25 November 2001
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This has diversity written all over it. Thanks to G.D.
                      Bin Laden:  The Movie, The Review and the Review Reviewed


A New York ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government) media Jewess reviews bin Laden's recruiting video... and pees in her pants at al-Qaida's sophistication.  There's rare candor in this article.  Even if you don't usually click through to links, be sure to click through to this one and read it.

"Few Westerners have seen Osama bin Laden's recruitment video in full  (Miscegenationist pornography fills every last video outlet but this clear political speech piece has escaped circulation for some reason).  So what did Julia Magnet, a young Jewish New Yorker, make of it? "

"What I actually saw was far more worrying: Osama bin Laden beating us at our own media game   (i.e. the Jews' media game.  Now we know why few westerners have seen this.  Taking notes,  NAists?).  With devilish cunning, he has plugged into the MTV generation – and it's clear he knows how to reach us. "

"He knows his audience. His most impressionable recruits are of the same age and sex as MTV's loyal following: alienated teenage boys..."

   There's many more Revelations Of The Method in that article.  Watch the Jewess study the video with translated transcripts in lap.  Observe how she observes.  She's soon relating the translations to the original language phrases and trying to learn them.  Throughout the piece is her undisguised premise (in this article) that modern mass media is entirely about conveying emotion and not information.  I agree.  The goal of all ZOG programming is to condition  you what to feel, not what to think and certainly not how to think.  What rouses the Jewish Speech Police are not alternative Think Pieces.  It's alternative Feel Pieces that stir them to decisive action.

   There's more excellent material providing an insight into Jewess Julia Magnet's world-media view.  Observe her fixate on bin Laden's usage of  "French television clips of the death of Mohammed al-Durra, the Palestinian boy shot dead in his father's arms.  Here is the emotional and ideological centre of the film: the justification for jihad. How else can Arab men end this slaughter of innocents?"

   Many of us have seen either stills or the full footage of this Zionist child murder and morbid viewing it is.  Remember this Y2K event at Al-Aqsa when the terrorist, genocidal maniac and accused war criminal Ariel Sharon came to provoke renewed warre?  There was the terrified screaming child and the frightened father trying to shield him with his own body.  A few seconds later both are full of Zionist bullets.   It's obvious that what upsets Jewess Magnet is not the shooting itself but the world-wide reporting of it.  To Julia Magnet's Jewish mind all would be well if only such things could be hidden.  For Magnet 'Hate' does not consist of Yids gunning down unarmed children and parents on church grounds.  'Hate' and 'evil' is reporting such an event to the world since decent people of all three races and most religions will regard the perpetrators as "evil doers", to borrow a phrase from our ZOG President.  Such a widespread perception would tend to obstruct fulfillment of Zionist material goals and that is 'anti-Semitism'. Even worse would be the perception of Jews as merciless murderers who must be resisted by force lest they also murder you while unarmed, as was al-Durra's father.  Unstated even here by Jewess Magnet is the Jewish alternative to "end this slaughter of innocents."  That is "submit to Jewish domination and surrender."


Are the above the idle speculations of a paranoid New York Jewish girl and FAEM's Maguire, each generally rebounding off the  others' anxieties in a huge media echo chamber?  Hardly.  Check out this next piece just published in the ZOG Media trade newspaper Variety: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/htx/nm/20011119/en/television-mtv_1.html

"The architects of the government's post-Sept. 11 propaganda war may well want their MTV on the frontlines in the Arab world.   Rushing to shift perceptions of the United States in the Islamic world, Washington and Hollywood are now brainstorming about how the entertainment business might help convey a wider – and more positive – range of perceptions about America. ""

Here's some more atypical candor that openly admits the major media organs are simply appendages of the ruling ZOG regime.   Consider the 'Beavis and Butthead' degradation of young white men's' spirits and understand that this has been done by premeditated calculation.  The proposed plan of attack now by the tribe semi-follows Julia Magnet's diagnosis of bin Laden's media exploitation.  Julia Magnet's process of analysis has been ongoing throughout the ZOG media.

What is not disclosed in either Magnet's or Variety's articles is precisely what the customized MTV content will be targeting in the Arabic/Muslim world.  The true targets for this media onslaught will be Islamic females.  I've heard other Jews (of older generations) call for a 'public relations campaign' specifically aimed at Islamic females.  These calls aren't being issued in very public forums but believe me the discussions are underway.  The strategic socio-political purpose is the same as all the previous campaigns aimed at white women: get them to do the Jews' work for them by mentally castrating their men.  These other Jews considered the way to dry up the supply of Jihadist recruits was to delegitimize Islamic fighters in the eyes of their women.

Do you all now understand the ultimate purpose of 'Vietnam',  'the 1960s' and 'Hollywood's' rapidly changing themes at that time?

Why are we getting these glimpses now in publicly available media?  It's not because the handful of bosses of ZOG's oligarchic media are trying to make up their minds.  Their decision is already made.  These articles are appearing now as announcements and explanations to middle and low level ZOGists.  The Magnet piece outlines the threat.  The Variety piece is merely a trade announcement of 'Arabic oriented content wanted' for ZOG's bazaar market of writers and producers.  The initial productions will be very subtle.  There'll be no direct attempts at nude dancing girls and similar heavy handed pornography, nor any crude glorifications of Good Jews.  There won't be any mentions of any kind of Jews, good or bad.  I anticipate shows on the lines of an Islamic Ozzie and Harriet.  Everything will 'normal' except for the very occaisional subtle jarring note designed to start unsettling Islamic women emotionally.  Ninety-nine point five percent of the script will be Islamically wholesome.  It's that 1/2 percent of rot that They want to initially introduce.  At the outset these jarring notes will be low dosage, no more than one or two per show and so subtle that most male Islamic censors will not notice them.   These 'shows' will be attractively priced for Third World broadcasters operating on miniature budgets.  They'll be so attractively priced that even Third World producers won't be able to compete economically, thus helping to prevent the development of local (i.e. nationally based) production communities.  Such a deal!  And it will all be greased in with  the usual payola and blackmail to overcome any spots of reactionary intransigence.


                                                                         VDARE Gets More Daring.


Nearly a century later, long after it's too late for The Late Great U.S.A. in its current format, some paleo-cons at last snap awake.  In the linked article Peter Brimelow of VDARE finally screws up his civic courage.  In this article he publicly says that the sun rises in the east and that Jews consistently approach political questions, such as immigration, solely from the Jewish ethno-centric viewpoint of "Is it good for Jews?".  He goes on to observe they don't concern themselves over the possible adverse effects of their policy choices on other 'countrymen' whose relationship is not based on blood but is a mere legal fiction.

We observed here over a year ago that one result of the Y2K elections would be to drive the Buchananites out of their political No Man's Land and either back to Country Club GOPing or on over to the White Side.  Brimelow's hesitant opening of his closet door a tiny crack is another micro event in that larger mega-trend.  Old habits die hard, though.  While attempting to talk white Brimelow still tries to triangulate himself a position between the Jewish Neo-cons and their dupes and real American pro-white activists.


P.S.  Psssst!  Hey, Brimelow!  You're not fooling us or the ADL.  You're either for white people or against them as individuals and also when they gather together as white people plural.  You can't be 'for' whites in theory while trying to stay politically correct according to Rabbi Steinlight's version of the Noahide Laws for non-Jews.  Steinlight's edition of the Noahide Laws includes "Thou Shalt Not Politically Gather Together White People Outside Jewish Supervision."  Continuing on about pro-white people I admit, sure, David Duke for instance has his warts and weaknesses for the blackjack tables and blondes.  But after the searching sifting he's had, he still stacks up pretty good against Congress critters like Gary Condit who've had free passes for decades.  D'ye suppose Condit is the only Condit up there?  I estimate the Condit Quotient in Congress at 85%.  That's why they're there.  They're so easy for the ADL to destroy when necessary.

Better hurry up and decide one way or another.  Despite being a paleo-con you're starting to look like Middle-of-the-Roadkill.

White Americans have lost control of their country which means they lost it. That is only a geographical loss. A good share of us still have our Nation and it will be a future task to again have a land we can call ours.
"Oh sweet joys of immigrant diversity, how do you benefit me?  Let me count the ways..."



1.  Terrorism.
2.  Espionage.
3.  Subversion.
4.  Treason.
5.  Miscegenation (leaving behind four raglets undoubtedly now suckling on the public teat).
6.  Domestic abuse.
7.  wife-beating.

Now there's real cost-effectiveness considering we got all of that from just one wandering raghead.

If our ZOG is going to seize the bank assets of any mid-eastern country which offends it, will this include ZOG's bribes and handouts?

Absolutely, Robert.  They have a proven history of doing that.  For instance, in 1917 Bankster Jacob Schiff sent $20 million in gold to Russia with Lev Bronstein (Leon Trotsky).  This transfer was documented in U.S. Congressional hearings in the early 1920s.  This money was used to fund the 'workers militias', bribe key politicians,  pay the foreign Latvian Rifles unit used as a Praetorian Guard against the native white Russians and generally finance the Judeo-Bolshevik theft of Russia from white Christians.

Come early 1919 there was a new and most unique 'gold rush'.  The Judeo-Bolshevik Cheka secret police was arresting anyone suspected of possessing gold specie.  On that occasion the terms were cough up the gold and you could get released from prison.  Otherwise, torture.  Alexander Solzhenitsyn documented all this in the first volume of Gulag Archipelago.


                If bum f---ers are "gay" then necrophiliacs must be very "jolly". Revilo P. Oliver

Back to the subject of Homeland Defense – to defend what? As I see it, the military establishment is given billions of dollars each year to defend our country from enemy countries abroad, but don't really see that many enemies and probably turn a blind eye toward China because they believe economic, and business deals will keep them quiet. The U.S. military  however does present a formidable threat to the honest citizen of our land. This action can take the form of gun control as well as confiscation. Confiscation can not only relate to guns but personal property and assets of anyone labeled  a dissident voice against Government abuse. Under the new authority, arrest can be made and people denied habeas corpus. They do not permit private discussions
between client and counselor without Government listening. All of these actions are currently directed against terrorist but could
in time become draconian action against hundreds of thousands if not millions of Americans, The military needs to have enemies to justify their existence. Our Justice Department has given them a cause they can pursue. Certainly I'm not against thwarting terrorist  actions and punish those that engage in this activity, but any high official can scream tomorrow that private gun ownership is a threat to national security and all those that refuse to relinquish their weapons must be shot under the new military tribunal law  just signed by President Bush. Further at what point is it deemed appropriate to seize assets ? These actions  could certainly inhibit employment of people if Government gives them a record of sorts similar to those they gave communist years
ago. Our folk should not let the events of 9-11 blind them to the fact that the freedom they are guaranteed under our constitution is in serious jeopardy.

Regards. Joe.

                   Immigration is bio-warfare.


Scroll on down until you reach the part dealing with Anthony Comstock and the Anti-Saloon League, and notice the large Corps who financed them. This page appears to have been put up by leftist types, so (of course!) the baddies they write about are called "right-wing."  Some of the parties mentioned seem to have turned 180 degrees over the years. Instead of banning abortion and birth control information they are now pushing them. The "Church," then as now, is vitally interested in controlling minds and ruining nature!


As the population gets darker, more and more will call themselves white.

Darkies have not been discriminated against because of their smell, lack of gray matter, nor general ape-like looks.

Eyeball information is only the mind's first gathering of facts. As for the odds and ends of physical racial characteristics, they make little difference except as indicators of possible behaviors which are not suitable in a white society. This we often seem to overlook. We also have to keep in mind that a LABEL is NOT the item.

If mixing breeds (diversity) is such a good deal, then why don't farmers, and others who depend upon animal quality, allow their prize critters to hump whatever is nearby? Save me from that "But weez not animals," horse putty! Many fathers worry more about what their pet poodle breeds with than they do over whom their kids breed with.

Laboratory animals are ALWAYS of the purest strain possible. That's because they want results which are not influenced by hawged out blood lines. The RACIAL FACTOR is of prime importance. It borders on insanity when people voluntarily hang a f--ked up blood line on their children. No, it's downright criminal. I view it as a capital offense.

Zoologist Malcom Maltestes goes to a newly discovered island in Lake Superior. He wanders here and there in search of critters worth wandering and searching for. Ah ha! Up in the tree, he spots a feathered creature which reminds him of his mistress's dicephalous Dick bird. "It's a bird!," shouts Malcom. "Except for the green eyes, cymiferous cranial feathers and the fact that it spoke Swahili, Malcom concluded that it indeed was some sort of Dick bird distantly related to the Dick his mistress was fond of caring for. "In fact," he said to himself, "They are probably cousins on the mother's side. But then again, how can we be sure the mom didn't get a little extra on the side?"  Malcom always used the word 'we' even when alone. This probably indicated that his brain had ceased functioning as a single unit. Such is the bind most experts find themselves in.

Critter A resembles critter B. Therefore, sayeth the experts, A and B must be related. From this silly premiss, an elaborate moronic construction follows where this evolved from that, and that was evolving into this, thus "proving" what was assumed. It is all a very safe bit of gobbledegook since it is shielded from demonstration by "6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,002 years ago, when the earth was a virgin, the evolutionary trend of Penis erectus was drastically altered by the drastic event of the 'drastic 'cheesecake' effect which caused a drastic hypergyric alteration in the biphobic genetic structure of this magnificent species. Hence, the mutated Penis erectus evolved into what is now known as Penis limpus."

A mechanical clock and a mechanical watch resemble each other. One is a smaller version of the other. Is the watch therefore 'related' to the clock. Did one 'evolve' from the other?

The common, and strong, tendency to believe that theories are fact, is tied to a person's ego and desire for gain. A teacher presents the student with a load of verbal garbage. The material is new and the student generally has no desire to question its supposedly factual nature. He memorizes the foolishness and parrots it back exactly. He now has "learned something". The proof is that he gains a good grade. If tuition was paid, then the student has a vested interest in believing that all of his effort and money was spent for a good cause. The ego is a formidable barrier when one reflects upon what he so willing took upon himself to do. One usually cannot bring himself to admit that he was chasing vapors or wasted his time. The admission separates the men from the boys. 

I've known the teacher Jim B. for many years. He is a white nationalist but hid it best he could – job security, you know. The local school budget required a dumping of some of the teachers according to seniority. His department was to be shortened by one teacher. Jim felt safe since Charlie B. (gawd was he dumb), a wondrous negro full of jive, was on the bottom of the pole. Did Charlie get dumped according to the rules? Of course not, for Charlie belonged to ZOG's sacred ape class – Sonderneger. Jim was given his pink slip because he was white. Whitey cannot hide from the inquisitors.
Robert – I want to commend you on what a great work you are doing with your site.  It's not just "e-mail and computer stuff".  You (and Eric and Maguire too) are really influencing people.  I know I'm not unique.  There're  thousands of other men out there just like me.  The folk are spontaneously forming into a structure. This is the just the beginning. Sincerely, D.B.
Another pleasant email from our old SWATKWP ETO combat veteran –

Today's Washington Post has a story on it's front page about homeland defense and the planned appointment of a four star general to coordinate the patrolling of  the U.S. What real lunacy, it simply goes on and on one would think the U.S. was  being invaded by millions of  enemy soldiers. If they are so damned paranoid,  just round all immigrants that have entered the U.S, in the last ten years and ship them home, which of course they wouldn't do, nor should they plan the stupid things they are now engaged in doing. It may take many years and new generations to undo the folly. I surely expect that one of these days we will read that some trigger happy military goof has shot down a civilian airliner for flying too close to a beach where some biggie was swimming.
Of course now the generals are all a twitter about who will get the promotions. We will of course desperately need all the officers turned out by the academies, R.O.T.C. and various college scholarships given by the military, provided 5 years of service is given. It really is a self-serving enterprise and a dangerous one because it's used by politicians for their own purposes.

The so called military mind and highly trained troops will soon be engaged in battling a rag tag army that never saw the inside of an
academy. It will be interesting to observe, and I do sympathize for our poor fellows who  will have been placed in a difficult position. I do dislike the term "In harms way". The ninnies pick up a phrase and use it for every situation. I think they ought to order ten million more U.S. flags from China. It might give the Chinese some reservations about being hostile toward our country.

Regards.  Joe.

America has Freedom of Speech. Yeah. Right.

Every time I wear a Confederate Flag T-Shirt., Every Nignog within sight wants to kill me.

Every time I wear an American Flag T-Shirt., Every, dink, chink, beaner and rag head wants to beat me to a pulp or have me charged with a hate crime.

Every time I point out the nature of ZOG, every flag waving idiot around, bashes my head in and calls me a traitor.

If we're free, I'd hate to see what totalitarianism looks like. (Submitted by J.S.)

Anthrax and Common Sense.


A 94 year old Connecticut woman has now been diagnosed with inhalation anthrax.  This is the second case where medical investigators have been unable to trace any connection between the victim and contact with letter bio-bombs.  The previous case occurred in a 61 year old Vietnamese female.  Pending further evidence the common sense conclusion is they acquired their anthrax from another source.  What could this source be?  Mass dispersal into the environment from an aircraft or vehicle now rears its ugly head.

My former military research and development experience and the available data now suggests to me the attacks to date have a high probability of having been for the primary purpose of field testing.  Following this idea provides the reason for the target selection criteria for the letter bio-bombs.  The high profile targets, and especially the media, were selected to insure the feminized emotional idiots who operate ZOG on a day to day basis would cooperate in publicly reporting the test results.  Contrary to the fiction that passes for news and analysis, no prototype weapons system ever works perfectly the first time.  It doesn't matter how many computer models are run or articles written.  Computer models can only grind pre-existing data.  There's just no substitute for data collected from experimental field results with x-systems.

A further conclusion following from this theory is that true mass biological attacks are indeed enroute and may be imminent.  My threat assessment and advisory of September 26 stands unaltered.  See   /maguire/semitwar.htm

Have a happy holiday.


Can a man having a perfect cholesterol level be considered healthy if he also has AIDS?
we wandered into this wondrous, plush valley. The grass was rice green and tall. Alas, my friend was a vegetarian and got quickly sick when he tried to eat the grass. I have no aversion to eating meat and so I spotted a critter which apparently lived quite well eating grass. I killed and ate it. I lived to eat another critter. My friend died. The grass grew better where I buried him.

When one chooses to eat other animals, he avails himself of a food supply denied to those not so inclined, for they can eat vegetarians. We cannot eat all which grows but we surely can eat that which eats what we cannot.

Several have written asking me for an address to which they can send a donation. Believe me, I'd far rather have you use your money to help your family, or pay off some debt. I have no need for extra money at this time. I live low key and like it that way. What I often feel compelled to write has never been for the purpose of enriching myself. Very little in my life ever was. My reward is when I learn that no matter how provocative FAEM is, it jolts some people into thinking for themselves and not being just a consumer of the thoughts of others. It saddens me when I see people of my race behave as a bunch of mindless parrots – sheep to be sheared. Thank you in advance for your kind offers.

I know many people who are reluctant to "stick their noses" out for fear of reprisal. I understand this.

In the 1964 era, I supported Barry Goldwater for President. I had several stickers to this effect on my automobile. Sympathizers told me that I was making myself and my vehicle, a target. I thought this silly. Wasn't this the U.S. of A. where all are guaranteed the right of opinion and expression?

I loved long distance driving and often clocked 45,000 miles in one year. In one southern state, I was subject to "cherry bombs" – a healthy firecracker – being tossed through the windows of my car with an attempt to run me off the road. My 1961 Chevy V8 had no difficulty in out-running their late model Buick slug box. At nearly 98 MPH, they were left playing with themselves in the distance. One bottle was thrown, but it missed. In another state, I did see a car with a Goldwater sticker, vandalized. The followers of Lyndon Johnson were often a very hateful lot. The TV mouths used a most vicious assault against the Republican ticket. Since those days, I started questioning the p.c. propaganda and learned that the world was not as TV described. They lie because it is their nature to do so. That's why I rarely waste my time "analyzing" events because the "data" is generally worthless.

There are those moments in life when one wakes up. I did, and I never fell back to sleep.


It would seem that this country no longer has a bill of rights, or constitution, based upon actions taken by those who were elected to uphold the legal foundation upon which this nation was established. If past experience is any criteria, it will get worse not better. For all intents and purposes, we now have a police state, and strangely enough the only people complaining are those who formally would have been considered left of center, but our liberty loving public will one day regret the ill conceived actions authorized by our dippy Congress.

Regardless of  how one may feel about what is happening in Afghanistan, what they do to the innocent in that country by their their daily bombing, they would inflict on innocent Americans. Maybe they would not bomb them but they sure as hell would shoot them.

Every day I read something about the guilt of Mr. bin Laden based upon recent phone intercepts. Gee, I thought our Govt. had all kinds of evidence. It would be a revelation if they would publish it. I wonder how many members of Congress have seen the mountain of evidence that they refused to show the Taliban.

Incidentally, on last night's news, it showed our military unloading a large number of wrapped currency as payoff to tribal chiefs. It must be questionable  if this was authorized and appropriated by Congress. Every day since this glorious mercenary war began our war chiefs have been saying Iraq is next. I can not think of one solitary thing that they have  done that affects the security of the U.S. Oh ! forgot, they threw out U.N. arms inspectors after seven years of indignities. Of course the other day some poor U.S. sailors were lost when they were landed by helicopter to inspect a tub of an Iraq oil tanker that subsequently sank. They would never under any circumstances subject Israel to the indignities that have been imposed on Iraq. It is not a matter whether one sympathizes with one side or the other which I do not, it's a matter of even handedness and justice. Where the heck does one country get off establishing a no fly zone on another? If Iraq, and Iran had an ounce of brains they would form a union of sorts, but common sense is hard to come by and insanity is catching.

Regards. Joe.

The NWO is anti-nationalist. It's international communism. Therefore, to be a nationalist is to be anti-NWO, anti-communist and anti-ZOG. Thus we become defined as "enemies of the people", whoever they are. One thing is certain – the 'people' are not white folks.
Was 911 a setup
, and pretext, for eliminating the remaining anti-Zionists in our country? An assault upon people who do not favor jew/commie rule? ZOG only pays attention to the Constitution when it serves its purpose. It is like many judges throughout the country whose idea of justice is whatever they deem necessary at the time in order to cloak the predetermined outcome in quasi-legal garb. White man! If you are not one of the ruling elite and you think you can hide from the coming assaults, you've got shit for brains. Cooperating with your hangman only makes his job easier.

What's interesting is that ANYONE who opposes the government for any reason, that is, dissidents, is apparently considered some variety of "an enemy of the state". If you enjoyed the novel "1984", you will love what Bush-ZOG might be planning for you. As with all commie take-over cakes, the sheep are lured by the sweet coating and discover to their eternal regret, what lies hidden under that frosting – evil in all its hideous shapes – the revealed 666.

Here's a comment from Maguire:


This was submitted by a reader to my hotmail box.  As far as I can tell the Stalinist Phoenix FBI office probably lists us under at least four categories. This is despite our well known and repeated disapproval of illegal activities and organizations, which groups now include the "Phoenix FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force" and its assault on the People of the Constitution of the United States of America, their Constitution and the First Amendment.  These are:

1.  'Right wing extremists' under the 'defenders of the U.S. Constitution against the federal government and UN' sub-clause.
2.  Nazis, since Eric openly proclaims being a National Socialist.
3.  Neo-Nazis, whatever these are and even without tattoos, given the many other writings here.
4.  White nationalists.

I notice the "Phoenix FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force" did not list illegal aliens, Aztlan activists or Reconquistas in their brochure of dangerous 'domestic terrorists'.   Obviously the FBI and the Bush Department of Justice consider them friends and allies since those groups also have no allegiance to the People of the Constitution of the United States.  Or are they exempted because they operate outside the USA as well as inside it?  And what's the rationale for not listing Abraham Foxman and the Anti-Defamation League?  Two separate federal court decisions in the 1990s ruled the ADL operates far outside the bounds of law in its efforts to influence people and politics in the Late Great U.S.A.  And these two separate decisions constitute the necessary 'predicate acts' for a civil RICO suit, not that Abe needs to worry about that.  Now I know the true reason is they are the FBI's real masters.  Is the official rationale perhaps because they also engage in international espionage on behalf of the Mossad and operate in Yidsrael?  Apparently the Mafia, the beaner drug cartels and the Organizatisya's international connections shielded them from listing too.  Or did old-fashioned payola to members of the FBI's Phoenix branch keep them off the list?

The Phoenix office also seems to have engaged in some illegal racial profiling by listing Black Separatists and the Puerto Rican FALN.  Since many FALN members have Castro-Cuban-DGI connections shouldn't they be delisted as 'domestic terrorists'?  Is this just for appearances of racial equality?  Are there any active cases against those groups beyond the communist brochure?


P.S.  I also notice the Phoenix FBI's list manages to include most of the severest critics of the FBI's failure to prevent the real terrorism of September 11.  None of this stuns me.  I said right after the event, the Bush-ZOG Administration would use it as a pretext to unleash more federal violence against native born white Americans.  Do ya'll believe me now?

This $25 million reward offer for Osama will be interesting to observe.  Will it start a covert bidding war with oil sheiks, perhaps?  The Chinese?   What price Muslim honor?  Inquiring minds want to know.
The Constitution
of the (dysfunctional) United (diversified) States (asylums) of America (Aztlan), Article I, Section 8

The Congress shall have power ... to declare war; ...

Was I asleep when Congress declared war on the world? Exactly what was said in the Declaration? How did the vote go? Inquiring dissidents want to know.

If war was not legally declared, then the U.S. government is guilty of Crimes Against Humanity – killing people and destroying countries just for the hate of it.

During the jews' SWATKWP, Section 8 indicated a mental reason why someone was booted from the service. Our whole government deserves to be discharged under Section 8.

Hey ZOG! Ever read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (United Nations – Preamble)? Article 10?

"Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair, and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him."

Does "everyone" include Osama bin Laden? How many people in a lynch mob can be classified as independent and impartial?
ZOG justice = Sentence first. Verdict later. A trial? You gotta be kiddin'.

As the chicken shit Chicken Littles demand more and more safety, you can be sure the costs will go up and up, and you'll pay and pay while being restricted more and more. Since most pay by going into debt, you wonder when this fools' roller coaster will fly off the tracks. Listen! You can hear the loose bolts clicking right now.
When you are up to your ass in alligators, it's hard to remember that your initial objective was to drain the swamp.

If you remember this line, it will do a lot to explain why I spend very, very little time "analyzing" the past whether the hymiecaust or the Twin phalluses which are no longer in a state of erection. There is virtually no corner of American life which isn't soiled by ooga booga values; no pocket which is free of the yid paw; and hardly an area free of bean farters or chinks selling MSG laced dog meat egg rolls. And yet – yetch! – many are still arguing over diverse reasons the towers obeyed the law of gravity, or how many jews can be fricasseed in a Brot oven. Our white sky is falling and it might be nice to think about that – once in a while.

Dr. Torah creamed her jeans today. A female, claiming to be Afro-something, called in to mention that she married an Italian and they have 2 children: a quite dark looking boy with kinky hair and a blue-eyed blonde girl. She mentioned that her Italian husband was a "very dark looking" fellow with beautiful black romantic eyes. Anyone with the brains God gave a titmouse, knows that this was some variety of nignog obviously having a good dose of white blood. When "blue-eyed blonde" hits the ears, the mind instantly conjures up a beautiful overall image, but in this case I'll bet my shekels the nigger will be showing in the lips, nose, hair frizz, lark's heel, and other places. This blonde will also have a strong tendency to go ape over ape music, be a little short in the gray matter, and more disease prone. Anyway, the no jock doc thought this was an "ideal" family and that the idea of people having kids which offer surprises far beyond male/female, was a gift from heaven. Jews are race-mixed and want everyone else to be the same. That way, they blend in much better. Making the host look like the parasite is just another path to disguise. It's the American way and the jews' dream.
When dining out, it's common to have the waitress frequently inquire, "Is everything OK?" Many think this is a sign of a quality joint but the fact is that restaurants refrain from throwing food away. Often they have soup 8 or 9 days old and beef which was from a cow owned by Teddy Roosevelt. When they ask about how you like the food, they are testing to see if it's palatable. If a sequence of people complain, then the food is thrown out.
Hippocrates' funeral in America was held almost 60 years.  He died at the start of SWATKWP in the Late Great U.S.A.   It's true.  The start of the medical cost crisis in the Jewess' A dates right back to the SWATKWP industrial mobilization.  In those days Judeo-Communist wage and price controls were imposed on the entire country.  As a means of evading the wage caps to attract better qualified workers, government contractors first began offering medical insurance plans as an employee fringe benefit.  Up in the front office, this insurance was accounted for as overhead and not direct wages.  Therefore it wasn't a deemed a pay raise by Roosevelt's commissars.  The contractor then passed this cost over to 'the government' (actually to your grandparents and great-grandparents) on his cost-plus contract. (This encouraged waste and incompetence since whatever it cost a company to produce a war goods, ZOG guaranteed the company 10% profit. This communist mentality permeates nearly everything today. RF)

The medical profession, which was already starting to turn kosher, quickly noticed that they too were essentially on a cost-plus fee basis.  That excluded those medical practitioners who were removed from their communities to go 'over there, over there' and also those communities without 'war production'.  Here was the genesis of reduced medical access, especially in rural areas and also higher prices.  The 'house call' started its rapid death at this time, too.  This system had the added fringe benefit of crippling the labor competitiveness of businesses owned and operated by persons unwilling to toe FDR's line. Maguire.

The Jewish Attitude Toward The Rest of Humanity, Part 6,000,000...


"The device is being developed in Israel, where it has been tested on pigs, and the surgeons in charge say that trials on human patients in Britain will begin next year."

Pigs of course are an 'unclean' animal to Jews.  In the Jewish mind they'll still be testing their device on unclean animals in Britain next year.  These are 'shiksa', which is a word meaning unclean whore.  This is how the rabbis and the Talmud refer to any non-Jewish woman.  Their other endearing term for non-Jewish women is 'nidda', which means 'filth'.  There's no mention of any testing on Israelis in Israel first before export.

"Dr Glicksman and his partner Yoram Eshel, an ultrasound specialist, have established a company called UltraShape to market the device."  "The device could earn its inventors a fortune."

Dr. Ami Glicksman & Company already see a golden river pouring into their pockets, so why worry over efficacy or side effects?

Even a Jewish doctor in the Late Great Britain is saying whoah nelly to this one: "Dan Goldberg, the medical director of the Hurlingham Clinic in Fulham, south-west London, said that surgeons would want to see strong evidence that the new technique worked on humans before welcoming it."

I'm sure that's a fair sample of medical opinion.  Probably that's why the Israelis want to do their human testing overseas first.  I personally suggest waiting until the device is approved for Jewish use in Israel.  Until then, do about this contraption what the Turkish Army did when the Israelis tried to sell them the Galil assault rifle.  The Turks decided instead to buy what the Israelis were using, which is the U.S. Army's M-16A2.


Robert's comment on this new disappearing act for unwanted body fat – (1) Pig fat (lard) more closely resembles human fat than fat from any other food source. Pork has always been favored by body builders over chicken, fish and beef since it is more easily turned into muscle. (2) The article says that the sonically blasted fat will be metabolized by the body – that is, burned as an energy source. Let's think about this.

Fanny Flabbutt munches on her Dr. Laura rip-off soy bars. (Ever notice how jews are compelled to sell something to the idiots?) This stuffs a measured number of calories into the body. These calories are burned for energy and the excess stored as fat. If Fanny didn't over eat relative to her body requirement, she not be fat in the first place. Contrary to popular belief, fat is not made out of thin air. Some people, due to high metabolic efficiency, require much less food than do people with low efficiencies. (When times are hard, the fat people get skinny and the skinny people die. – old Sicilian saying.) Here's the logical rub – suppose the kosher Mach 6 fat blaster creams a certain amount of body fat and therefore it becomes metabolized. This bodily combustion produces energy which means you'd need to eat less otherwise your body would heat up and/or you'd gain weight. (People with fevers lose weight but the body places a limit on body temperature. Eating lots of bacon is a good way to get slightly warmer in the winter but beyond a certain level, bacon fat in your stomach becomes lard on your waist.) We call eating less, dieting, which fat people don't do. Excess calories produce fat. So now we've come full circle. The KM6FB actually produces the same effect as does over eating. The net effect is that the KM6FB does little other than shuffle the fat, like a dog chasing its tail – 6 ounces off and 6 ounces on. The gullible goyim, who continue to believe that a tribe of man-made mongrels represents people "chosen" by God, can be expected to purchase this gadget at the typical kosher markup of 2000 percent. With this potential windfall, I hope the inventors will purchase one-way tickets to Israel for our resident jews, and Judeo-Christians, who have an itch to partake of the blessings of the holey holy land. God would be pleased to have all of his faithful in one spot. It makes the bookkeeping easier and having only one heavenly launching pad for those welkin bound, would certainly be appreciated.

The brain is 40% fat so if someone calls you a "fat head", is it a compliment or not?