21 October 2001
The clock is tickinghttp://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/EID/vol5no4/stern.htm
It doesn't take much to understand what the NWO is all about. It has nothing to do with the welfare of any population, whether white, black or turquoise. In a  moral and ethical sense, the boys who are pushing this business are criminals and represent evil incarnate. Whether jew or anglo, these ZOGheads have an insane lust for power and wealth. They care not whom, or what, they destroy in their demonic pursuit. They fully intend to control ALL of the earth's resources, one of the more important being oil. Although the present crusade for the disenfranchisement of evil takes on god-like and righteous overtones, it is nonetheless a murderous campaign against ALL who oppose it, especially if one might block the flow of black gold. The NWO crowd cares not about whether the Higi or Eskimo cares to join their circus for they have no value for them.

It should be understand that 80 percent of any population consists of just plain folks who wish to pursue daily life no matter how bizarre their activity might seem to others. Like the serfs of old, they care little about which king kills which king or what those in control do as long as they are not bothered during their mundane pursuits. It cannot be overstated that "freedom" is not much more than a slogan to the majority of any group. There were very few who fought for freedom during our War of Independence. Most people stayed at home, doing whatever, and only occasionally asking about how the war was going. A good share of the population didn't approve of separation from the King and so moved to what we now call Canada, which might account for the fact that ZOG impositions there are not viewed in the same light as for Americans. When Ben Franklin was asked about what sort of government the Congress had given them, he replied, "A Republic, if you can keep it."

The like-father-like-son murder campaign is not primarily about oil and drugs, but about making sure that all significant countries have ZOG governments subservient to the top ZOGheads. Within each country are always batches of dissidents and those who  are viewed the most dangerous are what we call patriots, right-wingers., etc. The commie left, while often a nuisance, can be counted upon to be useful idiots in the fight against the "right". Only the "right" offers a possibility of calling to the general attention, the rapacious exploitation of the ZOGheads. They also know that the man-in-the-steeet generally pays no attention to such warnings unless his stomach is empty. Our masters know full well that they cannot rape the planet without the common man being also raped. They simply cannot take a chance by allowing effective dissidents free reign. That's why we can soon expect a generous propaganda campaign aimed at connecting all "right wingers" with terrorism, or the possibility thereof. The present Operation Bushoil will serve these two major objectives – clamp the lid upon all countries not yet obedient and to squash all potential for opposition under the soon to be despotic, Homeland Security.

We have often chided little jews, such as Marvin Simon, D.D.S., for not speaking out against what the leaders of his tribe are doing. What Catholic, I might ask, would speak out against what the Pope decides to do? Ordinary people do not buck the tide and always can be counted on to go with the flow. This tendency is what makes all societies stable, whether jew, gentile, Mongol, or Zulu. Since all groups are defined by their leaders, we thus must remember that in a strict sense, we are talking about those leaders when we refer to such groups.

Let's suppose that the Bushoil criminal class achieves whatever delusion they fancy and that the world becomes cozy with this control. Like the small time crooks running Chicago during the 1930s, all will not be quiet for long. Remember that a ZOGhead is a criminal whose lust for power knows no bound and those who are allies during the imposition of the NWO will NOT be allies when the trolley has reached the station. As with the crime families and mobs of old, one can assuredly count upon bloody rivalry to be the future. There simply are none of this psychological bent who will be satisfied with their present level of power. They WILL want more and the only way they can achieve this is by taking it away from their one-time allies, since the peons have no more to give. A philanderer is compelled to seek more women. A slut is always in need of another stud.

In this whole NWO disorder, there is one towering, and sobering, fact: China. China, being essential a racist state, is certainly superior psychologically to the raceless ZOGhead mob and will never acquiesce to playing a minor part in any world government scheme. At present, the only thing preventing them from claiming the planet, is the lack of technical ability for they surely do have the manpower, and the absolute patience to wait and obtain. Bushoil can fart around with his 'summits', but the Chinese will never agree to anything which is not totally in their interests. Bushoil, essentially a pompous dunderhead in spite of the hoopla surrounding the speeches he gives, which were written by someone else, will deceive himself by assuming that he accomplished something. We will all assuredly suffer greatly from the fools we chose to run affairs for us.

When white people acted like a race – proud of being white – they ruled the world without question. When our ZOGheads decided to abolish the white nation, they destroyed the only thing which could save them from the Yellow Peril.

Revisionist Vignette

Here's a special feature for neo-con connedservantives, JBSers and other pretenders to 'conservatism'.  Unlike other websites we don't use flattery or kiss readers butts to build readership.  FAEM's inimitable style is more like a 2x4 up the side of the head.

A very famous figure of history is the 19th Century Prime Minister of the Late Great Britain and also leader of the British 'Conservative' Party, Benjamin Disraeli.  Disraeli once wrote a political novel titled "Coningsby".  John Birch Society members and the other moral cowards of the Black Helicopter crews are very fond of quoting a single sentence of Benjamin Disraeli's "Coningsby" as a proof text that high politics are not as they seem:    "So you see, my dear Coningsby, that the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes."

Here's the real context of that sentence of Disraeli's from "Coningsby":

   "A few years back we were applied to by Russia. Now, there has been no friendship between the court of St. Petersburg and my family. It has Dutch connections, which have generally supplied it; and our representations in favor of the Polish Hebrews, a numerous race, have not been very agreeable to the Czar. However, circumstances drew to an approximation between the Romanoffs and the Sidonias. I resolved to go myself to St. Petersburg. I had, on my arrival, an interview with the Russian Minister of Finance, Count Cancrin; I beheld the son of a Lithuanian Jew. The loan was connected with the affairs of Spain; I resolved upon repairing to Spain from Russia. I traveled without intermission. I had an audience immediately on my arrival with the Spanish Minister, Sefior Mendizabel; I beheld one like myself, the son of a Nuevo Cristiano, a Jew of Arragon. In consequence of what transpired at Madrid, I went straight to Paris to consult the President of the French Council; I beheld the son of a French Jew, a hero, an imperial marshal, and very properly so, for who should be military heroes if not those who worship the Lord of Hosts?...

The consequence of our consultations was that some Northern power should be applied to in a friendly and meditative capacity. We fixed on Prussia; and the President of the Council made an application to the Prussian Minister, who attended a few days after on our conference. Count Arnim entered the cabinet, and I beheld a Prussian Jew. So you see, my dear Coningsby, that the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes."

   When Disraeli wrote about hidden rulers manipulating affairs behind the scenes he was talking about JEWISH hidden rulers.   The lesson above is not about what's going on now.  Almost any idiot (except for JBSers and Rapture Cultists) can see what's going on.  Negro, Mexibean and raghead newspapers write about it every day.  The lesson is about why the hard right, paleo-conservatives, JBSers and other non-Marxist GOPers keep losing.  The fault lies not with the power or intelligence of your enemies.  The fault is in yourselves, specifically your own moral cowardice.   I never cease to be amazed at the Byzantine, Machiavellian rationales you folks dream up to justify self-censoring yourselves.  What good are you to anyone if you are so morally weak you won't even quote former British Prime Ministers in context?   You won't ever out Jew the Jews at deception, although you come real close in your self-deceptions.  Plain spoken truth is your winning sword, fearless conscience your invincible armor.  But these you refuse to touch.

   You just can't fool Mother Nature.


No!I will not pass on the latest RUMOR about Dr. Pierce. It comes by way of "anonymous" which relegates the "facts" to the garbage pail of gossip, or pure malicious falsehood. Any f---head who will not put his name on such "revealing" information is one I want nowhere in my vicinity. 
I understand that a Russian General stated that Russia would not permit the U.S. to attack Iraq or Iran. I think this is mere theatrics for the goyim audience. Since ZOG runs both entities, I expect tons of hype about "confrontation", scare stories all over the place, and then a "peaceful" resolution to the hot air crisis. The goyim, thus relieved of their anxiety, will rush back to watching niggerball, eating pizza and wondering how long it will be before they get another shot at their neighbor's wife.

Maguire comments —    And previously Putin was saying the US couldn't base troops in Uzbekistan, or at least not combat troops or or or...  Then there were all the dire threats from the Russian General Staff if NATO expanded eastward into former Warsaw Pact territory like Poland and Hungary...

   Bombastic statements like the above are reported at least twice a week in the Russian language press.  Whenever you hear that sort of stuff you can be sure someone has his palm out to be greased.  The only difference between now and the 'Cold War' is the grease is cheaper today.  Previously it took socialized quantities on a national scale.  Now a couple of million and some high grade call girls will do the trick.

After  6 days into a 30 day free offer from Verizon DSL high speed internet service, I called and told them "No thanks." At $50 per month, I can wait a minute longer for downloads. Besides, they hang you with a indelible username no one can remember.

I am also doing the free trial bit with Adelphia PowerLink. They screw up email 90 percent of the time and often something is fouled up when accessing certain parts of the electronic outback. I am packing their junk up and canceling the whole mess which has already had a price increase to $43 per month.

My old 56K modem service does the whole connect trick in 40 seconds – from click to boing with no redials – and it is consistent and reliable. Being much lower in cost leaves me enough extra money to pay my speeding tickets and afford "amiable Anna", the lonely man's companion.

Look for the jews who run talmudvision to start linking the patriotic right with terrorism, thus paving the way for another open assault against people they don't like. Fond of SWATKWP movies? I can hear them blowing the dust from the reels right now in preparation for another round of flag waving. Don't you find it odd that the jews who pushed nationalism aside in favor of having the kiddies indoctrinated with allegiance to the "it's a small world after all" communist Jewblighted Notions, are now encouraging what they tried to destroy? What can one expect from such a blood-mixed gang of screwed up yoyos who cannot decide which race they want to belong to?
You won't find this stuff on talmudvision – http://www.khilafah.com

The Al-Qaeda message – http://www.khilafah.com/1421/category.php?DocumentID=2434&TagID=2

HELP !!! Most of you know that I retain no email addresses (I don't bug people by sending out mass mailings.) and that all email is wiped out every few days. Therefore, I am in a poor position to refer back to anything. When I clobber data, it's more than just removing a name or header. The whole file is rewritten using all zeros before it is deleted. Relative to the HD, it is gone, gone, gone. Even when I have a desire to contact someone from the near past, I am helpless due to this loss of information. So, if I loved you last year and we lost contact, it will have to be you who contacts me.

A fellow is doing research on Savitri Devi and is interested – for a price – in obtaining any audio copies of her poems, and so on, which were recorded circa 1970. If you can help, please contact me.

One of the plentiful man-hating bitches which infest our school systems disguised as "teachers", and who use every opportunity to belittle their male students (I am sure many of those reading this know of what I speak.), was also on the staff where I was once employed. She loved yapping about circumcision and how males "deserved" that traumatic infant pain. Any body mutilation from tattoos to pierced nipples is not a mark of a civilized person. Anyway, in response to a question from a female student, I gave her a lengthy print-out of the process of female circumcision – a very, very gruesome and horribly barbaric practice engaged in my many African tribes as well as massive numbers of various Muslims. The jews also mutilate male sex organs as do their obedient cattle here in America. Sue took this paper to Mz. Witchshit and mentioned something about what is good for the gander might be good for the goose. It always pleases me when a female with a sound brain sticks it to one of these ugly boxes. Contrary to the opinion of some, there are many women whom I admire.

I have always marveled at the idiotic, and hypocritical, notion known as "sacrifice" especially when connected to religions. In all cases, the person NEVER sacrifices himself or even a portion of himself. In other words, he doesn't bear the brunt of what is essentially  destruction, whether the life of some animal or, in the case of the many Bible stories, the life of others. A person who offers, and gives, HIS LIFE in the service of whatever it is they deem important, is certainly a more admirable character than one who wants OTHERS to suffer a loss for HIS benefit. (I'll wave the flag. You do the dying.) If that human garbage we call Congress is so gung-ho on eradicating "evil", I would fully expect them to be the first to sacrifice THEIR lives for the cause. But no, for they are not of the people, but merely deceitful masters who view the public as a source of votes, taxes and cannon fodder – of little importance in the grand scheme of money and power.

Is ZOG reading these pages and my email? I would sure hope so for I have many greviances which I would hope they'd redress. That's American, ain't it? From the First Amendment – "... peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances." Let FAEM be interpreted as that  petition.
Just in case you thought the Afghan Campaign wasn't structured around drugs and oil.  Selected highlights follow...

   "The Taliban have another weapon: control of most of the world's heroin."


  "Since Afghan opium accounts for about 70% of the world's heroin production..."

   "UN officials say the current Afghan stockpile is enough to keep every addict in Europe supplied for three years."

   "How does Afghan heroin reach western markets? Broadly speaking, there are two routes: one passing through Central Asia and Russia, (ed. including Chechnya) the other through the Balkans. (i.e. Kosovo and Albania)"

   Where ever opium, cocaine and oil are to be found, there ZOG is also.  From the Hidden War in Central America in the 1980s to Just Cause in Panama to Desert Storm in Kuwait/Iraq to Kosovo and now to Afghanistan there have been one of two background denominators to every enduring "American" military commitment: drugs and/or oil.

   The Taliban's monopoly position in and attempt to create an opium cartel sealed their fate long before 9-11-01.


"Don't ask for guarantees. And don't look to be saved in any one thing, person, machine, or library. Do your own bit of saving and if you drown, at least die knowing you were headed for shore." – Fahrenheit 451 
Take a shot at this one – http://www.ukar.org/index.shtml
If it's warm and breathing, hump it – http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?click_id=13&art_id=ct20011018095820122G361774&set_id=1
During the Cuban missile crisis
, Americans "came together" under the common threat. They busied themselves making giant foxholes with roofs – "shelters" – and stocking them with dried foods usually sold by jew suppliers. So community minded were they, that they threatened to kill their neighbors if any tried to get at their food reserves or enter their shelters. Now that's what I call real community.
It's time to review the advantages of DIVERSITY. These links are reserved only for those over the age of 19./links/coolboy.htm
Since the jewess, Roseanne Barr, did such a wonderful job with The Star Spangled Banner, where she sang off key, wiped her crotch with her hand and then flipped her fingers towards the flag, we should get her to render God Bless America. 
There were a dozen mice which gathered together to devise a plan to thwart their enemy, old Tom's cat. After a few committee meetings it was agreed that a bell should be tied to the cat so as to provide a warning. The hitch was that no mouse volunteered to tie that bell to the cat. Sort of reminds me of our ZOGlings, Congress and the talmudvision "news" correspondents.
After screwing up NASA, the yid Danny Golden has finally quit. Under his misdirection, was the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger. He told the German bunch – those who brought their kidnapped talent to America – that he'd makes things cheaper, better and faster. The NASA budget was axed due to costs but there was plenty of money to waste on saving the Soviet junk box Mir. ZOG is not on the side of the taxpayer.
Many Americans cannot distinguish between the sound of two $100 bills rubbing together and the voice of God. R.P.O.
Put down – I see you've only received the cheap granular version of anthrax. I have received the powered weapons-grade variety. Poo on you.
A radio blab fest featured the usual assortment of blow-hards. It reminded me of one of Mr. Gaunt's remarks in the movie, Needful Things – "Such noble people. Always willing to sacrifice – the other fellow."
The site http://www.front14.org has been down for a few days. I do not know why but I would assume that if it was other than technical, at least one of the users would have emailed information to someone. Due to the increasing level of home brew turd-world incompetence, plus nigger insertion action and "cheap labor" motives, I'd be hesitant to point the finger only at ZOG. National policies have condemned all efficient systems to a down hill slide including itself. I'll be glad to post any info regarding the front14 site.
Some things to think about.. for those who still can. (sent in by a reader)

The Jews don't like the taste of their own medicine, it seems. When the Jews have their Mossad go out and put bombs inside telephones, when they send rockets into cars, and when they stab and shoot Palestinian leaders to death in the name of Israel, this is to them nothing more than a common occurrence, simply everyday practice, and nothing at all new. But oh, all the outrage, the wailing and the crying when the Palestinians turn around and do the same to them. That's exactly what happened only a few days ago when an Israeli Cabinet member, Rechavam Zeevi, was assassinated by Palestinians in an Israeli hotel. There's only so many times you can slap someone in the face before they'll turn around and hit you back. No doubt the Jews will try and paint this as an act of 'terrorism', trying to cash in on the hysterics this latest buzz-word causes in the ignorant American masses. But if this assassination is 'terrorism', then we must wonder what Israel calls the hundreds of assassinations it has carried out to date on Hamas and PLO leaders.

Anyone who still has doubt to as why Bin Laden and his pals might want to carry out terrorist attacks against the United States, have a read of this link. http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/world/middle_east/newsid_1590000/1590350.stm That's the FULL Al-Qaeda statement, not the censored, edited, Semitically-correct version that they are reading on the Talmudvision. Take notice of this phrase for some enlightenment: "..The actions by these young men who destroyed the United States and launched the storm of planes against it have done a good deed. They transferred the battle into the US heartland. Let the United States know that with God's permission, the battle will continue to be waged on its territory until it leaves our lands, stops its support for the Jews, and lifts the unjust embargo on the Iraqi people who have lost more than one million children." It's not your 'freedom' they hate, Goy-cattle, it's your servitude at the hands of the Jew.

Judging by the reaction to the 'Anthrax attacks', it is apparent that they have been indeed successful. Not at killing people, or making them sick, but by driving them into a ridiculous mass-hysteria. You are millions of times more likely to be raped, stabbed, or shot to death by good ol' Rufus the Negro at the bus stop than you are from 'Anthrax'. Nonetheless, the lemmings will mindlessly celebrate the blackitude and diversity of having Rufus and his ilk around, but go into hysterical shock should they ever open a letter containing some flour.

Anthrax can be cured by a few simple antibiotic pills, but there is no pill on earth that can cure the blood poisoning that our race has endured these last fifty years

I started a response to a fellow who was concerned about the presence of "jewish blood" in his family tree. I canceled my original intent and thought it more useful to again summarize my point of view and present it on this page.

There are few who discriminate based only upon a person's physical appearance. Nearly all separatist inclinations are motivated by the presence of antagonistic behavior whether in the realm of religion or in the anti-social arena. Biology is the foundation upon which natural behavior is built. Mimicking is well known though out the animal world and is especially pronounced when it comes to humans. Indeed, we in this county seem to value highly those who can mimic – actors – the behavior of others for one purpose or the other. That aside, there are natural inclinations which preclude harmonious associations on the same parcel of geography. This is nowhere more apparent than where black is mixed with white, and was duly noted by our Founding Fathers and dozens of subsequent leaders. In an attempt to 'fudge' the statements, note that the quote on the Jefferson Memorial ends with a semicolon. It was obviously pulled out of context for the purpose of achieving a Marxist political agenda not surprising since it was built during the reign of the jewish FDR whose personal hatred for Adolf Hitler knew no bounds. Hitler achieved in 2 years what Roosevelt could not in spite of the massive Marxist programs enacted. ONLY the SWATKWP got this country out of the Depression.

The presence of non-white blood in an otherwise white appearing individual is only important to the degree which it affects natural behavior. Some attributes, hair texture for example, certainly give clue to racial admixture but I would be hard pressed to believe that if this were the only dominant extra racial feature, it would affect behavior. Therefore, I would dismiss it as being relatively unimportant. We all have seen "white" individuals with a negro kink in their hair, who behave in a beneficial manner in the white society in which they live. We have also noted those, white as white can be, who would benefit the society by being shipped to Mars in fulfillment of loony LaRouche's pipe dream solution for over population.

It is one thing to know that a person has a strain of whatever blood in his family tree and quite another to condemn him entirely due to a factor of which may play no significant part. What I see in many blightwing circles is an attempt to form a standard far more stringent than Hitler ever devised. We can never build a white society by condemning all those who have traces of non-white in their veins for to do so would eliminate a very large percent we now choose to call white. However, a society can be improved biologically by a community desire to improve the lot of those who follow. We improve the strain of our livestock but such device has been colored 'evil' when applied to ourselves. Free-for-all copulation has been popular throughout the ages and would have not led us to this present racial morass where stupidity, ugliness, and disease are the norm, if we hadn't supported it by misdirected compassion and charity. We indeed use more resources to benefit the low end than we do to enhance the high end. This is classical Marxism which intimately dooms all those hypnotized by its song. We are indeed living in those times where a something for nothing attitude renders most insane. So saturated with greed for material things, the average American simply cannot fathom a religion, nor a people, who thinks otherwise. We will not even defend our property as evidenced by the continual colonization of our country by asians and mexicans, yet we deceive ourselves that we are able to do battle with 'evil'. In I Tm:6:10, we read: For the love of money is the root of all evil... and no one loves money more than the jew and the American. Thus, if we wish to see the true face of evil, we need go no further than our bathroom mirror or our TV set. We need not seek it overseas.

The typical American honky is a fellow who welcomes goats into his home, while applauding the virtue of 'diversity', and then later complains about the crap and destroyed furniture.
A note from a reader
– I have been visiting your site for several months. Thank you for your stark and well reasoned opinions.  It has been a VERY DIFFICULT transition from "conservative" to nationalist.  Through the help of  you (Maguire and Eric)  and many others,  I have broached that gap.

Please continue your good work.

A long time correspondent takes issue with my "America is not a nation" comment. I used the term in its modern sense – any critter which feeds and breeds in the geographic entity called 'America'. "American" always meant 'white' and was historically accepted until the word-twisters and name-changers subverted, and perverted, our whole societal structure. Several of you now reading this are descended from those who formed this "nation" and now find that some swamp denizen who just took some oath, is now more American than he is. Indeed, when I label myself a patriot, I am implicitly referring to our WHITE population for I am under no obligation to defend anything beyond that in spite of possible legal requirements to do so. ZOG does not define what I choose to call my nation, for that definition remains one of blood. You can call a jackass a carrot if you choose, but reality will not be thus altered.
One fellow takes issue with my statement about Attila (the Hun) and claims he was a white man. I have pointed out, almost ad infinitum, that what we know of the past has to be accepted upon faith since the past cannot be verified by any other means. One of those idiosyncrasies of time, wouldn't you say? Anyway, Carleton Coon's (an academic heavyweight, by the way) 1966 The Origin of Races, page 484 says this about the subject — "... it may be noted that all of the modern inhabitants (Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. RF) are Caucasoid EXCEPT (my emphasis RF) those whose ancestry can be traced to historic invasions (Huns, Mongols, Turks, etc.) or to the slave trade (Negroes in Arabia and elsewhere)." Obviously Prof. Coon saw Huns as non-whites. Beyond this, I shall not argue.
Same target, different area – my comment, different type.

"You missed the point here, geography is, of course, how races came to exist – Geographic reproductive isolation."

I miss a lot of points but I no longer "buy" the evolution business hook, line and sinker, as I once did. This flows from the single origin of man notion. Parking in a steamy jungle makes your lips evolve fatter, your body odor evolve more putrid and your brain evolve less sophisticated. If you planted the black population in Norway, how long would it take for them to evolve into white men?

"So today, its down to each *individual* to be classified into a racial group, starting with the sub-species, then the race, then sub-race..."

Again, classification is a exercise concocted by MEN so that men could impose their notion of truth upon the world. Anyone can do this and find some will agree and others not. I like Eric's definition of a non-White – Anyone whose skin is darker than mine.

"Basically, what's meant is that the physical traits on Bushoil are of the Northern European type....as a WHOLE. not because he has one or two features that make him 'suspicious' to the untrained eye."

It's the trained eye which notices those subtle traces of hanky panky in the family tree. Take a close look at the "Royal family". It's the little things which made the big differences.

Here's an opinion on the WTC tragedyhttp://community.webtv.net/Knight_311/Heroesofflight93
Don't run around with an alligator's mouth mounted on a mosquito's ass.
is spreading very little good and eliminating absolutely no evil. Whomever our enemies are, they are spreading a lot of seeds which create a response far more disrupting than the seeds themselves. People should only fight for land and blood (nation). America is NOT A NATION. If you think so, then I suggest a long talk with your dictionary.
I just listened to a TV kike tell us that the reason for anthrax, and terrorism, is because "we" failed to enforce, and implement, the New World Order (The ultimate communist objective!) soon enough. Listen carefully my freedom loving patriotic friends, this whole jew carnival is about nailing the lid on ultimate Zionist world control. Even some trigger-happy p.c. General announced that the "whole world" will be the object of our "eliminating evil" crusade. (Evil is defined as all peoples who resist world control by a self-selected group of mad men.) 70 percent of Americans are now completely loony and will, in the end, inflict upon themselves what the gods have seen no necessity to do. When the flotsam and jetsam of our kind drown in the sewers of their own making, there shall be the Phoenix of our race emerging from the ashes. The coming decades will see a culling much needed.

The Creator's people – the creative white race – simply will not vanish. People capable of going to the moon, giving the world electricity and its attendant devices, and feeding those rejects who cannot feed themselves, is a race not easily vanquished. I do not feel threatened because I know my enemies, if the opportunity arises, will kill me whether I kiss their asses or not. With each new dozen of mud idiots thrust into my society, the more brilliant I appear. The more ugly walking after-births which populate my neighborhood, the higher on the handsome scale I become. We are surrounded by white-haters and many of our women have joined that crowd – an indication of their inductive stupidity, for without white males, they will become chattels at best.

Many white women are quite peculiar for they balk at being what they perceive to be second class status relative to white men, and actively fight to be "top bitch dog". Yet, and here is the wonder of it all, when they join their black studs in mutual white-male hate, they actually become slaves to the ape, thus achieving the opposite of what they claim to be seeking. Eric has noted that all of the lesbian cruds which slither into his working place, actually shun WHITE men but cozy up to BLACK men. The only logical explanation is that both the black buck and the white lesbo share a common HATRED FOR THE WHITE MALE. Thus, may white men have discovered that they are sleeping with the enemy..

The impending collapse of America is signaled by the quality of the people in power. Take for example, the "quota" Surgeon General, who often has difficulty in reading his scripts, as most apes do. When kosher King interviewed him concerning getting your electric bill "sugared" with anthrax, his advice was, "Seal the envelope as quickly as possible." That's exactly what you SHOULDN'T DO. The bacteria do not come equipped with wings nor springs on their feet. They just lie there waiting for something to disturb their rest. If one acts "rapidly" the chances that an air gust will whisk a batch of spores within inhaling distance, is vastly increased. Such material should be handled as we did our home-brew nitroglycerine, as kids – very, very carefully and very, very slowly – don't breathe, don't sneeze. I can imagine Jane Hairspray opening an envelope containing a bit of talcum powder, shrieking with fright and tossing the whole mess into the air as a result of her emotional instability and induced hysteria. That would be one fine mess, as Ollie used to say to Stan.
When will people really study the concepts and terms they use? A fellow remarked that Bush could not be mestizo tainted since he comes from a long line of Anglos. Earlier it was defined that mestizo meant a race mix of white and yellow. Yellow does not have to be from the inhabitants living in this hemisphere. Europe was overrun by yellow people several times including Attila, Genghis, and more recently, by the mongolian hordes enlisted by the communist forces of the U.S.S.R. during the SWATKWP. The nonsense is always based upon a very silly notion that the geography of a person's birth determines the composition of his chromosomes. 
As the land fills with more and more non-whites, do you really expect America to retain its white culture?
Have you noticed
that whenever we have a tiff with some of "them", that after the battles have ended, there are FEWER OF US, and MORE OF THEM, on our territory?
No life form would continue to exist unless it adapted somehow to changing conditions. The African bee, the nigger bee, has had it's hives raided and destroyed by niggers for centuries. It therefore 'learned' to attack humans on sight. White men do not destroy the hives of honey bees, but always coax them to live in hospitable areas where they are cared for. Thus, the honey bee produces much honey and rarely attacks humans simply because they are close by. 
Great news from "cabbage town" Toronto. A fag caught typhus which was traceable to his love of oral-anal "sex". Support your local pervert. He just might want to introduce your kids to the joys of 'diversity'.
I told my daughter, while she was very young, that she should always ask. There would be the possibility that she'd receive a "no", but if she didn't ask, she already had a "no".

So it holds with what we white people are doing, at least those whose life is focused beyond getting high on alcohol, drugs and/or sex., or making sure we earn more money that we can usefully apply to life. We struggle and fight simply because it is our nature to do so. The nigger never thought beyond the moment and imagined nothing at the horizon worth traveling to for discovery. He sat on his ass for 15,000 years and never improved his lot one iota. Now we are infested with these useless eaters and breeders, who have done more physical damage to our cities than any batch of irate Muslims ever could. We know not what lies beyond the next bend in our road but one thing is certain: if we choose to believe that the present rot is a signal for our demise, and thus give up struggle and hope, then we indeed are our own worst enemy.

Some of you do not understand that the Zionist buzz word "terrorist" means "pissed-off Muslim who has finally had enough of American arrogance, Israeli murder, and being called a raghead by assholes with shit for brains who wave American flags."

Brown skins or not, you cannot murder people's children, insult them, and spit on their religion for 80 years and not expect some kind of eventual payback. No, they're not Aryans, but they ARE human beings .....

The above was pulled, but not out of context, from one of HAC's posts.

What the liars aren't telling you – skin contact with anthrax spores causes a sort of boil. Within this pus-filled lesion are millions upon millions of many splendored anthrax bacteria all ready and willing to go to work upon another individual if circumstances are hunky-dory. Also, my fine friends, the common stable fly (Stomoxys calcitrans), a naughty bloodsucking fly, often known as the biting houseflyhas been known to transmit anthrax.

"Don' worry," said a over-paid honcho from ZOG's medical bureaucracy, "it takes 5,000 bacteria for someone to come down with anthrax." Now 5,000 is a fat number when it comes to elephants and watermelons but a bacterium just doesn't measure up. Checking the references, and measuring a typical TYPEWRITER PERIOD, or DOT, I did a little number work and found that 200,000 of these little bacteria could occupy that space with lots of breathing room to spare. That's enough for 40 people – just from a speck! Of course, if you breath any of the spores, it's off to Valhalla for you. Ingesting the stuff quite possibly could get you there also. Untreated skin lesions are also fatal.

AIDS is spreading, and people keep right on dying, but don't worry, you can only get it from a dirty needle.