29 January 2002
Our measuring units belong to the English Gravitational System. Pyramidologists have made the argument that this is God's system which is based upon the theory that the pyramid at Giza is "the Bible in stone". This is another matter. Following the bloodbath called the "French" Revolution, instigated mostly by jews from the sewers of France and Italy, a man made system of measurement was enforced by law. It was called the Metric system where the meter, meaning to measure, was adopted on the pain of death. (10,000,000 meters = the great circle distance from the north pole to the equator.) Most of Europe converted to this system while the Brits and Americans held to their own. Some units, such as the gallon, are defined differently as many tourists have discovered when traveling from Detroit to Toronto. Anyway,  the systems needed conversion factors so all would know what was what. The inch, for example, when given in centimeters, was some long string of digits and vice versa. Thus, to make things more uniform, in 1965 upon International agreement, the inch was defined as 2.54 centimeters exactly. Note here that it was the inch which took second place.

The point of this matter is not a discussion of measuring systems, which indeed is quite fascinating, but to mention that things often get redefined to please the whims and vagaries of men, but which never alter fact. If the evolution of the measuring systems above mentioned has substance then it is obvious that the inch does not equal 2.54 centimeters. Measuring systems are usually arbitrary and no great harm is done.

Over the recent years, "American" has been redefined several times, so much so in fact, that it no longer has any valuable meaning. The black man was not an American according to the Constitution. I am an American, not only because I live here, but because my family tree has its roots in Europe, from Scotland through Denmark to Germany. American to me, includes a heavy dose of blood line. Some of that line settled in Virginia in the 1600s and some fell off the boat in 1905 from Hamburg, Germany. All in all, the blood was European in the truest sense. Now ZOG can naturalize 3 camels, a partridge and a pear tree, as "Americans", but to me, they are not and never will be, any "American brothers" of mine. The blacks rightly call those of African descent, "brother", and they indeed do recognize this basic stamp of blood. The matter settled, I have absolutely no obligation whatsoever, to feed or defend the "rights" of those who are not my brothers even though ZOG has defined them in such a fashion. I no longer have a country to "serve" although I do abide by the laws of this occupation government. Many of the young today, have never been told that many draftees during the period of the SWATKWP refused to fight in Europe against their own kind. They were simply assigned to the Pacific T.O. A neighbor of my father's, even refused to fight the Japanese. He was then offered a desk job state side. This he also refused on the grounds of religious conviction. ZOG kindly acknowledged that argument by sentencing him to 3 years hard labor at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

ZOG might claim that a 90 IQ dope pusher was the "peer" of a 110 IQ machinist, but that would not make it so. It would be ever so slightly more accurate to call them "pears".

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Dear Robert,
    I really enjoy FAEM and it's the first and last thing I read when I use my computer.  You guys have really taught me a lot, but I wish that I could have/see? the opportunity to apply this forbidden knowledge more often.  I also read the major
news/disinformation outlets, and it feels great when I can pick out the inconsistencies.  Of course, with that insignificant feeling comes a much stronger feeling of frustration that I can't really do anything about it.

    I believe it was mentioned that your site is geared towards leaders.  For some reason I don't feel like a leader.  I've yet to successfully convince someone about the reality of our situation despite my best efforts.  I've never had anyone follow me before in anything.  I'm not even sure that I would follow myself.  I'm a reasonable man with a clean mind and clean habits.  Are those the sorts of things that shine when the real fight begins?

    I can't be the only man who wonders what his proper place in this whole mess is. Regards, L. C.

Dear Mr. C.
Since the inception of FAEM, over 10 years ago, my main thrust has been to jolt people into thinking about what they take for granted. I've used obscenities, made wild-eyed statements, jested, submitted analogies, and offered facts which can be checked and double checked. I hope that I have never left people with the impression that FAEM is the alpha and omega of truth. Neither myself, Eric or Maguire (REM) have anything to sell nor do we wish to establish a fan club. Foremost, we want people to think, think, and think, and whether this involves disagreement or not, that is not the essential. Once a reader is freed from the chains of p.c. thought, we feel he can then be a great soldier in this war against white people which will now escalate more rapidly. Although FAEM is geared towards the 'leader' type, we know full well that no leader is ever successful unless he was once a successful follower, and a successful follower must be a successful leader of himself. Each man, and woman, is a leader to his own spirit, heart and soul, and a community of such people will be the only victors in what is now developing as a cosmic battle. Thus, FAEM is directed to all who wish to lead themselves into the fresh air of individual thought. If that's not American, then I do not know what is.

Do not try to 'convert' people for that is wasted effort. Each converts himself if he can be brought to the same starting point as you were at one time. All expressing a consistent, and honest, behavior will be noticed by others and those others will, sooner or later, begin to question why you are such and they are such. Never be placed on the defensive as if you were the accused in some trial. We are right. History has proven us to be right. All that we observe only strengthens that. We act in harmony with Nature's eternal law.

At the present closing of the pre-revolutionary period, most see not past next weekend. Myopia, relative to a world view, is very commonplace. This is what fuels our frustration for we see the clouds ahead; know what has to be done but cannot act because the conditions for revolution are not yet at hand. The 'blightwing' has no leaders even though many deceive themselves into believing that they are. They resemble so many of the clergy who self-appoint themselves then claim that God "called" them. Events will wash their names from the slate of the pretentious.

Be worthy of being white and remember that the pure white snow is more appreciated when it gently falls rather than coming as a blizzard. We need appreciation at this time and when that time has drawn to a close, it shall be time for the blizzard – the fury of the men of the North.

Best regards, Robert

Comments relative to Rienzi's words (see below):

As a proof of their "good will" they offered to take the inmates into their homes (that experience could be a real eye-opener if we were not dealing with white trash fully brainwashed with egalitarian judeo-marxist ideals and therefore irredeemable)

I agree the experience would open nothing.  They know what these people are like.  Never underestimate the power of hypocrisy when dealing with moral hypocrites of the Judeo-Marxist variety.    As to unredeemable, I don't know.  The NSDAP gained many converts from the KPD (Communists) and SPD (Marxist Social Democrats).  In my view many of those people are more winnable than the Freemason trash of the GOP.

As a final note I would like to mention that two of these "humanitarian" groups so keen in the welfare of filthy aliens many of which had their applications turned down after a long scrutiny (something not denied by even by their marxist friends and supporters!) are (of course!) Christian organizations; one of them is "Anglicare" the welfare organisation of the Anglican Church in Australia; the other whose full name I can't remember is a Catholic organization.

These types of groups followed white bayonets into the non-white areas in the 19th Century.  Now they've followed them back out.  Today they satiate their hypocritical moral appetites by giving away that which belongs to others.  What these Judeo-Marxist, pro-Sodomite, pro-white abortion and pro-feminist organizations (so-called 'Christian') do concerning these floods of non-Christian invaders is indeed 'Biblical'.  It's just not New Testament Biblical.  Their precise behavior is that of the rich man the Prophet Nathan told King David about.  See 2 Samuel 12:1-5.  The rich man had a visitor who he wanted to serve a feast.  Instead of taking one of his many sheep the rich man instead took away a poor neighboring family's only lamb and cooked that instead for his guest.  David was so angered he said such a man really deserved to die but legally would have to pay back four times what he had stolen.  I agree.  This would be an appropriate political penalty for those subversive organizations who have helped give away living space and jobs that belonged to fellow citizens and not to them.

The Holy Books of these Judeo-Marxists are not the Bible.  I don't care how many Bibles they have littering their ever emptying churches.  Go into one and look around.  The Bibles are all in mint condition.  Most have never even been opened. Their real Holy Books are the Talmud, the Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital.  These Judeo-Marxists invert every teaching written in the New Testament concerning charity.   First up is Jesus' injunction to perform charitable works in total secrecy rather than in public for public acclaim.  Jesus said those who do their charitable works in public are trying to gain the approval of men, not God.  See Matthew 6:1-4. It's Jews and Freemasons who perform their charitable works in the public gaze and even advertise them.    Both groups are known public liars and serial perjurers.

I'm reminded of a medical doctor I know about.  He used to perform his 'Christian Medical Missionary' duty among the savages of South America by way of an annual four week tax deductible safari.  He gave this up when the Marxist FARC, Marxist Shining Path and drug gangs made the area too dangerous for white and near-white men.  After performing his great annual 'Christian' work this man would come back and charge working white families, many Christians among them, full market rates.  Of course this is why he can afford a waterfront house on a expensive semi-private island community reached by ferry.  I am not impressed.  This is the mentality and caliber of individual who turns diseased violent negroids, often Muslim or Animist, loose in his clientele's neighborhoods.  The King David Judgment is the appropriate penalty for these greedy hypocrites.

Paul's instructions in 1 Timothy 5:9-10 were far more explicit and restrictive concerning church charity.   It was restricted to widows over the age of 60 who had no family and were known as decent women who were faithful to their husbands and for bringing up children.  Widows meeting these criteria are the very last group attended to in the modern Judeo-Marxist 'church'.  Typically they're completely ignored except as a possible source of funds and life insurance bequest.

Well, funds can only stretch so far.  The budget's already eaten up with pro-Sodomite, pro-Lesbian, pro-Feminist, pro-Marxist guerrilla, pro-non-white causes in general and, lest we forget, remembrance for the Holy Jews of The HolyCo$t .   In addition to homosexual pederasty, the Pope's servants have become world famous for neglecting aged nuns.  These old ladies, many who spent their entire lives educating Catholic children or working in Catholic hospitals, are freely dumped in underfunded 'retirement' homes with marginal medical care.

Then there's Paul's injunction in 2 Thessalonians 3:10.  "If a man will not work he shall not eat."  As for African 'men' whose top life priorities are "to eat the meat of the goat, drink beer and have sex with women", their 'Christian destiny' is well-marked in my belief.  It does not include eating out of my family's food budget.  The same goes for Haitians, Mexicans and Jamaicans, too.

"The only valid religion is the one founded on the race. Outside of it there is no salvation."

This is very dangerous ground.  Setting up political power is difficult enough.  Setting up a new religion is even more difficult.  Doing both at once has only been accomplished by Moses and Mohammed so far.  Certainly the Nordicists and others among the Blightwing have failed to date in their dual effort at doing this double hat trick.  In contrast Jesus' efforts were limited to religion while Hitler's were confined to politics.  I think the Founding Fathers' solution of separating Church and State is the only sound methodology.  They got that idea from the Bible, by the way.  Judges and kings wielded civil power in Israel while priests and prophets spoke for God.  Jesus and Paul reconfirmed this separation of Church and State in the New Testament.  It's certainly the only political position with respect to religion that has any chance in North America.

Rienzi rightly complains of the activities of the Judeo-Marxist clerics.  To the extent they or any other group masquerading as Christians stick their noses into politics, kick'em back out.  They attempt to appropriate the reverence people still attach to the Bible.  People who've actually studied the Bible have no trouble disposing of such impostors and their Marxist lies.  The very Scriptures they wave as 'authority' condemn them in no uncertain terms.

The matter of each man's relations with God is best left to that man and God.  To the extent white nationalists seek a source of morality, the Bible is it.  It's one of the foundational documents of western civilization for better or worse.  Hitler found no better solution and I doubt anyone else in the blightwing will either.  Would that New Testament sexual morality were in force here and now, our biological condition as a white race would be far better.

What to do about 'religion' politically?  For starters, end the tax exemptions accorded to the priests, holy men and their holy grounds.  Confiscate their charitable foundations (and all other charitable foundations while we're at it).  These marauding concentrations of capital are a source of endless mischief.  A true believer will not be in the least deterred by this, or even upset.  Jesus and Paul got along without these props.  The Church will be made better for it by flushing out the fast buck artists like the Robertsons, Falwells and Oral Roberts'.  The Pope also can look to his living flock and not his portfolio for his sustenance too.

P.S.  I know others are willing to concede the point about 'Christian' to the Judeo-Marxists.

Personally I think it needs to be contested every bit as much as the question of whether the ZOGbuck is government or privately issued money.  The private corporations that comprise the Federal Reserve System make every effort to fool people into thinking 'Federal Reserve Notes' are government coined money.  They do this by having the Bureau of Printing and Engraving print it under contract and have the Secretary of the Treasury sign it for no real reason.  They also festoon it with public domain symbols like the Great Seal. But it's still private and not government issued money.

So it goes with the Judeo-Marxists and 'Christianity'.  They would certainly like to put on halos to stave off political attack.  Don't let them get away with it unless you wish to be perceived as a persecutor of religion.  Don't ever concede the moral high ground.

Instead help people escape ZOG daze.  The Strange Case of the World Council of Churches is an example in point.  In the 1960s conservatives complained endlessly, and some still do, about the Communist, Marxist, atheist and homosexual activities of the WCC.  These same people then celebrate Martin Niemoeller as a great Christian martyr for having been arrested by Hitler for vaguely unspecified reasons.  Yet this same Martin Niemoeller was the President of the World Council of Churches in the 1960s when it engaged in the subversive activities complained of.  This is an example of the double-minded dementia good intentioned people will labor under when the point about 'Christianity' is conceded to the Judeo-Marxists. 

The truly insane nature of ZOG is revealed by its actions. It is encouraging the mud crud to flood all white societies and granting them privileges not afforded to the white citizens. This we are well aware of. ZOG gets its power from the white people and once they are swamped, who will remain to provide the blood, sweat and money for ZOG to reign supreme? Do those judeo-idiots really believe they can control the Frankenstein monster they've created? They cannot. We are entering a dark age albeit loaded with electronic toys but the potato chip factories will cease to operate when whitey is no longer a factor. Copycats aside, technology remains a totally white endeavor. If whitey were to disappear, whom would the copycats copy from? On the bright side – if whitey were gone, the Chinese would quickly solve the mestizo, jew and negro problem.

A timeless and prophetic essay by Colonel Charles Lindbergh from November, 1939.

"Western nations are again at war, a war likely to be more prostrating than any in the past, a war in which the White race is bound to lose, and the others bound to gain, a war which may easily lead our civilization through more Dark Ages if it survives at all."

Being wise after the fact is better than no wisdom at all.  But recognizing what SWATKWP was before it had barely started is a hallmark of true genius.

The vile lies spread by Franklin D. Roosevelt and his ZOGlings about Charles Lindbergh being unpatriotic are unfounded.  Lindbergh was a far greater patriot than was FDR, the playboy scion of a family of opium drug dealers.  During SWATKWP Charles Lindbergh did serve in the Southwest Pacific Theatre.  He provided invaluable advice to P-38 fighter pilots and worked out problems of tactics and flight for them.

MAGUIRE (Also of interest: The Wartime Journals of Charles A. Lindbergh, ISBN 0-15-194625-6. L.C. 78-124830. Col. Lindbergh was a deeply honest, and unbiased,  man and therefore his comments about Nazi Germany, the jews, and such, can be accepted without question. RF)

Being All They Can Be, but With Individuality. The faginization of the military courtesy of our feminist twats. I would also allow "Depends" for if these clowns ever met men, face to face, they'd need them.
Style: Adapting to changes in fashion, the Army will allow shaved heads, braids, cornrows.


WASHINGTON – For the first time in a decade, the Army is revising its dress code, allowing more color, style and convenience into all that soldiers can be.

The complete article can be viewed at: http://www.latimes.com/la-000006981jan27.story

(Submitted by a reader – Thanks J.G.)

Dear Robert:

I suppose you must have heard about the stand-off created by the so-called "refugees" in the detention centre of Woomera in Western Australia. I shall not go into details about the problem, neither its political or ideological repercussions. I would just like to point out the support that this rabble receives from the so called "humanitarian groups". This week an association formed by 14 different "humanitarian" groups offered its "help" to the Australian Government. According to them the solution was very simple. Close down the detention centre, release immediately all the detainees and allow them to integrate freely into the Australian society. As a proof of their "good will" they offered to take the inmates into their homes (that experience could be a real eye-opener if we were not dealing with white trash fully brainwashed with egalitarian judeo-marxist ideals and therefore irredeemable)

As a final note I would like to mention that two of these "humanitarian" groups so keen in the welfare of filthy aliens many of which had their applications turned down after a long scrutiny (something not denied by even by their marxist friends and supporters!) are (of course!) Christian organizations; one of them is "Anglicare" the welfare organisation of the Anglican Church in Australia; the other whose full name I can't remember is a Catholic organization. And we still hear and/or read many so-called Nationalists speaking about "our Christian values"! With imbeciles like that who shall never accept the cancer that these organizations are we shall never be able to build a future for our own kin. If proof was needed about the vile and treacherous role played by the Christians (useful idiots who worship the Jews and their god) here we have a good one. The only valid religion is the one founded on the race. Outside of it there is no salvation. ORION!

Regards, Rienzi

Enron Factoid:  The Federal Reserve $ystem Connection Continued. The former (we hesitate to say 'late' in these circumstances) CEO of Enron is Mr. Jeffrey K. Skilling.  In his off duty time Mr. Skilling sat on the board of the Houston branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. All Federal Reserve Banks are private corporation according to the legal position of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and affirmed by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.  Mr. Skilling's appointment runs until 2003.  Mr. Skilling's appointment was direct from Uncle Al and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.See http://www.federalreserve.gov/generalinfo/listdirectors/default.cfm?WhichDistrict=11#houstonSee /maguire/enroncon.htm for more on who really controlled Enron and The Federal Reserve System connection.
The Enron fraud – a ZOG involved rip-off of honest working people – will nail 25,000 people and their families, and I'll agree with Maguire that Mestizobush will zap other taxpayers in order to placate that very angry bunch. As has been mentioned before in these pages, our whole economic structure is like swiss cheese – mostly hot air holes held in a matrix by thin pillars of substance. Hold onto your wallets. The best is yet to come. It will be interesting to hear the lies of the Judeo-ZOG media which will attempt to explain euphemistically, the rumbling noises of our continuing collapse.
The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 plus the introduction of the graduated income tax, same year, was the starting date for the communization of the Late Great Republic of the U.S.A. The Federal Reserve Bank is a private corporation run by enemies of the white race. (If you think Greenspan is a white man then I suggest an appointment with an optometrist.) The creation, and funding, for the communist U.S.S.R. was paid for by American taxpayers. The FWATKWP, and more importantly, the SWATKWP, were devices used to kill off the better of the goyim and pump life blood into the planned global communist state. During the 1930s, the anti-Communist nations of Japan and Germany were the targets of some of the most vitriolic propaganda ever to reach the ears of mankind. This was a prelude to their destruction. As the jews warned in 1933, if the Germans didn't get rid of Hitler, they'd precipitate a war which would. It is no coincidence that the blue of the flag of the United Nations and that of Israel, are one in the same and that world-wide destruction of all nations is the goal. America is no longer a nation but merely an agglomerate of "useful idiots" who supply the blood, sweat and money for the Zionist world conquest.

Maguire's article on Enron only scratches the surface of this subversive enterprise. It's there for all to see.

Our own G.I. Joe suggests this might be of interesthttp://members.aeroinc.net/breners/buckswar/hist_toc.html
If someone "proved" to you – the old vitamin, mineral, roughage ploy – that alfalfa was good food for humans, would you change your dietary habits? No? Why not? Millions of goyim jump hither and yon according to each new "revelation" they hear and see on TV.

As kids, we watched the obvious enjoyment cattle had while munching on fresh alfalfa and so we tried some. We didn't like it and today this taste is so remembered that I will forever be excluded from believing "alfalfa is good" even if 666 Nobel Prize winners tell me so and ZOG forbids people to disagree.

I offered a little exercise to my better geometry class at one time. I started with a line – mathematicians call it a line segment but that convention is about as substantial as hot air – an never went to the next step without a full agreement that what transpired was according to the book. The conclusion was a demonstration, a proof as it were, that a right angle contained more than 90°. One fellow said something must be wrong because it violated a definition. (He was right and further discussion should have ceased on that account alone.) I pointed out that all agreed as to the veracity of each step. The bell rang and the egress was as usual.

The next day, Charlie brought in some papers and asked if he had found the flaw for he was assured that there was one. I neither said yes or no, but asked if he felt his material was convincing. He said yes and I then asked why he needed me to comment. Young Charlie had nailed it well. The interesting thing here is that not one of the other students even bothered to further question the matter. The class was over and they couldn't care less, as long as it wasn't an assignment. Besides, lunch was waiting.

Here I was presented with a microcosm of society at large. Whether true, whether false, they care not. Whether absurd or no, they care not. Thank the gods that we have our Charlies for without his kind, we'd collectively have nothing to be thankful for.

The = sign was first suggested by Robert Recorde, I believe, and it is now a permanent symbol understood by nearly everyone. One of the facets of this sign is that some hold it to have magical power, as is the case for many youthful students in our high schools. To those, the = sign confers equality in an absolute sense completely missing the point that is is a first cousin to the verb, is. In math gobbledygook, John is 8 years old might become the expression, j = 8. From this accepted fact, an extension is made such that all expressions of the form x = 8 are indeed true. However, there exists one, and only one, value of x for which this statement is true and that is 8. Thus, 8 = 8, which is hard to dispute. One might write 3 = 4 as a statement but one recognizes that it is indeed a false one. Stating that one thing is equal to another is not sufficient to establish truth, and often we forget that simple point. "We are all equal" is pure nonsense even if the issuer spends a lifetime trying to define "equal" – which he would if pressed to answer.

We grow as children mostly imitating our parents. Later, we accept the stuff teachers pour upon us as fact and later on, if we continue, accept whatever some harebrained educator says is truth. Woe be to those who question for the Kingdom of God is not within them. Being obedient parrots pays. Agreeing, even concerning absurdities, is the path of least resistance.

Unless your common sense has been destroyed by education, one with certainty knows that a negro and a white man are not the same critters. There are more differences in them than there are between the hyrax and the pika (both rodents) which, according to the experts, are "not related" biologically. These same people also tell us the the elephant and the hyrax "are related" biologically. Here we find, and the examples are extremely numerous, a situation where our senses tell us things are quite different while the experts tell us they are related. Furthermore, great differences perceived by our senses, become cause for relation. Yes, my friends, red and blue are related but pink and red are not related. Such is the nonsense of biological classification.

We live in a society run by the insane, many of whom are criminal if not murderously inclined. There are those who can be herded, like sheep, and those who cannot, like cats. Our free-thinking cats are in the minority and must endure the assaults of being told they are the ones in the wrong. Lunatics always view normal people as being the crazy ones. The majority is always right, right? 

Today's Known Enron Body Count:  2 'Suicides', both by gunshot complete with notes.

Body #1:  http://www.denverpost.com/Stories/0,1002,53%7E252491,00.html

"James Watkins, missing since Nov. 13, apparently committed suicide, said Jacki Tallman, a spokeswoman for the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office."  "It appears he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound," Tallman said."  "Watkins, employed at Arthur Andersen consultants (i.e. Enron's auditors), was last seen by co-workers at his downtown Denver office."

Body #2:  http://dailynews.yahoo.com/fc/Business/Enron/

"(Reuters) – The death of former Enron Corp. Vice Chairman J. Clifford Baxter, who died of a gunshot wound to the head, has been ruled a suicide, the Harris County Medical Examiner's Office said on Saturday. Baxter, who before his resignation last year complained about questionable financial deals..."

That's all for now.  And if you are a GOP ConnedServantive remember to get those large checks in the mail today to the Republican National Committee.  The future of Constitutional government and freedom in America hangs on this year's Congressional elections (snickering up my sleeve).  You can go back to Flush Limblow and Free Republic now and resume discussing the terrible corruption of the Clinton years.

Congratulations, GOPers.  You gave us a President who didn't finish his Air National Guard commitment, has a DUI and also two drunken Injun daughters addicted to the firewater.  The Vice-President sports a lesbo daughter and a chief of staff who was Marc Rich's lawyer during his fifteen fugitive years.   Do you suppose Mr. Libby never went to Europe or Israel to meet his client during that decade and a half?  Yessireebob!  Get clean moral government with the GOP and Pat Robertson's Zionist Christian Coalition.



Now the U.S. will have a four star general to command homeland defense. In W.W. 2, a four star general commanded at least an army, heck that's all Gen. Patton was.

President Bush and the goofy coterie of Republicans believe they have a major election issue that will keep them in power in perpetuity, and also takes the limelight away from Enron. Perhaps the fools ought to get the general population to start digging tank traps and guard every building 24 hours a day.

Read yesterday that they plan on spending billions on border protection only the border protection begins overseas. Think the schools ought to start having the kiddies practice hiding under desks, and then have stress councilors gather them about and tell them why they are under stress. Maybe blackouts would help. They could issue tin hats with air raid warden written across it and give the ninnies a book of citations with a fine of $500 for every crack of light that shows.

The other day I read that some fool stops his vehicle on the highway to retrieve the flags that fall off cars usually at high speed. If this jackass  keeps up his stupidity he will be bounced by a passing vehicle into eternity. Incidentally it's quite noticeable how aggressive the drivers of  flag flying cars are. I believe they want to demonstrate their patriotism by intimidating every other  driver on the road as to their dedication.

The F-15's still fly day and night to give a blanket of security to the sleepless ones below. Unfortunately we live in the largest lunatic asylum on earth, and it's only a matter of time before they turn on each other.

G. I. Joe. (For our new readers, Joe is a combat veteran, E.T.O., of the SWATKWP. The goofiness of which he mentions is typical of that which was pervasive during that war to "defend freedom".  Any day, we were told, the Nazis would invade Texas after a forced march from Argentina. Also, bomb shelters were built, and practice air raids occurred frequently because we were going to be – any day now – bombed by Mitsubishi 96-4 bombers which had a radius of operation of about 1200 miles. One has to know that the Japanese and Germans of that time were capable of miracles. Their soldiers could endure a forced march of 6000 miles; planes could travel 120 miles on a gallon of fuel, and people could be burned underwater. There were no reports of Tojo or Hitler walking on water, however.)

"The most amazing is that many of you will claim that we are multi party system or may be two-party system. People which live in such delusion can not even comprehend reality."

   Mr. Hus hits the bull's eye with that.

   Ah!  Do I hear the GOP faithful disagreeing?  Here's proof that we're right about this and you're wrong.  Remember when GOP Conservatives got their tails in a twist a year ago over Clinton's Pardon For Dollars of international tax evader and Mossad operative Marc Rich?  Remember that tempest in teapot?  Oh the scandalousness of it all!  NewsMax, Drudge and World Net Daily ran on and on.  The Freepers at Censorville U.S.A. (a/k/a 'Free Republic' ) went into spastic attacks.  How the GOP crew couldn't wait for Messers Clean Jeans Bush and Cheney to get in to straighten out all that left-wing Clintonista corruption.  Right GOP Conservatives?

   Didja ever wonder why nothing went anywhere on that one?

   Meet Lewis 'Scooter' Libby!  Lewis Libby, COME ON DOWN!  Mr Libby is Vice President Cheney's chief of staff and also Assistant to the Vice President for National Security Affairs.  He burns the candle at both ends working on behalf of America's best interests, you betcha.  'Trust me on this one.'  Prior to signing on with the Bush Campaign Mr. Libby was the former Marc Rich attorney from 1985 (when Rich fled the country to evade criminal charges) until Spring 2000:


   "Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff testified Thursday he believes prosecutors of billionaire financier Marc Rich "misconstrued the facts and the law" when they went after Rich on tax evasion charges.  The testimony from Lewis "Scooter" Libby, who represented Rich dating back to 1985 but stopped working for him in the spring of 2000, came during a contentious, hours-long House committee hearing into former President Bill Clinton's eleventh-hour pardons."

   Hmm...hmmm...1985...1985?  Got it!  That's when Conservative Reagan's conservative prosecutors were running the Department of Justice.  Come 2001 Conservative Cheney's Chief of Staff was saying these other Conservatives were all wrong and Zionist Mossad operative and Israeli Citizen Marc Rich was right.

   The above is why I call GOP Conservatives "CONNEDSERVANTIVES".   You guys simply aren't serious political factors.  You're of no more consequence than a chump at the carnival midway game who keeps doubling up trying to beat the "10 Points or More Win" scam.  You're one of the suckers who constantly try to beat the Three Shell and Three Card Monte scams when the street hustlers dust these off every few years.  You believe your broker when he calls up saying he got a 'special' allocation of the IPO du Jour being sold for the personal accounts of the insiders cashing out.


 The inane hypocrisy grows, like Pinocchio's nose, and it will soon reach our toes.

The term "unlawful combatanats" was coined to circumvent the Geneva Convention as was "other losses" used to murder over 1 million German POW's in the late 1940s. Of course, there is no formal war but the inmates of our asylum prefer to delude themselves by thinking it is so. When we fought the British in 1776, we were "unlawful combatants" since we were rebels.

The research buff might be interested in reading Collier's magazine for the years of 1946-1947 where a good, comprehensive listing of all which the Americans stole from the Germans is given. It was theft pure and simple, cloaked with the term "liberated". I have often wondered how that insane killing rampage, the SWATKWP, would have been handled if Americans behaved as white people led by white people.
I like the term "naturalized". It's the SHAZAM of Captain Marvel; the Open Sesame of Ali Baba and the Krypton of Superman, all rolled into open. A "naturalized" Arab is no longer an Arab but an "American". Naturalization makes a black Dayan Tweneboah Kodua a "German" and magically imparts Nordic beauty to such an extent that she wins a "beauty" whatever.

Imagine "naturalizing" tar as chocolate; sand as sugar and talcum powder as flour. What kind of chocolate cake would that make, matey? As the great character actor Chief Dan George said in the movie The Outlaw Josey Wales, "You eat it."

American foreign policy, and domestic for that matter, is the dynamic DUO and I don't mean Batman and Robin.
Drugs, Usury and Oil. If you can understand that, you'll understand what is going on in the world today. Super rich criminals sacrificing the world's people on their altar of greed.

"Zionist Minister of Health Nessim Dahhan said in response to a question by Arab member of the Zionist Parliament 'Knesset', Ahmed Teibi, on Tuesday that he couldn't deny that organs of Palestinian youths and children killed by the Israeli forces were taken out for transplants or scientific research."

On the assumption the above report is largely accurate, this is literally straight out of Bram Stoker's 'Dracula'.   No wonder the Board of Deputies of British Jews is concealing a 19th Century essay concerning Jewish Ritual Murder of gentile children.

  – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

THIS SPACE AVAILABLE FOR ANY JEW WHO WISHES TO PUBLISH A COGENT REPLY.  Unless you can provide definitive evidence the above report is spurious, please detail what you are physically doing to stop such atrocities other than writing F.A.E.M. and saying you deplore such deeds. Maguire

I foresee no shutdown of the internet by ZOG. At present, it is heavily used for pornography and any dissidents remain merely entertained by their consumption of material. If the day comes when the internet will be used as a communication devise for activists, then the plug will be pulled, and not until then, for the existence thereof of mutual complaining and whining, serves to "prove" the First Amendment is alive and well.
The goyim are returning to their grazing and so another "crisis" will soon be forthcoming. What form shall that be? Perhaps an oil crisis where the price of gasoline rises astronomically. That'll get them to swear and cuss the Arabs and wave those flags. "The tankers are being sunk," shouts the news hawkers. At this point a scene of the Lusitania going down will be shown and perhaps a Spad or two spiraling earthbound in flames – "holocaust" documentary style. "They're attacking N.Y.C. again!" Here a quick glimpse of the Hindenburg explosion will be mixed in with shots of mass graves for the typhus victims of WW II Germany. It's your money. It's your blood. But that's show biz.
The following was written by Jaroslav Hus apparently as part of some ongoing discussion, but the remarks about our "two-party" system need repeating:

"You should know that as long as we have one party system it will be exactly the way how that party wants to do in given situation. The most amazing is that many of you will claim that we are multi party system or may be two-party system. People which live in such delusion can not even comprehend reality. So, for receiving side which is "delusioned": USA is singularity, unique case in written history, pure, synthetic PLUTOCRATIC SYSTEM and those "TWO" parties same as in "American Wrestling circus" belong to same and only owner: Plutocratic masters of the country. Reform, Libertarian, Nader's parties are just for show, totally helpless and mutilated by masters. So, change system from pluticratic to normal, civilized European multi party and THEN try to introduce some justice and honesty in USA political system."

Jew-joke of the day: A jungle bunny was recently chosen as "Miss Germany." Cheeta went "ape" at the contribution his kind made to the concept of "beauty."

Origins of the 'The Holocaust'

June, 1945 US POW camp in Germany

"Starting in April 1945, the United States Army and the French Army casually annihilated one million [German] men, most of them in American camps... Eisenhower's hatred, passed through the lens of a compliant military bureaucracy, produced the horror of death camps unequalled by anything in American history... an enormous war crime."

– Col. Ernest F. Fisher, PhD Lt., 101st Airborne Division, Senior Historian, United States Army

Excerpted from James Baque's "Other Losses",  ISBN 0-7737-2269-6 .

"Prime Minister to Secretary of State for War, and to General Ismay, for the Chiefs of Staff, 31 May 1945"

"The Minister of Agriculture tells me that there is no hope of adequate food production next year in Germany unless the present order from the Combined Chiefs of Staff (note:  a joint British-American group that sat in Washington) to General Eisenhower to arrest all members of the Reich Food Estate is cancelled."

Winston S. Churchill memorandum quoted in Churchill's The Second World War, Volume VI (p 649 in 'Cassel's first edition published in 1954).

Extermination of German prisoners on the one hand, intentional policies of famine directed against German women and children.  These 1945 (i.e. pre-Nuremburg Tribunals) actions were neither casual nor the unintended results of ill-considered policies.  They were the premeditated policies of ZOG in 1945 intended to achieve precisely the results obtained.  They were also exactly what Hitler predicted they would be:  genocide against the entire German nation.  Be in no doubt that the 'Morgenthau Plan' was in fact carried out on orders from the highest state authorities.  Add to these genocides Lieutenant Bushyhead's machinegun massacre of draftee guards at Dachau.  Multiply that isolated incident by hundreds of other unreported POW massacres large and small.  Add also the starvation and disease deaths of the Dachau inmates because of 'strategic' bombing disruption of the food supplies.  Add again the halachic Jew Churchill's genocidal firebombing campaign against white women and children.  Now add in the Judeo-Communist ethnic cleansing of 15 million Germans from Prussia, Silesia and the Sudetenland and the Soviet Army's millions of other murders.

A current article in the London Telegraph:


(Many links are fleeting and so it behooves us to copy the material while it is still available. Robert)

outlines the unimaginable scope of the Red Army's Rape of Eastern Europe in 1945.  The author, military historian Anthony Beevor, reveals the far vaster dimensions and also reports that these rapes were not confined to German women.  This Judeo-Communist state policy of rape was extended to ALL Eastern European women.  The policy of Judeo-Communist rape was set at the highest levels of Judeo-Communist Russia by Stalin and the Jews Ilya Ehrenburg and Beria.  Although revealing the extended scope Beevor misses the entire point.  It was a program of Asiatic genetic pollution of Europe on a massive scale.

It was stained with these monstrous crimes, of true Satanic Evil in scale, that the victors of Second War To Kill White People (SWATKWP) set themselves up as prosecuters, judges and executioners at the Nuremburg tribunals.  Nuremburg had to be.  The fantasmagorical conflicting lies told there by paid perjurers, Jewish and other, had to be.  The Judeo-Communist ravings introduced as 'depositions' had to be.  The true diplomatic origins of the war were exposed as early as 1961 by A.J.P. Taylor in his book "The Origins of the Second World War".   These real origins were well known at the time by the Allied ZOG governments and also meant Nuremburg had to be.  Without Nuremburg it was the ZOG Allies,not the Nazis, who were the true genocidal maniacs and war criminals.  Without Nuremburg it was the ZOG Allies, not the Nazis, who were the criminal conspirators against world peace.

The above outlines in a nutshell the Revisionist case concerning SWATKWP.  SWATKWP and its extension of Nuremburg is not only the founding myth of Israel.  It's the continuing moral foundation of power of every government in the late Western World as well as in Russia.  SWATKWP remains the basis of the current international system.  'Nuremburg' itself is still the moral club used by ZOG to delegitimize white European resistance to Asiatic invasion of white homelands.  Everything else you see, including the U.N., the 'World Trade Organization', NAFTA and all the rest, are merely extensions of policies first projected by ZOG during the period 1939-1945.

All this said, I have to agree with Robert.  Revisionism in itself is and can be no foundation strategy for political action. Of itself Revisionism is an intellectual parallel to the physical pre-revolutionary anarchism we see around us.  It's an intellectual deconstructivist and delegitimating movement that opens people's minds to thoughts the ruling elites (ZOG in this instance) doesn't want them thinking.   But renewal of free thinking doesn't automatically produce coordinated action.  There is no substitute for a coherent political organization with well conceived goals, matching strategy and tactics geared to achieving those goals and capableleadership dedicated to achieving those goals.


P.S.  The pre-Revolutionary era has pretty well drawn to a close.  This closure occurred much faster than I expected when writing on that subject a year ago.  The Warre is already now upon us.