8 October 2001
An emphasized rule for combat, whether chess or war, is NEVER UNDERESTIMATE YOUR ENEMY. I am afraid that our average buffoon feels that "we" are superior in every way to those we choose as opponents. Our massive numbers and material wealth allow us the privilege of being the world's self-righteous bully boy. We have, however, through our own laxity, pursued objectives not conducive to moral strength – singing hymns just doesn't make up for backbone, Gertrude.

Over the years, we have developed a modus operandi which has certainly been noticed by those who do not like us. That is, our fetish concerning the inflated value of a single American. One unsupervised child does something harmful with a toy, and that toy is banned from the entire market place. In our drive to make the world safe for idiots, we not only have shackled those who think before they act, but have created a whole climate where one yelp is sufficient for a stampede. Remember decades ago when a fruitcake laced one Tylenol capsule with cyanide and one unfortunate died from swallowing it? That precipitated massive expenditures in the legal drug racket for tamper proof containers. This was later expanded to mandating seals on everything. Now, a sprinkling of anthrax spores on a desk in the American (read jew) Media Inc. building in Florida has shut that operation down until a completion of a massive investigation. The reason is our propensity to do the "what if" mental routine which is the Golden Goose for the lawsuit racket.

Just think about it. ZOG has allowed millions upon millions of hostile muds to colonize large areas of our land and it will take only a small number of them to "piss in the soup" in order to shut down business after business. The anthrax attack was a whole lot of bang for a very tiny buck. We simply cannot stop this sort of thing even if Big Brother becomes Gigantic Brother. I am sure that the enemies of Judeo-America know full well that it doesn't take a very big monkey wrench to raise havoc with America. Our technology is making small rocks out of large ones in Afghanistan at a very large cost. In such a barren and mountainous land where moderate to high poverty is considered normal, I am sure that most do not feel they have much to lose. It would be hard for me to believe that any large portion of that very small population is holding candle light vigils and bawling at every opportunity. I suspect they are a very, very hardy people.

As scare upon scare are piled, the ZOGbuck costs will mount and mount. Perhaps the strategy is not so much the killing of people, or property damage, but to bring about a monetary collapse which will probably ignite massive chaos at home. Where will all of this money come from? The plains Indians managed to slaughter millions of bison without releasing a single arrow. They simply stampeded them over a cliff. Will the Islamic crowd do the same thing to us? After all, people are still blubbering and having nervous breakdowns at every re run of the falling towers. This anguish is self-inflicted and the coming hardships will prove to be of our own making. We are doing it to ourselves, as Eric pointed out.

The American public is not that terrified of outbreaks of disease. They allow contagious AIDS carriers free access to most everything and firmly believe that "science" can always find a cure if enough money is spent. There was no public outcry as millions upon millions of diseased muds were allowed to enter and expose the population to new varieties of everything imaginable. "Mothers" routinely send their kiddies to day communes where most contract diseases on a regular basis. It's not the disease which is the problem, but ZOG's reaction to it and it all adds up to shut downs and loss of revenue.

On the technical side, there are probably a legion of foreigh computer hackers who only need to drop their electronic viruses into the internet simultaneoulsy. Perhaps a few of the more recent were only test runs prior to a massive coordinated attack. Those who are scanning the skies for large noisy twin tower events are overlooking the tremduous power of thousands of seeming picayune episodes. It only takes a handful of sand in the lubricating galleys of an electric generator to make the light go off again. It takes but a few dozen black flies to stop a dog during a hunt. Police "protection" only works as long as those who choose to break the law do not act in unison. Once a group casts off its individual fear of consequences and acts as a coordinated unit, no government is able to maintain itself.

Fear constrains all of our activities except eating and fornicating. We eat anything, without care or caution, if it tastes good. We copulate with anything, without care or caution, as long as it feels good. If ever a people were ripe for destruction, we are they.

I haven't had time to peruse this site, so I have no comment. It's for the survival crowd. It was sent to FAEM by a reader.  http://www.webpal.org/survival/books/doomsday/index.htm
It appears now that hanging around jews, or working in complexes owned or run by them, makes about as much sense as waltzing with Typhoid Mary or having sex with an AIDS niggerball moron. As events unfold, this will become more evident to all except the block headed Bible bangers.
Battle Damage Assessment:
Anthrax Outbreak at Lantana, Palm Beach County, Florida:
Target:  American Media, Inc. (AMI) headquarters building.

With a second employee of this company now testing positive for anthrax exposure and the AMI company building itself closed it's time to take a look at why this firm might have been targeted.

Background Assessment:


Hoover's here informs us that AMI owns the following tabloids:  "National Enquirer", "Star", "The Globe, "National Examiner", "Weekly World News," and "Country Weekly."   The company also owns the distribution business responsible for littering these tabs around your supermarket checkout counter.  Attorney David Kendall, also famous for representing ex President Clinton during impeachment, is an attorney for "The National Enquirer" and AMI.  The general counsel and vice-president of AMI is Michael Kahane.  http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/local/orl-nws-anthrax10801.story?coll=orl%2Dhome%2Dheadlines

AMI itself is wholly owned by the limited liability investment partnership Evercore Partners L.L.P.  The Chairman of Evercore Partners is Mr. Roger C. Altman, a former Deputy Secretary of the Treasury under William Jefferson Clinton and a long time agent of Lehman Brothers investment bankers.   See http://www.stonebridge-international.com/advisors.html

"Roger C. Altman, Chairman, Evercore Partners Inc, Deputy Secretary of Treasury (1993-1995); Assistant Secretary of Treasury (1977-1981). Roger Altman is Chairman of Evercore Partners Inc, an investment and merchant-banking firm, which he co-founded in 1996. Altman was Deputy Treasury Secretary under President Clinton from 1993 to 1995, his second tour of duty at the Treasury Department. From 1987 through 1992, Altman was Vice Chairman of The Blackstone Group, where he led that firm's merger advisory business. Prior to that, he spent 14 years at Lehman Brothers, where he was Managing Director, Co-Head of Investment Banking, and member of the Management Committee and the Board of Directors. Altman is a member of the President's Economic Intelligence Advisory Board and the Council on Foreign Relations."

The Vice-Chairman of Evercore Partners is one Mr. Albert Gore, Jr., former Y2K Presidential candidate and servant of the Judeo-Zionist-Communist House of Armand Hammer.  Gore's daughter is also married to one Andrew Schiff, great-grandson of Judeo-Zionist-Communist financier Jacob Schiff.

Analysis: The September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were openly claimed as attacks on symbols of ZOG financial and military power.  The nature of AMI makes it clear this outbreak is an attack specifically directed against ZOG media power.

Conclusion:  Al-Qaida anthrax attack on ZOG target AMI CONFIRMED.



Interesting Pravda.ru piece (yes Virginia, it's the privatized successor organization to "Pravda" of U.S.S.R. fame) on the status of America's "Jewish Lobby".  Mr. White's analysis of Jewish media, financial and political power is quite superficial, though.  He confuses the leafleteers, internet scribes and sandwich board boys with their hidden Zionist bosses. Maguire

Comments concerning the dismal intellectual level of most Americans have come from several sources, H.L. Mencken, Dr. Revilo Oliver and even "covertly" in the writing of Samuel Clemens. When prez Franklin Roosevelt inquired as to to releasing some wartime information to the public, during the SWATKWP, his advisor Harry Hopkins replied in the negative, "No. The people are simply too stupid to understand." This is true today, where our ruling Zionist class actually views the public with contempt and cleverly uses whatever 'sweet talk' is necessary for the boobs to acquiesce and do their master's bidding all the while felling that they "chose it for themselves." Eric Thomson remarks that most American are down-bred to the point of being dysfunctional. Any astute observer can observe this daily.

Listening to the 'talk show' mouths, and their ignorant callers, lends doubt if there is any intelligent life left on the planet. Here we have two groups so far, all bone-heads to a remarkable degree and all willing to slaughter the other in the name of Allah, on one side, or "saving freedom", on the other. My advice is not to get in the way of either herd of mad stampeding buffalo. One thing is obvious: the Islamic group REALLY is dedicated to their god for they are willing to die for 'him'. The American cattle do not hold such fervent convictions because they fight not for their god, but for a bunch of abstracts which no one has bothered to define. Moreover, Christians BEG their god for assistance while their opponents assist their god voluntarily. If you can extract the religious twaddle, it is obvious that Islam is operating on a higher moral  ground and with little evidence of hypocrisy.
Let's hope that you do not view this as support for any group for, if I had my way, there'd be NO Muslims in this country in the first place. In fact, I'd make sure America was a White country from San Diego to Bangor. ZOG laid the foundation for whatever "terrorism" which results from people already here and it's sad to observe people willing to sacrifice – usually someone else – to defend that which stuck it up their rear to begin with.

Now, if "hate" causes terrorism, then it would be far better to conduct a "war upon hate". If anyone entertains any idea that emotions can be contained or eliminated, then he probably also believes in "vibrating vacuums" and the "holocaust". Since hate is a very powerful emotion, it necessarily has to be invoked in order to be effective during any period of murder, mayhem and destruction. Thus, we has the insane spectacle of using hate to eradicate hate, and using terrorism to fight terrorism. If such asininity does not reveal itself to you, then I suggest that you enlist and die so that I might be "free". I'll fondly remember you while I eat my bean soup.

America is shot, kaput, gone, and anything of value is a remnant of white people still able to tell a roach when he sees one. It is the survival of this small group which should be of paramount concern. Look to your people for no one else will. While Muslims and Christians kill each other, the jew will still be in his counting house smiling, selling flags and urging others to "fight the good fight". This reminds me of a good looking red head named Shirley who was very fond of "Let's you and him fight."

Shirley "put out", as we used to say. I never bothered since promiscuous women appealed to me not since their behavior revealed they held no man as different from another – just a source of beef injections. Shirley would bang Bill and quietly suggest that Don was bothering her, and so on. She'd nurture a hateful notion within Bill's brain since males are very susceptible to this sort of maneuvering. Later, she'd be banging Don while telling him how she disliked Bill, who also was conveniently "pestering" her. At one time, she actually brought Bob – not me – into her sex circus for a trio. This was always the "set up" for very violent future confrontations between her varied "lovers", which she fully enjoyed. I watched one of these episodes unfold in Marco's pizzeria.

Shirley was in a booth with Bill, giving him the loving stokes and "I love you" treatment. Don came in and when he spotted the two, flew into a rage about Bill being with "his girl". Of course, Bill felt the same way towards Don and before I could swallow a bite of pepperoni, a clash was in progress. Tables and chairs were overturned, glass broken including the front window. The cops were called – I continued with my pizza munching as this sort of thing doesn't upset me – and you'll never guess which boy Shirley favored in the brawl. Neither! She lifted her well used ass from the seat, walked past me to say "hello" to George, and they both went out the back door together while the juke box played, "Put another nickel in...."

The Attack on our Freedom

Since the events of TTT there has been the theme reported throughout the Judenpresse of an "attack on our freedom", although it should be clear to anyone with multiple brain cells that TTT had more to do with our host-parasite "special relationship" with Israel than with any dislike Bin Laden would have for the few remaining liberties Americans enjoy. It is very hard for me to imagine Bin Laden sitting down in his tent and planning this attack on America because "they're just too damn free."
Bin Laden does not hate America because of 'freedom', 'democracy' or any other such nonsense spewed by the Electric Jew into the living-rooms of millions every night on the evening news. Bin Laden hates America because of the fact that its Jew-dominated government allows this nation to be used as the worldwide shakedown artist and bully-boy for Israel.

However, that said, there remains an attack on our (already limited) freedom but it neither comes from the rock-throwers of Palestine nor the ragged mountains of Afghanistan. Instead it comes from the foreign body of parasites already amongst us who proclaim that some freedoms will have to be 'sacrificed' for increased 'safety' at the hands of the Jewish-dominated and Jewish-controlled government. Expect new 'anti-terrorism' bills to be put forth that limit your free speech and your freedom of association. Expect the ADL and the SPLC to be talking about 'terrorist speech' and 'domestic terrorist activities' that can have any one of us arrested for not displaying full flag-waving patriotic ignorance in proper fashion. That is the "attack on our freedom" that has been underway since long before TTT. It is indeed somewhat ironic that those same Jews who are accusing Bin Laden and his type of attacking liberty and freedom, are the ones who are covertly besieging it themselves. ( Submitted by D.P.)

It is with regret that I announce that Doug Collins passed away on October 1, 2001. I only met this man on two occasions, one was when we shared dinner. Although the jews called him a "Nazi", for trying to tell the truth about the 'holocaust', I can assure you that he had absolutely no sympathy for anything Nazi. He was beleaguered and maligned, which is to be expected when one encounters the "lovers of free speech."

(Submitted by E.D.) He was a decorated SWATKWP veteran who wrote for the North Shore News in British Columbia, challenged the holocaust, and (in my opinion) was the best journalist Canada had. Could some mention of this man be made on the FAEM website?  People can read articles by this man at http://www.freedomsite.org/

 Immediate Post-Strike Assessment.

Here's the battlefield map:  http://www.thetimes.co.uk/picture/0,,2001320026,00.jpg  Of particular interest are the ethnic/linguistic divisions showed here.  This shows what will happen in the coming weeks.

1.  First and least are the spectacular cruise missile strikes being reported by al-Jazeera Network via CNN.  Cruise missile and manned aircraft attacks will continue for a number of days.  Bombing of the few usual infrastructure targets will proceed flawlesslyuntil these and their surrounding personnel disappear.

2.  More significant were two announcements today by the opposition Afghan Northern Alliance in the hours preceding the strikes.  The first announcement heralded a new offensive "without waiting on the U.S.A."  The second announcement early today closed all Northern Alliance airspace and also ordered even their own aircraft grounded.  With three weeks now in hand for heavy munitions resupply by Russia and cross training with U.S. Special Forces teams the implications are stark.  At least half of the U.S. attack sorties, and particularly the now announced B-1, B-2 and B-52 strikes, will be flown in close support of advancing Northern Alliance forces.  U.S. Special Forces are certainly on hand to provide forward air control and intelligence support.  With these new force multipliers in hand I'm confident the Northern Alliance progress will be very rapid indeed through the northern part of Afghanistan.  The Taliban will have great difficulty holding Pashtun troops underneath this attack in non-Pashtun areas.  Nor can the Taliban afford to lose significant forces in northern battles.  The northern non-Pashtun tribes will certainly want Uncle ZOG's local ZOG in charge before winter closes in to allow food supplies to reach them from the Central Asian states.

3.  This leaves the Pashtun tribes in the south and al-Qaida's 055 Brigade as the Taliban's primary support.


Post Strike Assessment II


1.  The U.S. campaign (with one Brit-ZOG submarine for international lingerie) opened in the usual fashion with strikes against the Taliban's microscopic air and anti-aircraft assets.  Following daylight Battle Damage Assessments from aerial/satellite photography further strikes are undoubtedly enroute as I write.  So far there are no reports of al-Qaida counter-action.  Wartime has already come into play on USA-ZOG's mass media.  Silence and disinformation ala the anthrax case will be the likely response to anything short of mass casualties.

2.  The pivotal action to eliminate the Taliban government lies with the opposition Northern Alliance.  They are the only conceivable ground force that can overrun northern Afghanistan and capture Kabul before winter sets in.  There were faint indications yesterday that Russian Army helicopter units are now providing tactical lift support for Northern Alliance infantry.  Past Kabul, the Pashtun will strongly resist any incursions by the Northern Alliance into their portions of Afghanistan.  Meanwhile other reports by Afghan exiles in the USA (the director of the American radio network for immigrant Aghans) tell of uprisings by other non-Pashtun tribes in areas adjacent to Iran.  The Grand Poobah in Tehran is keeping his hand in also. Watch what happens adjacent to Iran and ignore what Tehran says.  The current plan is to present the plurality Pashtun tribe with a country that is again divided.   Depending on how long the Pashtun continue to support the Taliban, a full partition of multicultural Afghanistan might come into view as was done with Serbia.

   On this front Quadroon Powell's multi-racial/multi-cultural alliance is fraying apart at its single stitch seams.  Pakistan's President-For-Life is already demanding the Northern Alliance not capture Kabul.  Having permitted U.S. air transit through Pakistani airspace,  Musharraf is now in serious trouble with his non-ZOG dazed Pak population.  They're busy burning the usual buildings.  He also has his secondary objective of preserving Pakistan's post-USSR settlement of Afghanistan's internal affairs.

3.  Bin Laden's best strategy (other than flight to fight another day) is to stall until the winter.  This will create a period during which many unstable ZOG regimes throughout Islam will totter with perhaps a few collapsing.  Appearance of other Islamist regimes would give bin Laden other choices for flight.  The Pakistan regime's internal situation is shown by the recent house arrest of the principle opposition leader.    There are many Pakistanis serving in the Taliban militia.  Al-Qaida's senior staff is composed of Egyptians.  This illuminates other near term al-Qaida goals for a country already seething over Zionist terrorism against Palestinians.

4. A direct capture or kill is possible but not very likely.  Bin Laden is not stupid and is using doubles for security just like Presidents:  http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20011007/ts/attack_binladen_doubles_dc_2.html  He and his advisors have thought this matter through ahead of time and so far they are still several steps ahead of everyone else.  The conclusion of back to work Monday world wide will show just how far he has prepared.


a.  ZOG's current strategy is to focus on eliminating the Taliban rather than bin Laden directly.  The best way to force bin Laden into the open is to install an anti-al Qaida regime in Kabul.  There is widespread Afghan tribal resentment over the privileged position of al-Qaida's 'foreigners'.  This is being strongly played on.  There is also a vast weariness in this population after 26 years of war.  Many factors are creating a very different situation than previous Soviet and British Empire incursions into Afghanistan.

b.  ZOG's greatest danger is if the Taliban survive through the winter in control of the Pashtun tribal areas of Afghanistan.  The current strategy therefore will be employed for only a few weeks.  Failing results produce much higher risk tactics involving western ground troops will be implemented towards the end of the month.

Palm Beach Anthrax Assessment Update.


A second anthrax case has been confirmed in Palm Beach County.  See /maguire/semitwar.htm dated September 26, 2001 for current F.A.E.M threat status.

1.  This second case occurs in a co-worker of the first victim, who was a photographer for the The Sun tabloid newspaper.  As  previously stated, Palm Beach County is a prime target area because of its heavy Jewish demographics.  Beyond this al-Qaida has now clearly targeted integral components of ZOG's media oligopoly.  The town of Lantana is also the headquarters for The National Inquirer and Weekly World News tabloids.  These supermarket tabloids are prime propaganda organs for controlling and confusing Jane Sixpack's mind.   Almost needless to state, they are part of the Judeo-Media complex by ownership, too.

2.  Previously CDC doctors claimed the first anthrax case was naturally occurring because it was responsive to penicillin instead of resistant like most militarized anthrax.  This penicillin sensitivity instead seems to indicate that al-Qaida probably homebrewed its own anthrax like Aum Shirinkyo instead of receiving access to some state's military program.

3.  My threat assessment remains unchanged from September 26, 2001:  /maguire/semitwar.htm



   In the last four years "American" and "British" efforts have been especially directed towards attacking white Christian Serbs and creating a greater Moslem state in the Balkans.  That process wasn't even complete before this insane act of race treason returned to haunt us all.  A new report here by the L.A. Times discusses the 'hundreds' of Islamic terrorist types now in Bosnia and sheltered by Moslems in the Bosnian government.  'Hundreds'.  Gee.  And that's just in Multi-Cultural Bosnia which has large Serb and Croat minorities and no Moslem majority.  Imagine the numbers in fully Moslem Kosovo and the rest of 'Greater Albania'.  'Thousands'?  'Tens of thousands'?

   These terrible times do have their comedic moments.  Two weeks ago Brit-ZOG was urgently redeploying scarce elite paratroopers OUT of Kosovo for "counter-terrorism" duties elsewhere.


Buy lots of salt, particularly the large grains. Russian press is about as reliable as ours – the same tribe controls what you hear and that must be taken with what I just suggested you buy.
Let the games begin:
As the Prez, reading a script prepared by his jew writer, signals the nation that the slugging part of the war between good (that's us, of course) and evil  (that's the other fellow who believes we are evil) has begun, I ask you to ponder this – We already have a Department of Defense so what's this new business about Homeland Security? Methinks it will soon be up to a lots of Big Brother mischief.

Keep in mind that old Rome had "victory parades" even as the Empire was collapsing. I fully expect the same to true here. As the couch potatoes stare mindlessly at the CNN entertainment, it would be nice if they would count the number of yids telling them "the truth" but also analyzing it, thus telling them that they are too stupid to figure out what they just heard.

Feminist hags, yappers, mud thuds, and the rest of the human anti-male swamp, are yapping that the liberation of women can only come about after Western domination of the planet is ended. Again, these commie types have the cart before the horse. Only in Western society are women treated as equals, and in many cases, better. Where are the Aryan chivalry values in Israel, Zimbabwe and China? In most lands, it's the women who do the work. Even the Amerindian left the work to the women under penalty. Again, it's the same story – anti-White male. That's were the war really lies and many of our American White males are discovering that one of the enemy sleeps with them.
The Ripple Cripple. Albany NY – Department of Education – has announced that school districts in the state will not receive state funds after November 1 due to the power of the felled towers. This has already precipitated emergency meetings in major cities where talk of cutting programs and staff are underway. It won't effect education since not much of that was going on anyway. I am not sure what will be cut back – computer wrecking, basketball tossing, free meals, log thumping, ass grabbing, or what.
Blightwingers and the black helicopter crowd get too excited sometimes about the presence of Chinese at our sea ports, confusing contracts for commercial wharves and piers with military bases.

Still, these are very important because they show likely covert supply infiltration routes.  The Chinese can/could/are (probably are in my opinion) doing covert supply for al-Qaeda and will doubtless expand as al-Qaeda's other networks are progressively shutdown.  They can do that on a dead-drop basis without anyone besides bin-Laden and one or two top assistants ever
knowing who did the drop-offs.

Nor would the Chinese operatives ever know who was receiving the goods they were hiding in these massive dead drops.  They would simply hide them and report the location back to "higher".  Far-far "highers" later (months, years) give the location instructions to bin-Laden's #2.

The entire operation could be compartmentalized to the point where less than 10 total al-Qaeda and Chinese officials knew the full story.

To my knowledge Beijing's military intelligence apparats have never been penetrated by western agencies.


I touched on U.S. electricity last January in "Feeding Time At The Zoo" here:   /maguire/feeding.htm

The war in Chechnya is integrally linked to a struggle for control of trans-Caucausian pipeline routes out of the Caspian Sea oil and gas fields. There's also considerations for opium smuggling routes directly north from the northern Iraqi "no-fly" zone into Russia.  See the map.  This northern "no-fly" zone is where the Iraqi Kurds grow many poppies.

Considerations of oil and opium are greatly influencing operations in Central Asia.  Current estimates state 75% of the world opium supply is now coming out of Afghanistan.  Like the "Kosovo Liberation Army" and the Chechens, the Taliban, al-Qaeda and the opposition Northern Alliance all traffic heavily in opium.

Meanwhile major discoveries of oil have been made in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan.  Should conditions ever stabilize enough in Afghanistan for thorough exploration there's every reason to believe significant oil and gas fields could be found there, too.

Iraq also made major new field discoveries in the 1990s which still await development.  I've seen some reports that indicate Iraq's exploitable reserves might be only a little shy of Saudia Arabia's.

With these kinds of stakes on the table no one should be surprised by the apparent slow response to September 11.  ZOG is jockeying for position in Central Asian oil drugs first.  Protection of the proles from 'terrorists' is still very low on its list of priorities.  Speaking of ZOG, it has revealed itself again as being intact ever since SWATKWP.  The nominally independent governments of the USA, the UK and Russia are publicly in full concord once more.  They always are whenever control of the world oil industry is on the table.

Local pump "high prices" for gasoline and other utilities are a very relative concept depending on where you are.  In Russia gasoline is much cheaper than here on a USD basis.  Meanwhile most of Europe pays two to four times as much as we do for gasoline due to taxes and other political arrangements.  The same is true in Japan.  Considerations include foreign trade balance and source dependency and "ecology".  Ecology is a broad term that encompasses everything from clean air to simple lack of space for too many roads and cars.  This condition is a limiter in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, some islands in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore and China's coastal seaboard.


Dad always reminded us not to buy stocks, nor gamble with money we couldn't afford to do without. Gramps always had a metal box hidden in the woodpile which contained a few bucks. He said the money was always accessible to him while funds in a bank were not. ZOG can declare "bank holidays" anytime it desires. I do not gamble nor would I ever buy any stocks – I have no desire to get rich without working. In fact, I have no desire to get rich by working. What paltry funds I have in a bank I certainly could do without. I am in debt to no one for anything. I am just a contented pauper.
In regard to the hemmorhagic fever epidemic in Afghanistan, conceivably al-Qaeda has been experimenting with this.  Aum Shrinkyo attempted to acquire and weaponize ebola in the early 1990s.

But more likely this is incident to mass population movement.  Here's a forgotten detail of military history. Until the First War To Kill White People armies on campaign always suffered more deaths from disease than from enemy action.  These diseases included cholera, typhus, typhoid, yellow fever, malaria and many other hemmorhagic fevers of which ebola is one example.  Stricter sanitation discipline and improved military preventative medicine knowledge led to a great reduction in incidence rates.

These kinds of contagions occur whenever large 3d World (or even 1st World) populations go into motion.  Sanitation is not good even under the best of conditions. What public sanitation exists rapidly breaks down.  These refugee populations may soon see mass outbreaks of the scourge of Asia, typhus. This promiscuous intermixing of population groups produces the same result that loose sex does among individuals.

During these mass migrations many exotic diseases previously confined to a tiny area can also start spreading rapidly.  For example, during the Korean War the previously unknown Hanta virus appeared.  It was called this because it appeared in the area bordering the Han Tan River north of Seoul.


Airlines are going bust and OilBush will use ZOGbucks to bail them out. Afghan refugees are also in line for ZOGbuck relief after the deluge. All of the extra Big Brother surveillance will cost ZOGbucks. As other businesses collapse, OilBush will offer support with ZOGbucks. Israel will need more money to kill Palestinians. The Islamic countries which "joined us" on this insane crusade (threats and bribes) will also cost lots of ZOGbucks. Everywhere I look, I see a huge outpouring of ZOGbucks. Wacko Bush has also been mumbling about more tax cuts. Money has to be pumped into an economy which appears headed to the trash can. My simple question is: Where is all of this money coming from? Do I hear the roar of printing presses? How do you spell inflation? To hell with "world wide terrorism", what's going to happen here might just be worse. Are there Judeo-American idiots who really think the mestizos and blacks care two donks about serving this country when their past record has been only one of making demands? I understand that some on the Titanic were still praying to God before they froze and/or drowned in those icy waters. Sing: Gott Blast Ameri... blub... ca... blub... blub.

Looks like our jew policy for Afghanistan will be refurbished Russian jew policy. Where there's oil, there's war.

A proposal: Ask Osama, and the other Islamic leaders, "If we nuke Israel will they lay off on this terrorism bit?" If the answer is "yes", then put it up for a vote. After all, this is a democracy isn't it? This would also put an end to this dual citizenship racket.

Have you noticed the wimp response issued by our fearless "world's greatest orator" relative the the recent gas from Israel? Israel controls America. Yousa massah, which cheek do ah kiss first?
Now that a jew flight was blasted from the skies and anthrax popping up in Florida, make sure your rabbi and others, have this link – /maguire/semitwar.htm. Make sure you read it again.
Remember the Sepoy Mutiny? The Brits felt that if they showed the wogs that they trusted them, then the wogs would then be loyal. The Brits then entrusted the wogs with their very best rifles. If you haven't read about the mutiny, then you'll never guess what this trust eventually meant to the sorry British. Wogs are wogs are wogs.
The Palm Beach County "outdoors man" has now died of the first recorded case of inhalation pulmonary anthrax in about 22 or 27 years.  The Centers For Disease Control is officially calling this an 'isolated case'.  From the standpoint of public safety this is probably wise.  There is a latency period following exposure.  A flight of millions of Floridians towards Georgia now wouldn't save anyone already exposed.  Meanwhile thousands would die in the accompanying accidents, rapine and pillage.

   It's useful to remember that Japanese cult Aum Shinrikyo also tried to deploy anthrax.

  "Later that month, pursuing an alternative technology, the cult attempted to release anthrax spores from its mid-rise Tokyo office building laboratory. At that time, police and media reported foul smells, brown steam, some pet deaths, and stains on cars and sidewalks."

   The above quote and url is from the U.S. Government Centers For Disease Control in Atlanta.  Mass-culturing and then effectively weaponizing anthrax as a biologic is not that easy.  The CDC doctor I saw on CNN did say the anthrax was acquired in Florida.  We can note that Aum Shinrikyo failed to cause a human casualty even when attempting direct release from its laboratories.

   After taking into account the locale of this incident, I'm treating it as an attack.  Mohammed Atta tried to obtain his loan for a crop duster in Palm Beach County.  Lantana Florida is in the second listed evacuation zone in my September 26 Threat Assessment.


It was reported that 80 percent of Americans still cannot function well due to the trauma of Twin Tower Tuesday. This is frightening. As I sit here, alone as usual, I wonder if I am missing something. Perhaps I have a serious defect in ability. I have never known anything I could describe as "boredom" and if an anvil dropped upon your foot, I'd not feel your pain. My mental condition might be changed depending upon my inner feelings toward you. If I didn't like you, I'd feel joy that your foot was smashed. If you were someone I cared for to a great degree, sympathy would erupt but for me to be reduced to a helpless emotional hulk of blubbering protoplasm would be very unlikely. In all events, I'd endeavor to assist you in any way I could. In any event, any change in my psychological condition would necessitate knowledge of the event. If Charlie Sneed was run over by a bus, in Intercourse PA, I'd only not feel anything but I'd have no mental involvement whatsoever if I was not aware of it. Thus, whatever emotions we feel regarding the pain of others IS SELF GENERATED and by this, many immobilize themselves. People wallowing in self-pity or experiencing "sympathetic vibrations" during any crisis only make that crisis worse. I truly believe that those who perpetrated the TTT acts knew full well the deplorable self-indulgent emotional state of most Americans. Again, and you can mutter "women bashing" under your breath if you like, but I feel that men are far less influenced by what their eyes partake than are females.

As a kid, I bought a sheet of glass from Corning which allowed ultraviolet light to pass while blocking most other frequencies. I did some research to find a light source which was heavy in ultra-violet emission. I obtained such a bulb and fabricated a rather large ultraviolet source. My closest brother and I devised an experiment. We set a varied meal upon the table and lit it with the UV light. Most food items were drastically changed in color. Butter remained rich yellow but margarine shows up as a very sick looking green-gray. The yolks of eggs were blood red and the whites dark something. Anyway we invited all to sit down, eat and make no comments about what they saw. Dad entered mentioning how great the food smelled. He stopped short, smiled, sat down, and then said "Pass the butter." My bothers, all four of them, sniggered, then laughed, and sat down to eat. My two sisters came in and were revolted at the sight and simply left  the room.

It is no coincidence that the latest culinary fad consists of dribbling useless sauces all over a plate and decorating it with inedible weeds so it looks "pretty". This is as feminine as is the clamor for decorative transparent chunks of carbon (diamonds) and ornaments of all sorts.

Most women can look at a thing and be completely swayed by only what they see. The aromas of fresh baked bread and hot beef were completely submerged in the minds of my sisters, when the food appeared in unfamiliar colors. This brings to mind the images of the Twin Towers, which in this jew-dazed society, will be squeezed for its last drop of emotional blood.

If a man doesn't become an emotional wreck over something which paralyzes women, he is accused of being "feelingless", "having no heart", or simply an "uncaring monster". So deplorable is our state, that daily GROWN men call some talk-show female asking for advice on how to BE A MAN, and requiring this female to solve their problems. As kids, we used to taunt others with "Run home and cry to mommy." It was a derogatory remark but today it appears to be accepted practice.