17 January 2002
Many women, with their diseased "motherly love", remind me of pigeons who adopt baby hawks because the are so "in need". The hawks were fed until they could feed themselves. :o) That's the story of ingrate immigration.

I have a cousin so full of this do-gooding that she and her husband "fostered" a 9 year old mestizo to provide a "brother" for their then 7 year old daughter. Within 4 years, the spiclette attempted rape after which he was returned to the agency. I doubt if this couple learned anything since they have 2 things against such sound judgment. (1) They are both white and (2) They are both Ph.D.s.

The site is still under construction, but you might to retain the address in case you want to be a "true jew", or wonder about the blessed beginnings of this stuff.  http://olivercowdery.com/texts/brot1797.htm

"Yesterday, a prominent (and, coincidentally, also titled) British woman – rich, philanthropic, Jewish, thunderously articulate – in a private visit with my wife and me reported on the British "affaire Bernard."

"To divulge all my personal conflicts in talking about the subject, let me record that my five closest friends in the entire world are my informant at lunch, Barbara Amiel, Conrad Black, Ed Koch and Ronald Reagan. Now to proceed with the story."  William F. Buckley, Jr., CIA Agent and Founder of National Review Magazine.

   The informant (who is probably one of Buckley's real masters), Amiel, Black and Koch are Jewish.  Bonzo Reagan is another prominent shabbez goy Jewish servant and former creature of billionaire Walter Annenberg (he hires gentile servants to sort out his potato chips into broken and unbroken bowls).

Any further questions on the origins:

— Why National Review Magazine is Zionist, pro-immigration, pro-'free trade' and favors anti-white racial discrimination?

— Why Buckley has always worked overtime to divide pro-white American political forces?

— 'Me Too' Republicanism?

— GOP failure to oppose Judeo-Communist Michael King in the 1960s?  GOP failure to realign the 'Solid South' Democrats no later than 1962?

— The perennial failure of GOP presidents to ever rescind any anti-white Executive Orders signed by previous Democratic Presidents?

You can tune back into Zionist fatman Flush Limblow now, white ConnedServantive.  He'll tell you anything his money grubbing Jew wife allows him to say.  Your Conservative Icons will keep you well brainwashed on the many benefits of non-white immigration.  You know, the few children you do have are going to curse you in your graves and even before.  A suitable punishment will be when they consign you to a mud-staffed nursing home, fatheads.


P.S.  'Nursing home abuse' cases are the latest growth sector for trial lawyers.  Some of these firms are even advertising on billboards for such cases.  Guess who largely inhabits these concentration camps for the elderly?  Guess who largely staffs these nursing homes?  And guess who owns them?  A1. Old whites, often childless.  A2.  Non-whites.  A3. GOP Country Clubbers.

In the political sphere, the word "terrorist" has properties similar to "infinity" in mathematics. Both have only vague definitions and both are used to perpetrate whatever scheme the user has in mind. A 'terrorist' is one ZOG wishes to finger and so points and labels the 'terrorist' . This paves the way for whatever is planned – usually something in violation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It's a very dangerous thing relative to our liberties, and leaves massive power in the hands of the user. "Racist" is also another word with power far beyond mere name-calling. It causes people, when accused, to lie about themselves and gives others privileges to abuse them. "Terrorism" is an instrument of unbridled state power, and the sheeple care not one wit thus demonstrating that they deserve not freedom, nor much of anything, for that matter.

It is quite evident that when ZOG wishes to protect people caught with their hands in the cookie jar, that evidence all of a sudden becomes blacked out by declaring that's its revealing would jeopardize national security. Count the jews who will get off the hook by this simple ruse. Yet, there are fools who still believe that the 'justice' in "American justice" means something.

It's Nuremberg time again. Object: Hang them. Procedure: Manufacture ex post facto laws to fit and then stage a trial circus where the outcome has already been determined. Mr. Walker will soon experience his own Nuremberg. "Aiding terrorism"? As "hate" is anything the jews disapprove of, "terrorism" will also be something of which they don't like. In one way or the other, all of us can be labeled as a "terrorist". Previously it was faddish to see a "Nazi" under every bed and behind every tree. Now it will be "terrorists" who are hiding in garbage pails just waiting to strike. Ha!

"Infinity" covers a multitude of sins in the art of mathematics. The concept can be used to "prove" absurdities such as, "a right angle contains more than 90°", "all line segments are equal in length", "the circumference of a circle is twice its diameter" and Zeno's famous paradox of "you cannot walk from here to the nearest wall." Now, if "infinity" can "prove" absurdities, then one rightly wonders why mathematicians love to invoke it. If these critters couldn't dream up something to keep them busy, they'd vanish.

I remember one of these mushheaded profs "proving" that an infinite surface area can enclose a finite volume. "Why," he farted, "if we had a 800 cu.ft. room like this, it couldn't be painted since we'd need an infinite amount of paint." Prior to being tossed out of the class, I commented, "You could paint it by filling it with 6000 gals of paint, since that's its finite volume, and then draining the paint out. Or would that 'infinite' surface area suck it all up like a blotter and leave no trace?" Arleen tickled my palm as I passed her desk on my way out. I knew the rest of the day would not be totally wasted.

National Plagiarist's Holiday.

"The annual, ritual intellectual and spiritual child abuse embodied in the King holiday, was made possible by that other secular icon, Ronald "Bonzo" Reagan, who continues to ride tall in the saddle of the blathering conservative talk show hosts, who, in their double-minded dementia, cast Reagan as the last shining knight of the American presidency. This too is a cheat and a fitting appendage of the Holiday for a Cheater which their hero, out of cowardice and compromise, has inflicted on our nation in perpetuity."

Michael A. Hoffman II, http://www.hoffman-info.com/inferno.html

That's right, GOP ConnedServantives.  Your great hero Ronnie was responsible for inflicting the Michael King Holiday (still his true legal name) on the Late Great U.S.A.  Better the openly announced enemy than the false friend any day of the week. 

If the enemy were increasing faster than you were supplied bullets, what might you believe the outcome of any battle to be? Get real folks. If Irving gave a lecture once a month to 150 people and all were "born again", that would be 5 converts per day. (New people rarely listen to Irving.) Lets' suppose there were 100 Irving clones out there, somewhere, duplicating the revival. (This is so exaggerated that I am embarrassed to propose it.)  That would make 500 converts per day which I'd believe about a quick as I would Clinton claiming he was a virgin. It's also wishful thinking to an insane degree. Other than a few book sellers and conventions, not much else is brewing. If a fellow bought an Irving book, it would be a month before he heard the voice of God. During the period of one day, there are at least 5000 new non-whites born in this country. (Probably nearer double that.) That's 10 to 1, at the very ridiculous least, and in my book, not exactly a path to victory. Can Revisionists calculate anything beyond 2 cans of Zyklon B plus 4 showerheads?

Here's your Revisionist teaspoon. Keep bailing. 

The more women are "liberated", the more the family falls apart, or ceases to exist, and the more dysfunctional, unhappy, and confused, youngsters we see. I think there is a correlation and Elizabeth Bennett http://www.vanguardnewsnetwork.com has mentioned that a boy simply cannot learn to be a man without having one in the household 24-7-365. That spells father to me. Men have "body language" which defines a good part of what they are and a woman's behavior is not the thing for a boy to copy, as all kids necessarily do. A woman may feed, educate and nurture a boy, but none of them can ever show that boy how to be a man. (Do they believe that a Manhood 101 course is all that's needed?) ALL of the faggots I have ever come into contact with, have this other item in common – no live-in father! Young girls, denied a father's full love, always seek this father love from other men. Such girls usually become promiscuous at an early age. The "rebellion" of youth is mainly a rebellion against their own family situation.

The Marxists like to believe that male/female behavior is a learned thing. Perhaps some of it is, and if a boy has no father to learn this from, can we expect a feminist, man-hating, 'men are only useful for money, sex and sperm', "mom" to supply it?

As a father, I always responded to my daughter's affection knowing full well that some day she'd 'turn it off'. That would be the day when she was "chocked full" of dad's love. That day came when she was 11 and we were entering a store, hand in hand, as we always did. She stopped, and then told me she no longer needed to hold my hand. Since then, she never jumped into my lap again. She was "full" and I knew she'd never seek out a man to be a replacement father.

"Revisionism" as we commonly know it, was a response to the blatant falsehoods directed at the defeated German people, before, during and after WWII. Academics have been dickering over historical events for centuries so that facet is not new. After the FWATKWP concluded, the British were open enough to admit that all of those "cutting off babies' hands; raping nuns, cannibalism, etc." stories were hype needed to get the British soldier to maximize his efforts. After the SWATKWP concluded, the wartime propaganda actually increased, and increased to a point of absurdity where we find it today.

I never said revisionism was unimportant. I did say that it was unimportant as a strategy for white survival. A few converts might be made here and there, but the effect is minimal. Swords set people free, not truth. Whether telling fact or not, the revisionist has no chance of being aired openly and fairly simply because those who promote it DO NOT HAVE THE POLITICAL POWER to do so. Revisionism is, by its very nature of being a response, a defensive tactic. The truth had a place at one time but since the winners in any military conflict ALWAYS define what is truth, no other outcome was possible. The only break Revisionism got was during the 1980s heyday of Ernst Zündel. Mr. Zündel lived up to his own assessment of himself – a pacifist. He "dropped the ball" which the fates had handed him and it should not have come as any surprise if you had carefully listened to the man and observed his "body language." Millions of dollars were consumed in this episode but it's OVER. No such event will ever return!

Yes, the gas chamber sob stories do get lots of mileage for the jew. I won't argue that, but the subversion and special treatment did not start in 1945. It has been going on for decades. The Christen churches were being undermined in the 1920s. Some know that the 6,000,000 story had its start in 1919 when Herr Hitler was still recovering from his WWI injuries.

There are two certainties. (1) Non-ZOG white people are now on the short end, and will be so increasingly, for they will have to endure the deserved punishments for their assaults against each other and their listening to the six-headed serpent. (2) Those who chose to retain the gold, white and blue of their racial heritage, will weather the storm we now find ourselves in. God, that is, Nature, does not look with kindness on the mongrel. It is a flagrant violation of what Creation was about. Any land which promotes mongrelization is one which will never find favor. Look around and see.

Only the soon-to-unfold events will compel the masses to act and it is they who will change the world. Those events will not be a wave of studies in history.

Prez Shrubez sez: It's the American way – (1) punishment first, (2) sentence next and then (3) the trial.
I answer a lot of email
connected to math problems and sometimes I get so sick of the b.s. sailing around that I ask what holds me back from going "ape" and leveling every school and hanging every 'teacher'. This is one of my typical responses to people who are confused by bull – which they should be, for if you believe it, you have a problem. The course is analytical geometry and the teacheress is telling the students that "parallel lines meet at 'infinity'."

Robert sez to Brian M.: This is "hot air" math where people redefine the universe. It's baloney fit only for pot parties and people in a drunken stupor. I hope you can see that such a notion violates fundamental statements.

DEFINITION: Two straight lines are parallel if they lie in the same plane and do not meet EVEN IF EXTENDED.

Now you are being told that parallel lines DO intersect at some point far off in the Land of Oz. No wonder you are confused.

Suppose that parallel lines do intersect at "infinity" – which is not a point nor a place, by the way. Consider the lines to be horizontal running to the right and running to the left. If they meet, then it is obvious that they must meet BOTH on the right and on the left. Make sense? If some space cadet says there is only one point "at infinity", then ask which it is, right or left, and WHY? I'd love to hear that reason! If the air head says there is only one point, then how can the lines be straight for only a circular path could yield such a result since each of the lines must 'somewhere' meet itself? If the point is "on the right", then it will be on the left to people viewing from the other side, or if they are upside down. Further consider that after this 'intersection' the lines run on, and are still "parallel", so they must meet again – and again and again! Conclusion: Parallel lines meet at an "infinite" number of points – not just one. This violates the "postulate" that they meet in "a" point. Remember our great leader who wondered what "is" meant?

This sort of Alice in Wonderland gibberish leads nowhere but let's continue anyway. So there has to be 2 points. This VIOLATES the POSTULATE: One and only one straight line can be drawn through 2 points – since we started with 2 lines.

This whole topic is pure nonsense which people simply yammer about without having one single questioning thought. Your teacher obviously fell out of college with this silliness memorized without question. She's only behaving as a parrot.

A word of advice: No matter how idiotic any teacher sounds, the student is on the short end and getting into arguments about horse manure will only cause you problems. After all, it is THEY who are holding the pencil which writes down your grade. If you are gentle and non-abrasive, you might be curious enough to have your teacher explain what I mentioned above. Be careful because I have seen grades go from A to F because someone p---ed off a teacher. Most teachers think they are gods and gods do not take questioning lightly. Teachers do not appreciate being questioned in spite of telling you that education is all about questioning. Mostly, they are hypocrites. I've been there, my friend, on both sides of the barbed wire. It's all about indoctrination. Today it's Marxism. Tomorrow, who knows?

Good luck. <> <> <>

Note: With this sort of crap passing as 'education', is it any wonder why so many of our bright young men get 'turned off' by school? There is a genuine need for sensible schools for young white people but I am sure that if one were established, ZOG would do a "Waco" on it. ZOG wants serfs, not independent people who can think for themselves.

I have known many bright youngsters do not do well on tests for a simple reason. They have a reluctance to memorize stuff which they feel is baloney, and for good reason. No sensible person would. Thus, when baloney appears on a test, they have no response. The more successful students recognize the importance of memorizing baloney for it leads to good grades. The danger here is that baloney retained for a long time seems to take on the flavor of truth, for no person will retain for long anything which he feels is not true. Thus, the longer one is in school practicing the memorization of silly putty, the more he comes to believe that the moon is made from green cheese. Successful indoctrination is not a short-term project. That's one of the reasons ZOG wants all to attend college.

We often are lured into believing that intelligence is determined by paper tests wholly disconnected from the real world. Sammy is considered stupid because he received a D. I was labeled "brilliant" by a professor after I regurgitated some little known theorem – which I did not understand at all! – from pure memory. I want not to belittle memory for it is extremely valuable but tons of memorized information is of no use if you do not have the capacity to know shit from Shinola and apply down to earth sense.

I have never enjoyed conflict, especially when I see it in families who supposedly love one another. I do not like to see young people under the heel of their parent's unrealistic expectations. Such youngsters often trash their own lives as a sort of 'I am still breathing' variation of suicide. Unless you are smoking pot, or are a liar vying for political office, there is no way to avoid the truth that each one of us has limitations imposed by heredity and that includes the brain which is not some nebulous blob disconnected from the real world of biology.

Equality exists nowhere and the best efforts to produce this never succeed. Laboratory rats are bred for their uniformity and in spite, inequality is omnipresent. I have mentioned before that the LD50 of a substance (the minimal dose which kills 50 percent of a population) clearly demonstrates this inequality. Why do some rats, supposedly equal as equal can be, die while others do not?

Somewhere along our jaded social path, millions have been led to believe that their little kiddies can achieve academically any level they choose. This is pure rot and its acceptance leads to the sale of miracle potions, whoopee video tapes, mental exercise courses, and how-to books by the carload. When those fail, then responsibility is shifted elsewhere – the teacher, the school, etc.

The brain is an empty vessel mostly and what you choose to put in it is up to you, but you do have a limit. It's at this point where I am usually misunderstood. As with the length of your life, which is also limited, we have no way of knowing what anyone's capacity is. I suppose this might be when one suffers a mental breakdown or as some weight lifters discover their limit when a tendon snaps, or a joint pops apart. The individual is thus required to do the best he can in the full knowledge that he is trying honestly and diligently. This is all I ever required of my family. Their grades were THEIR grades, to have and to hold. There were never any penalties for their performance based upon my subjective views because I had full confidence that they were honestly doing their best. I TRUSTED them to do just that. If a parent reprimands a child for some grade of which the parent disapproves, this is an indirect way of telling the child that he is "screwing off" or lying when he relates that he is working hard.

I listened to a parent the other day tell about the penalties he leveled because his son had only B's on his report card. This fellow needed a 'swat side the haid' with a 2x4. We are not equal and our grades in any endeavor cannot be made equal by "effort". This belief is pure Marxist claptrap.

People have a built-in safety device which usually prevents them from pushing themselves to the point of blow-out, and academic work is also included. Rest, between mental sessions, is necessary. Doing 30 minutes of math exercises at a time, is about all one's mind can cope with. Periods longer than this are generally useless and come across more as punishment than a learning exercise. The popular nonsense than kids need 4 hours of homework a night, has caused more damage than is realized. In fact, this notion is a modern fad. In "ancient times," as my daughter refers to my youth, homework was rare and usually indicated that a student was not making the best use of his time while in school.

Given a uniform body of knowledge, and a cross section of people of varying ability, one could reasonably expect 6% A, 27% B, 45% C and 22% earning a D – ballpark figures. A proper fitting of people to material, except in the case of a few jerks, would never yield an F. If you expect dwarfs to do 15 foot broad jumps, you will have failures. If you expect a 100 pound boy to military press 300 pounds, you will have a failure. If your expectation is for everyone to hold their breath for 5 minutes, you will have a lot of failures. On the other hand, if you require that everyone press 10 pounds, you'll have a lot of A's. If your calculus course only requires that people be able to spell "calculus", you'll again have plenty of A's. So what we have is a litmus test for what is really happening. If the class is "average" and 80 percent of the class is getting A's, then you have a course not worth taking, or a likely possibility that the instructor is dishonest when it comes to grades. Many are, since this means job security in the present insane climate of American education. By the way, integrated "diverse" groups are not an average of anything. What is the "average" fruit in a garbage dump?

The problem here is a social condition. The majority of our parents feel that they do not have average children. They are all above average, or some variety of genius. Just ask them. Once this false premiss (I prefer the mathematical version of the spelling) is accepted, then parents have to see A's in order to fill their prophesy and this is never more pronounced as in schools which charge tuition. "I didn't pay all of that money to see B's," as one irate parent told me.

A class of students representing "diversity" is not an average class and all white people should avoid them like the plague. Giving a a mixed group of penguins, turkeys and hawks, flying lessons is an exercise in supreme foolishness. If blacks are to get good grades, then the integrated group will leave most whites wasting their time, while getting A's. If the course is of average difficulty, then the blacks fail. One can have all of the shit-fits he chooses, but Mother Nature will never be fooled, but ZOG is ruining this country trying to contradict that.

When I was a kid the term "average" was not considered an insult. Most people felt they were average and they had average kids. Farmers had average horses and we ate average eggs. An average day was good news and average pay enabled one to buy an average car. I never found any problem getting average grades. My older sister always got above average grades and dad never brought the topic up beyond saying, "They are your grades. You'll wear them, not me." Mom would smile and nod.

We've got a lot of angry young people in this land and most of them were born into a social atmosphere which lends itself to child abuse in a big way. This consists of: one-parent non-families; day care communes; parental insistence upon performance which they themselves probably could not achieve; Marxist cow dung passing as education; drug popping passing as health and nutrition; hypocrisy in our elected criminals – and on and on – none of which the young people every voted for. But then again, this ain't no real democracy. Eh?

Now that it has been announced that bin Laden has escaped, it would do the reader well if he refreshed his memory of Maguire's comments of 4 months ago. /maguire/mondmorn.htm

Also, remember this one of 20 December?

Next week's headlines: Osama bin Laden Escapes Afghanistan Intelligence sources place him in Iraq.

New Jersey Standardized Testing Results, Part II

    What's driving the latest revelations about this generation's racial gap (the same as previous generation's gaps) are the state-wide, standardized, externally scored achievement tests now mandated in many states.   This testing regime allows the NEA absolutely no wiggle room at all to fudge by 'normalizing' disparate results between racial groups, or by simply forging results.  Objectivity is the rule of the day.

    Other states, such as Florida, are already far deeper into these standardized testing regimes.  Florida's edukashun reform system is very progressive, although if it were ever fully carried out unamended it would probably be declared 'unconstitutional' as being 'racist' in operation.  That's because the average scores of a school's student body is incorporated as part of a scoring system for the SCHOOL and its staff.  Currently schools and districts receiving an 'F' several years in a row are subject to increasingly severe sanctions.  These run the gamut from administrative staff changes, reductions of discretionary funding, state seizure of the district and even 'closure' and transference of the students to other districts.

    The expected racial trends have already established themselves.  As a result heavily 'minority' districts and their administrators are well down the administrative path to being eliminated under the current rules.  This sanctions regime, although introduced by 'conservatives',  is of course based on the long disproven Marxist proposition that all races are inherently equal in ability.  I find it amusing and ironic that GOP 'Conservatives' have managed to introduce an accountability system whose operation is remarkably similar in results to the USSR response to deviationists from 'Lysenkoism' during the pre-SWATKWP era.

    The latest go 'round at 'education reform' is thus again running hard up against the biological facts.  Something will have to give fairly quickly.  I see nothing in the Republican Party to indicate to me it will do anything other than cave in again when the Marxist NEA and other ZOGists return to the legislature with 'reforms' for the reforms.  These new amendments will naturally be designed to perpetuate the illusion of 'wez all ekwals'.  For the legislatures to do anything else would be to admit the U.S.A. made vast mistakes in fighting the European part of SWATKWP, FWATKWP and much else foreign and domestic since.  Regimes that make such admissions rarely last out the year.  The USSR collapsed less than a year after Gorbachev 'fessed up and admitted the USSR indeed did the murders at Katyn Wood, not the Nazis as alleged at Nuremburg. "Maguire"

"N.J. Students Test Scores Show 'Staggering' Gaps Between Races"

http://www.rense.com/general19/stud.htmSo says a recent article by the Philadelphia Inquirer reporting on New Jersey's finally declassified standardized test results broken down by race. In my opinion the fact these results are considered 'news' is the real news.These academic performance gap results by race are not 'news'.   The standard journalistic criterion for reporting a story is that 'dog bites man' and other everyday events are not 'news'.  Let no one think these latest returns will have the slightest effect on the elites' policies.  They've been aware of this situation the entire time.  What our Judeo-Marxist ZOG will instead do is lower the academic performance bar once again.  This is already happening in other states in response to the reappearance of identical racial performance gaps.  For example, last year in Florida marks of 94% were required for an 'A'.  This year it's only 90% for an 'A'. The Philadelphia Inquirer article goes on to tell us that:

"A huge racial gap in success rates exists for public school fourth-grade students in science, math and language arts. Similar disparities were found among eighth and 11th graders.  Math scores showed the greatest differences, in both urban and suburban districts."  (comment:  the Jewish reporters still can't bring themselves to speak honestly and say "white", "negro", "Mexican" and "Asian" districts.  Just remember, crossing local political boundaries from city to  county doesn't produce an alchemical effect in anyone)

"Statewide, 78 percent of all white students were proficient or higher. The same category for blacks was 35 percent, 85 percent for Asians, and 48 percent for Hispanics.  Students not scoring at least proficient – in this case, 65 percent of black fourth graders in the state – fall below the state minimum and may be most in need of instructional support, according to the state."The moral of the above is that if you want your white student child to learn, an important first step is to keep them away cohabiting the same classrooms with negroes and Mexicans.    Keeping them away from ZOGvision is an important second step. "Maguire"

After 14 weeks of research involving 666 documents, I have reached the inescapable conclusion that — 
During the SWATKWP black folks were proportionally UNDER represented when it came to the dead, injured and missing. Therefore, in all the diverse fairness of diversity and Affirmative Blackmail, we should have a national lottery to see which blacks shall be shot, which shall be maimed and which shall be secretly tossed overboard at sea. We are a people devoted to fairness with a mandate to correct past wrongs. I think Koon Tag should mark the beginning of this undertaking. This would also create new jobs in the undertaking business as well as in the medical field. Such would be the benefit.
Kid Kare Koncentration Kamps, also known as 4K, but don't mention this to a mestizo for he shall think you asked ¿Porqué? This is not to be confused with that yellow artery-clogging axle-grease Vaseline known as Parkay. OK?
It seems there is considerable interest in the American murder of the prison guards at Dachau, as covered in the book, The Hour of the Avenger.

The 45th Division (the liberators of Dachau) was formed in 1918 from the National Guard units in our southwest and therefore was composed, in the large, of Indians of various tribes. Their shoulder patch was a swastika, a commonly used symbol by American Indians. The Dakota sign for "lodge" was the swastika. When the Third Reich adopted the swastika as the Aryan symbol, the 45th, in order to maintain it Indian connection, had its symbol changed to another one of Indian origin – the Thunderbird. Thus, it was only reasonable to have many Indians as commanding officers.
In violation of the Geneva Convention, and other rules of war, Bushyhead and the other murderers were never brought to justice as were those wayward German soldiers who committed robbery and rape – they were executed by the German military. This matter becomes more clear as we read on page 119 of Buechner's book.:

"The charges against Lt. Bushyhead were considered to be more serious. He was accused of violating the rules of the Geneva Convention which protect prisoners of war, regardless of the atrocities which they may have committed. He was brought before Gen. Patton – in person. After a brief interchange, Patton ordered every officer, who had participated in the Dachau investigation to report to his office. He also demanded that they bring every document and photograph which they had collected. He then asked if they had placed every scrap of evidence in his hands. When assured that nothing had been withheld, he dumped all the papers into a metal wastebasket, asked for a cigarette lighter and personally applied the flame to the documents.  The charges against Lt. Bushyhead had been dismissed. But, of greater importance, with this act, the written records of the executions at Dachau were stricken forever from the annals of military history. The incident would remain alive only in the minds of men, and here it was buried for more than 40 years. Officially, the hour of the Avenger had never occurred."

Now, a word from our own G.I. Joe on the matter:

I was not aware that an officer was not around when Sgt., Mushyhead murdered those follows at Dachau. Any responsible officer as well as all involved in the massacre should have been court marshaled. The problem in any war, people think they have a Government license to kill. It is the responsibility of authorities to make sure that P.O.W.s and innocent people are not harmed. During the last six months of W.W.II all infrastructure in Germany began to crumble because of the extensive bombing campaign. Allied planes bombed everything in  sight. I have a friend who married a German women and when she was a child on their farm, the heroes of the air machine gunned her in the field, fortunately they missed, but it was no different than the bombing of every German city in sight. (I have an old friend who was in the Dresden raid and often told me stories of the Mustang pilots machine gunning everything in sight, including farm animals and dogs. The German lady who lives next door has related stories of niggers cutting off the hands of dead Germans as a quick way to gather up their gold rings. RF)

It must  be assumed  that most of Sgt. Mushyhead's officers probably were semites, and turned their backs to this cowardly man's killing spree. It must also be assumed that the U.S. Army kept this savage in after the war and promoted him  to Lieutenant. (Finished as a Captain, by the way. RF) During my time in combat I never shot a prisoner, and have never had regrets. Generally the Germans that wanted to surrender would send one or two men out  to see if surrender would be accepted, and if they were not shot more would come out with their hands up. In those instances, were a trigger happy fellow to let loose on surrendering prisoners, the chances of his survival were slim, for within ten seconds of such an act the Germans that were waiting to surrender also had their weapons at the ready in event their men were shot, and reacted accordingly, and would in turn let loose on old trigger fingers. It  then made it all that more difficult to take these men prisoners. No author  should ever extoll  the likes of Mushyhead and his misdeeds because it encourages future soldiers to act in a like manner.

Regards. Joe.

During advances towards the Rhine, surrendering Germans were executed as a matter course. The order, "Take these prisoners to Paris and be back in 30 minutes," was clearly understood by the Americans, but not the Germans. Surrendering Japanese were rare, and those that did never lived to tell about it. At the end, surrendering German soldiers were not executed. They were herded into concentration camps, about one and one-half million of them, and starved to death, courtesy "good old Ike". See the book Other Losses by James Bacque. This book has 2 versions, one being sanitized for the Canadian market.

The communist/jew connection to the SWATKWP become more open when American troops were ordered to halt their advance so that the Soviets could take, and subsequently pillage what was left of Berlin, and capture Herr Hitler. Moreover, disposition of the top ranking people in the defeated Germany was entirely a jewish operation of Talmudic vengeance.

Often, people are all over the Bible for it's array of self-contradictions. I think the main point here is that the contradictions are a means of placing power in the hands of the priesthood. Benny Bellbrain cannot figure out what this or that means and is befuddled by other passages which contradict what he was reading. Thus, bewildered Benny seeks out one of those extra special, self-appointed middle men for God, for advice on the matter. This act is one of subservience and certainly not one of an independent being. I remember gramps reading his Bible, which he did from time to time. He never went to church because – as he often told us – he didn't need someone else to do his thinking for him. Each and every member of any priesthood is self-appointed, in one way or the other. They yammer about God "speaking to them." This is known as "a calling". Funny though, that no one else ever heard this call. (Tell me: What is special about the millionaire Pat Robertson? Why would God finger this turkey who has a hard time remembering what was in the books he supposedly wrote? Even the Pope feels a need for an armored car. That should tell you something about God's protection.) While I was at the University of Chicago, Snell Hall was loaded with divinity students and I got to know something about their 'calling' close hand.

It seems that sheep always need to be led by goats.

I offer my opinions and comment, not for the purpose of having people agree with me, but as a jump start for thinking on your own. There is nothing more pathetic, in my mind, than someone who never had an original thought in his life. Sad to say, this includes many "educated" people who have nothing to say beyond the stuff they crammed in their heads during their great diploma quest. I need no one to tell me what book X is about for I can read that for myself. Over my long years, I have found that a large percentage of our blue collar workers have more interesting things to say than many of our college educated. The working people learn by doing, not by reading, and that's always the better teacher. To cap this comment I will say that I know many independent thinkers with diplomas and many blue collar people with lead for brains. I favor no group. My grandparents were dirt farmers and my parents, day laborers. I managed to nail down a couple of college degrees without borrowing one dime nor kissing one fanny. I've been on both sides of the sewer.
While on the topic of "experts", I watched some TV thingie where Dr. Iva Biggun, Ph.D., L.S.M.F.T., W.P.A., M.T.V., etc., was proposing a new theory about the Central American Indians of the past – Incas, Ulmecs, Toltecs, Thumbtecs, and so on.
This fellow was ecstatic over some Mayan pile of rocks shaped like a pyramid. To him, it represented something far superior to the Taj Mahal. At that point, I knew he must be smoking Aztec pot. For those who haven't heard of this magnificent structure – the Taj Mahal – due to poor education, I suggest you look it up and learn something. The good Dr. then went on with an amazing discovery – the ruins had hundreds of images of white people – with beards already! – and even some stone sculptures of negroes. To those who have never bothered to read the explorers' accounts made in the middle 1800s, I suppose this information would be new. The role of the "white gods" in Aztec lore is well known and it is very probable that the natives learned their pyramid craft from Europeans who arrived in "boats which moved without oars."  Think a bit. Africa was well know to the ancient Europeans and it is very possible that some of them had as cargo, black slaves from Africa, thus introducing the Ulmecs to the beauty of the simian countenance. Primitives are known for their craven images of that which they do not understand. The "white gods" were rendered as well as the image of whatever the black man meant to them. It is highly unlikely that any black ever reached the Americas on his own.

Near the end of the 'documentary', the doc swooned over his "findings". Certain rocks were aligned with certain stars, thus proving that they were "a nation of astronomers". If you point your finger without thinking, towards a star filled night sky, I'll bet your finger will point at SOME star. Could I therefore believe that you had some great knowledge about star "umbra-666-hotflash" or that you were a great astronomer? (This reminded me of one of the LaRouche crazies who saw the "Golden mean" in every Gothic structure, thus proving something or the other. I told this jewess that I could photograph a pile of rubbish and "find" something there which would fit the Golden mean, but what would that prove? That rubbish piles were designed with some esthetic model in mind?)

While driving through Oklahoma, and stopping to eat watermelon at a roadside stand, I noticed that all of the cattle in a near field were grazing while facing east. Should I have surmised that these cattle had some miraculous "magnetic sense" which gave them their profound directional acumen? As the man explained, "The cows always face in a direction where the wind is at their rear. We normally have westerly winds in these parts."

I am afraid that these Ph.D. types, sadly in need of a "calling" see things which are not there. The "tecs", of whatever variety, were not "precision astronomers", as the doc claimed. To do precision work, one needs precision equipment and a few aged rocks are not my idea of precision. (This dinghead actually measured rocks to the nearest millimeter. Has anyone any notion of what .040" means relative to a distance of 7 or 8 feet? Certainly erosion would have changed the original even if they were "precision".) As my 11 year old daughter once pointed out, in response to the "precision" stone cutting we hear about relative to the Egyptian pyramids – "there's hardly a crack between them" – , "Multi-ton rocks, in the grip of gravity and time, certainly would come closer together, wouldn't you say?"

White man. You have tons of stuff going for you. Why have you allowed your enemies to convince you that you are as manure?

Haven't  read much about lushy Jenna Bush lately, but the British press is all over the Royal family because of Prince Harry's boozing and pot smoking , Maybe these elite families can arrange for Harry and Jenna to meet. What's a few years difference in age? It would sure give international relations a new meaning, and set standards for years to come.
Regards.  G.I. Joe.