed to the gunwales with jews and whatever in Germany which wasn't nailed down. Britannica 11th edition states the percentage of jews (religious and not the 40% atheist) in the U.S. was 3.5 percent and they have been pouring in ever since. Some calling themselves Germans and recently, Russians. Although one with a jewish father and non-jewish mothers are not officially counted as jews, they still are unless their tribal god somehow nullified biology in these cases.

It is extremely difficult for anyone to view his image objectively. Some young men have whores for mothers, and criminals for fathers, and only a few of these men have the courage to admit that to themselves. On a national scale, very few are willing to admit the atrocities Americans perpetrated upon prostrate peoples and prefer to believe, out of inner protection for their useless egos, the Hollywood version – and pulpit version – that Americans are all angels sent to spread good fortune over the earth. Thus, we are at a point of insane national hypocrisy, perhaps unknown in modern times. This intellectual failure is what makes us jews in spirit. We are another variety of "God's Chosen," leading symbiotic lives with those bloody hands of the "French" and "Russian" revolutions.

Just received a pieceof junk mail advertising some sort of 'perfume', at $99.95 per bottle, which will attract women sexually. Think about this. They get attracted, but how do you then hold onto them? My solution is a wallet stuffed with $100 bills. You'll not only attract women, but you can hold them – until you run out of FRNs, that is.
Dr. Torah got her kosher feathers ruffled this A.M. when someone called in about the "missing jews" story which surfaced shortly after the WTC Tuesday surprise.  She explained that throughout history the world has been blaming innocent jews for their problems. She used the tired blanket term "scapegoat" which is supposed to settle the matter. I suppose that centuries ago, Europeans and others, all agreed that when they got into trouble, they'd blame it all on the sweet jews. Now that's unity. As for me, I'd pick the Chibcha Indians for the world-wide scapegoat for few know who they are nor what they are up to, and therefore tall tales would be difficult to verify. As with the jews, only a two-legged jackass would be unaware of what God's angels are/were doing. I recommend seeing the video "Sweet Jew" as it beautifully reveals the essence of the jew.

To all of those "scapegoat" theorists out there, I am still waiting for the REASON the world, for centuries, has ALWAYS 'picked' upon the jew.

I strongly suspect that the "we are united as never before" business is pure b.s. There is simply too much yodeling to this effect going on. The jews and their stooges have been beating this WTC to death which is typical of their mind set. Even in the movies, where one pie in the face is funny, the jew cannot help but have 30 pies in the face because he thinks it makes the thing 30 times funnier.

In the words of Otis Cribblecoblis, "If these knuckle heads mean to have a war, let them have it. Cheer them on while you retreat to the hills." Mobs cannot be reasoned with and it's suicide to get in front of a stampede. White man, our day is near.

In South America, tri-racial mongrels are called "pardas" as distinct from sambos, mestizos and mulattos — coming soon to a theater near you.