1 January 2002
Happy Nuclear New Year:  2002

Well, I'll pop the hype bubble before we start.  A nuclear duel between India and Pakistan is not going to be the end of the world, or even the end of most of the people in those two countries.   Direct casualties from nuclear use probably won't even reach 1,000,000.  It may well be the end of Pakistan as a unified state.  Conceivably, although less probably, multi-cultural India (900+ active languages) might also collapse as a unified country.

1.  India.

 http://www.fas.org/nuke/guide/india/nuke/index.htmlThe Federation of American Scientists provides the best information as usual (ignore their political agendas).    India's largest tested warhead yield in 1998 (estimated) may have reached 25 kilotons.  The yield may well have been less than the U.S. Fat Man/Little Boy bombs of 1945.  They have not yet achieved a hydrogen bomb.  This is doubtless a disappointing result coming 53 years after white men popped their A-bombs and 45 years after the first white H-Bomb.  As an aside, think about this the next time someone tells you Indian immigration is good for the computer industry and engineering professions.   India's weapons stockpile today appears to be around 60 weapons.

2.  Pakistan.

http://www.fas.org/nuke/guide/pakistan/nuke/index.html  Pakistan is assessed as having between 10-20 nuclear devices.  During its retaliatory test series in May 1998 Pakistan's yields also remained in the 15-25 kiloton range and below with no thermonuclear (hydrogen bomb) detonations.  Pakistan's weapon designs are reported to have been based on Chinese atomic bomb designs.  As another aside, this, plus Pakistan's creation of the Taliban and encouragement of al-Qaida, are reason #666 why I say al-Qaida is ultimately an extrusion of Beijing.

There's nothing like field testing to improve product performance.  Since 1998 it's likely yields and reliability on both sides have increased somewhat, especially in the aircraft bombs.

3.  The tested weapons yields (i.e. explosive power) are still in the ranges of the Hiroshima/Nagasaki devices.    Because of this the effects achieved in 1945 are an excellent guide to the probable results of an Indian-Pakistani exchange.  Those with some interest can study the Hiroshima/Nagasaki results in detail here:  The Effects of the Atomic Bombs http://www.anesi.com/ussbs01.htm#teotab

4.  Neither side appears to have really effective nuclear missile warheads.  Those who read the FAS reports of both countries' 1998 test series will notice the multiple single digit kiloton shots.  It's obvious these were prototype missile warheads.  Minimizing warhead weight is a much more important consideration for missile warheads as opposed to manned bomber aircraft.  The results of the 1998 tests were undoubtedly incorporated into design changes.  Whether these worked is impossible for everyone to know (including the Paks and Indians) since there have been no further tests.  The low missile warhead yields, combined with poor Circular Error Probability for Pak/Indian missiles (CEP = the radius of the circle inside which the weapon is accurate) leads us to another conclusion.

5.  Neither country has a first strike capability.  'First strike' means a preemptive nuclear attack designed to destroy the enemy's nuclear weapons.  The poor missile warhead yields and low accuracy, when added to 'hardened' shelters for the enemy systems, means a nearly 100% chance of such a strike failing.  Even a perfectly coordinated aircraft strike with perfect real time intelligence on enemy locations would fail to eliminate every system.  This is a serious consideration when your quiver has as few arrows as the Indians/Paks have in theirs.  This means both sides are confined to nuclear 'deterrence' and 'retaliation' for unendurable acts, nuclear or otherwise.  From India's elite class viewpoint, given a 1 billion plus population, a few hits and several hundred thousand deaths are not outside the range of the bearable.  In India tens of thousands die in each earthquake and typhoon while thousands die of neglect each week in the streets.  Because of all the above India will not be deterred from war simply because of a few nukes in Pakistani hands.   Pakistan's arsenal, in the wrong hands, is however capable of effectively eliminating a much smaller state 1500 miles to the west.  This is Israel.

6.  Kashmiri nationalism is not the only armed nationalist movement in multicultural India.  The Sikhs have their separatist designs as do many other ethnic groups, castes, races, sub-races and religious/racial factions in the Indian sub-continent.  India is neither a nation or a country.  Until 1947 it was called the 'British-Indian Empire'.  It's still the 'Indian Empire' but is now run by native high caste Brahmin Hindus.  India's domestic political situation is directly comparable to Austria's in 1914.  From the Brahmins' viewpoint the December 13 attack on the political elites in the capital is more unendurable than one or two cities getting hit with 20 kiloton bombs and killing 300,000 surplus people.  The ruling Indians' first vital interest lies in decisively crushing Kashmiri Muslims or anyone else perceived to have attacked the imperial center.

7.  President Musharref of Pakistan understands all this and is being very accommodating publicly.  This is not too optimistic since the Serbs previously understood this in 1914 and were equally conciliatory to nearly all Austrian demands.

8.  The country of Pakistan's most capable institution is the Army.  Outside of this is a pastiche of sub-modern tribal groups including  many Pashtuns.  If the Pakistan Army were broken up on the battlefield and its communication infrastructure destroyed, Pakistan would effectively cease to exist as unified state.  The latter task of communication infrastructure destruction IS within the reach of India's nuclear capability.

Conclusion:  A will to war in this situation will find a smooth road.  Externally ZOG's perceived benefit from a decisive Indian victory and the breaking up of Pakistan is enormous.  It's completely possible ZOG will supply India with complete intelligence support to enhance India's military advantage.


The potential outlines are already plain for ZOG's Year of War against Islam.

1.  India cleans out Pakistan.

2.  Turkey will be reinflated into the Ottoman Empire.  Iraq was originally composed from three old provinces (vilyets) of the Ottoman Empire.  Iraq will now be dismembered.  Turkey will receive back the northern vilyet of Mosul, complete with oil, from Iraq.  This project is so far advanced many Turkish leaders are now compelled to publicly comment on it.  Iran will
probably get part of the old southern vilyet and Kuwait the rest.  This reduces the oil subject to Arab control while providing Israel an assured supply via Turkey.  It also increases the energy directly under NATO/EU control.

3.  The Saud family regime will almost certainly collapse along the way in Saudi Arabia.  We can anticipate some serious oil disruptions.  These may serve as the justification for some kind of UN regime being established over the Saudi oil fields.  This event may well precede #2 above and be used as the trigger.

4.  Sharon will increase pressure in the West Bank until millions of Palestinians are literally fleeing eastwards, possibly into Iraq.     The general chaos elsewhere will reduce attention on this.

I am adding a comment here about my comments concerning the undeniable superiority of white intelligence in regard to the manipulation of the world's resources about them and in creating things which God never could. HOWEVER, relative to their own existence and social functioning, the white race is probably the most idiotic of any critter wandering on this planet. Watch their leaders in action and observe the jerks who applaud them. Black people might not be able to invent much of anything  – most of life doesn't – but they are far superior to the white man in regard to KNOWING WHAT IS BEST FOR THEM. Black people, or yellow people for that matter, RARELY act in ways which do not benefit their kind. White people spend their lives drilling holes in their own boat. Superiority, in the words of Dr. Oliver, will be determined not by who makes the better mouse trap, but by WHO SURVIVES. At this point in time, the yellow man seems to have a decided edge.

The black man and the yellow man will wage war for land, power, booty and ocassionally women. I have yet to hear any of them wage war for "democracy", "war to end all wars", "fighting terrorism", "saving freedom" or any other cockamamie crock of abstract horse doo doo. We seem to have a collective inability to control the application and direction of our abstract powers and if we soon do not get a handle on this, it's hasta la vista, baby.

As the worm squirms: I see that more and more medical info is now popping up which agrees with what ornery Robert has been saying for years – the low fat craze is ruining the health of the fools who believe that fat and cyanide are kissing cousins. As people increase their gulping of unusable sources of calcium, to prevent something or the other, it will not be long before that nonsense is also put to bed. (Do you really believe that limestone, chalk and lab salts of calcium, are to be considered natural items for ingestion?) In addition, my extremely low opinion of all soy products is being echoed by several writers for medical publications. The vitamin C hype is also being exposed to the light of day. Remember the south pole expeditions? The ill-fated Robert Scott British team used ascorbic acid (vitamin C) tablets and prevented not scurvy. The Roald Amundsen Norwegian team got their vitamin C from eating the livers of some of the 52 dogs which were taken along. None of the team developed scurvy. Animal skin, by the way, is also an excellent source of this vitamin, in case you feel compelled to analyze everything you eat. When was the last time you saw an Eskimo eat an orange?

Not all advice, or reports, are rubbish. It's when you take them on faith that they become dangerous to one's well being. OBSERVE what takes place about you. If you notice that feeding raw eggs to little Tabby makes him big and strong while sporting a glistening coat of fur, than what do you care about articles written about the substances found in eggs? If it works, do it. If it doesn't, then shoot the s.o.b. who suggested it. Make your day.

A fellow who likes to collect data, use sophisticated statistical methods and draw foolish conclusions, decided to see which could run faster, men or armadillos. First, he went to Mexico and timed every armadillo critter he could find, in particular, the males who were chasing females. When he had 6 notebooks full of numbers, he asked a local bandido where he could find a collected group of men. The bandido pointed to a far building, stole the fellow's wallet and then ran over the hill. Dr. Strangehate went to the building and coaxed the men to run hither and yon so he could collect data. After returning to his study, he concluded that armadillos ran faster than men. Numbers do not lie. The good doc never took into account that the building was a residence for nonagenarians.

Regardless of the machinery, or effort, output is never better than the input. Garbage in. Garbage out. Pies made with mud hardly qualify as pies in the first place. So I'll return to Dr. Bigdork and his conclusion that yellow Asians are smarter than white Europeans. From which group of yellow people did he obtain his test measurements? Were they racial Japanese? Did his "white" group include mestizos, quadroons, and others who are ostensibly white or did he select the white folks because they had no identifiable asian or african characteristics? What is Dr. Bigdork's definition of 'white' anyway?

Books on Vikings are all around. Vikings were white people even though they are played by jews, injuns and negroes in the movies. The old Romans were white people as were the ancient Greeks – tall and very fair in countenance. The Vikings had carts where the hubs of their wheels contained roller bearings. (The Viking Age – Du Chaillu – Scribner's 1890). The Roman's employed on their carts, a device – (h)odometer) – which measured the number of miles the cart traveled. The hub of a wheel had a single peg which nudged a gear which turned another gear. This gear was also a drum containing pebbles in single compartments. When a mile was consumed, a pebble dropped into a metal bowl for counting. (A Roman mile was about 4948 feet. The reference gives the dimensions in meters but as we know, the meter was not a unit of measurement until after the French Revolution.)

As we look back over the ages at what our "equals" were doing at the very same time, we have the universal answer – not much. If we cancel all accounts of copying, the past centuries reveal that old whitey accounted for nearly everything we today like to dilute with the term "man's achievements". Once you gather that there are 3 species, then "man" becomes relevant.

Dr. Bigdork's "superiority" twaddle is only a paper result of dubious data. Where do we see REAL WORLD evidence of this intelligence attribute? One would certainly think that a people who could take sand from Chalk River Canada and pitchblende from Czechoslovakia, and use that as starting material for atomic devices, would certainly be intellectually superior people. Of all the sciences, chemistry stand heads and tails above all others as an exercise in creation. Chemistry has "white" stamped over nearly all of it and most of that "white" is German. This was so well established in the past, that all chemistry majors had to learn German. Today, if we trace the roots of asiatic chemistry, it returns us to where it all originated – Europe.

What really astounds me about white folks is their attenuated, and often demeaning, opinions of themselves and their race. It's like Arnold Schwarzenegger trying to convince himself, and others, that he and Casper Milquetoast are "equally" strong. All muscles are equal, don'cha 'no'?

I don't think religion causes war. I think religion is used as an excuse for war. Few people have talent for building and creating things but the masses take great delight in destroying that which was created – even other people. It proves their superiority, wouldn't you say? Kids spend hours building a sand castle at the beach in order to enjoy the real reward – smashing it. It's all a matter of power. Raising a boulder involves the same energy as lowering it. The raising is slow and thus involves a small amount of power. When the boulder comes crashing down, the time interval is very small and so the power becomes greater. Power is what it's all about. Demolition derbies are quite popular and of what value would a hockey game be if there weren't brawls? As energetic Genghis said, while his hordes were leveling cities and killing everything within sight and hearing, "God has given man a thousand things to enjoy but man can offer nothing in return. Kill. Kill. Kill."  Happy New Year.
The Nazis were opposed to smoking so after the SWATKWP many Americans began to smoke to prove they weren't Nazi. In the nutrition reports of that German period, were the reasons Americans are now getting fatter than pigs prior to slaughter and having more heart problems to boot. To take Nazi nutrition advice would indicate that one was a Nazi and we couldn't have that, now could we?
Bushez says the coming year will be a year of war. Well, if ZOG doesn't know, then who does?
Remember the series of "road" movies featuring the dynamic triple Bing Crosby, Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour? The Road to Morocco; The Road to Zanzibar; etc. Well, I'd not be surprised if the jews revive this money making idea with The Road to Kandahar and the dozens of other ZOG roads which lie ahead. It could feature Dick Cheney, Vincente Fox and Whoopie Goldberg with a musical theme by Ernie Kovak's Nairobi Trio. The factual nature would be on a par with CNN news.
India-Pakistan.  The ancient conflict has been re-ignited with a modern spark.   'Cui-bono' from another Indian-Pakistani War?   Well, Pakistan has the only announced Muslim Bomb to date so figure it out from there.  There's other big Cui Bonos depending on the exact outcome.

Pakistan President Musharref promptly ran off to Beijing and secured an increased Chinese deployment on India's Northern Front.  This helps even up the military odds for Pakistan since they're at peace with Iran to their west.   The alignments being publicized again have been in place for a generation now.  These diplomatic/military supply coalitions are Russia-India and China-Pakistan.    Each Great Power is now lining up behind its proxy just like seconds at a duel.  From our viewpoint the ZOG vs. non-ZOG aspect of this confrontation becomes obvious.    ZOG's Man in Afghanistan (the Northern Alliance) has now replaced non-ZOG's Man, which was the Taliban/al-Qaida.  The current India-Pakistan confrontation continues this struggle at a far higher level of intensity.  Do not underestimate the potential for some tactical nuclear use here.

The December 13 attack on the Indian legislature reminded me of the two Mossadniks recently busted trying to smuggle pistols and explosives into the Mexican Congress.  Does anyone seriously suppose those two Jews were going to immolate themselves actually USING those weapons?  What they were doing is known in the trade as a 'dead-drop'.   The question is, for whom were they dropping these weapons?  I mention this because the December 13 attack on the Indian legislature has a very high potential for being this era's Sarajevo.  The comparison of the sequence of the build to war, which we are now two weeks deep into, is difficult to ignore.

1.  1914.  Francis Ferdinand assassinated by 'Serb nationalists'.  2001. Indian legislators assassinated by 'Kashmiri nationalists'.

2.  1914.  Austria accuses neighboring Serbian intelligence of masterminding the plot and lists high demands impossible to meet without breaching Serbian sovereignty.  2001. India responds identically to Pakistan.

3.  1914.  Austria and Serbia each seek the diplomatic backing of their seconds, Germany and Russia.  Russia conducts partial mobilization to support weaker Serbia against Austria's mobilization.  2001.  Pakistan/India do the same.  China conducts partial mobilization to support weaker Pakistan against India.

I'll remind everyone that several months ago the Russian Federation took steps to pacify its political base in Moscow by immunizing the population there against service in combat zones.  The Federation government would not have done this unless it was reasonably expecting potential heavy casualties in the near future.  Bushoil is more pointed yet, saying 2002 will be a 'Year of War'.
The Year of the Proxy War, running on a fiscal year calendar from October 1, is half over.  The true nature of this struggle is rapidly revealing itself.  As I said at the beginning, the underlying conflict is ZOG vs China.  People who are still fixated on China as the isolationist Middle Kingdom are guilty of the same kind of myopia that led people to underestimate Japanese needs and drives prior to December 7, 1941.  China's transformation of goal is arising from the same causes as Japan's did previously.  This is heavy population pressure combined with industrialization and its underlying need for ENERGY.

A useful resource to read is the United States Strategic Bombing Survey Report on Japan, a copy of which is located here:  http://www.anesi.com/ussbs01.htm  Of particular interest is the section entitled THE JAPANESE ECONOMY PRIOR TO SUSTAINED DIRECT AIR ATTACK, located here:  http://www.anesi.com/ussbs01.htm#tjeptsda  As you read it recall that China has been engaged in a long-term industrial build-up since 1980 under Deng Xiao Ping's version of Chinese National Socialism.  From China's perspective lebensaum and the oil of the Caspian Sea basin, plus the domestic unifying effects of a pan-Chinese war against the Barbarians, are the positive stakes on the table.

ZOG has its own war goals in view.  These are sufficiently large that I consider completely possible a continuing escalation up to and beyond tactical nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan.  India and Pakistan are of course already in a state of 'War' so far as military units firing artillery at each other qualifies as war.   These goals are:

1.  Drastically reduce Islamic power potentials while simultaneously permanently polarizing Islam and the wreckage of 'Western Civilization' against each other.   This is achievable by destroying Islamic Pakistan as a unified state.

2.  Tighten the grip on the Caspian Sea basin oil fields and secure multiple pipeline routes to the Indian Ocean.

3.  Complete the containment ring around China to await a Chinese industrial collapse and population stabilization at lower levels.  This means Chinese famines sufficient to starve 400-500 million Chinese to death.  China has experienced periodic economic collapses and die-offs like this in the past.

From the Chinese perspective the stakes are equally large and increasing rapidly.  The biggest question is whether the Chinese will, or even can, sit back while India eliminates Pakistan as a regional actor.  To not act is to essentially default the entire game to ZOG.  This is because with Pakistan gone, India is free to concentrate its weight entirely on Chinese questions, including China's slow-roll demographic conquest of Burma.

The natural Chinese response will be to put increasing military pressure on India's northern front.  In addition to ground pressure China could choose to supply air support to redress Pakistan's inferiority in that arm.  The disputed area, Kashmir, is directly adjacent to both Pakistan's and India's common border with China.  http://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/maps/pk-map.jpg  The Indians are aware of these possibilities and will not get too adventurous without prior guarantees from Russia.  This quickly raises the prospects of direct Russian-Chinese clashes arising out of Chinese action against India.  In such an event there is no choice either for NATO or Bush in the event of a direct Russian-Chinese clash arising out of a fourth Indian-Pakistani War.



I recall when I lived in California there were  large amounts of fools' gold that lay about, and that  is what it looks like in trying to find bin Laden. They are looking everywhere for the real stuff, and are beginning to look like fools. To compound the problem they have a war in the offing that they didn't count on. Do notice how quiet the fools in Washington have been of late? They've got old quadroon Powell running his ass off trying to tone down the impending conflagration between India and Pakistan.  Actually he's smarter than El Presidente in some of these matters, particularly in dealing with Iraq. For the most part these people in India and Pakistan are very emotional and who knows where the ball will bounce.  If a full blown war comes about it could easily involve other nations including the U.S. Actually India can not tolerate a nuclear Pakistan nor do they want them allied with the U.S. in any way shape or form, so the most logical step is to take them out before they get more nukes and solidify their relations with the U.S. India is well aware of the people that talk with a forked tongue, who played the game about a month ago in seeking an alliance against China , and the Muslim world.

The U.S. has stirred up a hornets' nest and before this is over some of the arrogant stride will be taken out of some of these folks who command much popularity. Unfortunately Americans have much yet to learn. I expect that they are already asking Russia and China to intercede to calm the situation, which will not be an easy job because the military in both these countries are fuming at the runaway wars the U.S. has engaged in and are threatening in the future. Further, China does not want the U.S. entrenched in Afghanistan or Pakistan, and neither does Russia. You can bet the hebrew Mr. Putin is in hot water and is
endeavoring to clear himself  and squirm out of his stupidity for letting U.S. forces in Uzbekistan and Tagikistan. The cauldron is
brewing and danger is neigh and the flags fly, but for how long? Even the Israelis have been quiet as of late, for they know full well why this crises has come about, but hope the general public in the west does not equate the cause and  very serious consequences of irresponsible action.

The French Ambassador  to England  Mr. Bernard, who said that the "shitty little state in the middle east" could cause W.W.3,  was absolutely correct. Now the dipshits want this courageous man recalled. Ugh!

Regards. Joe.

It's insane – the handing of hi-tech capability over to lo-tech people. That makes about as much sense as giving loaded shotguns to a band of chimpanzees. How would you like to video tape such an event?
Our slant-eyed leader might be setting himself up for a coup d'état what with the Emergency Powers Act, the attenuation of the Constitution and erosion of citizens' freedom. He might be walking on a greased plank. America is starting to resemble Iberia.
ZOG-USA is not dealing with a full deck and never was. It once claimed that the Soviet Union was our worst enemy and so shipped it food. Bushez sez we are now defending our turf but still allows open borders. We couldn't "fight Communism" in Cuba – we have a Naval base there – but had to go to Vietnam to do it. Cuba is slowly dropping it's Marxist veneer and is allowing a little free enterprise. They are on the near starving list and so we fight their brand of Communism by also shipping it food. Cuba's problem is their nigger problem. We fee. They breed. Niggers are to any society as rust is to the Golden Gate bridge. They offer little other than continued corrosion.
Osama has declared that their war on us will be waged at the economic level. The country is more computer laced than any other and I see a massive increase coming relative to hacking attacks against internet servers, corporations and such. The last 2 serious virus attacks this year have cost the targets nearly 3 billion dollars. I'd bet more serious assaults are in the making and stopping "hate" on the internet will cease to be an issue. Arabic people love to play chess and it should come as no surprise if we find out they do think ahead during the game. ZOG-USA has alienated the entire world – those bribed really are not on 'our' side – and learning this the hard way will be our future.
When any people love their rulers, those rulers go on ZOG's hate-hit list. If ZOG loves their rulers, then the people hate them. Like the jews we have become, we are always on the wrong side of everything which works. We find water in the hold of our ship and then drill holes in the hull fully believing them to be effective drains. Our prez is acting more and more like Caligula the hare-brained Roman emperor who used his horse as council. He destroyed part of the Roman fleet by turning it into a pontoon bridge so he could ride his horse over some stretch of water.
America – the distilled essence of Judaism.
Compulsory Christmas song – White Christmas, written by the Russian jew, Israel Baline.
New National Anthem – God Bless America, written by the Russian jew, Israel Baline.
And I can get it for you wholesale already....
                                     Nicht ärgern, nur wundern.

Although listed in the 'links' folder, Simon Sheppard deserves another plug. Visit his http://www.heretical.com site. On it you'll find a reproduction of one side of Lincoln Rockwell's famous BOAT TICKET which were popular hand-outs during the 1960s. (The David Lane quote was added.) In fact, passing these little tickets out got me questioned by the F.B.I. After the formal business of answering a complaint, the agent managed to burst into laughter while reading one and asked where I got them. I told him to order them from the address which was printed on the ticket he asked to keep. He was a great looking white man.

To see the raunchier other side of the ticket, go here /links/instanig.jpg
The image is intentionally larger to make up for the hard-to-read original. I'd assume that if Mr. Sheppard posted this, he'd be in one fine mess. This IS America and while it lasts, make the most of it.

The cartoons on the ticket were drawn by George Patler (Patsalas), an ANP member who was later convicted of Rockwell's assassination. He was jailed for 3 years, I believe. Killing white folks is not a very serious matter it seems. Patsalas had a history of mental illness and I believe, at age 16,  he killed his childhood companion.

People have asked what it would take to get white Americans to think about what is happening to the world they live in. Americans are very infantile in their thinking and, like all kids, as long as they have a slice of pizza to munch on while playing with their toys, all will go on as before – and do not forget that our manipulators are fully cognizant of this. If the gods decide to favor us at this time, the toys will have to be taken away and the pantry emptied. Nothing like going hungry to sharpen one's mental processes and change one's outlook. However, ZOG is working overtime to see that, like the Eloi in The Time Machine, the playground wants for naught – lots of junk food, sports, MTV and the "fighting terrorism" spectacle.

As a "post-scriptum" to Eric's article about the myth of the Great White Hopeland I want to share with you this colossal piece of nonsense, stupidity and/or wishful thinking. There is a group of "Nationalists" here in Australia who propose to form up their own country buying land and connecting their rural properties ( I have been told that most of them are well-off landowners) After achieving this (?!) they propose to declare themselves "independent" and the name of this new haven for the White Race in Australia will be called "Ponderosa" (Is not a joke!!!) I'm sure that Eric will have a good laugh.

(from) Rienzi

(How long do your think it will be before ZOG attacks with missiles and tanks, and then bring in wagons full of wogs and nogs, gooks and spooks, to "diversify" the plantation? The OBJECT of the world wide commie take over is to the have NO white enclaves ANYWHERE. If you can understand that simple axiom, then world events become more clear and predictable. Axiom #2: A nation cannot be sovereign unless it has the means to DEFEND itself and protect its borders. It 's amazing that so many place great faith in paper rules, committee agreements and flag waving. They mean NOTHING without the force of arms to back them up. The First Amendment is vacuous WITHOUT the Second Amendment. ZOGUSA breaks its own rules ALL OF THE TIME as a matter of policy. There is no Zionist conspiracy. It's out in the open for all to see!)

Great sport. I see that pimples are having town meetings over what to do with Afghanistan. (This fits the ZOG agenda – let the idiots babble making sure their voice means nothing.) Before the current fuss, 95% of the population never heard of the place, much less spell it correctly. They know absolutely nothing about the people nor their culture but in accordance with their infantile and feminized minds, they have all sorts of solutions to things they know nothing about. After all, to the mass of Americans, war is just another sport – to be watched on TV but never participated in individually.

Since we are a rich and benevolent people, I suggest we immediately start a reconstruction program where mountains would be leveled and irrigated into lush plains like the Garden of Eden. All of the best men should be milked of sperm, which will be stored at 666° below freezing, and then shot so that no female "oppression" ever takes place again. Laura and Hillary could supervise the operation. When a desire for stud occurs, there are several varieties of donkey which will provide enough mass to satisfy any whim. Besides, donkeys never engage in "domestic violence". With the females liberated, and good and plenty available for all, "terrorism" will excised from the land. Then, only 69 more countries to go. It's all so very good for business, wouldn't you say?


Picked this mornings paper [Washington Times, pg. 9] wherein it indicated that a community of 19 arabs who lived in Kandahar were being hospitalized for wounds receive in bombing raids. Our U.S. forces wanted to question them and they were to be brought before 40 awaiting U.S. soldiers.. An  Afghan male nurse whom they trusted, persuaded one fellow who had one leg blown off to go with him with a fake story, when the fellow saw what they were up to, he shouted a warning to the rest. They then barricaded themselves in their rooms and threatened to blow themselves up. So the story say's our forces will now proceed to starve them into submission, but any reasonably intelligent person can conclude that in the final analysis these fellows will kill themselves. Perhaps they know the U.S. will turn them over to violent Afghan forces to be killed in accordance with Mr. Rumsfeld's guidance. Now the question must be asked what the hell is wrong with people that would cause such distress to very seriously wounded men? How dare they drag people with limbs missing for interrogation, and force them to want to kill themselves. Where is  that god damned U.N. Human Rights crowd when there is a real case of human rights abuse,  because what the U.S. is doing is as wrong as wrong can be. Isn't it something when a nation bombs thousands of people killing and maiming, and  causes four million refugees, has a bunch of criminals as allies, who do all the ground fighting, and murder prisoners of war, but fail to capture those the U.S. desires  to kill. So they are now going bonkers because they can't find Mr. Bin Laden. I guess in frustration they will kill as many ex-Taliban as they can find, it's the old body count. These are the same loonies that were looking for mass graves in Kosova, Serbia, and every farmer's field was a likely site from 20,000 ft.up.

What hypocrisy.

In my opinion, Mr. Bin Laden either  perished in the bombing or is possibly in Kashmir, maybe that's why they  want a war between India, and Pakistan. While the U.S. may trust Mr. Marashaff, they don't trust Pakistan because they are Muslim and have nuclear weapons. They would sacrifice many lives to protect that abominable state in the middle east. All that is happening now and will happen in the future should be under the observation of  world psychiatrist, because the leaders of the west are in very abnormal state of mind.

Regards. Joe. (In case our readers have forgotten, Joe is a combat veteran of the SWATKWP, ETO. In spite of the bawling ignoramuses who want others to kill others, I recall that surrendering Germans asked to be turned over to Americans not the Soviets. Now it's the other way around where Americans are regarded as liars and butchers. We've come a long way, baby, but we all wanted to be jews, didn't we? Wars to us are just another spectator sport where we sit in the safety of the stands, cheer our team on, and let them get battered. Pass me another six-pack, baby.)

Dear Sir: (sent by a reader)

 I just wanted to contact you in regard to your on going commentary about Prof. J.P. Rushton and his theory about genital size
and it's relative effects on one's mental functions (small genitals = large brain, large genitals = small brain). I actually contacted him with some questions about this very subject about a year ago. I suggested to him that there is perhaps something else at work there, something that has yet to be measured (if that is indeed possible) but that may exist nonetheless. To be quite honest I was rather surprised that he responded at all, though he seemed a little upset that I was questioning his theory AFTER I had read his book... I suppose the truth he's after isn't the truth in toto, but instead a small-fragmented piece of the truth. Perhaps he is into the idea of sacrificing some sacred lambs while not venturing into the visible racial identity arena, but at the same time he's forgetting that anyone who doesn't parrot the kosher party-line is already the enemy of organized Jewry.


Id like to ascertain your thoughts on the prevalence of Blacks in the sport of boxing. It is commonly believed among blacks that whites are no match for Blacks in a fist fight. Yet, nearly all the Toughman competitions that air amateur boxers, its mainly
whites that rise to the top. In the professional arena Blacks abound but the next step to a title fight involves a fight with a White guy nearly every time. After seeing numerous professional fights between Black and White, the White would typically start off
strong then collapse late in the fight with one “well placed” punch. I began to believe that professional fights are all fixed and quit watching them. As for the martial arts arena, Whites tend to be the most prevalent in the top of that sport. What puzzles me is, if professional boxing 'is' fixed how did letting Blacks win begin so long ago (1950s – early 60s?) when White supremacy was considered unquestionable?

What do you think? (from W. K.)

From RF:

You've asked the wrong guy since I pay about as much attention to sports as I do Greenspan's myopia. I was never a 'fisticuffs' fighter myself. I preferred to leap at a fellow, strangle him, poke his eyes out, bite his nuts off and that sort of dirty Dan stuff. I do not seek fights – I avoid them where possible – and if pressed, I never view it as some sort of naughty macho sport. When attacked, I respond with a full intent to maim and kill.

On the plus side, blacks have a thick cranium which makes them less susceptible to head blows. During the Rochester riots, I witnessed a State Police Officer break his club on the head of a black looter. The guy yelped and kept on running with the TV set.

On the minus side, black mental processing is much slower than in whites which accounts for black absence in sports with require instant decision, like car racing, as quite possibly, the martial arts as you mentioned..

As for corruption and fixing, one could easily assume than anything jew-run would have "its ways". Joe Louis (Barrow) – heavyweight champion, 1937-49, record of 25 title bouts – once told me about his jew promoter who screwed him out of nearly every cent he earned, thus causing tax problems. Joe died in 1981 and spent many years on the wrestling circuit trying to pay off his debts. I worked in that wrestling circuit for a short time and without question or hesitation, I can say each bout was simply an act staged as one would any Broadway show.

Joe's boxing style was as quiet and unassuming as was his manner out of the ring. He'd stand relatively still while his opponent danced about with jabs and such. Sooner or later, the opponent would momentarily let his guard down and would then receive a hammer blow to the head which usually ended the fight, often in the first round.

In high school, I had a crush on  Jean, a good looking brilliant girl. She later became one of the chiefs at a large university in Ohio. During a class reunion, she told me that ZOG paid for athletic "scholarships", tuition and living expenses, when it came to blacks, but the university had to foot the entire bill if the people were white. Affirmative Action contaminates every nook and cranny in this society and without it, I truly do not believe that black presence, as so noticeable in basketball, would be anything worth mentioning. From beauty "pageants" – they used to be 'contests' – to Mz. or Mr. Whatchamacallitt, the cards are stacked to fill the Marxist pipe dream of feminist "equality" enforced with "quotas". You know it and so do many other people. We have an anti-white government hell bent upon eliminating white male influence outside the corrupt ruling elite.

I absolutely do not want black people in my living space but I will say that, in my opinion, the jews use them as a battering ram against white society while simultaneously picking their pockets. More than one black man has noticed this – something that many feather brained whites couldn't see if it bore flashing orange lights.

Holmes turned to Watson and shook him. "Wake up. Wake up. Look skyward and tell me what you deduce."

Dr. Watson blinked his eyes and replied, "I see stars. Thousands of stars, and somewhere out there might be a civilization just like ours."

"You idiot," retorted Sherlock, "someone has stolen our tent."

It's better to be a free man eating from an earthen jar than it is to be a slave eating from a golden plate. Americans do not agree.
A change of place will not save our race. Only a change of mind can save our kind.
The difference between an intelligent man and an educated man is this – an intelligent man knows shit when he smells it. An educated man requires a chemical analysis listing the ppm* of skatole and indole. (* parts per million)