29 October 2001
I see that Dr. Torah, who opposed stereotyping last year, is now promoting it relative to "possible" terrorists. She had the chutznuts to complain about those – Afghans, Iraqis, etc. – who were jew-ass citizens but had more allegiance to their homelands. She, unknowingly perhaps, spoke out in a manner which indicted all of her tribesmen. As this chickens-coming-home-to-roost play unfolds, the jew will more and more reveal himself, but the brain dead will notice nothing unusual. Our idiotic worship of "diversity" apparently has a naughty downside. But it's too late Henrietta, the horses are already out of the barn.

We Constitutional patriots are actually in a bind. Every defeat ZOG suffers is a victory for us. If ZOG wins, then we all lose. My training as a life guard included the repeated message that a drowning person will clutch anything, and if he gets his hands on you, the saver, you both will drown. This is how we must approach Joe Sixpack and Sally Soccermom. Stay clear. They are dangerous for they know it not, but their behavior indicates that spiritually they are downing.

As for my position on Afghans – I care not one way or the other – no love, no hate. I'd like to see them minding their own business in their own land and especially, I'd like to see "our" government mind its own business. That would be a welcomed change.

Dear Robert: (A note from an ex-GI.)

Read this – http://mirror.icnetwork.co.uk/news/allnews/page.cfm?objectid=11392430&method=full

Gotta laugh at the inability of this present pack of milgov thieves and liars to be either shamed or utterly humiliated (see story copied below). It seems that all the military desk jockeys in Washington DC flew into a panic when our "elite" (nigrified, feminised), invincible (self congratulatory) army "Rangers" (barely a shadow of what that title meant 50+ years ago) got a good, hard kick in the nuts last week when they were sent in to do a photo-op mission on some target that their "intelligence" had assured them was going to be a pushover. Well, it wasn't. Some highly spirited resistance had them scrambling back into their helicopters and getting the hell out of there shortly after the curtain opened on Act I of their little staged drama.

After some immediate CEA (cover everybody's ass) meant to explain their own forces' ineffectiveness, and some oh-so-earnest pleading with the UK, the United States military has now managed to wrangle a commitment of a regiment of Royal Marines from the British.

Well, to hear the sighs of relief from, and the obvious return of confidence to the US Military people upon the announcement of that news, you would have thought that our Little Red Riding Hood US Army Special Forces were getting a last minute reprieve from the big, bad Afghanistan wolf , thanks to the Brits – outta the way boys, Her Majesty's Royal Marines are here to finish your mission – nice try, but this really is a job for the big boys ...

And then the blockheaded US Military types don't even have the good graces to be utterly humiliated after that announcement was made – they continue to wallow in the 'show biz' end of things, the live coverage from the Pentagon, the on-the-scene interviews with rear-area commanders, etc., etc., ad nauseam.

US military "commanders" will not even acknowledge that their troops are being "benched" due to ineffectiveness, and are being replaced by First Rate troops from a second rate power.  OUR OWN COMMANDERS were obviously relieved that we've managed to convince the Brits to lend us some real ground support, with their genuinely tough, well-trained troops, as opposed to using what they must have known all along was an American army more peacock than eagle.

Regards, J.M.

Sergeant. Signal the men that we are abandoning the position and falling back. Those bastards out there are fighting like maniacs. They obviously do not know they have lost.
It sort of looks like
our 'special boys' got their feathers singed again. War is sure different when you attack by remote control and beyond the enemy's range. Those Nintendo games forget to impose the realism of an enemy who shoots back. REAL computer simulation means that YOU DIE when you f---up, not just lose a few points. Will we follow Churchill's lead and suggest anthraxing the whole middle-east as a way to get inot those caves? I have several books by Arabic authors. Does that make me a sympathizer, or accomplice to terrorism?
Hey! You g.d. coward! Stop hiding in that tank and surrender like a man. Go get 'em oil head.
Much of my youth
was spent on gramps' farm. He had 6 horses and about 20 cows plus lovable Ferdinand the bull. The animals head into stalls and stanchions, thus anyone walking through those areas of the barn see little more that the rear portions. It was convenient, since when the animals relieved themselves, the urine drained down a trench and the manure was easily reached with our shovels. The animals ate; the animals relieved themselves and I with my brother shoveled and shoveled. For years, I was well aware of the the sections of the body, and the orifices associated, which engaged in producing work for us. I got saturated with rear ends and the excrement which accompanied them. I never saw anything enticing nor beautiful in a bare rump and by projection, I was never attracted to the tail end of either man nor woman. Moreover, I never observed an animal interested in the rectum of another yet, for some perverted reason, a large portion of human populations are attracted to the excrement issuing orifices of others. I understand that sodomy is widespread and the only thought which occurs to me is that there are a lot of very, very sick people running about loose. There are positive cures for this sort of illness, and low in cost. 
"America has Freedom of Speech"; more so than any other country in the world. If this is true, then how come every time I express my opinions, some obnoxious, pea brained thug bashes my head in, or the company I work for fires me? With this kind of "Freedom of Speech", the government has no need of a secret police force to silence dissent. S.J.
Much of our white youth,
as bizarre as they seem, are the product of one-night stands some of which extended to a time lengthy enough to be called "a family". One of the more obnoxious living arrangements I know of is the so-called "one parent" family which usually means a promiscuous female and her kids. Call me a woman-hater if you choose, but nearly all of the problems I see young people burdened with, are the direct result of some female's lackadaisical, and egocentric, approach towards life. She begins her journey to nowhere by spreading her knees when the itch gets too powerful, thus admitting poor mental control over her activities. This is not ameliorated by the sophomoric notion – the excuse – "I was in love." Young males NECESSARILY NEED the "NO" of the female to keep them in check. The young male lion is driven by the same itch, but he cannot access females because the big dominant male prevents him from doing so. Even so, the dominant male never rapes the female so the coupling is RULED by the female. Why the female airheads of today chose to throw this obvious family building advantage away, is beyond me. A woman living with a child, and without the child's proper father, in MOST cases, is the result of (1) having extremely poor taste in, and judgment of, men, or (2) being such a miserable thing that no sane man could live with her after his erection subsides. In either case, the woman indicts herself as being unworthy to be the mother of anything. I will be the first to admit of mistake, but if it truly is a mistake, it will not be repeated. Repetition is the norm today.

Any child born of a disastrous union has 80 percent of his substance ripped from his soul through NO FAULT of his, or hers. This must be realized and also the fact that finger-pointing, and blame affixing, DOES NOT ALTER THE FACT ONE IOTA. This can never be put back but it can be surmounted by those with the raw guts to fight against a pain not of his making. It is a rough and long road, but some do make it. Others, sad to say, do not. They succumb to nigger/jew MTV, drugs, promiscuity and whatever. The more extreme cases being suicidal to a final degree. Thus I am left with an intellectual hatred for a "system" which creates such an atmosphere. I condemn no one for the miserable hand the fates dealt him. I do wonder why some refuse to play the game of life. Poor odds only means a greater challenge. It's not what you have, but what YOU DO WITH WHAT YOU HAVE that counts and is the final measure of a man.

As a young man, I got great satisfaction from patching together a "street rod" with virtually no funds, from junk yard parts. I actually had a triple carburetor air intake fashioned from soup cans. There I'd be, at the drag strip facing expensive cars driven by well-to-do people. More often than not, I'd pass the finish line first. The ecstasy of those accomplishments is something I fondly remember and it had nothing to do with "putting someone down" or acquiring another trophy. My inner voice shouted, "I took a sow's ear and turned it into a silk purse!" That's what I did and I never quit! Every time blond, handsome and muscular, Dick Wilkes knocked me on my ass, I got up and continued swinging until he grew weary and tossed me off the bridge into the river. From the moment he offered his hand to drag me from the water, we became lifelong comrades.

When a young person effectively has no family, that is, no one willing to sacrifice or die for his sake, then he is left to his peers. In this case, his peers are also in the same boat which makes them relatively ineffective in reducing the problem. There should be some place, a ranch perhaps, where those so burdened and of proper age, could find sanctuary where they could work and learn about the great heritage of their people while building inner strength. But alas, ZOG would come charging in, missiles and flame throwers at the ready, to put a stop to that for it has no place in the Zionist world slave camp they are trying to establish. But white people simply cannot quit. They either do or die.

Nigger jungle screech and thump with pro-white words is still nigger jungle screech and thump.
America is no longer a nation.
That's why I reluctantly call myself a Euro-American. There is no flag which represents me.
If google head Gates was a Mexican living Mexico and offered scholarships to non-Mexicans, they'd string hum up by his gonads, if he indeed has any. Yet, here in America he promotes without opposition, the granting of scholarship for non-Americans to attend American colleges and universities.
In the 1960s, the jew promoted anti-war sentiment and achieved his aim even though it was mainly on college campuses. Now, the jews find that this sentiment still endures and they view it as a liability. Thus we find the warmonger Dr. Torah ranting about college professors who suggest a little inquiry as to how we got into this mess.
If white people don't start hanging together soon, they will surely hang separately. Thanks Ben.
                    You cannot give away your country and hope to keep your property.
There's much humor to be found if you are paying attention. I listened to one of those non-volunteer TV mouths yapping about the news coverage of bin Laden's beard. Out of the batch of hebes who presented "our" view, one non-hebe said, "The Taliban watches all of our news, including CNN, plus all of the Al-Jazeera news coverage. " To this, the pea brain replied, "Oh, it appears they don't get the whole story."
                                        Virginity is not a disease.
Our present circus
reminds me a whole lot of an event which happened when I was still a kid, milking cows and forking hay. Down the road was a miserable fellow whom gramps didn't care much for. Mr. Betzhold was an abuser of animals, something which gramps was not afraid to fight over.

During his rounds in the cow barn, Mr. Betzhold passed by his Holstein bull. He never failed to bash it in the head with his milking pail and utter some profanity. Bulls have very sound heads and bopping them with a pail probably registers more as an irritant but irritants do build up and all animals do have memory, otherwise they wouldn't  survive for very long.

One day, while exercising his daily bull bashing routine, the bull finally had enough and smashed though the stanchion picking old man Betzhold with its horns, and then driving completely through the barn's side with Mr. Betzhold looking something like Capt. Ahab riding on Moby Dick. Mr. Betzhold ended up in the hospital with broken ribs, broken arm and collar bone.

You see, Mr. Betzhold was innocent. He just did his daily chores and feed all the animals including the bull. He cleaned the stalls and saw no reason whatsoever for the bull behaving as it did. After all, he never "really" hurt the old animal.

Mr. Betzhold healed after a time and when strong enough, he went to the barn and led the bull to the pasture. There he shot it dead. He had to, for the bull hated freedom and democracy, and also had no reason to show such ingratitude for those years of room and board, and those sexy cows which he was introduced to. Mr. Betzhold struck back! By the way, his first name was George.

What's Up, Doc (Mengele)?

University of Washington researchers say that one-third of those exposed to a fake Disneyland ad talking about how they met Bugs Bunny and shook his hand later said the event had actually happened to them.

Of course, Bugs Bunny has never appeared at Disneyland because he is a Warner Bros. character.

"The frightening thing about this study is that it suggests how easily a false memory can be created," said one of the researchers.

Gee. And these people weren't even offered financial inducements or subjected to strong peer group pressure to remember meeting Bugs Bunny at Disneyland. Nor did the researchers have any vested interest in inducing false memories of meeting Bugs Bunny to cover up or justify certain activities of their own that wouldn't pass Geneva Convention muster on a stand-alone basis.

The reason given why unintended targets were hit by our "smart bombs", is that the "coordinates were incorrectly 'punched in'." This implies that sophisticated equipment is under the control of baboons and as most know, a single wrong keypress can screw up one's computer work, often in a very big way. A surgical knife in the hands of a chimpanzee does not a surgeon make. White downbreeding and nigger infestation will be the undoing of this country. If you cannot smell the beginning rot, then you should have your nose tested.

Another good letter from Eric.  The one observation I disagreed with is this:

*** Yes, the Anthrax Affair is somewhat mysterious. As you observe, we see the less-than-astute use of a substance which can only be prepared by intelligent people. ***

   It seems to me the conduct of the anthrax campaign has been very astute.  It's been done in a way that:

a.  The mail campaign effectively spreads 'terror' far and wide by its appearance in multiple locations.  I noticed my own mail lady wearing a surgical mask the other day even in this small village.  The accompanying dislocations are more damaging than the actual very limited results.  Considered from an economic aspect the 'exchange ratio' between us'uns and al-Qaida so far is completely disproportionate.  Both Britain and Germany saw this effect in the 'strategic' bombing campaigns in SWATKWP.  The downtime lost from air raid alerts lost more production capacity than resulted from actual bomb damage.  Speculating for a moment here I think that if the campaign succeeds in constraining the postal system we can anticipate a mass attack against the internet next.

b.  The specific tactic of bio-letter bombs is economically using what appears to be a very limited supply of anthrax.  This naturally occurring strain appears to have been cultured from an initial sample obtained from a western university research lab source.

c.  By avoiding the classic mass dispersion attack against an entire city al-Qaida is keeping adverse mass political reaction below the threshold that would be needed to support a wider mobilization and more aggressive counter-measures.  This anthrax campaign is  precision guided in that it's targeted specifically against the al-Qaida's perceived enemy elites.  It's true the servants and court chamberlains have been affected more than the intended targets but this is what always happens when rulers' palaces are attacked.  We're told the attack against Mullah Omar's compound missed him too but did get several relatives and hangers-on.

*** The gradual introduction of the anthrax seems designed to accustom the public to bio-warfare. ***

   The author(s) of this campaign might be conducting on-the-fly research and development using feedback from previous attacks.  The first assault at American Media seems not to have been as effective as the most recent attacks.  If microbiologists on ZOGvision can be believed, the strain being used is derived from a 1954 Arizona outbreak that is widely disseminated to many research labs around the world.


As dad sometimes asked, "Who in  hell are we killing now?" He wasn't a pacifist nor a war-monger ready to kill, destroy and maim, at the drop of an insult. He wasn't a jew or Judeo-American. Maybe that's why.

It is very wearing to hear the blather about how "we", "the jews", and the spotted pecker dancer are all so very innocent. We just sit and smile, smile, smile and then, out of nowhere and for no reason, some evil entity decides to bash us. A lion never attacks unless hungry or threatened. A sheep never runs or fights unless there is a reason.

Years ago, when I was chasing women away with my big hate stick, a fellow came up to me and angrily asked, "Are you Bob Friends (sic)?" I answered "yes" and he immediately decked me. There I was, flat on my ass, holding my jaw, and listening to a barrage of cuss words all demanding that I get up on my feet so he could beat the crap out of me. Yes, this did come from out of nowhere, but before I rose, I asked if I could ask something. Dick, as I later learned his name was, agreed and so I asked what was the problem. He explained that I had been forceful relative to his girl friend and she told him who it was who had his hands where she didn't appreciate. I didn't recognize the girl's name and asked if she would like to identify me. He called her from the car and she told him I wasn't the one. After cooling down, he apologized; I dusted myself off and this began a long friendship with Dick and Gloria. The truth was that a certain other fellow always introduced himself falsely and that resulted in my being accosted. Dick made a mistake based upon incorrect information. I was no worse for wear since I had suffered pain many times before and never felt it was my Constitutional right to be afforded a life akin to being in a womb.

Americans might THINK they are innocent of any wrong doing but through their wishful thinking and not paying attention to what their government is REALLY doing, they consistently manage to elect some of the world's worse nitwits to high office – all with a very nasty streak when they have the upper hand, and a very cowardly one when the odds are in the other direction. If PATRIOTS, in the 19th century sense, headed this country there would have been no WTC disaster. And you can that THAT to the bank!

PCDT – We have the War on Poverty; the War on Crime; the War on Drugs and now the War on Terrorism.
Yes, Politically Correct Dumb Turkeys, who claim to be peace loving but manage to do a lot or warring.
Lunch break. There are a few math/puzzle readers out there. On a circle, place a few points. Connect the points in all possible ways. What you have is a polygon with all of its diagonals drawn. These lines divide the circle into many regions. Find the relation between the number of points and the regions thus formed. Examples: 3 points make a triangle in the circle. There are 3 segments and 1 triangle making 4 regions. With 4 points, there are 8 regions – 4 segments and 4 triangles. Happy scribbling.
Odd set of values == Many praise Bill Gates, who is one shade whiter than Alan Greenspan, for making sure the Chinese are outfitted with American computer technology. He also stuffs Microshaft with hordes of turd-worlders and gives scholarships to non-whites. At the same time, Osama bin Laden is condemned for spending his money on his own people. I guess if you are not willing to sacrifice your own people for the benefit of others, you are a real piece of filth.
Asshole apple growers. In the northwest, the farmers saw a good way to make a fistful of dollars. They sold their apple farming technology to the Chinese. For a year or so, the extra bucks allowed them to buy new cars, visit casinos and whorehouses plus pay off a little on their third mortgages. Now the Chinese are dumping cheap apples on the world market thus drying up the need for those exported from America. The same farmers now want ZOG to "do something". If China were a tiny turd world poverty zone, perhaps young Bushoil could teach them a lesson by unloading a few billion dollars of fireworks on their cabins and outhouses.
At a nearby greasy spoon, the young waitress always picks up the tab for my coffee. She thinks I am cute, funny and rich. It must be my wrinkled brow, gray hair, suggestive comments and $10 pants. She "unloaded" her personal problems on me only to reaffirm what I have always maintained – since rape is not an option, females absolutely control future family formation. Alas, they've lowered themselves from being captain of that ship to imitating young studs always on the make. Young males are always in search of empty orifices to fill and it's always the female who controls whether he gets into the castle. If they make a bad choice, then chaos follows as sure as AIDS follows sodomy.

Barb got the hots when she was 16 and flopped for the first stiff bearing moron who came along. She got pregnant and he blew town. Wondering if she had bad luck, she repeated the routine the second time one year later. Fred, as she referred to him, also flew the coop while the next to be born wasn't. She failed to mention who the father of #3 was, but by the look of the kid, her taste has dropped considerably. She cannot support them and so drops the whole mess on her parents who are idiots in their own right. Barb is very bitter about how "the world treated her" and gets quite friendly with the drooling simians who love to ogle her well used parts. When I was a young man, we called such females "damaged goods." She, through her willful compliance, dug her own grave and insured that the three kids are off to a very, very bad start.

Let's see – we have the "over there" crowd who are willing to fight and some home bodies who love to protest against fighting. One thing is certain, the flab faced critics are always those who neither fight nor protest. There should be a way to deal with these corn-holers. Dog food? No. No dog deserves such a filthy diet.
I am pleased that the new Big Brother snoop legislation is in place. Now, the ZOGlings can do legally what what they used to do illegally. As fer der mailink lists, deys been copying dem from der post office fer years. That why I always asked to have my hate mail left under Edna Gruber's tombstone. No one would think to look in a whore's grave.
Yes, my friends, the Afghans do fight amongst themselves like the Donnelley family of old. Brother would bash brother and often dad would toss in a lick or two. Police have always been reluctant to interfere in domestic quarrels, since they were OUTSIDERS. As with the Donnelleys, no matter how the brothers fought, if an outsider stuck his nose in, both brothers would turn on him. ZOGUSA, and its troops, are OUTSIDERS in Afghanistan and they soon will learn that things will not go according to script. Believing that all people can either be intimidated, or bought off, as most Americans can be, will lead to more chaos which materialistic nincompoops will never understand.
The Jewish Social Quotient (JSQ):

Here's an equation to determine the state of social unhealth in any given area:  JSQ = PT / TP where:

PT = Number of people demanding above average pay just for talking

TP = total population.

JSQ's above .01 indicate a coming socio-economic collapse when the slope of the plotted growth rate in PT is positive.  Basic principles of market economics show that when increasing numbers of the labor force are devoted to PT the cost of locally manufactured items climbs because of an expanding labor shortage.  Labor itself goes into disrepute as the PT people begin denigrating those who work with their hands.  This leads to fewer laborers in the TP and further increased numbers of PT, perpetuating the cycle.  Societies with high and rising JSQ's often attempt to stave off collapse by importing foreign products.  As the society's JSQ quotient continues rising the economic cost of transportation dictates that importing workers is cheaper than many products.


After the barn door — I am not interested in 'revisionizing' the past whether one moves closer to truth or not. The past is as dead as last week's one-night stand. As mom used to tell us, "The past is valuable only to the extent that it can help us today, and tomorrow."  Whatever Pearl Harbor was – whether a setup for a backdoor approach to destroying Germany – whether a completely innocent country being bopped by a malicious evil gang of orientals – it makes no difference. The war came to an end with an incredible loss of live and property. It's over and my view is that ZOG lied through it all and the only lesson which came from it was that ZOG lies and the allies destroyed one of the most robust and talented nations on earth, one, who through those miraculous 12 years, demonstrated what white people free from parasites can accomplish. (The controlled media cannot let these facts be known. That's why the theme of SWATKWP propaganda is always about barbecuing jews.)  Certainly, we should not let such a war happen again, but how can a tiny minority of people, who know beans from rabbit berries, really change anything?

The masses of asses have tremendous inertia. They are what all rulers wish to influence. The talented 1 out of 20 count little unless the rulers feel they offer a threat. In that case, they are eliminated if at all possible. One might as well lecture to a flag pole, using the premiss that the "truth will set you free", as to the mob whose concern for freedom never extends past the freedom to stuff itself at the next meal.

People are never interested in truth, for truth's sake, for often that interferes with their cherished delusions. Often I have alienated parents by mentioning that their kids were "only average" instead of the beautifully talented geniuses their parents felt they were. This could have been demonstrated but it would have been a waste of time. I clearly demonstrated to an old friend of mine – I did it because I really liked him – that his wife was the orifice of choice for the local baseball team. He changed not except to refuse to have anything more to do with me. A year later, he caught her in the sack with two bucks from the nearby Indian Reservation, and it apparently registered for he divorced her two months later.

When the mob finds their standard of living collapsing, and their bellies not full, then that's the time their brains start to work, if at all. They will then listen to anyone who promises something for nothing and if the going really gets bad, as near the end of Weimar, they'll accept any leadership simply because it was not of the previous. Hitler was the Germans' LAST CHOICE. It has always been so.

Bushoil's war has all of the earmarks of the 'final solution' for the global establishment of the NWO hog pen and the elimination of dissidents here on the home front. If "good times" were predicted from the outcome of the NWO crusade, then dissidents could be safely allowed to mumble for the sheep would not listen anyway. If the "incorrect" crowd is allowed to remain unmolested during severe economic times, then world ZOG would indeed have something to worry over. They want to prevent this if at all possible.

I can now see Patriot Pete worrying about his ass and deciding to quit bellyaching, join the crowd, and thereby be left alone. He will, of course, be mistaken for the assault upon the white race would continue that much faster. A keyboard is not a very substantial shield when ZOG decides that Mr. 88wp14@bunker.net has to go. Your skin is your uniform. Never forget that.

There is a public relations problem when it comes to rounding up Mr. 88wp14. If he is a substantial citizen, employed and not seen as a public nuisance, then it will be very difficult to convince coworkers and neighbors that he is a security risk – a villain who needs to be incarcerated. The more of us who stand together, and not dive under the bed, the better off we all shall be. The wildebeest would have little to fear from the lion if they WERE UNITED. But PREY only thinks in terms of its own skin. That's why they are prey. That's why they always lose.

Was the Twin Towers disaster a planned event to whip the masses into stampeding? I do not know but past experience would have me agree. At this juncture, I simply am not concerned since the ball is now in play and talking about how the game got started, is only useless chatter. I do agree with Comdr.. Rockwell when he said that Germany fought the Alamo of the white race. White people were not put on this earth to serve non-whites nor were they placed here to eliminate themselves by breeding with races which only dilute the white gene pool. What we see now is a pruning of marginal whites from the sound stock and although only a minority, will soon be facing a monumental struggle against the forces of chaos and darkness. Our most powerful enemies look just like us. We are more than mere "consumers". We CREATE. That's why we can say we are in the image of the CREATOR.

Here is serious trouble enroute for many of us:


  Six years after the event and 'linkages' to everyone except the Holy Trinity, Tim McVeigh (and by corollary every other anti-FED-ZOG American patriot) is now being linked to Iraq, al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden.  The basis isn't even off-the-record briefings.  The sourcing is as nebulous as off-the-record rumor gossip by anonymous officials.  It's not even the famous "Senior Pentagon Official"  It's just 'Pentagon Conspiracy Theorists'.  This could mean anything from Donald Rumsfeld down to the janitors.  Conceivably the source is graffiti seen in a mens' room near the Riverside Entrance.  "A few top Defense officials believe"  my ass.   This has Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz stamped all over it.  That Zionist Jew (and non-veteran) has been trying to start World War III ever since September.

Let's take a quick reality check break.  Question:  How many "top Defense officials" of the current administration have read every single FBI document from a Department of Justice investigation conducted under the previous administration?

The reality (specifically lack of) is unimportant.  What is important is the attempt at linking American white nationalists with foreign enemies.  The aim is transparent.  First to build support for doing Israel's regional warfighting for it.  Second, build support for limiting or eliminating our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights as part of the "War of Good vs Evil".  I can just hear the future quote now:  "To defend our liberties we had to destroy them", to paraphrase Vietnam's famous "We had to destroy the village to save it."

The venue for these McVeigh-Iraq fantasies is unsurprising. This National Enquirer level trash is brought to us by (to quote Alex Linder) "Zionist Suckpoop" Joe Farah of World Net Daily.  Farah is a notorious Lebanese traitor who sided with the Zionists against his own people during the Zionist invasions/occupations of Lebanon.  Apparently Semite Joe will sell out anyone and everyone for the Jews' gold:  Lebanese Christians, American patriots in the 19th Century sense, all in a day's work.  Just so long as there's some Jews' gold in it for old hooked nosed Arab Joe he'll go along.

"Old Hooknosed Arab Joe... for love of the Jews' gold he sold his immortal soul... old hooknosed Arab Joe..."


P.S.  Just after McVeigh's execution (i.e. as soon as he was safely silenced) World Net Daily was running columns saying McVeigh was actually part of the "Aryan Republican Army" and the investigation in that direction had been suppressed.  Today it's Saddam Hussein, bin Laden, al-Qaida and more suppressed lines of investigation.  Tomorrow it'll be Hamas and Hezbollah.  The week after that Farah might accuse Robert, Eric, Maguire and Goldilocks (Aryan that she is).  By the time Farah retires there'll be so many revelations on this matter they'll have to hold the trial for McVeigh co-conspirators in the Astrodome.

Despite touting himself as an anti-Communist Farah's own practices are very reminiscent of the NKVD during the Stalin purges. This too makes sense.  Both World Net Daily and the NKVD are/were Jewish dominated organizations.  ZOG in all its hues has been trying to resurrect McVeigh into the public consciousness of terrorism lately.  Last week Hillary Rodham worked him in during an interview on NPR.

                    Shakespeare's Othello WAS NOT a nigger.
I love theories
better than whipped cream and a cherry. Another newbee hit the TV waves coming from some scientific experts so attuned to their "data" and wishful thinking that they cannot recognize reality when it kicks them in the nuts.

Theory # 7,324,666: Many eons ago, the world was populated with billions of people hundreds of times more diverse than what we have today. (Good grief, we have enough freaks today. I am glad I wasn't around then.) Then, about 75,000 years ago, a "bottleneck" hit the planet. This led to the near extinction of our "species". (If all of the various dinks we call human today are housed under a single species, then that multitude of varieties of yesteryear certainly leads one to question what a species is in the first place.) "All that remained," sayeth Professor Doctor Iva Lobcock, Ph.D., LL.D., D.V.S. "was about 5000-6000 humans." At this point, his pot smoking drop-the-soap colleague added, "Thus, only a few varieties managed to survive. This is why all humans today resemble each other so closely." Their "data" confirms this, so they say. Both now sang, "God bless DNA, stuff that I love."

I jes gotta, jes gotta, poke in my 6 cents here. Let's suppose that the "species" of 73,000 B.C. was as varied as the numbers 1 to 100. Suppose only 1 and 100 survived. Wouldn't that make them more "diverse" than if only 54 and 55 survived? How the f--- do they know that only closely related beans survived the "bottleneck"? Here again we have an instance of "jewish science" – start with a conclusion, work backwards and patch in whatever fits.

After weeks of mental masturbation, these escapees from a funny farm had a quandary. What was the catastrophic event which caused such a population drop? Answer: Professor Doctor Harry Balz, L.S.M.F.T., A.C., D.C., saved the day with his THEORY about a humungous tsunami which occurred 75,000 years ago. Dr. Balz is still working on a THEORY which might reveal where the missing volcano, which caused this over stuffed surf, might be.

Clowns like this are not born. They come from someone masturbating on a hot rock and waiting until something hatches.

An alliance is a close association of nations having some common goal. Thus, an alliance must be made up of different national (racial) groups. A national alliance is then a national association of different nations, whatever that means. 
From 911 on, what we are witnessing now is a punishment dealt out to ZOG for what they've done.
I'm patriotic.
I went to the recruiting office to sign up telling them that my wheelchair actually provided better support for my trigger arm. They turned me down, but I did try.
If you feed muds, they multiply and so do your problems.
Black reparations? If I am a mulatto, how much will my white half have to pay my black half, or do they cancel each other out?

In past days
, when we were sane, a fellow who drank himself to death was considered a benefit to society for it removed a moral imbecile. Now, we are steeped in the Marxist insanity where we sacrifice the best for the least.
Multi-racial Brazildoes not have Affirmative Action nor racial quotas. It operates on a merit system – may the best man get the job. That's why the top people are all white.
Let's see – Bushoil is from Texas. Therefore I fully expect him to play the part of a fearless defender of life, liberty, and the pursuit of cashola. In this regard, he should buy a sombrero, pack two pistolas and parachute into Afghanistan where he will call Osama out to duel at high noon. May the best man win. 
A 17 year old brain dead honky broad got knocked up when she was 15, by some equal opportunity orifice sniffer. True to form, he disappeared when the kid arrived. Not wanting to be lonely, the idiot took up with another by the name of Luis Acevedo, a fine chap yearning to be free. Mz., name withheld because she is a minor, left good humping Luis as a baby sitter for her 20-month old child. The toddler started to cry and Luis got upset. After yelling at the child to be quiet, it didn't obey, and so Luis punched the child in the chest to teach it a lesson. Alas, the child cried some more and Luis punched some more, to no avail. He finally found peace by strangling the child to death.

This is from the Yakima Herald, in the heartland of the Great Northwest Hopeland, where all patriots will soon migrate and settle, that is, if they can oust the local Injuns and mestizos, which form the bulk of the population.

Yakima is full of this "diversity" activity – 13-year old Jason Whala was convicted of murdering his 19-month old cousin. 20-year old Jason Mejia murdered his girl friend's (Virginia Norton) 10-month old son. What price poon-tang?

Look at that statute! All covered with crap. Those damned pigeons!
Isn't it odd that we all seem to pick pigeons for "scapegoats"? 
We do have very "smart" bombs, but there's a lot of very dumb people aiming them.
As the hate-filled degenerate once voiced, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself."

Fear is a survival mechanism. It often is invoked when something suddenly appears unexpected like a huge eruption of water at the river's edge leaving us staring into an open mouth studded with dozens of very large teeth, all with the label "lunch" printed on them. Adrenaline rushes in where angles fear to tread, and a little voice bellows, "Feet, do your thing!"

Other than this, fear is manufactured in your mind. If so in origin, a controlled response is certainly the best path to take. If fear overwhelms, then one is doomed to suffer the vagaries of fate. Years ago, I needed to venture across the span of a junk yard where I was confronted by a dog yapping its head off. Maybe it thought I was a cat. Anyway, knowing full well the objective silliness of it, I spoke forcefully to that animal. "Dog. I mean you no harm but I shall cross your path. If you choose to attack me. I'll kill you." The dog actually stopped his noise and I passed. Again, years previously, I was attacked by a dog which sunk its teeth into my arm which I used as a shield. Luckily, I was standing next to a tree and so I forcefully spun around, the dog hanging from my arm, and slammed the critter into the tree breaking its back. It dropped howling pitifully. Things like this upset me as I intensely dislike the taking of any life. With no other thought, I bashed the animal's head in with a rock.

The news bellows that Joe Dink, of Alamo CA, just died from drinking cyanide which he mistook for Kool Aid. Here am I, thousands of miles away, thinking, "What IF I were Joe? What IF I lived in California? What IF I were working for Palo Alto Plating? What IF I were thirsty? What IF I thought the cyanide plating solution was Kool Aid? What IF I drank it?" After 6 IFs, we arrive at the 6th letter Fand we all know that F means FEAR! I fall hopelessly to the floor, crying and praying, begging God for help, while my mistress encourages me to increase the value of my life insurance policy.

So here am I, with a bit of self-manufactured fear in my noggin. I fear fear and so this obviously increases the fear in my noggin. This increase increases the fear and so a crescendo of fear fills my head. Soon, my brain detonates thus soiling the immediate area. The wondrous thing is that I did it to myself! Such a deal. Moral: Don't listen to the radio.