13 December 2001
The jews, once they can maneuver things, always invert them. In the past, entertainers, and sports people, were at the bottom rung of the social ladder, one notch above prostitutes and pimps. The entertainment business is now a jew domain and so we see misfits, drug heads and other wastrels, elevated to icons, role models and heroes.

I have seen signs of another far more destructive, and dangerous, inversion and it has to do with the natural order. There is now a strong trend towards identifying "racism" with insanity. Anyone who prefers his race to that of another, is in need of psychiatric treatment – a business dominated by jews. Surprised? As Eric pointed out, soon it will not be sufficient to pretend blacks are equal to whites, but you'll have to proclaim your love for them, perhaps by kissing their behinds literally, instead or figuratively as is now the practice.

The enemies of the white race cannot destroy them directly so they have to get white people to destroy themselves and that is what race mixing is all about – biological suicide.

Is a love of one's own kind, and a disdain or dislike for that of another, an indication of a mental disorder? In other words, will sanity and insanity now be playing switched roles, as the jew is trying to bring about? Is the lion insane because it chooses to associate with lions and demonstrate a severe dislike for the hyena? Will "Birds of a feather flock together" now be written off as an indication of mental problems for those who believe it?

As Schopenhauer once proposed: If you and I were tossed into a loony bin and our watches held the correct time, how could we convince the inmates that their watches – all bearing different times – were in error? This is the problem of the alert white male. He is being bombarded daily with messages and directives which are contrary to his innate natural tendencies. 'Politically incorrect' is now moving towards being a question of mental stability. If white folks do not act like that putrid pair of human refuse from S.A., who adopted the niggers who raped, tortured and killed their daughter, then those white folks will be labeled insane. This label will then be the ticket for "special treatment" in one of ZOG's experimental asylums. What we are noticing is a movement towards a tyranny which will set Joe Stalin to laughing – a movement seemingly secured by the jew/communist victory of the SWATKWP (WWII). However, the gods never allow themselves to be predictable and it is certain that they will be on the side of those who, in spite of the barrage directed towards them, remain steadfast in the recognition of reality. Do not let the inmates of this asylum affect what is held true.

Years ago, I overheard a very cruel bastard say this to the woman he impregnated, "If you really love me, you'll commit suicide." This is what the 666 bastard now demands of the white race and sadly, many comply. Where do you stand, comrade?

Georgies' picture is superb agit-prop.  Perhaps that's what they wanted.  Here's a different take on that event:


Mr. Rosenberg sure doesn't think this photo-op was calculated to benefit him.  He makes a good point about the need to arrange the flag carefully to achieve the prominent Star of David display effect.  His view is that this was designed to further inflame Muslim sentiment towards us since it will travel like wildfire in the Muslim world.

Maybe ZOG does want WWIII.

There's other symptoms and reports flying in from all over, a couple of which I commented on today, that the American elite
WASP-Zionist alliance may be starting to unwind.  Given the stakes now on the table this is understandable.

Just the other night in a restaurant I overheard a woman behind us talking about Israel and Palestine. She was saying "Who gave up that land so the Jews could have it and who gave it to them?"  Underneath the stage managed media coverage things are starting to boil.


Robert – The week before last, New York Observer had an editorial from Richard Brookhiser which made mention of "ZOG" in a way that implies it is a well known acronym among New York's (jew/WASP-ZOG) elite, and that it's implication is believed by a significant number of people here is USA-ZOG and a large number abroad in places like Saudi-ZOG, ZOG-Rus, etc. A.B.

It's nice to know that Eric's acronym, which has been around for 40 years, is on its way to being a part of the language. Robert.


Semites' War Update.

Jewish Defense League head Irv Rubin has now been arrested in a bomb plot against a mosque and a U.S. Congressman.  The JDL had previously been listed as a terrorist organization by the FBI but was delisted after the final takeover of that organization by Zionist Jewish interests.

Stay tuned and see if Rubin and his associate actually get more hard time than Alex Curtis did.  Under ZOG's new standards Rubin's reported involvement in a bomb plot to blow up a mosque and a U.S. Congressman's office qualifies as attempted 'domestic terrorism' with a 'weapon of mass destruction'.  What's happened until now after such splashes is a revolving door for Jews.  The Israeli Jews are past masters at that kind of two-faced 'hasbara' facade with sentences of a few months for murdering non-Jews.  And that revolving door is already starting to spin.

"Rubin and Krugel were charged in a federal criminal complaint with conspiracy to destroy a building by means of an explosive, which carries up to five years in prison, and possession of a destructive device related to a crime of violence, which carries a 30-year mandatory sentence."

Hey hey hey, it's a BOMB folks!  That's a 'weapon of mass destruction' under ZOG's new anti-terrorism laws.  So where's all the talk of 'domestic terrorism'?  'Conspiracy to violate federal civil rights?'  'Hate Crimes'?  'Conspiracy to commit Murder One?'  Silence, silence, silence and silence is where.  Rubin and Krugel are Jews.  All those more serious charges were always intended to used by  Zionist Jews and their allies against whites.  Jews, negroids and illegal Mexicans are exempt from them.  The Judeo-Media's blatant one-sided Jew favoritism is still intact, too.  The first two links Yahoo! provided were straight to the JDL's own website.  In other words Rubin's own JDL is being allowed to put their spin on first.

Had this been white people the next links and condemning commentary on 'Hate Crimes' would have been provided by other Jews from the Simon Wiesenthal anti-white Hate Center and Israeli born lawyer Mark Potok of the SPLC.  Those people so far are also notable by UTTER SILENCE.  The word 'hate crimes' hasn't even been raised.  Seems it's not 'good for the Jews' to condemn Rubin.  His kind of terrorism, like all other Jewish terrorism seems to be a.o.k. by them.  "It's good for the Jews".


P.S.  Attention GOP Country Club golfers, yacht clubbers and their expensive prostitutes pretending to be decent white women.  You better pull your heads outta your asses real fast.  This Congressman that Jew Rubin was trying to off was ONE OF YOURS.   It's already well understood that you don't take care of the white people who vote for you.  Now it seems you can't even use brass knucks to protect your own club members.  Personally it wouldn't bother me to see every last one of you politically erased in the 2002 elections.  It's obvious that before the lot of the white working and middle classes will improve, they have to find new leaders.  So the first step is to politically eliminate the false front party that pretends on election day to represent white people but always sells them out to the Zionists and all other non-whites the remaining 364 days of the year.


King George

Wants you !

Enlist now ! ! ! !

Defend their freedom by surrendering yours.

Is ZOG starting to break up?


This story goes very far into detailing major non-Jewish American ruling elite deals with the corrupt Saudi regime, their joint dealings in Central Asia and attempted deals with the Taliban.  The oil aspect of the war has been widely commented on in alternative internet media, including here.  It hasn't received much coverage in the Judeo-Media for the masses.  The most interesting question to me is not the content of the story but why a major media organ is running it now.

Meanwhile more strange events are taking place in AOL-Time-Warner's boardroom.   Chairman Steve Case appears to have pushed Jew Gerald Levin out in favor of a compromise house negro.  This individual has now invited sidelined #3 Ted Turner back into the active fold.  At the very least there is a serious argument about policy raging behind the scenes.

I suggest everyone keep one eye on Venezuela, Columbia and Peru.  This is where the BigOil -n- Cocaine side of ZOG and ZOG International Finance-Opium have the potential for a direct clash over ...... big surprise, oil and drugs.



Bin Laden is now reported to be getting away in this article.  Far more serious is the apparent escape of nearly all of al-Qaida's senior leadership so far.  Up to now this is running as I expected when I laid out an 'Ia Drang" scenario for the Afghan Campaign.  The Long March (a historic reference to the early days of Mao's Chinese Communist struggle) over the mountains is now underway.  And to date Islamic honor is priced higher than $25 million ZOGbucks, too.    This is the sort of thing only the results can determine.  Now why would a close admirer of bin Laden announce bin Laden has gotten away through Pakistan?  A useful question, eh?  'Cui bono'?

The lack of any large al-Qaida captures since Kunduz has been bothering for me over a week now.  In September 1914, just prior to the First Battle of the Marne, one of Moltke the Lesser's army commanders was reporting vast victories.  Moltke replied, "show me your prisoners and captured cannon."  There weren't many naturally, thus proving Moltke's point that the French Army was withdrawing and not being destroyed.   So where are the al-Qaidists who withdrew from Kabul and Kandahar?  Tora Bora is one place they are, or were.  Massacred is the next, and just plain evading and escaping is the third.  How many of you have heard of 'rear guard actions'?  This is what Tora Bora is.  Victory is going to be assessable in terms of how many al-Qaidists are killed or alternately escape.

On the anti-Taliban side of the war, almost NO Taliban are being captured.  Former Taliban are even appearing in the post-Taliban coalition talks.  Get real, people.  The Pashtuns are simply turning their coats.  Even Omar is still missing.  This is all natural.  Pashtuns obviously have more sense than white Europeans and are refusing to eat their own simply for the benefit of foreign Zionist Jews.  The only thing that's happening is Pashtuns are pushing expendable poor boys forward up Tora Bora to dig out foreign Arabs while their leaders take Uncle ZOG's shilling for doing it.  All of this was seen in Vietnam, and before that in Spain during the Civil War and previously in the Russian Civil War.  Peasants don't give two hoots in hell about Great Patriotic Wars.  They're loyal to their own first of all, which means family, clan, village and sometimes the province capital 30 miles away.  That last is 'internationalism' to them.

'T'was a famous victory.'  Welcome to America's Worldwide Vietnam.


As the mouth reported, U.S. troops might be in Afghanistan for "some time". This makes it appear as if Eric, as opposed to Maguire, might be correct in his 'rifle against rifle' scenario. Already the "winners" are complaining that they cannot tell their "allies" from the enemy. In Vietnam, it was said that all the gooks smiled at the Americans but 1 out of 10 were out to kill them. The only way to find that 1 in 10, was to turn your back.
The only way I'd be convinced of the bravery of King George would be when he mounted a horse, scimitar in hand, and went charging through the mountains of Afghanistan shouting, "Osama. Come out and fight like a man." Wanna bet who'd win?
It is impossible to maintain a white civilization without white workers. As the American work force gets muddier by the month, what you are living in is the demise of a white society. The silly thing is that the white people not only enjoy disposing of themselves, but offer to help in the matter. At the present, we are enjoying the lull before the storm. The jew's attack on the U.S.S. Liberty failed to achieve the objective that the Twin Towers incident did. OK whitey, after you have expended yourself in the service of the jew, who do you think will remain to run the country you gave up?
Anyone who tells you that "whites" are 70% of the population obviously counts as white, jews, mestizos, quadroons, and any mongrel critter lighter than Whooper Goldberg. Anyone who tells you "jews" are only 2% of the population obviously only counts those who wear a yarmulke in public. There is another reason – dementia and failing eyesight.
I spent 20 years in the teaching business, collecting a salary and accomplishing very little. It wasn't that kids didn't want to learn nor that I couldn't inform them. The cards are stacked and woe to those who attempted to fracture the Marxist indoctrination program dictated by insane notions of equality (of ability) and ZOG's desire to see white people vanish through the disgusting, and Biblically denounced as a Commandment, perversion of race (species) mixing.

High school knew little of failure since the curriculum was based upon differences in ability. We were partitioned into 3 groups, R, S and K. I never knew what the letters stood for but I was told they were the initials of a former principal who devised the system. The K group was composed of those with ability and aspirations relative to higher education. I was in that group but not college bound as described by the words of my guidance counselor, "You come from a poor family and college is not for you." My math teacher also noted, "You are Annapolis material but your father does not have political connections like Al Pickert does." The S group was for those of business mind, whether entrepreneur, clerk, stenographer, whatever. The R people, mainly males, formed the group which is the silent bedrock of this country – machinists, plumbers, craftsmen, and so on – those who actually DO most of the work which is needed. (It's a rare jew who would be found here. Jews aspire to direct, not do, and that's why any batch of them would starve if left to non-parasitic devices.) At one time, I had a Class A machinist's license and also from those I worked with, I know these are very talented people and sadly, in this day of keyboard peckering, not appreciated even though one of them performs more useful work than 200 computer peckers.

If I were to look for the MOST VALUABLE portion of our society, it would be exactly where the highest concentration of white males are. We couldn't exist more than a few decades without these people but we could exist forever without jews, nigeros, and muds. You white folks had better realize this very soon.

Jewess Dr. Joyce Brothers recently stated that our schools spend too much time on geography, and other stuff which is not used much in life. She prefers more 'social interaction' – jewspeak for race mixing. That figures.
If I can say a few words
on the subject of  what the jews want. Basically they want to make the world safe for jews. They want to prosper and be feared. Theirs is a doctrine of disdain for all not of their blood and faith. They want to dominate and rule and not necessarily a patch of land in the middle east. The everyday jews we know and even sometimes respect, are not that secret  inner circle of jews that espouse the doctrine but almost invariably the little jew will go along with whatever  the tribe dictates. They will almost always support the politician or party that's against our race. They are insidiously destructive against non-jews especially when they control the media. Their objective is to control the world. The danger to their plan is China, therefore they may try to precipitate  a conflict because they miscalculate and believe it might be advantageous to start a war now rather than later, that is why the truth must be told many times over to those who will listen, for truly millions of lives are at stake.

Regards. Joe.


I see where Jim Robinson of the 'Free Republic' website is now being called a thief of copyrighted material by semi-daring VDARE.  'Free Republic', which advertises itself as a 'conservative' website forum, has earned a well-deserved reputation for censoring everything not approved by the liberal ADL, Simon Wiesenthal Center and SPLC.

Well don't sweat it, Jimbobaroonie.  Even if the A.P.,  New York Times and JewsMax ban you from running their articles we'll still be  here for you.  F.A.E.M hereby gives Mr. Robinson – and everyone else in the entire world -  standing permission to reproduce in full (and for no charge) all articles appearing on the F.A.E.M. website.  This should keep Mr. Robinson going if the selfish Judeo-Media-ites and Paytriots-For-Profit give him the Small Kosher Weenie.  And if they completely close down the Kosher Free Republic website for theft of copyrighted materials – or the diversity immigrants of California finally stop supplying him electricity in his Sacramento location – Mr. Robinson is free to operate a F.A.E.M. mirror site.


Maguire responds to Robert's question – What do the jews want?


1.  I think the game plan is a permanent state of low level insecurity for the individual small Israeli in the street.  This, combined with the in-your-face aspect of never ending Holyco$t agit-prop, keeps all Jews everywhere in a heightened state of anxiety and willing to part with the shekels.  The result is Power for the Big Zionists.  As ConnedServantives point out, social workers who really do their jobs (assuming the work is susceptible of attainment) soon find themselves unemployed.  Full employment for a society means unemployment for unemployment and welfare workers.  So it goes with the Big Zionists.
2.  Kahane's program is in process of being carried out and always has been.  The settlements with military and paramilitary settlers everyone talks about are an old tactic of conquest.   The idea is to subdivide the occupied areas and make a coherent civil society and economy for Palestinians impossible.  With Palestinian living standards intentionally reduced and given a never ending psychological pressure of harassment, the Jews hope to gradually persuade the Palestinians to leave.   Call it a slow-roll ethnic cleansing.  If done slowly enough, the Jews can avoid the opprobrium of charges of ethnic cleansing and genocide.  The Israeli national policy on settlements has been exceptionally consistent for 30 years.  Expand them through thick and thin has been the only policy.  The only apparent inconsistency is the cant of the year's 'hasbara' (Hebrew literal translation means 'explanation', real idiom meaning is propaganda) that successive governments have applied.  What affects the tone of the cant is external conditions, not internal policy.  That's a polite way of saying they change their lies to suit the current political atmosphere and needs of the ZOG of the day in the Jew Ess Ah.

Whether presented as 'hawks' or 'doves' every prime minister and his government has always issued more building permits, confiscated more land and established new settlements.  Meantime the chronic state of low level crisis in Gaza and the West Bank facilitates goal #1.

None of this would be any concern to me except that partisans for one side (the Israelis) have sunk their claws and teeth into the government that rules me.  If Tamils had turned Congress into 'Tamil Occupied Territory' I'd be just as anti-Tamil.  Except for this I'd have no more interest in what's going on in Palestine than I do in the war in Sri Lanka between Tamils and Hindus.  I said previously (and before 911) that I have no desire to see the national state of Israel disappear.

To the extent the Israelis want Gentile servants they can and are importing a polyglot of disunited people from Turd World slums all over the world.  So I don't think it's a question of labor per se.  Even if they keep them as open slaves under conditions worse than southern plantations, I trust the Israeli Jews to successfully present it ('hasbara') as a refugee sanctuary program for which they ought to be congratulated and compensated by the world at  large.  What's dangerous to them is an adjacent racially, ethnically and religiously cohesive mass in the form of the Palestinians.


Immigration is bio-warfare. Just think of the myriad of diseases these roaches bring into the country.
These days the word Freedom is a thing of very dubious interpretation.  The Founding Fathers thought and spoke in terms of Liberty, not Freedom.   They defined Liberty as freedom to do things for themselves without much intervention by government.

Marxist thought has since replaced this idea of liberty in the masses with ideas of 'Freedom From' some laundry list of things.  Frequently this is an identical list of the same responsibilities the Founders sought Liberty to undertake for themselves, or a spurious Freedom From the consequences of an individual's misused liberty.

Marxist style 'Freedoms' invariably involve either the involuntary performance of something by yourself for the benefit of someone else or freedom from the consequences of misusing your liberty.  Of course the someone else thinks of these Marxist ideas as all gravy and no sweat, and never consider that they also will quickly be coerced into doing things to pay off a third sucker.  Ultimately Marxism and Communism are no different than any other chain letter or pyramid scheme.  Defining Marxism as a political pyramid scheme to raise the promoters to supreme political power is probably the best operational definition of Marxism.

The Founders rightly associated such Marxist ideas of 'freedom' with 'license' and 'vice', which they considered rapidly destructive of true liberty.

Bin Laden and al-Qaeda are demonstrable enemies of white people and their freedoms, make no mistake.  If I rightly recall, our long defunct republic was established to secure "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." Since bin Laden identifies all Americans as 'Crusaders' and all non-Moslem white people as 'Christians', his identification as an enemy is not difficult to discern.

Is Bin Laden an Enemy of white men?  Certainly.  When a man announces I'm someone to killed, and he's trained tens of thousands to do exactly that, such a man is my Enemy.  Probably this cave man attitude is the result of my own long Army and infantry service, but you might reflect on it.

The lead-up to 911 included the destruction of individuals' and communities' liberties to protect themselves from hostile outsiders.  That liberty (and its associated responsibilities of posse comitatus and militia service) was long ago surrendered to ZOG in exchange for a phantom promise of 'Freedom From' enemies.

None of the above means I approve completely of how ZOG is fighting the anti-terrorism war, or that I believe ZOG will not also seek to turn this war against me and my kind as well as against bin Laden and his band.  It will and already has.  I also definitely think that 'we', this being the collective We of the polity, have done a lot of dumb things to provoke this fight.  That's all in the past unfortunately.  Al-Qaida-ists running loose in our communities is here and now.


By their hypocrisy, ye shall know them. Their path is destruction. Israel, joined with its vassal states of America, is now committing human rights violations which, in the past, they accused others of. The gods have noted this well. A great cleaning gathers in the distance.
Over the years, I have noted with wonder the power of the mind to override reality and negate logic.

Larry was a young fellow who came to my shop for a "souping" of his 1956 Chevrolet 265 cu.in. V8. He noticed that many of those in the winner's circle of nearby drag racing tracks were using a "Powertown" engine – that's me, in case it needs to be mentioned. Larry had an itch to be some variety of 'champion', with the same kind of faulty ego which propels all those desirous of the limelight. I told him my rates were commensurate with my excellent work and cash in advance was the only way I did business. He grumbled and left the shop. One hour later , he returned with his fistful of hundred dollar bills. I liked him and gave about 25% of his money back.

When the engine was finished, I gave it my usual on-the-road "flat out" from a stop, which usually rattled the horses in Mr. Breckenridge's pasture. He owned the land which was bounded by that dead straight 1 mile strip. The family was used to "leadfoot Bob" cranking it out, up and down, that country lane.

I called Larry and he rushed over to give it a go. When he shifted into high at 7200 RPM, he beamed the same sunshine smile one sees on an 80 year old man when he has a hands-on experience with an enterprising and energetic 28 year old female – both being worth the money.

Soon, Larry was off to the race track where he garnered trophy after trophy, at least, for a short time.

Larry was not as happy as he appeared. He knew that I favored, and always used, Racer Brown (Sun Valley, CA) performance camshafts in every engine I built. He mentioned that he always wanted an "Isky", meaning one manufactured by Ed Iskenderian of Los Angeles. I knew Ed and always managed to have dinner with him whenever I visited California. Ed was Armenian and bragged that he could "out-jew any jew", and after watching him promote certain deals, I came to agree.

After begrudgingly complying to Larry's wish, I installed an Isky. He was very pleased and later returned to the shop to report on the "increased power" the engine had. I asked how his wining steak was going. He said he had not won any more races. I asked about his e.t.s (1/4 mile elapsed time) and they had increased about 7/10 of a second and his trap speed was down about 7 M.P.H. I would have thought that this might have meant something, but it didn't. Larry's wishing-thinking and state of delusion in this regard, followed from having things his way.

You see, Larry wanted an Isky because it was "the best" – the power of advertising. This was a strong belief in his mind and the facts – no more wins, slower speeds, longer elapsed times – simply did not enter the picture. To him, the engine WAS MORE POWERFUL, and years later, he still tells the same story. 

The Communist Manifesto, 1848 (implementation status in the U.S.A. in red)

1. Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes.   (partial under guise of 'environmentalism' and property taxes)

2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax. (done in 1913 following passage of the 16th Amendment.  After destroying the white upper and middle classes with this measure and also introducing anti-white male codes into all hiring, the rates have been considerably reduced since 1980)

3. Abolition of all rights of inheritance.(50% accomplished with estate taxes).

4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels. (occasionally applied to goyim during times of upheaval.)

5. Centralization of credit in the banks of the state, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly.  (done in 1913 with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, except with the substitution of private for state capital)

6. Centralization of the means of communication and transport in he hands of the state. (the Federal Aviation Administration, Interstate Commerce Commission and Federal Communications Commission control all these means via their powers to regulate sale, ownership, operation and to license individuals engaged in these fields).

7. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the state; the bringing into cultivation of waste lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan.

8. Equal obligation of all to work. (every con job has some fluff).  Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture. (Being implemented with the hordes of migrant illegals).

9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; (being implemented with progressive consolidation of farmlands and livestock under control of companies like Archer Daniels Midland, Tyson, Iowa Beef Processors...) gradual abolition of all the distinction between town and country by a more equable distribution of the populace over the country.

10. Free education for all children in public schools. (Public schools are free for all.  How much education occurs is debatable).  Abolition of children's factory labor in its present form. (Done.) Combination of education with industrial production, etc.(obsolete in the West with the decision to abolish both education and industry). 

What do the jews want? What does Sharon want? Do they know themselves? Are they after more territory? More territory means more Arabs and as Kahane mentioned – the only way to have peace in Israel is for them to expel all of the Arabs. But Sharon needs Arabs to harvest his melons. A jew should work already? There's no deal in such a dilemma. Perhaps the Messiah will grant them all 2400 slaves. Now that's a deal.
Jim, as he called himself, was boarding the plane with me. We had met while drinking a 'cold one' prior to journeying to Phoenix. As we walked down the aisle on a S.W.A. plane, I pointed out what used to be first class – the jewish section. I have often wondered, if I were a jew, which would be more objectionable: (1) first class in the front of the plane where all the goyim would pass or (2) first class in the rear where I'd have to pass all the goyim.

Recently, as the announcement of a home security commissar met my ears, I wondered how soon it would be as it is in Russia. Special express lines for the nomen klatura, or even special aircraft for the jews who run this asylum. As the bolshevik countenance of America intensifies, I am sure the answers will not be far in the future.

Be sure to visit http://www.germancross.com for a glimpse at things your history teacher will not mention. 
The presence of American occupation troops in Germany has nothing to do with anyone's national security. They are there to prevent Germany from returning to being a white country.

http://www.nytimes.com/2001/12/07/business/worldbusiness/07YEN.html  (registration required)

"With the figures released today, the world's two largest economies – the United States and Japan – are in recession. And Germany, the third largest, is expected to follow."

"The data follow a procession of statistics that point to a hard winter in Japan. In the first half of this year, the flow of foreign direct investment into Japan contracted by 19 percent and corporate earnings slid by a third. And the trade surplus is forecast to drop 40 percent this fiscal year, which ends in March."

    In this article the Judeo-Media continues propagating the ridiculous idea that folding pieces of paper and phosphor dots on computer screens constitute an 'economy' or even the essential parts of an economy.    Certainly this is an economy in the view of many Jews, alienated as they are in mind, body and spirit from their host peoples.  Doubtless this is why a media dominated by Jewish minds and ideas can continue to print these kinds of stories.  It simply doesn't occur to them that the important portions of an economy have other foundations.

    The simple fact is that the USA, Germany and Japan all suffer from a common deficit.  This is a shortage of native born people in general and young people in particular.  All three of this countries have native birth rates far below replacement values.  PEOPLE ARE THE 'ECONOMY'.  Without people there is no 'economy'.  The next observation that derives from the first is this:  THE QUALITY OF THE PEOPLE DETERMINE THE QUALITY OF THE ECONOMY.

   In the USA this fact has been partially camouflaged by the immigration invasion and a massive corruption of economic statistics.  Sex in all its dimensions was never quantified or assigned a monetary value in previous generations.  It now constitutes a significant portion of what's reported as 'economic growth'.  Conservative estimates are that porno is at least 1/3 of just the now evaporating internet dot.com mirage.  If we were to assign that part of internet physical infrastructure required to carry porno the combined number probably exceeds 50%.  Then there's the parts of the 'economy' that largely consist of the trading of valueless pieces of paper.  I refer here to the so-called capital markets.  Similarly 'old age care', previously carried off the books as a family and religious responsibility, is now quantified as part of the S&P 500's quarterly combined earnings per share.

   Once we start deducting such items it will soon be found the 'U.S. economy' has been steadily contracting since the middle 1970s.  In the near future ZOG will probably take up the feminist notion of monetarily quantifying and reporting as economic activity homemaker and motherhood (or parenthood) tasks.  This will help perpetuate the illusion of continual expansion of the good times.  I'm certain the long-term post-SWATKWP economic expansion will continue right up to the moment no one is left with any interest in such concepts.

   Despite the smoke and mirrors reality still rears its head occasionally.  This happened a year ago when it was revealed the geniuses of Silicon Valley forgot to make sure they'd have enough electricity to keep their virtual economy going.  I am certain we'll soon experience food shortages and famines in coming times, and these in the midst of media reported 'economic booms'.  This has happened under all previous communist regimes.  We will not be any exception in this.

   The Dismal Science, as economics is sometimes called, has become much more dismal during the last century.  Marxism led to a total fixation on gross quantitative measurements to the exclusion of any kind of qualitative measurements or considerations of people.    You can believe 'Communism' has been vanquished if you want, but it's not true.  The economic calculus and the mindset of the US Government and all its statistics is not fundamentally different from those of the old Soviet Central Planning agencies.  Nor is the philosophical bent applied by the after-market commentators of the Wall Street Journal and CNBC.  Within their frame of reference and philosophy, their system of economic measurement is as equally applicable to Zimbabwe and Papua-New Guinea as it is to Tokyo, Berlin and New York.  The 100% failure of their systems to have ever predicted anything about countries dominated by negroids leaves them officially mystified.  This great 'mystery', which itself is rooted in one of the commonly agreed social lies of our time, then becomes a justification for more grants to academics to essentially do what Medieval theologians did and to as much purpose.  This is the equivalent of counting the number of angels that can fit onto a pin head.


If ZOG truly believed in the democracy hockey puck they so freely yodel about, then one might ask why American troops are still stationed in Germany 55 years after the war was over. Germany is "democratic", so they lie. If the Germans could vote for anything other than approved ZOG puppets, would they request American soldiers on their soil?  Imposing "democracy" means nothing other than installing puppet governments. ZOG-king tells people who their rulers will be. Sometimes the fraud of voting is used where all choices are ZOGlings. It like giving a person the choice of how he will die. "Americanizing" any society is just another way to spell Sodom and Gomorrah.
Debates are nothing other than arguing sessions. They are useless unless the debate degenerates into a brawl where at least, something is finalized – who is better at kicking ass.

All that is retained in one's mind is considered "fact" and each opinion is considered the best. To argue otherwise is to invite illogic.

It is often mentioned that the American boob has the intelligence of a dried prune. This follows from failed attempts to get them to alter their behavior in a direction parallel to those who call them boobs. A person's mental facilities might be as unerring as a machine but the best pie making machine could never produce anything worthwhile from mud. (In such a literal case, our Marxists rulers would place the same value on a mud pie as on a berry pie, since the amount of labor was the same – the labor theory of value.) Thus, TRUST becomes part and parcel of what one believes. If one trusts the jews' media; the Marxist, feminist teachers in the schools; and so on, then no matter how fine his brain functions, he simply cannot arrive at any truth.

At root then, is the task of either (1) controlling the raw material which serves as fact or (2) using whatever is possible to invite a person to THINK about what he uses as input, thus skirting #1. ZOG uses #1. This is patently apparent since I am aware of no jewsmedia item, or school course, which allows FREE discussion of the topic presented. Even in voting, we are presented with Zionist A or Zionist B and a few minor candidates who are also Zionists. (This 'freedom' of choice is like asking a victim how he would like to die.) In our controlled history courses, we ARE NOT ALLOWED to choose what is to be discussed and studied. A communist/jew lecturer can rant all day about the evils of National Socialism but NO National Socialist will ever be permitted to present a counter lecture. Many of you reading this found out by experience as students, the near impossibility of interrupting a propaganda session with a questioning of what was presented. If you weren't ridiculed, you were probably ignored or even tossed out of the room. This is a source of the resentment by astute young men – women usually 'go along' – who often are drop outs. They recognize the hypocrisy and hate it. Often, this sort of fellow embarks upon a life dedicated to self-destruction via drugs, promiscuous behavior and often quite illegal behavior. It should be realized that this is a terminally ill society and the way to combat it is not by surrendering to its degeneracy. Soldiers die and it should be during a battle and not as a result of suicide.

The only time the average person questions what he believes – the herd instinct demands a certain level of conformity – is when cold, cruel Nature shoves fact square in his face. This characteristic never measures intelligence. Only a few, during conditions of small stress, will take the step of inner questioning. Most simply "go with the flow" swimming in their delusions and believing whatever is popular to believe.