17 November 2001
To add to the WTC discussion —

"How could the Towers at the WTC have collapsed as they did, in a straight line to the ground, by their having sustained damage to no more than three quarters of the four corners?"

The simple and succinct answer is that the final failure of the building structure was in the floors, and not in the outer walls.  The floors were supported by simple trussing between the very strong outer walls, which formed a pipe like structure, and the central core with no intervening columns.  Each floor weighed about 2 million pounds and had 12 ft to fall before something really interesting happened.

The impact of the aircraft obviously compromised many of the connections of the floor trusses to the outer structure; the  magnitude of the impact was helped along by the expert piloting, whereby last second banking of the plane managed to spread the impact over 6 floors in each tower.  Once the first floor collapsed, the rest simply pancaked downwards and gave off 773 million ft.-lbs of energy into the next floor level, the rest quickly followed in succession.  The outward force of displaced air and debris by the floors gave a final blow to the weakened outer pipe structure and allowed the part of the building above the collapse to drop straight down on the rest of it through the un-compromised outer structure below.  This un-comprimised outer structure channeled the top and the inner debris straight downwards, thus eliminating the threat of the building tipping over and falling on top of something else.

Sincerely, A.B.

Low tech people ruined their land by over planting and over grazing. This led to high tech people providing them with food they could no longer produce due to their lack of foresight. High tech people grow lots of food by poisoning the soil. Soon, the land farmed by high tech people will also be destroyed. Technology, wrongly applied as it is today, ultimately creates the same end conditions as a horde of savages who don't know any better.

"Good" people fed bad people but how long will the good people be around? And why should it be called "good" to feed the bad?

Our centuries old folly is now coming home to roost. We call for infinite growth, infinite production and infinite everything, but the upside to diversity is that diversity will end all of it.

I was coming from a parking lot when I met a police captain I know. At that time, an auto siren/alarm went off in the distance. I commented and he replied, "That's the Puerto Rican national anthem."
If a farmer applied Christianity to his crops and livestock, his farm would be a dismal failure.
The Real Face of War


Have we not seen similar glorious last stand fights to the death?  How about The Alamo?  Don't get too thrilled about the fast pace of the campaign in Afghanistan.  Although progress seems rapid and decisive victory at hand, ominous clouds are forming on the horizon.

1.  al-Qaida soldiers inside Afghanistan are not surrendering.  They are going down fighting.  This is setting an example and a standard for the tens of thousands of al-Qaida-ists outside Afghanistan to live up to.  Don't forget that most of al-Qaida is outside Afghanistan.   Bin Laden has trained tens of thousands of cadre in the last ten years.  Intelligence findings in Kabul now reveal that al-Qaida is so highly organized that a supply bureaucracy complete with a hand-receipt accounting system was in operation.  Meanwhile, al-Qaida suspects in ZOG custody are not talking.  Al-Qaida is not being broken in the field in Afghanistan.  The Taliban are.  What's happening with al-Qaida is that hundreds of heroes and martyrs are being created on a daily basis.

2.  Bin Laden is reported missing.  I made three principle points (check my folder for ancient news from September and early October) at the start of the campaign.  The first was this Afghan campaign itself would shape up as a big and fast tactical victory like the Ia Drang Valley in 1965 in Vietnam.  The second point was that this tactical victory wouldn't win the war and that al-Qaida would learn from its lessons from this engagement.  The third point was that bin Laden would neither be taken or confirmed killed in Afghanistan.

Classical guerrilla theory says to retreat when faced with the situation al-Qaida's has in Afghanistan.  This retreat will be greased by a lot of duplicitous diplomacy and apparent conditional surrenders.  It's now time for the Long March over the mountains.  The real irony is the destination might well be the same as Mao Tse Tung's once was.


Dear Robert:

All of what you said about structural engineering regarding the tragedy of 9-11, is correct. A similar analogy would be a torpedo striking a ship and it just sank. What is amazing is that the N.Y. Fire Dept. could not ascertain the danger. It would be assumed that they would have some structural engineers to advise them. Haven't been able to figure out what the heck they  intended to accomplish by trying to go up when people were coming down the stairs. I understand there's a real market for
hang gliders for those concerned about working in tall buildings.

Read that the Northern Alliance has asked that British troops leave Afghanistan except for those engaged in humanitarian work. Mr. Rabbani says he will work with the coalition so long as he is President. Meanwhile Pakistan is fuming "Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive." Of course the U.S. has become quite adroit in the art.

Isn't it amazing how little is heard from China – maybe they are too busy lapping bomb drop soup, oops! I think I meant egg drop soup.

Wonder how many dollars have been collected from U.S. school children for the kiddies in Afghanistan. Judging from the anger of most citizens, it probably isn't much. Well I guess I'll close for now and say a silent prayer for all those who suffer.

Regards. Joe.

This just in from Catherine Buckle's hideout closet in Harare, Zimbabwe...


Another Cathy Buckle update.  Incredibly enough she's still on the "we feed they breed" program.  Allow me to explain Catherine Buckle for our newer readers.  Catherine Buckle and I are both about the same age.  Sister Buckle is a Zimbabwean traitor and ostensible white who was formerly a Rhodesian traitor.  In the 1970s she and her Marxist minded family helped betray the Rhodesian soldiers and their white volunteer comrades to Robert Mugabe's Judeo-Communist terrorist movement.  In the last couple of years, she's again turned to treason against the government she helped install with her previous treason.  She's done this by calling for foreign soldiers to invade Zimbabwe to overthrow the government she once supported.  Throughout all of this she's constantly claimed the problems are political and not racial. She's always stated her treasons were motivated by the very highest moral principles.  I've constantly maintained her actions were motivated by attempts to secure personal wealth and advantage by selling out anyone stupid enough to trust this bitch.

Over the last year her and I have have built a long distance online love-hate relationship.  We love to hate each other.


I am no civil engineer but from observation I always assumed that the floors in a structure where more solidly constructed than the walls. At Eastman Kodak, a welder came to one of the labs to fix a large steel mounting frame. Accidentally, a considerable amount of ether filled the air due to a broken container. The welder apparently ignored the smell and lit his torch. There was an immediate explosion and all four walls were blown out. The welder was not in the center of the room. The ceiling and floor remained relatively unscathed. The welder was astonished since he felt nothing and was not harmed since he was at the center of the expanding gas and pressure waves. The fuel explosion in the WTC buildings apparently shared this initial horizontal propagation whereby pressure waves reflected from the floor and ceiling. Only the perpendicular forces would be exerted totally against the floor and ceiling. One only need consider the behavior of sound waves down a tunnel.

My cousin, under the personal direction of Gen. George Patton, was given the behind-enemy-lines task of planting explosives in a building, in some German town, which was desirable to eliminate. The charges were placed; my cousin and his partner retired and then the charges were ignited. To their surprise, the building suffered little damage but the resulting shock waves reflected down the narrow street and managed to collapse 2 buildings in the distance.

At another time, my cousin and his partner laid charges at the suspending points on a bridge crossing some river in Germany where tanks and infantry would be crossing in the immediate future. When the first soldiers were on the bridge, the charges were triggered. Again surprise. The bridge went straight up for about 4 feet and then landed back on its supports intact. The Germans, and their tanks, simply rolled on as if nothing had happened.

These illustrations again say to me that when we expect the probable, based upon past experience, the improbable always happens. The story of the Chevrolet 283 V8 engine is another case in point. It exceeded the designers expectations by about 40 H.P. No one knew why and even today no engineer can explain it. Ford tried to duplicate the engine, but failed in the horsepower department with their 289 cubic inch version.

We simply have no data relative to the crashing of large aircraft into tall buildings and therefore cannot draw a conclusion based upon past facts. We often extrapolate, as did my cousin's demolition team, incorrectly. Known explosives used in an unknown situation usually yields a surprise.

I am no metallurgist but I do know from long laboratory experience that the metallurgic properties of metals, in particular ferrous alloys, can be altered severely long before the melting point – or even the "red" state – is achieved.

Pure iron melts at 1535° Celsius. Most steel is iron with additions of manganese, carbon, phosphorus, sulfur and silicon. Other steels such as Ascoloy and Hastoloy contain nickel. Stainless steel and Platinite contain chromium. Regardless, the additions of "impurities" creates a eutectic mixture, that is, an alloy which melts at a much lower temperature than either substance taken individually. An addition of 4% carbon can lower the melting point of iron by 450°C. At a much lower 700°C (1300°F), ferrite (an iron oxide) and cementite (an iron carbide) will separate from such steel. This separation destroys the original physical characteristics of the steel.

I am suggesting that steel need not be heated to a molten state in order for it's characteristics to be altered. Softening occurs earlier than melting. In addition, all heat treatment considers not only the heated temperature but the rate at which the metal is heated and most importantly, the rate at which it is cooled.

There is more to be considered. The mere physical distortion of a metal causes the production of heat. Also, it is characteristic of all iron alloys that heat absorption is not linear. A heated steel bar will absorb, through conduction, heat energy at a steady rate until a critical temperature is reached, well below the melting point, whereby heat absorption proceeds very rapidly. Theories have been advanced relative to this phenomenon, but it yet remains a mystery. As an aside, let me mention that U-235 (the A-bomb substance) is machined into hemispheres and it was discovered accidentally that this particular metal has 4 distinct melting points thus causing a change in the usual gas/liquid/solid phase change temperature data of some substances.

That the WTC buildings had their steel parts heated is beyond question. How much heat energy was absorbed, we shall never know but it cannot escape notice that the collapse of the buildings occurred as the steel frame was cooling. This rate can make the difference between a very hard steel and a very soft steel.

Continuing, steel beams owe most of their strength to their shape as do aluminum honeycomb structures. I have seen flea weight panels, 1 ft. by 3 ft. by 3/4 " thick, constructed from .003" aluminum foil, which are capable of supporting a 200 pound man when used as a bridge. A slight twist or slight bend in any I-beam, is sufficient for it to lose its support strength. The WTC posts and beams needed only to be misshapen, not melted, in order to eventually collapse. A little bend grows to a larger bend and so on until failure. There was enough force in the WTC crashes to bend a whole lot of steel and crack tons of concrete, which by the way, has little tensile strength. Moreover, these buildings were not engineered and constructed to survive horizontal impacts such as that which occurred last September.

There is a scene in Clint Eastwood's Gauntlet where a house is riddled with gunfire. There is a silence, then a soft creaking sound. The sound grows louder and then the whole building collapses. As kids, gramps gave us the job of taking down an old hen house. My brother would knock out one slat, then I the next. This continued until we heard that "creak". We stood back and waited for the escalation and following collapse.

On the kinetic energy front, the impact of the aircraft which plowed into the Trade Tower, was equivalent to 2000 mid-size autos traveling at 70 MPH and all smacking the building at the same time in the same spot. That's one big thud.

I am limited in my expertise but I will conclude by saying that the events of 9-11 can be rationally explained, to my satisfaction, without resort to anything other than known quantities. If something covert was involved, I would be the last to know.

No calculation, or analysis, is any better than the dependability of the available data. In the main, ZOG controlled whatever information we received concerning September 11, 2001. Film footage can be edited and other data filtered. Thus, it is my position not to get too carried away over "what happened" theories. I do not believe ZOG was principle but knowing what we do about FDR and Pearl Harbor, I would not be surprised to learn that ZOG wrote the script for a bunch of dupes.

I hope you have paid attention to those long TV ads which are directed against those who enjoy a steak once in a while. The blabtraps want us to have the dietary habits of a herd of cattle – eat veggies, especially soy products which no bovine would touch if it had alfalfa handy. I think the pitch goes like this: "If we all changed what we ate, we could feed 6,000,000,000 but if Americans continue to eat meat, we can only feed 3,000,000,000."

"... we could feed..." attracted my attention. Since when is it OUR responsibility to feed people who cannot stop screwing long enough to raise their own food? However, suppose we all instantly started eating grass, asparagus and other green stuff. There would be no meat industry and the leather lovers would have to use plastic. Lots of stuff, other than food, is a by-product of the meat industry. But away with all of that. Now the world is one happy bunch of 6,000,000,000 well fed cabbage eaters. Then what? Next to eating, screwing occupies most of the spare time of most of what we generously refer to as human, and screwing is what brought upon starvation in the first place. The 6,000,000,000 would soon grow to 8,000,000,000 and then what could be done? Eat sand?

No, my friends, if you want to stop the water coming into your boat then you had better stop drilling holes in the bottom. Starvation is Nature's way of limiting the expansion of any particular life form and it will limit the insane notion called "economic progress". We have the power, but not the will, to control this, but it cannot be achieved when our society allows each and all to produce offspring which can be dumped upon the group as a responsibility to feed and care for. NS is mainly about IMPROVING the race and thereby bringing into existence a more bountiful life on earth. This, of course, means that some will be denied and that's not very "democratic" is it?

Since the proportion of white females, as compared to white males, is quite pronounced relative to race-mixing, it should give all with sound mind a question concerning the female's judgment when it comes to bringing children into the world. As male power is handed to the female, race-mixing inevitably increases.
Hey kiddies! Pass this along to your Marxist history teachers:
According to the TV bobbing heads, "we" have achieved some sort of victory in Afghanistan yet the bombing will continue through Ramadan. If I were you, I'd avoid crowded places during Christmas. These people may be extremely poor and vulnerable but they are not extremely stupid nor forgiving – AND! – they are over here!

People often view military effectiveness as the mere product of machinery. A tank traveling down a mountainous road cannot be navigated while peering through a safe slit or periscope. Sooner or later, the commander will poke his head out and "blap!" – a sniper's bullet removing half his brains. Bottom line, one sophisticated tank dead in its tracks. It only takes the low tech spilling of a bottle of Coke, on a computer's keyboard, to render the electronic gadget inoperable. All sophisticated machinery can be felled by very small "bugs". That's the essence of guerilla warfare which our insane leaders brought down upon our heads..

As a younger man, I owned and operated 3 successful, Dunn and Bradstreet rated, businesses. One of them was a chemical specialty company. One of my products was a spray bottle room deodorizer. The secret ingredient was formaldehyde which paralyzed one's ability to smell. The stink was still there, but you couldn't detect it. The jewsmedia is the formaldehyde of the white race. Once inhaled, you cannot smell the stink of our racial enemies.
As predicted – it now is not sufficient just to be polite to niggers. You must hug and kiss them. The war against the white working class continues unabated in spite of the enriched bread and 'terrorist' circuses.
Ah jes! In Zimbabwe it is now illegal for white people to own farms – and it could never happen there. Right.
Memorial: Since the Civil War, the U.S. Government is the one entity which has caused the deaths of more Americans than any other source. Its misadventures all around the globe had nothing to do with the national interest. It amounts to internal imperialism. The Civil War was not about freeing the slaves. The white man's cotton gin saw to it that niggers no longer served any useful purpose. Brazil abolished slavery in 1883 without a war.
P.C. = Politically Communists. The whole p.c. thing is just the commie party line imposed upon all.

Dear Robert – I have a friend who emigrated here from Poland in the late 80's – early 90's, he informed me that where he came from, PC was the term they used when referring to Political Commissars, who by his estimate were overwhelmingly Jewish. Apparently his brother was under surveillance for 'subversive,' and 'nationalistic' activities shortly after which he mysteriously disappeared. They never saw him again, and in all likelihood he was murdered. As a side not, his father was a mechanical engineer and his mother a teacher in Poland, and after all these years the US government still won't let his father have a work visa, nor will they allow him citizenship. When you compare that to all of the mestizos who show up here every night and have a job the next morning, as well as citizenship the next week, it really starts to piss you off. Signed, Frank M.

White people are now close to being the lepers of the world. Thanks to Hymie Inc. RF

We have Judeo-Christianity. Why not Islamo-Christianity?
Do you really think
this massive patriotic hype is only for the purpose of chasing a few bin Ladens over a myriad of bomb craters? I am afraid that the "good stuff" is yet to come and it won't be anything to wave a flag over. Hang on to your hat.
You can wear a disguise; have an anonymous email address, and sulk about dark alleys, but you cannot hide from the muds since your skin is your uniform.
America is the most self-centered, feminized and childish society on earth.
When a stumbling block is dropped in your path, you should turn it into a stepping stone.

The gods give victory or defeat. It's up to you to bring courage to the battle.
Germans are perennial bogeymen.
Germans are white people. Watch ZOG propaganda where the distinction between German and white is being continually blurred and eroded. The message – soon all white people will be bogeymen.

The Zionist carnival in Afghanistan is as much of a war as is bashing flies with a hammer. It's all part of the expanding program to eliminate white homogeny and establish a world wide plutocracy. At this time, the group is mainly jews and Anglo hawgs. As the ruling elite interbreeds in the midst of their stolen millions, all will soon be jews.

One fellow noted a somber flavor to recent remarks by Maguire and myself. There was. I suppose that it resulted from the realization that the American boob is more boobish now than he was 40 years ago. Mencken noted that it was improbable for anyone to underestimate the intelligence of Boobus Americanus. The masses of asses deserve the deluge they are bringing upon themselves. Of that, I feel no sorrow, but only good riddance. I am sad knowing that the good people in this land might be just leaves caught in a tide of insanity. What's ahead certainly appears rather gloomy for the white race, but no one has a crystal ball which reveals the plans of the gods. There is no rule which says we shall be defeated. Thus, like all good warriors, we keep fighting as long as we still have breath. White people do not give up. If they did, the wonders of our technical world, which we very foolishly shared with sub-humans, would never have been. Also, never forget that nearly all we receive as "news" is controlled by the enemy of all races. Do we really know the facts about our "war victories"? Black clouds often bring rain and they also are known to blow away. It's only when you are getting wet that you can safely say that the black clouds were a warning. In the meantime, be true to your kind and never give up hope. We are ruled by greedy maniacs, but they too shall pass.

Bear arms or wear chains.
When it comes to opinions
about what pro-white groups are doing, I feel we are as those blind men trying to describe an elephant based only upon a limited feel of one or the other parts. In the 1960s, I heard that Rockwell was scooping in the boodle and living "high on the hog". My few days stay at his residence made me wonder what "high on the hog" really meant. I slept in a room where the roof leaked and Campbell's pork and beans, plus day-old bread was the fare. Not my idea of the Ritz.

Perhaps a major reason we often criticize each other is because of frustration. We see the masses obeying the cues ZOG tosses out and seem to be voiceless among the deaf and blind. As for myself, this struggle transcends personality and no matter how we view each other, that should never interfere with the platform. When it all "comes down" you'll find we will be together. In the meantime, let's the opinions fly as I think it serves a purpose. One can never make a wise selection at a buffet where only rolls and celery are offered. I have often changed my views after someone has offered me theirs. The means to our end will always be up for argument simply because "the time" has not yet arrived.

Always keep in mind that we differ in OPINION and opinions simply cannot be labeled "right" or "wrong". Those labels properly belong to facts.

Kabul has fallen...

And the massacres of ZOG's chastisement are already starting.  One of the few western reporters inside Afghanistan has already seen five dead al-Qaeda members arrayed in a Kabul park.  This is like shaking a haystack and having five needles pop out at your feet.  As with SWATKWP and the Katyn Forest, we won't see too many reports of this.  There will be no international forensics teams scouring the country as in Kosovo.  That's too bad because in this case there'll be so much more material for them to work with.  This is exactly why they won't be sent.

No Afghans besides Omar are going to lose any sleep over what happens to some immigrant Chechens and Arabs.   ZOGs everywhere are now emphasizing the importance of no atrocities and retribution.  There will duly be none widely reported in the western press.  This is the important part.  Dissidents inside the Judeo-Media are already leaking word on the kind of reporting guidance being issued by the Jewish network executives.

"'Infinitely more shameful – and unethical – were the disgraceful words of Walter Isaacson, the chairman of CNN, to his staff. Showing the misery of Afghanistan ran the risk of promoting enemy propaganda, he said."


Does anyone out there imagine this is the only subject or time that Jew has told his servants how to suck eggs?  What about coverage on Palestine and Zionism?  Germany?  The Holocaust?  The Russian government?  The Jewish nature of the Bolshevik regime and secret police.  Financial markets?  White nationalists?  ZOG-USA?  It only became 'shameful – and unethical' when one of the Marxist minded reporter participants disagreed with the specific guidance.  That's why we're hearing about it now.

I'm not upset about al-Qaeda-ists getting blown away either.  Unlike other pro-whites, I've never seen a Friend in bin Laden and his crowd.  Those who do seem not to have paid attention to the mug shots of these dudes.  My point is just don't kid yourselves about the nature of your new 'friends' in the Northern Alliance.


Dear Robert,

Last night I was watching CNN, and if they don't have the fast abrasive yapper Chris Matthews, then they alternate to Geraldo. So on he comes with his hysterical screeching about the great news that the Northern Alliance forces have taken Kabul. Now anyone with an ounce of brains knows that the Russians occupied Kabul for years but did not control the countryside. From a strategic point of view the Taliban are making the correct moves. The Northern Alliance has only limited manpower, maybe 10 or 12 thousand fellows with 50 to 60 tanks and a few hundred trucks and personnel carriers. They are really stretched out. Now the Paks and the U.S. did not want them to enter Kabul because they have other plans for the Govt. of Afghanistan and  these  N. Alliance people know that, and don't intend just being cannon fodder, therefore they violated the orders given. Since the Alliance can't readily be controlled, it will become necessary at some point in time to insert a large number of U.S. forces which is what the Taliban want.

Further, the conflict is becoming  very costly so now we're asking our wonderful Allies to kick in with some money. They can't very well fine the Germans, and Japanese as they did during the Gulf war (10 billion each) because they've pledged minimum help. Let's see – the Japs are sending two destroyers to search for a reported sighting of a couple of Afghan row boats bouncing around the Indian Ocean. The 3800 Germans are headed for Uzbekistan to perform guard duties at our costly bases. The British are having a heck of a time getting their forces together and it could become worse if the I.R.A. starts making problems in N. Ireland , and they will be lucky if they get anything from the Muslims. Therefore U.S. will have to find a lot of money somewhere and it doesn't really help the stock market. In addition, considerable numbers of  ground forces will be required, now with so many she-soldiers with their monthly menstrual cycle, and our parade ground sing-song cadence blacks, it will become a problem to fill the ranks of our special forces. Of course our Govt. could stop every vehicle sporting a U.S. flag and if the driver is of a suitable age, draft them immediately into combat  units. The trouble is that all the flags would quickly disappear even from Congressional vehicles. So in the vernacular, the U.S. could be up shit's creek.  At present there is considerable passive resistance from the Muslim world – India refused to enter into an alliance as a balance against the Muslims and Chinese. The Russians and their lackeys want a bundle of money for not doing that much. Perhaps its time for our great strategist to start reading the Uncle Remus Tales about Briar Rabbit and The Tar Baby.

Regards. Joe S.

A thinking person is able to take his sensory input and fuse it into a logical pattern for some positive purpose. Thus, when confronted by snarling tigers, or snakes which rattle their tails, a thinking person does not need to recall some book stuff he memorized while earning an over-valued, and over-priced, college degree. He KNOWS it's time to hightail it out of there. On the other hand, the educated person might question if the snake made those noises all of the time; what variety it was and other useless academic queries. If someone told him he was in danger, he might respond by asking that person what his sources of information were. You see, the college egg has had his noodle separated from reality and has been conditioned to believe nothing unless it appears in print. What appears in print is obviously someone else's words and so the educated man is usually not much better than a parrot. He has no thoughts of his own and relies upon the words of others. This was certainly evident in the Zud holycrust trials where all strived to prove that their documents were more valid than the documents of their adversaries. It was all much to do about papers and testimony from "eye witnesses", most of whom told such whoppers that the gods on Olympus must have burst into laughter. The story about the evil ones stuffing 700 good ones into a shack the size of a 2-car garage, could be easily discounted by attempting to duplicate it. That's the basis for all science approaches – can it be duplicated? A thinking man might comment, "So you say. I am from Missouri. Show me." An academic would do little more than shuffle papers and engage in pointless debates. This then is the basis for my oft repeated, "... educated beyond his intelligence." One is forbidden to apply the scientific method either to religion or the holocaust. A thinking man would draw an obvious conclusion. An educated man would have to do research, that is, select which batch of words, written by others, he chooses to believe. As a result, he joins some school of thought – people who all agree on a given set of trivial points.

The purpose of all formal education in America is to ensure that you are, as Plato suggested, a useful citizen of the state. Thinking people are always thorns and education usually insures that the thinking process is short circuited. Over my years, I have been in association with varied types of people during sojourns of being a taxi cab driver, lathe operator, school teacher, chemist, research engineer, engine builder, business proprietor, underwater salvage diver, cam designer and photographer, just to mention about 5% of the duties I performed in order to obtain food and shelter legally. From this I can say that the people who are more aware of life, and better tuned for survival, have always been from the working class.

Many of our young men are nauseated, for good reason, by the stink of their schools. They might not know why but my experience is that these people can be taught to be useful members of their race. It's hard to teach an "educated" person anything for he feels he already knows it all, especially if his grades were high and the monetary cost burdensome. If you encounter someone who waves his diplomas in your face, or blows his trumpet relative to his imagined I.Q., or requests your "sources", then it's time to walk away for you have just met a person who refuses to use his innate ability to think.

In the end, all people are self-educated. No one can be taught anything unless he is willing to learn. Therefore, it is the student who seeks the teacher, as the wise Chinese saying goes.

                         "Everyone is a jew until proven innocent." Tom Metzger.
"We want men who are not afraid to be in the minority, if they are right: men who would rather hear the still small voice of an approving conscience than to listen to the roar of a nation who blindly applauses wrong."

Thomas E. Watson, 1856-1922, vice-presential candidate, 1896.

One of Tom Watson's editorials caused the lynching of jew Franks, convicted murderer and rapist of a 14 year-old white female employee in his pencil factory. That's the event that the Anti-Defamation League gives as its cause for beginning. A latter editorial, in opposition to the first World War, saw public readers jailed under the Wilson/Palmer Espionage Act. Watson's newspaper, The Weekly Jeffersonian, was also denied use of the mails.

Visit this interesting history website – http://www.ci.thomson.ga.us/County/History/Watson/bio.html
Where are our today's Watsons?

                    We have nothing to hate but hate itself.
Times were bad
for the working fellow when I was a kid. Dad was out of work most of the time and so were the neighbors. The fat-assed Anglos, and their yiddish friends, lived on "the hill" quite comfortably then as they still do now. Dad's routine was simple: Get up early and search around for work. Usually, the men came up shorthanded. It was great time to study contrasts of character.

After days of finding nothing, dad would come home, smile and remark that it was time to pop some corn and get gramps to squeeze a few apples. It wasn't until many years later that I discovered that dad's propensity for eating very tiny meals was not due to a lack of appetite, but from a desire to have his children get enough to eat. My mom told me this after several years had passed. If dad secured employment, he often bought food which he gave to his unemployed friends – after his kids were fed, of course.

Mr. Moore had a different kind of backbone, if you can call it that. A few days of disappointment was enough to trigger one of his bouts of drunkenness. Things were so bad, he just had to drink to forget his misery, so his wife would say. Dad once remarked, "If he can find enough money to get plastered, then he should have enough money to feed his family."

So it is with many of the young today. After being jerked over by teachers, parents, and assorted Marxists, they do the brain immobilization trick – go ape with alcohol, drugs and have sex with females no respectable whore house would hire. I have no truck with kids bending to peer pressure. My daughter succumbed at one time but she bounced back more resistive than before. It's one thing to fall face down in a shit pile. It's quite another to stay there liking it.


I was meditating a few moments ago.  It appears to me the biggest result of the last 48 hours (11-12 Nov) has been to strengthen the Jewish end of ZOG vis-à-vis the Warre.  With the fall of Mazar i Sharif and other northern strong points, a land supply line to Uzbekistan has now opened up.  This means the decision of how much to resupply/rearm the Northern Alliance is not entirely under Bush's control any more.  People in a position to influence Putin might decide to underwrite the Northern Alliance far past Bush-Powell-Pakistan's desires.  This development occurs at the precise moment the Taliban is being stripped of heavy arms by Bush-Powell with Pakistan's help.

It seems most politicians in Britain, elements in Russia and the Zionist warhawks have all displayed more aggressive views on prosecuting this than Bush-Powell themselves.  More extreme Jewish-Zionist elements have always desired to further widen the breach between ZOG-USA and the Muslim world.  An extreme push by the Northern Alliance into heavily Pashtun areas with accompanying massacres would help this along nicely.  Such a southward tide could even trigger the next event.

The potential for a permanent partitioning of Afghanistan has also become much stronger.  This event would be welcomed by all the neighbors except Pakistan.  Although people have gotten accustomed to Afghanistan being on the map, this is just a cartographer's convention.  This country in its present format came into existence as a buffer zone between the British-Indian Empire and the Czarist Empire, both of whom have since vanished.  Today no 'Afghan' under the age of 35 has any memory of anything other than the current chaos.  Meanwhile Uzbekistan for the Uzbekis and Tajikistan for the Tajiks both beckon.  Neither of these existed as states at the time Afghanistan more or less jelled into its present shape in the 19th Century.

India would love this outcome.  That's because the natural follow-on development would be a pan-Pashtun nationalist movementfor reorganizing their living space to include the many millions of Pashtuns now residing inside Pakistani borders.

I don't emphasize or discount this to any degree.  Just interesting possibilities.

With some more reflection I've realized the more extreme punitive outcomes are in fact highly probable.  Bushoil & Company are
leaking comfortable gas all over the place right now.  Churchill and Roosevelt sang the same songs during the official phase of
SWATKWP.  During SWATKWP the talk was about a war against 'Prussian militarism' and 'Nazi tyranny'.  ZOG's real plans for
post-war Germany were shrouded in silence.  After resistance ended it was famine, plague, war crimes trials, partition and ethnic
cleansing for all Germans big and small.  Theoretically Desert Storm was against 'Saddam Hussein's aggression'.  Bushoil Sr. was
talking about a New World Order and a Thousand Points of Light.  Post Desert Storm it was a stringent blockade on all Iraqis and
Madeleine Albright saying 500,000 premature Iraqi child deaths "were worth it".  Given their record I seriously doubt 'They' are going
to let the Pashtuns off lightly since the Pashtuns have been the core of the Taliban.   It's a measure of the power of propaganda that
we take the current talk about pan-Afghan governments, elections and reconstruction seriously.

ZOG does not allow challenges to its imperium to pass unchastised.


Dear Robert:

A while back everyone was concerned about mad cow disease, but I'm convinced that there are a whole host of viral diseases affecting the human brain, that have people acting like saps whether it's exultation over nigger noise, or going ga ga over a painting of the type hanging at the Hirshorn museum in Wash, D.C. or calling for Afghan blood. The other day I saw a photo of a little Afghan girl with both hands severely damaged as a result of our glorious bombing campaign. We now enter that time of year when people start thinking of Thanksgiving, and Xmas, and while we can feel saddened about the events of 9-11, it doesn't justify a continued conflict that destroys the living. Maybe Mr. Bin Laben did orchestrate a terrible deed, but so is the aborting of 6,000 of the unborn each day a terrible deed or permitting millions infected with the A.I.D.'s virus to continue spreading a deadly disease without some tracking process to preclude continued infection.

This morning I had a discussion with an acquaintance – a bright fellow an electrical engineer who parroted the view of Dr. Leakey, that all life came out of Africa, and the Aldavai Gorge, sure the Eskimo, and Polar Bear and seals and whales. Then there's the Australian aborigine, and Kangaroo, and Kuala, How about the Pacific atoll Islanders, or Aztecs or the many humanoid and flora and fauna of all of Asia. Do you suppose the nitwits in the quasi scientific community truly want all mankind to feel a kinship with the Africans. Now  I wonder since western man has such a love affair with the negroes if they would so readily bomb them as we are the Afghans and damage the body parts of innocent children. Guess I talk about these things because I do recall the terrible destruction inflicted on our kinsman in the great war to save communism, and my disgust at the sight of both living and dead innocent children. There's a purported saying by Christ to the effect about suffering little children coming unto Him for such is the Kingdom of Heaven. Wonder how many hypocrites practice what they hear in their churches
every Sunday especially during their holy season or if they will respect the holy season of others.

Regards.  Joe S.  Just an old WW II combat veteran.

It is plain that the middle aged, and elderly, rely upon the jewsmedia for whatever opinions they manage to manufacture. The young white people generally rely on the internet. This is the group best informed and most likely to be drafted if Bushoil's present legions bite off more than they can chew. Abolishing "evil" is an awesome task, something the gods chose not to attempt, but fair game for the ego-maniacs we choose to elect. In addition, the young have a very large stake in the future. Both Eric and I, being concerned about the future of our race, have a smaller interest due to our shorter futures. Maguire has the time advantage since he is a much younger man.

One fellow wrote mentioning that he felt the NA is not up to the job ahead and really was never up to any job save that of a commercial enterprise – National Alliance Inc. There's much to be said for this opinion and so he thought we might form banded groups similar to the Grangers of the 19th century. Grange is from the Latin meaning grain and so the term grange referred to a farm and/or farmers. At that time, the farmers were being "ripped off" by the non-jew honky robber barons of the time who had a group monopoly on railroad transportation. They simply took advantage of the situation and proceeded to gouge the captive users. This is called profiteering and I doubt very much if the jews invented the practice. The same crowd still rides herd on the American worker albeit with their new partners in rip-off, the jews.

Do you really think that our "leaders" will grab guns and "fight terrorism"? No. They want you, the young and idealistic, to make the world safe for their type of rule and exploitation, and are waving the flag feverishly in order to get you to obtain that objective. When one views ANY organization, whether ZOG or the NA, always notice if the 'leader' will be out front LEADING or merely behind a desk directing others to demonstrate or wage battle. No REAL leader EVER asks his men to do what he shuns. One lard-assed General mentioned, after the Pentagon was smacked, that it was a disaster because HE was supposed to "be safe" there.  How can you run a war successfully if you are not guaranteed safety? Dawh! No, Gen. George Patton would never have said anything like that.

The Grange, the Grangers, accomplished enough of their purpose for organizing and the associated numbers declined over the years. Today, there are still a few stores called Grangers which sell farm stuff. When the Granger organization depreciated into a mercantile establishment, a new means of price gouging came into being. It was called the "Granger's discount". The prices were increased 50% and then kindly discounted 30%, thus "up 50, off 30" became the byword. None of these stores, to my knowledge, are run by jews. I still know people who use the term "Grangers discount" when referring to some local "sale".

Noticing the way many people think, one might conclude that "organizations" are "just there", like apples for the picking. Everyone wants to join something. Thousands joined Canada's Zud only to discover that they had spent their thousands to no avail. The million class donations made no lasting effect on anything except to elevate the retirement life-style of the "I need your help" fellow, and get lots of hate law stuff on the books. The bottom line – there is NO group, organization, or whatever, in existence today, which can do more than make a little noise on occasion. ALL HAVE BEEN FOUND WANTING as many are now discovering for themselves and so it is up to those dissatisfied millions out there to generate something locally for themselves. The Grange was proposed and Eric offered the Anti-Zionist Alliance. Whatever – the groups could probably take a lesson from the Communist "cell" structure where there was no general party or mailing list. If you cannot find a local group to join, then make one! – always keeping in mind that the objective – white survival – reigns supreme, far beyond the importance of any individual. We need no cults of the personality or members who join for THEIR benefit. We have thousands of them already.

No group is any better than the people who make it up. Light skinned people, acting like niggers, are not welcome and neither are those addicted to ANYTHING whether it be drugs, alcohol, sex or just plain unruliness. It has been said that white groups are infiltrated heavily with ZOG agents. I think this is more paranoia than fact for it would require a large expenditure of time and money to monitor all which transpires. Police, admittedly, get most of their information from informers and not because they have undercover police into everything.

Informers are never group oriented nor operate for any cause other than self-enrichment. This is usually connected to money and privileges, but often it is the by-product of a spoiled brat attitude and ego trips. "I know more than you do and I can prove it. Did you know that so-and-so did blah, blah, blah?" Most likely, it is from a feminized attitude whereby having things not your way results in a vicious attack of "spilling the beans" as a means of reprisal, thus letting others do ass kicking. The excuse is usually, "I was only telling the truth." A woman does not have the means to "belt him in the mouth" which usually settles manly disputes, and that's why pissed-off females can be counted upon to make public anything which places her once "beloved" in the most precarious position possible. Other men love this sort of crap since it gives them an opportunity to validate their imagined chivalry by soundly trouncing the guy. The blight wing has several examples of this. Right Kevin? The successful Mafia never divulged "business" matters with their women folk. Sicilian men apparently know women better than do the Anglos.

The most valuable single characteristic of those with whom you wish to form a group, is the man's word. If his word is generally useless, then he is not reliable and will fold under slight pressure. He simply is not trustworthy. The dismal state of our race cannot be corrected if we cannot trust each other and if we are doing nothing illegal, then why should we be scurrying about like rats in a darkened garaged dump?

The internet is indeed a strange place. Lovebox@spread.com might correspond a bit, but since I have no way of discerning whether he/she/it is telling the truth, what can I really know? I can make a suggestion to "lovebox" which he/she/it might make public in more ways than one. Thus, without PERSONALLY spending time with that individual, and ascertaining their character, one is hard pressed to discuss any serious matters. The internet remains not much more than entertainment at this juncture.

If I had all of the answers, I'd share them – FREE. In the meantime, I am sure that there are many unknown to me who can come up with valuable ideas on how to get our show on the road. We cannot start any revolution unless conditions arise so as to compel the masses to want one. If an army of leaders is at the ready, then things will change. Any god worthy of consideration will demand that we solve our own problems. We were given all the tools necessary.