20 December 2001
Overheard in Lenny's Bakery: Upon leaving, a woman smiled and said, "Merry Christmas to you." The baker turned and forcefully replied, "I ain't no f---ing Christian."

Supposed this scene was reversed, Hanukkah was mentioned, and one replied, "I ain't no f---ing jew." That'd make you an anti-Semite. ¿Si? Ja? Da? Hi? Get it? Stupid white ninny. You love getting it shoved up your keester. ¿No es verdad?

As a kid, while other boys were peeking through keyholes and looking for orifices to stuff, I busied myself by building things and experimenting. I wanted to learn about the world. Once, I wondered what a steady diet of candy bars would do for me, and so I did it. It seemed a kid's paradise but after 4 weeks, the result was that I lost a lot of weight and grew to dislike confections – temporarily.

I went on an all steak diet too. I grew tired of steak and also lost weight. Once, I drank 4 fl.oz. of corn oil a day. It lubricated my digestive tract nicely but had no other effect except to make me feel quite warm for about 1 hours after drinking the stuff.

I decided to eat only bread for a period. In short order, I got fatter than Rush Limblow at a jewish party. I started to wonder since carbohydrates as sugar made me lose weight and carbohydrates as starch made me grow fat. I tried corn, oatmeal and barley with the same result – fat! My conclusion: man is not a chicken so why should he eat like one? Yes, the Asians are great grain eaters and they do not appear fat but consider that they eat little of it. They eat little of everything since there's not enough food to go around. That's why sprouts are used so often – they cannot wait for the plants to mature.

I watched my black cat Spooky and decided to let him pick what he wanted to eat, instead of me. I offered a variety of commercial stuff, fresh tuna, raw eggs, cream and liver. He never once chose Friskies or anything like that. From then on, all that critter was fed was milk, eggs, liver and so on. He was a strong cat with the most beautiful shiny black hair.

Our farms dogs and cats ate only natural foods – woodchuck, rabbit, birds, mice and an evening tray of warm cow's milk. They lived a very long time and I never knew any of them to be ill. Yet today, with all of the "scientific" food, dogs are more sick and living shorter lives – something their owners never seem to catch on to.

As I drive about, I see more health clinics and therapy joints than I do Mac Donald's, Dairy Queens and gasoline filling stations. We believe we have the best food in the world. If so, then why as a population, are we so damned infirm and sickly? Moreover, if the food is that great, then why does it have to be "enriched"? And how, pray tell, does a natural food become "improved" by taking substances out? Logic states that if 2% milk id better for you than 3.5% whole milk, then 1% would be better yet. How about 0% and then – reductio ad absurdum – leave only the water?

As the American dupe accepted as fact, that fat was akin to Zyklon B, they altered their diets to include more starch carbohydrates. That is part of the "fat" problem. The other part is that the fat which they do eat comes mainly from grain sources and not very good ones at that – soy beans, for example – a plant that only a starving cow would touch. And to add insult to injury, they HYDROGENATE it, thus producing crap which is ALIEN to your body. Never forget that our kosher food racket has nothing to do with YOUR HEALTH. It's impetus is PROFIT and all propaganda is directed towards getting you to believe in fairy tales. Sickness is a giant industry in this country and each sick being is DEPENDENT upon ZOG for assistance and ZOG likes it that way, wouldn't you say?

As I battle with advanced brain rot, I recall an old Popeye comic strip which introduced the name "jeep". A Jeep was a smiling little critter which ate only orchid leaves. If he ate a lot of them, he'd soon become 3 or 4 – a sort of feed and breed chain reaction. As the fates would have it, this was a harbinger of our welfare state. To avert starvation, an orchid is offered. This leads to more starvation due to the increasing numbers. Then it's back to step 1. In programming, it's called an unconditional loop. How bright must a person be in order to see the folly in all of this Marxist nonsense?

A good book to read is The War of the Newts. Substitute 'nigero' for 'newt' and you've got the message.

Once you agree to eat camel dung, you'll eat anything. Once you accept the nigero, you'll tolerant anything.

I always performed at a higher level on written tests than did the older of my brothers. Yet time and again, I stood amazed at his ability to quickly solve what I considered complex problems. Now, who is really the more intelligent? I earned 3 college degrees. He none. I was considered "white collar", he "blue". Who really was the more intelligent? I know and so should you.
One does not learn about cows by reading books. A good milking stool and manure shovel teaches more than any book ever could. Present-day education is simply ass backwards which many asses fully approve. Knowledge gained from books is always second hand knowledge at best and requires faith on the part of the student – a belief that the book represents truth.

Often, some book learning is forbidden because there will always be those young skeptics who aren't quite sure what the book says is true. Otherwise, they wouldn't take the sensible approach of attempting to verify it. This is a group that no government is anxious to cater to, nor any peddler of religious notions. They want obedience, not questioning subjects. The holycost lobby, for example, forbids questioning for they know that they are in a religious domain where verification, that is duplication, is not possible. This would lead to its unraveling which is forbidden, and questioning is generally enforced by law.

Inexperienced Freddy pokes a stick at a hornets' nest. Out pours the dark swarm nailing Freddy on every exposed body part. Freddy is not happy. Did he learn anything? Who knows? His response will give us a clue. If he does it the second time, then I am afraid that Freddy is in need of a brain implant. If pain taught him nothing, then a college degree would help naught.

Let me see. Osama has shaved off his beard and now dresses in a tuxedo. He'll be hard to find unless he attends a rock concert. But isn't the beard part of some religious expression like lying to the goyim? Today I learned that he probably had plastic surgery performed while he was living in a cave. Did the surgeon use chipped flint?  Perhaps he had a sex change and now looks like Madelaine Squatbright. The former yiddish honcho was female wasn't he? Tell you what. If Jorge the Bush turns out to be Osama in disguise, I'll enlist for active duty in the Israeli goat force, which I understand is protecting the Red Heifer.
Decades ago, the term "white collar" meant the paper pushers. Today, a good share of the working class wear white collars on the job – engineers, for example. I have seen many workers in denims and sandals who now push papers so the distinction blue/white no longer applies. A valuable person is one who increases the wealth of a community whether by growing potatoes, driving a truck, machining a nozzle or engineering a new idea in hard drives. Middle men of any stripe, are parasites. So let no one be confused by my use of 'working man'.

During this Christmas time, as more and more menorahs spring up like weeds – which they resemble – in a dung heap, I give my non-jewish thanks to both Eric and Maguire for enhancing these pages with their wide scope of experience and knowledge; experience and knowledge which I do not possess but which I did.

Yes. Old Genghis had nothing over Jorge and Chainy. Kill, kill, kill. It's what the gods want. Eh?
It's old hat
but interesting anyway. Two months ago, Dr. Torah called a set of white parents "evil racists" since they approved not of their daughter's mating with a jungle specimen. Today, a white air-head female called complaining that her darker hued in-laws didn't approve of her and banned her from family get togethers. Dr. Torah failed to claim that the dark folks were evil racists. So what else is new, whitey?
Frank yelled to the heavens, "ZOG, ZOG, do not forsake me, O my master. Help me. Monster gremlins are coming down from the north and making my life miserable. I need protection. I want to feel safe."

ZOG is a wonderful deity and so a bellowing voice thundered down, "Frank, I have built this impenetrable wall on your north side. The monsters cannot now pass."

All's well for a short period and then Frank again beseeched his master, "The north is no longer a problem. They are going around the wall and entering from the east and the west." And so it came to pass that ZOG built great east and west walls to solve that problem.

Soon Frank went to the wailing wall blubbering that gremlins were invading from the south. Again, the great ZOG in the welkin built another wall on the south completely surrounding Frank. Frank was happy in his new requested safety unit until one Tuesday night, when the moon was dark. The gremlins were coming in over the top of the walls. He did not know how they did it, but 'twas true.

ZOG's final project, relative to Frank's dilemma, was to top the enclosure with a gremlin proof roof – the latest space age material, of course. Frank was now, for all practical purposes, entombed, but at least he was completely safe from the monster gremlins. Sure as hell beats hazardous freedom, doesn't it?

          This is a free country.  So shut your mouth!
Fifty years ago, white Americans had safety AND freedom. Over the decades, they gave up some of their freedom only to receive less safety. Now, they appear willing to give up more freedom in order to regain some of their lost safety. That's what the jews call "doing business."
White people could again look to Germany for guidance and deliverance from communism if only the Germans could get the American monkey off their backs.  But this would require that the Americans get the jewish monkey off the American back.
Two soldiers
were on lookout in one of the fort's towers. "Hey," I just saw an Indian slip behind a tree." The other soldier replied, "That's nothing. It's only one Indian."

"Hey, I just saw an Indian peek out from behind a bush." Heck. Don't worry. It's only one Indian."

"Hey, There's an Indian moving next to a rock out there." "You worry too much. It's only one Indian."

That's the story of America's fall into jewish hands. We only chose to see one jew at a time.

Decades ago, it was Christmas season. Then this became Christmas with a mention of Hanukkah. It wasn't long before we heard about Christmas and Hanukkah. Now it's the Christmas-Hanukkah season. Before long, we shall hear about the Hanukkah-Christmas season and then Hanukkah with a mention of Christmas. At the end of the time, we shall all be celebrating Hanukkah which will be an improvement – hypocrisy in this realm will vanish.

Have you noticed how the blue eyes in Disney's sterling characters are being replaced with dark ones? Notice also the steady disappearance of light hair and skin. Pretty soon Whopper Goldbarge will be Goldilox and Santa will look like Mistser T. Whitey is not only being phased out in the cartoon world, but in the real world as well. Know what? He loves it! He must. He keeps helping it along.


Last week the T.V. had a taping of one of our aircraft zeroing in with infra red sensoring devices [that is where  body heat is picked up] on two figures in the Tora Bora area of Afghanistan,  then they let loose with 100 Lb. aerial borne rockets. Now who the hell would know from the human pieces who they were?

It would certainly be to the U.S. advantage to not have to try Mr. Bin Laden, because there might be some inconsistencies in the official version of who was responsible for 9-11., whereas if he is just missing with no trace, in time it will be assumed he met his fate in the extensive bombing, or a rumor may be spread that his comrades did him in. If it is announced that our bombing ended his days,  it would only  aggravate hostility toward the U.S. by the muslim masses. Of course some sightings of him in Iraq would be just the thing to light up the xmas holidays.

I do detect some boredom on the part of the public over this whole lunacy, it's sort of placing a blight over the holiday season. I see goofy Arafat is still squirming to retain power, however Mr. Sharon is not going to let it happen. The Israelis want the Palestinians out of Palestine that is why they set up the settlements to begin with, and it will be Mr. Sharon's crowning achievement. Jordan ought to start setting up tent city now.

Regards.  Joe.

Good morning from the American outsite. Uncle Carl died at the age of 102. "But he was so young," as the neighbors lamented. His sense of humor was omnipresent and one might even conjecture that he was a jew. He was an agnostic and flew missions in the FWATKWP (WW I). I still remember the photo of him standing proudly, with one foot on the wheel of his Spad biplane. It was believed that he never completed the 7th grade – a common occurrence in those ancient times. Still, Uncle could out-think nearly anyone I knew. Often, he was called to solve problems the 'college boys' faltered at. We all said he was clever and inventive. I remember a contraption he built in the 1940s which allowed him to turn on the radio by the sound of his clapping hands. His cellar was hydroponics heaven where he specialized in tomatoes which he never ate. Uncle's diet was something out of a comic strip. Balanced? Heaven's no, at least according to the experts. He favored pineapple pie covered with beef gravy. (This must be a family genetic thing for one of my brother's favorite sandwiches was mustard and chocolate syrup.) Carl ate what he felt like eating and it was always something 'close to nature' for he disliked the factory "vitamin and mineral enriched" concoctions Americans gorge themselves on today. He never ate one vitamin tablet and no one can remember him ever drinking water. He sampled wine from time to time and when thirsty, usually ate an apple or drank some milk. (If you are a lactose intolerant 'white', then I'd check your family tree.)

"Physical fitness" was something which apparently never occurred to Uncle Carl. He loved speed boats and bought his last one at age 72. At age 89, he sold his motorcycle and turned in his driver's license. Reason? The road was being filled with "idiots and their cattle cars", probably meaning station wagons, vans, SUVs and that sort of thing.

He, and his very attractive wife, raised two children. The girl was beautiful almost beyond belief which she used enterprisingly as a means to separate men and their money. This little social bent eventually relegated her to being a 'black sheep' of the family – along with about a dozen others. The boy worked directly under Gen. Patton in the SWATKWP. He had phenomenal art talent which he used after the war aided by a full scholarship. Commercial art was not his thing and so he went back to school and earned a degree in botany. His employment at Weyerhauser (the paper boys in WA state) was disappointing and he quit, telling me that "the place is full of crooks and incompetents." At age 46, he went to dental school and became a dentist in Portland OR. He shied away from cold climates, such as in his native Horseheads NY, since his feet were severely frozen during one behind-the-lines operation in Germany. He often became sullen when remembering his part in the destruction of what later turned out to be one of the finest expressions of white endeavor ever seen – the 1930s Germany.

Old cousin became more intolerant of the people who refused to pay their bills plus an increasing interference by ZOG in his business affairs, and retired from dentistry. He sold real estate at age 72 and retired from that after a few years in order to continue his passion for mountain climbing. He broke an arm during one fall at age 82 and now thinks he should return to his childhood hobby of model boat building.

I have mentioned four people here, two cousins, an uncle and an aunt. None were into 'health foods', 'brain foods', physical this and that, or any other faddish pursuits engineered in the name of 'self improvement' but in reality, only a means to enrich the peddlers. They ate simple according to the dictates of their bodies and always pondered whatever some 'expert' spewed. Uncle often remarked that there was essentially no difference between a comedian and an 'expert'. Both usually spouted baloney, and both were comical only in different lights. No one remembers any of them having anything more severe than a sniffle, ever. Dad sometimes mentioned, "Your Aunt Mink pinches a penny so hard that even Lincoln feels it." Uncle loved to spend money. These diametrically opposed people, relative to money,  remained enthusiastically married for 78 years in spite of it all and neither ever called Dr. Torah.

Genetic tampering is only a continuation of the "do as you damned well please and soon 'science' will bail your stupid little behind out." Uncle Carl was damned picky about whom he chose to share his bed with. Aunt "Mink" often told about her second date where Carl asked to examine her teeth. She told him she was not a horse and he replied, "True. You are a whole lot more valuable to me than any horse and so I will be far more critical and demanding." Both, by the way, died with all 32 teeth. "Mink" passed away at age 98. "Too young to die," as the whiners love to relate.

Breed with whom you like and then hope that some ZOGling will be able to correct your foolishness. In today's inflationary menagerie, one ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure. Look before you leap!

If you are turned on by IQ blather, then you might like to read this:    http://www.leconsulting.com/arthurhu/index/aintell.htm

I admit that I did not read the whole thing as I am not interested in sorting out the beans from the gas. Perhaps someday, when really hungry, I might have to do this in a garbage dump.

The 'Asians are smarter' noise mainly comes from Dr. Rushton. He's the fellow who correlated penis size and IQ – the bigger the poker, the smaller the brain. If true, it might explain why many women prefer blacks to orientals and that some of them have been looking lovingly at horses. Hmmm.......

While not from Missouri, I am from the farm and I don't get carried away with academic hot air and theories about this and that. I look at the RESULTS which are ALWAYS indicative of what produced them. Tribes were known by the quality of their weapons. Those who used arrows and spears certainly were not on a par with those firing Remingtons and Colts.

It's one thing to say, "I am the greatest." It's quite another to demonstrate it. So how have the Asians demonstrated their superiority to the lowly white? By copying everything the whites ORIGINATED. How's that Chinese standard of living coming, Chang? Can you hack it without white technology? BTW, were da Vinci, Gauss, Newton, Mozart and all of that kind oriental? Why is it that all of the supposed Chinese "inventions" were NEVER IMPROVED UPON by the Chinese? Remember that the Chinese did not sail to Europe. It was the Europeans who sailed to China. Will the Japanese be the first people to set foot on the planet Mongo?

Superior blacks? Superior to what? When left on their own, without outside direction, they are a mud hut people and today as white influence leaves Africa, we see the reversion to savagery and spookophilia pop out from all corners. That should tell you something. Look at the results or have your computer games and porno sites removed the last vestige of logic from your brain? White man – wise up. Stop being suckered by the bullshoi your enemies belch in your face. 

It's always been a computer world – input, processing and output. Raw material, effort/machinery and finished goods.
A + B = C.  If you supply no effort or machinery, then A remains A – raw material. If you have no raw material, you are left with only the machinery. In either case, the output is zilch, nada – the big naught. Only those befuddled, beguiled and led astray by commie propaganda, as nearly the whole country is, could believe that the raw material has no effect upon the finished product. In computerese – garbage in, garbage out and the quality of the computer has no bearing on any of it. Yet, our education system, if you can call it that, believes that the machinery alone is sufficient to turn a sow's ear into a silk purse. In fact, this has been made into law – shades of the jew-run 'workers' paradise' which Americans sacrificed and died to protect a half century ago. The best bakery in the world, when supplied only with sawdust, cannot ever hope to produce bread. Our teachers now have the distinction of be evaluated, not on their performance, but on the performance of the students. A failing student means that the teacher failed and often this means a loss of a job. How convenient this "cop out" is for the irresponsible slugs in this world. It's all in line with the popular belief that all are wonderful and energetic angels, full of super intelligence, just waiting to be "creative". If we do not achieve our pie-in-the-sky, then someone else, or something, is at fault. That's delusory and borders on paranoia. But, in any asylum, we are all equal – equally nuts and equally enjoying King George as cheerleader.
Meet the new Immanuel Goldstein.  The only part Orwell got wrong is that he isn't Jewish.


"(Reuters) – U.S. and Afghan forces destroyed the last bastion of the al Qaeda organization in Afghanistan on Sunday but did not find Osama bin Laden..."

"U.S. Fails to Catch Bin Laden as Stronghold Falls"

"We of course want Osama bin Laden," and as President Bush said, "We will get him. Whether we get him this week, next week, whether it takes us one year or two years, we will bring him to justice or justice will be brought to him,'' he said."

See the next article for upcoming headline news now.

Next week's headlines.

Osama bin Laden Escapes Afghanistan.

       Intelligence sources place him in Iraq.

Next year's headlines:

Osama bin Laden Escapes Iraq.

      Intelligence sources locate him in Syria.

Osama bin Laden Escapes Syria.

      Believed to be hiding in the West Bank.

Osama bin Laden Develops Omni-Presence Teleporter.

      Multiple sightings in Lebanon, Saudia Arabia, Gaza, Egypt and Coeur d' Alene, Idaho.

All bases covered – The jews are a great bunch. First, they create a problem and then try and sell you a solution. They are also to be found on all sides of an issue, such as politics, so that no matter who wins, they are on the winning side. The Warburg brothers, Felix and Max, I believe, are a case in point. During the FWATKWP (WW I), one loaned money to Germany and the other, to the United States. With this in mind, I was amused the other day to hear two jewesses – the Dr. kind giving advice to the goyim – take opposite sides of the same issue.

Dr. J. claimed that "stay at home moms" are insecure and afraid of competing in the job market. She's bagel-ho for the "bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan" career twat who has so many irons in the fire she cannot remember where she put her Valium, or where she left the kids while she was "fulfilling herself". This is the stress type – always in need of some sort of drug.

Dr. L. opposes working mothers but dislikes the single parent, meaning female, as "only a husband can teach a boy how to be a man.." I agree with this strongly. A real "man of the house" is not a stud, which most women in this category relegate the opposite sex. They putt along seemingly self sufficient but when 'twat twitch' makes its presence known, Peter the Pumper is called in for service. Make no mistake – kids are aware of this sort of zoo atmosphere almost from day one. When the itch is scratched, the moms are back to proving that women can raise children all by themselves. Their kids always are emotional disasters, but mom remains oblivious to the real world since waking up "to smell the coffe" would violate her original assumption – that if it weren't for spermatazoa, men would be useless.

The feminist type, deserted by her stupidly chosen orifice stuffer and who gets knocked up, rarely looks for another man as a FATHER to her child, or children. Even if some unsuspecting soul marries one of these, he will be continually reminded they are HER children over which he is to DO NOTHING except kiss their little behinds. That's not a family and it's a high price for any man to pay. She, and hers, will only tolerate him providing he is a good little boy and accepts their definition of family. I can name dozens who are deep in this swamp. They all appear to be masochists of one variety or the other.

On the personal side – after being introduced to an attractive, intelligent, and divorced, woman, I immediately took a liking to her two small daughters. Things progressed slowly but it didn't take long for me to realize that the two kids had no self-control and could be counted upon to "tear up the place" whenever a whim hit them. One night, while sitting on the couch together, listening to some of Grieg's piano concertos, the oldest monster left her bed and went into action. My companion expressed concern and mentioned that she "could do nothing with them." I offered my assistance under the condition that she not intervene. She agreed and I resorted to time-proven methods. It wasn't long before the two hellions were fast asleep in their expensive beds.

The next day – a day planned for a picnic – I arrived and was greeted enthusiastically by both girls. They leaped upon me, and showered me with hugs and kisses. There were absolutely no shenanigans during the very pleasant picnic and later the girls begged me to return the next day. I couldn't comply since my job assignment kept me out of town for nearly a week.

The next time I visited this woman, the kids were at their grandparent's and so we talked somewhat seriously. She said, "The kids adore you and they mind you so much better than they do me, yet you "beat them" (her term for a few sound swats on the bare rump). I do not understand it." This was to be our final act of 'togetherness' as I could see disaster looking me in the face if I pursued the direction my heart strings were demanding. When emotions come to the fore, women generally are not concerned with results.

Often young men write expressing their dilemma – act like a man and you'll be denied the nooky platter. This doesn't really need an answer for you can figure it out for yourself. This is a feminized society and only those young white males who psychologically castrate themselves, will be allowed to participate freely. A radio mouth claimed that Americans are willing to give up some of their freedoms for a little safety. Yes, hiding behind your mama's skirts might seem safe for a little while but the day is rapidly approaching when white men will either find backbone and balls, or be swept into the sewer of has-been studs and fleeced sheep. To sell one's manhood for a few pieces of soon forgotten nooky, is something I cannot understand.

          50 years ago, we were SAFER and more FREE. But then, we didn't have the 'strength of diversity'.

Mr. Brownwog, a self-described member of the negro species, has offered this observation on the Hal Turner Show discussion forum:

>> I love coming here to see you dickheads worship your Jew master Hal. You can call me nigger all you want if it makes you feel better. Why don't you face the truth? You have been bamboozled!   You guys are losers.  <<

Other individuals claiming to be white men replied: >> It's better to be bamboozled than to be a Savage Beast. << **

>>Stupid nigger troll. <<
 It seems certain this first reply ** was in fact from a white American male and registered Republican.  As circumstances warrant we'll update you with further special bulletins from that key sector of the battlefront for the survival of the white race.


Robert adds: FAEM readers know from where this black fellow speaks. You were invited to view the photo,  observe the behavior, notice the employer, and ask "cui bono", as we did, before coming to exactly this conclusion. To those who still believe that Kevin Kostner and Harrison Ford are not jews, then good luck for you belong to the "Bill Gates is one of us" club. After all, juice are only 2% of the population. Ho. Ho. Ho. In addition, we have repeatedly noted that the blacks and mestizos are far better at using their natural instincts than is the blightwing, for nearly everything they do is directed towards their benefit – unlike whitey who loves to handicap himself so his enemies may profit. Mestizos, Chinese, and blacks have SURVIVAL built in. The honky is off in mama land playing with himself.

ZOG Breaking Up? (Maguire continues)

Here's a three part story from the Boston Herald airing all of Bushoil and Cheney's dirty oil-soaked laundry.  Once again the significance is not the story but the venue it's appearing in.  The Boston Herald is owned by an investment group ultimately controlled by the Bank of Montreal up in ZOG Canuckistan.  Fox Network bangs the Israelis and the Zionists retaliate with stories like these.





"Some 5,000 of those 20,000 Jihad-thirsty met their ultimate desire of joining al-Qaeda by passing rigorous tests and interviews that qualified them for an oath of allegiance with Osama bin Laden, according to senior Pakistani intelligence officials who made this estimate of al-Qaeda's manpower on the basis of available immigration records at various entry and exit points of the country.

1.  The Arab brigades fighting in Afghanistan alone are larger than this 5,000 number given for the al-Qaida hard corps.  These foreign contingents are generically identified as 'Arab' by ZOG's media.  These units always included large numbers of Chechens, Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Turkmens, Paks and many other non-Arab Islamics not rolled up in this 5,000 number.

2.  The apparent pre-training selection rate of 25% is what one would expect of any well-run leadership training program.  These 5,000 were leadership cadres, not individual soldiers.  And these 5,000 were selected out of a pool that was already sufficiently motivated to make their own way to Afghanistan to attempt to enlist.  How many were pre-culled by Al Qaida recruiters and never sent on to Pakistan?   Clearly the majority of them were dispersed out of Afghanistan prior to September 11.  If Bin Laden, his advisors and those backing him knew what they were doing, and all accounts say they did, the nature of the training emphasized a 'Train the Trainer' approach.  Each of these men has to be viewed not even as a squad leader but a higher level leader at platoon and company level.  They can not only form up cells but also recruit more individual members and train subordinate leaders for those cells.



Israel Shamir writes with a fine hand.  He's certainly one of the better writers active today.  Even near great.  His general style though comes from the great tradition of Russian literature, not Jewish literature.  Those who've read their Tolstoy and Solzhenitsyn already recognize the same cadence and meter in Israel Shamir.  From his style it's obvious Mr. Shamir does his thinking in Russian.

That's the source of his use of seemingly distant analogs to introduce topics and the accentuated contrasting irony.  And he's on the 'wez all ekwals' side of the race fence.  He was previously a huge supporter of the 'settlement' in South Africa that started the rapid decay now underway there.  So long as these are understood his observations on things Israeli and Palestinian are very worthwhile in my view.  Here's his current one on the true state of "2001: A Zionist Oddysey."

I've said many times before that the true center of gravity of our enemies' power lies on the New York – London axis.  I reiterate, that's where the Big Zionists and Big ZOG reside and have resided for the last 300 years.  What Israel Shamir tells us now is the same thing previously reported by Victor Ostrovsky and other Righteous Jews.  Behind Izzy's glittering Hollywood stage front is a decrepit old pawn shop crammed with useless junk.  That's all that's ever there, folks.  Ultimately it's a study in what the ancient Greeks called pathos, from which we derive the word 'pathetic'.  At this moment I don't know what's sadder, more pathetic.  Is it a people eternally driven by a nihilistic jealousy to destroy everything around them, or is it the ones ('us' in the sense of all non-Jews) who listen to the Siren Songs that always precede the 'creation' of such anti-creations?


Taking the view of this Mossad spying activity as a joint anti-al Qaida covert op gone foul in a classic Jewish betrayal – possibly at Sharon's behest – explains a number of other stray facts:
1.  Bush's new executive order banning almost all Department of Justice disclosures to Congress. Like other recent events this one has the potential to destroy both halves of the unitary Republicaine-Democrack Party.  This operation obviously started under Clinton-Reno-Tenet and continued under Bush-Ashcroft-Tenet.

2.  The rapid post 9-11 round-up of hundreds of Mossadniks in the midst of the hunt for al Qaidists.  The FBI knew the Mossadniks whereabouts well enough they were able to put their hands on most of them instantly.

3.  Bush is now holding them incommunicado like all the other Semites.  But the usual Judeo-Media outlets are not raising a hue and cry over this.  Only Israeli based outlets like the Jerusalem Post are squeaking up about this.



Dr. Johnson once said that when a man knows he's going to be hanged in the morning, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.  The approaching gallows of World War III is now waking up many in uncommon places.

The first link is some more uncommon candor by increasingly daring VDARE concerning their awareness of the Jewish origin of America's non-white immigration problems.  The VDARE contingent at least appears to have learned from their previous neo-con experience of what always happens when Jews are admitted into previously white movements.  It's always the same story.  Jewish interests will immediately be put at the top of the list to the exclusion of all else.

The second link is a piece by a leftist white feminist who's also now snapped awake to the common genetic identity of the cheerleaders for World War III.


P.S.  Attention GOP Country Clubbers.  As the T-shirt sold on the Moscow Arbat pedestrian mall says, "The Party's Over".  Dick Armey knows this.  Why do you think he's resigned as GOP House Majority Leader?  He sees the handwriting on the wall for November 2002.  So why wait around yourselves for what's coming next?  It'll be better to get started today on building a future for what little remains of Real America.  We're not hard-hearted here.  Just repent and then go and sin no more.  But that will require many of you grow what you don't have right now.  That's backbones and balls.  Think those high priced 'women' of yours (the ones bedazzled by Izzy's diamond ads) will allow it?  Maybe you better go ask permission first, eh?

P.P.S.  And for those who do come, please leave all your spoiled draft dodging frat boys like Dan Quayle behind at the 19th hole sucking up to Tiger Woods. 

Only white people are denied SELF-DETERMINATION. Have you bothered to notice?


Zo, watts ya tink of dat? Shtupid goy.

Maguire responds =

1.  The U.S. Government was well aware of all of this for a long time back but took no action about it.  This especially includes the part about every regulated telephone entity in the country contracting its billing work with the exact same Israeli company.  The now 'leaked' TS-SCI (Top Secret-Sensitive Compartmented Information for you uninitiated types) NSA study has all the earmarks of a staff study conducted BEFORE these contracts were let.  ZOG-USA was taking care to protect itself against Mossad spying by way of the unlimited telephone number pen trace it was putting on the rest of the country through the agency of the Mossad.

2.  Given Fox News' reported story line, ZOG-USA' security forces apparently were able to finely track these Israeli Mossadniks during their spying on al Qaida terrorists inside the Late Great USA.  But if Fox News' ZOG-USA security sources are to be believed, ZOG-USA was not able to track the Arabs themselves.  Does anyone else have trouble solving that equation with the parameters Fox gave?

So I think the story between the lines documents a significant breakdown in a 'Gentleman's Agreement' between two groups of thieves.  The outlines of the agreement are fairly plain.  Mossadniks aren't troubled by considerations over various Amendments to the Constitution of the United States.  The failure of this agreement is why we're hearing about it in a disguised way and why high level sources inside the FBI, CIA and NSA have suddenly unclammed.  Remember the reports of the kikes leaping in joy in Jersey City during the WTC attacks?  Why does anyone think they were apprehended so fast?  Their FBI Counter-intelligence 'supervisors' knew they were there all the time and what they were doing there.   The agents on the ground realized something had gone very terribly wrong with this perverted black op to laser target designate al-Qaida without putting the clamps on all other foreigners running loose inside the Late Great U.S.A.  I had previously dismissed most indications of leaked Israeli foreknowledge as internet urban legends.  Each and every one of those has to be rescrubbed now.

3.  Until recently stories like this were confined to alternative news outlets like Jeff Rense' Sightings website and our own humble  F.A.E.M.   Instead that story is appearing on Fox Network News on prime time where tens of millions see it.   So I think it's the venue of the story, not the Jewish subversion of our privacy and liberty it details, that is the real news of the hour.

4.  I think this all tracks right along with the blood in AOL-Time Warner's boardroom as another indication that all's not sweet agreement inside the ZOG elites.  If I'm right, some high level political personalities will start meeting untimely ends in the very near future.  These kinds of true elite ruling group arguments are invariably accompanied by assassinations, financial meltdowns and induced civil unrest.