13 January 2002
This is so funny, I just had to add it. I am assuming it is legitimate, but that need not matter.

Pfizer Corp. (NYSE PFE) is making the announcement today that VIAGRA will soon be available in liquid form and will be marketed by Pepsi Cola ( Pepsi Bottling Group NYSE PBG) as a power beverage suitable for use as-is, or as a mixer, under the name "Mount And Do".

Pepsi's proposed ad campaign suggests: "It will now be possible for a man to literally pour himself a stiff one."

  *  *  *  *
Note: Keep ingesting those drugs boys, but make sure your long-term health care premiums are current. You'll certainly be needing  it when liver and kidney transplant time comes around, not to mention crystallized testicles.

Sir: Revisionsim is important. Why do you say history is not important?

Robertsez: I never intended to convey that. History is important but so is making strawberry preserves. Stop the wishful thinking and realize (1) the mestizos who are invading our territory care nothing about Revisionism, WWII, or the price of an Irving lecture. (2) Even if the Revisionist word was supremely valuable, as those who make their living peddling it claim, how do you propose to "spread the word"? Lectures, books, and what not, have been around for 50 years and what of it? How would you reach the mass TV audience with a documentary? Name ONE SINGLE BENEFIT we white working people derived in all that time, for all of the gassing about gas. What the mestizos, and "the refuse from your foreign shores" aren't squatting on, the Chinese are buying up while the jews and their Zionist anglos are pulling the rest out from under our feet.

Only white people,and jews, care about the "holocaust". The Chinese accept 30 million dead as just a growing pain. The blacks and mestizos couldn't care less about what may or may not have happened to jews, whom they deem 'white'. Dead whites are always good news for them. Jews are the gods of the Judeo-Christians and the remaining whites go along simply because it has always been easier to go with the flow, than buck the tide. As it stands, most have more to lose from accepting the truth than they do by pretending nonsense is fact. We are really dealing with religion beliefs and the history thereof. It's academia and history departments have never been in the forefront of any revolution.

We are in one fine mess, as Ollie used to tell Stan Laurel, and I have yet had anyone convince me, that "spreading the word" about the SWATKWP, will change coming events even one iota. It's a matter of practicality, not validity. When faced with a mugger, a debate about whether his pistol is loaded or not, is not only irrelevant, but increases the danger.

Our enemies love to see us tied up in endless debates, gab fests, meetings, and what not, since they know it all amounts to diddlysquat. The current version of WWI is what it is because the jews had the power to impose it. Until we, as white people, again have control of our own affairs, Revisionism will remain just a fart in the wind.

Dear Robert:

First off, want to thank you for your site, I never turn it off, I always have it on (DSL) and have read every article. I hope you are representing the future of the web.

Question: What ever happened to that Bushy head fellow who gunned down all of those men at Dacha? His he still alive?

Thanks, E.S.

 Lt. Jack Bushyhead, the Cherokee "warrior", the "avenger" in Buechner's book*, died on 25 December 1977 in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The mass execution, after they had surrendered, took place on 29 April 1945. Prior to that, inmates were
allowed to beat some of the Germans to death with shovels. There were about 350 killed in all – all "SS", so claimed. About 200 of them were old men pulled from the civilian ranks to act as guards at Dachau. They had been there only about 2-3 days and certainly could not be blamed for the circumstances in that camp. (Dachau was once listed as a "death camp" complete with phony shower heads, roaring ovens, and the whole caboodle of bullshoi, but this has now conveniently fallen down the memory hole.) Bushy head was in command of the 30 cal. machine gun mounted on top of a shed. The Germans were led out, lined up, and Bushy head gave the order to fire. He himself used a pistol. He was not obeying orders but acted entirely on his own. Many of the Germans lay wounded due to the erratic nature of the mass execution. Again, the Dachau inmates were given pistols in order to finish the job. Dachau, at that time, was in a state of starvation and disease. Even the guards shared the effects of malnutrition. The poor condition of the inmates was used as the excuse for the slaughter,  according to Bushyhead who gave such after a long period of blank stare, following the question of his commanding officer. Bushyhead was "proud" to be an Cherokee and let everyone know it. If he were white, he'd be called a racist.

The American war propaganda pictured the G.I.s as kind souls eager to give nylon stockings to the 'liberated' women and Hershey bars to the kiddies. The brutal truth is that all sides engaged in some of the most atrocious, savage behavior known. Of the entire array of treachery, deceit, butchery, mayhem, theft, rape, and so on, which occurred, I have concluded that the Germans., as a group, behaved on a far more moral level than any of the other combatants. If we allow the distinct cultural differences of the Japanese as a consideration, then their behavior in thus attenuated. The Japanese soldier was expected to be brave. They never gave medals for "bravery". In a war, there are no "good" people.

Under the spiked boot of the ZOG, all truths are turned upside down.

Best regards, and thanks for the kind remarks. Robert
* Dachau. The Hour of The Avenger. Col. Howard A. Buechner, Medical Corps A.US. (Ret.) Thunderbird  Press, Metaire, LA, 1986. No. You cannot borrow my autographed copy. Sorry. The book has a star of David on the cover and the author is a true gas chamber believer although he never saw one. Eric says Buechner is mestizo, and married to an Indian, and the author, an eye witness, indicted all Germans as 'war criminals' before the term was invented thus demonstrating a "backward" accounting of the "facts".

In preparation for Martin Luther King Jr. Day we recommend studying this site for the true meaning of the Day.
Try it. You'll like it.   http://www.martinlutherking.org
Just a message to inform faem.com of Dr. Whitney's untimely death.  Dr. Whitney is perhaps best known for authoring the forward to David Duke's "My Awakening".

Whitney's research into the precise extent of racial differences went great lengths to ensure its validity and was often funded by Whitney himself when funding could not be attained elsewhere.

At no point during his career did Whitney distance himself from either his own findings or the contents of David Duke's book.

Intellectual honesty among academics is becoming increasingly rare and I'm sure that it would be appropriate to mention Dr. Whitney's death on FAEM.

Professor Whitney's FSU site has not yet been removed:  http://www.psy.fsu.edu/faculty/whitney.dp.html

As one views the brutality of "American" troops towards those Afghans whom they deem "evil", one must never be blind to the racial factor. The "American" soldier (SWATKWP) who machine-gunned to death those 200 surrendering old men, who had absolutely nothing to do with Dachau, was not an American in my book. He was an Injun wearing the uniform of the people who conquered his lands. Sgt. Bushyhead was not killing Germans, he was killing the hated paleface.

As we view the behavior of "our" troops towards the Afghans, one notices a large percentage of non-whites wearing American uniforms. It has been the behavior of muds throughout the centuries to behave in a certain fashion towards all people, regardless of language or uniform, who are lighter than they: (1) if it's a male, kill it or at least whip on it, and (2) if it's female, rape it or take it as a trophy. If that is not possible, then smile and claim "universal brotherhood" while waiting for an opportunity to do (1) and (2). Hatred towards the white man, regardless of claimed motive, transcends the boundary of uniform or flag-waving. They smile only when it is to their advantage. When the opportunity arises, at it did very often in Vietnam, the true racial hatred is exposed for what it has been throughout history. (When whites are accused of 'hate', the accuser thus exposes himself.)

Remember the silly Brits who gave their best rifles to their Indian troops as a demonstration of their "trust" which was then supposed to buy loyalty? Read about the Sepoy Mutiny or if you like, something more current. Listen to those remaing whites in Zimbabwe who believed "It couldn't happen here because 'our blacks are different'." Ha. Ha. Ha. "TS" as they used to say in the 1950s. (Tough shit.)

I read Eric's short letter.  Even he has largely fallen for ZOG's intellectual rope-a-dope that "the National Guard is the Militia."  I disagree of course.  Constitutionally every native born white man and probably woman is an American militia member.    The National Guard is what ZOG has used to try to destroy the Militia.  The existence of the National Guard has been the public justification for ZOG ignoring its specific Constitutional duties to "well-regulate" the Militia.  In Constitutional usage 'well-regulated' means 'powerful', 'well-trained', 'well-equipped'.  Constitutionally the National Guard may not be any part of the Militia.  It's legal basis makes it more probable that Constitutionally it's merely a part of the U.S. Army and Air Force.

Bodies such as the Yakima County Militia that Eric mentions are legal to the extent they are Unorganized.  They are extra-legal and possibly illegal if members have appointed themselves as 'officers' apart from the authority of the State or undertaken other steps to Organize themselves.  While these self-styled Militia units are to be strictly avoided, some sort of fraternal association of Militiamen is clearly legal and desirable.

See /academy/wla05a.htm and also The Federalist Papers Numbers 28-29 & 46.  Compare the size of the National Guard to Madison's prospective sizes, based on population percentages, of the regular Army and the Militia in The Federalist.  The current National Guard strength makes it clear that it most likely is part of the U.S. Army, which is also what its soldiers' uniform tags say.


The rest of Eric's letter was excellent.  I just think it's important to keep the real Constitutional meaning of Militia constantly in front of people's eyes.  ZOG's mythology about the National Guard being the militia is part and parcel of it's "Sleep – Obey – Consume" program for the sheeple. 

Robert; Read an internet news item that the U.S forces were helicoptered into the Afghan village of Peklika, to seek the former head of Taliban Intelligence, a Mr. Mesdaq Salhilzada. When they could not find their quarry they seized the man's 65 year old father, a respected elder of the village. Now this is called hostage taking, and totally inappropriate. Our Government has learned a great deal from that Zionist state, and in the end, compound their problems, by engendering hate toward our country.

I watched Mr. Rumsfeld squirm a bit to reporters' questions this evening regarding the Geneva Convention, and the prisoners being transported to 8 by 10 cells on Guantanamo Bay. Wonder if they plan having the Red Crescent organization visit these men? Anyway, all Rummy would say was that they were dangerous men. Perhaps he, and some of his associates ought to look in a mirror, and utter those phrases. Now there's no question that some of these Muslims are fanatical in their beliefs, but so are some of our people especially when they bomb Afghan villages, and kill innocent civilians, let the Northern Alliance starve and butcher P.O.W.'s or seize a 65 year old man because his son was an intelligence chief in a legitimate Government regardless as to whether the U.S. liked that Government or not, or go into hospitals and seize wounded soldiers. This warped attitude also extends to an 11 year blockade on Iraq that has caused an estimated 1.6 million deaths. Then of course why should the U.S. care about deaths when they destroy two million of the unborn each year through abortions. Eeney, meeney, miney, moe, where does the great satan live? Now just one guess.
Regards. G. I. Joe.

I just read Chuck Pearson's comments on Keivsky's "Guild" piece. I can't find anything I disagree about in Mr. Pearson's comments. Yes, the hour is very late and many things have changed for the extreme worst since even five years ago.

That said, everything Kievsky (and I) have said should be read and pondered, then acted upon to whatever degree possible. Remember, the very act of doing these things will build skills and – more importantly – confidence. Both are something badly lacking among average Whites in America today. People with neither skills nor confidence will simply not be able to do what is needed to turn things around here. That's not going to be easy. Many think it's not even possible now. However, the three variables in any undertaking are Time, Place, and the People involved, and those People must adapt their activities to the Time and Place in which they are working. I can't tell them how to do that; it's something they'll need to figure out for themselves. Or perish.

Probably the most important thing any White can do today is spread the facts among his or her people, beginning with family, neighbors, and friends. I didn't even mention this, because I assumed anyone reading these Letters would already be doing that. If you aren't, GET MOVING. It accomplishes nothing to moan about your fellows being Lemmings. Who are you that they should listen to you the first, second, or third time you tell them Everything They Know Is Wrong? Get serious; it will probably take five times before what you say even registers with them; it will need an unknown amount of time before they reluctantly notice that you were right. For some people, it will take twenty years before they accept the facts you point out to them.  Others already know and are just waiting for enough others to echo their thoughts. Such is life. Either way, you must plant the "seeds" now. Get the information into their gray-matter, or suffer the consequences. One good way to do that is to take up some of the past times advocated by Kievsky and myself. You'll meet many interesting people with which to interact. And, think about this: To those new friends, you won't just be "My idiot brother-in-law." There's much to be said for that status! Regards, Tsun

As Maguire noted, and I agree, the large companies are farming out their hi-tech specialty work to small, outlying concerns which, as you might well expect, are mostly white male operations. This leave the big boys herding a horde of lo-tech mud employees. As with the old Injun wars, the muds can never get away from white dependency. As with the Injuns and their rifles, they still were dependent upon the honky for their ammunition. That's not a way to win any war, wouldn't you say?

The mud invasion is a great danger when ZOG insists upon filling up the National Guard, and other military, with them. If enough are armed, I can see the day when some of them will ask, "Why do we take orders from the gringo? We have the guns." When this happens, I am afraid that your computer will be no protection.

O, I forgot. As soon as some blob of protoplasm lands upon our shores, he becomes an instant American. At that moment, he ceases to be whatever he was, his past is miraculously erased from his brain and he is "born again", full of flag-waving tendencies, a love for apple pie and deep respect for "mom". The proof of the pudding is in the eating so I'd like to see our Afghan Americans, as one in a large pool of examples, in action, if there were no freebies and they were drafted to fight their own kind in the mountains of Eurasia.

Bottom line: They come here, not for 'freedom', but for the freebies. And that can be demonstrated in spades.

Always note the hypocrisy. When a student gets high grades, he takes the credit for intelligence and industry. When a student gets low grades, the teacher is discredited.

Rubin, a jew with a problem, is head of the Jewish Defense League. When he makes a bomb, or does anything illegal, it is he who takes the brunt of whatever. The organization is somehow not connected and never blamed. When a white male, who belongs to an organization, does something illegal, the whole organization is blamed and under the gun.

The hypocrisy, and modus operandi of ZOG, is easily observed. If a few of the Taliban do a dirty deed, the whole Taliban is guilty. Furthermore, the whole country is guilty. Kill them all. According to twisted jew logic, anyone who ever gave Osama a drink of water is also guilty. When some ZOG organization screws up, only individuals are sacrificed. Such a deal.

Here's a link. Lot's of stuff there. Make it a bookmark.  http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/
Some have asked what the "cc" stands for. One guessed it might stand for carbon copy. It's trendy you know – In FAEM they say si, si. In France they say oui, oui. Every little Russian says da, da. Every little Dutch girl says ja, ja. Since the country is going salsa, cc is more in tune than oo, dd, or jj. 
Here's a link to reading stuff; some of it Revisionism – http://www.reportersnotebook.com. The truth about the SWATKWP is about as relevant as nitpicking over Custer's Last Stand. The lies, faked photos, phony gassings, and so on and so forth, which passes for WWII history is so evident, and laughable, that I find it very hard to feel serious about the matter. As mestizos continue to invade our living space, the Revisionist time-stands-still crowd will still be babbling about fake shower heads until the day they hear, "Gringo, you like last cigarette?" Ready, aim .... Talk about dead wood with their heads up their behinds .....

Other than being an exercise in history, some Revisionists operate on the foolish axiom, 'the truth shall set you free'. Some Revisionists are interested in breaking the jew stranglehold on America and Europe which is there for all to see. Thus, they endeavor to show how the propaganda of the jews, particularly that of WW II, is mostly hot air, gas, as it were. The problem is that few people are really interested in history and most American whites not only worship jews but seek to emulate them. I am pressed to find one example where people accepted criticism of their gods. Moreover, no one appreciates criticism of anything, or anyone, which they hold dear. Revisionism thus falls upon deaf ears and the muds still swarm in, and our standard of living still falls. We are in a struggle for existence, we white people, and it will not be solved by yammering about gas chambers, how many Austrian pastries Herr Hitler ate on Christmas eve 1937, or which documents were forged and which were not.

In my opinion, the jews have made serious blunders in their response to a perceived threat which they have blown completely out of proportion. Ernst Zündel and David Irving are two examples of so-called semi-notable "anti-Semites" who, as "threats", are the jews' creation. If old Sabina had not attacked Mr. Zündel, and started that foolish legal circus, no one would have ever heard of this man. He would have died quietly clutching an air brush. Mr. Irving is just an author, and I might add, an excellent one, who would have never been a "best seller" author no matter how the bagel was sliced. He would have achieved some acclaim in the history circles but, as I have mentioned, interest in history is confined to academia and if such courses were not mandatory, few would be enrolled in them.

People, in the main, live for the moment. When they use their charge cards to purchase some trinket thus satisfying a childish desire, the thought of paying an increased bill never enters their mind. People who take drugs, smoke, or imbibe alcohol, never think in terms of health destroying addictions which always follows at some point in time. The wayward people with a crotch itch seek a partner for a joint enterprise, not paying a wit of attention to a future which usually brings disease, pregnancy and many other problems. What woman, or man, in a 'turned on' condition is ever concerned about the QUALITY of any child which results? "Slash and burn" has been part and parcel of the human experience since Day One. This direction is never changed by "the truth shall set you free" or any other bit of yammer. The mass animal changes only when confronted by immediate disaster. Even so, they will never acknowledge that it was precisely their behavior which precipitated that disaster. Then, and only then, will they look for true leaders, not some gas bag which passes for such today. Those leaders will be exactly those who, unlike their neighbors, have foresight and recognize the insane direction we are pursuing.

There will be no revolution before its time. The wise will prepare.

The share-the-wealth Marxist plan failed in the old USSR. Then Lenin reinterpreted the whole scam with this new rule – Those who do not work shall not eat. That solved their welfare problem. That gave me an idea. Let's take our whole batch of welfare drones, arm then with sledge hammers and ship them to Afghanistan where they could turn large rocks into small rocks. This is the job our high tech boys seem to be following with a very considerable outlay of money ZOG doesn't have. Once the drones have turned all of the mountains into sand, the date on their return tickets would have expired thus leaving Afghanistan chock full of those magnificent, colorful, ball tossing, intelligent, trustworthy and desirable black folks. America is blessed with 'diversity' so why shouldn't we share it? One second thought, if Christ could give up His life then we should at least give up all of our blessed diversity. In that way Americans could demonstrate their love of mankind. Take our treasure, please.
There goes that song again; it's from an old familiar score... I know it well, that melody...
Three former female students stopped by to see if I was still ornery and breathing. I must have been for they stayed through a delivered pizza and beverage. The jabber covered mostly gossip about past school misdeeds and other classmates. Gretchen then talked about her job complaining that she dislikes working for other women, and Mary nodded in approval. I laughed a bit since this comment has reached my ears from my sisters as well as others. Women supervisors especially hate young girls who are bright but there are exceptions which again, proves the rule: in positions of authority, females go apeshit and use that authority more for their little tyrannies than for the good of the organization. My mother always disapproved of female bosses. She was one wise woman who recognizes that pants on a woman do not make her a man. That's a tough pill for man-haters to swallow. Never send a boy to do a man's job, was the saying. That also should have included women. Hell. Go all the way. Make a 100% female army. That ought to teach those terrorists that they should run for cover.
The hooman brain is an intriguing piece of biological mass. "A" tells "B" that "rusum recapitulates balfud." "B" wanders off and thinks, "Hmm.... I never thought of that. Sounds good to me." Later in the year, "B" recalls the thought with clarity, and applauds himself for having such great knowledge. After all, wasn't "rusum recapitulates balfud" his idea all along?

I listened to a blue collar worker talk to the happy waitress at a nearby greasy spoon. He appeared to be 'on the ball' and so I commenced a short dialogue. "We all believe that what we hold in our gray matter to be truth." I explained. He seemed puzzled and so I followed with, "Sir, please tell me one fact you have in your brain which you hold to be false." He was quiet, stroked his shoulder, smiled, and then joyously exclaimed, "Damn, but you are right. If we could all come to accept that, then we wouldn't have very many arguments, would we?"

I had sown a seed of hate, grabbed a few mints, looked at the waitress's tight sweater and then left. One thing ZOG fears is people who can think for themselves.

Robert;The ninny we have for a President now has been convinced that its quite all right to run a deficit in the nation's budget during wartime, and in the midst of a recession, and  its absolutely necessary that the U.S. continue pouring billions into that abominable state in the middle east. Then of course it will take billions to restructure Afghanistan. This damn fiasco is costing two and a half billion dollars a week. Now they are running short of munitions and the military is screaming for more smart bombs to blow up empty caves.

Last night's news showed some orphans, and the comment was made how wonderful that the girls could now go to school, no books, pencils, teachers, heat or sufficient buildings and  minus their parents love. I wonder why someone doesn't ask Microsoft's Bill Gates to make a contribution. Oh ! I forgot he gives primarily to Negroes or charities only in the state of Washington. Then there's Ted Turner who gets a big thrill when he gives a billion dollars to the U.N. How about the Hollywood freaks who give special performances for the victims of 9-11, then deduct it from their taxes based on what they believe would be their normal compensation?

The flags still fly from the autos, and auto dealerships, but for how long after the new planned tax increases? Isn't it amazing how these fools still believe its W.W.3, if that is the case. I do believe the draft should be reinstated, and the rationing begin. Let's start with gasoline, and issue ration cards  for everything from shoes to foodstuffs. I wonder how long that would last with the drones. I used to believe that there were really a lot of smart people in our country but I am now convinced that  the ratio is very lopsided in favor of stupidity. Regards.  Joe.

Yes sir, baby. We must defend America. That's why ZOG favors us with open borders.

Yes sir, baby. America needs jobs. That's why ZOG exports them overseas.

Yes sir, baby. America is a collection of nincompoops cheering on a batch of loonies called the gov'ment.

The problem with "studies" is that people believe them if they agree with them. If a study reveals something someone does not like, then it is disregarded. That's what's called 'being objective'.

Recently TV aired some short yodeling about another of the 6,000,666 studies which have been studiously studied. Females who believe they can fill both a brassiere and jockstrap simultaneously will certainly poo-poo it. Other than providing sperm, satisfying an itch and supplying ZOGbucks, what good are men anyway?

This latest endeavor to discover the obvious is centered about the well-being of children and their subsequent young adulthood. Just the facts, ma'am. With a man present full time as a member of the family, and preferably in the role of a legal husband and father, young people (1) engage in drug use to a markedly lower degree, (2) girls are less apt to get pregnant due to abstinence, (3) stay in school longer and rarely are drop-outs, (4) grades are better, (5) fewer run away from home, (6) have fewer 'sick days' and therefore less absence from class or employment, (7) faggotry and lesbianism are noticeably absent, (8) more successful upon leaving school and (9) less likely to pick a loser for a mate.

All in all, my grandmother could have told them that in 5 minutes and it would have been free. But that would have been bad for the 'economy' since this latest study employed 6 people for a period of 3½ years plus using a lot of paper, the manufacture of which kept more people employed – at taxpayers expense, don'cha 'no' ?

You young men had better shape up so that when you hear some desirable wench babble about bringing home the bacon and frying it up in a pan, you'll be able to excuse yourself, go to the bathroom, crawl out the window, and never return. Of course, if your brain is located below your belt, then forget all of this. Losers deserve such females.

As the hated filled haters continue to turn Afghanistan rocks into smaller rocks, by dropping those million dollar cherry poppers, does anyone ever ask where those mounting BILLIONS of dollars in costs will come from? This reminds me of a mall mom who increases her spending as soon as she learns her hubby now has to work at reduced pay. Lower the tax and blow the dough, parlent vous. Lala lala la la la la, parlent vous. Rinky dinky parlent vous.
US foreign policy reminds me of the closing scenes in Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven. He dusts off a few uglies and leaves town with the threat that if anyone took a shot at him, he'd kill him, his wife, his children and then burn the house down.

It goes this way: Do as we say – turn your country over to ZOG controlled Marxist rule – and we have bribes you wouldn't believe, courtesy American sucker tax-dollars. If you don't we'll return and bomb the country to shit and kill everyone within sight and hearing. Nothing like keeping things simple and easy to understand. Communism will be established globally even if we have to destroy everything and kill everyone. The jew plundering racket named "democracy" is what's it about.

All of those massive bombs must contribute to global warming, wouldn't you say? Also, air pollution. As was said before the election, Bushoil is no environmentalist.

Mestizo Bush pays homage to our masters. Aren't you surprised?

'Hanukkah Bush'

Signaling his regime's unwavering commitment to Judaic values and to Israel, George Dubya Bush broke new ground recently by participating in a first-time Jewish religious ceremony at the Executive Mansion.  Although Christian Crosses are banned and separation of Church and State is strictly enforced, religious symbols are okay – IF they are those of the self-Chosen Ones.

President's Remarks at White House Lighting of Menorah
The White House
5:00 P.M. EST / Monday, December 10, 2001

THE PRESIDENT:    Tonight, for the first time in American history, the Hanukkah menorah will be lit at the White House residence. It's a symbol that this house may be a temporary home for Laura and me, but it's the people's house, and it belongs to people of all faiths.

The magnificent menorah before us was crafted over a century ago in the city of Lvov, which was an important center of Jewish life and culture. The Jews of Lvov fell victim to the horror of the Nazi Holocaust, but their great menorah survived.  And as God promised Abraham, the people of Israel still live.

This has been a year of much sadness in the United States, and for our friends in Israel.  America and Israel have been through much together.  This year we have grieved together.  But as we watch the lighting of this second candle of Hanukkah, we're reminded of the ancient story of Israel's courage and of the power of faith to make the darkness bright.

We can see the heroic spirit of the Macabees lives on in Israel today, and we trust that a better day is coming, when this Festival of Freedom will be celebrated in a world free from terror.  Laura and I wish all the people of Jewish faith in America and Israel and around the world many joyous Hanukkahs in the years ahead.

All right, now we call on young Talia to help us light the candles. Thank you so much for being here.
(The menorah is lit.)



Dept E
PO Box 270486
Milwaukee WI 53227

David Irving Update.

There are two interesting pieces today on Mr. Irving's website.  The first is about plagiarism by best selling ZOGist SWATKWP popularizer -  a self-styled historian – Stephen Ambrose.  Ambrose's screeds have celebrated whites killing whites across two centuries.  SWATKWP, 1861-65, all a-ok with Ambrose so long as it hauls in the ZOG bucks.  You can read more here: http://www.fpp.co.uk/online/02/01/Ambrose1.html

The second article concerns the firing of Holocaust semi-debunker Professor Norman Finkelstein (himself Jewish and the son of Jews who lived through German rule in SWATKWP) from his post at New York University.  Professor Finkelstein is also currently under indictment in France for 'Negationism'.  Negationism is the French term for refusing to believe or tell Zionist-approved Holocaust™ lies.  Among Professor Finkelstein's many crimes is relating how large numbers of Eastern European Jews lied about being 'Holocaust survivors' when none of them had actually even been subject to German rule in SWATKWP.  Professor Finkelstein has also been relentless in exposing the diversion of German moneys from Jewish labor camp veterans to other Zionist pockets.  Read more here:    http://www.fpp.co.uk/Auschwitz/Finkelstein/As_Safir.html

My thanks to Mr. Irving for posting these articles.  As always, I unreservedly encourage everyone to buy and read Mr. Irving's history books.  Buy multiple copies and donate them to public and school libraries.  Buy new ones from David and used ones from Amazon.com.  Speaking for myself, everyone please write David and flog him on to completing Churchill v iii.  Do not, however, be lured into donating any money to his 'Fighting Fund' to be poured down the rathole of Talmudicized 'courts' in Brit-ZOG.


Predicting who ZOG will massacre next reminds me of a man, who has fallen overboard, wondering which piranha will be the first to bite him in the ass. We can make wild guesses, but that only becomes amusement with the possible advantage of having a friendly brawl over the topic. We simply do not have a good handle on truth for the media pukes out only what ZOG dictates.

Educated guesses at least have some foundation. In our increasing world chaos, I believe these to be (1) the communist drive to world control mainly by jews and criminal whites who use Zionism as the means, and (2) ZOG abhors any conflict where there is any possiblity, in their minds, of defeat. ZOG wants all of the death and destruction to be someone else's problem, not theirs. This is what the Boobus Americanus also wants – butchery and mayhem without cost – the other fellow, of course. This is why we safely bomb at 20,000 feet and get people we despise, like the Norhthern Alliance, to do our hands-on dirty work. It is jewish through and through. Therefore, I doubt every much if ZOG will let the India-Pakistan, non-white, anti-white, squabble to get out of control. They are certainly eye-balling easy victims for their aggression which, by the way, will cost the American tax-payer much more than he realizes at this time.

Millions upon millions of dollars are now being funneled into academic institutions to promote research and development of legal "designer drugs". All recognize that drugs, to be effective, must take heavily into consideration, a person's genetic make-up. This might appear to be a new "take" on the topic, but Nazi medical literature described it and the American Nobel Prize winner, Roger Williams, wrote more than one book on the subject. Even gramp's veterinarian told us that medicine for the Jersey was not necessarily a good medicine for the Holstein. In the 1970s, Newsweek ran an article mentioning that many drugs white people routinely take, are hazardous to the Japanese, sometime lethal.

(I believe that all drug companies are in the hands of the jews. Along with the diamond racket, isn't it nice to take a pill which costs 2 cents to make, and sell it for $1.85? Anything less would not be a "profitable" business. Ain't that so, Marvin?)

So, where does this leave us in regard to race-mixing? Up shit's creek baby. Race-mixers always leave their unfortunate off-spring hanging by their gonads. Mulattos, relative to bone marrow transplants, are in outer space without a suit.  Fornicating couples – a very common source of entertainment today – who exchange bodily fluids with no regard to the future welfare of the products of their wantonness, are specimens which need to be submerged in formaldehyde, while alive, and displayed in a museum devoted to human folly.

Now that we know the 8 ton US "Daisy Cutter" bombs dropped in the terrorist war against terrorists, uses technology developed in the Third Reich, I think it's time for the Afghans to file a class action suit against Germany. If you cannot find an old Nazi to bring to trial, then try his kids and grandchildren. If none exist then sue their neighbors. If horses lived longer than they do, I am sure they would have been sued as "Nazi horses". Surely there must have been some horse who committed a 'war crime' such as stepping on some jew's foot.
Write this one down – http://www.therealtruthonline.com – It's a great resource for news and other material. The "non-profit" aspect is thumbs up in my book. Eric once told me that he'd love to be wrong about his views and predictions. Perhaps someday enough "Firsters" will be on the web to make old FAEM puny by comparison. That would be nice. I could then go fishing.
On the road to salvation of the white race, there can be no detour around Americas' crucifixion of the German people.  Eric Thomson, U.S. Army, Ret.

Traditionally Jewish scholars were highly critical of the Judeo-Christian myth. There are many others, under the influence of modernism and secular Zionism, who do see some advantage in it.

Rabbi Martin Siegel, reflecting a Messianic zeal, was quoted in the 18 January 1972 edition of New York Magazine as declaring:

"I am devoting my lecture in this seminar to a discussion of the possibility that we are now entering a Jewish century, a time when the spirit of the community, the non-ideological blend of the emotional and rational and the resistance to categories and forms will emerge through the forces of anti-nationalism to provide us with a new kind of society.

"I call this process the Judaization of Christianity because Christianity will be the vehicle through which this society becomes Jewish."       (submitted by a reader)

The gods assure that we experience the highlights of life only once. They further assure that we visit the same pits repeatedly.
To lie or not to lie. That is the prevarication.
An enterprising young woman just sent me a clip about a new experimental lie detector. It measures the hot flashes around your eyeballs when you tell a whopper. Instead of using good judgment and past performance, many want to have some sort of gadget which will do that work for them. Now, no machine can ascertain the truth. I'll repeat – No machine can ascertain the truth. If you can hold that idea in your hand then it's easy to understand that a machine does little other than register a change in your body's behavior – sweating palms, respiration change, etc. Now, it's eyeball hot flashes.

Suppose Irving firmly believes the moon to be made of blue glue. Further, he is now questioned by "the man" using a photo gadget which measures his eyeball heat. 'What is the moon made of?", questions the Affirmative Action gorilla. Irving replies, "De moon iz made of magenta polenta." Relative to what Irving believes, Irving is lying, that is, he is trying to deceive the recipient by saying something he BELIEVES to be false. Of course, the Big Brother machine promptly indicts Irving and he is summarily shot.

No one has ever told me how professional liars do on the so-called lie detector tests. The closest I ever got was a comment from a good acquaintance, Detective Lieutenant Steve C., who said that it's then the job of the tester to interpret the results to an extra degree. Tea leaf readers also "interpret" the arrangement of the soggy leaves. If you are going to enter opinion into the equation, then why not cover the machine with corn starch and ship it to Congress using no return address? That ought to cost the taxpayers an extra $666,000 for the time lost in trying to find out if it were another "terrorist attack" or whether someone mistook those lard brains for lie detector repair men..

A machine which requires 'skilled operaters' who need to interpret the results is about as valuable as a car you have to push 40% of the time. Yea man, paying alimony is like feeding a dead horse.


re: Commie Manifesto

You fellows missed something with regard to the accomplishing of this document. (Yes, we miss many things. That's why we appreciate people who point them out. RF.)

Article 9's second clause is "abolition of the distinction between town and country ..."  This is clearly being accomplished by Nigger-fying our cities and Spic-izing our small towns, thus creating "white flight" to the new housing developments.  Ticky-Tack Sprawl Tract Housing (TM), coming soon to a rural township near you!

In fact, it was one of the goals of the Planning Act of 1949, the creation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the Interstate System, Mortgage Interest deductions, etc. to empty the cities and towns into the countryside as "a national defense measure" and to "ensure political stability" by promoting indebted home ownership through the "lifetime" 30 year mortgage system.  A lovely side benefit is the total apathy and social isolation of the residents of these contrived and artificial places was an especially nice unanticipated effect, made all the easier with: the jew TV, permanent occupation of the car to do anything
beyond getting the newspaper at the top of your drive, and the enormous amount of yard work needed to keep the place looking decent thus occupying much of the leisure energy of the (white) man of the house. Qui bono?

From: A.B.


The 1789 Constitution of the United States of America, Article One, Section Eight says:

"The Congress shall have Power... To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of weights and Measures;"

In 1982 the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said:

Lewis v. United States, 680 F.2d 1239 (9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. 1982)

"On July 27, 1979, appellant John Lewis was injured by a vehicle owned and operated by the Los Angeles branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. Lewis brought this action in district court alleging jurisdiction under the Federal Tort Claims Act (the Act), 28 U.S.C. Sect. 1346(b). The United States moved to dismiss for lack of subject matter jurisdiction. The district court dismissed, holding that the Federal Reserve Bank is not a federal agency within the meaning of the Act and that the court therefore lacked subject matter jurisdiction. We affirm."

“Examining the organization and function of the Federal Reserve Banks, and applying the relevant factors, we conclude that the Reserve Banks are not federal instrumentalities for purpose of the FTCA, but are independent, privately owned and locally controlled corporations.”

The twelve Federal Reserve Banks are indeed privately owned corporations.  Their stockholders are the privately owned member banks in their various regions.  It is these banks' owners who decide who will compose two thirds of the Board of each 'federal' reserve bank.

Among the functions of these banks is creating money, including paper currency.  You can determine this right in your own wallet.  Take out your ZOG bucks and examine the front (portrait) side.  Ignore the big bold letters such as 'Federal', 'United States' and 'Department of the Treasury'.  Focus instead on the bottom fine print of the black seals on the left side of the portraits.  Each one says "Federal Reserve Bank of... (New York, Atlanta, Cleveland, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, etc. etc. etc.).  The only role of the U.S. Department of the Treasury is to print this currency under contract from the privately owned Federal Reserve System.

Who 'owns' the Federal Reserve System?  Trace down the ownership of the banks in each region paying close attention to the sizes.  That's who controls the money supply of the Late Great United States of America.  These people control each state with a fine degree of detail.  They can fund and defund entire industries and regions at will.  Want to drive white people off the land?  No problem.  Just bankrupt the farms and local communities.  It's really simple.  Take in deposits through your local branches while strongly restricting local loans, thus decapitalizing any given area.  The young people will soon leave for lack of opportunity.  Want to de-industrialize any particular area?  A few keyboard strokes takes care of it.

A few weeks ago we gave a progress report on the Communist Manifesto implementation status in the Late Great U.S.A.  /adlib/2001/b1213.htm (about 3/4 down). At that time it was noted that a centralized banking system had been created but with the substitution of private for public capital.  Above are some specifics of that substitution.


P.S.  Nothing in the Constitution gives Congress the right to delegate any part of its powers to privately owned entities.