9 February 2002
It is no secret that math education has generally turned to trash and the latest textbooks are often more valuable as door stops. There is a great shortage of math teachers which has persisted for decades. I was called out of my bat cave years back and visited a school where they offered me $70K. It was full of apes and realizing that one cannot make apple pies from mud, I smiled and turned down the offer.

There are two facets of mathematics: applied and theoretical. Applied math is "nuts and bolts" math – the stuff which used to be taught and what is used by engineers, machinists and anyone else involved in keeping things functioning. Theoretical math is mostly hot air where those so intrigued manufacture new systems based upon nonsensical axioms. Parallel lines meet in a point, for example, and other contradictions of previous definitions. (Non-Euclidian geometry comes to mind.) It's bad enough that the hot air physicists babble about the 4th dimension but mathematicians go ecstatic when they wander off into Wonderland with their Nth dimensional matrices. They do silly stuff like using computers and defining a 6th dimension array m(s, t, u, v, w, x) which, when represented in the real world of physical location, is 2 dimensional even though technology – using nuts and bolts math, I might add – can extend this to 3 dimensions, but that's all.

Prowess in math is often not related to intelligence and this is recognized by the use of the centuries-old term, idiot savant. This type of idiot can do amazing calculations in his head but some cannot even feed themselves. The history books cover many such people. Music and chess playing are two other areas which properly fall into what we call talent. I've have talked to brilliant musicians who often don't know the time of day. Dr. Ledley, who might still be an active prof of math, was in my high school classes. He nailed 100% on most math exams but had mediocre grades in the sciences and wrote very poor essays. He was not a brilliant man by my definition but had a flair (talent) for gaseous thoughts concerning into and onto mappings of infinite sets.

Dr. Graves, the pompous ass who headed the math department at the University of Chicago when I was there, showed restrained contempt for people who used applied mathematics. They sort of dirtied up his fairy land, I suppose. I'll admit that I developed a certain bias towards this fellow when he refused to grant me my deserved 100% on one final exam. I received a 90% because I "didn't show my work" for the problem in question. I did the damned thing in my head but he inferred that I copied, that is, cheated. No one one in the whole class got this problem correct and I asked who held the paper I supposedly copied. Like a true tyrannical bastard, he replied, "I run this department and what I say is law!" I wasn't singular, since this place was full of ego-maniacs who loved to prove that they were "superior". (One attends school to learn, not be brow-beaten and insulted by assholes. Cornell's hideous kike Carl Sagan also belonged to this club.) One of my floor mates left the school after being intimidated by the ass, Dr. Zacharisen. This prof flubbed a derivation in  physics class and I nailed his ass on it. My reward? I was tossed out. I considered that a compliment. To be fair, there were great people there and I especially liked Dr. Parsons, Dr. Urey (Nobel Prize) and Dr. Wax. The ego-maniacs were apparently confined to the math and physics departments.

When the schools were integrated BY GUNPOINT, in a true democratic fashion, that was the beginning of the end of what was a top notch public education system. The 1960s saw a rapid decline in the quality of what was taught since that marked the beginning of the "equality" imposition and "feel good about yourself" age. (This reminds me of the comment in the movie Harrison Bergeron – We are born unequal and it's the government's job to make us equal.) Since the jungle bunnies couldn't speak math jive, and they were "equal", then the content of math courses came under fire. Math, unlike sciences, history, and other stuff, is about a static as anything can get. What's new? The old Greek Euclid said nearly everything which needed to be said about geometry centuries ago. Solution? Introduce set theory into high schools. This came at the expense of nuts and bolts math and predictably, it still didn't penetrate the simian skull. This came as no surprise since hot air math is "far out" to otherwise intelligent white folks. Now I understand that aspects of "rubber sheet" geometry are now being dropped on 4th graders thus consuming the time they would have used in learning how to count and practice producing legible hand writing.

All of this destruction is accompanied by well chosen euphemisms. Mothers love the higher grades lower standards produce. Isn't it wonderful that my little Henry is learning geometry in the 4th grade while his sister is studying calculus as a junior in high school? Henry's success makes about as much sense as learning how to eat horse manure with expertise.

When asked why he always belted his donkey in the head before issuing a command, the farmer replied, "He's a smart animal and always does what I say, but first I have to get his attention. That's why I have this board."

Our present morass will not be changed by voting, holding committee meetings, enacting new laws, spending more money, or even praying. The white American public has the ability to do what needs to be done but first you must get their attention. Perhaps economic collapse will serve as the farmer's board. Losing their country apparently wasn't enough.

Remember Dresden! A monument to Zionist hatred of White people. http://globalfire.tv/nj/e2001/history/dresden.htm
Remember February 13, 1945! Also see – /edward/dresden.htm
Although Anglos do not need much encouragement in the slaughtering business, it's always useful to look for the jew who is whispering in the ears of the powerful. From Germany, we find Lindeman who had Churchill's ear concerning the extermination of the German people. "Mad Bomber", possibly jew, Harris was enthused. The Queen went ecstatic and knighted this hebe. The "Royal" family is not all that royal, you know. Have you ever looked close at their features?
I extend an enthusiastic "thank you" to Mr. David Irving for his much needed generosity. RF.

The Destruction of Dresden: http://www.fpp.co.uk/books/Dresden/index.html

Mr. David Irving's ground breaking book on the real Holocaust of Dresden is available for free download at the above website page.   This true genocidal war crime was perpetrated at the insistence of the alcoholic Zionist and secret Jew Winston S. Churchill.

Now for some Churchillian trivia.  Having studied this individual from all perspectives for over 20 years, I have my own theories about Winston's real origins.   These are based on the known facts about both his parents.

1.  Known Fact 1:  Winston's mother, Jenny Churchill (nee Jacobson) was a notorious adulteress.  Jenny Churchill's promiscuity was so infamous that ZOG Court Historian William Manchester commented on it in detail in Volume 1 of his now to be permanently incomplete Churchill 'trilogy', The Last Lion.

2.  Known Fact 2:  Winston's putative father, Lord Randolph Churchill, treated Winston with distance and disdain.  The non-existent father-son 'relationship' has been the subject of exhaustive micro-analysis.

It seems not to have occurred to anyone that Winston may have been a literal as well as figurative bastard.


This letter was sent with permission to edit. FAEM doesn't like "edit" and includes any profanities one wishes to utter. As usual, ornery Robert puts his 3 cents in, inflation you know. They are in blue.

Dear FAEM – I thought you and the rest of the FAEM crew would like to know this – according to the latest apefrican-american "history" being promulgated by both the coons, the jews, and white traitors is: get this – a nigger was the first "man" to visit the north pole in 1909!  Incredable isn't it?

I commute sixty miles to go to work, and have to cross the William Preston Lane, Jr. memorial bridge every day.At each end of the bridge are propagandistic signs that vary in message; at times with dubious postings about the Chesapeake bay being "destroyed", or the 19th century nigger mammy Harriet Tubman, "Dr." Charles Drew, et cetera, et cetera.

Much to my surprise, now the latest sign on the westbound side states that Matthew Henson, a nigger, was the very first man to reach the north pole! Yes, you read it right – the first! I'll tell you, this time, the Orwellian lies blaring forth from our "leaders" in this state would be enough to make even Herr Goebbels blush, and no one, including our supposed "conservative" congressman Mr. Erlich has said a goddamned thing! (Of course, he doesn't want to be labeled a "racist", or something, does he, even if such statements are outright lies – after all, he's really only in it for the money, nothing more!)

Matt Henson, a run-away,  was first picked up by Peary to serve as valet on some ventures. Later expeditions saw Henson employed as an attendant – not an explorer – as were the usual 4 Eskimos taken along. If on a ship, Henson would be the equivalent of a cabin boy. Henson, and the Eskimos, didn't know "north pole" from the warts on Hillary's ass. They were hired help. All were given some award by Congress but sadly, the dogs which pulled the sleds received none. I strongly suspect that a dog reached the "pole" first but then again, I think the Polar Bear nation would raise objection since they probably urinated on that exact spot centuries before. Without Peary, the black boy would still be sweeping decks somewhere. Whether Henson wandered over the pole first, is moot, and quite pathetic as an attempot to elevate a people God chose not to elevate. My White friend, do not be dismayed for we are living in the last days of this corrupt asylum. What you are observing are inmates at play. "Enjoy," as the jews say. RF

In case you are unaware, the great communist state of Maryland is presently controlled by a draconian, megalomaniacial elected asshole named Parris N. Glendenning, who, incidentally, also stole the election in '94, from a woman named Ellen Sauerbrey, ala Gore/Lieberman 2000. He duly rules his tiny domain together with a carpetbagging bitch from up north named Kathleen Kennedy Townsend – so I imagine no further words need be said regarding this situation.

Maguire is absolutely right – if white people elect such bastards, and then don't even have the guts to challenge such blatant lies as above being promoted as "truth", they deserve nothing better than to perish!  Signed: F.P.

In the 1980s, Budweiser was distributing posters to the high schools which showed a Mr. "T" look alike as Hannibal. They got tired of pushing the "ancient Egyptians were black people" I guess. (One Ph.D. farthead explained that the red hair on some mummies was due to bleaching and the blue eyes depicted on the walls of the tombs was because they didn't know how to paint brown eyes.) When this poster first hit our school, I grabbed all of the contrary data I could and presented the paintings, coin images, busts, etc. clearing showing that the Carthaginian Hannibal was as white as could be. One good-looking but brainless female replied, "You see the extent of the conspiracy – the forgeries over the centuries all trying to cover up the fact that Hannibal was a negro." I ask my friends why anyone with sound mind who want to "educate" this nincompoop. You'd be better advised to argue with a fire hydrant.

The culture distorters also have tried to credit black people for what is now the Zimbabwe ruins. These ancient structures were Arabic. There simply is no "Black history". Any credit given to a black man has always been within a white society. Without gas-headed whites to support them, all blacks would soon reduce themselves to what we see happening in Africa today. 

A woman is not a man and a man is not a woman. That's why we have those two different words. Biologically, nearly everything is different between them, from bones to brain. Men and women behave differently. Most of it is genetically determined while other facets are learned behavior. Men often prefer male to female dogs because of the difference in behavior and any horse owner quickly notes the behavioral differences between stallions, geldings and mares. Wayward farm hands might swat a cow in the head but they generally refrain from doing the same thing to a bull. Inner city thugs often quickly disarm female police officers and most have no respect for them whatsoever. In spite of the Marxist propaganda, female fire-fighters rely upon male backups and do the police. If male and female were equal, then a 100% female police force would be just as effective as a 100% male police force. The Marxist haters, eager to destroy Western civilization and not so foolish as to promote 100% female, 100% black, and so on, in essential groups, need the White male component, which they seek to destroy, in order to function.

A male child grows up guided by the messages of his biology and also engaging in the process of imitating his parents, primarily the one with the same sex.. If no father is present, much of his mannerism is female since that is what he copies. This is why we see faggots exhibit female behavior since most of them come from a home where a strong male presence is absence. No woman can ever do more than guess at what it feels like to be a man and therefore is a very poor source of advice in this respect. When a woman tells a man how to behave like a man, she is doing little other than projecting her desires upon him.

It wasn't too many decades ago, when we were sane, that prospective teachers had to demonstrate a high level of competence in their preferred subject. Teacher certification was based upon that and a very small requirement of teaching methods was added. Today, with the typical jewish cart before the horse, prospective teachers are loaded with hours of useless educational drivel including physiological crap, teaching methods, social interaction blather, "feel good" stroking, games, and so on. One of my C math students is now teaching mathematics with only an 8 hour minimum (2 semester courses) college credit in his subject. I asked Joe what those courses were. The History of Mathematics and Introduction to the Calculus. He earned his degree by getting credit in all sorts of liberal arts hot air, plus at least one swimming class. The theory here is as one "ed" professor told me, "It's not essential to know the subject for the subject is in a book and if one has mastered proper teaching methods, then he can teach from any book." I do not agree with Dr. Lenny Wax.

This then, I believe to be the root of the notion held by many unthinking women – deserted by some bit of trash they were foolish enough to spread their knees for – that they can be a mother to their male children and "teach" them how to be men. Again, I hold the woman responsible for the pathetic comedy we now call "family" for it was precisely they who dropped their panties before putting their brains in gear. Male bums, and parasites, are quite plentiful and for some reason known only to the female, they are often found attractive to the point where they voluntarily impose some useless stud upon her children as "dad". 

Your Titanic is sinking Whitey. Just study the national trend – http://www.philly.com/mld/inquirer/news/local/2621983.htm
It's obvious from today's general apathy, that White folks just love to drown – in a sea of mud. You are a minority now, but when it gets very severe, do you really think that our "new Americans" will be as generous towards you are you have been to them? Yes? Dream on gullible goyim. Nitwits deserve to perish.
Three times a garble fügen often recapitulates trimester magenta cosmos unless ontogeny adamants forthcoming. This is put into a useful mathematical kroibofactor whereby endogeny yields a quartic malform. Dr. Irving Schmukenfarb noted that the Furschlügener Konstant involved was not hydrogenized beyond a raisinable debt und therefore Householder's rule was unvirginized except when antiestablishmentarianism conformed to Einstein's 6th conjecture.

If you did not understand the above short paragraph, then obviously you are not too bright. This is the means whereby many Ph.D.s buffalo otherwise intelligent people into believing that they don't know much at all, unless of course, you parrot the dipshit who utters such babble. Then you are anointed and appointed into the club of superior people. (When the local doc mumbles in Latin and scribbles unintelligible marks, it serves to keep you in the dark, intimidated and humble.)

I'll agree that realistically speaking, my paragraph is pure loony tunes, but how about this?

"... the Hubble time is that of a free expansion of the universe, wherein a Hubble time ago the distant galaxies started receding from one another where it can be assumed they are far enough away to partake in the general Hubble flow ..."

Can't get the drift? (Sounds like a political speech, eh what?) This proves that you have your feet on the ground and the flatus cranium "expert" which wrote this gibberish should be confined for his own safety. The above follows from a batch of hurrahs when the patch job to the double trouble Hubble bubble spaced-out telescope started delivering poster paint kaleidoscope images suitable for framing in any 2nd grade grammar school "creativity" class. It would do well if one read some of the comic literature on what now passes as "astronomy". Astronomers, like mathematicians, dream up new vocabulary all of the time and then formulate hare-brained, or hair-brained, schemes around them. Sometimes it's the other way around, for variety.

The age of the universe, whatever that means, is determined from a batch of numbers gathered from the electromagnetic noises of outer space. The universe is expanding and if one can calculate the rate, then a backwards zip finds the beginning. In the beginning was the word, the hydrogen atom, or the latest bit of foolishness, the vibrating vacuum. Whatever. My brain is admittedly shot, weary and on the verge of implosion but it's hard for me to visualize what this "something" was, at the "beginning". Was it nothing? If so, what magical power changed it into something? If it was something, then is must have multiplied, as do the welfare drones, but by what magic does more appear out of less?

This idea of "nothing" is baffling. "Outer space" is certainly not "nothing" since it contains electromagnetic energy, which is something. One of my daughter's early boy friends once asked the ghoulish, jewish, and pompous Carl Sagan what was meant by "universe". He said that it meant the contents of space, all matter and all energy. That seemed reasonable but since he used the term "space" then space was something – it was nothing. Space is the absence of everything and this nothingness is unbounded – has no limit. This is what the universe is expanding into. The universe has a size and this size is getting larger. This means that it is using up space so space must be getting smaller. But if it's getting smaller then it must have been bigger at some time and therefore must have had a size. But if space had a size then the universe can get only so big. What happens then will be a discussion best left to another generation of shit-for-brains.

If you, by now, think you've entered Alice's Wonderland, then you'll never make an astronomer since you simply don't get it. As for myself, I am a follower of the hideous jew-freak Einstein and his theory of relatives, which includes second cousins. As kids, while swimming in Fuller's Pond, Gilbert would let out some gas while underwater. He said he liked to see the bubbles rise. I told him that the bubbles didn't rise – the pond was sinking.

You're not going to be happy with the soviet regime you are cheering on to be formed right here in your old American backyard. Many take foolish refuge in the fact we have a constitution. The jew monstrosity called the U.S.S.R. also had a constitution which was modeled after ours and it was about as valuable as used toilet paper. Under King George, our benevolent commissar, we are rapidly approaching that very same end. (If I have time, I'll post that glorious document which guaranteed those Russians all of the freedom they enjoyed.) RF.


"WASHINGTON, Feb. 5 (UPI) – The Federal Emergency Management Agency will recruit and train an army of 400,000 Citizen Corps volunteers in medical care and other skills to be at the ready for the next possible terrorist attack, FEMA Director Joe M. Allbaugh told United Press International on Tuesday."

The Bush Administration announces here that ZOG-USA is intensifying its assault against the Constitutional People's Militia, the state governments in general and the entire principle of federalism.  Even the pretense of any state involvement ala the phony National Guard system is being dropped.  ZOG-USA is going to direct federal control of citizen groups designed for purely localized response to attack.

We fully agree that a far more intensive organization of the citizens for self-defense is a life and death matter that is long past due.  We do not agree with either the efficacy or legality of ZOG's current approach.

See /academy/wla05a.htm for our research on the Constitutional role of Militia in the homeland defense.


P.S.  Don't forget, ConnedServantive GOPers.  Get those overdue campaign checks written and FEDEXed today to the Republican National Committee for Victory 2002.  Remember, a GOP victory in November is all that stands between you, the destruction of the Constitution and federal system and tyrannical centralized government!

It's amazing that so many learn more truth from observation that do those who rely upon "analysis". Any farmer knows that if his prize mare is bred with a slug stallion, that mare is forever "tainted", and thereby useless for any future quality breeding. Those who like to analyze, and examine, to the vanishing point are now discovering that indeed the body absorbs all sorts of substances and is modified thereby. Thus, the use of "patches" for everything under the sun.

A drop of  liquid 'nerve gas' upon the skin serves to kill someone. DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide) swabbed upon one's forearm will soon be tasted in the mouth. Those who wash dishes note how water is absorbed by the skin thus enabling the skin to swell, forming wrinkles. The skin is a good barrier but if its absorption properties are such, then one must consider other tissues not so hardy.

The above mentioned mare was subject to fluids issued by the scrub stallion. Some of that fluid was absorbed and eventually moved throughout the body leaving whatever effects it was capable of. There is little by way of objective argument which would dismiss the contaminating effects of a black man's semen introduced into the delicate part of a white woman's body. This one act forever removes any such woman from the cadre of white people. If the insemination results in pregnancy, then the effects become more profound. Such a woman could never be expected to breed true again and my rules for the kind of woman to avoid is thus increased. The biological damage is profound but barring rape, any white woman so disposed that she finds a black man desirable, is already psychologically beyond the pale.

In one Eastwood movie, Sandra Locke playing the part of a prostitute, tells, "After my day's work, I take a hot bath and I am as good as new." (Quote probably not verbatim.) Ignoring the disease factor – nearly 100% of whores are diseased and 70% of the promiscuous – such women sooner or later develop a "whore" countenance and take on the look of some Star Wars freak. Sandra was dead wrong but it's a common belief and so is that concerning the Tooth Fairy and "equality".

"To find the axis of evil, we do not need to travel to the Middle East.Wecan easily find it among the warmongers in the Bush administration"  http://www.globalfire.tv/nj/e2002/letters/feb01.htm
Good Ol' Ike – He's been labeled a "Swedish jew" but Dr. Oliver noted that if you look at pictures before he lost his hair, the nigger component was plainly evident. Do your really think that any white man would want the entire German population exterminated as per the Morgenthau Plan?
I was cornered by the LaRoucheites yesterday. They're mainly a gang of politically active jew Democrats. Lyndon is apparently working on a 'formula' which can be used to calculate the state of a population's economy. When people try to figure out the obvious by developing formulas, then it's time to get drunk and poison pigeons in the park. I told Sarah that if a population is well fed, that might indicate that their economy was working well. The trouble with these egg-brained economists is that they think they can impose some economic plan on people, then all's well. Economics is an expression of people, not the other way around. Blacks are poor all over the world, except in the Jew-Ass where they live as fat parasites, because black people don't have much going for them in any sphere. "Free" Africa will again demonstrate to the brain-dead what blacks can do when left to their own devices.

Anyway, Sarah, as a LaRouche spokesfemme, envisioned an infinite population with full bellies 24-7-365. Maybe, like el Presidente Bushez, they have some secret Golden Goose penned up somewhere. Yes, si, ja and da, fill a yokel's stomach and he'll develop into a quality hunk of flesh.

She also mentioned that the Izzyrails are studying the German "documents" covering the "extermination" of the Poles, in order to find a way to deal with the Palestinians. I said that such an announcement only serves to legitimize SWATKWP propaganda for jews know how to get rid of people they don't like. (1) They con them into killing each other or (2) pen them in and starve them to death. The jew Stalin did so. Good Ol' Ike and Morgenthau also tried the starvation method and the jews still do relative to the Palestinians. Kill all of the Arabs? Then who will do the jews' work? Maybe they'll round up the blightwing.

America's Worldwide Vietnam:  Status Report  

To begin, my Threat Assessment of September 26, 2001 remains in force.  See /maguire/semitwar.htm Nothing has happened since then that would lead me to reduce its scope or urgency.  We can now assess the results of the opening campaign in Afghanistan.

1.  Osama Bin Laden is unaccounted for and most likely still at large.  So is most of the senior command structure of al-Qaida.

2.  Anywhere from 15,000 – 30,000 al-Qaidists are also still at large along with Osama.  Nearly all of this organization had exfiltrated Afghanistan long before 9-11-01.  The Afghan Campaign has succeeded in eliminating their high grade base infrastructure.  But with so many cadre already in the field worldwide this loss is not crippling.  These cadre are now everywhere Muslims are, recruiting and training their own squads and platoons.  Al-Qaida itself is now burrowing deep into multi-racial urban areas worldwide.

3.  The agencies responsible for the anthrax attacks (if they weren't in fact the Mossad) have not been eliminated.  I consider a second and far vaster wave of anthrax attacks almost certain.  As I commented a few weeks after the attacks started, the Fall 2001 anthrax campaign bore the earmarks of being a Research and Development field trial.  The weaponry was constantly improving for six weeks until the attacks (or the reportage) suddenly stopped.  The specific targets appear to have been selected according to criteria that would insure they would cooperate in publicly reporting the results of the strikes.  Such feedback data would be essential to clandestine developers.  They can hardly go door to door in the aftermath to conduct a post-strike assessment. Just because nothing has happened for two months does not mean all is clear.  Only minds dulled by ZOG media's never ending 'live for the moment' themes would conclude otherwise.  These minds unfortunately encompass at least 75% of the current North American population.


Prometheus, the Titan who stole fire from Mount Olympus is well known, at least to those who escaped the disabling effects of "phonics". Not much is said about the "fire" which was stolen. Yellow people use the earthly fire which burns, and so do the blacks, and have for some centuries. This cannot be the "fire" of the gods! What sort of fire reigns in the heavens? Lightning, of course, and lightning is electricity. The white man foolishly gave his electricity to the rest of that protoplasmic mob we generously call "human". That's our capital offense for which we today are paying a grievous price, and will continue to pay until we vanish, or regain the world which was once ours.

A friend of mine recently sent me an e-mail on some dopy anthropologist that again dwell on the origin of man alluding to African ancestry. Following is the reply sent:

All this conjecture on the origin of man from supposedly educated men, is simply seeking a claim to fame in what they believe will be acceptable and popular among the tiny monkey brained masses. Nothing they were taught at any institution of higher learning would lead them to hypothesize on very fallacious theories. Now it's quite possible that these fellows have negro blood for during the 17th. and 18th. centuries, England had a sizable number of slaves, reportedly in excess of 250,000. Slavery was outlawed in 1813, so these darkies did mix into the general population. The black genes are never lost and though their progeny may look white they do long for their black ancestors because of its physical calling. Therefore they seek a commonalty of mankind because something within them urges them to do so.

Every African tribe pretty well knows one from another. The unique traits of each species have evolved over a millennia of time. Each bird in the winged life have very distinct traits, warbles, songs, whistles, and even mimicry. All have their inborn traits, nest building methods, etc. even flying maneuvers. This is true of all creatures on the face of this planet. Within each life form are programmed actions for survival of the species, and each is unique unto its own kind. It's too bad man was able to breed with types outside his own tribal group, because it gives them some very peculiar concepts of evolution and life in general.

The Chinese used to engage in ancestor worship because they liked what they were and appreciated their ancestors for contributing. How many times have you heard some sap say they had Indian blood (usually Cherokee) as though this fact true or not, gave them some claim to fame. In fact, mankind has not mixed all that much as yet and what crossbreeding has occurred has been in the western hemisphere, and North Africa. Now Europeans, Asians, or Africans breeding within their own racial group would not necessarily be considered crossbreeding. Regardless of all conjecture, mankind will age and die as his body does.

In the meantime he will do all that he can to accelerate the process and along the way theorize about his existence.

Regards.  Joe.

Often, we fail to directly prove something. Then it's time to do it indirectly. As a kid, I loved indirect proofs since they were simple and usually nailed the question down. It goes this way: Assume that what you claim is true. Then, find a case where it isn't. This simple jolt, applied logically, demonstrates that the proposition was false. Of course, if you search forever and cannot come up with a no-no, then you've got a handle on it. I do this a lot and this is why I perhaps might sound negative most of the time. When asked how to get the water out of the ship's hold, drilling a hole in the bottom is not the way to do it. This certainly does not answer the question but it eliminates a possibility which places you nearer than you were before. Making a jerk of yourself by parading about with swastika pendants dangling from a ring through your nose and wearing a purple/orange cockatoo hair style, is not the way to have the general public accept you as someone of quality – someone to be listened to.

I was a photographer, 514th Infantry Battalion, 17th Airborne, and in those "ancient times" we had to manipulate shutter settings, focus, and that sort of thing. Each "shot" was a capsule in itself and often we had no chance to try again. Today, cameras do all of the thinking and photographers sometimes shoot hundreds of pictures of the same dizzy dame trying to get her puss plastered on some jew-owned magazine cover. How do they get the best shot? Simple. They look for the gawd-awful poses, which are plentiful, and toss them out, one by one, until what's left is considered "it". This process is called culling and it's done all of the time. Some view this as negative criticism, but it works.

In the offering of advice, I certainly realize that most people only accept that which follows what they already had in mind. Choosing  a partner of the opposite sex is no different. Gonads usually prevail because most people view life only on a day to day basis. If a woman, in your opinion, is great in the sack, a belief that today will be duplicated ad infinitum, is reason enough for many to get married. Mother Nature, in a very short time, puts an end to that delusion. Far too many never think beyond the "mopping up" operation and this leaves them open for all sorts of future problems and sad to say, most of it is dropped upon children which had no part in the wayward life of their parents. Once such damage is done, nothing will change it except for a massive effort on the part of those so handicapped. Like playing Russian Roulette with a very large revolver cylinder, all sexual contact will one day result in pregnancy and/or disease. Diseases are the individual's problem, justly deserved, but pregnancy offends the future generation if it is not a wanted situation. We need look no further than the numerous abortion clinics, the high volume sales of birth control devices, broken marriages, infidelity, screwed-up kids, and what not, in order to draw the conclusion that a mass of people feel that the only purpose in life is copulation, and as often as possible. When the greatest intimacy between man and woman is reduced to a "recreation" then indeed, we have fallen far below that ever reached by creatures we deem to be inferior animals.

If you are one of those rare individual men who views a woman as something more than a place to stuff your dick, then there are things you should note, and when found, be very wary of to the point of staying clear all together. This is the indirect manner of selection and although there may be exceptions, don't be foolish enough to believe that you are so wonderful that the gods have miraculously granted you a bushel and a peck of luck.

Stay clear of any woman who (1) has a bad relation with her father, (2) shows disrespect for her elders, particularly grandparents, (3) lies, cheats or steals, (4) does not honor her word – they usually use the word 'promise' a lot, (5) uses excessive amounts of make-up and jewelry, or goes bizarre in the clothing department, (6) is concerned that breast feeding and pregnancy, might ruin  her looks, (7) is not comfortable with the outdoors and that "camping" requires electrify, water and TV connections, (8) has an inordinate fear of tiny critters such as spiders, bees, dust mites, and whatever, (9) thinks a cut finger requires a visit to a doctor, (10) believes that kids must be "safe" and protected from everything, (11) thinks her children have as much voice in running the household as do the parents, or that they are "her" kids and not "our" kids, (12) thinks that men and women only differ in their sex organs, (13) is a follower of any variety of feminist, (14) has to call Dr. Laura in order to solve any problem, (15) middle-aged and still living with her mother, (16) is comfortable with her singles-apartment life style, (17) views day care communes are the way to go when it comes to raising children. I could add much more but I'll top this off with a major one: Run for the hills anytime some woman requires that you change what you are in order to please her. This absolutely shows she doesn't fully like you in the first place. Sometimes the sex magnet is so powerful that a man bends and gives up major parts of himself, in order to buy that precious commodity. I wasn't born with the wisdom of Solomon and learned this the hard way in spite of my father's warning. First, it was my car which was not on her "approved list", then my apparel, then my apartment, then my interests, and so on. About half-way through this "stripping" I recognized what was going on and so I terminated the relation but at a very, very high emotional expense which persisted for nearly 3 years. And for what? A book whose balance sheet was in red ink? Dad was right and the funny thing is that he didn't have to have any "hands on" experience, like I did, to tell him what was what. That's another mark of intelligence. Dad never completed the 7th grade since he needed a full time job to support his sisters and brothers after their father had passed. I was not "lucky" to have him for a father since this attribute marked most men and women of that period.

On the physical side, bad and/or missing teeth in a young woman indicate further problems in the health department. Check her family tree for idiots and other misfits. The best bet is a woman who comes from a one marriage family. Be careful of marrying any woman with kids from another man. This is a very slippery slope. The Mexicans say that marrying a woman with kids not yours, is like shitting in your hat and then putting it on. Allergies always indicate a feeble physical countenance. Never overlook the physical because faults are amplified as time goes by. Sexual attractiveness does not necessarily indicate an enduring state of health, but your crotch couldn't care less. What runs your life is up to you.

Interesting bunch, these white power people. Lots of noise about superior white values yet they all act like a gang of street niggers zonked out on crack. How do they intend to restore, and uphold, those white values while behaving as savages? It's like asking Charlie Manson to restore dignity to a fallen Papacy. The jew historian John Toland, once remarked in my presence, that the American neo-Nazi / Odinist crowd – swastikas, hammers,  and all – wouldn't have lasted 1 week in Hitler's Germany without ending up in a concentration camp.
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The Enron story is not atypical in the companies comprising the S&P 500 list.  Enron is all too typical.  That's the point.  If there's one larger lesson to be drawn from Enron it's this:  the Federal Reserve 'System' for economically controlling America remains intact and fully functional.  Draw a straight line starting in 1913, running through Congressman Louis McFadden in the 1920s and 30s and on through Eustace Mullins in the 60s-90s.  The straight line defined by those three points currently ends at Enron.

There is a consistency in this that towers over the endless jabbering about whether marginal income tax rates should be 23.4% or 24.3%.  Here as elsewhere the Conservative Republicans, Birchers and Libertarians of the 'Right' are so busy trying to count all the dots they fail to see the picture of Leviathan that all the dots outline.  The gentile Marxists of the 'Left' are able to see the picture of Leviathan these dots outline.  GoodThink and fears of ThoughtCrime shut down their brains when it's time to put faces and names to those operating the privately owned Federal Reserve System.

A derivative lesson is that the Blightwing so far is offering no practical alternatives to the current economic system.  Vast numbers of people don't like it but they will always prefer known evils to unknown ones.  Until a better future is outlined elsewhere they will continue to prefer the known system.


I would guess from the fact that shabbez goy Lush Rimblow signed a new 9 year contract, that the scammers believe that the continued rip-off of the gullible goyim will continue as it has. Don't let the goy, or oriental faces, fool you. Always look for the jewish lining. Lush is married to a jewess and Connie Chung is married to a jew. 
Hot Update.


We previously reported that Jeffrey K. Skilling, former CEO of Enron, was also a director of the Houston branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.  His listing in the Federal Reserve System's website for the Houston board has now been replaced with the word "vacancy". We hope this doesn't portend him becoming an unperson in other spheres of life.

Now back to Enron.

Enron.... The Federal Reserve $ystem Comes To the 'Rescue'.


"NEW YORK – Arthur Andersen LLP, the auditor drawing criticism for its handling of Enron Corp.'s financial books, said Sunday it will hire former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker to help the company make fundamental changes in the way it does business."

   The Judeo-Masonic Kleptocracy here makes its contempt for the People who own America and Enron complete.  This is their ultimate F*** Y*** to the tens of thousands of working white families, men, women and children, impoverished by this Judeo-Masonic theft.  What do we know so far about Federal Reserve System involvement in this case?

1.  Enron's own CEO Jeffrey K. Skilling held a Federal Reserve System directorship in the Houston branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.   This directorship has been vacated since our article.
2.  The fiduciary responsible for voting the largest block of Enron shares, Northern Trust, is headed by another Class A Director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.
3.   The largest individual Enron shareholder, Mr. Robert A. Belfer, shares an office address with the largest individual stockholder in U.S. Trust Corporation, the Geo-Capital Corporation.  U.S. Trust Corporation is a member of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  U.S. Trust itself controls Northern Trust's largest block of shares as fiduciary for Northern Trust's ESOP.

   If there is one group that is utterly discredited in this affair, it's the personnel sitting as Directors in the various parts of the Federal Reserve System.  If you came in late, the Federal Reserve System is composed of privately owned corporations.  This is not my opinion.  It's legal position of the U.S. Department of Justice and the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.  So who is called in to 'help' Arthur Andersen LLP 'clean up' its accounting?  Why Paul Volcker, the previous Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.

  I can only compare this to asking Don Corleone to investigate Climenza and help him clean up his business practices.


News from the World of Strom, or "Credit Where Credit Is Due Department": Mrs. Kevin Strom (the current one is named Elisha if you're keeping score as they go by) has contributed a well done contra essay on the growth of pornography as a recruiting tool in certain Blightwing circles.


We fully endorse this particular article by Mrs. Kevin Strom and treat her opinion on this subject with all due consideration.  Everyone else concerned with the growth and health of white patriotism should do likewise.  Again, our hearty thanks to Mrs. Kevin Strom for her efforts on this subject.