6 December 2001

Most white people are so damn sappy it's sickening. Just look at the fools. They really do believe they are in a really big war. Wonder how they would feel if some war crazed power started dropping two to fifteen pound bombs on them, killing their children, and destroying their homes. They have been doing these things ever since W.W.II. No one has ever grasped the true horror of what was done to Dresden, Hamburg,  and a hundred other cities all over Europe or the cities of Japan. Can't tell you the number of times I've heard people say that if they had not dropped the atom bombs on Japan they would have lost a million men. Actually the Japanese wanted to surrender, but because of Yalta and a desire to let the Russians into the war to demonstrate solidarity and give that poor land starved country Manchuria, S. Sakhalin Island and the Kuriles Islands, in fact they even wanted Hokkaido Island, to placate them. If it hadn't been for Gen. MacArthur it would have been a lot worse. They sure did admire good old Joe Stalin. Wonder who ever thought that man was good? Certainly not the Russians.

Pres. Truman never intended invading Japan. Just bomb. Even the stupid Germans forget. The Jews – never – and go back thousands of years, they scream about their promised land, but they came out of Egypt. Wonder how many dimmies really equate what happened on 9-11 to the policies practiced  by the U.S. in the middle east. This includes bringing  in  a mental case to rule Palestine. Mr. Arafat with  his corruption and  zeal to punish the people of Palestine can almost be likened to the 'good  old Joe' syndrome.

Part of the problem rests with the Judeo-Christian crap where every Christian thinks he is related to the Jews. Incidentally I've never been of the opinion that Christ was crucified. Gov. Pontius Pilot was too intelligent a fellow to crucify a religious man that did nothing and free a man that had killed Roman soldiers, that's why he cleared the area of crucifixion and guarded  the tomb, then got Christ out of the country. Anyway that's the way I see it, anyway that' another story.

Regards.  Joe.

Character Does Count


Here's a special feature for our white liberal female readers and also swing vote 'soccer mommies'.  Individual character does count, ladies.  Special message at the end for self-styled non-movement leaders and followers.

"Marike de Klerk, ex-wife of former-South-African President F. W. de Klerk, has been found strangled to death in her apartment."

"A man who isn't loyal to his country probably isn't going to be loyal to his marriage vows, either. Can anyone imagine South Africa's first leader, that stout, old Calvinist, "Uncle" Paul Kruger, doing something like that?"

In my opinion the vice is definitely versa in this area.  To me, the litmus test of whether or not I can trust a man is how his family has fared doing that.   I have yet to hear a coherent explanation of why a man who would betray the woman he's married to (this multiplies by a factor of 777 for his children) will keep his word better to me.  The rationalization that there's such a thing as a 'public' and 'private' persona in leaders is nothing but a justification for appointing people with Multiple Personality Disorder and other schizophrenics to rule us.  Looking around I can well believe this has happened but it's not the way to a healthy society.

"This story is full of bitter ironies. When de Klerk heard about Marike's death, he was at a Nobel-Prize-Committee function in Stockholm."

This is reason #6,000,000 why the contemporary Judeo-Media manufactured 'morality' impresses FAEM not a bit.  Turn over any of the rich 'n famous 'n powerful rocks and we'll see the same maggots crawling under them.  The current GOP elites act about like the Kennedys did circa 1961.  Here as elsewhere they're the 'me too' party.  The current Democratic elites have definitely led the way downward in degeneration.  Their lifestyle behaviors are of a nature that many species of animals instinctively won't engage in.


Note to the non-moving (and often non-working) non-movement leaders and other ash and trash.  Do not ever imagine that packaging a Kennedyesque/Clintonesque/de Klerkesque lifestyle with American flags, swastikas, the U.S. Constitution or just a plain white wrapper cuts any ice at this tiny spec of cyberdom.   It doesn't.  If you think F.A.E.M. is about making the world safe for all white boys to act like the ZOG Inner Circle, you have seriously misunderstood us.  The reasons for this might be lack of intelligence on your part, poor communication skills on our part or some of both.  But no matter the reason, there's been a fundamental failure to communicate.

Bush's expanding global war is based upon a false premiss: the American public is of the same fiber as the American public of 1941. This shows how far the Bush is removed from the people, and reality in general. He, like all of our moneyed rulers, are mere bureaucrats directing traffic as if they were at some computer console. They toss out a few crumbs, from time to time, knowing that this is all it takes to get the approval of non-thinking voters.

In 1941, most Americans were white and they were a majority. This is no longer the case as anyone who cares to count heads in supermarkets, or drivers of automobiles, can attest – blight-wing jewish 'statistics' to the contrary. The majority non-white component of this land has absolutely no interest in Bush's insane scheme to terrorize the world in order to eliminate terror. The chances are, and especially since the bandit state of Israel has now been given the nod, that a draft might be instituted. When that day comes, old cross-eyes just might find out that blacks and mestizos really aren't that interested in pursuing his global witch hunts. He, together with the bug-brained 'diversity' menagerie which constitutes our government, has plunged us into the military nightmare of a no-go world conquest.

Often we place too much importance on the state of Israel, which began as a variety of Nazism – a state of, for and by jews. The problems began when they wanted others to do their work. (Didn't our own Aryan South perish because they refused to do their own work, as any NS person would, and imported black slaves?) Thus evolved a concentration/labor camp for Palestinians, who throw rocks at them. If the push to expand territory is exercised, all that will happen is to have more Palestinians throw more rocks.

Many Americans of a religious bent, not only worship a jewish god, but try to be jews themselves. Thus, if Israel vanished overnight, the jewish state of America would still be there to spread the disease.

Just a short note to let you know I didn't run off with the farmer's daughter. I have been busy remodeling the kitchen in my bungalow so when Eric visits, he can eat at a table. It's easy to manufacture more hate when you are comfortable. BTW, I just received something from Eric which I will get to shortly.
When a man who is honestly mistaken hears the truth, he will either quit being mistaken or cease to be honest.
It must be tough to be an American soldier when you are in more danger from your friends than you are from the enemy.
Some months ago
I had a three way discussion with a professor of political science and an ardent young man who sneered at readers of the tabloids.  I mentioned that I considered the consumers of such tabloids of the very greatest political importance since they were mostly lower income white women.

Because of this and what researching anthrax taught me, I have a new minor hobby.  Every time I go through the checkout at the grocery, I also now checkout the tabloid rack.  This American Media operation intrigues me more and more.  They have all the tabloids sewed up.  The entire rack is published by the same company, including the 'National Enquirer', 'Sun', 'Globe', 'Weekly World News' and also the new Spanish language 'Mira' that's appearing.  They also have most of  the booklet sized intellectual/spiritual disinformation tracts sitting at the checkout.  Tonight I thumbed through a selection of booklets titled 'What The Bible Says About End Times Prophecies', 'Nostrodamus', something about ghosts and an astrology booklet. All of these were put out by this 'American Media' of Boca Raton FL.

Then there's how this unitary combine has spun Hillary.  All the stories about her and Bill always have the same slant.  You can almost hear the Country Western 'he done me wrong' wailing in the background complete with electric guitars.  And all of this agit-prop is pumped out by the same American Media solely owned by Evercore Partners L.P., which just happens to be chairman'ed by former Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Roger C. Altman Y and Vice Chairman'ed by a certain Albert C. Gore, Jr.  On the Gore front, I notice TIME Magazine *did not* list his Evercore Partners (the group that owns American Media) vice-chairmanship when they listed his other new vice-chairmanship with some California mutual.  Big shock, huh?

When Hillary told one of her flunkies that 'We own the media', she wasn't just referring to the famous Liberal Bias.  That was a literal statement.


I noticed some "cabinet", "advisor group", or whatever, which tells el Prez how to manage affairs. It was composed of 2 whites, 2 nigeros und 3 juice. According to cigar Bill, FEDZOG should represent the "people". If that holds, it tells us a lot about the proportions of whitemobiles still paying taxes in this land. 
Meta cosmo astro physicist Dr. Sharon Folderol, from Farmington University of Central Kentucky, or thereabouts, was video-taped sitting at a gigantic computer terminal gawking at multi-colored squares which was an enlargement of a digitized mess from outer space. This TV spot was the "proof" that black holes exist outside of diversity whore houses. On the screen were bright checkerboard shapes which, we were told, were stars. Sharon smiled while rubbing her thighs together and announced, "These stars are traveling at 4000 km/sec, except the one on the right which may or may not be traveling faster. Now, if you look in the middle, there is something you cannot see. It's a black hole, but it's not black. We really mean it's invisible. It must be there because we know of no other way to explain why these stars are orbiting when there is nothing to orbit." ("Black" here is appropriate since the weather people mention "black ice" when they mean ice you cannot see.)

After watching this certifiable Ph.D. ass spout off with the most idiotic gibberish I have heard in over 12 minutes, I wonder if you WHITE FOLKS out there EVER BOTHER TO THINK ABOUT THE DELUGE OF CRAP which is passed off as fact and intelligent surmise. You are taught to be "good students" which is a way of pretending you are a parrot or trained seal. Take some time off, once in a while, and THINK ABOUT stuff which your teacher fancies or is in those books you read. I must be the only person still alive who HAS NOT WRITTEN A BOOK. Books in an outhouse are valuable, of course, but the pages are often too coarse for the average fellow so I suggest keeping warm this winter by burning, as the Nazis did, every piece of printed manure which bears kosher approval. If you need matches, invent some.

I see that thousands of "Nazis" were demonstrating in Germany against WWII propaganda (political bullshit). It's about time, I say. The German name has been dragged in the sewer for nearly a century. It's unnecessary. It's undeserved.
I am glancing through the 22 Nov. newspaperi Viva! (I live!). It's a Spanish edition of the Tri-Cities Yakima WA area. You, know – the Great White Hopeland where we are all supposed to immigrate. The cover has a photo of El Presidente Bush in with one of his less intelligent kosher facial expressions. The caption is: Un Gran Pavo  (A big turkey.) That's not very patriotic, is it? But the invading mestizos don't care. Whose to complain? Not some stupid batch of gringos nor the blacks who will lose their free ride when whitey is gone. Whether Chinese or Mexican, they'll clean up the black plague in a hurry.

Seattle, now rapidly filling with muds, is at the top of the list nationwide as more and more gringos, who have lost their country, flee to private schools.

Yakima now has 4 spic newspapers. All articles, and photos, are about mestizos. No diversity here. Lot's of racism methinks. Naughty. But that's OK. They aren't white.

The Congo is being plundered on a daily basis as increased black misrule demonstrates it's superior efficiency. Once free of "white oppression" the Dark Continent bursts into bloom. My heart goes out to those unfortunate elephants and leopards who suffer innocently.

Bushy is having trouble with his good Muslim, bad Muslim policies. He should have learned from the blightwing's good jew, bad jew, good black, bad black exercises in futility.

The number of homeless soars. That's another good sign. Perhaps they will march on Washington and threaten to burn it to the ground if the taxpayers don't come across with more handouts.

Americans love draft-dodgers, philanders, morons, scalawags, whores, degenerates and riff raff in general. They elect them to high office and are transfixed by their TV yapping faces.

Christian loonies at play – http://www.endtimesnetwork.com/crt_nws.html


Given this reality, almost anyone could fulfill the Christian Right's "Messiah-Wish" now. After all, the pathology that is at work here has powerful transforming properties attached to it, and once it takes hold on a "host," who really knows what can happen? For instance, who would have ever dreamed that a tiny little man of no repute from the remote island of Corsica could have ever been transformed into a Napoleon Bonaparte? Or an obscure, failed art student from Vienna could have ever been "morphed" into an Adolf Hitler?

It is EXACTLY this pathology that has now fixated itself on George Bush, a man who before the events of September 11th had all the appearance of a buffoon, but who now – under the impress of these events (and this pathology) – is being transformed into a "war leader" on a par with Winston Churchill, which is kind of like creating a silk purse out of a sow's ear. It gives a person some idea of just how much the Christian community in the United States has been prepared (adapted) by its own apostate condition into READY-MADE TERRAIN for messianic leadership. And one should ask himself in connection with this development, What's this terrain now producing? Is there a new messiah-king emerging? God help us all if there is, for we may be about to descend into a nightmare so vast that the Bible says of it,

"... except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened." (Matt. 24:22)

Under normal circumstances, the idea of George Walker Bush as a "courageous" "war leader" – especially a "courageous" "CHRISTIAN" war leader – would be preposterous; it would be enough to take one's breath away, especially in light of how he "whimped out" of Vietnam and hid from his duty during that conflict in an air national guard unit that his "daddy" pulled strings to get him into. Yet today countless numbers of Christians are slavishly buying into the myth of Bush as a "war leader" without even bothering to find out whether it is true or not, or whether or not they are being "sold a bill of goods" by the elites. THE FACT IS, THEY WANT TO BELIEVE IT – AND SO MUCH SO THAT THEY CALL ANYONE WHO OPPOSES THE NEW "MYTH MAKING" SURROUNDING THE PRESIDENT "UNPATRIOTIC."

EU considers plans to outlaw racism by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in Brussels
(Filed: 29/11/2001)

RACISM and xenophobia would become serious crimes in Britain for the first time, carrying a prison sentence of two years or more, under new proposals put forward by Brussels yesterday.

Holocaust denial or "trivialisation" of Nazi atrocities would be banned, along with and participation in any group that promotes race hate.

The plans, drafted by the European Commission, define racism and xenophobia as aversion to individuals based on "race, colour, descent, religion or belief, national or ethnic origin".

Ordinary crimes would carry heavier penalities if they are motivated in any way by racism or xenophobia, or if the culprit is carrying out "professional activity", such as a police officer. Some of the crimes listed are, broadly speaking, offences under British law already, such as public incitement to violence.

But the list also a covers a wide range of activities that sometimes fall into the sphere of protected political speech, such as "public insults" of minority groups, "public condoning of war crimes", and "public dissemination of tracts, pictures, or other material containing expressions of racism of xenophobia" – including material posted on far-Right internet websites.

It was not clear yesterday how the law would affect radical Islamic groups that openly promote anti-Semitic and anti-Christian views.

Nor was it clear how it would apply to political parties opposed to mass immigration, such as Austria's Freedom Party, Belgium's Vlaams Blok, and the Danish People's Party, all of which have become serious political forces.

The law could potentially cover many stand-up comedians, and even Anne Robinson, who, during an appearance on BBC television this year, described the Welsh as "irritating".

The proposals, which will require the unanimous backing of all 15 states, are aimed at ending the patchwork of different laws across the European Union and establishing a common definition that can be used by all judges. The commission appears to have adopted the most restrictive code – Germany's – as the basis for the rest of the EU.

Leonello Gabrici, the Commission's judicial spokesman, denied that there was any intention of curbing political expression. "This totally respects free speech. It will be up to judges to decide where the balance lies" he said.

The United Kingdom Independence Party said yesterday that it could be targeted by the new rules, noting that the Oxford English Dictionary definition of xenophobia is "a morbid fear of foreigners or foreign countries".

Nigel Farage MEP, the party's chairman, said: "I'm morbidly xenophobic about this new country called the European Union, so if that is covered by this law then I'm most certainly xenophobic and I could be extradited anywhere. So I'm going to make sure my overnight bag is packed and ready."

Dear Robert = I probably shouldn't torture you with this, but it speaks volumes about where we are at and where we are going.  This piece of legislation (H.R. 2886) is in committee at the moment.  I'll sum it up for you: it is to amend federal law to provide for the Purple Heart to be awarded to civilian employees of DoD killed or wounded in a terrorist attack! F.M.

Robert's comment: As I wrote in the 1960s, the forced inclusion of Afro-apes into white schools would spell the end of America's excellent public school system. It has come about and more and more white folks are opting for home schooling or private schools. I also mentioned that for some inane reason, more and more white males were turning decision making over to females, as if they felt a need to return to childhood where mommy wiped their noses and behinds.

H.R. 2886 is just another extension of the "feel good" atmosphere where everyone is a winner. It, like giving A's to all students, and diplomas to morons, is an insult to all of those who really deserve such things. All the kiddies should get gold stars lest one have his self-image shattered and/or itty bitty feelings hurt. Weez al' ekulls, don'cha 'no'. Mommy knows best.

Jim, a history teacher in a school where I was once employed, told me the other day that he has classes of idiots where the average grade is 94. This is a de facto means of making parents and students happy plus that all important item, "job security" – which is enough to terrify any worker into compromising both truth and integrity. 'The 'holocaust' is mostly horse shit, but I teach it because I have a house to pay for and a family to support," he once told me. I got the drift.

As Laura Bush gets to work corrupting Muslim women, we can see an ominous downward trend running parallel to the murder and destruction perpetrated in the name of "enduring freedom". The feminization of the society has not come cheap and it's continuation will cause more destruction to our nation than 6 million Osamas ever could, just as the black presence has wrought more destruction to our cities than the Luftwaffe was capable of – if it managed to fly across the "pond".

Awards for everyone not only is an exercise in Marxism, it "proves" the premiss – all are equal. So why shouldn't 'all' end up the same?

If the public likes to be ruled by maniacs, I propose Charlie Manson for president. At least he didn't talk with a smirk; was far more intelligent, and besides, what he says is far more entertaining than anything I've ever heard from  anyone "on the hill".

The ever-increasing mudization of America's schools insures a future devoid of people with scientific bent.
It appears that both Denmark and Sweden are now saturated with the joys of 'diversity'. Whites are facing the same mud problem everywhere. That's what I call sharing. 
The economy is getting bad so some states will be raising taxes. My question – If the economy is getting bad where will the money come from for Joe Six-pack to pay the increased taxes?
If you are looking for a job, avoid Washington State. The big Boeing dump hurt. Besides, the state is now mostly mud anyway. Don't despair, the mud flood is coming soon to a neighborhood near you. You are going to get 'diversity' in a big way.
Oregon has a law against racial profiling. That's why the Portland police REFUSE to cooperate with the F.B.I. in regards to 5,000 M.E. men who are on the "interview" list. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ho, ho ho. O, what a tangled web we weave.

The scenario I believe that will played out is that there will be a guerilla conflict in Afghanistan for a long time to come, probably supported by devout muslims world wide There will be big development of the Caspian oil fields with a pipeline running through Afghanistan, and Pakistan to the Indian Ocean. Billions of dollars will be spent to buy tribal chiefs and relief efforts.

The next targets to  be selected  will include small states like Yemen and with the approval of their Gov. Selected terrorist  hideouts will be blasted in methods similar to those used by Israel when they hit their enemies in Palestine controlled areas.  Then Iraq's turn will start. They will insist on U.N. arms inspection, and Iraq will refuse, and real bombing will begin. There are two possibilities here, (1) Iraq may again invade Kuwait with an objective of capturing a large number of U.S. forces stationed in that country, as well as military hardware stored in various depots  (2) There is some danger in this whole scenario that Iraq has actually acquired nuclear weapons either from Russia, Pakistan, or China. Further, Iraq has some seven  hundred combat aircraft. They may decide to throw everything they have against the carrier battle group, this is what the Japanese would have done in W.W.II.

Russia will feign objection, so will France, as well as a number of Arab states, but it must be remembered that Israel covets the Iraq oil fields particularly exploration and marketing. After all, they have to find jobs for the Russian Jews of whom a significant number of these fellows formally worked in Russian oil and gas operations.  If a new Iraq Government can be installed all previous agreements will be canceled and new contracts will be negotiated to favor Israel. This of course will not sit at all well with Russia and could spell some serious trouble in our relations.  In addition, if a new war begins against Iraq there could be some very unpleasant surprises. Iraq has had a long time to evaluate these matters and might be prepared to act by creating a real oil crisis by again damaging Kuwait's oil fields, and blowing up the big refineries in Saudi Arabia, if that country interferes so there's a real possibility of a real oil crisis.

In the the final analysis it must be recognized that China is the country the U.S. is concerned about for at some point China will invade Taiwan and the U.S. will use the same tactics they've used elsewhere, that is, send our fleet to support Taiwan with the intent of  bombing China's invasion sites with 15,000 pound cluster bombs. China can raise fifty million combat soldiers. These will be used primarily against Russia in event Mr. Putin plays the same game he has played in Pakistan. China has no semites and the U.S. must divide China as was was done in the past. China will surely use nuclear weapons on a massive scale against the U.S.  and this will result in many millions of casualties. If the destruction is so great, the U.S. will be forced to seek terms. This is what China is counting on. There is no question that we would retaliate, but the question must be asked if the U.S. had one hundred million fatalities and China a similar number of fatalities which country would prevail the country with three hundred million people or the country with one and a half billion.

At present the Russian  military are very unhappy with the dippy civilian semites that have run Russia since the fall of communism and could apprise the Chinese threat and seize power and throw in with the Chinese against our great nation. In a real sense, all of this is really a continuation of W.W.II. because of the semites engaging in actions to punish their enemies, establish a state in someone else's turf in the middle east and through the US, endeavor to dominate the planet. A while back some U.S. native American medicine men chewed their visionary mushrooms and went into a trans-like state and all these tribal shaman concluded that there would be a huge confrontation with the yellow man and the yellow man would prevail.  The Germans use to refer to the yellow menace and for centuries were the guardians of Europe, but that great bastion of western civilization is no more. So China will most certainly threaten Europe, and all of our history and white race will be in jeopardy because of that cursed state in the middle east.

Seems that so many of our leaders are mentally ill believing they are all Zionist as Sen. Biden announced yesterday. What truly great fools we have in our land. All most white Americans can do is watch the terrible drama unfold and keep letting those that will listen know who is responsible for this disaster.

Regards. Joe. (Combat soldier, SWATKWP, ETO.)

On the home front, rape, murder, pillage, AIDS spreading, drug pushing, and taxes go on as usual. An elderly Polish Christian couple had a sweet, loving, Afro-type for their personal handyman in the city of Buffalo NY. One evening, Old Black Joe, showed up with different working tools. He stabbed the couple to death and packed off with whatever he deemed valuable. Over the months, he had plenty of time to "case the joint". All animal trainers know that no matter how well trained wild critters are, they are still WILD and can be expected to revert without notice. Brain dead whites have never learned this lesson.

I had neighbors who thought that 'people of color' were absolutely marvelous. Their teen age daughters invited some of the darker ones to "make yourself at home". Like clockwork, 2 nights later, the idiot father would find his garage door smashed in and his valuable tools missing. After episode number 3, the insurance company canceled his policy – no money to be made there. Maybe dad learned something as I don't see too many darkies hanging about anymore even though his meat hungry daughters still drool when they see a pair of pants.

Over and over and over again, as the song goes – befriend a black and as sure as God made little crawly scorpions, you WILL regret it someday. If you are really a mushhead, you'll probably fabricate an EXCUSE, or fix blame on yourself, for some wild critter, apparently well trained, who simply went wild. Farting around with niggers is like smoking when you are filling your gasoline lantern. Things sometimes do not go as hoped for.

Bushhead says that if Saddam lets the U.N. inspection crew back in, then things will be much more cozy. That's Bushit. Iraq will be used for target practice no matter what they do. When ZOG gets on your case, there is NOTHING you can do to buy them off but they do prefer to execute ass-kissers and grovelers first. It's good for the ego. The jew component of ZOG says, "Never forgive ..." When your enemy says he's going to exterminate you, then what fool would surrender? Did I hear some homicidal bonehead mention that Korea is also on his hit list? I wouldn't yank too many Asian chains, if I were them. China entered the Korean shindig as soon as American troops got too close to the border. To those who live by the lie, ZOG didn't take China's warning very seriously. Meanwhile, a nice global expenditure of expensive toys which go 'boom', will be great for an economy
Ministry of Truth (Minitrue) Memory Hole Function Test; Status:  Fully Operational

This one's a beaut.

"A keynote research paper showing that Middle Eastern Jews and Palestinians are genetically almost identical has been pulled from a leading journal.  Academics who have already received copies of Human Immunology have been urged to rip out the offending pages and throw them away." ('Hi ho! Hi ho! Down the memory hole we go-ho').

"Such a drastic act of self-censorship is unprecedented in research publishing..."

These acts of self-censorship are very precedented.  Scientific research into racial differences and similarities is the most persecuted science in semi-existence.  What's unprecedented in our modem Zionist times is Human Immunology editor Nicole Sucio-Foca's political incompetence in publishing such a piece in the first place.  This kind of research threatens modern Zionist dogmas across the board.
"...generating fears that it may involve the suppression of scientific work that questions Biblical dogma."

The dogmas threatened are the hoax that 'the Jews' are racially distinct from other Semitic peoples and that they have any group lineal descent from the ancient Hebrews of the 12 Tribes of Israel.  These fairy tales are not even what the Bible actually says about the Jews or their origins, either.  These 'dogmas' are just lies about the Bible that are spread by the Zionists.  These dogmas are contained in the modern Zionist footnotes and commentaries that now pollute (mutilate, for you Thumpers, Bible, Fundamentalist) nearly every page of the current editions of the Bible.

Without this first Holy Hoax the more recent Holyco$t Hoax would never have been possible. Maguire

It certainly will be interesting. Eric says the inevitable expansion of 666 evil trying to eradicate evil, will ultimately involve rifle against rifle. Maguire says no, since he feels that it will be hi-tech vs. lo-tech all the way, that is, death rays and guided missiles against slingshots and spears. Eric thinks a draft is in the future, Maguire apparently does not. Time will tell. Stay tuned.

Both agree that ZOG is on the way out, but it will be far from silent. Ozzy and Harriet finally succeeded in driving the oppressive elephants from their garden but after that, there was no garden left. You really don't think the maniacs which now seek world domination through killing and mass destruction, will vanish without a trace of their deeds, do you?

White people world wide might still be a nation but they do not have a country, whether German, American, or Dane. They remain mere tenants in geography run by those who hate them – a mongrel collection of murderous misfits. If this were really whitey's country and if this were a democracy, then how come white folks never got to vote for open borders? Look up democracy in a dictionary and you'll see one of the lies our rulers spout on a daily basis.

It would be nice, at the collapse, to see blowhards such as Flush Limpnuts strung up by his useless balls. I understand he was a draft-dodger, which makes him a pro-war enthusiast in addition to being a well paid spokesman for ZOG. EVERY mouth which yaps on ZOGmedia has sworn allegiance to the world's most powerful machine of deception.

Maguire's argument – ZOG will be fighting hi-tech all the way until it goes down.  Tiny ruling elites always go for small elite forces.    Solomon did this with ancient Israel.  Those who've read their Bibles have seen the devolution from Joshua's mass infantry army to the smaller select army of Saul and David.  When Solomon took over he eliminated this mass citizen army and substituted a small elite cavalry force positioned throughout Israel for internal security purposes.  The conspiratorial elites of the late Roman Republic also progressively substituted smaller numbers of professionals for large formations drawn from all the citizens.  Caesar Augustus' major military reform after consolidating power was to REDUCE the numbers of legions down to 28, even though each was probably of higher quality than the more numerous legions of the end stage Republic.

Large nationally based armies are always a threat to a ruling elite sooner or later.  This is a verity of history.   The Founding Fathers knew this, which is why they defined the Militia ('Soldiers') as every citizen.  So I have said hi-tech vs lo-tech.

But as for US, well...  We have to hit that happy technological medium that magnifies the combat power of nationally based armies without becoming logistically heavy.  The barbarians that ZOG leaves over to threaten us will of course carry anything they can find from machineguns down to razor blades.

Hopefully we'll do better than just adapting surviving ZOG elite forces like last time.  This is what the successor states to the Western Roman Empire did in basing their military power on cavalry forces.  Without the Empire's vast economic base they had to come up with a different economic basis to support these forces.  The idea appeared to make the elite force its own tax collectors.  Thus the economies of feudalism appeared an prospered. 

Maguire's Bonus Quiz for Honors Bible Students and Falwell 'Fundamentalists' (using either King James or later NIV versions).

1.  What is history's first recorded false sympathetic identification of "Judeo-<blank>".  This is defined as the combination of the polar opposites of Judaism with a non-Jewish nation or idea.

2.  Where is the first occurrence of the word "Jews" in the Bible?  What language was it originally written in?

3.  What is the earliest known Zionist Occupation Government?

4.  What is the first known geographic locus of Jewry?

5.  When are large numbers of non-Israelites first documented as becoming 'Jews'?

Answers at the bottom of the page.  Hint:  Read the last chapters of II Chronicles and the Books of Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther in the Protestant Old Testaments.


1.  "Judeo-Israel".  Nebuchadnezzar exiled the ruling elites of the tribes of Judah, Benjamin and Levi after the conquest of Jerusalem.  They went into Babylonian exile as Israelites.  They returned from Babylon as 'Judeo-Israelites' to rule over the Israelite working classes who had never been exiled.  See II Chronicles and Ezra.

2.  'Jews' first occurs in Chapter Four of the Book of Ezra.  The original language was an Aramaic text insertion into the middle of the late Hebrew script.  Aramaic was the international language of the Neo-Babylonian Empire at that time.

3.  The Judeo-Israelite government of Nehemiah and Ezra.  They came to govern Judea from Babylon with the imperial charter of the Persian Empire.  See the books of Ezra and Nehemiah.

4.  Babylon, the Neo-Babylonian Empire and the successor Persian Empire.  See the Book of Esther.

5.  On/about 450 B.C., according to the Book of  Esther.  The end of the book records how vast numbers of non-Jews in all 127 provinces of the Persian Empire decided to become Jews after seeing the exercise of Jewish power in the massacres of Purim.  It's obvious even from the Old Testament that the overwhelming majority of 'Diaspora Jews' had never been Israelites even as early as the 5th Century B.C.  Arthur Koestler was 2,500 years late with his '13th Tribe' thesis.  The Khazars were the 50th or 60th (666th?) tribe by the late first millennia A.D.  The Hebrew language Book of Esther is also unique for never mentioning God once.  All the favorable events in the original Hebrew language book are ascribed to Jewish cunning or fortuitous circumstance.  A single Israelite tribe is mentioned once. The Babylonian Jew Mordecai – Mordecai is a Babylonian name derived from the idol 'Marduk' – is recorded to have been a fourth generation descendent of an exile of the tribe of Benjamin.

The later Greek translation of Esther (rejected as canonical by Jerome and all Protestants since the Reformation) inserted many references to what Joseph Kennedy would term 'the God stuff'.  But this is not what the Jews first told each other about these events and it is not what the Judeo-Free Christian Church canonized as Scripture.  They canonized the Hebrew version that is God-free and exalts Jewish cunning and massacre. The Jews also canonized the God-free version. They both did that for a reason. Think about it.

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This big push – it's pervasive – indicates to me that something far larger is on the drawing board. All of this media horse shit is preparatory for something. At least Goebbels, and Hitler, called their propaganda "propaganda" while ZOG's horse shit is called "truth".

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In June 1998,  BBC Music Magazine published the results of a very interesting test conducted with laboratory rats.  Before being exposed to any kind of music, the rats were able to run a complicated maze in about ten minutes.  Then half the rats were played classical music, while the other half heard heavy metal, for a period of ten hours a day.  The maze tests were repeated.  Classical rats navigated the maze in a mere 90 seconds.  Heavy metal rats took 30 minutes!  As an interesting side note, researchers said the study had to be curtailed after the heavy metal rats killed each other! (from I.H.)

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The SWATKWP, sometimes referred to as WW II, was used mainly to kill people who looked like us in order for our government to fill our land with people who don't look like us. That's racial treason.