4 February 2002
Enron Control Update

From David Irving's 'Action Report' ( http://www.fpp.co.uk/online/02/01/Enron1.html )

"A little-known and wholly irrelevant fact about the Enron financial scandal"

.. summarised from Actualité juive (Jewish current affairs), Paris, January 24, 2002, a source which presumably does know:

ALTHOUGH the maiden name of Linda Lay is not known (she is the wife of Ken Lay, CEO of Enron (note:  now former CEO) – the most costly scandal since WTC, and Actualité juive insists that neither she nor her husband is Jewish, she was the yearly biggest donor of the Houston Holocaust Museum. Mrs Lay (i.e., Enron for at least half of the amount) would pay ten percent of the museum's annual expenses running at $3 per year, i.e. $300,000. In March, the couple was due to preside over a gala fund-raising dinner for the museum, the guest of honour being George W Bush lui-même, the bretzel man."

While this may seem irrelevant to David Irving it is not irrelevant to readers of F.A.E.M.  In my article "Enron Control"  (/maguire/enroncon.htm ) we identified (from official government SEC documents) the four largest share voters and largest known individual share owners of Enron.  These were a member of the Federal Reserve System acting as fiduciary for the Enron ESOP and three persons of the 'Jewish persuasion', Mr Robert Belfer, Director and a Mr./Mrs. Ruben.

It is therefore no surprise to find the former Enron CEO's wife shilling for the Houston Diocese of the Cult of Holocaustianity.   The Lays knew who their real employers were.


To Liz Borden at VNN – Were you smoking pot when you dreamed up this whopper? I guess all of those 150 IQ points interfered with your recollection, wouldn't you say? Then again, anything goes when it's fiction. According to 34C:

THE REAL ROBERT FRENZ: Here's what he wrote on his site a while back. Kinda shows his total lack of White leadership responsibility:

"I once lived next to a woman who's husband beat the hell out of her and she slept around, I used to sit back and read while listening to him knock her teeth out next door."

The photo album: Porn and nudity are not disjoint. Porn is a sub-set of nudity. Any combat officer will tell you that the "porno" boys are useless pieces of trash under fire. Even Dr. Torah agrees that all serious women should avoid the porno crowd like they would the plague.

I think that those who confuse these things had better study National Socialist Germany for the distinction. What I see on many blightwing sites is more than mere nudity – it's pornography. I am certainly not prudish but feel that perverts have no place in any white racial movement any more than do drug heads, liars, and the MTV crowd. Even the commies, who promote this stuff, will exterminate such addicts in the event they achieve the power they so fervently seek. 

Breast feeding monkeys?http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_510616.html?menu=news.latestheadlines
Today, I listened to a woman on the Dr. Edell talk show who claimed she breast-feeds cats. He asked about the teeth problem but she said it was very erotic feeling. In the East Indies, there are tribes which breast-feed piglets. This is necessary since they eat the sow right after she's delivered. 
Bookmark this – http://racerealist.com  There's interesting material here and a few comments concerning my new found love, Valley Girl Lizzy. She won't email me directly so please pass along that my IQ is 96½ and my bra size 42B. Yesterday I drowned two cats as soon as I found out they were female. My request is that Lizzy get right to work writing a new book – How To Be A High Quality Woman. The research alone should take her about 69 years. :o) Meow.
I am not up to speed as yet and the backlog of unanswered email will occupy me for some time. Beautiful things happen unexpectedly.

I hadn't see my youngest sister in a while and so I did the Route 66 bit and visited her. Apparently, I brought along – as she smilingly said – a magnificent ice storm with 55 MPH winds. Pure, raw, unadulterated Mother Nature is absolutely beautiful. We were favored with trees crashing into houses, wrecking cars, taking down power lines, melting down high tension electrical transformers, driving bans, declared states of emergency and all of that happenin'. Just when we thought the worst part was over, flooding occurred and those with expensive houses in exclusive tracts had a wondrous surprise. It seems that many of these "smell me" housing developments do not rely upon gravity to govern the flow of the sewage. Amazingly, they use electrical pumps and with the power off, the toilet products backed up into the cellars. Kurt came by and said that many were using shovels, pails and gallons of Clorox to deal with this liquid excrement. So much for that expensive 'oriental', and those pool tables, which adorn the basement fun rooms. I like to look at the bright side. The cellar probably needed cleaning anyway and with the electricity off, the monthly bill would be lower and what an opportunity to clean the freezer. This also "created jobs" for the power company.. This was a minor "jump start" and I could feel the value of my "In Bush Sewers We Trust" stocks gain ground. I am on my way to millions!

The opportunity to watch the responses to this little bit of weather mayhem, especially when the temperatures dropped drastically, was something I was glad I experienced. This sort of thing separates the grain from the chaff. People rushed off to buy portable generators – another spur to the economy – little recognizing that all gasoline supply stations rely upon pumps to elevate the fuel from the underground tanks. Some women wailed that their freezer food stock would have to be thrown out.
My brother-in-law, not noted for getting easily upset, calmly talked about the steps we should take. I said he was not easily aroused. This follows from an incident years ago while he sat in his car calmly drinking a milk shake. He was broad-sided by some yahoo with too much firewater under his belt. When the vibrations of the crash had subsided, Jim was noticed still sucking on the straw. "Well," I told him, "we have two usable sources of energy. One is the burning gas in the hot water tank. Another is the potential energy of the water in the lines. Jim has a shop and lots of spare junk from cars and such, which my sister ignores. Most people fail to realize that the water pressure in a usual house, when the faucet is opened wide, will provide about 2 horsepower which is equivalent to about 1300 watts. I'll skip the details but mention the overall.

Hot water was routed through an auto radiator. Also mounted was the electric fan which is used in conjunction on late model cars. Jim had a high efficiency water turbine which came from an old jet propelled canoe he once fabricated. This turbine, when the water was turned on, drove a Chrysler alternator which powered the fan and was also tied to two auto head lamps. This provided light and air flow through the radiator thus providing air circulation. We closed off all but the two smaller rooms and had a wonderful time dreaming up other ways to survive. Sis lit a battery of candles as "a contraption backup". The nearby drone of a portable power supply ceased. It was out of gasoline. Like the tale of the three little pigs, I soon expected the straw house man to knock on the door at any time. By the way, we loaded all of the freezer stuff into a crate and placed it outside in the 20° temperature.

Not infrequently in the twilight of my life and those of my friends that saw combat in that imposed war, I recall the terrible destruction of what once were beautiful old cities in France, Belgium and Germany. There were so many planes in the sky they could not be counted. We were never sure that they would not drop their bombs short which in fact did happen and our Division lost over 130 men including a general due to bombing miscalculation.

One time a Frenchmen came up to me in tears saying allied bombers had just killed his wife and two children. I did not see all that much  joy in the population as are seen  in films of that time. Paris might have been an exception. For the most part people wanted the war over with and to get on with their lives. The partisans were mostly communist and they did some terrible things to the French population including women that were friendly to the Germans. In this connection it was concluded that the German forces behaved properly for the most part. It's been said that there were more rapes in France in one year of Allied presence than all four years of German occupation. The French were not all that happy with the British because they felt dragged into a war they did not want. Nor were they happy about the British sinking their fleet in North Africa.

In battle areas there was the smell of death everywhere in bombed out towns, not only soldiers but many civilians, including  children. In one instance, many already wounded soldiers were called upon to defend a town, if sanity had prevailed they would have sought surrender instead they called in a bombing raid. I don't believe anyone in that town survived.

One of the most difficult times in the chaos and destruction of war can occur on a very personal level. When an opposing soldier is badly wounded and looks into your face and asks you to end his suffering, it is one of the saddest events in a young soldiers life. Nor does it easily pass from one's memory, not at the time or all the years that follow. There is solace in prayer,  and hope that our future sons will not have to face such traumatic decisions. In war, lives are torn asunder. People in today's world will run to the hospital for a little meaningless bruise, try seeing children, enemy soldiers ,as well as your  own comrades blinded by shrapnel or gaping wounds that sicken even the most hardened soldier.

I looked at the truly beautiful faces of the young nurses of the German Wehrmacht and young German soldiers and knew they were doing honorable duty for their Fatherland as we were doing for ours. When we subsequently know what was done to these brave people is in itself a crime against humanity. To think that a demented General would cause the deaths through starvation of 1.6 million P.O.W.'s including nurses, leaves a civilized person even to this day, with a great anger. I truly hope that the men I risked my life to capture were not among those that died including the beautiful brave nurses in the Ruhr pocket. Then to seek to destroy a whole population by starvation is beyond comprehension. The only way people can change is to know the truth.

[One of my friends] ... was himself shot down over Paris and told me how disgusted he was at watching the communist F.F.I. murder a whole platoon of young 17 and 18 yr. old German soldiers. One of the partisans asked him to participate and he told them they were rotten sons of a bitches, and of course refused.

Today I happened to read on http://www.ima.com/en/news/o20130191338.etn06.shtml that 50 Israeli soldiers staged a mutiny – disobeying orders to shoot to kill Palestinian civilians. Bravo, maybe there is yet hope  for the world.
Regards, Joe.

Frenz, you are slipping. The email which "made your day" is from a kike, not a German. E.T.
A young fellow wrote
and asked me about "Elizabeth Bennett's" How to Marry a High-Quality Woman which is posted on VNN. First, I need no woman to give me advice on chasing what she scantily defines as "high quality" (herself). I was curious and read a few of her paragraphs. Her age is given as 26 which hardly qualifies her as a woman. Her photo contains a question mark where a face should be. I think there are 6 chapters so far and I would hope that she would get a little more involved in the behavioral aspects of her "quality woman" which are quite sparse, from what I managed to peruse. Big tits and a high IQ are not within my parameters for any woman I'd want to associate with. The attributes of dependability and honesty are far more warming than any "I can make you feel good at night" superficiality. If Liz – if indeed that's her real name – has an IQ of 150, I'd question the exam she took. Why is it that these "super broads" always mention their cup size and IQ? Nothing personal, young lady, just a few comments from a crotchety crotch watcher. As for the fellow who posed the query – Liz is another variety of feminist – bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan. The flip side – make sure you have enough money to buy me, "I'm worth it." The duality is plainly evident. I see no ability for commitment in her effusive words. She'll dump any man when the novelty wears off. She's not wife, nor mother, material. That's my opinion. Don't get gassed over it.
Incidentally, Gen. Eisenhower was the recipient of the Order of The Red Star, a high Soviet decoration, and well deserved I might say. At one of their celebrations, Gen. Patton called Russian Marshall Zhukov, a S.O.B. The truth of the matter was he wanted to drive the Russians out of Western Europe, also knew too much of what went on. The U.S. even gave Russia the plates to print U.S. military script that our country redeemed costing  the U.S. millions of dollars.
Regards. Joe.
The book "Other Losses", by James Bacque, is now being "discovered" by the mainstream. It was first published in Canada in 1989 (ISBN 0-7737-2269-6). A later American printing was in 1991 (ISBN 1-55958-099-2). Some claim there are differences in the text. This, I do not know but in the printing/memory-hole business, anything goes. Remember the 'holocaust' guru Raul Hilberg and his 800 page The Destruction of the European Jews, printed about 1961? When some of the more obvious lies were exposed, later printings were "tidied up." The jews "revise" history all of the time. The goyim usually fail to notice. The fear factor, I guess, or the awe factor for Judeo-Christians and other hypocrites.

One would do well to read this book which describes Eisenhower's insane hatred for the German which produced the horror of post-war (SWATKWP) death camps unequaled in American military history. It was an enormous war crime where the guilty were never punished.


David Irving here contributes useful Real History about Dwight D. Eisenhower's role in the Morgenthau Plan for genocide against the entire German people.  Another key conspirator was Morgenthau's assistant Harry Dexter White. Today White is known as a proven Judeo-Communist NKVD agent and American traitor.

* * * *
 A website that will remain nameless recently published the following fiction in connection with Dwight D. Eisenhower's war crimes:

"During World War II when Col. Eisenhower was working for Gen. Douglas McArthur in the South Pacific, McArthur protested to his superiors in Washington (DC) that Eisenhower was incompetent and that he did not want Eisenhower on his staff.

In 1943, Washington not only transferred Col. Eisenhower to Europe but promoted him over more than 30 more experienced senior officers to five star general and placed him in charge of all the US forces in Europe. Thus it comes as no surprise that General George Patton, a real Aryan warrior, hated Eisenhower."

These kinds of easily exposed errors do not assist us.  The real facts are terrible enough without introducing such gross mistakes.  The haters who favor German and other white genocide, will quickly use such errors to discredit the remainder of the work.

Fact 1.  Eisenhower did not work for MacArthur "in the South Pacific".  He worked for MacArthur in the Philippines in the late 1930s when MacArthur was officially retired and serving as a contract military advisor to the proto-Filippino government.  The Philippines were already set to receive Independence in 1946.  MacArthur's job was to create a Filippino Army for this gestating country.  MacArthur was not recalled to active military duty until July, 1941.  At that time FDR placed MacArthur in command of the Military Department of the Philippines.  Prior to that time the U.S. Army in the Philippines was separately commanded by another active duty Army officer.  This was all prior to December 7, 1941.

Fact 2.  Eisenhower did not at any time serve under MacArthur during World War II, or at least during the official American part of SWATKWP.

Fact 3.  Prior to Pearl Harbor, George C. Marshall transferred Eisenhower from the Philippines to Washington D.C. where he served in the Operations and Plans Division of the U.S. Army General Staff.

Fact 4.  Eisenhower was already promoted to Brigadier General in 1941.  He was promoted again in 1942 and placed in command of Operation Torch, the British-American invasion of French North Africa, in November 1942.  It was impossible for him to have been a Colonel in 1943.


Calling Iraq/Iran/North Korea the "axis", reveals that the jews are trying to recreate the atmosphere of the SWATKWP. "God Bless America", enhanced with nigger warble, is getting a little wearing and so is the delusion called "unity".

The presidential speech format: First, some jews tell you what you are about to hear. Then, el Presidente Bushez reads a speech written by the jew Gershon (sp?). After that, 3 jews come on to tell you what you've heard. This is followed by another batch of jews telling you what you are supposed to think about what you just heard. After all, it's nice to have God's Chosen walk us through this taxing experience. White folks are really quite dense, you know, and need all of the help they can get.

An illegal combatant is any Afghan who gets captured. What should the out-of-uniform American troops, wearing rags and riding donkeys through the mountains of Afghanistan be called? Legal bystanders?
A liar knows the truth and never believes his lies, but a hypocrite soon starts believing his lies.
I want to thank you for posting all the information on the Dachau. I cannot believe I live in this country, because of what it has become.

I am German, and I didn't lose family in the war. Lose would be the wrong word. My whole family disappeared. The only ones left alive, and therefore accountable, were the ones that came here. That is all I have, along with a question as to what happened to all of my family.

I have educated myself on what has happened and I don't know whether or not to cry or leave. However, I can tell you one thing, I can hardly wait for a time whereby affecting change in my world will not involve that ridiculous electoral system. I can envision one that has much more immediate effects.

Oh, can I ever. E.S.

Conservative News Update

"The friends of Jonathan Pollard, the former U.S. naval intelligence officer serving a life sentence for spying for Israel, never give up. Former (and probably next) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, scheduled to be in Washington this weekend for a conservative conference, will be lobbying hard for Pollard, and wants to take up the matter with President Bush in person."

Conservatism has finally hit the mainstream.  That's a welcome relief from the 1960s, isn't it Conservatives?  Even the wire services are reporting when Conservative events are being held.  Eminent world statesmen come to address your meetings.  Ya'll have finally hit the big time.

Now I know some of you GOP Conservatives feel sorry for me being marginalized away from the patriotic mainstream in the whacko white nationalist category.  I know because I've gotten such letters.  Well, we all have our crosses to bear in life.  Let me save one or more of you some time.  Don't bother coming around trying to help me save 'wasted' talent the way William F. Buckley once did for George Lincoln Rockwell.


P.S.  While we have Conservatives' attention, don't forget to renew your subscriptions for the Goldberg Review (formerly William F. Buckley's National Review Magazine). Jonah has a whale of a story for you each month on the many benefits to America of unlimited Third World immigration. 

Certain "blightwing" websites have been posting porno material along with political dissent, thus playing into the hands of people who wish to equate "hate" with porno possibly enabling them to apply internet porno law to political material. Germany wants a law which will make the sources of any internet material of which it doesn't approve, coming from outside of Germany, punishable under German law. Both France and Canada are pushing for the same thing. World ZOG does not rest.
There have been many requests for more material from "G. I. Joe" relative to the SWATKWP. His story, as well as those of my closest friends, needs to be told for ZOG's memory hole is alive, well and very, very ravenous when it comes to truth. It is a tribute to the young Americans of today, barraged daily with the most blatant of lies, that they sense something terribly wrong about what passes as history for that period. For 60 years, the real story about that unnecessary conflict has been suppressed and the old combat soldiers – not some air head historians on the make who believe nothing unless it is in print  – now can speak without fear of losing their jobs or being blackballed, as many of our young silent men of today are. I am not sure how I shall present such material, but FAEM certainly welcomes all who fought the Germans, out of duty, but never out of hatred, to tell their stories for p.c. books will have none of it. The ship is sinking and it's better to speak while your head is still above water.
MacArthur on Eisenhower.

   General of the Army Douglas MacArthur had Major Dwight D. Eisenhower as a military assistant for five years in the Philippines in the 1930s while Mac was serving as the commander of the new Philippines Army.  MacArthur therefore knew Eisenhower intimately.

   After SWATKWP Eisenhower came to Japan to visit MacArthur.  After he left one of MacArthur's bodyguards, a major, asked the General what he thought of Eisenhower's generalship in Europe.  MacArthur replied:

   "He let his subordinate commanders fight the war for him.  They were good and they covered up for him.  Meanwhile he drank tea with Queens and Prime Ministers.  Right up Ike's alley."  General of the Army Douglas MacArthur.

An email to FAEM from an admirer –

I am German.  I was there.  you werent.  I saw it all.  you  are an excellent propagandist  all you wish to do is control.   your basis of fact is completely misguided  you are what we call a proud idiot.  of course this is the worst kind of idiot  the nazis also tried to separate the idiot population from the German.  Your idiotic ability to piece together history and twist it is convincing but only to another idiot much like yourself.  There are numerous studies pertaining to cognitive handicappers in which you could be quite enlightened.  Hitler was one of these as well.  No the German people were far from proud.  sounds to me as if your were mistreated as a child.  Probably your father raped you or something tramatic or you dont have the ability or creativeness to make it on your own very easy to blame something else.  Your idiotsy must derive from your parents genes, not your fault dont worry Jesus still loves you.   Best thing that could happen to you is that your children marry Jews and then there would be an improvement wouldnt you say!

That made my day – Robert    :o)

Good Ol' Ike –

Been reading Jeff Rense's reports on Gen. Eisenhower's insanity in his treatment of German P.O.W'S during that cruel war to destroy the people and lands of our ancestors. It so happened that I did take a sizable number of German prisoners, often at considerable risk. Never did I ever see that pompous left wing General poke his negroid looking puss in the vicinity of real combat as did Gen. Patton. He did make periodic inspections, but that was it, and while we were crying from the cold he
was gobbling oysters on the half shell.

Eisenhower did not consider the German soldiers to be prisoners of war no more than we now consider Taliban to be prisoners of war, which in my opinion is totally inappropriate.

Eisenhower was brought over from Europe by a democrat Mr. Paul Hoffman, to persuade him to run for President as a Republican, because the tribe of leftist bastards were afraid that Senator Taft and General MacArthur would run and interfere with  plans for a communist world. Eisenhower had never been a Republican in his life, so much for Republican abnormality.

I was not at all surprised that Eisenhower contemplated dropping Richard Nixon early in the campaign. After all, Nixon  had pursued Alger Hiss, but  Eisenhower changed his mind after the checkers speech because the public sympathized with Nixon. I also knew that the skunk would not help the Hungarians during their revolt against Russia. Also expected him to get Senator Joe McCarthy, which is what he did, for at any time he could have called off the dogs.  Of course I never could understand why the Senator would ever employ those  two semite nitwits Shein and Cohen whose only objective was to destroy the Senator on trumped  up charges. A while back one of my sons would chat with one of John Foster Dulles relatives and commented that the man said the family were semites. I did not know that, but was not all that surprised. Of course Mr. Dulles was a favorite of the President.

Have always wondered where he got the nickname Ike, sort of rhymes with another word.

Eisenhower like Churchill lived for a while in a coma and it surely is hoped that the God of the universe had both these evil  men, as well as those of the other side, see the evil they had wrought. The great difference I  have always seen  between the opposing sides in Europe during W.W.II was that the Germans were fighting to throw off the injustice of Versailles and trying to protect a mistreated German people. Prior to Sept. 3, 1939, 49,000 Germans had been murdered by the Poles. They also threw off the yoke of the semites because of their involvement in Versailles and their communist activity, and for that the German people were to pay a terrible price. The thing that totally escapes me is why the German people of today totally ignore the history of that war and the valor displayed by so many millions of their countrymen in defending their Fatherland. They seem to care not about the indiscriminate bombings of innocent people and the Communism  threat to all of Europe. Now we have   the new version of world communism which will surely cause W.W.3 and no one sees the insidious force of semites involved.

Regards. Joe.

Comment from Robert: My very close cousin, due to his special military expertise, knew both Patton and Eisenhower personally. He mentioned that he trusted Patton but not the weasel Ike. (The election campaign slogan of the time was, "We Like Ike." Rockwell used to sport the protest sign, "Save Ike from the Kikes." Little did he know. Anyway, Ike was a life long Democrat who ran as a Republican. So much for our "two-party system".) Incidentally, Patton was also feared as a presidential contender. I have often wondered if his massive popularity was connected to his "accidental" death. All in all, it now seems that, at the end of their lives when ZOG's hidden threats are no longer troublesome, the people who experienced the SWATKWP first hand, are coming to the fore in opposition to the jew lies which pose as "history."

One fellow remarked that Bushoil was making threats directed towards sovereign states, that is, Iraq, Iran and North Korea. To the communist Jew World Order crowd, "sovereign states" is a misnomer. There is only one "sovereign state" – Izzyrail.

"You are the future of our country.   Study hard, work hard, make money and bring it to Afghanistan.''

   – Afghan Prime Minister Hamid Karzai speaking to a group of Afghan-'Americans' at Georgetown University.

   Strange.  El Presidente Vincente Fox uses the same speech for Mexicans when he tours the Mexican colonies inside the Late Great U.S.A.    Every Prime Minister of Israel talks this way too when visiting the Jewess Ah!  Only a paranoid xenophobic would detect a pattern in these incidents though.  Appeals to ethnic and racial solidarity would only be evil if it were done by the German premier and Germans.


I always thought that Clinton was disgusting piece of manure and only once ever listened to a piece of one of his speeches. After briefly listening to Mestizobush, cigar Bill now appears in my nightmares in a more favorable light. I still dislike intently his commie wife. If she made a speech in Albany, I'd hitchhike to Malone. If she moved her fanny to Potsdam, I'd move to Varysburg. I guess that is what 'white flight' is about, wouldn't you say?

Jaw-urge is beginning to sound like "Redlegs" (Bill McKinney) in the movie The Outlaw Josey Wales. "Fletcher", played by John Vernon, makes the comment to Redlegs, "After we get Josey Wales, it's over." To this, Redlegs replies, "Doing good is never over."

Billions to rearrange the Afghan landscape. Now, the gullible goyim will be paying billions to put the rocks back where they were before the "war". Billions for "home defense" and billions more to "jump start" an economy which is beyond its warrantee period. Now, we hear talk about a 2 year volunteer program to make sure airplanes do not fly into buildings anymore. War against Iraq and Iran? A war against North Korea will not be in the same ballpark. Doesn't all of this cause anyone to become a mite uneasy? Where is all of this money going to come from? The tooth fairy?

A reader sent this along –
"Pennsylvania has a shortage of math teachers, partly because so many applicants for teaching jobs are failing the 'pre-professional skills test.' The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Frank Meehan, director of the state's Bureau of Teacher Certification and Preparation, said 'that because the state has a shortage of math teachers, it may make the test easier to get a higher passing rate.'" – OpinionJournal.com, 1/18/02

Robert sez that it would be nice if the bureau went the whole 69 yards with the jewish scientific method, where the conclusion preceeds the data. Hire any baboon, in the name of equality and diversity, of course, and then collect all of the questions he/she/it can get correct. Then take those questions and make them the exam.

Mary Ann came to the house and invited me to accompany her on a tour of a few schools, since I had previously asked a few questions concerning the current state of education in the public schools. One stop was where a 4th grade class was cutting out paper dolls, or things which looked like paper dolls. The proud teacher stated pasting them on the wall but was immediately stopped by a "reviewer" for using improper methods. The fault? The teacher was using a "directed procedure" which is a no-no. It's the kiddies, using their obviously creative talents, who are to paste them where their "inspiration" guides.

In my view, this sort of thing is simply institutionalized chaos. I wonder if they apply this free-for-all method to student driving? By the way, "student driving" does not belong in any curriculum and neither does "coping with homework" or the proper method to roll on a condom.

I returned home and then ventured to the local greasy spoon where I played Russian Roulette with my digestive tract. After thinking about the day's experience, and without an excuse in my heart, I hereby offer this, relative to my updated experience:
Except for the remarks about access to expensive equipment, I hereby withdraw my criticism of home schooling.


"Antarctic Ice Sheet Is Getting Thicker"

So much for global warming.  You can take down the "For Sale" signs at the beach house.  It won't be swamped next year by a rising tide of ocean water from melting Antarctic Ice.  Don't toss them in the fireplace though.  Instead move them north to the ski lodge.  If the crisis mongers run true to form Global Cooling will soon be the next threat to Life On Earth.

Now I am no expert in of meteorology although I studied weather in some detail as a pilot.  So what follows is simply my own unexpert opinion, or practical opinion.    What can cause an Ice Age?  We'll define this as the expansion from the poles outwards of the ice caps and also the downward advance from the mountains of glaciers.  It should be obvious to the dullest of semi-scientists that before an Ice Age can occur there must be an increase in energy and thus the temperature of the atmosphere.   Polar ice caps and glaciers are frozen water.  To grow in size these formations require additional water.  Moving that water to the poles and mountains takes energy.

Let's conduct a simple thought experiment.  Permanently turn out the sun and eliminate its daily deposit of energy into Earth's atmosphere.  What will happen next?  The first result is that it will be dark or 'night' 24 hours a day.  So besides being dark what will happen with the sun gone?  Heating and cooling of the earth's surface runs by the day-night cycle.  The surface acquires heat energy during the daytime and radiates it away during the night.     All surface heat resulting from solar radiation will radiate away in the perpetual night without being replaced in the 'day'.  Soon the water will freeze where ever it currently is except for water located in areas of local volcanic activity.  The process of heating the Earth's surface and radiating away the energy causes water to evaporate, or be transported into the atmosphere as water vapor.*  Without heat energy there would be neither water vapor clouds or rain.

In my unexpert opinion what we're probably seeing is Earth's natural balance in operation.  From the evidence it appears there's in fact been some increase in average temperature in the last century, perhaps on the order of 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit.  It doesn't seem like much but the additional energy would be enough to move additional water to the South Pole to be frozen and therefore increase the thickness of the ice sheet.  This doesn't mean another Ice Age is upon us, though.

Is meteorology accurate enough to predict what's coming in the decade or next century?  Not in my opinion.  It'll be getting closer to that accuracy whenever the FAA drops the requirement to list an alternate airport for IFR** flight plans because of the inability of terminal forecasts to guarantee specified weather minima for primaries over the next eight hours.  Until that time, take the crisis mongers with several blocks of salt, especially when they demand you change your entire life and society to conform to their agenda.


Notes from Robert –
* Water can go directly from the solid state to the gaseous state. This is called sublimation and we notice the process whenever wet clothes become dry while on the line at below freezing temperatures. Also, this is what 'freezer burn' is all about.
** Instrument Flying Rules.

Dear Robert,
    I read your public response to my letter last night and was very impressed by your thinking.  One of the things that draws me to FAEM is the consistency of thought that you men have.  The average marxist trash with whom I am forced to associate with never approach such consistency or clarity.  L.C.