24 December 2001
The Scandinavians have learned how to live in a symbiotic relationship with Nature. The Chinese are incapable of living on the land they destroyed through over grazing, over logging and over farming. So when the white race consumes itself in the insane "war on terrorism" – dreamed up by their criminal leaders – who shall remain to carry on? The land will be filled with hi-tech Chinese and lo-tech mestizos. The blacks will be gone since neither has any use for them.
Remember the fraud Kinsey who issued the ballyhooed report which "proved" that American males were 10% homosexual? His data was collected in prisons which held perverts and criminals. This makes me wonder where 'penis' Rushton collected his "Asians are smarter, and jews smarter yet, than white people" data. Did the measurements come from the average Chinese living in China or from their cream of their crop which lives here in America? Of the so-called whites which were the basis for that data, how many mestizos and other FDR whites were included? From what I know, he compared the best of the Asians with a polyglot of whites, many of whom could in no way be genuinely classified as white. As Rockwell mentioned, you cannot tell about the properties of copper and those of zinc by examining their mixture, bronze. An IQ study of yellow people vs. white people must be done on REPRESENTATIVE groups and the yellow people must be strictly yellow as should the white people  – not a bunch of "passers".

War dodat data come from? Remember the nitwit oat bran craze? "Studies prove that..." those with a high fiber diet have a lower probability of getting colon cancer. Yeah. Great.  Where did the data come from? It was obtained from some remote African tribe which is hardly relevant in regard to what makes whites tick. What the 'study' forgot to mention is that these bristle eaters had the highest incidence of stomach ulcers and cancer in all of Africa.

We are moving toward a very dangerous state of affairs. In the old Soviet Jewnion, if one did not agree that it was a "workers' paradise", he was declared insane and summarily dealt with. Notice how close we are getting to that when it comes to being any sort of dissident.
Freedom to me means I shall be free to say what I want and to whom I wish. It is the freedom to associate with my own kind without being told whom I should associate with.
The Mark of the Beast is not a microchip. It is a six-six-six-pointed star. Without it, one cannot deal in gems nor hard spirits. Without it, one cannot levy a religious tax upon consumer foods and other goods. Without it, one cannot enter the meat packing industry nor the media. There's a whole lot more.

Implanting microchips on a wide scale is impractical and even so, wouldn't they have to be updated often? I simply am not convinced anymore than I was convinced about Y2K in 1997. The technical side just doesn't go along.

Sparta never used single men for their warriors. They would only accept married men who had at least one child. In this way, they preserved Sparta. In today's jew wars, the best of the single men are consumed thus guaranteeing down breeding from the loss of the best blood. It's jewish heaven – killing the best of the goyim and making a profit while doing so – right out of the Talmud.
       Only white people freely give up their living space to invaders.
African blacks are quite practical. That's why they screw their goats before they are roasted since it's hard to do so afterward.

Often, in the classroom, I found it necessary to go over some problem more than once. To the students who got it on first pass, I suppose it appeared tiring. If someone didn't "click" on pass number 5, he/she was simply assigned another teacher. That was a condition of my employment. I would not waste my time, or the student's time, talking to a seat. I determined who was in the class for I refused to accept a time wasting pottage. I would leave the airy fairy "motivation" up to the social worker types. Perhaps I am spoiled for I'd far rather sleep in my old 1940 Hudson than take some idiot's baloney for the sake of flopping in a $6000 bed. That's why Eric and I "hit it off" – we both have slept in bushes, gone hungry, been shot at and laughed because we were free and poor. I panned for gold in the Rockies until I froze my behind. I don't think Eric ever did that. To return –

This topic of IQ and intelligence is as arguable as is politics but several things are known. An IQ difference of 5 or so points doesn't mean a rat's ass relative to a score which means not a whole lot in the first place. Suppose we have an IQ exam with 4 questions where scores are ranked from 0 to 4, that is, 0 = clunk, 1 = below average, 2 = average, 3 = above average and 4 = prize dink.  Sally gets 2 correct answers thus making her "average". Sue also gets 2 correct answers, but not for the same questions as Sally. This also labels her "average". The questions are necessarily different otherwise the test would only have 1 question. OBVIOUSLY, the "average" rating, score = 2, of the girls means nothing since both showed proficiency in different areas. Right here our silly putty brained denizens would mumble that tests are "scientifically designed" to make sure the results represent something profound and God granted. That's also bullcrap.

Lena is taking driver education. The car she uses has a sign "Student Driver". That alone places the training in a special category since all who see that sign usually detour down some side street. Lena parallel parks to perfection and uses the signals flawlessly. All is smooth, coordinated and no traffic infraction is involved. She gets a gold star, a kiss from the instructor and her summa cum laude diploma is her driving license. Lena is now out of the academic clouds and in the real world where people tailgate, disobey traffic signs and break other laws not to mention tires blowing out. Deer run into the road and often a careless pigeon gets splattered on the windshield.

One day, while some drunk was tailgating Lena, a deer ran out in front of her vehicle. There was no shoulder to speak of and no way to pass on the left due to the traffic conditions. What to do? Well, the driving manual said to look to the left, look to the right, evaluate the situation and if necessary, apply the brakes in a gentle and uniform manner. That's the academic side. The real side was that she panicked, slammed on the brakes and severed into an oncoming car. The drunk behind her managed to plant his radiator in her front seat. What a highway mess, but gratefully, the deer ran off to live another day and the episode was good for the economy since it created "work" for the insurance thieves, the police, doctors, clean up crews, news hounds, and others.

I suppose this is pass number 5 and all of those who haven't learned anything would be best advised to return to the porno sites. I understand that they are popping up faster than survivors at a 'holocaust' concert.

Uncle asked the man who approached his farm house porch, "Are you the carpenter I asked for?" The man relied that he was. Uncle then added, "Can you build a shit house?"

The carpenter seized upon this and related, "I have a class A carpenter's license and 17 years of experience at Woodstead's bed post manufacturing company. I also have 8 of the finest hammers made in Germany plus a wide variety of saws, chisels, squares, and a set of planes envied by all. In fact, I won an award for the most original chicken coop in the county. I am an expert in sandpaper recognition and not exactly a novice when it comes to using shellac and lacquer."

Uncle cleared his throat, spit over his shoulder, and interrupted with, "That's all well and good but can you build a shit house?"

If you don't get the point of this. Read it over again.

Since SHAZAM was used on this site, one reader sent  in this interesting bit of information  –
If the jews are so smart, then why cannot they support themselves without resort to American taxpayer money, reparations and other ill-gotten gains? The intelligence of jews is measured by tests the jews themselves devised, altered or reinterpreted. Tests are only an indication of probability and only a jackass would take them to be a reflection of the real world. Tests measure only what appears on that test and not one thing other than that. It is a phony world which nincompoops place great value in, especially if they manage to gain high scores.

Who is the best gun fighter? Lace-drawers Melvin who can blast 37 bull's eyes in a fraction of a minute? Maybe. Then there's Paul who was never fast on the draw, rarely hit a bull's on on the "test",  but was never known to soil his underwear when confronted with a death dealing situation. Melvin, on the other hand, was frightened by mice 40 feet away.

Target holes are the scores on shooting tests but does it indicate how one would perform in a REAL, hands down, no shit, fight? Measurements, surveys, quizzes, and the like, are ABSTRACT exercises devised to SUBJECT the world to man's understanding. If the data fits some sort of order, then fools convince themselves that they know something.

Dr. Otterbein was a typical jew professor about as daffy as any jew could get. The Ph.D. halo which floated above his non-gassed head was enough for him to be venerated by the goyim who actually paid to have him fart out his brown theories. He conjectured that those responsible for Gothic design got their ideas from the African termite since he saw a similarity between the shape of termite mounds and Gothic arches. Also, he loved African stuff and hated Germans. He claimed there was no essential difference between the V2 rocket and Shaka's spear. Both were phallic symbols and both were launched. This was part of his basis for equating white people and black people.

The rubbish continued but I'll leave you with his projection: "Given enough time, termites will evolve to a higher level and build their own cathedrals." For this, idiots paid money and if the crap was sufficiently memorized, A's were accumulated and added to the dung bricks which form a "degree".

As we left one class, I heard a female vacuum cranium remark, "I didn't know that. It's so very interesting and he's so smart." This was in regard to the rocket/spear phallic symbol blather. At that point I felt an urge to unzip my fly, pop out Peter, and say, "Honey, this is my V2 rocket."


I see that a French judge by the name of Gomez has prohibited Frenchmen from accessing Yahoo's far right political sites.  Now where the hell does some nit of a judge dictate to a populace what they can or can't access on their personnel computers. They certainly would not censor the deviant and obscene sex sites so why the political ? This action is a direct result of  complaints made by  the semites.

Now the French that use computers are for the most part intelligent adults so out comes judge Gomez and dictates a new rule to millions of people. There is no alarm buttons pressed. If the parents of any of these adults told them what the could or could not access they would tell their own parents to go home.

The dictatorship of the judicial system in all countries is out of control and an ever present danger. Even in traffic court everyone must stand when the judge enters and departs, and pay great respect to these jackasses.

This action in France will surely encourage similar action in this country. Are all people tranquilized that they don't get angry at these pushy bunch of long nosed parasites that initiate these actions through the judicial systems? Similar problems are evolving in Germany where there has been a great influx of Russian semites and the judicial system would not dare to consider an action to prohibit this dangerous immigration..

There are times when it seems that the whole western world believe and act as though  they too are semites because they were taught to believe that the biblical Moses was their ancestor as well as that of the semites. What unthinking fools are these men of the west. Germany is also being inundated by asylum seekers from Africa, and all parts of Asia, so it does become a true asylum [loony bin] as the U.S. has become.

Only the semite retain their race, traditions, heritage, and laugh.

Regards. Joe.

I understand that "small brain = big penis" Dr. Rushton is at it again with the 'Asians are smarter' that white folks. He apparently has written an article mentioning that historically this has always been the case. It goes on about ancient civilizations and so forth.  In my not often humble opinion, methinks old doc is hung up on his conclusion about the correlation of stick size and brain size. Orientals are generally physically smaller that white people – the average Jap soldier in the SWATKWP (WWII) was 5'3" – and it is not surprising that their body parts would also be proportionally smaller. Would you expect an elephant to have a joy stick the size of one found on a rabbit? (Ray Mullen wasn't called 'horse cock' for nothing.) The gray whale, I understand, has a penis 6 feet in length which just might be of some interest to our race mixing friends. Thus, according to jewish science, the facts and conjectures must fit the conclusion which is accepted as an axiom: Yellow people have smaller penises, therefore they have bigger brains.

I am not concerned over the Dr.'s opinion, for that's all it is. He can believe that bullfrogs are lesbians if he chooses. What I attempt to do on these pages is encourage people to break the bonds of parrot-ism and think for themselves, and stop being intimidated by people waving 6 diplomas in your face.

One of my high school classmates was Dean Steele. He was a large, heavy boned and muscled kid. Everyone "knew" that Dean was the strongest kid in our grade. Didn't his measurements "prove" that? Hadn't someone seen him press 180 pounds? One fine school day while Bill O'Brien was propositioning Myrna Boyd, Dean rubbed Sal Marchese the wrong way.  Sal was not a very large fellow, perhaps about 5'5" tall. He didn't have bulging muscles and was never know to 'press' weights. A scuffle ensued and the gathering crowd cheered. Determined little Sal picked up Dean and tossed him into a wall. It was a short fight which did not need to have been interrupted by Mr. Spaulding our gym teacher.

Larry had a 'souped up' Chevy 4 door on which he spent tons of money to the dismay of his girl friend who thought the money should have been spent on her. Larry used to roar about town, up and down shifting, burning rubber, and all of that. It was believed that Larry's car was faster than any other in Jefferson county.

Jim also had a Chevy. It was a quiet runner and Jim never used it to wear out the tires prematurely. Larry's car was faster than Jim's. Wasn't that obvious? So the belief was established – rumor reinforcing rumor – authority citing authority.

On the "show me, I'm from Missouri" side, Jim's car always creamed Larry's car whenever the two managed to be at the same drag strip on the same day.

You see Kamerad, one can do all the wishful thinking one likes – the mainstay of theory –, cite all of the statistics you can muster, wave all the documents you please, or listen to the Word of God if you must, but the PROOF OF THE PUDDING IS IN THE EATING. It always has been so and always shall be. If you can hang onto that one little thought, I ask you and Dr. Ruston this: Papers and academic bullshit aside, where is the REAL WORLD PROOF that the yellow man is intellectually superior to the white man?

J. C. Almighty!!! I stand amazed as some white folks who can acknowledge the works of Beethoven, Mozart, Verdi, Raphael, Michaelangelo, Di Vinci, Euler, Gauss, Newton, Archimedes, Galileo, Tesla, and on and on and on, while gawking at rockets probing outer space and enjoying the comforts of everything powered by electricity – ad infinitum. Europeans sailed to Japan. The Japanese didn't sail to Europe. White people sailed to, and colonized the Americas. The red men did not sail to Europe. EVERYWHERE you look, the imprint "made by white people" is there for all to see. EVERYTHING we know today as being the measure of "human" progress is actually a measure of WHITE progress. "Man" didn't set foot on the moon. WHITE MEN DID!

There it stands! Massive and IRREFUTABLE PROOF IN THE EATING. What sort of mind, fully aware of this, could possibly state that "black people are equal to white people" or that "Asians are smarter than Europeans"? What, pray tell, has come over some white folks who can be conditioned to believe that shit tastes like fudge because they are both brown and of similar texture?

Sometimes I get so pissed at this lunacy that I am tempted to use this computer as a target for shotgun practice. But then again, I'd have to buy a black market shotgun and ammo. Maybe I'll use a few bricks instead – if I can find some to steal.

Why is sodomy a basketball player's next favorite sport? Perhaps this African love style gets an early start.


For those interested in the old Rockwell sidekick Matt Koehl, you'll find his New Order here – http://www.theneworder.org
I believe that Matt was the legitimate heir of the American Nazi Party after Rockwell was assassinated. Maybe it was Bill Pierce. Anyway, it might just call for a duel with sawed off OK bagels.

BTW – There's a lot of real solid stuff on his website which is well worth reading.

The 'skinhead' type arose during a period of high unemployment. They represented people with no hope and therefore engaged in anti-social behavior because they felt they had nothing to lose. The skinhead cannot be a National Socialist, since those of the period 1932 felt they had everything to gain. As the jew John Toland once remarked in my presence, "If the American 'neo Nazi' ever lived in Hitler's Germany, he would have been placed in a concentration camp."
If I were ZOG, I'd want white people to demonstrate and generally make a nuisance of themselves. In this way I could use the present war mood you lower the boom on them – as possible terrorists. ZOG wants a visible white threat.
        The jew always creates the conditions which eventually do him in.
Dear Mr. Maguire:

You make a very good point in your recent contribution to FAEM:

"The people of political interest to Sam Francis' hypothetical party, whites, are overwhelmingly suburban in their settlement patterns rather than urban as were Germans."

Jews just LOVE the fact that Whites are suburbanized. Here are just some of the advantages:

(1) In suburbs there tends to be less incidental contact with neighbors: people are just too spread out. Schools and shopping centers are usually large, centralized institutions (like "big box" stores). In cities, people see their neighbors as they shop in the corner store or frequent the neighborhood pub. These daily contacts promote group awareness. Less contact with neighbors means more time spent with Jewish-controlled television. Such a deal!

(2) Suburbanites travel to school, work, and shopping in cars – and, more often than not, they are alone when doing this. This gives them a good incentive to turn on the radio and listen to music distributed by Jewish-owned record companies or hear the news from a Jewish-owned network. The more daring, "right wing" types might even tune in Rush Limbaugh and hear him rant about how the poor innocent Israelis are being terrorized by those mean old Arabs. Oy, how the Jews have suffered!

(3) It is more expensive to deliver basic services (power, transportation, shopping) to suburbs because of the distances involved; for example, driving a car to buy a loaf of bread costs much more than walking to the corner store. To pay for the "suburban lifestyle" more family members spend their days working, leaving less time for such activities as talking to the neighbors, spending time with the kids, or taking part neighborhood clubs. Instead, these suburbanites farm out their kids to government "schools" and after-school programs. When they come home, they collapse in front of the televitz and absorb the Jewish propaganda.

(4) Finally, there is little history or tradition in suburbs. White urban neighborhoods tend to have institutions, artwork, businesses, etc. with long histories and deeply rooted traditions. This is not Good For Jews. Jews want Whites to be free of tradition and heritage: a clean slate upon which the Jews can write their own destructive messages. Just try finding anything in a suburb that predates 1975. Rootless Whites root for Israel – now THAT'S Good For Jews. – E. H.

(Again I remind you that we do not print names or addresses unless requested by the author.)

                           What ZOG doesn't know cannot hurt you.
It's in the works :o)

FAEM wishes to get current in the patriot e-commerce business. That's why we wish to introduce our version of something to buy. After all, spending money is American as lox and bagels. The item will be a genuine yo-yo made from genuine wood from the genuine Black Forest, manufactured in genuine China. On the sides will be swastikas. The cord will be polymerized spaghetti and around the periphery will be a small strip of Made in Mexico felt, or is that a Felt in Mexico maid? Anyway, count the possibilities. When in operation, you will have spinning swastikas. If you pour gasoline on the felt and ignite it, you will have flaming, spinning swastikas. In the event of a torrid encounter in some brasserie, the cord could be used to fix a broken brassiere unless it was brassier than a chastity belt.

Show your colors, man. The cost is only $14.88 with $6 shipping and handling. An unknown white powder included..

Ah yes. The same old grind – Paytriots for Profit.


I have checked your Alexa stats.  With a ranking higher than the Los Angeles Times and equal to Time Magazine, why this following budgetary problem?:

"WE NEED YOUR HELP If you enjoy The Hal Turner Radio Show and web site, please help keep it running. Our Budget runs out at the end of December. Without your help, the show and this web site will end in early January. Please use your credit card to make a donation of $25, $50, $100 or whatever you can, by clicking the PAYPAL Logo immediately below. Thank you!"

Maybe you can shed some light on this mystery?


A question to Maguire from Paul. P. : Isn't this the same fellow who needed money because the jew in charge was supposedly going to pull him off the air? I tried to find his archived files in this regard, but they apparently sublimated.

* * * * *
An answer to Paul. P. from Maguire:Yes, it is.  That was last June/July.  Around Septemberish Hal changed his archives over to pay-per-hear, just like any other porno site on 75% of the intercoursenet.  Immediately prior to that all his older archived shows vanished because of "lack of server space".  I'm still trying to figure that one out since Hal has his own T1 connection to the backbone, or so he says.   Hal has previously cited the cost of this connection as a reason for a show stopping fund raising crisis.  I'm sure this archive disappearance has nothing to do with the ambush the WBCQ program director set for him just prior to that.  By sheer coincidence it was the first and last show since July that I listened to.  He had Hal apologizing all over the place, agreeing SWATKWP was the best thing since sliced bread, etc.

Right after the WTC attacks Hal was retailing gas masks through his website.  Around the end of October or in November there was another 'the show will end next Monday unless you all pony up Big One$" crisis.  Now there's yet another crisis.  Who knows?  Maybe he's not not crying wolf and it'll be 'third time lucky' for us.

Now I'm sure Hal is not guilty of this next one, but spamming Alexa's rating system is so easy to do if you have your own server on a T1 connection.  All you have to do is spawn several thousand robot user accounts within your own top level domain, all with Alexa's software installed.  Then have them hit your website repetitively.

Many moons later Hal still doesn't link to anyone that doesn't pay him a commission for doing so.  Now I completely
understand him not linking to F.A.E.M. considering the editorial positions we've taken concerning him.  But Hal doesn't link to
ANYONE else remotely identifiable as pro-white, even people who've also dropped reciprocal links with us because of their
own irritation with certain of our public positions.  If Hal even wants to start linking just to those folks we'll be happy to provide him a list.

It's been awhile since Hal was topical here.  There's plenty of others besides Hal running Mossad disinformation released
through the DEBKAfiles.  We can't keep track of them all.  Since he's now standing next to the Salvation Army kettle ringing
his own bell it seems time again.  If someone was previously minded to donate to Hal our advice is to find a deserving needy
white family and give it to them instead.


CORRECTION – Hal is linking to the Pan Euronet directory.  This includes many pro-white people, references and even some who don't ask for money. 

Hello.  I just wanted to thank you for putting on such a great site, hands-down the best on the web.

I'd also like to bring to your attention two sites which really caught my attention that I thought might  interest you, or then again maybe not.

      http://www.geocities.com/jim_bowery/god.html  (this one was on VNN)         http://www.patriot.dk/aryan1.html

Thank-you, B.A.                              (FAEM never posts names or addresses unless requested. RF)

A correction –

>From: "Marge O'Brien" <mobrien@xtdl.com>
>To: maguiresez@hotmail.com
>Subject: Correction requested
>Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2001 15:46:41 -0500
>I am, of course, happy that you found my article "Whose War" worthy of posting on your website.  Thank you.
>I am not and have never been even the slightest bit "leftist" and I'd appreciate it very much if you would remove that falsehood from your comments regarding the link to "birdman's" page.  I've lived as traditional a life as a person could
possibly live.  Please, do me the honor of removing the line about my "awakening" – it's a fiction.
>Birdman is a foul-mouthed sexist who was allowed onto a quality list – very, very far from leftist, as he well knows – and his filthy talk got him removed.  (he couldn't stop it if he tried).
>Thanks again.  I appreciate the posting.

Anyone who has supervised kids who do not get along, or has been in a room with a dog anxious to sample available roast chicken, knows that as soon as they depart the kids go back to fighting and the roast chicken disappears. This is ZOG's problem, and as it attempts to expand its authority via Affirmative Action puppet governments world wide, the policing problem increases geometrically. If U.S. troops left Germany, for example, and the people allowed to choose a government suited to their character, it would be a German government and not some gaggle of Zionist ass sniffers. The same for Afghanistan. The turd world countries are held in line by threats and handouts. This does not work when the denizens are white people for white folks need no handouts from anyone. Therefore occupation governments are necessary as in the U.S. The prattle about "self-determination" and "democracy" is 100% gas for that is exactly what WORLD ZOG DOES NOT WANT – people choosing for themselves.
One of my prayers this Winter Solstice, is that the burden of false guilt be lifted from the German people and that they glory in their past and present achievements for which the modern world should be eternally grateful. May the insanity of the present days provide the catalyst which will again allow the German nation to have a country of their own. DOWZ! Down with ZOG.

May the Japanese again live as Japanese and forsake their ill-fated attempt to adopt "western values", which, in essence, means little other than being some variety of jew. I say 'ill-fated' because as their national suicide rate indicates, Japanese imitating Americans makes about as much sense as feeding steak to a horse, or corn to a tiger.

If we, as Americans, are sincere in fighting evil, then we have no need to look beyond our shores for any people intent upon imposing their view of the world on others, is fighting against Nature. There is no greater evil than that which attempts to trample the Natural Order, for it is God's Order, and in the end, it shall be restored. May I live to experience that day.

The U.S.A. has the world's largest stockpile of weapons of mass destruction. So why are they shaking their finger at others?
Individual jews may not be the enemy of anyone or anything but world jewry is. Evaluating world jewry by the attributes of one or two jews is like trying to guess what the Titanic looks like by examining a door knob on the Captain's cabin. 

Like ZOGlands worldwide, the African watering hole does not represent a "society" of lion, zebra, cheetah and elephant. It's amazing that people think that a batch of diverse critters living on the same turf represents "a nation", "a country", or "a anything". Thus we find the referenced comment for the link below, referring to British society being torn apart by racial conflict. The point is that wogs and white English do not, nor ever could, constitute a group unified over anything. The wogs WANT what the Brits have and many Brits are not willing to surrender – unlike what appears to be an American parallel. When home invaders bust into your house, they do not constitute part of your family.

I WISH THIS WERE A DEMOCRACY then I could vote on whether I want diseased bean suckers to share my living space. I want to vote on whether school standards should be lowered to make uneducable apes happy. When was the last time you voted to have YOUR tax money spent to make sure the welfare mamas could continue to hump, and thus pump out more future welfare brats? What you vote for is always some liar who ALWAYS reneges and shoves the purple shaft up your numb ass. Could this indicate that most Americans love to be politically sodomized?

      The jew is to the Christian as the "White Gods" were to the Aztecs and Incas.
Sam Francis has written another good column for the still sleeping on what he terms "the national question".  This one analyzes current events in the Late Great Britain.  His conclusion is the most worthwhile I've seen for months, or years.


"What kind of party, and what kind of leaders, will it take to undo the damage the elites of Atlantic society have inflicted on their own people?"

Sam Francis of VDARE here asks the two questions whose answers I think most are still not ready to hear.   In various aspects Sam's two questions are nearly the entire subject matter of F.A.E.M. and certainly its reason for existence.

Let's begin to analyze possible solutions to Sam's problem.  His problem assumes that changing the demographic character of a country across racial lines is a bad thing. The damage undoers thus will not include the arsonists and vandals responsible for creating the perceived demographic mess.  This means any hypothetical party of damage repair cannot be based in the current elites.  Ergo, if this party is not to be founded on white elites then it can only be based in the white working and middle classes since these are the only other groupings of whites available.

The last time a party drawing its political strength from the working and middle classes came to power in a mostly white country was March, 1933.  There is thus one historical model to be analyzed.  The questions to asked are what worked, what didn't work, what went right, what went wrong, and what is applicable to some very different conditions on a different continent 70 years later?

This analysis has not yet been done.  Had it been done no one would be running around today wearing imitation Sturm Abteilungen uniforms with Sam Browne belts, to take one microscopic detail.  This is because the analysis would have shown:

a.  ALL German political parties of that era had paramilitary wings.  The Social Democrats had the Reichsbanner, the Nationalists had the Stahlhelm, the Commies had their Red Banner fronts and so on.   Parties without such units weren't serious political parties.  By contrast no American political party has ever done this.  The Judeo-Marxists of the universities omit this dirty little fact about their Marxist ancestors from their theological histories of that era.

b.  Germany was a much smaller country and more heavily urbanized.  U.S.A. population density, especially in white settled areas, is no where close even now to what Germany's was 70 years ago.  The people of political interest to Sam Francis' hypothetical party, whites, are overwhelmingly suburban in their settlement patterns rather than urban as were Germans.

c.  The conclusion in this instance is that Sturm Abteilungen style formations are not only unnecessary but counterproductive in 2001 in North America.  There is no one for such units to oppose and no place for mass political parades in areas where the political groups desired for recruitment congregate.  We have however seen all the disadvantages of anarchism that always arises in uniformed formations not subjected to government empowered discipline.    In the NSDAP of the 1920s-30s this had to be accepted and minimized because of the political conditions described in paragraph a. above.


This month's NEA Today's cover shows a nigero teacher helping a 'mentally challenged' blond youngster. Those in the know, are aware that this is a commie race mixing publication which always shows whites in a bad light while extolling the genius of turd worlders. I ask this over and over, yet no one answers – Why is it that turd world and nigger genius is only found in white countries? What is there about white countries which cause the explosion of so much non white talent? Is it the technical genius of the white people? Or their 'vibes'?  If these non-whites are so great, then WHY cannot they DO IT ON THEIR OWN?

My answer is simple. There is no nigger genius either here or there. It's only our jew controlled Alice in Wonderland fantasy which has deluded us into believing in such nonsense. Hebrews write ass backwards and invert EVERYTHING they are allowed to touch. It's in their race mixed genes.

When a right handed person writes from left to right, his hands cannot smudge the ink of the previous words. Moreover, a better view is given of what was immediately written.

All-white schools will positively OUT PERFORM any bag of two legs from anywhere. This WAS clearly demonstrated in the past. If white people wish to survive as white people then they'd better remove all non-whites from their living space – and SOON! Roses cannot exist amongst ragweed.

Eric writes – Please tell me it's not a conspiracy. The Mexicans have taken over my local supermarket. As I passed through the checkout line, I heard the customer and the checker speaking Spanish. I said a few words about the weather, in Spanish, and the checker's jaw dropped. "You can speak Spanish?" she said. I said, "Of course (in fluent Spanish). I was a journalist in Peru." The checker quickly gave me a 15% discount (register receipt enclosed revealing a 'special discount') on my purchase. We Peruvian journalists look a bit pale, but we speak very good Spanish, she must have thought. I have never received a discount anywhere for speaking English. Así es la vida, as they say. (Such is life.)

Robert notes – while the mestizos and Chinese continually take over what was once ours, all the honky can do is wave a flag and support the abstract "war on terrorism". Many blacks realize that when whitey is gone, so are they, for the Chinese and Mexicans have no use for them. The Titanic's compartments are filling with water, but whitey still insists that the band play another tune. Reality is just too painful to confront. I pray that Adolf Hitler's spirit soon rises from the grave.

The shape of things to come. A full page of ¡Viva! newspaper is a photo of a bean burner presenting  a 'velly pletty' painting to the Chinese governor of Washington State, Gary Locke. (What the hell. If the jews can have gringo names, why not Chinese?) "Honrado por el gobernador." A fellow with a sense of humor, added "balloons" above the heads of the two smiling non-whites. The governor said, "Nice place stupid whites gave us, but what we do with all these ugly Injuns?" To which the Salvador Valdovinos responded," Are you thinking what I am thinking?"
Talk about assholes wasting time – Mike Cameron of Ontario CANZOG, "unearthed" the world's largest Mersenne number – about 4 million digits long. If one takes the number 2 and raises it to a power, say 3, he gets 8. If you subtract 1, the number is 7, which is a prime number. That's what 'Mersenne' is about – a prime number of this form. Strictly speaking, any number of the form 2 to the nth power less 1, is a Mersenne number but over the years, 'Mersenne" came to mean only the primes.

Before you give Mike too much credit, one must ask how he 'unearthed' such a valuable gem. Did he use up 6 million pencils and tons of paper? Hell no, matey. He doodled a few keystrokes and let his computer churn away for months. This useless non-discovery is actually a compliment to the technology of the white man but not much else.

A certain transcendental number was calculated by a fellow named Shanks in the 1700s. It took this odd duck 2½ years of his life to do it. Today, any Nintendo addict can let his computer do the computing and accomplish the same thing in less than a minute. You tell me – which fellow, Shanks or the weenie whacker, demonstrates the greater prowess or whatever?

BTW, the papers called this fellow a "computer math whiz". Now we understand why Captain Jorge is called "brave". Then again, anyone who can count without the use of his fingers certainly must be a "math whiz". We are all geniuses. Just ask our mothers.


I belong to a civic club whose members do charitable deeds, this group has an expensive dinner once a month, and usually manage to have a priest or pastor to say an opening prayer and say kind words about mankind. Well this evening I had quite a chat with father James, after he started about the poor jews and the holocaust. By the time I completed expressing my opinions the poor fellow looked a bit confused his only comment was "You must read a great deal." The thing that troubles me is that most people don't read enough. They don't really question cause and effect, nor do they really understand national
manipulation, and tend to avoid controversial issues. They are more critical of their own kind  than they are of other races. The men view the world in a childish feminine manner. They seek solace in the hereafter rather than the here and now.

If western man ever finds redemption and again brings to light his soul, he must understand that when he follows the semite pied piper he endangers himself and all that which encompasses his race from the beginning of time. If he fails in this endeavor the future of the planet will belong to another race and he will be no more.

Regards. Joe.

Whatever country Osama shows up in will be the next target for our part time "smart bombs". Where will the wheel of misfortune stop? Somalia? Iraq? I am beginning to think Osama is actually Elvis.
Remember the old comic strip Captain Marvel? It was about a crippled newspaper seller who, upon shouting the magic word "Shazam," would turn into a super muscular crime fighter. Well friends, today that man is Captain Jorge and Shazam was the twin towers bang.
The country is full of illegal aliens and the government engages in criminal acts. How can it then be subject to close scrutiny?